Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 16, 1889 · Page 1
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, September 16, 1889
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STERLING, ILLINOIS, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 16 1889. NUMBER 182. DILLON fWLL5 Goal, Lumber and Salt Oho n and pay?, fhe "highest market pries for DYSPEPSIA. J Sttmt misery experience!! when we suddenly btvnme nwmv that wo p<w.e.3» ft diabolical (irniiiueinrnt ciUU-it a stomach. The stnmnch is the reservoir (mm whie.hevery fibre ftnd tissue roust be nourished, and any trouble wlt» It la soon (oit throiiRliovit the whole system. Among a dyspeptics no two will have the same preilmvhmnt symptoms. Dyspeptics of notion mental powor linn a billons temperament are siibjccttoSI*'!* Ifendtwhe; those, fleshy and phlegmatic bave «:on«tlpntlon, while the thin and nervous are abandoned to Kloony foreboding*. Home dyspeptics are wonderfully forgetful; others have great Irritability of torn Whatever form Dyspepsia may take, one thing ." certain, The underlying cause Is , in the LJ VSR, and one thlnj? more Is equally certain, no one ill remain a dyspeptic who will It will eonree* Acidity et th Htomach, Bxpol Aral KaaeB, Allny Irritation, Assist DlsosMon, at the name time Start the Liver to working, when all other troubles Boon disappear. "My wife was a confirmed dyspeptic. Borne three years ago by the advice of Dr. Btelner, of Augusta, she was Induced to try Simmons Liver Kcxulator. I feel grateful for the relief it has given her, and may all who read this and are affilctcd In any wns, whether chronic or otherwise, use Simmons I,lver Regulator and I fee conDdent health will be restored to all who will be advised."—WM. M. KKBSH, Fort Valley, Ga. FBILLS IN FLAMES A Narrow Escape for the Chicago Exposition. FIEE AMONG THE " WOMEN riXINS." ornshml, will die; Frnnk Birat, seriously injured, but may recover. Ixnt, Throp-Qimrtcr* of it Million. A conservative estimate places the loss nt $7.10,000, divided ns follows: Bambt.n*i>r, Uliiorn & Co., on Block nnd building, ?n«),0:K)—fully insured; Bretifoliljr & Co., stock nnd building, $7:>,<KK); W. C. K'lyj & Co., stock, $">(),OOU; other small l<*scs nd4re- Biting $'25.(KK). No Ktitomoiit of tlu Louis- villo hotel's losses cm bo nbtnitiefL _. See that j/ott get the Genuine, wTtirFcu E u"i7ri</uVfcr~ii;i'ip.-7; PBEPAKID ONMt BY ,0. ZElfjIN A CO. Philadelphia, Pa. gee lltl trtry ptlr U rtimpri Th« Bum & PAC*A«I». "Korrvot Ship*." A Ked-Hot Electric Light CHl'bnn Drops Into th« Lure ami Millinery and Mnkon tlirli t of 97B.OOO Worth—A Rcone of JPiinlo Amonjj thn.VMtorH—A MiMonrt Kxpn-sltlnn nnil Kxlllblt^ Dn- ntroyprt—Fttttil Itlnzn lit LouUrlllo, Ky. —Six Flrrmcn Crushed to Deatll. CHICAGO, Sept. 10.—At l!i:15 p. m. Hutnr- day, as tho Inrgo crowil of vlsifors were filing out in squnda of from two to n doz •!!, tho cry of "flro" wtis lioartl In the expoHlllon buiM- Ing. There hnil been ns many aa ?0,000 people present probnbly bulf an hour before the alarm, but the throng hail been roilucod to 12,000, whon N. B. Haynos, who wns standing with bis back toward his own 'exhibit, noticed Ibe roil-hot carbon from one of the electric lights in the great case of Charles Oossage & Co. drop down into a lucu curtain beneath. Tho thin fabric c«u;ht flro nt once, and Mr. Haynos jumped forward to kick in tho glnta plates and [-mother the blnz5, but before he could do so'npolicuninn jumped at him, crying out, "No you don't," nnd twisted him away from tho ooso with great violence. Before Mr. Hnynes could explain tho flames bad gained such headway that it. was too lato to §top them.' Ton I.ntn pnMnrr thn Point. - WlioiFtblPeUfc:- illJV lUvKVitH^rr.'l'r.r was going on ho did all in his powor to ntono for his mistake. Ho broke In tho plate glass at the bottom and then Inking tho sheet in his hands tore it from the frame, lacerating himself badly us he did BO. A gust of flame nud boat blew out which nobody could face, lind in a tnlnuto Huynes' millinery ox-^ Field & Co.'allry gomlsllis- NOT SO LUCKY AS CHICAGO. The Exposition Hulldln!; at Now Kra, Mo.J Kntlrrly Dt^troyeil. ST. JOSEPH, Mo., Sept, 16.—Tho mnin building of tho New Era exposition to^k flro last night. Thu plara win too far away for tho fire department here ton-a'h. Thoro were a'^out 5,000 people on tha grounds when tho fire started, and no one had any idea how the flrti originutoiL Th'j malu building was Biitiroly destroyed with all MIL' exhibits and booths. A fl.iu «to»l cir, which was on exhibition, wa3 also destroyed. Thi to'.il lo^s is estimated at $-'o i.UDl; iois on car, ?49,000. Costly ninZ9 Rt SKiiiKbtun, WU. MADISON, Wis., Sept in.—Soon after t o'clock yesterday morning fire was discovered in tho furniture store of Andrew Erick- Bon, nt Ktoiighlon, and raged until that buiidinj and ftvo other business places were destroyed, causing nlnssof ?U7,000, on which thiro wns only ?mnll instirance, Tho losers are seventeen in number, : nil their losses rango from £3JJ to f7,0(.0, with not more more than one-third insurance. Tno flro h- supposed to hnvo Iweu of incpndinry origin GAUDAUR AND TEEMER. The Rrforee I>e<'lil«><l Tluit Thxro \Vas.Mo ItutHl—Btr i'l'j i^iiujttj, BupL Ua—x'cro.; r'i;^'- ycBterduy nfternoon decided that the Gaudaur-Teemer race would bave to be rowed over again on tho sumo coursi at 4 o'clock to-day.. Ho refuse 1 to allow Termer's claim of a foul, but decided that tho rncj should Ire rowed again on the ground that Huinm had IT CONFORMS TO SHAPE OF .FOOT, Ifyonw: SieTJurt A' gentlora«n'« shoe maiie'ln tie world, Don't spoil your feet by wearing cheap shoes. tho Burt A Packard 8hOOW»t»m>'mm>th»n«ny othorflnefihoo.woiwfl tvm« opproacA fl/nrnm*. ^ All styles In llnnd-nwda, fi«nd-wc\t, mid Bnrtweltj «!so HOTS' nml YOUTHS'. If not aoldliy your dealer solid his name nnd your nddrefl" to i>.<».»* M i s • r-» l J (mice*wsors to Hurt * raciKRra; Packard a. Fieldi brockton, Ma»». JT. I*. O verlioleer, LUCK IN ILL- Breaking a Looking Glass Counted Unlucky, Is AND BURGLARY IS UNRIGHTEOUS. -no~Tlght~ro"uonch GnuJuurover tlm coursa -SPECIALTIES.- The Finest, Moat Durable, and holds Us shape the best of any whip In the market. The Easiest Dumped, [Easiest Running and Latest Improved Sweeper made. •> Fancy Patent, per sack, Jt.M. Two sacks 12.80 Half Patent. " i. 1.40. " " 2-°° Borne of the oldest resldents.'of this city claim this to be the best flour they ever used In tha State of. Illlnois.1 Oream of Ir*atent 9 , I>a,iey and. Minn JRoiler in stock. ~A Good Stock of Tin TomatoS Cans, Very Cheap. Also a few dozen of] GL&SS F1ITJABS.AP JELL TOMBLERS LEFT AT JL,. JOHNSON'S. A CHANGE. ISUCCESSORS TO O. A. Oliver. BOOKS, STATIONERY and;Wall Paper. play, and D. B. Fisk & Co.'s casa wero wrapped in flro. A Tonic In the Throng. Hnlf a dozen excited peoplo begnn to yell "fire" and tho cry wns taken up ou n hundred tongues. Tho end doors of thn building hud a'ruady Icon locked, nnd 1 when this wns discovered by the crowd there was something like a panic. Shriekin '. women nnd howling men massed themselves up against the south doors, which could not be got open. They ware badly scared, but in a moment somebody shouted: "Breakout tho doors; bore's a ram," and tho mun jumi>ed up to Gerringer's displayj)L_wP™' ( "l!_conilc i -'3 aud scroll-worked beniiis. A heavy piece of highly decorated timber wns pulled out and thrown lengthways on tho floor. A score of men p eked It up and rushed at tho door with it. There was a crash that sounded like the report of a cannon nnd the door was gone Only One Cniiuiilty. The noise of tho smashing of the door was hoard by the crowd ou the other side of tha smoke and it did little to calm them, coming, as it did, with the splintering'of glass ami tho cries and confusion of tho scene.. Somo wore so frightened .that thoy smashed out tho windows and made their way through, leaving bits of trousers 'and petticoats and here nnd there n shred or two of epidermis to point out the way to others. Yet, curiously enough a reporter could find but one man who was at all seriously hurt In the rush. His wrists wore very badly gashed. Progress of thn Flumes. While the crowd wns taking caro of itself fio nro was pushing things energetically. The cases of Huynes, Gossnge, Marshall Field & Co., Julius Bauer, Mnndel Bros., Suhioslnger & Mnyer, James Wilde & Co., and D. B. Fisk & Co. wero destroyed, waolly or partially. Bauer saved his piunos as a whole, but some of them were badly water-logged. The material in the cnsos was of tho most costly sorU Fine silks, exquisite laces, bonnets that made good women feel naughty, all thrso fragile but most ex- pjnslve fabrics that tho finest taste and the longest purses in the Chicago dry goods business could gather together wore in a few minutes shriveled up into ashes. The flame burned fiercely, reaching up to the roof, and swaying back and forth in the draught itself had made. The Fire l-adillo» on Hand. Everybody thought that the whole magnificent show was doomed. Alarm after alarm was sent in, nnd almost before the nrst machine was at work a 4-11 had called every available engine to the spot. The tarpaulins wore got over the more exposed exhibits, and water began to play on the central pile of fire. The flames went out almost as rapidly as they had grown. The flimsy textile substances wero burnt out, and there was in n few minutes nothing but a steaming lot of cinders where hod been a great ninny thousand dollars, worth o£ merchandise. There was another scare, though, before tho episode ended. Fire was discovered 1 in tho roof, but one hose blew it out before it had time to become serious. A Girl on the Roof. Outside the exposition hall a great cro wd had gathered, made up partly of people who had been In the show and partly by an outside contingent of curiosity' hunters and toughs. As they wore looking at tho black length of the building somebody saw a man and a woman on the roof. How they had got there was a mystery which thoy declined to explain, but there was only one way to get them down, and that was with ladders. Firemen wont up and the girl was cheered to the echo by some 4,000 peoplo, who watched the rescue with all tha enthusiasm of the front row at a ballet performance. About S75,OOO In Ashen. The loss Is estimated at about $75,000,. probably all insured. In tho art gallery, as near os known, there were £)JO,OJO worth of palntlngs^Bome of them canvases-whose value could not be put into money, but nothing here was damaged in the least. • The exposition authorities held a consultation ns soon as the danger was over, and, after n careful survey of the situation, determined that the show should open tc-iay as usual. The building was not hurt $100 worth. CAUGHT UNDER THE DEBRIS. • SIX Firemen Crushed to Oe:UU Bt LouU- vllle—Heavy Luna of Property. LOUISVILLE, Ky.,Sopt 10.— Toe five story buildingcornor of Bovoutli and Main streets, occupied by Bamburger, Bloom & Co., tho lorgast wholesale dry gooda house in tho city, was destroyed lust night. The entire city !lro deportment wns cullod out to prevent tho spread qf Mio tinmeai The guesls left tho Louisville hotel, which nearly adjoins tho burning bull Hug on Muiii street, many of fiem tsuiplii'' by m.-ana of tha tiro esi-apos mid lu.dilor* on thu tSixth itroot win;/, thu in- louac heat making exit from tho Main street front impctt.U'lu. Terilbtn I.oas of Life. killwi mid two svriousljr in- i-kivt'Vith sttryot Ki Kirly, NA 1 St. John positively refuses to allow dauJnur to row agniii, nud said ho wns full of bout- racing, especially with Tiraui -r. " 1'en thou- sutul dollurs would iiot t'nipt. in » tn ontnr any other matches with fc.MnM-." Tho stakes wore withdrawn by bi>tli parties, all bM-s declared off, an 1 Ihi'iM will bo no race. ' ' • ' Novor Hi'iinl of St. 1-oitU. WASHINGTON CITY, S.>pt, 10 — Ex-Congressman John J. O'Noill, of Missouri, arrived, bore Saturday night. Hpcnking of the location of tho 'UJ exposition, he says: "In coming east thoro la one thing noticeable, which -BurpriBos- mo.—Notwithstanding- -tho fact that tho St. Louis p ipers have givou tho most extxinsivo advertising posiiblu to tho fact that wo are a'tir tho exposition, nono of the eastern cities or pouplo lias tho slightest knowledge of It. To t!iom tho fight sooms to lie between Now York, and Chlcaao." Mr. O'Neill said St, I-fluls had rnispcl JTi.OOO.OOO for tho purp<js'.'; that it wanted tho fair and Intended to have it, but this city was second choice. Ruined by the Hoof "Combines." CKESTON, In., Sept Id.—W. G. Black, B prominent stockman and farmer of Lincoln township,-hns failed for n~lnrf;o~amount, Saturday af tornoon a real estate mortgage for $3,415,''and two chattel mortgages for $4,000 each, were filed by the First National bank of Creston, which is also assignee. Liabilities and assets nro yet unknown. Nearly every Inrgo stock denier in this locality is complaining of close times, and thoy say the boot combines are threa ening them all with ruin by suppressing competition and fixing their own prices for bent cuttle. WnnU Ponlliiq; on «;eo|{rapliy. CHICAGO, Sept. 10.— It is evident that Mr. Hugh J. Grant, mayor ot New York, is in nooil of some Information as to the geography of tho country outsido of New York. He sent one of tho circulars n«kiug assistance in securing tho world's fair for Now York tcnHho "mayor" of Washington City the other day, an ofllccr that does not exist t Another similar "bivok" IIRS just come to light in the receipt In Englowood of a letter from Mr. Grant nddrossod to tho "mayor" of Englewood.' Englowood lathe Thirty-first ward of this citv. The Kiiemy 1V»»"Annihilated. LONDON, Sept. 10.—At tho Austrian military manoeuvres nt Loltoinischl on Thurs day tho new Munlicher repeating rifiis wero used. The results were very'impressive, to say the least, tho deafening roar of the continuous discharges uwing even the veterans. A striking dofuct in the efficiency of tho rifles was/apparont iu tho fact that the defenders exhausted their ammunition in five minutes, leaving them at tho marry of the enemy, but tho umpires decided that tho enemy was annihilated. Mtmuuimit to Gen. Reno. FREDERICK, M.I., Sept. 10.—A monument to James L. Ilnno, commander of the Seventh army corps, wns unvoilod on , the battle-field (f S.mtli Mountain Saturday iiour the spot where ho was killed tweuty- seven years ago. A thousand people were present including 100 veterans of the Ninth Array corps. Threo Week* anil No Jury. CHICAGO, .Sept. 10.—Tho third week of tho Crouiu trial cam:) to an end at8:3( o'clock Saturday afternoon, when Judge McConnoll announced that tho fourteenth Toniro had boon exhausted. Throe hundred and tweuty-soven venlromen have been ex> ainlnexl All have boon excused except Cul- Yor, tho real estate dealer, and Farmer Pool sou. Culver is a probable juror. Pearson will doubtless DJ oxcusod by the state. A Conn -\Tliore the Two Comhl.nn to Give a Mini Ill« Ulclit" « ml Mukn Him 815,OOO Butter Off—A Oluntly Itiihher with n ClnMla Namo Knrlrlii;* Ills Vlo- tlm niul Oot» nimitelf Into I>nrnnce Vile—A Curious Stnry Irom New York. NEW YonK, Sept, 10.—Every man, woman, and child in tbo town of Tollnr.l wns thoroughly persuaded of the existence of a ghost until Saturday, when. Constable, George* Walker cnpturod the wnnrlcring epnok and lanrled him safely In tho lock-up. Tho spirit turned o\it to be a tramp, who rojoicod in the name of Julius Cassar Bragg. Thnt closed Mr. Bragg's case, but it so happened that ho figured in n strango incident Fivo years ngo Elijah H. Berry, a "well-to-do farmer, died suddenly ot pneumonia. Ho was a man of simple habitfl, and tho qunintness of his wearing apparel made him a fntnilinr figure in the country round about. Mr. Berry died and loft his wealth, $75",000, and his fl 10 farm to bis daughters and grandchildren. The only money found wns a number of bonds and securities in bank with sorno ?-J,~>JO in cash, in nil amounting to $M,003. The Old BTnn'« Will. No trace of tho remaining $15,000 being discovered it was supposed to have no exist- on™. .By tho will nil tho property wus divided among 'Um persons, tho" H«curiti< 1 '* bo- ing bestowed by name, and the farm of (V>0 acres also distributed. Charles B^rry, tho son of tho old farmer's only boy, who dice in It02 in the army, wns the favorite of his Krandfather, who, after giving him tbo bomestond and 300 acres of the farm, _or pro.-.sly stipulated that ho should have tho residue of tho estate after tho boqui'str named had been bestowed. This would In cluilo tho mifsing $1!>,OU!) it it could b found, but that failing all Clmrloa rocoived tvos the house'and Ion;!, and tho ?'J,. r )00 casl iu bank A Mun In thn HOIMO. Time passed and the missing money wa almost forgotten. Friday night about 1 o'clock, alter Mr. Berry nnd his wifo h.-ic retired, thn latter woke him up suddenly Shu heard burglars or a ghost in tho garre above. Berry listened ami heard the floo creak to syft nnd stealthy footfalls. II .liHtniiBd_and_ the Bound traveled^ slowly toward the hall. Anot.hor instant nnil a sof tread on the stairs proved that somothln wns dtscending. Berry jumped out of bod, opened a bureau drawer, took out his revolver, nud standing nt tho foot of tho bed, scanned in a large mirror tho reflection of tho door, which was open. , A OlKMtly Apparition. Ho hnd hardly taken his position, whon to his horror, stopping into bis roo in came the figure of his doad grnndfnthor, wearing tho famous queer clothes. Mrs. Barry saw tho apparition nnd uttered n shriek. Tho ghostlike figure turned quickly as if to flee, and in NATIONAL GAME NOTES. T^NC'ie JVnrmiil- rsurft fur »w York or HnHton—Knrordl nml Srovo*. CIUCAOO, Sept. 10.—"Old Hiems" having t through bis work in tli9 east nnil a sp»ll fair weather sot in, Saturday nil the hnso all clubs having games scheduled proceo-led mnlio up for lust time, nnil two prunes ench p'lint W,M-O pliiy''.L TI.e ?D of tbo week's plnyi'ip; in tho .•ngiia loft BiJSlou with n very nail-margin for New York to overcome l>3- thn giants ran cln'in flrst place, whilo nson's bullies left their friends in the depth f melancholy by losing two grimes straight Urn New Yorkers. Thn bust that cnn bo oped for now l>y those who have a kindly cling fur the \Yimly City team is tnird Inre, while New York or Boston is good for pennant. The records nre given below; Nntlnnnl I.n:imic. 1'lnre.l Wnn. Ixwt. ;.t ST. .Lot'is. Mo. liik', Ihrt Con-r,.-:lti.,:ml ty, who Iris achieve 1 i n wenther prut'bet,puts Sept !":."., 21, i"> nnd \ ns dnys when thiTn will be diin^'-r of nrtl.qiinkes. Ho pnvlict.-d, ill the si'i-on-1. week of August lust, the violent nnil ilo tructive storms tli:it visile'l tins Atlantic ;t: s'- list week, nntl s-iys ho d.-diuvs his pr<v ictiono from well fc'iown natural laws. •••tun.. w York ll!inili-l|>lila.. hlriiK'i levplund torn. \Vi hn ' u I'mit... i Iln'npnlis City rinre.l in ....l i'i ... in ....mi ....mi ....117 III! ....1117 71 •JO r. C. /i:m .11:111 .111 1.1! 117 (1H .474 .4:1.'. .4 '-'^ >enver. Mlwiiiik St. Jnii'ii •o 47 . P.O. Amerlcnn. Wnn. .7111 llmiiklyn.. «-' .li-'t'St. I,"llU.. 7:1 .fiiH Iliilllmiiro. 04 ..Mil Atlilellc... 114 .411 |-|iii-iiniiil,l 111 .4-1:1 Kims. Citv 411 .411 r-ilumhiH. r>o 1 P.c. .KM .(V.I9 .r.7l .Mill .f»l-J .4IM .413 71 •J4 U4 .r,1i:l L'.-ngue K'lnr's Sninr-i.iy: At New York— first (.-nine) New York :'., Cliirnsn 1; (second game) Now York ]:'., Chicago :!—suvcn in- lings,. darkness; nt Boston—(llrst game) Boston H, Cluvclnnd 2; (s.-cond game) Boston , Cleveland 4; nt Phihi'lulphia—(llrst game) 'hilmlelpliin 11, Inilitinnpolis3; (second gnme) Philadelphia 7, Indianapolis 10; nt Wash- ngton City—Wnshinston 10, Fittsbtir? 7. Americnn nssncinticin: At Br-'i kiyn— (first game—Brooklyn 0, Louisville li; (-uc- :i ill gamp) Brooklyn C, Louisville .'!; at Philadelphia—(first gnuu) Athio ic 1, St. Louls4; (secoml gniun) St. Louis 4, Athletic •len innings, diu'kiinss; nt Ualtimore— (llrstgume) iliilltmorc n,K»nsnS Cily 5—eight innings, (InrltneFs; second gain!*) Jinltlnioro II, Knmna C-ity S; at Cr.himtaH—ColiimUtis 0. Cincinnati 1. Buiulny: At Brooklyn—(first I'.nnn) BrnnklyifTi. Louisville 5—fourteen in- nliiKs; (seeoml game) Brooklyn'7, Louis nllo ~; nt (llomvster, N. J.—BL Louis 1 AthlelicS; at Columbus—Columbus 1, Cin- rinimti 4 —HVJ innlii^-i, ruiti. i-'our <iiimi)n In Ono Western leiiRiie: The Sioux C.'Hy and St. Joseph clulw broke the n cord for one. day's work yoilerdny, playing four games of b:ill nil ol them were ylinrt in inning-=,however.t>:it- unlny Kiiines: At Minneapolis —llinnenp-ilis 17, Milwaukee .V, nt S . 1'niil—Si. Paul 2, UIH JIoincH.'J Bnndn.v.Ai Sioux Cit —(ilratgiiin •)- Bionx City (1, St. Josu|.(i 1; (second game) Sioux City U. St. Jo-epli 5—Ibeao three giim.-s flvo innings each; (unirth game) Sioux Citv 7, St. Joseph 4 r -sev.'ii inning; at Omalin—(first unmi) Onuilm 'J, D.-nver II; (second game) Omaha !>, UemvrT; nt St. I-'aul 2>, D s Mniiies 2J. THE BALTIMORE A SUCCESS. She Milken Over Twenty Knnla, un<! Is lh« Mir A Hunt. Hi —The nowcruis-'r Bnltimoro returned yesterday from her trial trip, in which she innde 20/2 knots nn II! — II i iuinist..i -. Dr. H, of this bl.? fnmo Cull It "Toolic lletrlbutlon." CnlCAOO, S.'pt ItV— Thn Socialists ot this ity, nt their meeting yesterday, adnptol n esolution declnrin; that Ihe killing of G«w- wein by D.iylilo, in New York Inst week, vns not inunler but poetic retribution. ra was a lively debute, the feature of which was that while the Socialists advocated the resolution, a smnll section of An- ircbist opposed it. lie It Sh.irt More Tlmn »13,000. SIIELDVVILLB, Ind, Sept 10.— The 01- :wrta who have bee i at work ascertaining ;he amount of the defalcation of County Treasurer Michael Fosj!, complet/'d their work Saturday and announced the shortage ta bo H3.USO. 11, which was nt once made ;ood by hia bon'lsmMi, to whom ha had turned over all his property. Warner Still Umtcolileil. WAsniNOTON CITT, Sept Hi.—MnJ. Warner has not yot decided whether ho will accept the position of commissioner of psm- liona. Private Secretary Hnlford will go to llcor Park to-morrow, and will probably take with him to the president Maj. Warner's answer. Absolutely Pure TnU powder nevflr varies. A marvel of purty strength and whnleaomeness. More economical tunn the ortllnnry kinds, and can not be sold 1(1' competltlon with the multitude of low test,*hort HcUnl, a.i.u n <M pliuKptiale powa«r». noldo ,lviii cftna. itDYAi^BAKiiroPowDRa to . «O8 Wall su.-t.-w lork Jit , Jan3Sd-wlj Broillo Tnkoi Another Drop. CLEVELAND, O., Sept 10.—Stove Brodie, tho jumpsr, dropi»d from a cable at B.-yer- les Park, a local summer resort, into a pond yesterday afternoon. Tho fall is about 100 feet There was nothing particularly dangerous In the font. Bro'lio was uninjuroX The Cnrtrldge Factory Owner Arrested* ANTWERP, Sept 18.— M. Corvillutn, the proprietor-of- Ibe cartridge-factory, the ox- plosion in which caused a frightful series of disnsU'rson this city, was arrested yesterday. , ' Snj» lie I< nil ICx-lVroHlcleiit'ii Nophew. NEW YORK, Sept 10.—A dis|>dtch from Ijondon says that Luio Fuller, the actross, wns recently married to AV. B. Hnyes, who claims to be n nephew of ex-President Hayes. A JirweHfl Authored Deuil. LONDON, Sept. 10.—Amy Lsvy, tho noted Jewess auLb.nri.-sj, who wrotj "Ileubon Sachs," tlie.l in London Baturdny. Her body will be orenmted. Hiss Levy wns CT years of ago. Fntnl Fire In Melbourne, Australia. MELBOURNK; BopC lO^Qeorgl and Gemge's emporium and adjacent buildings ero burne:l (Saturday. Loss, tl,OM,OOU. 'hree firemen wero killed. ThoroiiR-lilv cl'-niw' tho lilnrxl, which IB the fountnln (if lifnlth. liy using 1M-. I'lorwr'* Golden Mixllciil l)ir.eo\'i;ry. nnd jf'ioil tliirefltlon, t fnlr skin, liiioyiint opIrilH, nnd bixlily livaltl and vltfiir will' be i-ntjililishis;!. Uolilen Mnllciil Discovery cums nil humors, from tho common {iliiiplu, blntrh, i»r eruption,to the wnrflt Sc:rot'ulii, or bl'Mid-pOieou. Ks- ppclnllv hns it proven Its i-llimcy Iu curing Salt-rlioinn or Tctti-r, I'c/rma, Eryni|>ela8, Fever - sores, Hlp-J(ilnt Dipi-nsc. 8crotulous Sores and Stri'Mlnim, Enlurinfl OlnnilR, Ool- tro or Thick Neck, and Katintf Sores or Ulcrrs. Golilen Moillcnl BUcovory oinvs Coneump- tlon (which L? Mcro.'tiln of the l.unffs), by !t» womlcrtul blood - purifying. Invigorating-, •md ntitritlve pmiH-rtliii, If tahon In tlmw . For \Vi-nk LunifH. Hplttlnif of Klood, Short- )rsa of llrwith, Cnt^irrh In the lleud. Bronchitis. Severe Coinshs, ABthnia, nnd kindred affectlonF, it la a Bovi'rviiiti n-niedy.. It r )n>mptly nircs the severest ' Far Torpid . Iii)ltiiiani«a. tir "Liver anil lmllir<«tlon, ft "la- Mver, Jornplnlnt, , , in um'uimlcd rpmijcly, Bnlil bv ciruggiate. ->rir.iHl.m r 4ir six l " lpa t " r w.OO, FOURTH POINT Sit men »cr Jurw.i I'V ttm )«'l.iij{ "f tbo wail. TilflkusU-.! «ra: C H* t.,, '. ail U tut Another Nlaptra Kivor-Crank. ; NIAQABA FALLS, N. Y., Sept. ia—Walter G. Campbell went through tho whirl-pool rapids in a boat yesterday and was unhurt. TUB boat upset but Campbell, who was padded with cotton and covered with lifo- prjEorvors, got through nil right and was picked up <yi tho Canadian side. A dog that ho had with him dressed in the saino way also went through safely. Ouln'ft Crime Uepeuted* PITTSBVJKO, Sept. 16.—Lato Saturday night in a dispute over a gnme of cards John Franchiskello stabbed and killed his brother Michael Franchinkello, The murderer escaped aud has not boon nrrestad. Both man are Italians aud left funiilira behind iu Italy. .' Two M«n Killed with OIIB Shot. HALIFAX., N. 8., Bapt 10.—While out hunting at Bhlp Harbor yenturday, two yottng in«u named Mitchell an 1 Webtxsr wwry mistaken for mo'.iso and both wore !u»U«itly kilK'J by one shot Ur«4 by a uiam- bor of auotliur hunting (larty. Good Opp4>rtuuliy t<> "Hull" Uyttarn. N»W YI.IRX; »<•[)£, IS.-It is claim*! by thd wha^-aslis yy-iU.'r m*m that oyster plau- tlicT inomont MrrBnrry- lifted his revolver and flrod, not at tho figure, but at its shadow in the glass. When he recovered fronytho excitement caused by his mistake, ho rushed for tho hall, but the figure had disappeared. Tho kitchen door, which bad been locked, was found open. Till 81B.OOO Discovered. Saturday morning Mr. Berry secured a screwdriver and took down the mirror, which was disfigured with a bullet hole, to put in e. new gluu. What was bis astonishment to find behind tho mirror, built into tho chimney, a small iron safe-like door, which was locked. A blow from n hammer sliiv- ered it, and there, stored awny in pigeonholes, was the lost 815,000, in bonds and greenbacks, where tho cautious old farmer, in fear of robbery and of bank cashiers, had placed it flvo years ago, dying before he was able to disclose the secret hiding place. Capture of the Spook. In tho afternoon another sensation way caused by Constable "Walker's arrest of a peculiar looking personage. Hehndadirty face, and a remarkable shock of matty rod hair, while bia foot wore barely covorod by shreds of shoes, yet ho wore a rather ill- fitting suit of gray cloth nnd corduroy breeches. TheBJ so badly compared with the remainder of his exterior as to rouse tho suspicion that ho hod stolen tho garments, and ho was consequently takun in charge. At the lock-up some of the old citizens do- clared tho clothes were those of Farmer Berry. Mr. Berry called and fully identified them. . Jallu« Ciosnr Bragg. The prisoner, who said his nanio was Julius Cassar Bragg, acknowledged that ho had stolen them the night before from Berry's house, and took them in exchange for his old togs because be found nothing else in the garret to take. He left his old rags in their place. These were found. It was Bragg whom Berry mistook for a ghost. Kvon the prisoner could not refrain from gleefully referring to Berry's marksmanship. Berry is so tickled over the result of the affair that ho purchased tho tramp a new suit of clothes and will intercede for his release. "Will Be Lynched If Caught." BPOTTSYLVANIA COUHT HOUSE, Va., Sept. 18.—Charles Pendleten quarreled with his wife Friday evening and Col. William B. Goodwin, his father-iu-law, interfered and_ ordered Pendleton oac of the house. Pendloton secured a shot-gun, ran Goodwin into an adjoining room and flrai through a closod door. The load took effect iu Good- wiu'a right log, shattering the bones and nearly tearing the leg from th'e boJy. Good- ~wln died ^Saturday evening from the effects of bis wound. Peudloton will bj lynched if caught, LATEU.—Pendloton has been caught, but so far not lynched. Took AdTantlkga of tho Cold Snap. LEADVILLB, Colo., .Sept. IU.— Suo/w fell Saturday morning for a few hours, but it all disappeared by U o'clock. The surrounding mountains still, however, remain white. LAIIAMIE, AVy. T., Sept: 10.— Tho flrat snow-fall of tho season occurred Saturday. The storm lasted ail the forenoon, nud extended over a large part of the Laramie plaluii. Th« President ut Ufier I'urk. DKIK I'AUK, Ml,, Sept. 1(1.— 1'n/slden't Harrison 'ruaobwl 1). orl'urk Satur.luy night, after an uuvvfiuful journ-fv, »£ li o'clock. Mrs. Harrison and Mrs Mi 1C v m«*t the pivsi.lent in tho smiio:> Mr* lUrri-oiilms as uur gu*)*t Miv. Oivlu U i.lul.iv, o( ludi- hour for three . liiii(ra,_n.n 1 _jl<w<fli>4>_'.i_LO,LU'i_ horse-power, whirli U 1,000 in i-xc«<s of oin tract riqiilremeut. It. is flalinud that this, makes her the fustest limn- if-wnr allbut" Thn Ci>nrmiiui(h llnllef J'uiul. H'AHIUSUUHO, Pu. tiopt. 10.—The question of tho final distribution of the flood relief fund wns settled 8 Uur.luy. and it wus ngro eil to give Johnstown 1,1100,000 now, to bo distril uted on the mine biisN as the first distril utinn. Up to now tho coinm ission hart receivo-l t'^OOri.lH.'-'i, anil bus on hniifl $1,- (K!0,4r,(i.50, subject tii.ronlrncla not yi't com- pli-tml amuu-.itiiig to *Vi,(',)'J, and appropriations to otLer parts ot thu slate <>f~JM,l!lJ-fl. ! i. Iu tho Conenmugii vnllny *7lP.I,:tSi7J has been ex|K)iiitod, nmi In other purti of tbo state ?10'J,'J75.0i Various Hub:-criptioiis ar u still boing recoive.l by tho commission, 0110 coming to ban I Saturday from tho lord mayor of Dublin. It was for £3>0, and makes the Irish subscription" tho handsome total of £'3.700. IVIhn'ori on tho Turf. NEW YonK, Sept. IU — There was nothing in tho way of good tiuio made at Siieopihead Bay Saturday, tho track bving very heavy, but the stewards gave tho "talent" the shivers, if there was any skullduggery abroad, whan they called the rider of King Crab before them and told him tlmflho butting agni his horse looked very queer and that they wanted him to ride his best Ue rode so well that tho bets against tho horso wore very bad investments. Tho winning horses were: Prodigal, King Crab, Hoclaire, Conie-to-Taw, aud Tua Tray. CUICAOO, Si-pt. 10.—Tho winner* ot the races en West Side coin-so Saturday were Amelia, Prophecy, McMurtry, Tuonte, nnd Evangolino. . Can Como In Kroe of Hilly. WASHINGTON CITY, S'.'pt 10.—Mr. Claypole, professor of science in Buchtol collego, having n*kod for a refund of duty levied on certain microscopes and nccjss >rien importuJ for tha use of tlio college, tbo importation- consisting of one large and forty small microscopes with tho necessary attachm.-nts, and twelve razors, the treasury department has granted the rcqu 'St because tho articles nro for sciontitlc and e.luuntioual purpos.-s. Tho mierosc.-ipjs.are usj I by the students, nnd the rnzors iu tho preparation of subjects for tho mierosc >poi A Chin-TMi-Giiel M»n lli'i;hi> u Lib»I Suit. PHILADELPHIA, S<<['t. Hi.—Dr. Petor Ale Cahoy, of tha Clan-nh-Guel, Saturday brought civil and criminal suits for Hbtil ngnitist IriaU Nationalist John liocks. The litigation grows out of the attumpWof the Clun-na-Uaul and tho Irish Nationalists to fasten upon each other the rjsponnibilly for thu murder of Dr. Cronin in Chicago. Dr. McCahoy sayj he hns discovered time John Ri cks carried to tho ofil--e of The Tim'son Juno 10 last an article attacking his honor and integrity, and that It was published on June !Mi Strikers Win B Victory. BROCKU AYVILLE, Pa., Sept. 10.—Tbo trike in thj Punxsutawney section was sot- tleJ SatunUy. Tuo men got everything thoy sk for. You sh6uld rendTHKCHlci- -""" co DAILY Nnws becauEe you wnnt tttf belt ytntr rHpMty tvitt t*f. TUB DAILY Nirws Is a member of llie Associated Press. This mean* that iu ncwi icrvicc Is unsurpassed. Two of iU »ta(T live In Washington the year round, and are exclusively occupied In its aervice. It has special correspondents throughout Ihe United States, nnd in (he leading cnpilali of Europe. • It has 331 people regulnrly on its pay roll. It laku between Jls,5oo nnd $6,000 per weelt lo " pay them—nearly #300,000 m year. Its expenditures aggre- pate very nearly £1,000,000 aa- nunlly. All thi> means quality. Remrmlfr— iHclrenlallon 1> 3»>,ooo a day--over a million a week—nnd it costs by mail as cts. a month.Tour months £1.00,— (me cent a day* "We are now prepared to do First-Class Upiohlerin in all the latest styles. Give us a call, one and all, and if yoa have Rc-iiphojsteriDj-lodflwe willathito it promptly, Reynplds Bros., auap«)lu, a , Un-iy ro ivl from .Moi i. 11* ••! -Tho !> i ! , Nfe** i n<>t*ti aaafe Look Out for Thin Sivlnillc. URCMJKLYN, N. Y., B,*pt. IU.—The police warn the public against a fictitious Urn slyltd Horace Walter & Son, 7J Arch stn> •! Brooklyn, who havo swindled a number of western merchants. Tho swindlers s;-iid orders fur goods, and refer dealers 11 liio iili< n-.imiHl firm, who, when inquiry isini'lo as to the standing of the person semhi.g the d-r, reply favorably. Tue i;wil« HUH tniiied aro luivor pjtij for. Tneiv 1-^ no «u: I linn na llorecft Walter & S,.n, mil no,u piuco iu 7'J Areh slreet iu t'»i-* i-ity. MAMHVILLK, Tumi.. S vii-ca of tlw Ttnura-JM IOA-WK! at auction ut ttit» •* ^-. iiiwii t'y UK* Tvttm >^.' tta^te U*t4 C<H«PA»J'. '•v':!.-" '*!.. I-fe. 111 A out! on. yor WHNT VURN1TURR 8TOKIC, BTKRLIHQ, IXLIBiOIH. We are handling and selling more flour than ever. Look at these brands, from $2.40 to $3,10 per hundred: MAGNOLIA, OOLPBN CilOWN, PEERLESS, BLUE RIBBON, CAPITAL. CREAM PATENT 'KANSAS WINTER, SUN, _... DAISY. All guaranteed to prove up as represented or return. We tnean to eavo the people of this vicinity money, aud-^Ul do if* REMEMBER THE MIKADO MARKET; We are selling nothing but Jfo. 1 Meats. Law a$ th® Lowest.

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