Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 1, 1903 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 1, 1903
Page 5
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Tgg lOM I^AILY BEglSXE^ Wi;DjJg:SDAY JULY 1, 1 1903 3 til H ill HaitSduffaal V Mux H^adTiilMtd c~>.x~x~>-x-%-^-x«~:'«->x~:~:~x-x~:->x~x~x-K-:-^^ Copyricbt X903 by Hart Srhaffper ft Usiz I)" I Summer Coats and Pants for men Light and dark colors in Woolen crash, homespun & Serges, regular price $S.S5 and f9.S5 Special price $7.35 Summer Coats and Pants for Men In plaids and stripes light and dark colors, well made. Regular price. $^.85 Special price.............. I Summer Coats and Pants for Men , Light and dark colors in stripes and plaids, coats hand tailored. Stiff fronts guaranteed to (SLf\ fi^ hold shape. Made hy Rosenwald & Veil ^S/*^3 Seperate Pants for Summer Hosenwald ct Weil make made with belt straps and cuff bottoms. $2.>>5, $3.;>5, $.3.85. Best Fitting Pants on Earth Summer Coats and Pants Rosinwald & Weil msike iaade of ; imported fJeotch tweeds and cheviots am? homespuns hand tailored & will hold their shape. $12 .35 and $14.85 MEN'S 5UITS NEW SPRING AND SUMMER ONES $4.85 to $20.00 a Suit SPECIAL SALE ON SUHMER UNDERWEAR 15 Still Qolng on Will Continue Throughout This rionth. Sorosis Shoe Store' • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Stores at lola, PJtts- U biirgland Weir City fct Largest Clothing and Shoe Store for 100 MILES AROUND. ^ unmr 1 If nUtuL li J I LOCAL NEWS. Dr. Porter. Dentist. J. E. Chastair. Dentist. Dr. O. R. Bnshfi-l.i. Dciri.-^v Kodaks ami i^'Uipiios at Miller's. Business men's lunch at tiie "Our- Way." Coolest place in town for soda Is the "Oiir-Way-" A. J. Ilil'ry w-nt tu CC'lar Gap. Mo., on a vi.-:it. Northritn's fpiit business. A dollar for fify cents. Reinen:bor the "Our-Way" when huqsry or thirsty. Le<^ Bny .l rt.i:;.-y^ v.-cni to Novada. ilo., on bus ;nt --.-;s. No. 11 Eaic :yiai]i.-on. up-s;air=!. lien- deripoh <t Powell's office. Mary Holmes r- turned to her home in Bronson this niorning. Monfv to loan on farms or city property. I. H. Kasbeer. ' .1. \V. C'>liier %v. r.v to Oiilahoma for a f"'W w.-ik.-; nn Inislnos.^. Money to loan on farma or city property. 1. H. Kasbeer. H. -X. Ireland rofur:;.'! to his home in F .r .mson th;.^ ni'invir.". For tin work go to Ira E. Patterson, 715 East straet. Tel. 53. L. P. <::<]<f:.- lo Xoal, Kt\n~ag. on a v?;-!? for a f' u" wi.-i 'H.^. ilavo you seen the latest reduction a' N (.Tihrup':- quit b '.'..-;:ie3a sale. The lat'-st perfume—Loct.Ht V.'.-i?- ?-ims —at Camplx-'il <.t Rnrrcli's. i\V. S il:>!i(i(k !• ft ni irtiit'.-.: UtV ('.••liar Uapil:--, loua. i jr a v:.-ir. |Mr.-. \V. J. ll'.uk -.v.-ii: to D .-xtT. j Kans.i>-. for ;i vi.-i' w.i.h f.-'ii-nd.-. j .S.-trf/i.vio, .Mo.. f,,r .-t -A' W.•.•).>' vi,-i!.' I'. Kai.oro l.-f; 'hi • ri:.T:;'i.-: f-.r; CrirMri:;.'. .Mo. for n f. -.v vs'.-.''. ' vi.-ii.' .Mr. :ind ^U '.X. .M o-'l liav :••:).• io I'"IP ...i .Sprinr.-. .\rk . l'..r tic-ir, b.-iit'L : .Mr- J. U, Trii. •.....!. of V.i;-: ii-' t 'T. i ill !!K' city. \hr i:u« -t of .Mrs. .\.' .Tim Curtis went to Kansas City on bu.-iness. J. A. Clark went to Humboldt on • K. E. Craitr loft this a»ternoon for Pittihuri; on bu.-iness. .Mr.-. Hunt, of Fredonia. here visit- ins ht r si.ster. Jlr.-;. X. Hankins, uortff <jf tuwn. The mercury today .stood r<4 degrees in fro.'K of IVrham's and 'jO in front of I ^van.s' at 2.:!0. Roofing and spouting. All kinds of sheet metal work. Ira E. Patterson, 713 East street. Tel. 53. Only a few n:ore .lay.i and the greatest Qui: busine.-s sale at Northrups' will "oe a thing of the past. .Mr.=. De'Ia Daiph refurn»^d home today from Cpanute where she has been visit ins; Mr.s. Homer Henderson. Baxter D. McGlain loft for Kansas City this af.ernoon and wiil possibly coniinue from there to St. Louis"on i)'.:-:ness. Mrs. Maggis Brewer, a sister of Mrs. .J. n. Powe".!. came in ia.~; nichi for :i vi.-:r v .ith n-iaiivcS. Hvr homo i^^ in Salt Lake City. The poles of the electric light plant around the sqnaro arc V) be rfrmived and n. -.v onef, •.•i.:;;ht feel taller are to he p-ir in thiir places. V .'ii .'iiM Easrie: One (ioe.«n't have to iio lar at Io!a t,i pr-i to the end of •l.'- st-in::. .A ho;.-'' n- arly drowned in a .^'-r'-'r tiii -re la->t we-.-k. L.i .'U worth, v.liich ha.- lost about r<;i cram'".-—doiibJo-ho.Tders —on the wi~ trip. c<>nii'- li*ri' loinorrow for ;hr. • i-'am<\-. Io!a .-'i luld laki- liit-ni ai!. : Til. ip.- 0 Cii.'" p. K I. 1 : li.'r- (•r;i;u I ';.;p:i:r W. C. T. V. ••v ;;i ni'^e; at the [{oom i >-;.iav. .Itiiy .t. at L':;;0 -;ibj ibj <-'-i : ••.Sciennflc raci ion." I -<'ad«r. T.'m .Mr.s. f'ri'-.'. of i';. i-^iniori. I'.in.-.i-. iiv^ ill.- .'irofb. r. I'ii-k .M. .Mr. ('r:ii'.; s- i -diior of the n Eii'"-r;!i riiid luadi' tlsis ffif.- ;i p:. ;. ;i;>.; 1 w. -; ;-bolv ifi'.:h -fbo'i I'l.'.'-i o .1 ro'.v ••rtioou a' .•Vdtiijs.iiot! .-. and \>i fi.-n:.s. A dozen •".'ik' .I '.Tr: .'i.'i'i 'li 'v .-.-iy ili-- >bovv #j '• a w; ir; a I' lit iior 'h ••>( 'h-- H. r .:m:,;...-i. Bii-in's.-- r.T ,rn and their clerk.- will '-r find if f) rh .ir advantage to Itinch -it i . ^ „„n.b .r .f yoani: boy.-; in the "Our-Way." j tnv .ii are ;:o ;n£; to ;!.•>.. liarve.s:, field.-; t.o Th" White Mou.ntain r'-frigerator i.?! ••^•"•k •••ir •I'TJiiP tii- summ.-r^ Fran,k , , • nnd K. «v'i [{ ihtr ^iin. .-on.: of J. A. and the brst on the market for the money.. j,,,^,,;. ii..-.,;,jc.,,n. ^tarT.-.i west this Buy it of Schell &: Baird. i' u; : r.iiic. R. H. Sr. v. ii.^on li.-:- f .ir r. nr roon; - 1 Iiani.--i;y.-- rh ' N'-'w V..rk .= tore and an<' f. in ihe Sie|f !i <<>n building ju^t | Xorairups havt- arr .iiwd to clo.^e a' at th" iiead oi the stairs.. We can make jou low figures on f'.irnace heating. Ira E. Patterson, 715 Elast street. Tel. 53. Mr. anil Mrs. Dr. .-Si. J. Fulton I.-ft ibis mori>in,:r for C -jV )-.-.'o Spring.-, where they v.ii! .^p. ud the summer. Too bad Xorthrups* are quitting business. You can a'ways depend on what you bought at Northrups.' Schell & Baird handle the celebrated White Mountain refrigerator, the best one on the market for the money. J. \V. Milner loft yesterday evening for Rich Hill. Mo. He was called there by the ilinofcs of his mother-in- law. Buy the White Mountain refrigerator, the best on the market for the money. For sale by Schell & Baird. ..Largest Line., Befrif erators Ice Cream Freezers at mm Saturday. Jnly Irh. and remain c '.r, iCd! the rest of ihr- day. Most cf the other place.s of business will close most i )t the day. Tl:e Pl-t.-lur.i correspondents are ki*"k::-- on Cinpire Shanks. "— li .Tv !i :'.a 14 bi's to Pifi; y ,'i ir -.v.-.-: -jie i '.niidri' wl-o "robbed the h(/m" rtun:" La.-t vear loia was telling ti'.e satt'e tale. Mr au'! .^[rs. W. O. .\n<Ior5on and two ohibiren went to Pittsburg this aft.^rr.'^on i<r a !• w weeks' visit with hi.< sistt-r. Mr. .\nd*^rson expects to i)uy the Piukerton cigar store which was c.'osod yesterday. .Mr.-. I. F. Randolph, who has been at Quenemo. Kansas, for some time iai:;n.:r treatmect. here visiting her <!aughter. Mrs. John Kelso. She is greatly improved in health and can L5et about withoitt help. Miss Grace Beck'.s class in mu.^ic gave a recital ai her home yesterday aff.-rnoon which was attended by a f.-w of the re!aiiv.?s and invited friends. The sh<*viiig made was most gratifying both to pupils and instruCr tress. Fori Scott Repubfcan: Shortstop Pennington had his picture taken 1aa( evening for one of the eastern sporting papers, who have aent berie fok^ a photograph o/ blm to use in a writ^up Of his wcaderful feat. performed at IoI« Sac'day. vhea.he made the'tilr^ trtple play that bas ^fri^e^ jrecor^ Mr. and Mrs. John Devlin, who were married at Lawrence Tuesday evening, arrived in lola last night. They will make their home in lola. The young people were receiving th-^ congratulations of their friends today. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Gamble came home from Iowa this morning. Mr. Gamble has been improving rapinj/ since he was operated on for appendicitis and hag strong faith that he is going to become quite a lusty citizen yet. No man or weman in the state w'll hesitate to speak well of Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets after once trying rhera. They always produce a pleasant movement of the bowels, improve the apptaite and strengthen the digestion. For sale by all druggists. Mr. Eddy and Mr. Woo.\ who have been conducting separa.c bus^VisseS In separate offices in the Xtrthrup building, have combined forces. They have formed a partnership and will conduct an insurance and real estate business, occupying the room heretofore held by Mr, Eddy. The lola Oil & Production Company shot their well No. 3, at 2 o'clock this afternoon and fifty people prolia!" drove out from town to see the shoot- incr. The well is located on the Rush .'and four miles .«;oiiihwest of town. S(Jme high-grade oil is being produced by the welis in that vicinity. Mr. .lohn Beissel has leased the Ea- dirott hotel on Ea.^t street and will lakf charge and comluct it as a firsr- clas .s boardinc liou-e. }{.^ exjiecis to add a. line of cigars ami inbaf^coo .i .ind to m.ik'^ othi-r^ if neces.-ary to make thf place pv>i)Ular with tlii> publie. Mr. n«'iss *d l >)oks to fh •. R<u'- isKT like a mighty gixjd laiidlonl and It is pre/licted hf* will make a success ot dii.-i venture here. The' following is ilic erop report for .\l !'-n county as publishfil in the quar- icrly r<-j)ori of IIM' Siaii' Board of .\g- rieuliiir": "Fifuen p<T rem of win- f.-r wheat will fail of rcapiiiu ))'-f;)irs.' of biish watfr: that on upland is fine. .\r'a ill corn bv-s than last year, on ac fount of III" backward spring: con di !i<ms rapidly improving. Area (•( .•lax l .'s .s liy one-thiril; • broom-corn' about the same." .Mr. Tucker, of Parker. Kansas, has rented the G. W. .ApiJe building on West Madison and intends to pu; in a wholesale oyster and flish market. Wliii-' it may seem at first a risky chanc. still there is en<iugh business in that line in this part of the state to support one good house and 'no fi ;o(! supply derives greater benefit frr.m prompt shipments and fresh delivery than fish. It is to be hoped that .Mr. Tikker will be able to build up a fine business. Garnett Xews: .\ fight is on between Ottawa and lola. The casus belli is the question of dog tax. Io:.i. became boastful because one of her citizens paid seven dollars dog tax and then the Herald dug into the records and showed that two Ottawa citizens paid each seven dollars and one paid ten dollars dog tax. Garnett might as well get into the row. .so here goes. There is a man in this town who has seven dogs upon which he does not pay a cent. A Register reporter asked one of the local chemists yesterday why it would not be a clever idea for the factory chemists to become public benefactors and take an analysis once a week of the city water, in order that "boil the water* orders might be issued when needed. He explained that it requires considerable exira paraphrenalla to enable one to make such analysis and that none of the local laboratories are prepared to make them. An outfit would cost between 150 and llOOi. And yet, in view of the fact that the Kan sas City board of health keep up its command that all city- water be boiled bemuse of the flood it is very probable that Neosho river water lacks much oi Majs. as pure as ft should be. It is too >l)ad- tliat mttpsn^^ are not at hand y FELL INTO II FOONTmil Infant Child of Merrltt Esse Would Have Drowned But for F/teseVce of Melvin tndicott. Only by the rarest good fortune did the little Esse baby, grandchild of Mr. and Sirs. C. H. DeClute, miss drowning in the foimtain at tte DcClu .'e home on South Washington about 2 o'clock this afternoon. The little, girl .was plaj-ing abbut the yard and none of the members.of the family were visible when the little one crawled over the rim of ihe fountain on the lawn. Into the water it rolled, sinking to the bottom. ;as the water is about a foo? deep. It so happened that Melvin En- dlcott ,was across the strlet and hTS attention chanced lo be directed "toward the fountain by reason of the fixed gaze a woman passing had directed toward it. While he was looking at the fountain ho saw the bauy toddle out and splash into the water. He ran across the stre^ and hastily snatched the child from the water. Fortunately the rescue was thus prompt, for the little oin^ quirUIy le- spondcd to restorative measure.- and was soon out of rlanger. The baby has become to C. H. De­ Clute "the apple of his eye," to say nothing of the affection of Mr. and Mrs. Esse for their first born. Th-'-ir alarm was only equalleiT" by rheir joy wh'-n the dripping child was carried to the house by i(s rescuer. Suit to Quiet Land Title. .Suit wa.-i filed in distrirt c.-iiirr this morning lo (pii< t th" ililf to a irar; of land souihwfsf of Humboldt, formerly own<-d by R, ,M. Work and sold by hiini to C. S, Whitham and ('. H. Randall. Tli<-y havt- iiad IMISS< ssion for years but find thai iln- L. i.. *>• G liy. rlainn 1 m have, title lo U a^o and ib.-u ilia; road i-old to Win. A. Simpsoft. he to pay purchase money and' g.'t i^ile whfn pat.nt w.\s ;s.-;u<d to liie road. Surb patent n.-vcr issnt-J. ar-r<irding io the piaiiiiilT.' A mortgage once given on the land to ('. anil I. Coopers was tfyer released, Thf suit is to clear up the title clouded by these iwo transactions. Good Evenipq^- : Have You Seeii Our Bargain Counters To-Day? If you haven't, you can tomgirrow. It's saving money for you. Unless they were bargains the* wouldn't be here. (Jur bargains stand between V<.>i; and PAYIJTG T(K ^ MUCH. "What you want Is here to-day, but may be srone tQ-inorrow. It costs enough to live without paying 10 cents for what you can buy here for '> cents. You will find just what you came dowii town for at our bargain counters. LET us HELP YOU SAVE MONEV. TttE PEOI»tE^« W ANTE HI Wanted—Girl -for general hous-i- work at S. "\\'?ilnut, Warred Rooms—Two or' th; - i; i room.-, 'or light honsekeeping, Call irj addn ;i07 West Jacksoh. J, B. 1 Bowles. ; Men. Women and Boys Wanted, in the city and county on i liberal commissions to. solicit subscrip- j tinns. givin:: as a preinitim a book i-f. 60 Kansas City flood views, .\d.\ess with rHfcrfUces. THE XEW E.-^IPIRE.' 104 Bryant Hldg.. Kansa.s City, Mo- Energy all gone? Heailache? Stomach out of order? Simply a case M torpid liver. Burdock Blood Bitters will make a new man or woman cf you. PIQUA. June 20.—Mr. and .Mrs. Calvin Realty made a trip to Yaies CiVt«-r Tuesda}-. The rain last Thursday v.-as.well appreciated. Misses Emma Hean, Anna Myers and Clara Ullrick spent Sunday with the former's sister. Mrs. Sicka, Mrs, Dersham returned home from Parsons Saturday. Miss Bessie Hall of lola spent Sunday with! her friend. Miss Ling, Mrs, C(X)k. of lola, is spending a few weeks with her brother, C. Beatty, and other friends. Mrs. Cliile Hilderbrant of lola. spent Saturday and Sunday at her father 's. .Mr, Peingars, Xellle Collins, of this place, and .-Mfred Xewman of olla, were married at that place last Thursday evJhing. Isaac Beatty and family spent Sunday at C. Beaiiy'a. Barney Ravin and family spent Sunday with her father, T. Heffem. Several of the boys of this vicinity went to Neosho Falls Sunday for a ball game. Annie King spent Sunday with Kate Slcka. ^ Grandma Bus iiad her com bauled off the first of the week. | Ben Sicka. Harley Finch. ChaiMT For Sale—Xew three room house. at cost. Inquire at 411 X. Third. Come quick. Rooms— •'."•1 South streci. for ligbrt housck' •iiing, Xo children, i I •ping. Foil Rem—Two rooms for -'Hght! l'.oiis«-k<'<-ping. 4 -0 Xorth Cht-stnut. j F"urnish<'<l r<jonis. :;til S. Wasliing- ton sfp-e;. ; For Sale—Xewspaper in Indian Ter-j ritory. Town of l..-.i'0. junction an^ division pr)int on main line of railroad^; Will ?'•:! cheap for or trade for property in lola, ;Gas City or LaHatp^ Address Register office. ? ^Iftrfect Wail OoitigK Combines CleanlinieiM and Durabjiity- Any one can brush It on No one can rub it off Pl5 .stjCo 13 a pnre, permanent audi porous w^l coating, and does not require taking ofr to renewas doall kalsomines. It is a dry powder, ready for use by adding cold water and can be easily brushed oh by any one. Made in white ani fourteen fashionable tints. AITI.ICALSOMINE CO. 6RAND kAPIDS, MICK; ^ For full particnlars Mt umple card ask EVANS BROS. Lost—Sigma tie pin. Return to 3eJ> 3. Cottonwood. Reward. For. Rt -ni—Seven room bouse . furnished and ready to move into. I 'atli room and all convenances. Will rent for summer—three nfonths. Inquire at this office. • —— ^ Lawn mowers, sharpvned. cleaned ami rfcpaire<l. Expert work iniaraif teed: work done at your house: lea\>7 your s '.reei and house num.ber at Hamilton's store, Xo. 4 X, Woshin^ ton avenue. See Our Boggi^ and Surreys Before Buying er's The old reliable. Lowest prices, best quality. Telephone 159. THE LEADER, H. W.5TEYER. XHlE,mCCOCK Union Une, Iwes Contract Work, Genen Transfer work. House. Safe and Ptaao MoTiac Tranka and B^Kt^aKe Hauled, Hoaaeboid Goof* Packed, Stored and chipped. Office and Stof« Boom tu We«t Madison ATenne. Pbooe 1^ . l«ia.KaiMM. Ariother Lot of Imported Woolens aooD THE VEAR 'ROUNC^ Oi^. A.

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