Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 14, 1938 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 14, 1938
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Hints for Weil-Groomed Yuletide By ALICIA HART NBA Service Stnff Writer NEW YORK-Holly-trimmed cosmetic counters are laden with Christmas gifts that every member of the family will love. From spicy sachet pillows for grand- { mother to miniature nail brushes and i manicure sets for small boys and girls, | there's the right beauty gift for every j person on your list—not skipping fath- ! er, brother. Uncle John and your best beau. i Your best girl, whether wife, sweetheart or mother, may have a favorite ' brand of perfume. These and many j new varieties, too, come in unbe-1 Hevably stunning bottles. Three tiny! flacons with graceful plume-like i stoppers are packaged in an attractive ' box trimmed with similar plumes. A 1 Softly lighted Christmas tree, with a sparkling white base, is loaded with | eleven falcons of fine perfume. It comes complete with electric cord and i plug for illumination and would be a gift de luxe indeed. Incidentally, the j perfume tree would make a nice centerpiece for a Christmas party table—>' with a falcon for each guest. Two tiny bottles of fine perfume.! their tops swathed in white leather, are done up in a regal looking box of simulated white leather with gold trimming. Five tiny perfume spheres hang from the ftem of a bright colored oak leaf. A crown of perfume comes r> a Christmas bell. And a set of two l sparkling white bells contains two per- ( fumes from a famous manufacturer. Cosmetics and Bath Items Among other new items the.t are sur3 to bring Christmas delight to any woman you know are: a set of rouge. powder and lipstick to wear with her | black dresses; giant size bath soap <1 poxmd) in assorted scents and flower shapes; a milkman's miniature basket rack, of red wire with eight chubby bottles of pasteurized milk powder for the bath; a charming silk envelope for the purse with compartments for compact, lipstick, comb: six colorful swansdovn puffs in a transparent box; spicy toilet water, bath salts, talcum and soap in a miniature trunk of early American design. Also, a wooden bowl of potpourri to keep on the closet shelf: a good hairbrush with satinwood back and genuine, first quality boar bristles; a hand-decorated, three - niece wood dresser set with a stylized flower basket motif; a dusting powder travel box with a separate compartment foi the puff; a condiment set including tw:> tall white shakers—one filled with perfumed oil for the bath, the othei with spicy after-btth talcum powder If you know her well enough to know her preferences and coloring send a huge jar of her favorite clens- ing cream or night cream or both; face powder, a couple of lipsticks; glamorous eye makeup; hand lotion in a festive. package; two or three bottles of fine, nail polish or even a jar of mask cream. And, cs always, a ticket for a facial or a new permanent wave or a course of exercise treatments cannot be beaten. Men's Shaving Equipment For the leading man in your life' there's a locker kit in a pigskin case containing ihaving crecm, comb, brush lotion and several other necessary items. This has several extra com- , partrnents for extra gadgets he'll •want to pack himself. Also worth consideration are: sViav- ; ing soap an dafter-shave lotion in! cylindrical case which holds the brush i set. so that her nails will be clean and —bristles downward—when it isn't in neat? A small fish-shaped nsil brush use; greaseless hair tonic in a mannish looking pottery jug. be useful shape in this project. Then there are comb, brush and loo. Manicure Sets For Girls j ror sets in small sizes. And a variety lo encourage your small daughter to] of tiny sachet pillows, a set of which j might inspire a child to keep the drawers of her dresser neater. — From Lucicn Lelong. PCI fume Tree— This Christmas tree McCaskill Miss Mary Ball and Irene Wardlaw were visitors to Hope Thursday. Harold Gorham of Longview, Texas, spent the week-end with his mother Mrs. M. O. Gorham. Mr. and Mrs. Dave Martin and daughter Johnnie wore shopping in Hope Saturday. Mrs. Graydon Anthony and Mrs. Dora Wortham were visitors in Prescott Tuesday. Misses Era Kelley and Waldine Williams spent Saturday in Nashville. Miss Aline Wilson spent the weekend visiting relatives in Gurdon. Miss Evelyn Rhodes was a Nashville visitor Saturday. Grcydon Am'nony made a business trip to Pine Bluff Wednesday. Mrs. L. J. Choate and daughter, Betty Sue, who have been visiting relatives here, returned to their home in Nachitoches, La., Saturday. AJvis Stokes of Delight .spent Wednesday night with B. Eley. Mr. and Mrs. H. With the Hempstead Home Agent Melva Bullington Wednesday, December 14,1938 ilo with Christmas as any other lime of (lie ycnr, for the farm has much to offer in the way of Christmas decorations nml gifts. Miss Sue Marshall, extension specialist in clothing and household nrts, University of Arkansas College of Agriculture, offers several suggestions for using products of the farm during the Christmas season in decorating the house and setting the stage for holiday fun. A table decoration of fruits and vegetables and nuts for either the dining room or living room can bo provided from the storage cellar, and is particularly attractive when the products arc arranged in a large yellow, green or brown bow, Miss Marshall suggests. Then why not a live Christmas tree —one that will not be dried up in a lew days and scatter leaves nil over (be floor. Transplant a small cedar, pine, or holly tree into a box, bucket or can so it can be watered. Keep the soil moist and it will last for a month or longer ivnd can bo planted in the yard later to be used for other Christmases, she suggests. The Christmas tree can be set on the floor, on a table, or in a window. If one has electric liglils, the tree can be decorated with colored lights. If not, sweet Iftim balls may be panited silver and gilt or dipped in bright colored quick drying lacqure. Bright colored cellophane, strings of red berries from the woods, and popcorn can be used for further decoration. Wreathes may be made of holly, cedar, or pine for the windows and doors. These may be tied with bright colored ribbon or bows of crepe pa- pei. Miss Marshall advises taking clown some of the regular accessories used in the home while the Christmas decorations are being used so the house does not have a stuffed, crowded appearance. Winter boquots of red berries and seed pnd;: of various kinds have many possibilities as decorations. The curtains and draperies should be washed or pressed if needed and the floors freshly oiled, waxed, or painted for the occasion. "When this is done, get a festive look on your face and it will be a "Merry Christmas for you and your family." declares Miss Marshall. At affairs of state in Washington, ustom gives precedence to foregin vice-presi- satinwood military brushes in a reel. white and gold box: three bath-siz; cakes pine-scented soap in waterproof box; a streamlined shaving brush in u ' l.ccp herself well-groomed, there arc IrtH of good ideas; on the Christmas i counters, rlov.' about u miniature manicure BUI.OV& WATCH! When you give a Bulova Watch you know you are giving the very best Diamond Rniffs: Five fiery Inilliant Diamonds! S25 Wedding Ensemble: II Diamonds! New . . $15 Bulova Hamilton Westt iel d and Ligin WATCHES All Gifts Neatly Boxed Flashing beauty! Itcmuncc! The jo.v ttiiil <mly Diamonds can bring: The Gift she wants— SH'u art's has u niar- M-lectiuii of Diamonds at thai niLan definite savings D:aim::uls Fmm SID to SliaU.O'J. Complete line (J f Jewelry, Silverware and Glassware and Shaffer I'c-ns. SI EW ARTS Jewelry Store JFim Nuiiunul Bunk Building STORBES IN STAMPS Assassination Elevated Arthur to Presidency CHESTER ALAN ARTHUR first won his spurs in the law in the famous Lemmon case of New York. The case, tried in the decade before the Civil War, involved validity of certain phases of the fugitive slave law. So skillful'.y did Arthur marshall his evidence that he won a verdict from New York's highest court that any slave being transported from one slave state to another becar»e free while in the boundaries of New York. During the Civil War itself Arthur won wide recognition for his work as quartermaster general of New York state. In 1871, partly as a reward for his long Republican political activity, he was named collector of the port of New York by President Grint. Four years later he was reappointed, but subsequently was removed by President Hayes over disagreement as to civil service reform. But Arthur was not long out of politics. In fact, he moved up to the vice presidency, where he waged a powerful influence in patronage matters, culminating in' the resignation of two members of the Senate. Then President Garfield was shot and Arthur immediately succeeded him. Hardly had he taken office, however, when he reversed his political efforts. He swung from the old partisanship to a full recognition of the great cares of his office. Tariff legislation and development of the navy were the main highlights of his term. The President is shown here on a stamp of the new U. §. regular series, enlarged. (Copyright, 11)38. ^E/ *»••- -'^-\ Inc.) Christmas Bnxcs 'Die woods of Hcmpstoad county offer many possibilities for making decorative Christmas boxes, and home demonstration club women are taking idvantago of them. Pine cones which are lound abundantly on Hempstead county farms have been converted into candle holders; pine needle baskets are being used tor nuts, fruits and pop corn containers. Arkansas grown apples polished until they shine packed in a basket lined wtih sweet scented cedar is a suggestion offered by Miss Sybil D. Bates, extension specialist in home industries, University of Arkansas College of Agriculture, as a gift whcih will appeal to the eye as well as the appetite. A two-gallon melon-shaped basket made from hickory splints give another attractive container for apples. A sprig of holly tied to the handle with a red cellophane bow if. another idea for a festive package. Small boxes after being packed and wrapped can be given a spirit of gaiety by fastening a sprig of holly, mistletoe, or a small pine branch bearing a cone or two in the bow of the cord used for tying. Pecans, black walnut and hickory nuts, found in practically every part of Arkansas, if hulled and packed in attractive containers, are always a welcome gift to the person who likes to make candy or cakes. Half the joy of the holiday season comes with planning attractive gifts, declare.-; Miss Bates, adding that it also offers opportunity for' one to show ingenuity and originality. Mrs. C. P. Zimmerly of the Mclrose club makes Arkansas Fruit cakes c ich year and .send them as gifts to relatives and friends in older stale's. Last yer.r the cakes went to seven states. Decorations Th'_- Christmr.s .spirit is in evidence early in Hempstcad county homes, now that the harvest season is over and busy farm families can take some time out to make festive plans for the holidays. Mrs. A. H. Rhodes of the McCa.skill Home Demonstration club made a Let the silly season for Mars Monsters come to a close.—Dr. F. R. Moulton, secretary of the American Association for the Advancement of Science speaking of the impossibility of reach- in.i; another planet. Movie Scrapbook By BILL PORTER and GEORGE SCARBO Robert Benchley is a man of many different talents ... his short films are so muc bin demand the yearly output has been increased from four table decorrlion using a homemade pine needle basket filled with scyamoro balls and apple leaves which ha'd been dipped in yay colors. Living-at-homc has just as much to 'HOR ; ACTOR,CbMMENTA-|OR, PepSONAUTY-AND DQA CRITIC., HAS MAPS u. SHOBTS M.G-.M. W*S APARTMENT IS A-HAMGOUT FOft-HlS IN to eight . . . always has stacks of foreign newspapers and magazines . . . resents the public's continuously calling Kim a bachelor married Gertrude Darling on June 6, 1914 has two sons whom he is putting through college . . . only time he gets to answer his mail is while crossing the country by trai he's hon- crary fire chief of Worcester, Mass. Santa Claus Day December 15 3 to 5 p. m Free Candy and 1 Small Toys to the Kiddies Bring Your Letter tc Santa Claus Scott Stores "Hope's Leading 5 and lOc Store" Old-Time Newsies Keep Change to Help Kids By the AP Feature Service DETROIT.—About this time of year, grown men who used to be Detroit newsboys tnke bundles of newspapers to their old corners and sell them to pnssersby. They give no change and (ho money they take in provides 65,000 children with worm clothes, shoes and toys. This ycnr the Detroit Old Newsboys' Good- follow Fund will raise $150,000. , It nil started 25 years ngo when a handful of men who once had been newsboys here took up the iden as a means of raising money for chnrlty. 'Now the whole story Is being told in a new book just off the press, "The Story of the Goodfellows," by Ernest P. Lnjole, n former president of the fund and a former circuit judge and a practicing attorney. It is being mniled to editors nil over the country and will serve us n guide to any other communities which may decide to start sfm'iliar movements. Veterans of Spanish War Face Struggle in Canada VANCOUVER, B. C.-(/P)-Canadian veterans who fought for loyalist Spain are drifting hack to their homes, facing more serious problems than those who returned from the World war. Some arc wounded and virtually all are jobless and Canada provides nn pension for them. Private subscriptions thus far have been enough to provide them with medical treatment and nn allowance of $(i n week each. Clerk Closes Deal in Stocking Feet GREENFIELD, Ohio. - (/!>) ~ Hal pit Hcnd, shoe clerk, believes the customer must Ix; pleased. Head fitted several pairs of shoes on man customer, but none clicked. "The only shoes I like," said the customer, "are those you wear." "All right," said Head. "I'll sell them to you." He took off his shoes, and the latter bought them. Learns Flying In One Day EACHAMENTO. Calif. - i/Ti - Kliot Dobbins, music le.-ichor, took his first lesson at the Sacramento airport Thursday and made his first solo flij;hl Friday. \ 1938 PENNEY'S YEAR SAVE time and energy right from the start—Shop PENNEY'S for every gift on your list! HURRY! now while stocks are complete, and do your Christmas shopping. SHOP and COMPARE! LADIES Beautiful Capeskin Black or Brown $-fl.OO I Pair The Famous CYNTHIA SUPS Adjustable Straps, -I Gore, Rip-proof scams. Ladies Plain & Fur Trimmed 2 (o 20 V<uir Chance to Save! A Value! LADtES BEAUTIFUL STYLED RAYON Satin Gowns Tailored or Trimmed Models HANDSOME GIFT VALUES Bedspreads $A.98 Each &* A Gift Value! 2:ixl(i BATH Towels ea 2§S THE IDEAL GIFT! BOXED Sheet Sets $2.98 TAILORED TOM GIRL Pajamas LADIES 2 THREAD SILK HOSE A Remarkable Value! Toilet Set Comb, Brush, Mirror, I'ulC Box, Cream Jar, Glass Tray— A WELCOME Ui'FT! tationery THEY FIT BEAUTIFULLY Co/.v U rap Around Qnali(.\ U.L GENUINE LEATHER Genuine 4-Point HUDSON BLANKETS 100% pure wool These Famous Blankets arc ideal gifts. LAP.IES NOVELTY HOUSE Shoes pr A GIFT SHE'LL USE! MANICURE SET 7 PIECE HOWL COVER $ 13 .75 Each SET Women Prefer Fitted Luggage Week-End CASE Extra Fit- $||.90 ted Case *£ — SiMAKT COHJKOICTAUI.E SNOW SUITS $«.98 Each SM — A BETTER QU AMITY TISSUE PAPER BLANKET —"•v^r^N^-^^v MEN'S FAST COLOIt I1I5ESS Shirts ea MEN'S HAND MAI\E Neckties ea MEN'S LEATHER SUEDE Jackets $444 Men's Lounging ROBES S2-98 Others at $4.98 MEN'S CHRISTMAS DRESS Socks, in boxes 4 pair for , .... •ZU.wA.tfinMMGIlCaUtUUfXr.lJUMMUK MK.V.S FINE QUA LIT V Pajamas $|. i*nM***m*mMiiMBaxiJueMn-fmrmMaxtan**eaam ROV'S TKUK RU;t; IWfcSS Shirts HOY'S ALL LEATHER "•*"!* tfllf^rif I II !!•••• !• I I I GIVE HIM A I.EATMKU Gladstone $4.98 un»uwTwrRacxv.nnm3 I'SKMIL (ilS'T Mufflers rou MKN: 1 BLADE STANDAIll) Sli'.E Scout Knife |§s .MICN-'K E.Vl'KA QUALITY**" n Cigarette Case and Lighter $1.98 The/Qift He'll Like! QUALITY New Fashion Dutch Heel House Slippers Single or Double Breasted Models—34 to 46 Greens, Blues, Grays MEN'S FINE QUALITY ACROSS STREET FROM POST OFFICE vVHERE HOPE SHOPS AND SAVES i I I •AiiitK-

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