Covina Argus from Covina, California on February 22, 1908 · Page 1
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 1

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 22, 1908
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F*. H. KABR1CK —SELLS—^ Hardware, Tinware, Stoves, Ideal Gas Stoves, Paints, Oils an^ Glass, Sherwin-Williams Paints, Guns and Ammunition, Peters' Shells. COVINA Overland Keen Kutter Roadsters The Finest Hoys' Wagons • at R/\BRICK'S HAROVA/ARE ARGUS VOL. COVINA, CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY. FEB. 22, 1908. INO-44- HOME 'PHONE EXTENSIONS Contract Awarded B. F. Thorpe for Azusa Exchange. J. D. Reed, President, Secures Large Block of Stock. No public enterprise lias done unore towards the development of the Upper San Gabriel valley and ^added more to the convenience of -the residents of this section than the Home Telephone Company of Covina. This cotupauy ia composed of live, -•wide-awake local men who, with the chased this week the Spencer holdings of 148 shares, which, with the stock he already held, represents 25 per cout of the capital stork of thn company. ITS HISTORY. Organized and incorporated in 1902, the company commenced active business in February, 1903. Before the incorporation of the Home Company, there were a few scattered phones installed throughout the district. Now almost, every business house and residence in Covina, Azusa, (jlendurn, Charter Oak, Irwindale, Snn Dimas, Baldwin Park, Pueute, Rowland, Wahiut Center and Bassett is connected with the Home line, and at a very reasonable rate. The company now has In operation 890 phones, with 40 on the waiting list With one exception it was the first independent telephone company in Southern California. The board of directors and officers are as follows: Dr. J. I). Reed, president; A. P. Kerckhoff, vice- president; J. 0. Houser, secretary Died Suddenly. Th« death occurred suddenly on Wednesday afternoon of J. E. Robbius, section foreman of the Coviua branch of the Pacific Electric. Death was due irovn hemorrhage, the deceased being a consumptive. He .was taken with the hemorrhage following a coughing spell, while standing in front of his residence on Citrus avenue, opposite the Veil- dome, and expired before ho could be carried Into the house. The funeral occurred yesterday in Los Angeles, the remains being taken to the city on a funeral car furnished by the company as a mark of respect to a faithful employee. Ho leiuf] a widow and two youn.j children. For three years Mr. Robbing was a motorman on the northern division of the Pacific Electric, when on account of failing health he was transferred to the departmeuut of Maintenance of Way, and upon the completion of the Covina branch was made section foreman of this divi- AmphlonClub. A must enjoyable meeting of the above club was hold last Saturday cTcning at, the homo of Minn Fuller of Azusa. It was Scottish day and across ono end of the room wore arranged photos of Scotland with (.wo Inrgo portraits of thn poet, Burns, draped with tartar ribbon, all tho property of Mrs. Uubbard, who gav«i it most interesting account of lior* travels in tho land of mist and mountniiiH. The program was full of splendid and well appreciated numbers including a monologue by Miss KskridKC, quartet, "Anuio Laurie," by Mines. KhuiiH, Stevens, Brunjcs mid Warrmi; violin Holo by Master Sheldon, nged 14, of Azusa, who playod with wonderful skill and great promise for the future, and vocal duet by Mme.i. Stevens and VVbitaol. Delicious refreshments were served. Brooder For Sale Good as new. Enquire of Clark & Douglas, Argus. Bldg., Covina. popular superintendent, J.O. Houser, have the u'.inost coufldeuoe of what the future bus hi store for this section. This is shown by the excellent equipment of their lines and their determination to keep abreast •of the demands of the public. Up to the present date the entire sysJtem has been operated through the Covina exchange, but this in now found to be inadequate for the service. A contract has been let to Benj. P. Thorpe, cement contractor, and 'work has already commenced for tho erection of an exchange building in Azusa, which will be equipped with a Kellogg Switchboard Supply Com- jjany's Harmonic switchboard, similar to the one now iu the Covina exchange, From the Azusa exchange will be handled all thu Glendont find Azufui business. Preparatory to this tho company is already stretching a GO-pair cable between these points, which will tap the wires now being run into the Covina exchange. Those improvements will practically treble the company's capacity for future construction between the three principal towns of the valley. Tho company ex pacts to have tho Azusa exchange in operation in sixty days. These improvements* alone represent a financial outlay of nearly f 800(3. In addition to theso improvements them is being installed in the ('o- vina exchange vhih week an automatic long distance switchboard. With Ihis improvement it will be possible to rim.' direct without going through tho central ollico in Los Angeles, all the subscribers on the Home eystem iu Los Angeles, wilh the exception of thuee on private exchanges. The \Vhittif-r exchange \\v . one of theio switchh'iar l.s and the average wait for a long dislancB call in that city in :tO seci.ndn. Thin improvement will certainly 1/e iippie- ciated by the Lu.-iinehH men of '.ur city. It IM hi,i i-il 10 have thi.-i u«-'.v av< itchb ,ard in ofeiatiun by Miin-h 1. Kli.ek ill ! lit- ( ' \ ilia Hiili,i- i- I' i.k (•(1 lij, .11 ;»-, all t: M'l-l li'Iit 1 /) Vf-l :i: i •!; ! and th'-n- i^ |.i:n-t ii- il I '.' n i.. i.ri i t. matte.:;, iu J , it. ii.' ' i !..i-. iu,' [ •<. and manager; H. M. Houaer, troas- uror; C. E. Needham, J. H. Cool- nian and Mrs. L. M. LaPctra. Adjudged Mentally Weak. John Uphani Wallace was adjudged by an insanity commission settling in Judge Hives' court on Wednesday as mentally weak and a fit subject for treatment in the Pattou insane asylum. Wallace has been continually in the limelight since bin midnight wedding in San Diego three weeks ago to Misfl Edith Kolloison, a numic, teacher recently from tho East who is at present making her residence iu Los Angeles. Wallace has been a resident of this city for over fourteen years and during this time has proven hirn- eelf an industrious, hard working man, but recogiji/ed by all us unities, having at times wild High's of imagination of supposed richeu and vaut. possessions. Less than eight weeks ago he became infatuated with MIHB Kollethon, u lady who bad just passed her thirtieth milestone, who came to Covina seeking to oi'Miinixe a munic class. Tlu'.He atones as told by Wallace of his wealth and brilliant futuro prospects appeared In have captivated the. susceptible heart of the fair damsel and an ardent court, ship of three weeks culminated in marriage. Jt. was a case of four days honeymoon and then an awakening. l>ur ing theso four days Wallace main tfiiried the illusion of his wealth by HUpplemeniing $lf)U he had hernred by collecting accounts due hit-: em ployor, (Jeo. W. Criffllha, by the in fauance of eht-ekH on banks in which he never had ari account and an oc c hii ,iai high 1 draft on local linan cial institutions, which, however, wen- never honored. Thirt was ample evidence to t.hohe uhoknev Wallace that, he had an e.\ci'|;t-:unall.v bad spell and All. (iiiflilhh at oi:c" hwon; t(j an iiisanit > chai;_'e. (ill wife, a.-, sj.ou a., r.iii- |.-aine.| that Wallace's u.,;ith v.a- i i' a | i| .<: di earn, all" ,u-d i r (., !,• •;u 11 • i -; t • • • • I 10 I)' i i i: i (• i •; ! a i IJ -A a , t (. i' - t..- li--11 •• i i.i.; i. i ii,/ r;i i i t , d . .-. i i. 1,1 1 '.ij i • , II. li.'- 1. i.O i/.') sion. By faithful and conscientious service ho commanded at nil times the respect of tho officials of tho company, and his genial and kinldy nature secured for him the love and esteem of his follow employees. A If though a resident of our city for only u very few months, he had nnide many friends who sympathize- with tho widow and children in this, the saddest hour of their lives. Tho death occurred on .Saturday of JO. A. Loxicr, n consumptive. Mr. Loy.ior to Covina about three months ago from the East in the vain hope that California climate would, prolong his days. The dread disease, ] however, had too firm a grip upon • him and ho gradually grow WOI-HO. Ho had little means when ho arrived hero and a committee of cltixens, i known as tho Covinn Charily Coin- millee erected for him a tent IKIUNC in which he lived. During UK; laid, lew weeks ho was united upon almond day and night by Mr. John Smith, who gave bin nerviccs without charge. The dcci-iiKed Mas a Manoii and he ! was buried by members of the local lodge on Sunday allernoon. Real lifltate. Robt. Morris of Los A/igoles has purchased through the J. M. Htanlon agency 20 acres of vacant land at. Chart'.r Oak, the property of Charles Staiilon, paying 47000 fur Hie jno perty. Mr. Slantou recently pur I chased it fr un Charles K. Smith. i Tho new owner lias already arranged | to plant the placo to oranges. The ' land is irrigated by the Columbia wells. 1 O. ,1. MeKinney has traded to Stan i ton Jiros. A. Keeling his equity in ID incuts of land mi Orange avenue plant i ed to walnul.s, taking Jo trade three lots on the northeast coiner of Dux I t< r and Third niiet-ts. Or. .J D. keod has sold a i evidence f,fi W. (.'oll«:ge rlreet tu MIH. Olive, S|,i-nrer of l,o.-. An^eb--, tor ilOUl). Art l.xlllbit. ';•,(,'• tail (', -.1 i- i hi fl I,, i ! 11 i-t j i. The Ear=Marks of Good Soap It must be reasonable in price-adaptable to the local water conditions-be antiseptic and soothing, and at the same time competent to remove all grease and ground-in grime without irritating the most tender of skin surfaces. "SKAT" Exactly Fills the Bill You will find that "SKAT" is peculiarly suited . to the water conditions of our community- will remove the grease of mechanic or plumber, as well as that gritty ground-in grime that comes from work in the shop. BABY NEEDS IT IN HIS BATH. Price I5c, two for 25 For further information KING "44" FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF COVINA W. II. Holliday, President W. M. Griswold, Cuehier Mtirco H. Tlcllman, Vlce-President J. C. Hutchiuaon, Jr., Aas't Cashier W. H. HclHday J. K. Elliott J. O. Houscr —DIRECTORS ~ A. P. KcrckhofT H. M. Hotmur Goo. 10. Anderson 9 a. in. to 3 |>. in. Marco H. Hell in an C. F. Clapp C. Mencfee Meeting of farmers' Club. The Covina Valley Fitrme.rH' Club met on Saturday hint at lh<i residence of A. C. AndorHon of Sun Jlonnir- dino rotiil, with a Inrgo attonduiiro. Among other HmriH of intere*!;, (<'. 10. * limniH giivo tin Hcconnt of the work that has been accomiilinhed and in being done by tho Hoard of Jlorl.i- C.llltltMll CoUimiHH'lulKM'H HIIKM) I'.JB HJI- I'Hiintinonl., showing thn I, nol.with- hlamliiiK t,ho ofipoHition I liny mot from some of (he nronerty owimi'H, ll/ey iint making good progress in eradicating I lie wide jieHlH In and aliiiut the varioitH c.iticH und IOWIIH. In nil ciiHen where the owners re fnse to clean up 11 letffd notice IH nerved on them nnrl wherever (hey refuse to comply the county JH tin \ ing the worli, with the rcHiill. that thoNe who lit, (IiHI, nl)jiclnl Htrnngly to Inning Ilir work iloin- lire more limn plesiHeil wilh Die bene.lll.N nchiev ed. Mr. DemiH II|HK Htiiled tlint the ii,tdly l;iij.''iH iniiliiiiK ilH iippeariiric.e in -.oine Mtr.iimiH und cinitioned every onii ['UrchiiHing IrecH, Hlirnlm or plauih In nniird >•: iii-ciiil Is n^iiiiiHl. It (IH it. in very hard to erndiciil.e when it onc.e K<'tn a foothold. The iiiunli-ul ;>:irt uf the. IMMKI'IIIII (jf II Jiililin Hold h.y MJHH Mela iininjeH in her iiHiud line Hlyle, it vocul Htiln by Mrs. (-', I'l. He.iniM, which WIIH iippliiuded, sind alho :i '.oca! nolo by MihH Oeniena lirun jes of A/iihii, t-.hov.niK rich and un UMUiil volume of tone. The t.v.o I..I : tin v,i M-. uee.'yinjjiiiiied on the |>i;mo by MIM. liiicry l-ianierel. , The next meeting will he held on i March Vilhl lit the, incidence ot .'-. \>. ; Mn^c.y on Went Diidillo hi reel.. The n>ei-liiig will he Hoineivha'- in the iiiilnie of 11 biilhda.y jiaily ,t'i om l/M.d liii-rid Mns-ey will K-ai-h his 7lii|i milestone i.n lite',, joining' on thai day. Burglars Again. 'I i . i.f)i •• i,\ It,i I'.fi, I ',:n :>•;>• ::i, i i n 11 r i- I 'i, I /.u i 'It*', ii i ,• hi ;.n't ;i . .1 hi i i :< ;/i. I • . I ! al, i i, 'It.. i.,,1 ;• I'll : •ill i.. I ];, i i I > .1, a -n.a I i | '•< | i \ i i.' • 1 | .,' .,;.!/,'.-», . I',.' I l.i . i •; I ' •.•,',... I , I ,',/.., ,,!• Good Groceries We carry a fresh stock of staple and fancy groceries. Out* vegetables are the best to be had. Our teas and coffees are excellent. A larg-e stock of canned (foods, pickles, olives, hauls, bacon and bakery (foods. Try our butler. The Depot Grocery ROI'.T. CKJCNSIIAW, 1'rop. BEN F. THORPE Siicce»sor io J. It. EM.JOTT CliM I: NT CON'I R AC I (>l< Maiiiifaclurer of CEMENT IRRIGATING PIPE All hi/,i:H of well cured pipe alwayn in Mtock. KXCAVATINli AN1> lll-iAVY OKAJHNO Building lilocks, Cement Fence Posts, Cisterns /lr;tm:h Yard in Clcmji.ra. Home Telephone 4037 Agent American Oiwuppearinc, H.-iln Clarence Allison Building Contractor I'iaris furnislu-d lor all kinds of buildings. (X)V(NA. CM,. YOU LOOK WI-l.L ri:0 How About Your Orchard? CNION i'KKTiU/KK CO.'S Si'l'.l IAI, l-'KUJTlNt; will yiur trt-( , in a v/ay Hi, it v, 1 1 ! JHI! OI,,IJLM-, in tin; l,i,,x .md n in tin- bank. l.i-t. 11, ti-11 yiju /IK, ii- ai,c/nt it. \V. H. V/JIJ'J ;;. l.:cd

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