The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 13, 1892 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 13, 1892
Page 8
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8. HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18, 1892. THE MARKETS. HON'KV ANllftTOCKH. NKW YOKI ., April 13. —[Stock letter tiirniRliect by the Ivausus Urain and T.lvo Stock company.]—Tin* few pnr- tin .1 declines in the HtoeU market yesterday orootcd no apprehension in fipeeulativu olrelos up town of sv bear miirket, only it was admitted Unit further professional pressure had resulted in forcinff down a few stocks, including St. Pnnl, which was sold by Add! son Cnmroack from the Windsor till day. A Rpeoialist in Western Union remarks the buying of this sto«k for several days past has been of a 'Very superior sort and more indicative of higher prices for it than before in a year. The purchases are distinct. There is private information of a bulllshsort abouttho Itendingr. Home very favorable news is coming- about Reading. It friends say strong people believe that the securities will load everything else In the stock market. The bears on Tjonisville and Nashville yesterday were much taken back by the earnings as they hud been informed to the contrary. Atchison, TonekaTantl Santa Fc. Mil*i. Missouri Pacific. (WW. Itock Island, 87. St- Paul. 7»»J. Union Pacific, 45?;. Western Union, D0?(. I'KUMIICK. Chicago. The following in lue ranRC of prices lor active futures: ppcn'd Hlgh't. I«-'it Olos'g HTBKAT. May.... July.... conn, July.... June... March . ' May ... OATS. July— May.... March 1 'OHK. May.... , July.... liAitn. May.... July... Bins. May.... July.... H0\ •M<i •wy, Siiii :.'«« 10 111.-> (I B71i| fi Tm 110TV4: :'.»\ 10 un 111:111 «*..«! • u nan 1 (10 7SJ41 _n_«7H Hteatly; cash Hil^c; so ?, so?j :isv4 •?!% am*, 10 05 10 17« fl 1.1 II U7)4 s';u v •10/1 SRi, SS'i 10 SO 10'HO a as r> no ft r>. M March April WHEAT-No a «2Wci July 8'JWc. CORN—No. a higher; cash -lOJjc 40Jic:May 40s June !!8i<c; July :!0c. OATS—Firm: cash Mm'MKc; MayS0» /MJ5SS POHlC-Flrm; Cash 810.00: May » rjARl>-Plrm; Cash $11.17'/,: Mav SH.a'JH SHOUT KlUS-PIrm; Cash *s.?iS; May S5.80. JtVK—Stcadv: N". a 70c. BAULKY—No. a nominal; 545100c. VhAX SKBD-No. 1 Sli-atly, »7Sc. TIMOTHY SEED-Prime, steady. 1.:10. HUTTEK-Dnll, weak. . SOas— Steady. Kiinfmn OUy. KANSAS CITV , April 13. Wkeat.corn and oatfl were nominal. BDTTKU-Wcaki'.'oasric. IWOS-Pirmerat lie. 71 AY—Unchanged. FLAX SKB»-Unch;uiKed. HecelptH. Shlpinentfi. Wheat 13,000 none. Corn a.o «:i Oats none 1,000 SI. l,oul» HT . Loins, April 13. WHIiAT—Higher; Cash STi^c; Mav 8fi'ic; JulyHOlic. CORN—Higher; cash :>7' < : Mayliajic: July iHI*©8(ISc. OATS—Jllicher: cash ,10'ic: Mav:i0?;c. HOKIC-Firmer; J0I1M11K « SlO.oai',. LAHD-Nomlnal; $0.00. I.IVK STUCK. SI. l.fllllH, ST. Locis. April 1:1. OATTLK—ltfcelpls .l.fiuo. Steady at a decline. I10HK—Itecelpts .'1,500. Lower; lair to choice heavy 84.4.1(^4.00; mixed $:i.00<tM.r,0; ynrkentS4.-I05M .riO. SHBKP— KccelplH :W0. Strong. KUIIKIIH Oily. KANSAS Cm', April 13. flATTLE— HccclptH .'1,400; shlpmelltK a.BllO; .light steers are dull and weak to He lower and helfcra were unsalable, lO&Zftc lower In two days; all grades selling it Sa.li0@:i.83; cows were steady at Sa.HOtf&XoO and feeders weak to lower at JV.'.iloSM.'lO. HOOK— Kecclpts H.aoO; shipments iB.700; -Ctoeiicd steady to 5c lower: pained and clolk'd stroiiir; all grades 3:i.or ) cg*'1.4',JVa; bulk »t.S6«M.40. SHKKP—Ueeelpts 400; shipments 200; Steady for good, and weak for low grades. ChluuK". CHU.IA.UO . April iia. Kvenlng Journal reports: OATTLE—Receipts lfi.000; oteady; top prices for top lQOO-pouiul fat, tlrst class beef steers It.fiO; good to choice SU.MStit.Tti. HDaS -Rccelpts .'17,000: bulk sold about !>c lower) Tbugh S4.00ffii4r>0: mixed $4.(10@4.70; lioavv t4.70®4.7r.; light $4.r.0f&4.0o. SHDKP—RecelptH 0,000; values HVftUOc lower than last week; declined 15c today. IIUTVIUNHON MAliKKT. I'rodilvu. PLOUIt-FIlKhest patent, 8'J.40: second patent, 82.80; extra line. *a .0() 'BU'ITKH—In demand. Creamery !J5c; finest dairy, aOc; line dairy. ir»c; common, ]0c, BQQS—In demand, 10c. POTATOES—llholce; 50O00C. APPLES-8t.OWol.25 per bushel. ' OmONS -!n fall- demand. Ued 7r>c per bushel; home grown Spanish, 81 .85 per bushel. CAUUAOM—Pair, 4c per pound. TUMNIPS—In demand 40c per bushel. UBKTS-Steady. 50c per bushel. SWKBT POTATOES-Plenty, 8IOO1 per bushel. HAY—Baled, 85.00 <a ">.S0; loose, !l.00®r>.50 per Ion. (Iriilti. WHKAT-No. a soft 7ac; hard 05c; No. :i soft t)7c; hard 05c. COUN-aSc. RYK-No. a, 115c; No. II. 00c. OATS—U4c. Live Utoi'k. OATl'LK—Steady; Stockers $a.a5 @5 feeders >@j:i.a5; fat cows and hei tn demand, 8200 ®a.50; fat steers »:i. !!5@3.80 heifers 4.00. - ~ HOaS—Steady. Wagons, tons, 8U.00: car »4.10(»,. SUKKP—In demand. s:i.75®4.00. Poultry und Wild (iuuio. CHICKENS—Chickens 81.7Wfta.00 perdoz; chicken fic per pound: hens 5c per pound; roosters Sc per pound; turkeys 7c per pound. • 1 GAMlS—Wlld ducks In demand Jl.O0iaa.00 perdoz.: pigeons In demand, 81.00 per U07..; geese 81,004*1.50 per doz. tiOSSIC. Wheat rucoipts in tho northwest: Mlnnapollo, !)J0 cars! Dululh, 373 ears. Thorn will be 110 session of tho Chicago bourd of tratlu Krliluy next, it being Oood Friday. All eastern and Bngliish miirkets will also he closed Inspections at Ciiicugo: Winter wheat, ,'1 out of 1.3 1 spring wheat, 10 out of 31 ; corn, 5 out of Mil; outs, 0(1 out of 180. Now corii, 1,18, No. 2, 4U; No. J,' 110. • . If you want anything, make it known through the NKWN wunt column. NO Impurities in Royal Baking Powder. It is the only baking powder yet found V»y chemical analysis to be free from all impurities *nd absolutely pure. This perfect purity results from tj\e exclusive use of cream of tartar specially '-efined a»«J prepared by patent processes which totally remove aH the tar­ trate of lime. The cost of this chemically pore cream of tartar is much greater than any other, auid it is used in no baking powder except the "Royal." Dr. Edward G. Love, formerly analytical chemist for the U. S. Government, who made the analyses for the New York State Board of Health in their investigation of baking powders, says of the purity and wholesomeness of the " Royal": *' I find the Royal Baking Powder composed of pure and wholesome ingredients. It is a cream of tartar powder, and does not contain either alum or phosphates, or other injurious substance. (Late U.S. Gov't Chemist) "E. G. LOVE, PH. D." Prof. Love's tests, and the recent official tests by the United States and Canadian Governments, show the Royal Baking Powder to be superior to all others in strength and leavening power. BRITISH BUDCET. Presented to the House of dintmoiis Ity Mr. flosclu'ii. LONDON. April !:;. —Mr. Uosehcu, ehatK-t.'lior of On- e .xidn ^jiit 'V. prestMiled the budirvM in tin:' ol rouinions yesterday. Tln -re wafcti lull all: nrliineo of members .md lh'- .s-vne wns very animated. Mr. I i.-t In-p; sail! thai as a traveler in :\:,iviiiIinLi' ;i hill very frequently fancied Hint lie hud reached the n .int only l<> lind that it wns not the top. so had been for the puyt three weeks his cspertence with the linnmial j^vosperUy id' the eounlryr The estimates hud been frunied on the theory thai ihe top hud been attained, yet, ;i curve led onward and upward. U<KK 1 fnrtnne utffiin permitted him lo submit u budget showinfr a surplus of .'.'l.Oiir.oild. This was largely due lo the expcmliiijr deuurtiuenln, for it wa.s not to any- extent due toun expansion of the revenue. There had been times when lie had suffered great anxiety. In the lust- budget the estimate of expenditures was i'llli.atW.OOO. The actual expenditures were £US, 029,000, leaving a surplus nf £KHi 'j .00». This was 11 renuirk.-ibly small difference- between the estimates and actual expenditures. The total estimate of expenditures during the last three years was £204,000,000. The total difference, in the expenditures was only £1:^7,000. This statemenl was received with cheers. Analyzing the revenue. .Mr. (loschen said that the customs produced .Ulfl.sM,- 000, beiier ,c:;i ;,«0 (i above the sum calculated upon. It was ncit alcohol that caused the increase this year. hut. tobacco. The revenue tax from tea was exceedingly satisfactory, yielding £34,000 over the estimate. Tobacco produced .ra .0VI.OU0. being £418,000 above theprevinusyear. All this, Mr. (loschen declared, proved that wages hud not fallen and that there was still widely diffused prosperity among the workingmen. The excise revenue showed ±548,000 over the estimate. The increase in the consumption of home spirits was greater in England than in Ireland or Scotland, being li'i per. cent, in England against 1 K -5 in Scotland and 1 percent. In Ireland. More spirits were consumed than beer. Mr. (losehen estimated the revenue for the current financial year nt £00,477.000 and the expenditures at iOO.'JM.OOO. leaving n small margin of JWM.OOO. This will not allow of 11 remission of taxation, with the exception of 11 minor reduction in patent fees, absorbing £50,000, and thu fixing of the duty on sparkling wines from 'Js 8d und Is per gallon to a uniform rate of Us. Mr. OoBohen said he held himself responsible for the prudcuoe of the estimates. The mighty river of national prosperity still rcmuiucd broad, and ho trusted that the various water-sheds of national wealth would continue the stream undiminished in volume, (Cheers.] Ileal K»tnt« Truntfera. Below wo give the real estate transfers for to-day. They are furnished by CliaR. E. Hall, the abstractor; office in the First National bank building: [Warranty deeds when nototherwlsc mated llosea Snell e.t ux to S H East Lots 33 and 24 block 20 Haven S •'lOO 00 Joseph A Smith et ux to ,1 M Hadley w hf sw qr 10-23-8. 375 00 Michael Drlscoll to Walter II Jordan e.t wl, vf hf no qr 2324-8 100 00 Jarvis-Conklin Mortgage Tst Co to Western Invest Co nw qr of se qr and so qr of so qr 3«-2«-9 ' S200 00 WmK Jett et ux to J W CUmdenln, nw qr 311-211-7.. 100 United States to .1 ohu Cramer se qr 8-2:1 -6 f r 8 00 Hutchinson Salt und Stock Yard Co to Ueo C Updegraff, tract in se qr 8-2:1-5. 5 00 Daniel T Dierdorff et u.v to tleo Henjiunin, tract iu ne qr lS-HS -7 •'« 00 .Tames Shunley to Annie lie- Kierman, lots 3-4-5 and se qv of nw qr 0-35-7 3500 (III William 11 l'uvker et ux to TIIOB Slallings, so qr .'12-2510 1,500 00 S W Campbell et ux to Charles Ki&tner, sw qr 22-23-8 2,000 00 National Mortgage and Debenture Co to Boston Sufe Deposit & Trust Co, lots 117 and w hf 118, Ave A west Bpcciul wil..» 1 00 National Mortgage & Debenture Co, to lloston Safe Deposit & Trust Co, lots IIS and ehf .115 Ave A west, special \v d Pnited States to Wm II l'ark- er. se qr :i!-:!.")-HI. f r John M llrovvn et ux to .Inn 1! Vuldois,n hf nw qr 1-20-4 Tinted States to .las Uiwson w hf se qr :i0-2ti-10 United States to Calvin A llentou.n hf sw qr2'.i-lB -10 United States to William L Ross ne qr 14 -'.'fi -7 United States to Hubert E11- toek, lots 5 and 0 sec 0-23 -0. f r II. Whiteside et al to H .1 3( looking n hf and sw qr sec 3-24-5 J S McKen/.ie et ux to Martin Wells lot No IS Campbell street east Handy's addition E M Tjoyd et ux to James Loyd e 00 -acres of s hf of ne qr sec 1-20-8 , James M llelnap et ux to W 1 Scott lots 105, 113. 115 S Main and lots 15. 17 Third avenue west South llnteh- ' inson Henry Hennison to (Jeo N Hodge, e hf of lie qr ii-22-|i. lease for 5 years. £00 per year. I (loidbcrg et ux U> Annie Safver. lot. 23 blk 1. Irving Vln'ee add Chas llraf et ux to Ucorgc W Corfield, se qr 17-24-7. ...... Adaline Thomas to Scott & Stewart, lots 0-10-11 blk 4 Nickerson Daniel H Steliman to Sanford Caldwell, nw qr 23-258. Lease }(, crop. J. E. Torrington et ux to Thomas Shepard. sw qr 2325-11 Mrs. 11. 11: l.oomis et ux to V. MeCandless, lot 50, nve. E. east, Hutchinson E. V. Thompson et ux to U. S. Thompson, lots 10, It. lfi, blk 2; lots 7. 0, 11, 21. 23. 20, blk 4: lots 30, 41, blk 0, Wilson's addition and lots 31 and 32, blk 1. (Juiring andGocrz addition Cyrus W. Sheplar to K. Streieb, sw qr 22-23-10 John W. Meecc et ux to W. C. Edwards, n hf 32-25-7; ne qr 28-23-8; ne qr 22-23-8; nw qr 28-22-5; se qr 30-2-1-S I 00 4 00 2500 00 I 'utent Patent I'll tent 4 00 1.000100 I 00 !7 <H> Ofl '.5 00 MO n aud regard for the deceased this camp appoint a eomnriiltec of three neighbors to procure a suitable floral offering' for the deceased. Kcsolvcd, That, a copy 01 these resolutions he presented by the clerk to Neighbor Wilson and that they also be spread upon the records of this camp. ' Resolved. That a copy of these resolutions be furnished the Hutchinson DAILY NKWS with a request that they be puolished. W. K. M.vnsiiAr .i., •X, E. Wll .l.lAMB, H. T. TwrniM., Committee. Ililpnrtniit N'otltie. To U. 11. K. of 1*. members: All who intend going to Mcl'herson to-morrow will please meet at the hall to-night, as some matters of great importance is to be considered. V. S. MITCIIKLI., Sir Knight Captain. Marbled. John Shepherd andBffle Ycager.both of Sylvia, were married lust night at the residence of E. 11. Smith, 128 Virst avenue west, by Ilev. Somerville. * Notice. The Ladies Aid society of the Christian church will meet Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock in the lecture room. He present if possible, important business. Notice. Ladies' Sewing society of the M. E* church meets with Mrs. Anderson, 310 Third avenue east. Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Sewing for all the Indies. Hullunl 's Snow l .tulinent. This liniment is different in composition from any other liniment on the market. It is tv scientific discovery, which results in its being the most penetrating liniment ever known. There are numerous white imitations, which may he recommended because they pay the seller a greater prolit. liewiire of these and demand Ballard's Snow Liniment. It positively cures Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Cuts, Sprains, Bruises. Wounds, Sciatic and Inflammatory Tthcumatism, Burns,. Scalds, Sore Feet, Contracted Muscle, Stiffl Joints, Old Sores, l'ain in Hack, Barb Wire Cuts, Sore Chest or Throat and especially -beneficial in Paralysis. Sold by all drnggists. for Your Comfort. Travelers to and from Utah will be pleased to learn that Pullman palace sleepers now run through, daily, without change, between Chicago and Ogden, over Santa Fe, Colorado Midland and Rio llrande Western lines—westbound via Colorado Springs, and eastbound via Colorado Springs anil Denver. The true scenic route; plenty of time to see Manitou and vicinity. Double daily passenger service between Denver and Ogden. Inquire of nearest Santa. Fe route ticket agent, for rates, sleeper reservations; etc. 4-15 i f Little Judith, the 8-year-old daughter of "Mr. Mullineaux. of the Inland Christian Advocate, Des Moines, Iowa, on learning that her special playmate, a child of her own age had taken the whooping cough, took a bottle of medicine, which had cured her of a troublesome, cough, and went over and said: 'You must take this medicine: it will do you good. Mr. Mullineaux was curious as to the result und on making inquiry learned that the little neighbor, who had been unable to rest at night, had been greatly relieved in that respect. The paroxysms were neither so frequent, severe or enduring. The cough, under the genial action of 4 ,000 00 2.000 00 LAID TO REST. The HnuialiiH of Mrs. Idn 15. WilM-n Inter- rml To-Dny. . One of the. largest and most sorrowful crowds that ever attended the funeral services of a citizen of this city, attended the funeral of Mrs. Wilson this afternoon. The Odd Fellows, Daughter of Hebeckuh. Degree of Honor, and Ancient Order of United Workmen were out in large numbers, besides a large number of sorrowing friends not members of either order. The services at the church were conducted by Rev. Somerville, and were of the most impressive nature. That Dr. R. li. Wilson and wife hud many friends was attested by the large crowd of friends who were present, to pay their last token of respect to the memory of one whom they cherished and loved. The heart-broken husband and motherless children have the deepest sympathy in this hour of sad affliction, and the thought that "though she is dead she will live again, and they shall meet aud know as they were known," will be a comforting thought in their lonely hours. To the lonely husband we say, "you mourn not as they who have no hope," for the testimony that the loving companion left behind was strong that she is only sleeping. "The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away. Messed be the name of the Lord." llCKOllltloilft. The following resolutions of eondo lencc were passed by Hutchinson Camp No. 5011, Modern Woodmen of America, nt their regular meeting April 11, 1892: Whcveus, lly dispensation of Divine Providence Mrs. Ida 11. Wilson, tho be loved wife of our esteemed neighbor. Dr. U. 11. Wilson, has been removed from us by death; und Whereas, Our hearts go out in Hynv S athy to Neighbor WilBon In this bis oep affliction; therefore, Resolved, That as u / mark of respect CUSON & WATSON. One Price To All Grocery and Confectionary. 315 North Main. this admirable remedy, was loosened. The medicine liquefies tho mucus and enables the Sufferer to throw it off. The attack iii the beginning gave every evidence of being a severe attack of whooping cough. I udced it was ft genuine case: but this preparation, ivhile perhaps It may not be a positive cure for the disease, is undoubtedly able to alleviate it. If it does not cure it, It will' give unquestioned relief. The medicine referred to' is Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, For sale by C. 11. WINSLOW ,' Druggist 15 S. Main St. A Suuml X,lvor Milken a W «ll Mnn. Arc you billious, constipated or troubled with jaundice, sick headache, bail taste in mouth, foul breath, coated tongue, dyspepsia, indigestion, hot dry skin, pain in back and betweon tho shoulders; chills and fever, etc.? If you have any of thejie symptoms your liver is out of order and your obloort is being slowly poisoned because your liver does not act properly. Herbine will cure any disorder of' the liver, stomaoh or bowels. It has no equal as a liver medicine. Price 75 cents. Sold by all druggists. French fanny WMIOM. These wafers are for the relief and cure of painful Irregularities, and will remove all obstructions. They are sure and safe every time. Manufactured by Emerson Drug Co., San Jose, Oil., and for sale at A. & A. Drug Co. 10(1 N. Main street, Hutchinson, Kan. MrsJ L. R. Patton, Koekford, 111., writes: "From personal experience I can recommend De Witt'sSarsaparilla, a cure for impure blood and general debility." Ream's Midland Pharmacy. Oiu'iiluff Day. . Within the present mouth the Cheyenne, and Arapahoe reservations containing over 4.000.000 acres will be, by proclamation of the president., Opened for settlement. The reservation wil! contaiusix counties, C. D, li, F. C and II. The counties D, E. and 1', in the northwest part iircincnrcr the Pnn Handle line of the Santa Ve than any other line. _ Those desiring to enter these counties should purchase tickets to either Kiowa, Kan., Woodward, 1. T., Higens, Tex., or Caifndian, Tex. Good wagon roads load from all four of these points. Counties G. and II. are about midway between our Texas and Pan 'Handle line. County C. can be most easily reached via Uuthrie and Kingfisher, -or Oklahoma City and El Reno. Those desiring to reach the eastern portion of theso lands should either go to CutKrio, then by stage to Kingfisher or to Oklahoma City, thence, via the Choctaw railroad, a new line having 11 double daily passenger service helwcen Oklahoma City and Elkins. \' The Santa Fe has issued a special folder giving much valuable information, including maps, etc., which we will take pleasure in mailing to any address. Any information cheerfully given on application at the Santa Fe ticket office. Inquiries by mail answered promptly. J. W. TKOPORD, Agent Santa Fc Route. SHILOn .S VITAL1ZEB is what you need for Constipation, Loss of Appetite Dizziness, and all symptoms of Dyspepsia. Price 50 and 75 cents a bottle. For sale by A. & A. Drug Co. CATCH ON To the best opportunity of a lifetime for buying cheap. Without any fuss or funny business, without any noise or nonsense, we are going to put a magnificent line of seasonable goods on the market at prices that will make them JUMP. It's a quick turn on very close margins to satisfy a lively demand. There is some money in it for us, and a good dealmore for customers who are quick to catch on to the fact that choice new goods can now be bought at prices never before named for values in any way approach-^ ing those we now place at the disposal of wide awake an^" discriminating judges of good bargains, who will not IOB^ A moment's time in taking advantage of this phenomenal lOW price Sale Of the Season, and secure their jpick of desirable new goods at clearing prices, CATCH ON To the fact that our entire stock is made up of Choicest Selections and Latest Styles -OF- Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, Dim Goods, Fancy Goods, Notions, Shoes and Hate. Fine Shoes for Ladies and Gentlemen A SPECIALTY. They sell like Lightning at the prices we are now asking. "THE* BAJZdAJ&i J E, B ARROW , J R ., P ROPRIETOR. . 14 North Main Street, Hutchinson. HAVE MOVED! To our. own room, No. 4 South Main Street.. In looking over my stock, I find that I have too many goods on hand, and in order to* reduce the stock I have decided to offer EXTRAORDINARY BARGAINS for this month until my stock has been properly reduced. 150 suits, in three colore, brown, light and grey, all in sacks, worth $8 a suit. Our price for thismonth<only$3.99. 225 suits in brown, plain, grey, striped, in square and round corners, would be a bargain at $8.50. Our prioe for this month only $3.99. 193 wood brown suits, assorted colors, in round and square, single and double breasted, Back and cutaway, $9.99, standard value from $12.50 to $15. I'have the largest and best stock of pants in town, ranging in price from 75c to $7. 2-piece boys' suits, ranging in price from $1 to $9. 3-piece boys' suitB, ranging in price from $2.50 to $12.50. I have the best made up shirts in the market, ranging in price from 15c to $3. Call and see my line of hats, in stiff, and soft, light brown and black crushers for boys and men, from 25c to $5. I have the largest assortment of ladies', children's, boys' and men's shoes in the city. Call and see them, as I have not space to mention all I have. TO BE GIVEN AWAY! A handsome DINNER SET of 105 pieces, highly decorated, can be seen in our south window. No. 4 South Main St. A. MINCER, Prop.

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