Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 14, 1889 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 14, 1889
Page 4
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;ilE JKVICJNJJSLJ fcvA.TU.mJAi:. THIRD * •»*••" You should read the CHICAGO DAILY NEWS because k's an iitt/f- pfniifnt ttnvsfii^cr. There are two sides to every nolitirnl qnr^tioii, nnil " THR|)AILV Ni-ws(;ives ttieni tioth v/ith c^Xin! fiiri:'::-;. A'l.-irty ci),.in magnihes one side and dwarfe the other. No sensihle man wants to be trifled with in this fashion.' The time has gone by when American citizens expect tn inherit their po- liticalopinions. They want to make theirown—and to do this they want a. paper to tell them the truth, regardless of their own personal preferences. If you are an honest man,independent and self-reliant in - Vhoughl, read an honest and independent newspaper — read The .CHICAGO DAILY Nnws, —Its circulation is 220,000 a day—ipver a million a week—and it costs by mail 25 cts. a month, four months $1.00,— i>ne ftnt n ilay. WRAPPERS (UKCC 3IZE) Bmi TOCCIVC a ^HANDSOME ACTDRS-dnd-ACIRiiSSB Y-\O NOT DELAY TOtTB SUDSCIlirTICN FOlr ** • LIPPINCOn'S MAGAZINE, Which now lUndi ia tbo fmai niiik ul muuthlj publla* U&nianii eooapiei tho poaitlua of A LEADER AMONG LEADERS, £ich number oonUlni A COMPLETE NpVEL,ntin » ( of mitculUnooni matter of an IntvrrBUng kod imtruutlfo nfttiira. Uos ywr'a eubsorlptioa Riv«ft LIBRARY OF 12 COMPLETE NOVELS by American tuition, toyothor with AN AllUNOANCE OF8UOKT 8TOUIE9, PUEMfl, KSSAY3, »ntl niatlon of rmajul intoreit to gcnorml roaJart, making A Tolum* of NEARLY TWO THOUSAND PAGES. Tb« «<M»M of LIPPIHCOTT'S iUnd* unprpc*>!onte<l IB th*»unmliorMMtsina publfatiiof. »nd to-day its f.miliat Utlo IB waloomwl In every hamlet, YilU^e, tcr.rn, ADI! citj Uiroaghoak tha United Status. Tb» boet wrlUri of the tg« h»T« b*«n necared fcfl'l new fcuurei will, frura Umo to time, ba ftdded which will ji?« ' A DISTINCTIVE PLACE OF ITS OWN. Ararat* KlTei, £>tK»r Baltui, John Ilftbbcrtrm, ^xmr FnwMtt, CapUla Chuloc King, U.S.A., Once King. M. EilloU8«nreIl, S«lln« DoUro. MaoHce Dirrymore. Onld», Mid man/ otb«n will oontrlbnt*) tu Ha page a Tor 1KA>. For fall nrmpeetai, addr«ii Ltpplncott'i Magaein*. Phil*25 c«Dta ilogla number. $3.00 jwt year, So ad TILE FLOODS AND FIRE PLACE GOODS AT MODKKATK PltK'F.S. We cnrry thn largoat anc ">«»* «'•<>;« I'lii-.TK otock an<; •rtlillc and BUS I' d<*-| •ItfUH lo tlilM i-oniilry. We shall bci pli;a.vil to correspond with Intend Ine purchaser* or iiivile inxprKtlnn of our com JilclOBtodf. Woartauaiiulncturcra. .307-309 WABASH AVE.. CHIPAGa ILL Q For"run-down," debilitated and overworked women. Dr. Plerce's Fnvurite I>n'«eriptl»n is the beat of ail restorative todies. It isu potent Speciflc for all those Clironie \\Vakni'p*i'B and -.Dlsea«e« peoultarto Wnmen rn pi"i\vei-fntrRen^ eral as well ia uterine, tonie and nervine, it Imports vljfor and Btrenntli to the whiile system. It promptly cures weak nes:-< of stomach, muisen, inaiffestlon, bloating, weak liaelc, nervous prostration, debility aud sleeplessness, in i-ltlier Bex. It ia carefully compounded by nn ext>erienced physician, and adapted to woman's delieate ; orgsnlzatlon. Purely veiretat.le nnd iKTfec-tly harmless in any condition of the nvstem, "t'uvorito Prc««-rll>- iuit 91 is the only medielne I forwomen, sold by drns'iriHta, I under a poNittvo guar» ftxiteo of Batiafattlon In every ease, or priee (111.00) refunded. Thin inuirnntiMt lias been printed on the bottle-wrapin-r, and faithfully curried out for many years. Kor litrgi 1 , illustrated Trwstlso on nisenses of Women UM) paiix-s, with full directions for ' homfc-treatuieHt), wnd ten cents In stamps. Addrcaa, Wonura Kisi'KNSAnv MKIUCAL ASSOCIATSOK, 663 Main tttrwt. lluffalo, N. Y. tiiii UNE. ARE YOR READING THE Small Ads In UM KTonlng; New Yorkers devour a million ciuarts of ice cream on a Sunday. Itciieivx Her Yonth. Mrs, Pho.'bii 'Ohcdlcy,'. J'D'tcrooii,- Cl;iy Co., Iowa, tolla tho following remark able story, the truth of which is vouch ed for by the residents of the town: "1 am 73 years old, have been troubled with kidney complaint and lumenesa for many years; could not dress myael without help. Now 1 am free from al pain and soreness, and am able-to-do all my own housework. I owe m thanks to Electric Bitters for having renewed my youth, and removed com pletely all disease and pain." Try f bottle, OOc.-.and 81, at D. B. Strickler's Drug Store. In London the women are beginning to wear the single eye glass, Hlbhard'H Itheunintic mill Liver Tillx Tbese Fills are scientifically com pounded, uniform in action. No grip ing pain so. commonly following the use of Pills. They are adapted to botl adults and children with perfect safety We guarantee they have no equal in th cure of sick headache, constipation dyspepsia, biliousness, and, as an appetizer, they excel any other preparation Wood pavement lasts about seven years in streets where the trafllc i heavy. TIT AT HACKING COUCUI can b quickly cured by rihiloh's Cure. W guarantee it. For sale by Perry, th druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Kock -Falls— : ! Buffalo, D. T., has a 3-year-old bo who weighs eighty pounds and is fou feet high. Worth Knowing;.' Mr. W. H. Morgan, merchant, Lak City, fla., was taken with a severe col< attended with a distressing cough an running into consumption in its firs stages. He tried many socalled popu lar cough remedies and steadily grew worse. Was reduced in Hesh, had dif liculty inbreathing aud waa unable t sleep. Finally. tried Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption and fount immediate relief, and after using abou a half dozen bottles found himself WP and has had no return of the disease No other remedy can show so grand record of cures, as Dr. King's New Dis covery for Consumption. Guarantee to do just what is claimed for it.—Tria bottles free at D. B. Strickler's Dru Store. —About 25,000,000-letters pass yearl between the United Kingdom ani North America. SHILOH'S CUKE will immediate! relieve Croup, Whooping Cough ani Bronchitis. For sale by Perry, thi druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Kock Falls A thief at Parkers burg, Pa., dug up a field of potatoes during the nigh and carried them off. SHILOH'S COUGH and Consumption Cure is sold by us on a guarantee it cures consumption. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J.M. .Bickford Rock Falls Stuffed rats and mice are said to be one of the fashions as ornaments ir bonnets and hats for 1890. llneklen'8 Arnica Halve. The best salve In the world for Cuts Bruises. Bores, Ulcers, Halt Rheum Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and postively cures Piles, or n pay required. It is guaranteed to giv, perfect satisfaction, or money refund ed. Price 25 cents per box. For sal by B. B. Striokler. The mouth of Calumet river, empty ing into Lake Michigan, has moved east 2,800 feet since """ WILL— Y O U~ cough- when . s Cure will give you immediate relief. Priee 10 cts., BO cts., and $1 For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J M. Bickford, Rock Falls. Just now rings with sunk setting predominate. CATARRH CURED," health and sweet breath secured, by Shiloh's Cat arrh Remedy. Price (50 cents. Nasa Injector free. For sale by Perry, the druiat, and J. M. Bickford, Rock p Plain onyx nobs are earrings of a simple but fascinating nature. A. New I>lM0T«ry. Weakened and deranged livers, stom acha aud bowels should never be acted on by Irritants like common pills, bran etc. Mile's Pills cures liver complaiul constipation, piles, etc., by a new method. Samples free at A. H. Hen drlck'a or J. M. Blckford's, Rings with pearls in diamond shaped Bettings are much in demand. ft sble by that terribie cough, Cans is the MwsKSy ^ <3J f you. fr'wj *&! by !'B«ry.Ui#<j3rwggS»t, »«d j, M, Iftek, "WELSH MUSIC, RECOLLECTIONS OF CHILDHOOD. (ADQOFION MBBYD.) Welsh Words by HWFA MOM. English Words by TITUS LEWIS, F.S.A. Morlcrato. . , . , • s*—*^ , fl I *#\ tS^^mSS?^"**^! -ts>- ~f JV r"f- f £-H—^<rr T |^-'fr=]:j=f ~f -$—^: ~^ H I *— p ~£- A 1. Tho breczo munnura sweet ro • col • lee • lions. 1. Mae'r a • wd yn ri - bricd ait - gnf - ion 2. 1'vo rid • den tho storms of tho o - cean...... ff. Ao vm • di mar- co - gactft yr ei • gion Of childhood's fond clays long a • go Am ddyddiau bo • rca - ol fy oes,... Have hoarken'd tho bur - rl • cano's blast,.. A girrandaio gtryftt ru • ad y don,.. *5f¥ When trust-ful and In - no - cent play -Ing,.. Pan ocdd-trn yn Mcn-tyn di - ni • veil,.., Ilavo trav-cl'd A - rnor • i • can prnl - riea—.. A rho - dto Tiyd fan • tydd A - me • fig.... With fcol - Ing and heart all a- Yn cAtca - rcu heb deim - lo un With long- Ing rcach'd Gwa-lin nt A M • racth yn tto - thu fy raU. ..- _. -. i..hr7rnr—=H^= :• --.- g:-.C"—-[r-'Cr If:•" -- e- , ,/ |~ , glow. loci. last. mron; Bo now when 1 see gloduomo chll • drcn Mae gwe • led y plant Ayd y macs • yfld, ..... None—none can de-scribo all tho glad - ness Pa gt> - rub all dracthn'm Ila • wen • ydd,. .... At play, my poor heart hcavos n yn rfta • deg a'u gwallt yn y I felt as I walk thro" tho \frlhddy.fodyn ol i fy sigli gwynt.. vaica nyiolad Of Yn Bur Ao long -Ing — as thus I Ila • nw fy ugha • Ion round-ing tho scenes of a - raf ail - TO - dio ro a my y mem • bor. hir • ucth... youth, and ttwy • brau Tlio days now for ~\Yrth go • iio My fa - tlior's old 0 • ddeu - tu hen jeret, _ ______ Vf->** . * J |J- J'J ev • or dydd-iaa cot- tago firth - yn gono /« in fy by;.... gynt;... Wales j. nhad ;... Of Tn Bur Ao long • Ing—as ltd • nw fy round-ing tho a • raf ail thus I nglia • Ion scenes of ro • dio ro o my y mem hir youth,. Uwy • ber acth, and JVrau Tho Wrth My End of lit verse. End ofSdvtrst. Diwedd yr ail 'bennill. iJ rail. days now for ev • or gone by go —fo - y ddyd -iau fu gynt rail. fa - ther's old - ddeu - tu — hen Wales rJiad.......... A Crayon Portrait STARTLINGEVIDENCE. OH Till! cn:R np SKIN liISKASF.S WIII'.N All, OTIiFK M^TltUliS FAIL, I*MOrln^!« 5 yrnrrt. rovrrjn^ far?*, hrn<l. nnrt entire Iio'iy w!tu T»-htt« «pnli«i. HUln r* <1, If rh>- nnrt hlrccliiijr. Hnir o. Hppnt li«n<lr*Mlrt ol <lollni-H. ' ?>Ty fUTa^o (p^orlsi^ls) first broke ont on my left cb.'fk, sprf-adlnK a'Trw my nm<.'. niul msnnit 'rnviTim; my l,'<ci\ It r;in into my (>\ot, iiiul tli" priTsirinn wn^ n'mlrt 1 "vroritrt !n>r- nsy r-Vf^ltlit :ilt'»i.'r i itit?r. It ypn ad all over my li^a'd, aiul niy Iriir nil (I'll out. until I wiispntin'lyDal.-l-liciulcil; !i thru tirokc ('Ut. nn niynnns and Mioul'Icnt, \\\\- t!l my arms '.vt're 1 Just (iitt* Hnri'. Tt rovcn-tl my ptitin 1 hfxty. my rnci'. liond iiml shuiinifrs h^-iiij; 111- 1 \\'(tr^t. '1 lit 1 white r-('al»s ((•]! constantly (n>m niy lioad, pluiulilcr-i HIV! itrtiiH; the ftkln would thicken and In; red and very Itchy, ami wnuld crack niul hh'od If scratclu'd. Alter ?p<^nd!!!£ many titii:<lr\-ds of dtiliarn, i v/afl'inonoumvd lu- I'urulilo. 1 heard ol tin .H;T:cuitA UKJIKDIKS, ft'icl aft'Tiislnir two hollies CtiTictiHA HK.POI, VF.XT, I could Kcescluui;:' 1 ; and nlicr I liail tiv ki'U four iiot.Mcs, I \vaH nlmo'-t I'lirMi; anil \vlicn I had used six Imltlcs olCUTK'UUA HKSDI.VP.NT nnd one box of CtmauitA, and one caki; of Ou- TICUUA HOAI', 1 was cnrc'd of tlm dreadful dl- se:is" rum which 1 had sufTcreil for live, years. 1 tlioiiRlit . IhcdiM'iise would leave n very deep sear. Inn, tho CUTH'UiiA KRMRDIKB c'uiTd It. wltlmntnii; se.,irH. I eanrot fixpri'«a with a]>en what: I suircrcd before nslnulheCirncimA KRM- KI>IKS. They waved my life, and 1 feel iimyduty to recommend them, ^!y hair ts restored as R0o<l fts ever, and so Is ruy eyeMcht. I i* mnv of a ntimher of different perspns who have used the CtJTicuiiA IIF.MFDIKK. mid nil have recutveil great henc-llt from their use. MKS. UOSAKEUA", Kockwell City, CjJlioun tlounty, icnva. Cure every species of aRotiizlnK, hnmlliatlnp;. iU'hlnn, bleeding. hurniiiK, scaly, tiloteliy, nnd P'inply diseases of tl\o skin, sculp, and blood, with loss of hair, from iilmnios to fcrotuli^excep possibly Ichthyosls. Hold evcn'wlicrc. Price, CUTICUHA. 50c.; SOAP, ziic. ; KKsoi.vKJn 1 , *l. 1'repared by the 1'OTTKU DHUO AND CllBMIOAIt COKroUATION, Biston, CE^Send for "How to Cure Skin D!senfles,"0» I KK''S. 5U llliistrntloiiB, nnd 1(10 testlmonlids. SOAP. . blacklieads, red, roiiKh. clmpped and oily skin prevented by CUTICUKA IT STOPS THE PAIN. Hack nelie, kidney pain?, weaknes", rhenmallsm, Hiicl immenlar pains UK- I.IKVF.l) IN ONK MIN11TK IITTIIKCU- _. _TICUKA ANTI-l'AlN 1'LASTKK, HlK tlrst mill only Instantaneouspaln-killlnR plaster. i'nrtl of If the proprietor nf Kemp's Biib'im should publish a funl of tliiinks. containing explosions of jjraHiii'ls* Tr'nich come to him daily from th <•><=!> who hsivo bi'sn cured of F-'vere throiit nti'l IIHIR troublr-s bv tho IIRP of Kemp's IJalsnin, it would fill a fnir si'/.'-d bonk. Mow much better to invite nil to call on any druggist and get ft simple bottio that you'may trst for yourself ita powpr. Liirgp bottles "dc nn«l >M w. __ . -la A knifo pflwe wishbniu', cet with dia moods nnd rubies nltcrnatply. is a charming addition to brooches.' CHOUr, VVIlOUriNf} COUGH and Bronchitis imn»>rt<Jitely relieved by Shiloh'B Cure. For pult« by IVrry. Urn druggist, find J. M. Bk'kford. iiock FRlis. • Conspicuous among gents' lockpts ia a representation in gold of n tree stump, which opens at ttie side. Very Kinky Indcrrt. To tamper with symptoms Indicative of growing kidney dimird-r; to neglect for a brief time needful Humiliation of th« renal organs when theiritiHe.tiveit.y points, as It always and unmistakably does, to their eventual permanent disease, is certainly very rieky indeed. This is, however, a risk that many persona perceptibly drifting into liright'a disensps, diabetes, catarrh of the bladder, etc., constantly incur. .So those who read, reflect and heed the. lessons of recorded experience, the Advisability of using Hosteller's Stomach Hitters HS a diuretic, need scarcely more than a suggestion. 'No fact is more goner- ally admitted by the medical profession and the public than ila eflicacy for the prevention of serious retial disease. The jinmedicated excitants of commerce, no matter how pure, bear In mind, reacts prejudicially upon the kidneys when inactive. The. Hitters sub- lines malaria, constipation and rheumatism, ttha THE LAW INVALID. Referring to the Act Embargoing Dressed Beef. JUDGE BLODQETT DECIDES A CASE, And Given tho Aiitl-"lllR Foa-" tlon Another Ilitil Fall—Tho Mlnnrnotu KnnctniiMit Nn Gnnil HOCIIUHQ It Ruoknnn WHlinut Vntir-Ui>«(i> Sitmiiftl—Ii»tcre»t— ln(J Ptilnt^ friHii tub Jcidjjo'n Doclnlon— A StutoiiifMit nf tlio I^nitftH. CHICAGO, K.'pt 14.—Jmlgo RIodRott, in the United States ciictiit court, rcnilorcMl nil opinion ycMlonlny ap;rwiiv^ Jurt^'H Kn- sij;n nnd BloariiB, of the Elevi-ntli jinlicinl district of Minnoso n, who hnvo d'-'cl.lod that tho Minnosotii ilnswil licet Inw Is uilronstl- tlonnl nnd volil. Tho rnsi! in wliic'h Judge RkxlRott. nrrlvud at, thi- riir,olnsipii nnt»'ilntes that In Avhich Judge's E isip;ii mill SU'nrns gave a similar opinion, nn I JuJc^'5 Blo'-li^ott had prepared his notes iiutl .wns getting thorn In proper slmp.i whoii a new.-ipiipor clipping contniiiing fi untie i of tho Minnesota decision was shown him. 81ZO FREE. For a short time we are going to give away, with every purchase of $15 00, a large Crajon Portrait, made by skilled artists, and guaranteed to be the very best Crayon work, and equal to the specimen now on exhibition in one of our show windows. We also guarantee onr prices the lowest in Sterling. N. CARPENTER & OO. The zouave uniform ia to be abandoned by the French army. An Unhappy Home. "I wish my wife would get well or— something," eaid a husband who had been sorely tried with an invalid wife. It seems a heartless speech, but who can tell the discomforts of a home where the wife is always sick. Poor food, crying children! No wonder the man grows desperate. • But if he would get Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription for. his .wife he would find that the aun^ shine would return to his home. "Favorite Prescription" is a positive cure for the most complicated and obstinate cases of leucorrhea, excessive flowing, painful manstruation, unnatural suppressions, prolapsus or falling of the womb,weak back, "female weakness," anteversion, retroversion, "bearing- down" sensations, chronic congestion, inflammation and ulceration of the womb, inflammation, pain and tenderness in ovaries, accompanied with "internal heat." A fonr-Iegged chicken is a Wymore, Neb., curiosity. HOESK AIUSENTS. Nepomet, TIL, M*/ 20, lisas. Mf mure caught cold; result: •welled Uniba; lump between fore legs And inflarn* inaiiou. Oared bar with nt. Jacob* Oa L. 0. Hammered gold sleeve buttons with turquois clovers are of a neat character. THE BEV. GEO. H. THAYEB, of Bourbon, Ind., says: "Both myself and wife ewe our lives to SHILOH'S CONSUMPTION CUKE." For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. JUickford, Bock Falls. A pleasing style of hair pin top is a dull gold ball pierced by a bar with opal ends. Lovers of the grotesque will f*vor a ellver circus clown done up a» a vlnai- grette. ~" . Died of Heart UUease. Many eminent men, among taern Mr. Vanderbilt, Mr. Hendricks, Gen. Mo- Olellau and Josh Billings died of heart disease last year. Authorities state that one person in four has it. though few known it. The symptoms are shortness of breath, pain or tenderness in side, palpitation, choked or smothered feeling in the ohest, tendency to faint, swelling; of feet, ankles, etc. If you have any of these symptoms do not fail to try DC Miles New Cure for the Heart. For sale at A. B.Hendrick's or J. M. BiokJtord's Drug, , Tier., iff .V'.'JO H Dull gold diminutive barrels, with diamond tioopa, form very attractive scarf pins. W»rr«a to Leave Home. •Over 00 people were forced to leave their hoinea yesterday to call for a/r<w trial package of Lane's Family Medicine. If your bleed is bad, your liver and kidneys out of order, if you ara coustipatcxi and hitvn he&dacha and an tmsigtiti? consplotioa, d»n't iaU to call on SMI? dni4'?{i*c Unlay for a /*'*' j»i<» ut Uiv* fvswa remedy, Th» v«t»OSi« It£»? it, 50 i Statement from Henry Uelbenhclmer KIIEUMATIO SYRUP Co., Jackson, Mich. Gents: Jn December, 1887, I began using Hibbard's Kheumatic Syrup for inflammatory rheumatism, from which I have been a great sufferer. I used the Syrup and plasters, applying the latter to the pacts affected also to the bottom"of my feetr The Syrup relieved me from the Urat, and, in March, 1888, discontinued its use, being entirely well From a personal knowledge of this and other similar cures a [Tooted by Hibbard's Hbeumatic Syrup I unhesitatingly recommend these remedies for rheumatism and blood diseases. tths J S. BUUBAKEB, T)rugglst, Vinton, Iowa. The unpretentious character of pearl necklaces constitutes three-foruths of their charm. Siervous l>l«eaae». There are more nervous than blood diseases. Thus, a weakness of the uer- ves of the brain causes headache, tits, dizziness, sleeplessness, etc.; a wenk- ueas of the uorves of the stomach caus«a dyspepuiu, palu, wind, etc.; of tue luugsfflaliee "weak lungs;" of the liver, produces billouaueta, constipation, et'j.; of the womb iuduc«* irre- gularitlea, atfcrllity, paine, et organs, iaipotwney, e • ' of the For all vins A, Tjli« Swlfl-Snlpliln Contnutt. Tho way the (Miration of tbo validity of tlie law cnnio up In tho federal court was this: 0. A. Swift, Un noil-known packer of Swift &Co., mnclo a eon I met witli John B. Sutphin, mayor of Dulutli, nnd thoy formed a partnership for tho salo of Chicago dressed lifot in Minnesota. Swift Was to ship the meni from here and Sntpljln wns t > do tho w'togpin Minnesotn. Tlio contract provided -for'^n—fqrfcit.-of-fT^SOO-by—tho-pnrty—who fulled to jwrform the terms of the contract, Tho copartnership was formed May 10 lost, to (jo into effect Juno 1, but April 10 tho Minnesota passed its famous act providing that all moat sold in tho stato must be inspected by stato officers twenty- four hours before, slaughter. Bntpiiln UnokH Out. Mayor Sutphin backed out of the agroo- mont with Swilt, being frightened by tho law, which fixed a penalty of $109 flno and throe monthu' imprisonment for its violution, Thoroupon Swift sued him for $7,500 forfeit, nnd Sutphin pleaded tho Minnesota law as a defense. Swift replied that tho Minnesota statute gave him no excuse for not living up to his contract, because it was unconstitutional, being in violation of section 8, article 1 of tho federal constitution, giving congress powor to regulato commerce among the several states, and also of section 2, artlclo 4 of tho nnni's constitution, giving tho citizcms of each state nil tlio rights, privilogos, nnd Immunities of cili/.'iia of the several state'H. It was argued on tho hearing that cattlo should bo Inspected twenty-f our houre before slaughter by Hiiiii"S<itii'onlcers if tbo moat was to bo shipped from Chicago to Dnlutb. Tho case was submitted to Judgj Biodgott by consent Judge Illotl£Ott'il Decision. Judge Btalgott B lid that the Minnesota act, purporto 1 by its title to b) an act for tho protection of tho public health, and It was insisted that it was valid because it was a police regulation coining within the purview of tho stato gorerhment. Judge Blodgett held that a c/irsory glance at ite provisions showed that its practical eiTect was tp oxrlu la nil dressed meats from animals slaugbtoro 1 outside of Minnesota Tho animals not only must bo inspected within twenty-four hours before death, but they must be inspoetel within tho state, for the only provision wns as to stats officers who could have no power oi]t of tho stnto. In effect, therefore, tho statute excluded tho sale of meat from animals slaughtered In other states. While tho state legislatures were clothed witb large discretion as to police powers for tho protection of tho health, property and persons of citizens of tho state, the power must bj exorcisod so a> not to interfere with matters over which tho federal government had exclusive jurisdiction. • A Specious Argument. The argument that tho living animal should bo inspected boforo slaughter in order to dctermino whether it wns fit for slaughter wns specious, but unsound. Tho reasoning might bo applied to any inanu- Jtacturo<l qrtlHa which >yas ..ttia subjict of commerce. Tho wholesomeness of .flour, cared meats, canno-1 fruits, tlsb, etc., could perhaps bo more accurately determined if tho raw material from which thoy wore produced was Inspected boforo manufacture," but tho admission of tho doctrine that a stato could Interdict the-inti'oduction and sale of an article of commerce unless it was inspected by (fllcers of tho state iu ita raw condition would put all commerce in the state within tho control of tho legislature. Ko article of conmiercj could bo excluded from introduction into nnd sale in a state by state inspection Invrs or prohibition laws. Tho statute in question waa therofora void, as being unconstitutional, and funiisUod no answer to plaintiff .Swift's cnso. NEW YOKK, Kept. M —Yesterday's win- nor« on tho courts nt Hheepsliead Bay wora Ralph Buyard, Volunteer, Ten Tray, Hln- dooeruft, IxitrtH^t, aii'l Munlr'.ww. CHICAGO, rVpt. 14. — Tha winning horsee on tbo lV«ie HJ» ivmrsu yesterday wora Stouownll, Flint Fink, Dig Three, O. W. Cook, an-! Monnaiuju'. TOKOSTO, Dal,, 8-pt 14 — Oarsman. Han- Uu sUUen t!mi lie v,t\( !x> m.vtt IkUwar <>c VV.-ti!^,--., U'^^if eiUior of ttt^i.n j ABBREVIATED TELEGRAMS. Minnesota will havo about 45,000,000 bushels of wheat this year. The London Telegraph estimate tho loss in moiwy by tho dock laborers' stnko at £ 3,000,000, at least. ._;£,,,,„;._,.,.,_!..;%!_;;.- nf PW,-!<-•--. . J Osrniniiy, mid eighteen parsons nro dying . from trichinosis, "Flour buyers of Now Orleans >bargo th'at St. Louis flour barrels nro short from three to eight pounds of fl >ur each. A. E. Touzalin, president of tho Chicago, Burlington nnd Northern railroad, died Thiirsclay~nl(;litnt Bonnington,-Vb. . Tho minors' oxecutlvo committee cif tho block coal regions of Indlaim have decided .. to lot tho mon go to work on the operators' v terms. Alfred Ilcrlz, the brother of Coroner Horlz, of Chicago, died Friday at McHunry, Ills., of injuries roc..'ivod while hiintin g noai that place. A largo party of pooplo w,-r.i poisono 1 by ' eating presso I chlck.ju Tliurs lav nt tlr> rosl- doncootaMr. Broujtxin.nt I)jWitt,-Ill*. No deaths occurred The United States man-of-war A Ian'.", ' concerning which «omo anxiety has IKIOII ox- . pressed, reached Newport Friday morning unharmed by tho storm. _Marlpn_Ilnyjii)ld3 1 -azoJ-!!l-ynnM I -vrent-lO-r— sleep on tho Motion track while drunk, near Crawfordsville, Indiana, Friday. A trd.n camo along and ho is d<'nd. Col. Clarkson says that ho lias no in en- tion of resigning bin position ns assistant postmaster general, and doesn't want tho place vacated by Corpnnil Tannnr. F. ,W. Oesswein, a niililonniro toil vi an i- focturor, of Brooklyn, N. Y., WBS shot duad in his olTlco Friday morning Uy Cbristaln Doyhlo, aged (10 years, whom ho had beaten ia a patent suit Rev. W. B. Harmon, n Bnpljst minister of Clayton, Ind., was slaMwd by Smith Jones, a niombjr of his flock, Friday, during a quarrel in tho postofllce. Tho wounds are severe, but not dangerous. Four mon wore iuj ir vl by an explosion of gas in a building at 4^(i Milwaukee avonu-, Chicago,Friday. The onj most seiip.ul/ hurt waa Patrick Lol'tus, a plumber, who was badly burned a' out the faro. The great storm o;i the Atlantic coast is over at last, and the fienplii imprisoned at tho watering places are rnpidly going to their homos. It wilt b} sonu clays boforo the total loss of lifo on 1 property can tio accurately stated. August E. Anderson Hjnry D. Austin, of ICasson, Ia.,lKith proniinc'iit citizens, have boon arrested fur writing li'tt<>rs to single and married women iu that town charging infidelity upon 1m,bun U and uucbastity upon tho young lad'cs. IJarvoy Ourley, wbo was acquitted of complicity with his wife in the abduction of little Annio Redmond, at C.iicngo, is now under 'arrest for" bfRinny:'" Ho is charged'^ with having married iignin in June, just after Mrs. Gurloy was sont to Joliot on a five years' sentence for child-stnaling. Tho Proulb.ltto;i!st4 of Phila'ielphla rr« much worked up becausi Mlsj Wauamaker, thodnughtor of a Prohibitionist, uiaj wit e in christonin'f; the new crniwor "Ptiiladel- phla" when shu was lamichuii Vnt week. They bad hc<|wd that she wonM nso pop or cold tea, or snm> other iiriO:'noiH b.-voruge. Trnublml with "Onrmn-phnblu." LONDON,-Kept. 14 —Un sin, in addition to her efforls to pri'Vent, the j'ul^rs in tho Riga district from allowing the G'rnmn laugUngj to bo lined in c-ourt procfetlings, has taken anotliormi'l moiv novel s'cp iu tho Russian* Izing of til',- fnintii'r pniviiiwa. She has prohibited tho pun-huso of caitK* by German traders in Russia with G )nn;m monoy. A largo tra.lj is clone iicrost the fr mtier by enterprising German cattle iluulers, and tho exclusion of G rihnn currency from uao iu these transactions will so s.irlously hamper the traders I hat this branch of business ia likely to bo broke i up entirely. Discouraging the \VhlttlIne Habit. In New Haven they are determined to discourage tho practice of whittling public buildings. A prisoner in tho lockup climbed up n ventilator shaft uiul cut away a number of shits, only to bo nnbbecl by tho vigilant watchman. -Brought .before..tho magistrate-he-was— fined ?20 niul coats for damaging the building, in addition to roc-.eiving tho penalty for tlio misclcoda that brought him into tlio toila of tlio law.—Bosiou Transcript. TO IIIULALL B.'.OOl) COKTAGIO>r. I iliiuk ilwlfl' In ibc «,iH.J. I fill cu».- ! «KST If T11K WOH1.U. Siwifc I : llu- Ix-nt bl,x»l ,ii»'RJ-.;ri.a Lonn.' a . II. i Ha* -Ji'Hife tut I

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