Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 14, 1938 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 14, 1938
Page 7
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Wednesday. December 14,1938 f^± ^ -^ ; ^_ _ _^»^_ --____--._ Bright Yuletide Decorations Ma I Home Sparkle Like Santa's Eyes HOPE STAU, HOPE, ARKANSAS ke ' / By NBA Service NfeW YOHK-SmUl ornaments of pohphed meU.1 foil which glow of- feehvely, electric lights or no Snow White and her brightly-colored si'ven dwarfs to dangle in a row from a launch . . . ornament hangers which are Vustproof . . . fireproof snow for i •Irift* under the tree . . . cellophane garlands and wreaths and icicles for windows and doors . . . sturdy Santa Clcus cut-outs for mantels, tables and arcHways-thcse and many others are new. and lovely and sure to make dec- oral ng your home for the holidays a joy Indeed. It* smartest, of course, to decide on .' 10(01 scheme and stick to it One who likes blue and silver might run with blue ball* of g | !( ., s and po - £hed metal foil, gu-lands of si,ver t - sel blue and white- lights. Then use, <<>> the hall table or the mantel OV er the '-'•'Place graceful clusters of silvered Weens with a few blue lights at their > • ff «reen and red still remain your favorite Christmas colors -md you cherish the memory of the old-fashioned (frees you had u . s u t ., ljld work out simply stunning effects w them. Look at giant candles, some of which .' , l ' tiVt ' * lrlun «' k ' l starcase, try wiring tiny K "n'ock buiiBhs together in much W* your florist wire.s flowers K«*iw together to make a cubage F ;' vjse with long-needled pin b rou * ' to which cluste ' Not Quility Plea in SmugglingScandal Comedian George Burns > find Judge's Wife Are "" £ Involved ...... r .,an George Burns and a judge's "ifc. int,mntcd Tuesday he lad no present .mention of talking about his supposed acquaintance with other erT- tertainent stars. Chaparau heavy.faced and impas- i sive, pleaded innocent to the newest indictments against him, despit the plea of guilty made Monday by Burns his accused co-defendant in one case. Chitparatt had made the same plea to »n earlier indictment which also named Mrs. Edgar Lauer, wife of „ state supreme court juslice. Government investigators indicated Cnaperau's decision to figlu bolh cases had'-lessened the possibility of wiclen- mg, ; the official investigalion lo include testimony of various Hollywood sttars. A,, federal grand jurp proceeded Tuesday with its inquiry, while Col- ettef.trArville, who has sung with the Metjppolilan Opera Company, was interviewed by Assistant United States Attofney Joseph Delaney. Mks d'Arville appeared voluntarily, andvjt was made clear she was not a sustttct. The conversation was understood, to have concerned the circumstances she was a dinner guest of the Lauers when Rose Weber, a German- bonfmaid, was said by Chaperau to have, created a scene because of liable talk jn denunciation of Adolf Hitler. Chapareau, who says he is of Jewish extraction, has described himself as victij'ji of the malice which he says arose in the maid because of her discharge by the Lauers. An affidavit by the )inaid aided Ihe government's in- trp PPliC!l i S , 0f1SnOW Wllitc 3"<1 "1C T,»»" <•""•"":•« .'fees. By liamrinpr Snn,., •»;!.:<. . dwarfs out in single file j Plans to Remedy "Unfair;' Taxing Arkansas Professor of Economics Offers Assessment Plan FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. ~f/p)_ Dr. Estel E. Jjparlin, University of Arkansas assistant professor of rural economics- and sociology, Tuesday proposed tour steps lo remedy whal he termed Ihe "unfairness and inequalities" of the Arkansas tax assessment syslem. 'Ihe professor said a ,-survcy conducted by the university's general extension service dcmonslraled Ihe assessment system's defects. He proposed thai Ihe state provide foi 1. Selection of the counly assessor on a meril basis in which the voler would give consideration to the fact that appraising property is a technical task and persons thoroughly trained in appraisal methods should the positions. '<-. Revision of the Arkansas assessment law so that conflicts would be eliminated. 3. Addition of maps, card index systems and aerial photographs to the as- EesKir's equipment. 4. Closer supervision of tax equalization. The survey. Dr. Sparlin said, in a bulletin sent lo members of the Ar,*" sas Munic 'Pa' League, coverod '" rural properties scattered through- out the state and 677 properties located principally in Fayelleville, Fort Smith, Little Rock, El Dorado and Jonesboro. Results of the survey showed: Small properties, which usually belong lo people wilh low incomes, were assessed for more than (hey were actually worth. (As high as 107 per cenl in the case of rural holdings. Properties in the nexl higher value group were assessed al 85.4 per cenl of trite value. Properties at the top of the value ladder were assessed (JIO.OOO to $40- COO worth al less lhan one-half Ihei'r true value, and (more than S4000 worth) at less than one-third their true value. City residential properties tended to s assessed at a lower ration than business properties. City residential properties built of irick were assessed al a lower per- eanlage trmn other types of residential houses—with the discrepancy appearing lo be in fjjyor of the better Properties were more uniformly assessed in El Dorado and Fayetleville than in Fort Smith and Little Rock yet the concentralion point in Ihe first two cities was considerably below the legal assessment rt-te of 50 per cenl. Paul Revere Made Teelh BOSTGN.-(/P)_Paul Revere, known for his ride and for his silversmilhing also made false teeth. WPA workers conducting research inlo Massachusetts historical records found thai Revere not only made the teeth bul sold them. Anthony Eden in MeetWithF.D. But No Understandings Are Reached Between Britain and U. S. WASHINGTON - </P) _ President Koosevelt and Anthony Eden, the man who would like to see world; democracy adopt a firm attitude toward dictatorship, discussed international problems at a half hour session Tuesday but left the world to guess just what had happened between them. The chief executive and the former secretary of Great Britain met in the presidential study. The meeting was miormal, but this failed to dispel belief here the conversation 'was fraught with significance for Anglo-Americ-an friendship. The consensus in informed quarters was that no commitment were discussed or made, but thut bolh men used Ihe opportunity to review de-i mocratic problems in a world disturbed by power politics of tolalilarian 1 slates. Few unofficial conversations in recent years had attracted as much interest as Tuesday's meeting, partially because of the prominence of the principals and Ihe liming of Eden's visit- soon after the Munich .agreement and President Roosevelt's prolonged review view^of foreign affairs with several of his European ambassadors. Eden, who received a public-ova- tion wherever he appeared, said he enjoyed' the visit but left it to the presk dent lo explain further. Mr. Roosevelt simply said he and Eden talked of many things and agreed they had a very pleasant conversation. . Ruth Etting Marries Her Wounded Suitor DAS VAGAS, Nev.-WV-In a swift. moving accompaniment to the trial at Los Angeles of her former husband Martin tnyder, for attempted murder Miss Ruth Etting married Myrl Alderman, former pianist whom Snyder is accused of shooting, here Wednesday 6 Ohio May Aller Marriage Laws. Alterations begin at the altar. The cosmetics industry is face saving .Us a business. Although she has been convicted as a German spy, many fairminded Americans will resent naming Johanna Hofmann as a coiffeuse. It must make Hitler awful mad to learn that Americans pay money lo see Hellzappoppjn on the stage. March on, march on, ye en of France to victory and overtime. 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The paper said " a powerful lobby of University of Arkansas alumni is I'einn organi/ed tu press its passage." ••..pon.-i.rs ,.,f ihe measure, who re- uiH'-tnl tliat ilit-ir names hi.- withheld < pending convening of the general as- ' embly next nionlli. indic-ated violation I 'I the prnpu-sc-il law would call for j Imi-s ranging frnm ?;") to $2, r j. depondinji; I "I-"" 11".' outnimo of the illegal veil- lure, the Ga/..-tK- saul. adding that 'lie luie.s wonkl be applicable upon the lic-ad coach and the quarterback. "H." all very well fur people to «n •irouiid talking ; built "there ought "lo lie a law abnut ihi.s and that," the pa- I'fi- (juoteii t)>e in,named sponsors ah i.vmy. ''Jhi.s is something there has 't I" be a law about." Tin- Arkansas fool bull team was illcil "the passingost team in the nalion" la.sl .season ,ni the basis of its aerial pi.-rformaiices in previous years." $12.48 Hickok Belt Sets Full grain bridle leatheV Hickok belts in smooth or rough grain finish. 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