Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 1, 1903 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 1, 1903
Page 4
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3 Grand Lots Ji2^ New walldHg and Dress Skirts |oa sale Thursday, Friday and Saturday a!thalf price and lees. iwi,a98 M 2, $3.98 ™ ^^^^ lot 3, $4.85 , Fine Surrim^r Goods p OFor almost nothing. The entire jlfljLirplus stock bought for almost a tfisbng goes . on sale (today and Wed- jlnesday for ' SC, 8 I-3C, IOC, I2I-2C 15c |v -Worth 8Ac, 12ia, 15o and 25c. Extra Size Waists Special attention to tlie ladies that wear extra sizes • 15 per cent off. i on all large size Fine Wliite Waists. fBizes42, ^4,4(3, 4S. Thur^daij, Priday and Saturday. 'THRJ^E^ ORKA'T 3SIGr BAROAIIS: DAYS ! In Readi^-to-Wear Afifiarel ror the Olorioa* roartb. I 250 New Walking and Dtess Skhts, mostly samples, on t sale Thiifsday, Friday and Saturday. Parasols All Fancy Parasols .must*be sold. Take your pick from our entire stock. One-Fourth Off from our regul:ir priei^s. White Shirt Waist Sale Rattling bargain?, be.<t,styles and latest patterns on the ijiarket. See the Special Bargains for 25c, 39c, 98c, $1.19, $1.50, $1.98, $2.48 $3.48. Shoes, Oxfords, Sandals ; For Ladles, JMisses, Boy?: and Children. A Saving of From 50 cts to $1,00 on every pair you buy of lis. 14H->^^<^^v^-%v I The Biff Store With Little | It Prices More for your money than you j can gei elsewhere all the time. 1: MRS. KEITiLEr IICIIIIITTE Six Men Took About Ten Minutes to Arrive at a Verdict Which Was In Her Favor. ?.Buy your Groceries ot us during ily. We will make it profitable »r^you. .We constantly endeavor j6> give our customers the very best ^>ice po|Ssible. A satislied cas- l&mer is the best kind of an ad- tisemeut. Knowing this we ce your interests ours. WE OFFER TO-DAY: ipigs Cero-Fruto 2r.t; |.pkgs Egg-OSee 20c l-pkgs Korn Krisp .20c Oars D. C. Soap 2.^: 'fli oz pkg Out; Navy Soda U.k- S 6z pkg OuriXavy Soda 0.5c rslb, Jib. »nd -1 lb cans F. Bros. •| Baking Powder o, 10 and loc kone 308 a Weit Jackson^ Agency For the MRTYPEWRITERS At J "other Makes Cleaned and Repaired Mrs. Keithlcy was acquiiUitV l>y a jury of six men in Judgo Poller's court yo.>;li'r(1ay afternoon of .stealing .siiii'froni Mrs. Tlnlcy. It was a rare trial. The jury wa.s far on( beyond their ilepih l)eforc the second had Roi well .'Jiaricd talking; about "gore;?." "faeinj:s," etic. They di<hrt Know silk from l)olting rlr)ih. They bc.gj^ed lo have the ca."!e ended so they could escape. Mrs. Finley's claim, l/ackcd by the nnidons who worked at one time or anoflier for Mrs. Keithley.wa.s that her twelve yards of silk were not all ti.^seil in (he dress that still lacked sleeves when she look il aVay. The maidens ilidn't love Mrs, Finley more but claim they waul wages from Mrs. Keithley. Four pairs of eyebrows went skyward whi^never Mrs. Keithley made any siatcinenis. The rase was a hard one 10 ^)rove. but ii seeiiis their was a iln-- ory thai pan of Mrs. Finley's silk went into a for Mrs. Jane Kvans, and vice versa. The Evans silk was iM 'tter than the Finley silk. b\it that w:u^ no reason why Mr.<. Finley should a)l <)W i!s gfiing into her dres.s. i\lrs. Keithley swore she put li: yaid.s of Finley into the dress and lacked enough f<ir sleevi's. She said she iitok .-jick the second week afu-r the gofuLs were .sent her and was abed thn^e wcek.^. When she got up the trouble soon began. Aiul her handmaiden.^ tried 10 make il)e jUyV believe that Mrs. Finley was wnuiged by not getting her dress on t?me. Where is a milliner who does deliv.r dresses on time? If a wedding gown reaches the bride an hour l»eforc the ceremony the family feels that go(<d luck is beginning for the young couple; Several young lady clerks swore Mrs. Finley's dre.s.s^was all of one piece: thai Mrs. Kvans" wraps were all of one piece. Mrs. Finley and I^lrs. Kvans are both aggrieved. : The jury didn't know what in the world ir was all about; what fo con- .•^ider and what to reject, but Mrs. Keithley was a fine witness in her own behalf and she talked and smiled them into a verdict in her favor. A Register reporter tried to follow the case and get facts. There was much talk, but the plaintiff ceriainl,v failed lo prove a case. The reporter interviewed iiiaintiff and wiinesse.s and gathered from them that the chief aim they hail was to make Mrs. Keithley ]>ay their Wilges. The court refused to consider the motive of any wi;- iiess; the jury grew anxious lo escape; ihey held that a milliner is to womankind what a plumber is to mankind and checked the bet. And you'd have done just as the jurymen did. Jacobs—Pattee.j . Henry L. Jacobs, 0/ ihii city, and Miss HIancc J. I 'atlre. trf I 'ueblo, Col., were uniii'd in nuirriage ai ihe parsonage of I he Firsi M. K. church in Topeka. al S::;o j). m. . on Thursday. Jiine IS. by Rev. J. T. McKarland. Tlu-y arrived in rids city Saturday evening over ih'> Sama Fe, wliere tli'-y will make Iheor home, .Mr. Jncoli.s ."Succeeding, his faiRer in Ihe prmluei' bllsilK'SSS. , The gro (i 'm lias grown 10 manhood in this localiiy and is highly re.-peci- ed by al). Thr' bridi- is a handsome young wiiman, ami the vtry ju 'ciure of relliiemem ami intelligence. We wish (hem a long atid hajipy life—Walnut Advance. Mi .sa J»aitee formerly lived in lola and is a sister of Mrs. Jas(m Watson. Wiley Potter | Has moved from the stone barn on East Madi- J son p-venue to ± The S^ai-Barn ^ i ^ U on. West gtrcet, "where he will continue to buy ;; your horseS:and mules paying at all times the highest market price. Judge Smith rounded out • a nice June l)usines.s by uniting in marriage -Mr. Wil.-y F. Hyers and Miss Flora Kepley, both of Chanute, last evening. The Fourth at Savonburg. The linle towu of Savonburg. in ih< souiheast pan of the county, has mailc luui.suai i»[V|<aruiions for the -lih. Tiiv eelei )ration will be held in .A.rd 's gro\e, a .shady bower near the town and \"ie drawing card i<f the day will be the sjKech of Dr. Carl Swensson, of Hcih- any College. Lin 'lsborg. Mr. Shens- son is one of the best rtnown educators of ilie country and is particularly endeared to the natives of old Sweden. A great deal of interest is being taken In the celebration among the Sjandl- oaviaas in this county. PERHAPS IT IS HERE. The citizens will have to get busy if they want to get some of the goods now selling at the closing out prices at Northrups". Fersons desiring stand rights for 4th c.f July should apply to W. Morey, lock box 7G2, lola, or 30C South Tennessee street. Mrs. Lute P. Stover', baby and nurse. .Mrs. X. K. Fisher and two nieces, of j IIuml;oIdt, started Ibis morning for C.reen Moimtain Falls, Colo., to spewd the summer. Do you need a refrigerator. If so buy. the White M«uintain of Scholl & Uaird. You arc sure of gelling your money's worth. The prices at Xr)rlhrup.s' quit bu.sJ- ness .sale arc selling the goods fast. It's only a question of a fdw days, when it will all be over. I'iiisburg Hendlighl: Miss Hlaiicbi^ Cnriis lefi Saturday evening for I<i?a' wliere she will make an exlemled vi.sif Willi her sisier, Mr.s. F. II. Finnell,' wfif) (lived ha^" formerly. ( Till' paved iffey on the west side of the .square i.s being restored. IL was, ilieofil.v block of paved alley in lownj and of course a sewer ditch wenl dtiwn, the alley, tearing Ihe paving ail to pieces. -Mr. J, Ilering. who disposed of his (•igar factory and moved lo Oklahoma aboui a year ago. is back in lown. He ha;? his eye on ilie I'iiiki rion cigar siaiid and also a locaiion for a cignr faciiiry. Scald head is an ce/.ema of Ihc scalp very severe .sometimes. l )Ut it can be cured. Doaii's Oinlinent. (piick and permanent in iis results. At any drug store, SO cents. U( tneinber that you caii gel Cotti- mercial club lithographed envelopes at rlic-Kegi.siir o /fice in any quantiiy desired. They are a sidendid ailvcr- tisement fur lola and every business man ought 10 use ihem. Mr. A. L. Marnion has leased his hoi house ami flower business lo Mr. llv/.s derson! a young man whfi came here receijily from Iowa. Mr. Hond<fson is an ex|>ert with flf)wers and will riin I hi! busiiuss for a year at least, while Mr. Harmon lakes a well-earned real. I'iiisbuig Headlight: Ycsterda- was the dark .Monday for the locals and they lo.-^i ihe g.iine ai Leai;ue [lark to lola. I'jifiirruna.'ely, however. Piiisburg is playing a.gaiu .sr an umpi/.- win. by bi^ unfair decisions in yesterday's game and the games in lola demons!rated that he ha 1 it in lor fiio Piltfcbiirg boys. Tiio police have recrived a card from a man in Kansas City. Mo., offering fini) for information hading 10 the finding of J. R. Hughes, his sour-b-ad or alive. The young man disappeared from the city at the time of the water and the family has been unable to learn anything about him since and is ignorant whether be Is dead Sr not. lola 6, Pittsburg 3. Pittsburg, Juno «0. —Tiie locals were dis.salisfied wiih the umpire's deci.s- ions iodaj', which was sliared IJ.V the enthusiaslic fans, but costly errors had jindjably as much to do- with their losing to lola as the several cisions. The locals had the game tically won two difCeroni times, but lost upon errors, and while tlie uti'.wire played with the visitors, his decLsioiis of an unfair nature did not lose the locals as much a.s TIIC errors, iiolh teams played good ball. Score: \ lola 0 0 0 I u II 1 1—1; 1:; 1 I'iiisburg 1 0 2 (HI iiiM) II—:; ! C I>aiteries—Lawtrier and rdcUoijaM: Root and Armstrong. Leavenworth Lost Two. Fort'^coti, June :iu.—i/orl Se /,i agaiij look two games fioni I.eav n- worih today. Doth were well idayeil. c 'lii .siileriii.g the heavy gale whicJi prevailed throughout. Leaveiiworih would have been shut out the Second game i ^xcepi for two ernns. otie giv- iiig iSrcIorpsky life and the olhcr scoring him. The lieblin.g was sliirp on bnih sides. Leavenworth' pI;V-ed an erriuie>;s game.. The scoi-ti. lirsi game Fori Scr/ii ... 1 0 1» 0 i» i> (I:; 7 - Leavenwiu'i li .u 1 n 0 » 0 11 ii u 1 .", 1 Mulleries—Crai.g and t'li -ek; Tlmnni- son and Redn»tnd. Second game: Fort Scott ... 1 IIIIII 0 II II I ;i 2 Leavenworth .0 11 nii o ii M'l u I 7 o naileries—Cravens and Clnvk: Cook and Redmond. Teams Break Even. Joplin, June ;iO.—In a lioulile-header Ifiday .loiilin .''and Spriiiufieiii lirnlie I'Veii. The first game w;'.-^ a ;-hii!<iu( for .loiilin. 'riie secmul an car -.y victory for the Miners, v.lio made six runs in the llrsi inning, iiowell knocked oui of Ihe box and l-'enny wa.-- siibstiluted. Score, first .iratne: ,li >[)liu .'HI II fi IIIIII 1.111-11 1 ' l Sjiringliebl ... 1 '.1 o u i\ 0 1 2 —l A 1 Batteries—Allen and Sioner; Horton and Schmidt. Second game: Jo|)lin SuppUed'Xo the Trade Pirect at the fact:ory or from our delivery wagons. All ddivery wagons have our name ;on ihijm. lola Ice & Cold Storage Co. Fi^ANK RiODLE. Mgr. Phooe 116. ; .Factory on West Street. We Waftt to Figure Irhat .UMBINQJOB For You.: Satisfaction i Guaranteed. 4 I J. n. DAVJESf .|. . - _ . •> lindertdkcr | Liceb^ed EmKalmer y. Tvcnly years e.viiericneo iu the •:• ijusir'iess- I'irst ^cluss work v ^'iiaranteed. •> East pide , of Square, lola ;> V Plione 3io6. •:• .1; II 0 n 0 II n 1 *—7 7 Springfield .. .0 1 n <i 11 a u ii L'—': S 2 Hatierio.s—Lowell and Siom-r; Unwell, I'enhy and Schniiil 'i. Sedalia 5, Nevada 4. I Nevada, June 'Ml —Se<!a!ia won fnuu I X"vada here lodayin a fast bur f«'at i l(ijv-)ess gatne. . A doiibie-liiader will be played here uuuorrow. Score: Sedalia 2 u 1 uti o 1 u 1-^,") fi :: 1 i| 0 2 u 1 n uo—4 i'> u Ratteries—Taylor and; Curtis and Schrant. i Missouri Valley League Standing: Springfleid '.M', V. ' l-y.^ Jc.plin ^, :!1 IS 1;;;:; Fort S C(JU :.'i>. •;"!> lola 'js ]'..• i.fu; Sedalia ... 21 2-'> 47,7 Nevada l!i 2S 4i>4 .Pittsburg IS :il .':ii7 Leaven worih TII • • *••*•*•••%•*• We Arc Not the Watch Plumber '> •:• Kut We Can Do Your .:• I GAS ElTTINOl V Ur Pui; I 'p Any .Stoveilo .'I' ':• ' Suit tne Wife E.S.EAKIN I TftENIjONt LUNCH ROOM Anything in the Eating Line SteaUs, Ohops, (iiUetsJ Sandwitches. Chilli Etc. Cigars. Toliicco, Fruit, Cakes, Etc. ' OIVB Ub A CAU..

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