Covina Argus from Covina, California on February 15, 1908 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 15, 1908
Page 8
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4* •# * Social 1Hc\vs The regular meeting "f the Five Hundred Club was held M( tin- home <if Mr. find Mrs. Car) Cbipp mi Tlmr-i day evening, members only being present, As it wan Mr. Clapp's birtliday n largo cake WHH in ovi denoo among the refreshments and was of course quickly dcmoliHhed. Pri/es were won hy Mr. and MrH. K.lliott, consisting of a Cupid pic tore and cup and saucer. Mrs. F. M. Chapman, president of the C. W. H. M. of the ChriHfian Church, throw open her beautiful homo, lavishly decorated for tho occasion, for a grand rally of thf; above body on Wodneday afternoon. A procession of autoH startod about '2 :',IQ from the Christian Church and a Inrgo rnimbor were present, Including visitors from LOH AngcloH, J'omoiia, A-/.USB nnd Olondora. The Rev, W. T. Hrooks gave an address on tho work of tho C. VV.B. M., which was followed by a model missionary meet ing lf:d by Mrs. ThornaHoti. Included in thiH woro two papers, one by MrH. C, E. Nflwhm on "Things that Help thf) (Jrowth of tho MiHHionary Society," nnd the other hy Mrs. II. JO. Ward on "ThingH that Hinder." There wan a largo attendance of Monday Afternoon Club at tho moot ing thiH week to onjoy tin: voryoxoel- lont cookory domonHtriiUon by Mrs. M. M. Knapp of LOH Angolon and tfi t.aHfo tho excellent dainties prepared by her and hor corps of helpers. "Simple ISroakfast Dishes" were pro- parod which were ipiiokl.y mado, and very good they ta.Htcd. MJHH llerroii, tho vice proHidont, presided and tho session WIIH arrangc.rl by Miss Hawks, who haH obargo of tho domestic science of the club. At tho mooting on Monday noxt, "Holland" will bo dismissed undor I ho leadership of MrH. L. L. Katokin, followed by a club ton. On tho twenty-fourth JJr. W. P. Smith of LOH Angeles will give an addro.HH on "Tho Hc.hool and Society. " Mian May Hull WHH pleasantly snr- prlHod on Friday overling last jilt, tho homo of her parents, Mr. and MrH. E. P. Hull, on Dexter Htroet, by a number of hor young frionds, it bo- .inw t ,hp.r..t'J.rAV.OffV,',,,, ^}° ovenlug wnfl tnorrlly «pent in games and other jimuBomonfH. The IIOHHO was very prettily decorated, with popper bunghu nnd goraniuniH. Refresh- inentH of HandwiohoH, cocoa and cako wero served by Mrs. JJiill, HMHlHtod by In r daughter, Minn May, and MiHH Uuth Loobrick. Among those proHont. woro: MisHf^s («. ANC|ICII- breiinei 1 , (irncoiind Maud Hlnckinan, Muffin ami Lntitia Hienl;ey, Minn (lady, Mao Colfmaii, HosHio and Uuth: Lcobiiok, Mnmio Peat, Aliie, Mabel and J'earl Smith, (iarnetl, Stone; MoH.srH. l''rod AHcheiihroiinoi', John and KrnoHt. lilack, <iuy Ilradloy, Ilor- bert Kinller, Carl Leotirlck, Wallace Jteofl, J'lduard Siovort. and Walter .Settle. A (pilot, but InlnroHt Ing wedding took place on Wodnti.-iday aflornooii at '1 [i. m. in the parlorn of the Wil- HOII house, when Miss Anna M. Chil- tou, oldoHt daughter of Mr. and Mi'H. Matt Chilton, who came hern from Oklahoma .several months ago, to Clarence H. Urnnker of Chiekasha, Okla. Tho ceremony WIIH performed by the Kov. Alfred Kletcher of Holy Trinity Church, of tlie choir ol which church Miss Chilton was a member. The bride looked sweetly pretty in a blue tailor suit and bat en suite. The groom is an ambitious rail road man of the ulnae town, who has HHKII rnpdily in the railroad servicen. Only the immediate friends and rein lives worn present. Tho happy con pie took their departure on the even ing train for their eastern home. Mi«H Chilton ban made many warm friondu during her .short stav in Co vina, who wish her happiness in her nesv sphere of lifti. In the 'ibsence of tho pastor. H»-v. H. W. White, the pulpit of fho Methodist, Church will be occupied j tomorrow by his father. j i . Urolhron Church: Sunday school ; 10 a.m. Preaching at 11 ?i. m. and j 7 p. m. Christian Workers' meet- i in« 0:10. A cordial invitation is extended to all to attend. Services in tho Church of the Holy ! Trinity : SepfuagoHima Sunday. ' Holy Communion 7 :,'IU a.m. Sun-| da.y Hohool !):4fj a.m. Mornintt pray- j or, 11 a.m., Hubjoot, "Tho Need of Zeal in the Christian Life." Kvnn- song 7 :.'H) p.m. Offertory nolo by Mr. JohiiKon. Christian Church: Biblo-Hchool rally at 0:1"). A call Is made for "HOO. " Preaching und communion Hervico at 11. "Patriotic Hervioe" for for men at 'i. All lodges, fra- tornal f>rdorH, men and boyH are invited. Special service in tho Christian Kndoiivor at 0:30. HvangoliH- tic Horvlces at 7 :.'!0. Tho Horvico will bo conducted by tho Brooks brothers and Uev. W. (\. Conley. Worship at thf) Baptist Church: Bible-school at 0:15. Preaching at 11 a. in, and 7 :.'HJ p.m. Morning subject, "Preparing for Christ." Kvoning Hiibjoct, "Christ's Challenge, to the Unbeliever." A Bible read- ding at 'i fi. in. hy l:ho pastor. Kvory body invited to this. B. V. P. V,. (!:lf>; topic. "MinisteriiiK to l j ris- onci'.H ami tin) Poor"; leader, Mrs, d. W. Mitchell. All are cordially invited I o I IIOHO services. DELINQUENT NOTICE. Olllce of tho FrostlesH Bolt Water Company, location of principal place of hiisinesH, San Dimas, LOH Angeles county, California. There are delinquent on the following ilnHcribed stock on account of assessment 1 levied on Thursday, Jan, 2, 1908, tho several amounts sot opposite- the names of the respective stockholders an follows: J. N. Crauo, Ofi/j'ahares^ Amt. 806. 00 •7.W. Crane, 3S>3shares. Anit.833.3H. JOrnoHt Richie?,'33K shares, '83:1.33. And in accord with law nnd an order of the board of directors made on the second day of January, 1908, so many shares of ouch parcel of such slock as may bo necessary will be sold at public auction on the '2'lth day of February. 1908, at the hour of 2 p. m. of Haid day to pay tin; delinquent assessment thereon, together with the costs of advertising and expense of nale. B. M. CIVEN, Secretary. Property Owners Take Notice. 1 have bonne and large lot in Pana- ileiiH, cash value $0,500, and gold coin, fora good orange urnvt^S 10,000 to 414,000. 1 have 'JO clients who have property and cash who want acreage, and groves from 2 to 20 acroH Lint your groves and acreage with me, for sale or exchange. FRANK L. FHAKV, Komii (i, Stantoii Bldg., Patuulcna. Potatoes a Paying Crop. Percy Warner, brother of our lel- low citi/en, E. P. Warner, who is now ranching in Frowno county, wriles that iinlalues have proved a very profitable orop to the furmei'H of that sect ion this year, he having disposed of bin entire ouput ut 8-I.'.! 5 |ier hundred pounds. Our riitei |ii 'ising yrueei yiium, K»l> ert C'renwhuw, has purchased th Northside Market, tormrrly uuiie by (;. A. Simmons, i The ,-tuiliu -if thf Warren Maiiilnliii itli.i (iiiilar Schools is IMAV located In the purlur nt Hotel V»'inluiM", liiuinu vacated the room-i in I he \\elili liuilil j ing, win re lheich"ul w;i.i - ,rgani/i il Millie t line ilg- L j \Ve tlii-i uei;U with regie! Mr. | and .Mi.-. A.|||l:-..|i, who lliuXe till .1.1 I'eiili u. l''i.i the i aM t u.i \ eai.-. Mr. .loliiiMin ha-. b< rii in tl:e elrctii ral Imsinc 10 in our rii > , cai i \ in;,' :it j ail Ilinesii ,-,i'>ck uf li \tmi-". whicii 1 v, uildl ic,i\ c In i n a cl edit I. - a cil \ many I lln---- i lie t-i/e ul < '-1\ I i.a I M itililil i'li ' " liii cl. cl rica ! I »•- n . -- !..i,-a-i i| t In- Inciil , l-i la h- il-c, Mill I--1, 111 u' '-in c 11 1 /1 11 - I i j I i i c. I,. u I II,, j i - i .-, ini.i ci ,-i| Hal I. .ilin'. -. I'lii y '-.ill I I- ill i-.-. ,| I,', I...II. v I 1 I. ll'l^ A Li, .-.I li 1 I..-Ill .-UCCC.-i III I l:i II II.' .S Ilcl'l. Place your spare cash in the Covina j Vfilley Savings Bank, a safe invest,-' merit at. 1 per cent. j Before you disc your orchnid have .your blades sharpened nt Wilson's, the blacksmith, by his new disc sharpener. A few dimeH spent, this way gunrHiitoos a perf'-r't job in your orchard. If you want a vineyard of high j class table grapes I c;in furnish yon j the hind, the water, set out the i vines, care for them three yeara, (my j all interest and taxes and give you! half the crop the third year for three j dollars an acre per month. No bet ter life income than a high class vineyard. J. II. Matthews, Covina. Phone ,"008. The Jumping Off Place. "Consumption had me in its grasp; and I had almost reached the jumping off place when \ was advised to try Dr. King's New Discovery: and I want to any right now, it saved my life. Improvement began with the first bottle, and after taking one doxcti bottles I was a well and happy man again," says George Moore, of Grimesland, N.C. As a remedy for coughs and colfls and healer of weak, sore lungs and for preventing 1 pneumonia New Discovery is .supreme. 50c and 51.00 at Clapp's drug store. Trial bottle free. E E WOLFARTH , , Jeweler , . Large and complete stock of everything in the line. Repairing of all kinds. Fine watch work a specialty. Citrus Avenue Covina. Cal. COM mm HUTCHISON BROS., Props. All kinds of hauling and Furniture Moving. Specially prepared to move pianos Schedule For Electric Cars. Leave Los Angeles 5:50 a. in. 7:05 8:10 0:20 10:30 11:40 12:50 p m. 2.00 3:f>() 3:45 4:3(i 5:30 6:45 H:5ll 11:30 Leave Covina 5:50 a. m. <>:55 8:20 9:30 10:40 11:50 1:00 p. in. 2:00 3:10 4:05 4..-0 5:3.5 o:30 7:50 10:00 PROMPT SKRVICK. PRICKS RIGHT. Office OB Citrus Ave. Covifli, Cil. Home Phore 108 Harness, Saddlery and Supplies for Horse and Stable The rig-ht goods at the right price. COVINA HARNESS & SADDLERY CO. Phone Home 1170 REO CASH For your property, real estate and business chances, anything' salable. Someone, somewhere wants it at your price. We have the buyer or can quick!v find him. We also want to hear from inventors. We can help them market their valuable, practical Write us today. LOS ANGELES INVENTION AND 451-2 Pacific Electric Bldg., Dept. C... Los Angeles 809 South Hill Stre^*<' Los Angeles, Cal. "Strong-,' "original, practical, SUCCESSFUL. "BETTRKNKSS" its distinctive quality. Open entire year—begin when ready. POSITIONS SECURED. Write us to-dav. (ovina Planing J. C. NALE, Prop. GENERAL MILL WORK All kinds of jobbing carpentering- and cabinet work. Store and Office Fixtures^ Howell & Howell BREAD Light, Sweet and Wholesome FRESH EVERY DAY AT Brown's and Crcnshaw's Cake and Confectionery Wag-on through valley daily. PRICES Runabout $675.00 Touring'Car $1400.00 H. D. Blanchard, Agent Jshnssn & INigg BLACKSMITHS Blacksmithing af all Kinds Our Specialty Shop on Citrus Ave Notice. Having Hold my livery 1 am settling all my affairs, and partiuH indebted to me are ieqiie,-ded to cull at the City Livery Barn and liquidate their account at once without further notice. tf C. H. Stanlon. Cheap I.a nil. Uich laud; crops can bo .grown uilliuiit irrigat ion; situated on line of Siiiite l-'e near the town of Cur c.iran', Kings county ; price #(HI per acre; easy terms. Side audit, ,). 11. .Matthew.",, Argus block, Cuvina. Locals Uriel's. .Mr.-.. C. A. tiaubiili of Long liench has l.rcii ^pending tln^ week \vilh Mrs. I'ai 1 A-,ber and other C'uvinu friends. An ei^lil pound daughter ani\ed n Thin-day at the home ot Mr. and Mr.-. .! T. Lovell, wb" ii n. .N ie-id I n L; at M . • d e 11 u Say! James Corbett General EkletcltsmitHing All kinds of general and heavy Blacksmithing. We manufacture Ridgers, Orange Racks o.:id Box Presses horseshoeing a Specialty home Phone 66 Shop West Bndillo St, Csvina Celebrated Kentucky Jack QUALITY is the foundation of the permanent success of any store. _ HPKCfAL HALF, OF MANY GOOD SHOES. We have hundreds of pairs of good shoes at reduced prices.--men's and women's. They are discontinued styles that we will sell cheap. Boys' 83.00 tan shoes 81.85. '2 pairs men's .1.00 tan oxfords, size 9'- a , 11.25. iMen's $2.50 heavy work shoes, 11.85. Men's high cut storm boots, S3.25. Ladies' patent oxfords, 11.25. 0 pairs boys' finest patent colt shoes, size 5 %. t 82.85. NEW SHOES. Tan at {patent pumps comprising the newe\ shapes and colors. The hest ma\ r ls correctly fitted 83.50 nnd up. This handsome misses' and young ladies' kid shoe, host oak soles, lace or hutton, also patent colt, 11 "^ to , 32.00. 2»-2 to C, 33.00. This new patent colt shoe, short vamp, giving the foot a very short appearance; has oak soles; fit a foot with lush arch; price, 815.50. 35 styles ladies' oxfords, comprising every style and weight. No matter what shoes you buy or where you buy them, you will find no better than we offer. Stocks more complete than in the largest city stores. STEEL SHOD SHOES FOR BOYS. This excellent line of boys' shoes represents the best that shoe maker* can make. Try a pair. Also our new elk skin line with elk soles, 82.50. GOOD SHIRTS. Our spring line. Hundreds of new shirts — every conceivable kind, every price. Shirts for tall and slim men, fat men, cadets. We can fit you. Extra long sleeves for those who need them. BOYS. We now have the MOTHER'S FRIEND line of boys' blouses and shirts. Assortment large, prices 50c and up. Boys' double seat corduroy pants, 82.00. TRUNKS AND SUIT CASES. See our new 810 trunk. DRY OOODS. half Suesine silk, the new popular silk fabric for summer dresses. The new ginghams for spring are in. We offer a good quality black silk underskirt 85. 50. Long kid gloves, tan and black, quality unsurpassed, 82.95. Long silk gloves, every color, Kaysor and Amsterdam. Long and short silk gloves.' Buy established brands. ' ; silks, long NEW SILKS. Rough Pongees, "Orkeda Moneybak taffeita. The quality is remembered after the price is forgotten. MEN'S CLOTHING. We offer a new line of men's suits. These goods are made by Solomon, a descendant of that Solomon, whose wisdom more than three thousand years ago shed iis light upon the .world, and whose descendent" offers you in this 'clothing 'the accumulated experience of the centuries, guaranteeing to you superior quality and workmanship. We offer them to you at a tithe of their real value. Old ladies' comfort shoes, 12 styles all to go at $1.75. ONIETA UNION SUITS. As we sell only Merode, Harvard Mills and Munsiug, we will close out Onieta union suits at. half price. Men's pink wool ribbed winter underwear, 81.00. JOHN B. STETSON HATS Except cowboy, 84.00. We name the closest prices on good goods. BROADWELL'S COVINA PER THOUSAND FKET GAS $1.5O Once a consumer of gas, always a gas enthusiast. Order now. Co\/ina Valley Gas Company i.l 11 HI! - and \. .:. !ai 1. •- t. ###*##*####*##**** I * * I! *, * * # * * # * * * * # * # * * * * * * * * * * * Yuu arc conducting a big- hnsiue.-s more money invested Ih.iu many busine-s huiiscs do a ijuuii deal ul cui re.ipondeuce, don't you.' l)u you always have suita ilc paper handy when yuu \\i-ih to write.' l)o yuu know that we C.HI furnish you with the very best uf writing' paper and cuvelupcs, neatly printed \\itb your name or tho name uf your ranch, pl.uv. 1 ul re.-i- lU'iico .ind date lii'n-. cheaper than \ uu ran t*e l nre tal.lcts ai. 1 cu\ eiuju-M in .iiii.ill .|iian- 1.1 \ i e -. i'lu> \\iil : i lake Ci.i : i-^;I- -1ule i j > t \ 'U - nu'-^ \\ ko •K1NTKKS at the Chapman Heights Ranch A. limited number of hurses and stock rpreived for oasture. IF YOU WANT ANY PAINTING KALSOiMINING OR PAPER HANGING done, see me before von let your job. BRASS FOIDRT dud MA(HI SHOP NANUfACTURERS Of Irrpon GENERAL MANUFACTURING All work reasonabl Phone i Thoroughly Equipped for All Classes ami.pricesj of Machine Work Ratterns /Wacies K.stiuiatcs Furnished. ******** f H Ki<;tlpr KELLAR & THOMASON V« II. IVlOUWl s-,.^,.^^,,,.,,,^, S. lM,e ; ^ IiomclM lulu .2,, Cuvina, Cal.

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