Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 31, 1952 · Page 5
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 5

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 31, 1952
Page 5
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SATURDAY, MAY 31, 1952 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH f AGE FIVE Christ'i Standard of Moral Purity ILLUSTRATED SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON if uaa ' •»•«»*< * I; MttUtew ft:*, 1,1-18, 27-3'J; Mark lft:M*; titles 3;4«. i ••-•r , i Plan Macoupin RNA Convention Jersey Methodist Officers Elected for Conference Year .IKnsF.YVII.LK-The Methodist . I M t! 'I' I riiinr. i vu. ur. — i ne ivieinuvnsi Annual Alrrt IVI I nrstlfly ; Church has elected its officials for Al ,11 il1r« iiic The Lord Jesus told the multitudes that listened to the Sermon on the Mounl that those who live pure lives—pure in word and deed—"shall see God." Again the Lord said that It was better for a mnn 1o plunk out his eye or to rut off his hnnd, if those organs led him to impurity. To the Pharisees who asked Christ it tlivoivc \v«s lawful, HP said that God made marriage, and "What find hath joined, let no man put asunder." In the happy family group in Mis homo in N;i3:arelh. Jesus «rc\v strong it) spirit and the Grace of God was upon Him. MK.MOKY VKHSK Matthew r>:S. CARLINVILI.E Plans are heinc completed for the 301 h annual con| vention of Royal Neighbor* of America in Macoupin County, to be held Tuesday in the high school building in .Scotlville. Registration will begin at 10 a. m. Mrs. Anna Cooley. Chicago, supreme receiver, will speak at the evening session. Christ's Standard of Moral Purity THE LORD DEMANDS CLEAN THINKING AND CLEAN LIVING Sunday Church Services Hrookniiin, pastor. !):,'!U. Sunday si-hool. No worship services? (1KACK AIKTIIODISI Stncnlli at the ne\v conference yeai' heginning 1953. Trustees, in charge of church property, arc, O. H. St. Peters. Rodney .Tacoby, Harry Krause, Russell Campbell, Kenneth Searles. Henry McClusky, Frank Cowen, L. N. Heider and A. H. Schlotzhauer. Stewards arc, Mrs, Luella Lynn, Mrs. Robert Krause, Mi. 1 * Alma Breilweiser, Miss Josephine Slahl, Mrs. Gertrude Donham, Mrs. Dan , County officers in charse of thr- 1 Edwards, Mrs. Veltr.a Pellikan, convention are Margaret Konchina. Stnunton. stale oracle and district deputy; Ethel Hart. Scollville, oracle: June TJutler. Scottville, rc- corder; Boehme, Ml. Olive, \-jce oracle; Martha Becker. Scripture—Exodus 20:14; Matthew 5:8; 13:16, 'J7-32; Mark 10:2-12; Luke 2:40 ll.V NKWMAX CAMPRKM, INPURITY in lite is rebuked In the Bible, from the Book of Genesis to the Book of Rovelafion. In our lesson today, Jesus speaks to us in His own language of the way to live the pure life. In this matter which Is of the utmost importance in the lives of men and women today, just as it wiis in His day, we can be safe if we follow the rules lie laid down many centuries ago. Adventist I SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST-- ' 20.14 Main. A. .1. Anders, pnstor. 9:30 a. in. Sabbath school. 11 a. in. Sermon. 7:30. Sunday night service. Sermon: "Why I Am H Seventh Day Advenlisl."- Anders. Assembly of Cod ALTON GOSPEL TABERNACLE. ; 512 Spring. Harold A. Hamilton, men, that they may see your goodj pastor. 9:l!0 a. in. Sunday school. Henry. LcRoy E. Dude, paslor. !I::U) a. in. Church .school. No j \ mien, past oraclo. and Frances sen ices morning or evening. FIRST ME'lIIODiSr SIMM and Market. Dale Harmon, pastni. !l:3l) a. in. Church sclwol. 111:1(1 liRht a candle and then hide it.j but set it in a candlestick to give j light unto all in the house. "Let your light so shine before SC1ENTIST-217 N. Ninth. Wood | River. Both churches have services Sunday at 11 a. in., and Sun- ; day school at 1):.'!(). Subject ol ! the lesson-sermon in all Churches of Christ. Scientist, on Sund.'iv. June ], will be: "Ancient and Modern Necromancy, Alias Mesmerism and Hypnotism. Denounced." Golden Text: "When .TWELFTH ST. PRESBYTERIAN, j PMA committee. \rmour. Carlinville. chancellor. Wlioiil I.onn Ttnlr CARI..INVILLE A tentative Morning \\orship. Ciuest speak- county wheat loan rate of S2.:W per i" Mrs. Harold Wahle, Mrs. Rodney Jacoby, Miss Myrtle Cowen, Mrs. Kenneth Ingersoll, Ray Scarls, Melvin Weller, Clarence Boner. S. L. Slmms, Rufus War ford, Harold Campbell. Donald Daum. Morris Waggoner, James Nlme- rick. Paul Austin, Roger Spaulding, Estel Eraley, George Lyons, Mrs. Roy Thatcher. Mrs. Velina ,,. Dc Pastoral relations—A. It. SchtOtz* iauer, Melvin Weller, Harry Krause, Dale Dougherty, and Mrs, Rodney Jacoby; Christian stewardship—Mrs. A. H. Petltt, Mrs. Norma Heneghan and Minnie McFain; Nominations — The pastor, Ray Searls, Mrs. Velma Pelllkan and Mrs. Dan Edwards. Audit—Morris Waggoner, Clarence Boner, and L. N. Heider; records and history—Mrs. Ray Searls, Mrs. Velma Bosworth, Mrs. Dan Edwards, and 0. H. St. Peters; cooperation—Josephine Stahl, Mrs. Clara Foley, and Frances Dawson; music—Mrs. L. L. Boner, Mrs. Robert Erwin, Ralph Thompson, Kenneth Searles, and Imogene Isring- hauscn; temperance—Mrs. Morris Waggoner, Mrs. Fred Watts, and Mrs. Clifford Jewsbury, and parsonage, church trustees. cr: Dr. R. E. Slcphcnson. Presbyterian U. S. A. nounced today by Lester R. Miller, chairman of the Macoupin county Thompson. Miss Margaret Archer. William Carpunky and Miss Mabel Ewin. Fidelity Revival To Open Sunday JERSEYVILLE. -- A revival works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven." That: does not: mean that we should go about boasting of our good works, but that we should, in our daily lives, live as He would have us, so that our associates mav realixe our usefulness 10:4."), Morning \\or.ship. ti:,'!(). Junior young people. 7:30. Evening worship. Farewell service for the present pastor. BETHALTO ASSEMBLY OF GOD. A. II. Ferguson, pastor. 9::iU, Sunday school, 10:00. Morning worship. (>:;>(! p. in. C.A, service. 7:30. Evangelistic services. the enemy shall come in like » Paul Krebs. pastor. !l :'M a. m. flood, the Spirit of the Lord I Church school. UI-.-lu. Morning shall lift up a standard against worship. William Rice, guest Commilteeman Miller stated that the Other officers are: Rodney Ja- meeting will begin Sunday at the coby, recording steward; Mrs.! Assembly of Gorl Church in F'idel- I'inai "rate!' wiiic li "is to "be• det'e'r- ! Rlmls Warford and Mrs. Orville ' ity. Edna Watson, well-known If men and women, and even i the glory, little children, are templed or) What were Jesus' views on di- and righteousness and give God I FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD-- puzzled as to what Is right, let vorce--lhat problem that plagues them ask themselves, "What does us so in modern society? It has Jesus say?" and they will bo! always been a problem as far guided aright. In the Sermon on the Mounl He told the multitudes who followed Him about to learn of him, "Blessed are the pure in heart; for they shall see God." Later in that magnificent Ser- back as man's history is recorded. The Pharisees were curious as to how He would answer their questions concerning it. They went: to Him and asked. "Is it lawful for a man to put away his wife?" They were tempting Him. MEMORY VERSE "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." —Matthew 5:8. mon Jesus said that even to think impure thoughts was another way of being unchaste. It was better, the Master declared, that a man or woman should pluck out an eye, or cut off the right: hand if it led to unchaste thoughts, "and cast it from thee; for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell." "Ye are the salt of the earth," Christ said, "but if the salt hath lost its savor, wherewith shall it be salted? It is henceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men." Salt, as we all know, is one of the most important of chemicals. Without it neither man or beast can be healthy—unless, of course, a person is suffering from an abnormal physical condition in which it cannot be tolerated. Cakes of salt have been used as money. In the Roman army an allowance of salt was made to officers and men. It flavors our foods and makes them more palatable; it preserves foods and performs many other functions in our daily living. But if the saltiness (or savor) is gone from it. salt is useless, only fit to be cast out, as Christ said. Jesus also told His followers that they were the light of the world, like a city that was set on a hill which could not be hid, and He added that men did not hoping he would so answer that they could use His words against Him. "What did Moses command you?" Jesus asked. "And they said, Moses suffered to write a bill of divorcement, and to put her away." "For the hardness of your heart he wrote you this precept," said Jesus. "But from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female. "For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife; And they twain shall be of one flesh; so then they are no more twain, but one flesh. "What therefore God hath joined together, let no man put assunder." Do married couples who contemplate divorce, think of the vows they made when they were wed? Possibly if, they did—and if they made their vows '(both of them) in good faith, meaning solemnly to keep them all their days —there might not today be so many broken homes and the children deprived of one parent, to love and cherish them. What was Jesus' home life like? We do not know too much about it, bul we can be certain that He was a beloved member of a united and happy family. St. Luke tells us, "And the Child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, filled with wisdom: and the grace of God was upon Him." llarvel court. Cottage Hills. Kenneth Marshall, pastor. 0:45 a. in. Sunday school. 11, Morning worship. 7;.'!0 p. m. Evangelistic service. EDWARDS STREET ASSEMBLY, 2l>15 Edwards. J. K. Koiahl, pus- tor. 9:30 u. in. Sunday school. Jl):-15, Morning worship. 7:30, Evening evangelistic service. ASSEMBLY OF GOD — Newbern. Melvin Flack, minister. .10 a. in. Sunday school, .11, Morning worship. 7:JO, Evening worship, Baptist : WHITELAW AVENUE BAPTIST— | Whitelaw and Chosscn, Wood j River. A. A. Capron, paslor. I 9:45 a. m. Sunday .school. 10:-l.j, I Church service. 6:30 p. m. Training Union, ship. 7:30, Evening wor- Based on copyrighted oullines prodviced by the Division of Christian Education, National Council ol the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A.. and used by permission. Dislrtbuted by Kin* Features Syndicate Hardin Youth Will Graduate from WMA HARDIN—Cadet Francis Miller, son of Dr. and Mrs. Sam I. Miller, is one of the 70 seniors who will graduate from Western Military Academy Monday. Young Miller is a cadet captain and company commander and has Won scholastic and athletic honors. His younger brother, Bob, is also a student at Western. No English is spoken in Eire's 1st Battalion (An Cead Cathi stationed at Renmore, Galway, for it is an Irish speaking unit and at least a working knowledge of Irish is a "must." ATTEND EVANGELISTIC MEETINGS At CHERRY STREET BAPTIST CHURCH (Sixth and Cherry Streets) W. freeman Prlvett, pastor 1 -8 Services Nightly 8:00 P.M. HEAR Waller A. Haman former D. S, Secret Service Agent anil Personal Body Guard to Presidents Roosevelt and Truman. Traveled over 150,000 mile* with our Presidents. • Motion Pictures • Pictures with the Presidents • Gospel Messages • Special Music Attracted Thousands across America Hur Nit Tkrlllinc Sttrilt WAITER A, HAMAN E1RST BAPTIST—5th and Market. Roland E. Turnbull, pastor. 10 a. m. Church school. 11 a. m. "Unexpected Kindness." 6:45 p. m. BYF. 7:30 p. m. "An Amazing Offer." GILLHAM HEIGHTS INDEPENT-' ENT BAPTIST—Thomas avenue. John Strohkirch, pastor. 9:30, Sunday school. 31, Morning worship. AIT. 2ION BAPTIST-500 Monroe, East Alton. Perry I. Tinker, pastor. 11, Morning worship. 7:30, Evening worship. TWING MEMORlAL-9th at State. J. F. Clock, pastor. 9:30 a. m. Church school. 10:30. Morning worship. Sermon: "God's Gold Dust Twins." 6:30. BYF. 7:30. Evening worship. Sermon: "An Eye Witness." COTTAGE HILLS -BAPTIST- -Arthur J. Corcoran, pastor, 9:30, Unified service. Missionary message by Rev. George Kircher. 6:30, BYP. 7:30, Evening worship. Rev. Kircher. ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS FIRST BAPTIST—Alf E. Anderson, pastor. 9:30 a. m. Sunday school. 11. Morning worship. Sermon: "Faith in God Today." 7:30 p. m. Evangelistic service. Sermon: "An Outstanding Church Service." UPP.ER ALTON BAPTIST -College* at Seminary. La Rue Jensen, pastor. 9:30 a. in. Church school. 10:40. Shurtleff baccalaureate. Dr. Kenneth Latourelte. 6:30. BYF. 7:30, Evening worship. Sermon: "Reminded." JAMESON BAPTIST -- 2036 Sanford. James Shields, pastor. 9:30, Sunday school. 10:30. Morning worship. Rev. Willard Slull, missionary to Brazil. 6:30, Training Union. 7:30 p. in. Gospel Hour. Pictures of missionary work in Brazil. MAIN STREET BAPTIST — 509 Main. Arthur M. Ulrich. pastor. 9:30, Church school. 10:40, Morning worship. Sermon: "Steadfastness." 6:30. BYF. 7:30, Evening worship. Sermon: "In Unity There is Strength." CHERRY STREET BAPTIST—6th and Cherry. W. Freeman Privet t. pastor. 9:30 a, m. Church school. 10:40, Morning worship. Sermon by guest evangelist. Communion. 7 p. m. Youth Fellowship. 8 p. m. Gospel Hour. Sermon: "Why 1 Left the White House?" Evangelist Haman. BROWN STREET BAPTIST-3125 Brown. Howard K. Miller, pastor. Unified service. 10:15, Morning worship. Sermon: "Do We Need the Lord's Supper?" Communion. 6:30, Youth groups. 7:30 p. m. Gospel Hour. Sermon: "His Sheep Hear His Voice." Catholic ST. MATTHEW'S CHURCH—1110 Milton road. The Rev. William Croke, pastor. Masses at 6, 8:30, him." Isaiah Church of Christ CHURCH OF CHRIST E. Maple, Iliirlford. C. Otto Schlicpcr. Ora ! Wheeler. BerHell McCann. elders. 10 a. in. Bible study. 11 a. in. ; Communion and Fellowship. 11:.",(). Mutual Edification. Exhortation. CHURCH OF CHRIST Harvill si., Collage Hills. 10 a. m. Bible study. 11 a. m. Exhortation. 31:30, Communion and Fellowship. 7:3(1, Exhortation. nor. 10 a. in. Worship. 11 a. m. Lord's Supper. 31:15. Mutual Edification. 7:30 p. m. Evangelistic service. CHURCH OF CHRIST 530 Monroe. East Alton. C. R. Slauffcr, minister. It) a. m. Bible study. 11 a. in. Preaching and Communion. 7:30 p. m. Preaching and Communion. CHURCH OF CHRIST Central at Madison. Wood River. 10 a. m. Bible study. 11 a. m. Preaching by Bro. S.W. Bell. 31:45. Communion and Fellowship. 7:30 p. m. Preaching and Communion. CHURCH OF CHRIST- Odd Fellows Hall. 202 East Broadway. 10 a. m. Bible study. II a. m. Preaching by Bro. Cloninger. 11:30. Communion. 7:45 p. in. Preaching. speaker, lou ship. (j:30, Westminster Fel- ! mined on the basis of HO percent of ELAI STREET PRESBYTERIAN Elm and Gcrson. Marshall W. Rice, paslor. 9:30. Church school. 311:45. Morning worship. Sermon: "Remembering the Church's Birthday." li:3(>, Westminster Fellou- 7:31) p. in. 'I.VRST PRESBYTERIAN--4th and Alby. E. .1. Vance. D.D.. pastor. 9:3(i, Church school. 10:40, Morn | parity as of July 1, could be a little higher but that in no event would it be lower than the above announced rale. Nurse CARLINVILLE -Miss Rosemary Schmidt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Schmidt, graduated from St. John's School of Nursing in ..wo '„;. Sermon topic: "The Springfield Friday. The excretes Church and Our Soldier Dead." were held at I!:.!!) p. m. and Mr. 5:110. Westminster Fellowship. and Mrs. Schmidt, their daughter, MORO PRESBYTERIAN --Ernest ! Virginia, and their sons, Lawrence. this city and Rev. Anthony Congregational MELVILLE CONGREGATIONAL, D. H. Toomey, pastor. 9:30, Sunday school. 10:30, Morning woN ship. Sermon: "Beginning the Second 50 Years With God and His People." 7:30 p. m. Pilgrim Fellowship. Episcopal ST. PAUL'S—10 East Third street, W. H. Brady, rector. 9:30 a. m. Sung Eucharist and parish corporate communion followed by breakfast. This will be the only service in the parish. TRINITY CHAPEL—State at Mildred. Xo service. ST. GABRIEL'S CHAPEL — 980 Whitelaw, Wood River. No service. Evangelical & Reformed EVANGELICAL & REFORMED— 8th at Henry. O. W. Heggemcier, paslor. 9 a. m. Church school. 10 a. m. Worship. Latter Day Saints C Parrish. pastor. 9:30. Sunday school. 10.1.-,, Morning worship. , 8( , hmit|| of A ,, on , nttom|pd . Sermon: "Men Ought Always to \ Pray." Special congregational; ~ mcc'ting alter church. 6:30, Westminster Fellowship. BETHALTO PRESBYTERIAN Ben S. Haddick, pastor. 9:45, Church school. .10:45. Morning worship. Sermon by Rev. Wayne W. Hoxsie. guest minister. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN 4lh and Lorena. Wood River. Manley L. Macoupin Polio Chapter in Meet Rhoades. communion stewards; Mrs. Luella Lynn, financial secretary; Mrs. Robert. Krause, church treasurer; Miss Alma Breitweiser, benevolence treasurer; Mrs. W. O. Donhnm, lay member to annual conference and president of Woman's Society of Christian Service; A. It. Schlot/hauer, reserve lay member to annual conference and president of Methodist men and lay leader; James Nimerick, church school superintendent; Mrs. Fred Bosworth. young adult president; Jerry Booth, youth fel- evangelist, will speak each evening at 8 o'clock. DST. ivliss Watson is a singer as well as evangelist. The public is invited to attend the services. Mrs. William Mohr is pastor of the church. Read Telegraph Wnnt Ads Dally! lowship president; Mary Ellen Landon, Intermediate MYF president. All of the above named persons are members of the quarterly conference and the official board. The board meets on the second Thursday of June, August, October, December, February and April. The board of education, in CARLINVILLE - A meeting of charge of the educational work of Mace pastor. 9:30 a m- Chuivli ! , ^ nwp ^ Vhapter of the Na-ithc church includes the following: ScSn- "TilFruTT^sSi 'ional Foundation for Infantile Par-lja.nes Nimerick. superintendent; Sci mon. UK JMUII 01 me spun Monday evening in! Mrs. Velma Pellikan. adult super- is Peace." . COLLEGE AVE. PRESBYTERIAN it lie CarlinviUo High School. A final - College and Clawson. Francis Henderson, pastor. 9:30. Church school. 10:40. Morning worship. Sermon: "Thai All May Be One." 6:30, Westminster Fellowship. Bible Presbyterian BIBLE PRESBYTERIAN—9 East Broadway. Albert F. Moginot. jr., pastor. 9:30 a. m. Bible school. 10:30. Morning worship. Sermon: "Building God's House." 7:30, Evening Gospel service at the report on the 1052 drive was made. A total of Sl4.iS14.15 was received in the county. Carlinville was second, reporting $2017.10, and Virden, third, with $1704.15. Officers for the coming year were named and are Joseph Corar, Carlinville, chairman; L. L. Love, Carlinville, treasurer; John Hubert, Gillespie, secretary; and Joseph Cerar. L. L.. Love, John Hubert. John D. Rossetti, Mrs. Mary Wheel- home of Mr. and Mrs. Moginot. j fM . H el tj c | c; j ac k Page. Virden; Ofinn \V T°\n It Yin i > Qm'tvinn ' " A hifl. ' _ . ^, . . .. . . »•* t i r :n . M". Delmar. Sermon: ing in Christ." "Abid Watchfovvnr Studies WATCHTOWER STUDIES — 31P Stfitc. 3 p. m. Bible lec'lure: "Is God Responsible for World D>«stress?" 4:IS Watchlower: "19M a Marked Year." Brighton Church Services Listed Mrs. Ralph Moxey, Bunker Hill; Mrs. Marc.ella Anderson. Dorches- jler; and Mrs. A. A. Mochle. Brighton, board members. ; John D. Rossetti who has been I chairman for the last nine years, was named chairman of the fund drive for 1953. church. Thelma Warner will lead the junior group. Sunday school at 9:30 a. in. will be the only service held at the St. Paul Methodist Church. The Rev. .lames Weiss is attending the annual Southern Illinois Conference of Methodist churches at Ml. Ver- intcndcnt; Mrs. S. L. Simms, youth superintendent; Mrs. James Nimerick, .junior superintendent; Mrs. Kenneth Searles, primary superintendent; Mrs. Robert Henderson, WSCS representative; Miss Josephine Stahl, representative of stewards; Mrs. Morris Waggoner, missionary councillor; Mrs. Fred Bosworth, young adult, president; A. H. Sehlotzhauer, Methodist Men president; Jerry Booth, and Mary Ellen Landon. MYF representatives; Henry Price, Thomas Linn. Mrs. Jack Stewart, Mrs. Leslie Landon, Mrs. L. L. Boner, represent a lives at large. Other boards and standing committees are; board of missions- Alma Breilweiser, Mrs. H. F. Henderson, Mrs. Kenneth Ingersoll, Mrs. Morris Waggoner, Ralph Thompson, Rufus Warford and Art Foiles. Membership and evangelism—Mrs. Velma Pellikan, Myrtle Cowen, Mrs. Roy Thatcher, James Nimerick, Morris Waggoner, Mrs. Rufus Warford, Mrs. Otto Davenport, and Mrs. Charles Mashburn. Finance—Kenneth Searles, Mrs. i Luella Lynn, Mrs. Robert Krause, CHURCH OF THE REDEEMER Congregational Sixth iiml Henry Streeti GKOKGK EDWARD MILLARD Minister 9:30 CHURCH SCHOOL 10:45 MORNING WORSHIP. "Personal Influence" Nursrry Maintained During Morning; Worship. A cnrdinl invitation to worship with us in the Friendly Church on the Corner. Amplifying Srilcm for the Coiivtl- Ifnrt of thoi* who h«r« dlfflc«ltr In hearing BRIGHTON — "The Miracle of | noil. c n , u r,. T i Pentecost" is the sermon ionic to I Sunday masses will be read at | A. H. Schlot/hauer, Rodney Jacoby, ' "' ' -• " —' Harold Campbell and Paul Austin; VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL STARTING Monday, June 2 Thru June 13 Assembly of God Church, Newburn, III. 9:30 a.m. — 12:00 a.m. MELVIN FLACK, Pastor Preaching by Elder Fred Immer. i be ntlminister^rt during the service, -her of Commerce will have a (Uu- 8 p. m. Preaching by Elder Ed 'Sunday school convenes nl 0:30 a. ner meeting Wednesday evening Joy of St. Louis. Topic: "Resto- ! m. The cliun-h council m«-els »t " |i. m. DST at the Presbyterian ration." Lutheran TRINITY LUTHERAN-Blair and >f i be church. Tuesday evening in the church and ; parish house. Members are invited the Women's Guild meets Thurs-.lo bring their wives and guests. day at 2 |>. m. iii the social room : Members of the Barbershoppers horus will furnish entertainment PAUL'S (Old Ca- , . 7:30, 8:30, 9:45, and 11 a. m. Central. Paul Juergensen, pastor. | The Rev. Kenneth O. Bovver will for (lie evening. Sunday school at 9:30 a. m. Les- ! speak on "The Persevering Wid- i 1'pstmimer Class to Meet son: '"The Early Church and j ow" all he 10 a. m. worship service ! BRIGHTON — The Upsl reamer Stephen the Martyr." 10:30 a. m. 'in the Presbyterian Church. Sun-! Class of the St. Paul Methodist Divine service. Sermon by Dean ' day school convenes at 9 a. m. ! Sunday School will meet Tuesday Leonard Wuerffel. Golden an- ! Westminster Fellowship g r o u p s evening at 8 p. in. nt the home niversary service honoring for- w m' me et Sunday evening at the lot Mrs. Robert Schallenberg, mer pastors. Celebration of the Holy Communion. ST. PAUL'S— 3rd and Beach, Wood River. N. L. NYolff, pastor. 9 a. in, j Sunday school. 10:30, Morning : worship. Sermon: "Christ Prom- j ises His Disciples lo Pray the I Father to Send the Holy Spirit i to Them." ! FAITH COMMUNITY LUTHERAN i --Northside 1OOF Hall. Melvin j E. Witt, student pastor. 9:30 a. m. j Sunday school. 10:45, Morning i worship. Sermon: "Witnessing | for Christ." i ZION LUTHERAN— Bethalto. W. j G. Bruo.gmann, pastor. 9 a. in. I Sunday school. 10:15, Divine serv- i ice. Sermon: "The Holy Chris- i lian Church." I EMMAUS LUTHERAN — Dorsey. Otto F. Strothmann, pastor. 9:30, Sunday school. 10:15 a. m. Divine worship. Sermon: "The Coming] of the Comforter." CONCORDIA LUTHERAN -- Cottage Hills. p:dgar Croll, student 30 and 31:15. SS. PETER t thedraU—721 State st. Msgr. W. pastor. 9 a. m. Sunday school. T. Sloan, rector. Rev. Brendan > 10 a. m. Divine service. Keane and the Rev. Thomas .1. JBEREA LUTHERAN Green and Gough, assistants. Masses al 5:45, Gold streets. LaVorn Brack, pas" • — - - )or 10 n m Sunday school. 11 a. in. Worship. Sermon topic: 'Christ came to save all men. PTIITTIPTIPP ~t PUDTPT CHURCHES oi CHRIS i= SERVICES LORD'S DAY 10 A.M.-7:30 P. M. WED. 7:30 P. M. 3402 FRANOR ALTON PHONE 3-6396 137 E. MAPLE HARTFORD PHONE 4-6386 THE CHURCH OF CHRIST INVITES YOU TO WORSHIP WITH US EACH LORD'S DAY 10 A.M. —7:45 P.M. AT THE IOOF HALL. 202 EAST BROADWAY Christian FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST-- even those with cold and hardened BROWN STREET BAPTIST CHURCH 8125 BROWN — ALTON |:30 A. .M- Sunday Bible School. Unified Service. 10:15 A. M. Worship; Message: "DO WE NEED THE LORD'S SIFPEB?" •*30 F- -M. Junior, Junior High and Senior B- V- P. F. 7:30 P. M. tiOSPEl- HOUR Songfest: Special Music; Chorus Choir Message: "HIS SHEEP HEAR HIS VOICE." WELCOME! Howard K. Miller, Pastor Sunday school. 30:30. Morning worship and communion. Sermon: "The Day of Beginning." Christian Science FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST-533 E. Tenth. Alton. FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, and Milton road. Carl Hilgendorf, pastor. 9:15, Sunday school and Bible class. 10:30. Divine worship. Sermon: "The Work of the Holy Ghost." Methodist GODFREY METHODIST-Luther Ill _... j| , IIIIM in^ Evangelical Church O. W. HKGGEMEIER. !> U, Pallor "A Lack of Power In a Power Age" Time of Service 10 A. -M.—Broadcast Of »r Station WOK&-1670 on Your Dial. Reception of New Member*. FAREWELL SERVICE The Church Hoard anil Mcmhrr* invitn you to attend the furrwcll MTV ice Sunday night, T:HU, a I Alton Gospel Tabernacle STKKET Our prrfcfiit pustor, Hnrnlil A. Hamilton, who hud ministered to the Church the punt night yeiirs, him resigned to enter another branch of Ministry uud would appreciate meeting: all member* and friends for this final service. A special program including music iinri singing — uud tve hope it will be possible for you to accept this invitation. CHERRY STREET BAPTIST CHURCH Sivth and Cherry Streets W. FKBKMAN PKJVK'IT, Minister 9:30 CHURCH SCHOOL 10:40 MORNING WORSHIP .Message lo guc»t fcvungflist—COMMUNION 7:00 P. M. YOUTH FELLOWSHIP 8.00 P. M.THI GOSPEL HOUR Sermon— "WUV I I.KtT THE WIIITK HOl'SC?" Evangelist Walter A. Harmvn This friendly Church Invites You. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 5th and Market Sts. ° Alton, Illinois. Minister: K. K, TLKMiUI.L 10:00 K. in. Church School 11:00 H. in. .MorniiiK Service— "I noxpcclrd Kindness," 11:30 until Xoou Broadcast over \\Oh/ 6:45 p. in. R. V. !•'. 7:30 p. m. Evening Service "An Ainiizini; Offer." Nursery mnintulnrd during' niorninif services. R. E. Turnbull Pnstor CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SERVICES First Church of Christ Scientist 533 East Tenth Street—Public Welcome Sunday Service 11 A.M. Wednesday Evening Testimony Meeting, 8 P. M. Sunday School 9:30 A. M. (For Pupils under 20 years.) Middletown Bus to Tenth and Henry Streets. Reading Room, Church Edifice Open daily except Sundays and Holidays from 12 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Corner of Fourth and Alby Ms. fOCAR |. VANCE, D.D, Minister. 9:30 A.M. THf CHURCH SCHOOL 10:40 A.M. MORNING WORSHIP. Sermon Subject, "The Church and Our Soldier Dead." 5:30 P.M. WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP. Our church extend* a cordial welcome to it* service*, worship of God I* the noblest function of personality. The

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