Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 1, 1903 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 1, 1903
Page 3
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....... \ ... • THE iOH DAILY BBlblsJTEfi, WEDNESDAy, JULY 1, 1903 AN Ul^^ Within a few minutes' ride of lola, LaHarpe or Gas City, and about three blocks to new Ceme;| Fresh air, healthful surrouhdingis^ rapid transit and gas makd it the most dfesirable locitidii homes in Allen county. J®- TERMS:—Prices are from $70 to $100 per lot. Lots are 50x100. $5.00 down and $5.00 a month. Location:—Electric line on the south. lola public road on the north and just half way between Gas City and LaHarpe. Write or call on Office at Terminus Electric Line N CBOBT A .Little Spurt of Business the Last Few Days—Divorces the IVIost InterestinjJ items. r District court manaRcd to dispose of Kovoral cases aflor the Earl Stout case was flnally gotten out of the way.' In tlial case tlio'iilaiiiliff asked for a ver- rlict on th<> special 'findings and the (Icfeudant asiycd for a now trial, l)olh requests being denied. Dr. Bradcn. receiver for the EIs- niore creamery, was authorized to pay a 10 per cent, dividend on all claims tiled since ilie tlrst dividend antl I)er cent., on all claims. Stockholder.^ not to receive money but get credit on their liability. These cases wore dismissed: James Uliss vs. I.. W. Duncan: Ella vs. Svth Stewart; H. M. Scott vs. L. D. Mi/.e; Uaxter McClain vs. G. W. Lytic. The suit of J. 111. Arniel to have a lease claimed by the Kansas ci. Te.xas Oil Company cancelled was lieaTtT and taken under advisement. Paul Fi.sher was granted judpment against Geo. C. BarL-er asi asked for. .losephine Ma.s?n<'r was granted a <ii- vo'-ce from Aidrcw Magner and was given full title to all ilieir property and the care of tlieir adopted daughter. In the suii of S. A. Hayman of .li- vorce from Lyilia Hayman dtfcudant was restrained from interfering with the iilaintirr in the ctistudy and contr-il of their three minor children durin.:^ the ijending of the suit. sons in sound health might lose twenty square inches per month without suffering ill effects. Here is a chance for some get-rich-qnick graf/ji^ to teach by mail everj' man to operate his own skin graftery in his si)arc moments. Ten dollars a month for .1 little of our skin isn't so l)ad. This in conjunction with the declaration of Miss Talbot, of the Chicago University that three nourishing meals can be served for ten cents a day, should put the anti-poverty society out of business. S JUL! F A Daughter si^e Sioux IBjr GEN. CHARLES KING. t ,..SEE US FOR... The Glorious Holiday is Rapidly Drawing Near and Preparations Are Making For the Big Doings. A. L. Payton's Finger Crushed. Yesterday evening A. I.,. I'ayion. who works at the Star lki<'k Com-, pany's plant on the mound Sfiuth of town, suffered a' very painful mishap. While trying to ^hift a belt he .g<n the little finger <jf liis right hand caught ill the mafhinery and the flesh was tori! (iff the bone. Dr. Shadwacl; was summtmed to dress the hurt and foun<l that it required si.x stitches in the lit t;le fin.ger to restore tlie muscles .to their projjcr i)lace and hold then there. Mr. Payton will have a very sore hand that will compel idleness for some weeks, but it is believed no ])ermaucnt injury will result. Skin, Fifty Cents a Square. Au eastern medical publication says that skin for grafting brings fifty cents per square Inch, and that per Your Linen Will Wear much longer if we launder it. Besides doing the best work, we pay a great deal of attention to the life of the linen. Our soaps, our machinery, our methods are designed, to do the very finest work with the least possible wear to the garment! If you are not a customer, call us up and let us call for a trial package. We'll surely please you. iola Steam Laoodry, •muM. Next Saturday is the FourTli of July, and !ola is going to celebrate after having i)a.i.sed it up for several years. The's unions of lola. Gas City and LaHarpe are back of the ceiebratiun. assisted by all the other unions. The grotiniLs on >Jock Hreck are being prepared for tiic event and everyihin.g now promises well. At lo:;]!) in '.he forenoon a parade uf iini (i ;;s. h.dg.^s and all o',/,'r oi'ganiz.V lions will be held down town, the band leadin.g, and the park will be the des' linalitui ef the procession. . After some biini! music and a reading of the Declaraiion of Indeiiendence, the dinner hour will be observed. After dinner li>o school children will shtg the Star Spangled Hanner." The air^\-^! of the ilay by the H<JU . John M. O'Neill, (jf Denver, will follow, i llicn there will \n- liand music, and games. A prize of ?•"> is oriered for tlie first person to climb a grea.sed pole; JSfTvr Che' winner (jf a .^ack j-ace; and (^hc^e will be a '(O yard fooi race by nimble ones an<l another by fat men. At .'{ o'eloek there wVl be a ball game at the Riverside ^'arli lielv.eou l<»la and L.-avenworth. Ill the evening there will be a lug of war; i»otato race, tu!) race on the creek of lO'i yanks, music and spe;'/-.- ing. the celeiiration closing with a fine di.^jilay of fireworks. The railroads have granteii rates and it s'.ems. probable there will be a large crowd here (.»! th:|: day. Copj-rlxht, UOt, b7 Iho BotMut Compaoj. Yet for nearly an hour sho stood alone in her conviction. Her husband quickly cautioned silence, and, going forth, gave instructions to the couriers that sent them speeding for the IJawlins road. But at seven •o'clock, Mrs, llay herself appeared and a.<'ked to see the general, who was taking at the luoniont his accustomed bracer, tonic und.stimulant —the only kind he was ever known to use—a cold bath. So it was to ^Irs. Dade, in all u])parent frankness and sincerity, the trader's wife began her tale. Every one at Fraj'ne well knew that her anxiety as to the outcome^ of the battle on the Elk had well-nigh equaled that of the wives and sweet hearts within the garrison. While her niece, after the f.rst day's ekcite- ment, kept to her room, the aunt went flitting from house to house, full of sj'mpathy and suggestion, but obviously more deeply concerned than they had ever seen her. 2 \o \v, she seemed worried beyond words at thought of her htisband's hn^•ing to go just at this time. It was mainly on Nanette's account, she said. Only THE CICIIR STAND TROUBLE Invoicing Pinkerton Cigar Stock and Stand Will Be Sold Publicly July 11 by Sheriff. i As noted in jrcsterday's Ilegi.'-Mer the cigar stand owned by E. C. Pinkerton o!i ICast Madis< n avenue was taken in charge by the rJorlliriip National bank on a chattel n |i )rigage for $250. The stand was closdd for a short lime last night and wa.*^ olxned again this morning. -Mr. Hutchinson was jilaced in charge for the bank to continue the business. Messrs Spencer %nd Me.s senger began invoicing IhLs morning and it is rei)orted that they foun about ITiOu worth of goods in addition to the fixtures. It will not be know for .some days how the debts and credits balance up. A sign has bee tacked on the door that the stock will be sold on July 11 to the highest bii der for in hand. Already half a dozen people are figuring on securing it as tho location has always been good one. last night, jtvith the mail from Lara- nJe, had cotnc a letter, posted In San Francisco the week before, idling MIsa Flower that her dearest friend and rooniiiiate for four yeais at school, who had been on an extended bridal tour, would JJJISS through .Jtaw- 11ns. eastward bound, on Friday 's train, and bepgiog Nanette to meet lu-r and go as fur at h -ast n.s Cheyenne. Ifer husband, it Bcem .s. hud been hurriedly reealli -d U) New York, and there was no ln-lj» for it. Nnni-ttj" had expec'ted to join her, and go ul! the way east in late October or early November; had giv«'n her promise. In fact, for bhc was va.-ifly ex<ite(l b^- the new.s and deipite headache an<l la.^.^it iid«* thi>t had oppn -.-si-d her for two days past, she deelari 'd she must go, and Cu '-le Will must take her. So. with only a! trunk, hastily jiacked, of her belongings, and an iron-bound diest of the tr;iiler'.s, the two had started In-fore dawn in L 'neli; Dill 's .stout bu<-kboard, behind his l.-imous four-mule tenm, with I'ete to drive. an <l -two sturdy niru-hmea as outrJder.'<. hoping to reach the ifedi eine I >i >w by late afternoon, and res :it Drenncr 's ranrh. ("oiitiilentially Mrs. H.'iy told Mrs. "Dade that her husband was glad of the excuse t< take the route up the IMatte instead of the old, ro \igh trail southeastward over the mountains to Itock creek for he had a largo sum in currency to get {o the bank, and there wen desfK-radocK aloug the mountain route who well knew he would have tf» seud that money in, and were sure ly on tho lookout to w; ylay him—or it. Ever since pay <lay two f)r three iiNOW FOR con FORT Dress Goods that are good and beautiful, yet cool and breezy, that Is, what you are looking for, the kind we are showing. Prices the lowest. $ Do Not Forget Our GROCERY DEPARTHENT. No One Undersf U B. Dry Goods, S?ioes, Groceries. rough characters had been hanging about the st<jre, .Tnd Hay suspi -eted they were watching his movemiMits. with the intention tif petting word t< their comrades in crime the moment ho started, and it wiis iilmo .st as to steal a march «)n them as to »d)ligi Nanette, he so willingly left before it was light. The IJawlIns road followed till! I 'latte valley "11 the way to ISrenner 's, arid, once tli <'re, he wcudd feel safe, wheri-as the Koek creek t^ajl wound thrinig^li gideh, ravine and forest most of the distance, affording many a chance for ambuseuth'. Of course, said Mrs. Hay, If Jier hu.sband had for n moment siipposed the general wotdd wish to see him. he would not have gone, adding, with just a little touch of proper, warlike spirit, that.on tho general's previous visits he had n«'ver seemed to care whether he saw Mr. Ilay or not. All this did Mrs. Dade accept with courteous, yet gtmrdcd interest. They were seated In the little army parlor, talking in' low tone; for, with unfailing tact, Mr.s. Hay had asked for Esther, and expressed her eym- pathy on bearing of her being unnerved by the excitement through which they had passed. Well she knew that Field's Bcrious condition had not u little to do with poor Esther's prostration, but that was knowledge never to be hinted at. Dade himself she did not wish to meet just now. He was too direct a questioner, end had said and looked things about Nanette that made her dread WjB, She_ knew that, ^oveeyer a)i8tere and commanoing ne mignt; Oe Wtien acting under his own convictions, he was abnormally susccptible'to u.xorial 1 views, and the way to win the captain 's . sympathies or avert his censure, to jiecurc the kindly interest of l;i.s wife. Mrs. Hay knew that he had sent couriers olt by the Kawlins road—a significant thing In Itself —and that couriers had come In from the north with further news from Webb. She knew he had gone to the oflico, and would probably remain there tmtU sumraoned for breakfast, and now was her time, for there was. something further to be spoken. of, 1 [Tind while gentle and cidl, Mrs. Da<^e "' had not been rece])tive.- It^.w-as evident to the trader's wife thatJjer lord and master had made a mistake in leaving when he did. He knew the general was on the way. He know there was that money business to be cleared up, yet .she knew thel;e were reasons why she wanted him away— reasons hardest of all to plausibly explain. There were rea-sons, indeed, why sho was glad .Nanette was gone. She was glad Nanette was gone, because Field, wounded and present, ivoidd have advantages over possible suitors absent on cai!ii»algn—because' all the wonu'n and a few of the men were now against her, and becausi; from some vagui-. iiituiigil )le s ^-iu))- loniH, Mrs. Hiiy had satlslied herself tliut tlK -re was souiethin.g in tin; v/Ind Nanette' was hiding from—her lieiutfjietre.Ks, h<r best friend, aiid it ^;eemlu^ like cold -i )loode <l treachery. H«y had for two days been disturbed, nervous «n<l unliai )py, yet woidd not tell her why. lie had been cross-ques- lonlug I 'ete, "Crapaud" and other em- j>loy«^a, and se :irchiiig uljout the j»remlsea in a way that excited curiosity and even resentment, for the exj)lanath)n he gave was utterly- Inadequate}. To satisfy her, if jjossible, he had conliiled, as he said, the fdct that certain money for which Lieut. Field was accountable, had been st <den. The cash had been carefully placed in his old-faslii <Mied safe; the missing money, tli :er \;fore, had been taken wl.ile still virtually in his charge. "'|'hey might even suspect me," he said, which she knew would not ho the case. "Tlx -y forbade my speaking of it to anybody, but I simply had to tell you." She felt sure there was soniething he was concealing; somethin.q^ he would nT >t tell her; something concerning Nanette, there- lore, because she .so loved Nanette he shrank from revealing what might wound her. indeed, it was Ik -st that Nanctto should go for tho time, at least, but Mrs. Hay little dreamed that others Wf )uld. be saying—even this kindly, ffentle woman before her —fhat Nanette should have stayed until certain strange things wej-e thoroughly and satisfactorily ex- plaine<]. I'.ut the moment she l)egan, faltering not a little, to si)eak of matt^-rs at the jjost, as a nieiins of b-adlug up to Nanette—matters concerning Lieut. Field and his financial nlTairs— to her surprise Mrs. I>ade gi -ntly ujv lifted her barid «md v <itcc. "l niu ir<>- ing to ask you not to t<dl me, Mrs. Hay," she said. "Captain Hade given me to undi'rstund tiiere was .^ouu ^thlng to be investigated, but preferred that I-should not ask about t. Now, the general will be down in 3 5 or 20 minute's. ,1 suggest tliat we walk over to the hospital and see how Mr. Field is getting on. We can talk, you know, as we go. Then you will | breakfast with us. Indeed, may I not give you a cup of coffed now, (To Bo Continued.) L. D. .J. Rubber Tire Runabouts and Surreys, Ffise 5urrey and Driving Harness, Whips, Fly Nets, Dusters, Summer Goods and Lawn Swings. WISWALL KENNEDY & Cft NEXT TO CITV GAS OHFICE No. 117, West Madison Ave. ARE YOU SORE? USE Relieves; Instantly or Money Refunded; SUN BURN, CHAFIN&, Prickly Heat, Insect Bites and Stings. ^ It Cools. . It Soothes. It Cures. Sojd only In Z.'o, SOc. & $1.00 Itottlia. At all (rood DrngrUta. CHA8. B. SPENCER & CO.,-Iola, Kgnsas, South Side Square. Has Put in a stock of... i NEW CARPEi'S Prictjs the Lowest. Cheap Charley, New Brick, North St. . D.A. Expeijt Machiaest Repnirs Your Typewriter, Sewing Hachines, Bicycles, Lawn flowers, ' Gas Engines, Door Locks, ^tc. at • Are You Going to Take a SpmrneiiJ Vacation? If so you may ho interested Ih ^^^-'P foMowiiK: .s[nri;il round Irip /ataj an^| nouneifl i'y lh<; Mi.ssotiri-Pacific: raJl^ way.' Sail; datc.i and rates oCifate| only, For rcLurn lindta and fuU4 inf{)nnati(;ii call; ou local agent. \ Atlanta. Ca., J5. Y. P. U., July 5th tog| Tth, one fare plus ?2. '! 'Saratoga Springs, N. Y., Shriners^fi July 4 and a, ouc faro plus ?2. ; |i Colorado autl Ulali points, June tz^ to Soptcmijor COth, one fare plus 50c.^' HaUiniorc, Md., C. P. O. E., July IT J and IS, one fare plus $2. Detroit. Micli., Epworth League, V: July 14 antl la, one fare plus Minneapolis, Minn., ; Swedish sing -;*J er.s, July 19 to 21, one fare plus $2. Boston, Mass., N. E.; Ass'n., June "0 'A to July 4, one faro plup $2. i3an Francisco, CaL,iG. A. R., Aug. 1 to 14, inclusive, $45. San Francisco, Loa Angeles and San Dio.^o, special rates ou same'dates as ' Y. P. S. C. E. meeting at Denver. Home seekers' e.xcursicJns 1st; andi .'ird Tuesdays. One fare plus $2 ,to west and southwest. 4 1 Mize left this afternobn fc» Topelca for a few days ou business. When You Want a First-Class Jobof TIN OR CORNICE WORK See Joe, The Tinner at Cholc-a Infantum. Tiiis.has long heen regarded as one of the most danuxrous and. fatal diseases to whicii infants are si«hject. It can 1,0 cured, however, when: properly ireaKMl, All that is necessarj- is to give Ciiamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Keine<ly and castor'oil, as directed with _each bottle, anil a cure is certain. For sale by all druggists. A blessing alike to j-oung and did; Dr. Fowler's Extract- of Wild Strawberry; nature's specific for dyscjntery, .diarrhoea, and summer compIa|ntl lb «j» it> ^ *l «' I* Or tk * « On 1* Si Or »»» ••3 <»» I* T "P f m MAIT and HOP 1

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