Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 14, 1889 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 14, 1889
Page 3
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THE EVICTING GA/,.ii, Next J>oor to <*nlt HOIIRI iiipr-liflfl latins, Decorating Hats, Etc. Me. ....».„,-.,„... r-i*"**ll k rtra— J Don't Look at Me but J. K. Chester Evening Gazette. THB BVBHISO GAZHTTB can T>8 had »t nil the newi stands. Price two CUNTS. • OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY. Jtlo-s just opened his .FnllStoclzojf —S. Lewln is here from Freeport on a visit. —Attend the meeting at the council room tonight. —Miss Libbie "Witmer, of Chicago, la the guest of Miss Mary Harvey. —Mr. J. H. MoVickar, of Garden City, Mo., la-vir,ULr^-',.".. Jcuu^y. —Mrs. Mass, of Brooklyrv_N. Y., ia visiting her nephew, Josh OeEtlnger. GOODS "Wliich is more complete than ever oe« lore. His assortment of Kobe Patterns, Side Bands, Stripes and Plaids \RE. PARTICULARLY "V j Serges, Henriettas, IVtohairs, I3road.clothes, Flannels, &c., In all the New Shades at Lowest Prices! Wool Dress Flannels pnly21_cts. _ Best stock of Black Dress Goods in Whiteside County. He is'also showing many bargains in other departments of his mamoth stock. CALL AND SEE, —Mrs. J.R. Hamilton has returned from a visit with her parents at Dunbarton, Wis. —Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Le Fevere left for Chicago this morning to visit exposition, etc. —Mrs. White, of Sacramento, Cal., is the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. V. McKinney. —Mrs. Charles Wilson and daughter, and Mrs-1... M. Barto and child returned today from Minneapolis. —The C. B. & Q. ia discarding iron rails on its traokfromMendota to Denrock, and Is laying all steel. —Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hetzel, who have been visiting Albert Homer, returned to their home In southwestern Iowa yesterday. —A number of high officers of the C. &N. W. were here looking over the new depot yesterday. —The first session of the Whiteside County Teachers' Institute for this year is being held at Morrison this afternoon, —George K. Mangan has built a neat large barn on his place In tho First ward, and has torn away all the ola buildings formerly there. —Dr. acpompanied by Mrs. Carolus, left for Chicago this morning on business and to take in some of the sights. Will return to-morrow evening. —Rev.D.R.Sanford,of Milwaukee, will occupy the pulpit at the Grace Episcopal church during the morning service, tomorrow at 10:45 a. m. —One of the street railway construction electricians left this morning for Tdcoma. Washington, to superintend the construction of the line work for a Sprague electric road in that city. —There should be a large attendance at the meeting in the city council room tonight, to formulate plans for a celebration of the achievements nnd progress of this city during the past year. —The game with the Davenport club here on Monday has been canceled. It ia expected that the Galesburg club will play here on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and the Lanark club on Friday. "—Miss Anna Davis has resigned her place at N. Carpenter & Co's. to accept a position as stenographer and boot- keeper in the office of Col. Watson, Superintendent of the Sterling Water Co. and Union Street Railway Co. —Elmer Palce, son of J. C. Palce, of Tampico, was kicked on the right ear by t» horse, with which he was playing circus, and badly hurt. A part of the ear was cut off. The boy was seriously injured, and there la fear of inflammation setting in. —Several complaints are made that the electric lightTconstructlon men have fastened stay wires for poles to private property; in several instances to beautiful shade trees which will be killed with the wire wrapped tightly around them. These little deficiencies will DO doubt be remedied before the home company accepts the work. —The city of Rockford was never in a more flourishing condition. Thursday the county board of supervisors appropriated 825,000 of the $100,000 necessary to build a new bridge in the city over Rock river and J today the contractors betcan to pave the streets. An electric street railway is noon to be put in. •An immense number of water melons are to be seen now-a-days on the streets, owing to an abundant growth and the previous untiring watchfulness of the farmers. Some ot the .Muaoa- tlua melons weigh 45 pounds, and are of excellent quality. On the b*st laud In that vicinity Uw average growth t* tt !,.Mi?, ona car Tl>o Ifonnppln t'nnnl. Dixon Telegraph: G. A. M. Liljen- crant7,, assistant engineer of that department, of the United States regular army service, is here with his men making a survey for the final location of the Henncpin canal. They arrived liict evening and commenced work this morning at the river here. Mr Liljen- crantz called at the Telegraph office this morning and in conversation we learn from him that he is now starting out to make a final survey for the detailed work of building the canal; including everything necessary for letting contracts, including sizn and character of locks, aqueducts, flood gates, wastoweirs, etc. While we have had several surveys for this canal there has never been made such a complete ono as this is to be; and such survey has been needed very much that a report may be made giving a definite statement as just what is to be the cost of the canal.- Tho great objection which has been made to the enterprise has generally come in the shape of exager- rated statements as to the cost of the canal.. While the estimated cost of the entire work, as made by competent engineers, has been placed at only four and a half million dollars, still carping grumblers have insisted that the Una! survey would run It up to double that amount. Now it is proposed to make a full and final survey which will give the exact cost of the Hennepin canal One great drawback to the work has been the fact that the friends of theca nal could not agree upon a western ter minus and this has in a great measure heretofore divided the efforts of its friends. Citizens on the Mississippi river, residing between Rock Island and Clinton, were i'tody to defeat the measure whenever any other than their favorite towns were talked of as the western terminus of the canal.—We believe that this stumbling block in the matter of pushing the measure has been finally disposed of by the Secretary of War locating that end of the canal at Rock Island. '1 he power was by Congress given that official, wo believe, by tho bill which Genornl Henderson introduced in tho Lower House and which passed, appropriating money for a final locating survey, and report to Congress. Our people generally had given up all hope of a Hennnpin canal. The Telegraph believes that tho work will be pushed to a final finish at no distant day. It is a much needed great national enterprise and the people-will yet demand it. —Mr. A. D. Adamp, of 1'rophetstown, father of Editor Adams, of this city, yesterday lost his famous trotter, McGregor Boy, in an accident at Maqno- keta, Iowa. A dispatch gives the following particulars: At the Jackson county fair held in Maquoketa-today an accident occurred in the 2:30 race which resulted in the death of McGregor Boy. ono of the horses entered, with a probably fatal injury to tho driver, Bert Smith. There were seven entries, McGregor Boy and a Clinton horse taking ti-e lead. During the first heat the latter tried to get the pole. The wheels of the sulkies became interlocked, and both horses and drivers were thrown. McGregor Boy's neck was broken and his driver was seriously injured. The dead horse was owned by Adams, of Prophetstown, III., and was valued at S8.000. t i?, work on the canal will probably >PKIII next year. In the prcvinsis sur rcya, the feeder comes down the river o wilhi'i a short distance of Nelaon. The feeder can be made ns prplitabln to Sterling as Dixon, in ctiBn it follows hat route, by forming a Rreat rcni rvoir of water between Sterling iind Dixon by building the "up.K-r dam," and running a branch cnnal to the feeder. In that way, we could get coal for manu- "acturing purposes here at little above :ost, to supply the factories which could be located on the water power, and in other parts of town. Let 113 turn seeming ills into profit. —The rrgular meetings of the Wednesday Club have boon resumed. The jlub is planning to give three concerts this year the same us last, the first to be a sacred cantata by Alfred Gaue—a London musician. This is comparatively a new work, but in places were it bus been given it is highly recommend ed. It consists of solos, trios, quar- tettes and choruses, all having a relationship to each other and making a complete whole The difficulty of sustaining such a chorus as the Wednesday club makes the. opportunity to hoar complete chorus works comparatively Infrequent, but when we remember that the gieatest worke of some of the greatest composers are of this kind, and that outside of our largest cities are very seldom heard, tho value of an organization that shall present from time to time musical works of the highest order can hardly be overestimated. ' Is it too much to at least hopo that a musical society shall be ealab' lished here that will in time be able to give such works as IIandel's "Messiah," Haydn's "Creation," and He iioJuaoliu's "St. Paul"—all works that never grow old? Do the people of Sterling, whether musical or not, reali/o of what value —not only to those_directly._interested in it, but to the city in general—such an undertaking is? The educating and refining influence of good music and the advantage of living in a town where this may be enjoyed, should not be lost sight of. Assistance can be rendered in ma_ny ways. If you can ning you can assist by becoming an active member. There is especial need of ^gentlemen in this direction. If you cannot sing, but feel interested in the work, you can help by becoming an honorary member and thus render financial aid. If you are not especially interested in music, rJUtfeeLanJnterestin the_prospenty of your city in general, can you not by be 7 coming an honorary member of the Wednesday Club, render a real service to the city by helping to sustain those things that are a benefit to it? ..Why do people buy furniturn at th tork Knlls furniture store? Answer: ecaiiBfl it p;iyn them big to do BO. Dill (j,,. 7n-tf Headquarters f«T trunks nnd valises; also bargains in boots nml shoes at ('has. Hosg's, opposite Wallace Houao. 77 to Ui(l And Lady Minstrels at the Academy of Music tonight. llllnnlH Htnto Fair. IVorln, ill.. Hcpt. From September 2-Jnd to 27th, inclusive, the C. B. & Q. H. H., will sell round trip tickets from Sterling to i'eoriit for .? 1.20; tickets to be limited, for going passage to date r.f sale, and limited for return Sept. 2Sth. C2tf Call and see the special bargain '« indigo blue prints, at .1. K. Chester's. DonTlfiTliis, " But read the Wallace Opera House ad. on the opposite page. Notice. Having returned from my vacation, lam better prepared than ever to do all kinds of cleaning and dyeing at ray old stand. Respectfully, 78-tO A. MARKS. Mt. Joipph 1 nlr nml r,*i>»mH!on. M<M>t. :i to Orl.!». '*!>. On Sept. lUth nnd r.nth tlie C. B. & Q. .. I!, will sell excursion tickets for ono iwest fare for the round trip; tickets mited going Sept. l"th and ::oth, and 'turning, ten days from date of BR!H. dO('.w:!5-tf Atirtioiierr. The Dutcli and English auctioneer .ill alive and re:idy to attend to city nd country sales on short notice. Can ... /e orders at A. R. Hendrick's Drug tore, or at. my residence on i:Hh ave- ue north of .Uh st. Charges reasona- le. Give me a call. 7S-S7tf I). H. MEYEUS, Auct. Call at E. W. Blossom's and get an ye tester free of charge. , 70-d&w See the new ad of N. Carpenter & Beautiful stock of millinery goods at the Rock Falls millinery store. Call and see it. Dill it Co. 70-tf A handfiome crayon portrait free. For a short time we are going to boom and advertise our business by giving to every purchaser of fifteen dollars worth of goods a fine large crayon portrait, framed in a heavy (Jilt nnd Bronze FruHni. There is not a family bul-pos< nesses somo picture of Father, Mother Brother or Sister, which they would like to have reproduced in a life-like and durable manner. Call at once and see BpecirrieifatTour stores — 70 t.", N. CAUPKNTEII & Co. Ask Your Friends Whether Frank Linden is first clas or not. Seats \« ill be on sale Monday at G. L. Wernty,'. New styles in ladies' collars just re ceived at J. K. Chester's. E. W. Blossom has taken the agencj of the "I. C." brand Spectacles ( Eyeglasses. These spectacles are I fererit from ordinary glasses, in tha the-lenses are ground from a Frem: TTnteil'Uryatal thatshutstmt thechem ical and heat rays of light, making them very soothing to the eyes. Be sure an try them, see that that trade mark " c." is on.every lens. 70-d&.w —The Female Minstrels came in on the 1:55 train from tho weat. —Frank Linden, the celebrated tragedian, will appear at Wallace Opera House on Thursday and Friday Sep tember 19th and 20th. On Thursday Mr. Llndon will appear as Damon in the historical drama made famous by McCullogb, Keene, Booth, and others. Mr. Linden's rendition of this difficult character is said to be one of the finest pieces of acting seen upon the stage today. This play he has produced in all the larger cities of the west he making a specialty of it for the past two seasons. The costumes worn in this piece are made from exact patterns of those worn during the reign of Diomcius, King of Syracuse. On Friday Mr. Linden will appear in his new play, the Son of Monte Cristo, for which he carries new and elegant scenery. Messrs. Lawrie Bros, who are always on the lookout for an attraction of merit, fin ally secured this, giving them a large guarantee, knowing that the theatre goers of Sterling appreciate merit. —Our readers will sen by an article taken fro a the Dixon Telegraph, that a new survey is being made for the Ilennepin caua). Tho project was defeated in Congress several years ago, and it was supposed that it was forever killed. At that time, the people of Sterling fought vigorously against that_meaaure t _The_plans_ca.ll Jor a navigable feeder to run from Dixon to a point near Heunepin, to supply what water is carried away by the locking system in the main canal;" also a government dam at Dixon, to raise the water high enough to make a sufficient fall for the feeder. The objection on the part.of the Ster[ n g people was caused by the fact that ;he feeder would take a certainamonnt of water from the river, and thus damage the water power at Sterling. From .he unanimous way in which the Ilen- nepin project was endorsed at Cincinnati it would seem as if the friends of the measure are bound to carry it through Congress this winter. The principal argument In favor of the canal, ia that a through water route from New York to the MUsisslppi river will greatly Increase the business of th« northwrst. Grain can then be shipped to the far east at a low coat. aod A ouuoh high or prica resliml. Of eoutaw tbs laltrouta will greatly o-ppose ttui schtuaB, It uiay Iw that the pr->j«:.t wUV lw I'sntwi tbrough C«fcsSf»«, it —MrGideon Purlmugh, of Lincoln, Neb., spent several (lays here tills week, visiting Mr. Geo. Sutton. —Mr. Elva Bogart, of Kingston, N. Y., and Misses Mary and Ida Bogart, of 1'rophetstown, are visiting their uncle, Mr. Henry Wynn, of the First Ward. —A prominent manufacturer from Iowa, who wishes to secure a more fa- vorabls location than his company at present occupies, will bo at the citizens' meeting this evening, to see what inducements our citizens will offer him him to locate here. His company has an established business and pays high wages for the class of work done. We understand he desires a small amount of stock taken, to enlarge the business. ~.—Our citizens should thoroughly investigate ail oilers of manufacturers who desire to romove here, and where the business Is a good one, and the terms reasonable, the offer should be accepted. Each new factory, no matter how small, is a help to the town, and besides, thb small ones have a chance to grow larger. Rockford.^years ago, (and is doing the same now) received a number of small factories by citizens taking a part of the stock, and today they are large and paying institutions. The citizens of ,that place were bound to make their town grow, and they did it. This city should have many hundreds more people by next June. The Keystone EVERY DEPARTMENT Chicago KxpONitlon. The Chicago & North-Western Railway will, on stated dates, sell tickets 0 Chicago and return on account of he Exposition, which opens September Hi, aid closes October 10th, at rate of nn fare for the round trip, with 25 cents added for admission ticket. For ickets and full information apply to Agents Chicago & North-western Railway Company. 37 t3 Attention! Citlzcnftl The citizens of Sterling and vicinity ire invited to meet the City Council and the Library Board at the Council Chamber next Kii'uaJay evcaiiife at 1 ::!0 o'clock, to arrange for the proper celebration of the opening of the City Building, and the completion of the Street Railway, the Electric Light System, etc._ A full attendance of our litixens iFearneitly requested.- J. II. LAWHENCE,Mayor. September 12,18SO. FULL. PEOPLE'S 'COLUMN K7~Wo will Innnrt threo lines In this col-~^a iinm one tlino for 10 eents, or for M omits a week. Kach additional line will ho 6 celits a single Insertion, or 16 cents a week. WANTKO. LINE Only 10 cents for 3 lines under this Heading. ANTKD— A -competent b'aoksmitu to take cliiirce of nil I'SUiollMied business. In- ilrn this week of (ieo. W. Ulmmberllii. 78-U "\\r >V OF W ANTED— A Rood girl for ^ work. llood pay. Apnij si root. • house- 21 l-ocnst 76-tC •\ArANTKD—Two Kirls—one dHb-wastier and VV one dlnlnc-room girl. Apply two doors north of Maynard's livery ham. 74-tf Will play tonight at 7:30. Arabian Nights and Female Minstrels at 8:20. Bargaii s in pianos, organs and sewing machines, also pianos and organs to rent at Jas. Ilarden's. 75 to w* KOK Only 10 cents for under tliis Heading. lines Vive Harvest The Bnrlington Route, C. H. & Q. R. H. will sell from principal stations on its lines, on Tuesdays, August fllh and 20th, September 10th and 24th and October 8th, Harvest Excursion Tickets at Half Hales to points in the Farming Regions of the West, Southwest and Northwest. For tickets and further information concerning these excur sions call on your nearest C. B. & Q. ticket agent or address 1'. S. EUSTIS. Gen'l 1'as's. and Ticket Agent, Chicago HI. wRO t!2 d-ws --------------- --- - TO Tho Public..: ...'. _________ ;_ Having purchased a supply of plumbers stock and tools, I am prepared to do plumbing and piping of all kinds. My 'motto shall be: An honest job, for honest pay. Any opportunity to prove the truth of my ascurtion will be thankfully received by me. I am Respectfully. L. G. Sri us. Shop: Under Am. Ex. Ollice. 70eod F OR aALK-$l3.'>|ilieatonbnggyfor$!iO; now. A Rood four-year-old family uorso for tlffi. Address I'. O. «ox 07. »l-'2 i n )K SALK-llook ense, dresser, chairs, etc. 1 Addres.i, UM..tills ofllee. HO-V2*. IjlUll SALK—C!o<Mt Iowa, Nebraska K»nsa9 -C land, stock of i;ouds. llnniiiess i lunrs lor sale and exi-hanne. Frank W. Walzer, Academy ol Musie, Hooin'4 711 tf "1410 It S A UK—Some choice 1'artildne Cochlo JJ chickens. Inquire of t~ K. aheelz, No. 10 •K. Third Street. • • • 75-if B WU SALE—A Jersey heifer, 18 mouths old. by renlstered bull. Kii|?en« Scales. 7">tt IjlOIl 8A1.K—Oiiu luncli counter, show ca^e JD and six stooK Kii(| iirc ot tico. W. Oliiim- bcrlln, or S. A. Hyde. 74-» jlOU SALE-A baruala In tbrue line real"...deuce!) .Ill 111' ward, _Iii(mir« ofl, I, J*Hsh,_. VOH. KKNT. Only 10 cents for J lines under this Heading.: . TjlOH HUNT—Dwrlllnit house, suitable 'or one Jj or two families, live blocks from 1'. O., with 5 acres of ground: Apply WKi First Ave.^ MAliK Oil TKAUK. KOUU. -<-There was a big crowd at the M. E. sociable last night, despite the rair^ , •i-Roy. Kaye and family have returned home, and regular services will be held in the Congre&ational church tomorrow. -•-At the M. E. church tomorrow evening, ths male quartette will sing. In the fprenjDon_the^e_will_be_theJbap.- tism, service observed, the reception of probationers, and the administration of the sacra'hient. Damon and Pjlliias At Wallace Opera Houeo Thursday, Sapt. 19. • • A Call. There are several families whose children are not properly clothed to attend school; anyone having clothing to contribute, it will be thankfully received. Knowing the ready response to such calls in the past, we hops this will meet with the same kind attention. 1'lease leave contributions at Mr. Chester's store, or with Mrs. llurphaui. By order of relief committee of W. C. T U. Cor. Sec. J. K..Chester has the largeat assort mentoe U. i'rieatly A Co'ii black drvs. KooJs iu the city— "H. 1'neatly A «.'«,' iuy-wl on «jv«»ry Siva yards, tit TIIUOAT AND LUNG BALSAM GIVES. INSTANT RELIEF. RiiKUMATicSYKUrCo,.Iackson,Mich. Gents: I have used your Throat and Lung Balsam in my family during the past winttVand find it the best remedy that we^ve ever used. It gives in- GKOUGE CONNEH, 211 South D Street, Oskaloosa, la. John F. Cochran, of Sigourn«y,Iowa, says his wife used Ilibbard'a Rheumatic and Liver Fills for sick headache, and they entirely cured her. Hibbard's Rheumatic and Liver I'ills are remedies ot great merit. We take pleasure in recommending them. tths JOHN W. ELLIS, Druggist, Sigouruey, Iowa," ' Ladies' kid driving gloves, at J. K Chester's. Hurvent Modal. Next Friday, the 20th, at Cong' Church. Comic programme Nochargi cr admission. Supper 25c, from 0 to S. Good music. 81 to "Sim held My Itlnic '• On her floger small." It was one o those genuine solitaire diamond ring that Blossom is still Belling at base ruent prices. Young man buy best girl a diamond ring. Onfy 10 cents for 3 lines under this Heading. jlOll SALK OKTKAOK-AU Improved I arm - of :fca acres, iipar Uuywmnl. Iowa. mlliure In payment. W. M. Dillon. Will take 77 til Only 10 cents for 3 lines under this Heading. 17IINANOIAI.-Moiicytoloan--?l,fiO<i at 0 pei t! cent.,nu (arm security. I. I. Hnsli. Itook 'llllS. •''-•" TRADE MARK Fine dressed poultry on sale at all times at our cold storage warehouse on 1st avenue. 1'ricea very reasonable. S!)-tO F. F, KEIUKU & Co. J. K. Chester is sole agent in Sterling for the sala of the celebrated "Uenta- ineri" kid gloves; beat titling glove in Aiunnca. Trv * pair and you will uwt ao ottof, O. and O.TEA The Cbticcst Tea Ever Offered. ABSOLUTELY PURE. A MOST DKI.1CI008 BEVKKAC.K. TUX IT. Tw Till MTO tit it? c'.kor. tuiit? s»«f «rf« It 1> lha lljnnver OnAnit T.Kir. plrk«I from tliol>o»t )pbniaili.i.mniili.iirsr:u'litJ »b«oltttrty puro ami In-jin'm «H»>luUi-r.itiiiii«or coloriim lu.vlter. i lL.'t\irl-ai;r» urn hermetically eoalwl auJ warranted lull wui|!ht. It li more ecoa oiuicul iu uao than tho luwtr craiUn. Oriental & Occidental Tea Co., L't'd,, Head Ogice, S<t J.VrliHfl Slip, JVfi* York. 'JKor saleby) w. , 1.1***.

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