Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 1, 1903 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 1, 1903
Page 2
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TfliB TOLA DAILY KEQISTEB, V^E ONES PAY, JULY, 11908 • - •••I, ibLA DAILY REGISTER XaCKPnONB NO 18. CHAS. F. SCOTT. -SOTfiCBIPTION RATES: One w «ek;>' - - - - - Ten Cents OneVlODth - - Forty-four Ccnlq One year - Five Dollars and Twenty Cts •ntered at lola, Kansas. Postoffloe as , Second Class Matter. Adirartisln^ rates mode known on appU- cation. / PUTTING THE BLAME WHERE IT I BELONGS. . Governor Bailey has received much severe criticism fpr the action of the LogUlaLurc^ but he has received more than hi^ share. The Legislature should be held accountable for its own blunders. Even.If the Governor .did attempt to Infiuencc that body, there was no legal or moral obligation on Its part to accept his judgment or dictation. The only thing that is left for the pcopleUa do id to elect men lo the Loglslaturo. hereafter who arc big enough and broad enough to know where politics should end and patriotic and unselfish public srrvico bo the only controlling influence.—Topckn Herald. Without cnicriug upon the argument as to wiiethcr in tlic particular 'matrOr of reli ^'f T'T ibo liood sufferer; the Legislature (lid or did not make .'> mistake, tlic Rogi.strr dwiifos to cm phasizc'the supirosiiim of Ihr Hcrabi that that body sliould be hcbl ro;;j)on!-i- blc for its own nmducf. This sugiTestiun is exactly tba? •which the RocL^tiT made some work? ago touching t/io cpic^tion nf b<js.<iI.'?ni We stated tbiit if tlicro were no bossoc there would be n'.y hnES. And so !n regard to the Lcglf^laturo The mcniliers of that body get tlirlr conimi.ssion from exactly as high a power as that from wiiicli (he Gove.''nor gets bis, naiiicly, the jirople. An.! just as groat an obligation rests r.pon the members of (he to d'"" their duty withoi^t fear or favor or reward as rests upipn the Governor. The Loglslaturo is a co -ordinate branch of the govor .'HiU 'ni of Kansas. It very properly gives tlic highest consideration to the rcriimuH-nilatJon.s of tbr- Governor, but no monibor of it can excuse himself for cast ins; ii vote contrary lo his jndirnnTit o;) the plci tbnr the governor driuni; Ic-d it of bim. That no Governor with the proper appreciation of the di:;:ilty of his p .i .'^liion would make such a .lomand sbnuM r" without saying ar.d.v.e sbail not bf- lieve thai Governur r.ailoy b.'s bo '^n guilty of so KHiss .in impropriety until ho hlin.-^i If di-plares It. Hut oV|rj! jrrnntlng that a Gf>vfTnor bar, far (iverKtvp iho bounds cf hi.-; pri - rojriiivc, the lutuibcr.-, of the Legft^- l.iHiro can no mnre oxcus(Mbemsclvcs on that arc'ouui f :ir a vole wliich violates- llwir own jiidgiiuut and coii- scli-nre tliau tli'-y (uiild oxcnse thtin- selves for .'^u.-b a vot;' by jjloidinir that they bad lu'<'u briiud to ca.-t !'. As tbc lleralil s.-'.ys, ibo rrmedy for all this Is lo .sii:d men to the Logl:- laturo who have riot only iniciliciOiif'o. but couragi- .niid ind'^ivondonco. Wln^n this Is duno tlii- "i:o.-;s" wiil find !Js occupation gonf: f-.jr there can bo no boss where there i.s nobody to ho boshed. Lawrence Ga:'.<.;il.e: Profc.'--sor Haworth is iiii:^;'.led over one feature '<f| the Kaw fltjod. \Vhatu".cr the water touched is ldi;;iite-.!. Where animal;; sitood in tiu- wal ;T. the half came off, and was ofiiu followed by life si;!:'.. This has bten found true in aimo.-;! every inslanc*-. ,\nd where, the wal",*- went, vo.getable life ha-i been bli^'hted. Hardly a green kaf was l>_fi after being touebLil . by wal-,.r.-;. Tree.'= that would ordinarily grow and flourish in tba water, h-ive withered ar.d died after >-.iaiiiliug In the flo:!u waters. AVby? What did the w.ater hold in wjliition tiiat was a deadly poisun " J Fifty Years the Standard Awjirdid Highest Honors World's Fair Highest tests U^S. Gov't Chemists PRICC BAKINQ POWOCR CD. CHICAGO both vegetable and animal life? That is. the question Professor llaworlh going to try to answer^ is The complimentary talk in Kansas ab:;ut J. L. Urisiow. fourth assistant I»nstmaster geneal. recalls to tbc Sen- />iM Tribune that bis appointment to bis place w.'^s oppOi -ed by every Re- )ublic -3n member of the Kansas state ;(:iati;, and thai a telegram was seni •() I'ro.sidt.nt .MeKinley ))y sena ors prcjtesting a.gaiust it. The sign T.^ of this telegram of jirotest werop •jttiniors R. T. Hattcy, of Marion; A 'j. Colcniat!. of Xemaba: John A. Ful on .of llrown; John E. llessin, of '.tilcy; M. A. Ilottseholder, of Chero kee: Charles F. Johnson, of Jefferson; G. n. Lamb, of NVoodson; Royal Malbew.'--. of Mcl'berson; J. C. Mor row, of V.'r.shiiig!on; Fred A. Slocks .)f .Marsiial. and L'. F. Wallack, of At diii:on.— City Journal. But loii't you loaiember they all took it :j:)ck the next day? .\t the risk of rudvly dcmolisbi:! "-he tradition that newspapers know 'verything, the Register feels bouiu ^o admit th .Tt it duei-n't know how to •)ri :no:ince "13'Nai U'Ritii-' and it loesn't know what it means. Ii will iiay for iiis:r::f:;iuns (.ui these tw.i it)!nt-: at the rate of a dollar an hour, whi'.b is as m:ich as anyliod'y ouglit to I har.v'e for a !-.'.':f<;n in anything. Old Jo-"" Cannon is layitig to get . vt I! with the juarau.ling Senate f(n- the v.-ay it b.-Id bini or) for thai South fariiliua claim. Tlio first sign of It i.; the aiinonncoiiieni that he "doesn't :!ppro\:c" ot the Senate finance bill w.'iirli ir is reiiortoii will be fitished at iiii- lui .iii.g .-.e.-^.-ion. .-Xiiy measure tb .-ii i'.neb- Joe iiiu'.-; jiot apitrove will have r.wful bard sled-iing this winter. S'.rator Cur'l'i.-^'••! .-^ajs the reason lu <iid not V !jie for i.'ie relief apiirf)i)ria lim wji:- )x::.'ri.-:(' Gov ..Tni )r IJailey uade him pr:ii:ii>;e not to before be w:)-iid agr'.e to rail a .^:pec-ial session. Govert 'iir i'.aiiey t -ay--. that be exavi- i 1 no proiuit-e from Mr. Cubbistm of riiy'.ody tb:e. This looks as If there r .iigbi be a ebanre for an argument. Medical journals unite in the opiur i -.iu t?;at the most dangerous Fourth of July wound is that which is inflicted by a bkink cartridge. Ii is from lh<i fragmc-nls of these l>.'-a;;s slic;!ls that Mood i>.-."!Koniug mo^i iiequently ire- ."^.tlts. Sbooi your firecrackers but Cre your Ida;;;: e:iri;-idgc-. Commenting on ihe refu.=al of Ed. (Iree:-^ to iell the Winficld Courier Wiil White .says: "If Ed. Greer woidd have the hdrt lo sell' it after thirty years o* hie with it, the writer hereof v.ould send dcv»-n and ask Greer bow much he would take for one of hl .i chib!rcn per.ju ;;mr] drc.=;sed:'* Over in Missouri they have a theory tljat the eight Republicans in the 644 Garfield Avenne, • CiiiCAGt), IM.., October 9,1902. After doctoring for eleven months and takins fortv-throe bottles of medicine and finding no relia for icucoirhcua resuUinff from irritation of a faUua womb 1 took Wine of Cirdui and fourteen Iwttlca cured mo. This smiis atranpo but it is the pimplo truth. Wine of Cardui LdiH-'d nie frotn the time I bewail taking it uutf harinslicard it praised 80 niffLly byfriends wlioTiail tried it I fe!t eaf isfied tliat it would heJo me, and it <lid. It rurcfl mo. Took every nit of uche, •pain and headache, cramps and draprpins down scnsntiona away till I felt younff, strong and liafipy once more. Iti!iawond(>rfulmi.<<ncineau(i a true friend to women. Ilook back on the months of torture I had it BWnis like a hideous nightmare. Wine of Cariui will cure any woman I believe. I have more faith in i| •tban-all other medicines combined. ZVloe^Prea.,: Chicago HlstoricAl CJnh. How can yon refosc rdief when you know you are groTring worse day after day? Shooting pains, irregularity, inflammation and bearmg downpains midiLe tbonsands of women miserable. Why drag through life never enjoying anything? Wine of Cardui has made over I.SbO.OOO weak and Eoffering women iwell and strong. We ask you to go to your druggist today and setiure ' a $L0O footde of Wine of Cardui uid begin to tak& it at once. Do that and ;tfae healih Ui*. ffingsley widtes about will soon be i-oura. If yon think spec­ if direnions are needed in your case, address, giving symi>toms. Lames' Adnsory^petwitincnt, l^eChattanoog^Medicine Co., ^ T^nn. Senate led the twenty-six Democratic members Into boodling legislation, ::nd it seems to atlorJ some pctiplc a sreat deal of consolation. The Topeka man who predicted the ^ast Hood had predicted another and a worse one for next month. There may be such a thing as a prophet overworking himself^ 1 J. Frank Smith, editor of the Observer, has jbeen appointed postmaster at Pleasanton. Which is according lo the law and the prophets. This paper kind of feels It away jlown in its chases ayd shooting slicks that we are going to get beat in that Lipton boat race. Miss Ellen Stone has socuret a life position. She has undertaken to collect $70,000 from Turkey as indemnity for her captivity. In the boat race at Kiel, In which crows trom all the battleships qompcj.- ed. the Americans won. It is v/c have. a way Would the Fourth of Jidy ever be ecdebrated in this coiintry If there were nobody here under forty years of age.' KANSAS NOTES. At Salina glrla are working in the harvest: fields. Has the IndlKuatum meeting at Kansas City been held yet? Belleville sent her Fourth of Jul;; celebralUm fund lo the Hood sufferers and will not, celebrate. "Lucky WH's show" is still in Kan••^as but is not having very good luck. It is not a very good show, either. The M., K. & T. and Santa Fc railroads will build a union depot at Wa> nut, a small town in Crawford county. A j-.ostofiice scandal is about \-j develop at Hiawatha. Someone has been sending obscene letters through the mail. Things were jiretty lively in Chautauqua county last week. Three oil wells and two gas wells were brought in and a liorse thief killed. An Efliugham telephone girl met an p.ccpiaintance on the street who raSi£d his hat .and said "hello" to which the girl responded with "number, please." Miss Peachio Dlaiu is a teacher ai Walnitl. Now if there s anything in a name at all the youn:^ men of Walnut wiir have an exceptional oppor I unity. This is the limit. An ElTingham man claims that after a small eyeione which oecurrod there he found a brick with a feather" driven half way through it. Take a back seat Uave Leahy. The Chanu 'io young man who at- tempied to commit suicide recently while under the inlluenee of liquor says that he and whisky have j)arted company, j Many other individuals have said the same thing after a drunk. A chihl die<l yesterday at Canity as the result of burns re- (•(•ived v.hile watching his older bro Ihers .-iluxil off firecrackers. After the Fourth there will be more news of thi:; kind. The Capital says that an Kmi)oria girl got it into hir bead that it would be a ::ay trick to milk a cow that was strolling near the Cbaulauqu'.a grounds, Ii'il she abandoned her plan in great embarrassment as the cow turned out to be a gentleman cow. The threshermen in the v.estern j)art of the stale have organized a union thopuriiose of which they say Is iu)L to raise their prices but to keep prices from going dcjwn. At \\'fn<iorii, however, the farmers do not like the move and twenty-five of ihem hav* bamied together and will buy an outfit and do their own threshing. $600,000 IN mt •BO the School iDhildren of America Promising Indication at Elsmore. .^ir. W. E. SlarKs, of the lola iJind Company, was down around Elsmf)rc- tlie fir^l of the v.cek and comes back wiib an encouragiug report from Hi-well that has just been drilled by the Eiamore Gas & Oil Company. At S50 feet the drill struck a san(^ which, upon being ponetrated about a Ihin! of a screw made a fine showing of b (;th gas an <I oil. At that time the drill was withdrawn and the baler sent down, and the well caved, filling in for about twenty feet. In si)ite' of the cave in it required iwo men to force a plug into the top of: the casing, so strong was the pressure of the gas. The company will proceed at once ;o clean out the hole, case below the cave in, and go on down. The result, •will be awaited with nearly as much interest in lola as in Elsmore, for if a gljod gas field should be ojieneil in that part of the county it wtiild be worth a great <loal to bila. Notice. The barber sh^jig r)f lola and Ga:' City will on the thir.l of July and not open any more until tbc following Monday. All shops will be o|)0n until 12 o'clock on the night of the third.— Uy order of commlltcc. Hundreds of lives saved every year by having Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil in the house just when It Is needed.' Cures croup, heals bums, cuts, wounds o^ every sort. All Druggists Will Buy it Back. You assume no risk when you imy Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diar­ rhoea Remedy. All druggists ^ill refund your money if you are not satls- flpd after using It. It is everywhere admitted to be the succesiVul remedy in use Cor bowel complaints and the only one that never falls. U Is pleasant, safe and reliable. Schbol Children's Competltiyb AdvertisHig Cqiite?t No. 867. SEE. This sketch was made by 'G. M. Leslie, age 13, Washinpton School, lola, Kas. We give a cash prize of .S5.00 for any drawing of this character which we accept and use. All school children can compete. Full, ipstructiobs will be found on inside of etfch package of lOgjj-O-See, telling what to do to get the prize and how to make the drawings. The difference between, Egg-0- 3ee and the ordinary flaked wheat food lies in, the sanitary care used in its preparation, the eelection ofi wheat and the purity of its flavoring. You can taste this diflerenc-e. NOTE—The price of Egg^'-O- See is 10 cents for a full sized package, such as is usually sold for lo otui food mill in the world, withth« mostapprovled labor saving machinery enables us to make the best flakbd wheat fo^d. at this lower price. ASK YOUR QROCnR FOIR THE QREEN PACKAOE. If your grocer does not keep it, send us his name and lo cents and, we will 5end you a package, prepaid AililrCbS al! coniiiiunic:illi)ns to Ilai Notice to Bidders. Sealed proposals will be received by the county commissioners of Allen county, Kamas; at the oflicc of the county clerk, lola, Kansds, until twelvu o'clock, noon, July 21th, 1903, for all tjic labor and material requir-^d in the erection of a court house located at lola, Kansas, in said county, in accordance with the plans, details and specifications furnished by J. C. Holland & Squires, architects, Topeka,!, and now on file at (the oflico of said county clerk. Parlies bidding ujKm the work will be reqiiircd to furnish a certified check with their bid in the sum of two} per cent (2) of the amount of said bid and paytiblc to the county treasurer, to be hold a."? a guarantee that Iho successful bidder will enter into cuutract and lurnlsh satisfactory bond within ten days after award of contract. Said check tc be forfeited to the county In the event of sale' contractor falling to sign said contract and furnish satisfactory bond in accordance with said bid. niddcrs v .-jll be required to make out their bids on a uniform blank, furnished by the county clerk.. Same to be enclosed in envelope and addressed to county commissioners, lola, Kansas, and marked, proposal for court house. Parties bidding on the work will find plans on file at county clerk's office, also at ofiicc of the architects. The county commijisloners reserve the right to acjcct any or all bids. By order of the county commissioners, Allen county, Kansas. J. W. KELSO, County Clerk. . I Very Remarkable Cure of DiarroeaL' ".•\boui si.\ years ago for-the first time in my lite t had a sudden and \^ severe attack of diarrhoea," says Mrs. Alice Miller, of Morgan, Texas, "l-. got temporary relief, bui it camo back' a .i ^ain and again, and for six long years' I have suffered more misery and agony ^g; than I can tell. It was worse than] death. My husband spent hundreds' of dollars for physicians' pre.scriptious and ir( atment without avail. Finally we moved lo Bosque county, our present homo, and one day I happened to see an advertisement of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea RemVly with a testimonial of a man who lli<l been cured by it. The case was so similar lo njy own that I eoncludei! lo try ihe remedy. The re .-?ult was woii- dcrfiil. I could hardly realize that 1 was well a.qain, or believe It could bo io after having suffered so long, but ihtit one bottle of -jueillcliie, cosiing but a few.ct'jit.i. cured mc." For unle by all drugglslH. r The lar 'Ttj ^t M.-ide tiy tJip BATTLE CREEK BREAKFAST FOOD CO. Batttu Crcsk, Mich'. Quincy, IH. IcCn-el; lii-e!il<f:ist, [-ooa <Jj..yuitify.lll. Atthe M, K. & T. Depot lola, Kaiis., Jane JO, t903. To the p« opie of I'>Ia aLnd Afien Coanty: Ti e ondersign^d Ltlmber Company has opened 3 a yard on north Jefferson avenge, ad- foining tf e M. K. & T. depot, where yoa will find a complete stock on hand a,t. all times. Wz ask for a share of yoar trade a:nd hope to merit the same by fair prices and g^od material. Come and see as and get prices before yoa boy. Yottrs Respe!ctf0fly, S.C. Lumber Co, I in Boilers, Engines, Brass Castings, .• Drilling Tools, Gray Iron Castings, Belting, Packing, Mil il lola, Kans^s^ Manufacturers ol rbicbinery ...Uor...; , MineSj SielteBs and BrickiPlaflfs. We otter... ~ Qood VVbrlcmajishlp, Prompt pellvol-ies. Low Prices. . pifSlorage Tanks^ Automatic and Plaiii Gas Separators,Sheet Iron Wor|c, Structural Work, Rotary Ore Roasters, ^oHe Stacks,: SteeliDump Cars I Mads to O^r. LET YOUR The Finest Line in , thsCity • Patterns For Castings a Specialty. Estmates YumsUL (ftuct Repair WorJi^ WM. LANYON, sr.; Pre5. J. BJ CASE. Vlce-Pres. A. B. ROBERTS. Caib. Win. I.iiii;'i>n. -tr., Capital Stpck^ $50,000. I)JKliCTOR5: •i'^ (', I|i»(Hl, (it/. K. Nli;liolj.on,! M. A. J A. |;<JI.HI.W(I. ' II, I.. HcuiJi-rson, Frink KtUdlc, A. ». Kubcris. i .1. 11 C»l .8 ST0CK)10LpERS: J.ll. ru .Mc, Wm. I..inyon,!!r., Ceo. K. Mc»io;.son. J. A. KoWiiSon, VvMiV Khiaic, A. U Taylor W. S. ncndrlcUs. U. I.. lIcnUcrsoL. r.;. L. I'l/n.Slor, Klauiniin.: .1. W. CouUnl, David Ewart, E. 1'. SclicU, A. Itevliif-'toii, .1. y. Walker. Calvin IItxxl, ' M. A. Low, 11. A. Ewlni;, ,A. W.jlowland. J. W. Kdwarda, K; 11. Uenncit, Ev^ns Uron., A ii, Koberts. Loanp]and insurance. up 5talr« Ta^ier.^uIUitig. lafai, Kansas ^ Tiia rent jrou pay Willi buy a better hoasa'tlwB th|) on* yoM are ttdtittt'. Come and aea na. .1

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