Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 11, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 11, 1912
Page 5
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DR. HMITiifliMES. ColumUus. Ohio, July 15—In reply to mauy l««it«T« nbuut my reci>ni uiit- cl« on ruiurrh and cui)Htl|>iitlon I wUh to nmkti itit' fnlUiwIiiK Httttvitiont: (.'aiutiimiluu U ln*ou«ulnK niorc luv vt^lont t<v«<ry liny. Nuitrly ono^hnU uf lilt* liiiiiiun fniiilly nr«< tniubleit with U iiu>ri) or Km*. ThU fm-i iirPHiMilii n Mi>riou» cotii|ilU'iill»i) lit tliK ti'i'uimont of chronic dl*fitKi'. Till ly yi'uri* nun \vh«i>-r wn« iir»>- w«rllilni{ IVriitm ovi -iy ilny only ii v«?rv Kitmlirrttrtloii <i( DIM |II«I|II)>||I«<<U<HI U taituUvv. Hut I hnv.> foiunl liy VXIKTI- vncf ihnl niori- ntid luoto if laxallvo iiiiiMt irn iiMnd. . IVruna orlKlnulty contalneil no laxative clement. I uii<>d to iir^Kcrlbe tti« laxative Manallti to be UKcd in can-? a laxative was needed. This ncceaRi- tated ttie f>atlcnt buying two.bottles of niedicinc Instead of one As constipation became more general I finally concluded to -add a lax- alive element to Peruna. The new Peruna Is made ^vlth a laxative ingredient The old Pfnina <Ka-tar-nol Is without a laxative. On. that ar- iwunt some prefer the old Peruna and some prefer the new Peruna. . The new Peruna. is for people who have some catarrhal ailment and yot I need a laxative. ' ^old at all drug .' uteres. The^jold Peruna tKa-t;»-nol is for 1 those-people who have .«ouie catarrhal ailment but need no Ia,\ative. Those wishing to procure the old Peruna should address The Ka-far-no Co., Columbut:. Ohio, for further particulars. NKOSHO VAI.I .KY. iNfi..'»!io V;il !.•>-(, (K -tobtT H' .Mr ami •'Mrs C, \V .Adaiiiti and th>'ir joii -i. Ii. rt ami .laaie:'. wen- on >:..> .wi-st .-iiU- tine OM-II InK lu^it wi'i'k In ordiT t/> h:l^U•n til.'lr Job of rihk road work, tin- .MIH'DJ lu«>tlii'r>^ him- fnliirK <'iJ thfir workinK t« in- and «r>' . nowi oinTatinic tluo- iiiiurrli's Tin- two ici>-ntl.\ opinf.! till ;U"- <in tlio I 'lirdiiin f;irm and tUo oM .la.-uli faiui Till- ro. k ft(.mi tl.i> lusi i'\:u>- iiitiitliiniM! ari' ln'iiii; plaifd as tl>' liist laytT on I In- roail lu 'd and ari- 1 ,>4i<'n \\U:. f'.' ^-^^ iiaiiiiinT.-'. This iiitan.'- of Tn. r. a.-ir.K tin- loash siirfan- without cru»hinii u!l i>f ;h.' rock wiil an advanta^i> •<> ''tii ooii!i-;;ctor? and no obvious dftrjiVien: to the road from the fact that they < an tiiake.u.«« of thi-ir lar;:'' amount <>; aooumulate.i siftinj-:-' tU .1t i.-; used for a top dre.^s- Will Diupnian i.< b'liidinc a s^mall ham on ''.»^ tm-aire iraot of land he ii-.-.-nt!y liijiig!;c o:" .Mrs Ut^iian. He t ^vii ^cTs tc. soon raisf t!ii» foundation i.f tlit^ iioiisi^ .ir.d add a couple of rooms A \V. Yoiinsr. a fornior N\-Os::o Vali>y b. y* \v !-.o'.'ann' ou: w i;!; tiie l.lMl ila>s in I'ik:'. (^nein>^f-.-ini: at the State rnlkf-rsity and lavr t.iok a jio^ltion as assistant to t:it> enzint»er of Tiie fis.i iiatcherv uork Pn-.-;. has rt'sisni'd t !ia; position and wij; t^arh mathematics and siirv.^yin^ in th<' schiX'! of mines and nvt-talliiray at Wvir Ciiy Mrs Hny Hankins war- <alled to, »a'rti—Okla . ly t!>i, illnes.* <f !i^r brother last Saturday .After r. - maininp there several days h^r brother who had been down with the ty- pboid f '-ver. ttok a turn for t'.ie bettf r that made her presence at his bedside unnecessary. . Ilurin? her absence from the. Piirdom home, her place was filled by Mrs. Clarence 1 -utz. .Tohn Sherrills brother. C .H. Sherrill. of Oklahoma, is making him a visit His father and mother- of Prai- ri»- Di-ll. have also been over a day or two recently. .\rden Williams, of I.inapah. Okia I^ars been glidlni; around aracmK his x friends here this week * Clint Bills is having his house raisfd and underpinninl and is phimb- ing it fiT ga« He is connected with a rural t «'l<'phone that leads into Hum tioldt. sb-lio and hl -i family ..-in >-as!l> communicate witli their ol.I fri. n <!s iroiu w'lioin thry h^-.' rcctnJ'.y bt-.-n seiiarated by theiir removal to tht- farm 1-ist Sunday wh"'' .\ Fair was .MI; |;ilting wild crapos. he met wit!; a feriou* an.) palnfu! ac.-!d«'nl. WliI:.- trying ti> UIM^ i»>< kct knlf«' in lii- liprket knife in his b 'ft hand to rut tiie sraiv stcnis with. 1;.- thrust tSu •jioint of the knife into Ms i >y,> II is feared that t!:esiKlit will be entirely ile ^troytHi. and that the ball may sliiff out. lIowf\«r. son;.' of his friends indulge tl o hope tiiat thf sight may be partially restored. Tlio #e "llvinc within a close ra.iius of the Criwk home freiiuently indulce in the pleasure i^f joy riding, since K ,\ Crook imnhased that large aulo- mobile' ^ Ed Cleaver's baby is reported quitt- sick The fact th .it the early fr .-.sts conditioned the big kaffir corn crop for harvest all at once has brotigut into use every pi^'ce of machinery tha- can possibly lie adapted to the pur- - \HM^e qi corn cutting and there yet re• mains a large i)er cent of crop standing. *hich damages, as far as a fod- •der feed, is concerned, with each day of exjiosure. Mr. and Mr.? Glenroy Flake were with friends cn the west side Y\'ednes- dav. ; IM.KAS.VXT TALLKT. (BeittlhlNr). Oct 9.—KalBr corn and cline Is Just about all cut. Som* are crlbbln« corn and atock water Is x«»ttlnr very scuwx*. S. r. FVn«M» and ton's Willie and l.>lu w-ere ideklng annle* on their farm e'<^t of Haynnl Saturday, Dr. ChrtNttan of tola w-m cnlllUK flt hiK farm hore nnx du.v this wxrV. Jut nnvU h«» retumwl frotn a vl«H lo tliK time fair In Oklnhoina and re- tioriii ft fine timr. Tb" fnmllle* of Perry Miileom. Dr Utiril.'v HM (1 John Padgett of f.<iffiirii- were n( rii»n Robinson'* Sundo)' vl» Itinc and K.iihertnc nutt Mr and Mrs flyde Ciifp-nev • r\-' frlendu sn^nt Sutidny otr l)"..r fr-• ttflthoring niitn. Mr nnd Mr« Chat Rob'n'—' — atltMidlne the giocU show In K in CItv fhlx week. .Tak» Hoke bn.« rented the .Tiv> tji" f.Trm wh.Tri Mr. llannv livr« .-ipil " ji move th<>r«» next spring Mr Hatie- will move to town. Charles Bolbv Is selling his stpd and farm machinery and will move t t(iwn this winter. Next sprine .Mr .Bjolby will move his family to Arkpn sas where he has purchased a farn- Frank ijicev has rented the MItchn'' farm and will take poss<'ssion thl"' f;<ll. fr. Billem Price and Miss I,uc Potter of Gas rit,v. -were married in Tola last week and are making the'r home at the Price farm h^re. W 'r wish them a world of happiness. Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Price are visiting friends in Maplefon this week. Mrs. Earl Henderson called on Mrs Culler Tuesday -afternoon. Roy Highbargin and S. R. Berkihis er visited a* S. C. FYame's Sunday. Mr. Smar^and daughters were shor ping and visiting friends in Ipla Sat urday. Ike Sklnn»r and Clarence Canady were iii tola last Saturday. .Miss Klaine Skinner has been visiting relatives In Gas City the payl week. Mi?s Ulanrhe I.uca.s teacher at Spring Branch- vislti-d Saturday and Sunday with relailv.'s in Colon.r. .Mr atul Mrs. George Grieve wert calling at Ihe Clias. Robinson home Wednesday. The fun. nil of Mrs Bert of Idilio. foriUiTlv-of hen was h«-ld at the Valley church Wwluesday and bull!*! was made In the Valley ceme- terv. .Tus. Uavis is dlisging his crop of IMtfatcs Ji 'ss WiIker«on and son Thomas of i Oklahoma were here to attend the fun rrni of Mrs. TTockeH. ^ J. J. Cp'od, •^vho has be^'n worklna the p.Vst summer for J. P. Eastwood will move his family to lola where he wiil work In the cement plant. tJr.mdma Peleplain of tola visited 'ter-> Purday and Monday with her son K. P. IVlepiaIn Monday was her ?4ih birthday and several relatives and frK-nds called on her with Tr.^etinss for manv otiier hMi>tiy i/irthdays Cttrl Tlipnboff vislt«-d Monday a' tl^^ l^rkiWser homo. Carl is certainly excited over the world seri< s. He her that Boston would win th*- first pam^ and nc* he wants to bet that they win the world's series. THEIQIA DAI^yitEfelSim^ ™ EVENING, OCTOBER 11,1912. down «nd they had to get a team to haul them to town. Fans Loans , Lowest Bates Branch Office of TheHertifflan Mortgage Co. Tap4»ka, Kaas. Optional Payments, Any Time Will Let SO^- of Land Value BEiiT LOKHS IS ALL£K C«. lOLrALANQCO. H.»B.MO>V. .Mrs C. Cloud. Octobr 9. —Mr. Russell brotight hi> .Jaughter. Fern, home from' .Minnesota week, where she has been taking treatm.'nt from a specialist Sh'' is no l«-tter- however, hut st.»id the trip very weli. l.ex Bix e ha.^ begun drillin.c on th" romiUi -aweaUh lease. They are ex-^ pertin.s to put down fifteen welis. Frank Booe and family spent Sun-' day with Mrs. Bcoes brother. Jay .Mc- Gtiffey and family, near L'nion. .Mrs. Swank is still on the.sick list and .Mrs. Spencer is Improving. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Cornell. Grandma Cloud. Pouglas Booe. Mr and Mrs. I>ex Booe. Mrs. Frank Minster anjl chiliiren. Jack Cornell and Philip Brandon spent Sunday „ai Cary rioud's. ' ' pan Cornell and family spent Sunday at the Braden parental home, near Leanna. Mrs. B .vie7 and grundcliildren returned lo their home in Thayer Sunday after a few days' visit witli .Mr and .Mrs Han CornJl. Wc hud a nice i;aTn lasit niglit and ho|>e It was a general rain. a.< so many '.ad to Uiiiil water Mr and Mrs Tom .X.Iams entestaln- ..I the former's brother to dlun^'r Sun .'.»>• Mrs Flossie Minster and dilldren Mint a few days this with her rncW-. Cary'Cloud, near Cottage Snne. Pauline Cornell Is still suffering a st^vere cold The fanjieVs In this vicinity are iarvestlng-th*>lr cow peas and cane. l»an Cornell, sr. expects to spend :lie week end with his brother In ilorse Shoe Bend. Charlie Johnsoii and Zelle Noyes sjient Sunday evening at Cornell's Jack Cornell. Douglas Booe an Jesse Bockover spent Friday evening at lie Cloud home. 0?fIOX TKEKK. (F. C. ElUtl.'' Oct. 10.—Mrt, Maud Joiief of Buf falo who came ^ip fur a vlilt with Ml«» Ethel Kill* stayed and btlp<>d her brother'* wif», Mrt, Fi^nk Halbert when her twin bable« wer»» bor.n. Sh« Jeff Thuraduy for Buffalo and will njovft frt'm there to Pnrk»rvllle, wh«rt> her husband hn« work for the winter. Jlm'llnwklut went to Plqua Wednet day and bought hit winter tupplyof potntuea at ^ cent* n buthel. Tliotnat Ogg and wife enjoyed n vltit from Qrandina Osborne one day Init week. Jctale MrClosk«>y finished working for V. C. Ellis one day last week, i Mr*. Miller's niece, Dorothy, who has been visUlng her for nearly twc months went home this week. Mrs. F. E Culbertson went"to Emporia a couple, of weeks ago for an extended visit with her son Harry and family. I'an; Hunter drove over in Woodson county Monday on business at Mr. Wr.gner'^. STO>Y POI.NT. (Lela. McFarland* Oct. S.—Mrs. Hamilton and Mr. and Mrs. Getfrge Broughton have been making apple' butter at John Burrows'. .Alfred Heck,enliable and family of ;er Uela were izt Moran Tuesday marketing some ducks. -Mr. Ifred Heckenliable and family of Parsons are visiting relatives in • this vicinity this week. A' fine rain visited this part Sunday. Started the river to running. Mrs. Francis Parsons returned to her home in Goodrich Wednesday after helping care for her brother. Wallace Hall, for the past ten days. Mist EmUy Heaton of Bronson spent Sunday after Sunday School witli Ha Brottgfaton. Mist Edith Johnaon apent Sunday' after . Sunday , School witti Naomi' Bronghton. ; | They haTC a; trained anne from La Har'pe taking <are of WalUce Uall. i Ur. Gilhain YisHe* mt WaUaoe Hall's Sunday and t<KA .Ur. Dickaon borne; wJih iilm tor * Tialtrr . . ' Aa Jlr. WaUiHi aae turning bomi Mr; WataMl'« SILVER LE.VF. I Mrs. U E. Wray) Oct. 10— AIJ the farmers were giad •o see this rain as w-aler is scarce. .Mr. and Mrs. Stahl. of LaHarpe took dinner at Mr. Skinner's Sunda} ind Called at .Mr. Wray s on their way home. Mrs. Ray Brown was In Gas City Saturday evening. Mabel 0.\ender wi-nt to .Maplcton for \ weeks visit with frir-nds. Mr. George Remsberg sold a mule o .Mr. Butcher, of lola. tliis week. Mr. Kiley to<^)k dinner at .Mr. Arthur Georg.-"s Friday. Mr. Ray Brown wi-nt up to Mr. Fergus's this Wf .'k and got some appb -s .Mr. Tom Fitzpatrick and famllyvis- iteil at .Mr I.faki'S Sunday. Mr. Crei-il and tainily are going to iiuive to lola .M<milay Mrs. Eastw -<M )il 'n'tiirni'd from Okla- loiiii' Saturda.v ev.-nin.s;. She has been ihfiS" visiting rflattv.'s Miss Opal lloke >atii>> home and ^pent Friday IM-IIIUK and Saturday at her grandiiiotliers.. and then s|M-nt Satunluv evening and Sunday witli her father Mr Hoke .Mr Perkin- aii<l fuiiiily, Hi.iner Mu.x- well. Irwin llitke luid Gi-ortte l».>nn were tailing at .Mr .>laiiafee's Sunday evening .Mr. and .Mrs AtntPrson. Mr. am! Mrs KastW .MHl w.'Ul lo Kansas City to attend till' st.ick show. Mr. and Mrs Jaci<s<in wi>re in Ga> and l.aTlarp>- lUi liusiness Wedne.s<iay Mr and .\lr>^. Perry of Ga.-. w.-r.- calling at .Mr Browns Tu»sday even-j Ing. .Mr. Miller is getting along fine v. iii- his new barn. Lola. Edith and Homer .Max w. II an.I Irwln Hok.' and Beatrice and Carl rkins .-iit to tl:.' i reek' Sunday and cot so:;i.> wainiits. Wil. y S'.»;nn»-r wejit to Clianiili: to woik Tursdjy. Scb «M.l Kepiirt nf iri\\fr JA'-^T schihd for montii .nd- ng (). tol)«r -I, I'Jl:.'. Willi 1»; pupils enroil»'d those neither abs.-nt nor tally are: fVarl I>»ake. Hazel Kline. IJH I.aiijni.'r:. Thos.- in t!-.e seventh grade: F'<c 0 \.>nd.r Si\!h grade; Ridi- ar.l ri-.vd. Pearl i.^ak-. Havl Klin.v Third grade. Maln-I Oxender |Hos-. Potts. .Nihil Cr-'ed. l.'"- ijimiiicrt.' Second Harry Pctts. Beulali Potts First grade. Gr.'ve. Paul Cr.-.'d .Man.ii- Potts. Charltts Itenisberc. Keii- ben Ileinsb-'-rg Daisy Potts. Ti.ose averatine the highest grades in their das.-'es ?r.-: Seventh grade— Florence Ovender: S:xth stra.le—Pearl ak-; Third grade—Mabel Oxen.ier: With Mm. Hopklna today. • Mr. and Mr». T. J. Wlllhlte camfe; down from Worth County. Mo. last: weak to attend his father's funeral.! rhey will visit relatlvet before return-; (ng home. .Mrs. .\ustin Sloan nnd children and' •Mrt. Joe Rhoades visited at Curler; Rhoadea Monday ufierniHiu A light rain fell li .ne Wednesday iilgbt. Several are hauling water for ihfir stock. I ,Mrt. .1. C Dornbergh and .Mrx I, E. :<elley were g K 'Htx of MrH. RliiVailfi* AVInexduy afternoon Mr. nnd .Mm llert Strunk and son. Walter, of I'nl.ttivllle. I«wa. were vis- ting n( F. T Foster't Sgtiirday iitglil itttl Sunday. .Mri<. Smith nnd duueh- er, of lluiiilipldt. were alto visitors at Mr. Foster 's Sunday. I.Mrs. Smilh) Oct. !>.—Fine weather for doing fall Aork. But a gno<l rain is much need-! »d for those who are hauling water, j Mr. and Mrs. William Kyner. of| .Vewton Kansas, have been si>ending; the past, week with Mrs. .Mary Car-| penter and other relatives here. i The r .Adle3' .Md Society met with | Mr .s. W. W. Sprague Thursday. A large number were in attendance and ail enjoyed a pleasant and profitable afternoon. The society also elected oflScers. Clifton Ouart came out from tola ind remained over Sunday with Cleve ind Harvey Carpenter. r The road managers here are putting I new cement arch over the branch jear Charles Springston's. .Mrs. Elmer Hibens and .Mrs. Arthur Blbens si»ent the day with Mr. and Mrs. E. E. tlates m I-iHarpe Titurs- lay. Mr. Warr.-n Hackit and family at- tendftd the funeral of .Mrs. Bert Hack- •t7 at I*leasant Valley W«^nesday. I.esler Case is putting in a new ce- iii-nt cave tills wtH -k. Mr. Zorues is loing the niason work. Sammy Cart»'r weni^o lx>ne Elm tli>- irsl of the week, where he is helping I 'liarlle Swan with bis farm work. While Mr. Ki r.s.liner and .Ml .^s liar-i nett w«'re dri \inK hom.- from Diamond; -^uuduy evening tinli horsi- bfi-nni>' frightcUi -d. suppo>fdiy at a road grad- ; er beside th..- roa.l. ami ran away Tin- 1 bugfcy was daiiiak:>'d soiii .-what. tin-| liorse esiapliig Willi the harness on | .The horse was found nc \t day at .Mrs ' •N'atiler't. The yoiilli; p<>oplH. forliili . ately.-were not ^njuri'd. | re the Fit First Secimd gradi-—Harry Pot's: gra.le—K-ul»-n Reiii.>ib,nrg. .MISS I.OI..V MA.XWEl.l.. Tea.lier. CKKSt KM VAI.I.KV. (Dora En.liiott) O.t. .Mrs. .Myl.-r. Coun'y Suji^rin- lendfUt. called at our scluiol Tuesday of last week. .Mrs Brooks is on tite si.k list tliis wei-k. Mr. and Mrs. C. 1' Wright and family calle.i al .\sbury Siaiiiuins' .Monday night. Mr. anil .Mrs. P.-rt Strunl? and sin Walter. .Mr. tind Mrs. Founty Fostfi and clilldren.uind .Mrs. Hopkins c^lle«l at W. .M. Endlcott's Sunday fvening. The .M. H. S. will hold Its meeting KIM k CKLKk'. i "lo-orue Marks) ; O.t '.t -Mr Fi.'.iuont had nult.- an! accidiiut on hi> plai ••. While a loa.i | of lialcl hay was passing through th« gat.- hi' was tuiigbl befVeenThe' lojiil : and the gate-post and painfully eriisii j eil .-v doctor was summoned. H«? was j taki-n to his home In lolil. and Is do- j ing as well as could be exp «H "ted. Mr Ray finished tilling his silo last Saturday. Clydi* Colby and Fred Itees are bal- iiiK ha\- at George Bates'. .Mrs Wilson is going away ou .-i \ isit Frid.iy to Blue Mound. .Mr and .Mrs. Frank Marks and .laughter visited with .Mr. »nl Mrs) Bur:<;i of Pleasant Valley Hill Siiiid.iy. .Mr J»!Tri<s niark^-tiil pe ^i -s in Ga- '"ity Wednesday. -Mr ' an.i .Mrs. Con: m and son Har.>ld ial!»-d on .Mr. and .Mrs. .Marks la.-i TUPS lav .Mr. h"ri-d RCHS and family visited -r !'.i.s parents' at Gi -ii '-va Sunday. Scli.fol was disiiiiasf-d Friday at nooi^ ;intii Tm-sday. on account of the illness of thi- teacln-r's moth.-r. She i- ;>etfcr at this writing. Mr Wedkin hauled hay for Fred Kees T'lesda.v. George .Mark.^ and Edward Elmer iisited with Ivan ijughes Sunday. Frank .Marks purchased two -tein calves from Frank i'arks. .Mr. -McCiure is marketing hay in !.da. .Mr. Davis is having his barn painted Mr .Marple is putting U|i his se<-ond .'rop "if hay. 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Shoekey and Mr. Harris j ."•ijM d(> the work wh»-ii the material'. . _ i>'ail ready. . The most ancient history furnishes ervidentre tliat ffiankind stiffeted ((larence Beahm was dismissed from ^th Contagious Blood Poison. The disease has come down through all Hol- jury last aeek till Xovember 2nth. i the ages and is to-day, as it has ever been, a scour ^i and Wi-ht upoaha- last Thur.sdav for a ^-^'^t^^: J^^P^^^ 'he sa ^c- an in its Kdna .I'-nson came ^jp l'I .KVS \>r VAU.EV. (.Nettlr Osborni Oct. li>—Mr. Kd MrKinney of IVrn- tytvania. spent a few days with hi> im le. W. II. .Ml Kinney, tlio first of h« week. i (Irandnia Iiowns is lying near deatt' It ilif hoiii.' of lier son. W. 11. .Ml- Klnii-y. -There serins to lie no dts*-;!.-;! i t. If It —only Worn out witli .ng.-. She Is \er\ ' .••fund-'d .veak aii.i lio'li sinngih ami mind ur. lasi. ii:,ii .-,nay ,or a weeKs earliest historj", but its cur«. kas now becoirv r.n acc -.-.nr3h ,hcd fact, where- ,:-r parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. U. Beahm.; ^ once considered an incurable- ltd. .-on. S. S S. is. an antidote for the virus of Contjgious Biood Pol.=on, and cures it in all its forms and stages. S. S. S. possessing both purifying and tomiprop'^Ies routs out all the poison, and at tie same time i<uilds up tlu: general: health. A person who h. ; beer cared of Contagions Blood Toison by t;. i use of S. S. need not fear a return of its sjinpto^S at ?ny futtire time. This great medicine checks the jprojjrcss of the poison and gradu.illy but snreiv all sotr-s and eruptions heal, ulcerr*':'! aiouth and thit>'" p f away»-^. 4, copper-colored .iplotches fade away, and when the blood ia thor< a-bly purified no sign oi the disease is left. lltMOe Treatment book and any medical advice .'rcc. THE SWIFT SPEdnC CO^ ATLANTA, OA, •iranduia Osborn suceecded In finding a light buggy with two seats which ihe could liuy this week. Mr. Ch:irlex .McKinney found a black -<arf Just west ni Plenisant Valley hool house. The owner can learn particulars by calling i*So-ol. Mr. and Mrs. George Ellis and Mr. I M. Reahm attended the iJaiitist association at I 'arkerville last Sunday. The assoeia'ton will be held at riea.s- m; Valb-y next year. PREVENT DISTRESS AFTER EATING Two or three Dig.stlt tablets aft.r •ii'Ing iireveut or <|ulckly relieve liat full uiuomfi'rtable feeling. Tr>' fall.-i. your money will !>•• Itrown's Digestit Is a cer- ain (ji'iik rt-U'-f nnd t»>rmanent reni- •dy for all stomach uiwets—reliev>-R. ImliKrstlon instantly. IJttle tablet.-; :isy to swallow—absolutely- hnrniless o. Uurrell's Drug Store. 4A.HKS COOK'S .MiM) ^;o^^:. Ft. S«»U n«y Sjient Months in a JItx- V I ^an I 'rlMtn. ron .l) .NOT SI.KKP XHJHTS. No salesmen needed-^ Here's one article that's g^ood enough to be its own best salesman. If you'll cover one of your buildings irith Peerles<> Prepared Roofing, {ou'lt find yourself telling Brown, Smith, Robinson and the rest of 'em, how fitile it cost in the frst place compared to roofs you've used—how eaff it was to lay and how; from the day you put Peerless on, right up to the tninnte you're teUins about it, you've never had to spend one red cent in repairs; That's *hat we' mean when we say, "No salesmen needed." sell Peerless Prepared Roofing because it rtaauundi itttlf. You can't go wrong when you see the Peerless mark on a roll of roofing. There's a tbmiU guarantee, the m.-nu- factniers, and our own, on every roll tbat^eaves onr door. When you buy Peerless Roofing, you 're purchasing >-eaTS of wear and sbaotnta fiwileiii from repair npcnkr. Th* minnte yua'frel a* if yoa't* not tfxdag BMMMy'a vranli. (ay ao mcd *« xive yon iruur moary tuck ia a iiSi^ Come id and ask US urjIgrVoti should an PeezlBM Roofing.. W«'U tkw yon> PAUL ia.EIN I : "iuiYerer from Nkfn Tronble Telln How lie Knnnd Kelief In S»\n- Salve.. i "I suffered from a severe sktii ^f: 'ecflon so I rould not sleep nights. I ; vas almost craity with itching. 1 ( Aoijld .scratch and almost tear myse! ; o jdeces. I tried a great many ren. -dies without relief. When I saw S .x I -^alv.; .ndvertised I decided to try it. i .'.nd one tube entirely cured nie. 1 re<-ommend it wherever 1 go."—A. 1 Mrrgan, FZn^icott. X. Y. ' ' -Many persons around here suffer .s' I yiiueh from eczema tfiaf they'caji cc- i -leep at night. Sax6 Salve stops th errible itching"and so<fthes'and hea 't j Register readers will rememlvr fhi> long fight to releasi' Jameg Cook, the Fort Scott boy who was arrested in .Me.xico where he was railroading b»>- j cause Mexican members of p. train i crew robbed the train of which he wus conductor. Cook was locked In prison, could not 'get a trial and It took months to indnce Mexico to turn him !oo£-. rtirlc.Sjan finally actings The tinish of the Stor]( Is told by the Fort Scott Republican: , .V message received by V. L. Coj>k,! of East Wail street, yesterday evening from Oliver Cummings. announced that Jameii Cook, who is an inmate- of an asylnm n^ar Seattle. Wash., having lost his mind recently, ;.U at prrsent in such a condition that no one wfl! be allowed to see him. and that it will be a number of weeks before it will be possible to return hlra ro his home here. Mr. Cook's mental along. —'* tf! , And 'h" ilepl ',r loft this evening !on the ^r-ln 1...- Arkansas. At I'-as* f!' n a pr .i -.v.Ti copy, former loluns th" Register abu.nduntly worth I hi money. ; the eruptions. _ «^ „ ; In all kinds of eczema, salt rhem.: j breakdowa^Tras^probabl^ d"ue to'hTs ,.etter, barber sltcb_ etc. Sa.xo Sahv [ jroprisonmrat in Old Mexico fcr.six ; las wonderful hcaUng power because (j^o^i^g wifhoiit 'h.. fcrmalitv of. a t penetrates the skin pores and de- 1 ,rial. and he has been raving much of : rtroys the germs at the very seat o''.«- — «--- - •- - j the disease. I We give back your money if Sa \t 1 Salve does» not help you. ' Burrell' ! Drug Store ... CMI, Gas and ITood'Heaterf! CMUntim CMU aai Gas, Hat Blast and llr Tfgkts BaraVijMiUutiM Cvid'aM (tas ;.-.fcle*i»" the time since he has been in the ho.»- idtal.' Xo one is permitted to see him at present nor will they be allowed to until after Occ 12. The reason of this delay was not stated in the message, but it !s how thought that he ta under going a course of treatment that wil! restore his mental faculties. H.iD TO H.l¥E THE REGI.^Ep. There ore compens .-':;fnnS In all bnsl- n^^sses. There, are tnofcks and kicks 'pnd'.worries and loss-^s that tinike the ; few remaining, white nalrs tm. your j near bald he«ld"'thr«'3t <^nj to.meye; and hherflc are-llttlft dabs ol-ipproval and \ of flff«ctlTn)e«s which are not; to*» fre- nnmt'tft l^.plMri ^hMd. For U>»tanc*: er: . EocloM!d,-;^I«uis Riley Weel "X IIOOSIER noM.l.VCE" I- iii a beautifi'' g it f~ok with/ lustrationc by ihn ' .'olcot* Alams and^ Chai^Jl ir Christy, is ve-y attractive, put out at only '>-ic for this oeca-sicn in a linr.ited edition: We also shoW almost all of Riley>iboots $1.2.5. our price i.^LUO See dor Riley Window. Evans Bros. Better commence. readi&g the new booksL Electric Wii4ng I Doobji e.\ner!-need m«L Prices ruasunaiilc. CanfieM A^TIioiiiirsofl With tUe L. n. yii4ud Hdw.

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