Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 14, 1889 · Page 2
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 14, 1889
Page 2
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THE FYETrma GAZE: :tJ.Ttt.)AY, SEPTEMBER 1 Evening Gazette. C. & H. L. JOHN", Publishers and Proprietors. TBB3I 8 t Per W<M>fc..»O etn, I Per Yoar..- BSUTSBSD BT otsnnwu •turn Istsreii «l W« PoitoiSw M SerMid-Clsii Hittsr. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER II. 1«°9. Hypnotism. One of the most important of the ninny congrcs-cJ at Paris during tlio summer was thnt wliirh considered hypnotism. Any report from the learned body was BO long penciling this side of the water that Americans might have been justified in thinking the f;ravo professors hud put one another all to sleep and would remain in that state for an indefinite time. At last, however, an outline of the work done at the congress has come to hand. It shows admirably the exceeding clearness and carefulness in detail of these French scientific men. Hypnotism is well known in this country under its other name of mesmerism, or animal magnetism. Professors (so called) of the art hypnotize subjects on a public stage, and f orco them to do absurd and extravagant things for the. amusement of the audience. Such exhibitions as these the French medical pro- fessora condemn in strong terms. They «ay that after a subject is once hypnotized changes are produced in his nervous system which make him afterwards always easily susceptible to the mes- ., •merizer's influence, even though distant from him. Moreover, when the subject is in the trance or somnambulic state, the operator may throw into his brain a certain idea, and will it to remain there after the spell is broken. Ideas implanted in one brain by the will of another in this manner are kno%vn as "suggestions, 11 and the means by which they are implanted are known as the method of suggestion. Weak minded and hysterical "• persons may thus be ledTsirtcrcomuiitr atrocious crimes "by suggestion." Such considerations induced the congress to pass the following resolution: 1. That all public exhibitions of magnetism and hypnotism ought to bo prohibited by thw authorities In tho Interest of public health and morals. 2. That tho exercise of hypnotism aa a curative Agent ought to be regulated by the laws, governing the practice of medicine. Also the convention passed ft rttriolu- iioii profoundly interesting to medlcul men the worVI over.—It waa ~ that hereafter the study of hypnotism and its applications should bo introduced into the teachings of medical science. It must be remembered that in this body were some of the most accomplished and .scientific' members of the medical profession in the •world. It is a hundred and five years ago since a committee of tho French Academy reported that tho science of Anton -Mesmer was a delusion and he himself was a quack. Now his science is recommended by men still more learned to the careful study of medical men throughout the! world. Mcsmer has heen revenged. Reports were made on the employment of hypnotism for the insane, for nervous patients and for vicious children. The treatment consists in getting the patient under control, as the mesmerist does, and then throwing a healthy suggestion into his mind in place of tho diseased one. The method worked well in nervous diseases and could bo utilized for performing painless surgical operations. .It was not BO successful with the insane, owing to tho difficulty of fixing their attention. But tho most signal success •was obtained in tho reforming of ,vicious children. Several of the learned physicians were of opinion that hypnotism would be of groat use to educators, though only to be employed when every- thing else failed._._. For the past week we have bcr-n Irasj opening and Arranging "~\ TL THAT is meant by ' free alkali," Doctor? I see it mentioned Y V in the advertisements of IVORY SOAP." o '"Free Alkali,' Madam, is the alkali which is not combined with the fats or oils of which the soap is made, due to the ignorance or carelessness of the soap maker. Soaps in which ' free alkali' is present are decidedly injurious to both the clothing and the skin when habitually used. I have seen reports of analysis made of the IVORY SOAP by men eminent in our profession, and all pronounce it to contain no 'free alkali,' to be made with great care and of materials of the best quality, carefully selected, so I unhesitatingly recommend it for every purpose about the house for which good soap is required," ( ( A WO&D OF WARNING. There are many white soaps, each represented to be "just as good as the 'Ivory'•," they ARE NOT. but like all counterfeits, lack the peculiar and remarkable qualities of the genuine. Ask for " Ivory " Soap and insist upon getting it, _: : Copyright 1886,-by-Proctor & Gamble. ;-.'- Onr buyer, who has just returned from th'e market, was able to secure - some immense bargains which we have placed on our shelves and have decided to give our customers tho benefit. We wish to call special attention to our Dress Goods Department Black Silk Warp Henrietta 4G inches wide at 9. r >c per yard. K « « « 42 " " 62c " Black Silk Finish Henrietta 40 '• " 45c " All Wool Henrietta, black and all tho latest shades, 33 inches wide at 38c per yard. Flannel Dress Goods, stripes and plaids 30 inches wide at IS, 2.' and 40 cents. New Silka in all colors, 19 inches wide at 75 cent?. Black Silks 22 inches wide at 90 cents per yard. I'.lack Silks 24 inches wide at $1.00. Great Bams and k faied tint we —A conspiracy baa been detected among the prisoners confined in the county jail to make way with the sheriff and prosecuting attorney. There were live or six of the. more desperate characters in the plot. The motive for such a diabolical schcme"iu fouuti iu the i'ncl that those two parties were the moat active-agents in running down several prisoners. It is safe to say that the plot will be a boomerang and instead of being victims, State's Attorney Stager will have the parties indicted and convicted for conspiracy to commit murder and Sheriff Keefer will act as their escort to Joliet. It was due to the vigilance of Mr. Keefer that a letter waa intercepted which disclosed the plans of the conspirators. —[Fulton Star. State's Attorney Stager was seen by a reporter, and corroborated .the statements given above. Two other letters, written in the jail, to friends outside asking that they procure aid for their escape, are also in Mr. Stager's possession. The parties are on the sure road to Joliet. Interntntn KxpoNltlon, C'hlrnso. III". On September 12th, 14th, 21st and 20th, nnd October M, r,th, 12th, nth and 10th the C. B. & Q.'R. R. will sell excursion tickets to Chicapoat one »nd one-third :ftiro- for n.uuu trip, plus twenty-live cents for. admission^ ticket, limited, going, to diite of sale; returning, to and including the following Monday. ^ OPERA HOUSE, LA.WEIE BROS., M'g'rs. 10$. ill 5 & CO., Ms, , t i E. <). Cook.) MILWAUKEE BEER. 'Sclcr.t,"''Export" " B and "Lngr.r J'err." (Alr.o tho "liost" Tonic extract of malt and hops) WAUKEGAN ALE AND PORTER, in kegs and cases. Opposite (3. I!. £ I). Ilnpnt, 1/nrimt Htrret, A CHANGE. & Conanl SUCCESSORS TO O. A. Oliver. BOOKS, STATIONERY and Wall Paper. •i Cirr'nit Court of Whi!"=ido County, to October Term, A. !>., I 1 "'- 1 . Albert IV'rhor ) JoTinif Brnchor, ) AtYidrwit nf (lip non-rfpicViiro of Jennin lepchr-r, defpnJnnt nbove nnmpd, liavinu «>n liled in thr ol!i<-B of tho Clerk of the 'irruit Conrt of \*> hitfsido Comity nnd Htnto tf initial", jintieo i?. hereby given to thppnid cnnio needier, that th« nlxivn named coiu- lainniit heretofore-idled hi-< bill of coinsdnint n pnid court, on the chnneory cido thereof, nud thnt a numinous thereupon in«ncd out of aid conrt ni'nin?t tho nbovo nnmed dofend- mit, retnrnnble on tho fir* I dny of the term of the Circuit C.onrt. of p;iid County, to ne i«ld (it tho Conrt HOIIFO in Morrison, itiunia Vliiteniilo County, on tho third Mondny of )ctober, next, (If. 1 *;!) ns is by Inw required, !Uid wliich flnit if plill pending. LAUREN JO. TIJTTLE, Circnit Clerk. WANTS! Hitiiadons Wanted, Only KIcentM for!! lines in HIP KVKNINO <iA/KTTR. A GLANCE Throrgh onr stock of cloths will be a revelation to yon. Enough of the extremely fashionable in fancy plaids to meet the taste 01 those who care to wear them. Plenty of the plain solid colored for dress and old age, with ft great variety of the neat, quiet things that most men choose. The attractiveness of onr goods is mirrored in the radiont smiles ot our patrons, and shown in their tasteful apparel. JACOB EISEL0 Merchant Tailor TEE33 Peoples' Favorites! ill rail Overcoats Our New Fall Style Hats are all in. • —.Yarns clieaper than ever before. For Reliable Goods at Cut Prices, Come, to Us, —-NEW~¥ORK-:STORE;— TWO KIGIITS, THURSDAY, THE EMINENT TRAGEDIAN - Originators of Low Prices. Academy of Music Block. Cominer o-t Last. DUNCAN CLARK'S A model pleasure yacht has hecn con- Btructed to run by electricity, iu this country. Tho experiment haabeon a success. The motive power h generated from 200 Fauro accumulators, by tho storage battery system. Tho little boat runs noiseles-sly, ulid with speed enough for a pleasure boat. SufHcient material can be stored in a small boat to generate, electricity for four or live hours. There is no smoke niul no annoyance from machinery or puffing steam. The stored batteries occupy far leas room than coal, water and machinery do. These email electric boats have been run successfully for some time on the Thames, in England, but they have not yet been tried to any great extent in America. The Nebraska Stale Journal scouts the idea that western farm mortgafjes and western securities in general are of doubtful value. The editor declares that investments iu farm mortgages and in the bonds of growing western cities offer aa good securities as can be found anywhere, even in Massachusetts. This is especially true of Nebraska, it is said. So rapid is the rise of real estate there, The Journal declares, that a loan made today upon a farm mortgage for five years, at the end of that time will probably be doubled in value, as far as security goes. In Tho Atlantic Monthly E. Q. Scott takes tho ground that in Canada the French will finally overthrow tho Eng- iiab by sheer natural increase in numbers. If they should, it will be contrary to the previous history of the two races anywhere else. Today in Europe, in their original homes, the English are increasing in numbers much more rapidly than the French. Here to one of Professor Huxley's l&te&t about the oyster: "I suppose," nays th« professor, "that when this atip- jtery morsel gliilea rjottg tho palate, few rf tiuAgiw) they are swallowing a of machinery far uuiru couipli- tiw i« 18 Church Notices. Services In Grace Episcopal church at 10:46 n. m.. tomorrow, conducted by Key. D.'K. S.'inford, of Milwaukee. Sunday school at o :45 a. m. Services in tho Broadway M. E. church at 10:30 a. m., and 7:30 p. m., conducted by tl>e pastor, Rev. J. It. Hamilton. Sunday school at 12 in Services at the English Lutheran church tomorrow at 10:30 a. m. and 1 :30 p. m., conducted by the pastor, Rev. E. Drown. Sunday school at 12 m. '.-•-.-. Services in the Presbyterian church tomorrow atlO:45ft^m. and 7:30 p. m , conducted by Rev. Black. BabUatb. school, at 9:45 a. in. H.'O. E. at 6:30 p.m. - • . . Services In St. Patrick's Catholic church tomorrow^ conducted by the pastor, Rev. P. Me- Mahon.' First Mass,.830,....High .Muss 10;W). Sunday school 2:30. Vespers and Benediction 3:30. Services at tho Congregational churcU at 10:45 a.m. and 7:30 p. in., conducted by the pastor, Rev. Martin Pout. Evening subject: "The Improved Society." S.C. E. at 0:45. Bible school at 12. Services at the Christian church at 10:30 a. m. and7:31 p.m., conducted by the pastor, Rer. Andrew. Scott. Evening subject: "Eleventh Hour Salvation." Sunday school at 12 m. 8. C. E. at 7 p. m. Services In the Evant'elical church, corner o 5tli street and 6th avenue, at 10:30 a. m. and 7 ::iO p. m., conducted by the pastor, R«.'V. A. Heafele. Sunday school at 9:15 a. m. Young people's meeting at 0:30 p.m. Services In the Church of the Sacred Heart tomorrow, conducted by the pastor. Rev. H. M. Fegera. First Mass atS.OO. Hlghma.ssntlO:00. Sunday school at 2:00 p. m. Vespers and sacramental benediction at 3:00 p. m. Services In the Baptist church to morrow at 10:30 al in. and 7:30 p. m., conducted by the pas tor, Rev. F. A. Gregory. Sunday sohool at 12 m. General prayer meeting at6:00 p.m. Young people's prayer meeting Tuesday evening at 7:30. Services at the 4th Street M. E. church at 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.. conducted by the pastor. Dr. J.B. Robinson. Quarterly meeting. Love feast at 8:30 a. m. Sacrament at 10:30 a. m. (Juarter- ly conference at 8 :TO M onday evening. Sunday school at 12. m. Young People's meeting 8:30 p. m. "The Great €orn Palace," The committees that have in charge the arrangements for the coming Corn Palace at Sioax City, promise a display far exceeding anything of the character heretofore attempted. The Corn Palace itself, built entirely of corn and grain, will fitly illustrate the agricultural resources of the vast area of country tributary to Sioux City, and the internal displays will epitomize the progress and enterprise of the hosts of earnest workers who are pushing the development of that favored region in which "Corn is King." To enable all to visit this "Eighth Wonder of the \Vorld," the Chicago & Nortti-Western Kailway will Bell excursion ticket* to Sioux City at half rate*, or one fare for the round trip. The Cora I'alac* will open September -'M, and cloee October 5th, and during Umt period numerous upocitU traiua will be run for the aaioanutxiaUon of ?lai tor*. Tieket* SUM! full iufuruiation can J ott dppUc4t.!i.>0 $9 bt^fmiisof QOINO EAST. Atlantic Ex 2:42 n. m Sterling ross...?:»S a. m. Limited I'ass. 8:52 a. m. 1:06 p. m 3:40 a. in.' Clinton Denver OOINO WKST. Pacino Ex 2:22 a. m, Kttirllng Pass. 8 :(X) p. m Limited I'ass. 4:04 p.m. CllntonPans — Denver " 1:13 p. m. 8:63 " FRBIOHT TRAINS THAT OABay PASSKNOKKS, OOINO BABT. No. 18 No. 46.... 8.15 p. m. QOINO WR8T. NO. B!S No. 17...™ ,..7:4oa.m OOINO BAST. I OOINO WEST. 8—Passent-er 6:30 a^ra.lao—Pasjenger 4:20 p,m 70—Ifrelgtit «:45 p.m. «—Freight. 6:00a.m AKBIVK FKOM KAST. 7J-Paa8enKer...»:OUp.m. •T—Freight. 9:40 a. m. ABHITK FROM WBHT 35—Passenger 10:30 a.m 42 -Freight. 8:30p.m Passenger No, 30 connectsvfltlvtrains east an west on Clinton Branch: with O. K. I & P. B. 1 at Hock Island east and west; with main lln or points west, Council Bluffs, Omaha and u youc* and lor Kansas City and uoluts beyond. Rupiwrted by the Emotional Young Actress Arabian Nights and Female Minstrels. ACADKMV OK MUSIC, NKFT. 14. IS lirautlfnl l-n<!lpH. 4 Km! Men: Tnc only legitimate Mon»t«r Female Com-. hinutlon now before the public. Grand Marches, Gorgeous Costumes, Great Novelty Acts, New SOBKS, New Dances. Beats now on sale. Admission 36 nnd BO cents. Stuudlni; room only. ADYEHTISJ5TIS SHOULD BEAU IN HIND THAT THE GAZETTE IB BEAD BY A 1 LEAST SIX THOUSAND PEOPLE EAO] DAT. ONE DAVID J. RAMAGE'S Supporting thfi CIIAICMIN^ IilTTliK A.UTICKMH. Miss Blanche Slader. Opening in the famous Comedy Brama in 5 acts, entitled Don't fail io see tho celebrated FItlCKH OlVIiV 1O and KO'.i. SJO'.i. Referred seats for stile at tho usual place without extra CHANGE OF 1'LAV NIGHTLY. 111 the Lcadio From 8 x 10 Single To MX CO Double. STKICKLER'S; Metropolitan, Company of Acknowledged Artists. Thursday, John Bamicr's Sublime Masterpiece in 5 Acts, DAMON AND PYTHIAS. Friday, Mr. Lindon's New Play, Tho Great Sequel, THE SON OF MONTE CRISTO. Scenery, W ai-drobe, With Gorgeous Stientc ElTacts. of «al» »S «. I* W KHmff, PrL.-g* 25' 36, and, 50 c-. § Kvrii *** I • -~^ f ^a'fejS UKDEIt NKW TOBK BTOKS, Is Agent lor Applegate's Patent Electric " l Also, Agent for tbe Dr. Gassner nnd J. A. llurrtitt DRY CELL I mil preparwl to nut In Door linlls. llurghir Alurma, Watchman's Detector's autl Kl«ctrlc Molurs. DR, A. W. BAEK. OVKB Oitiingsr's Oloihing Sters, Do Not Buy a Light Weight Henrietta; if You do You Will Regret It. *-iir* ' . They are not reliable, they slip and split, the filling having little or na twist, leaves them no streiipth. All our Henriettas are Heavy Weights. Our 506 quality is the Best Dress Fabric for the * money ever shown in Sterling in all the new fall shades. We Have the Only Line of Priestley §* Co.'s Silk Warp Hen- rietias, Australian Cashmeres, Novelties, fyc. None genuine unless stamped every 5 yds. B. Priestley & Go. A Great Barpfio Black Si 20 iD.lrffliireEoyalatlll, Cheap at $1,1 " . . * " CG in. Turkey Eod Damask, warranted Fast Djo, 25c. Sold everywhere at 40c. We have the finest Stock of Table Linen and Napkins in Sterling. Three-Fourths Bleached Napkins $1.25 per dozen. Oollars mid OuiFs, 'JFn/imtlei'oy, T>irec?toi»ie, Acc.» Just Opened. Call and see onr new double track railway, tbrougli trains, fast time, limited. BUTTERICK'S PATTERNS N. CARPENTER &

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