Covina Argus from Covina, California on February 15, 1908 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 15, 1908
Page 4
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The Covina Argus COVINA. CALIFORNIA. Entered at the Postoffice Covina, Cal., as second-class matter. Published every Saturday by the Co •vina Argus Publishing Company, Inc. SUBSCRIPTIONS: tl.SO .7* .5,0 .0'. One Year in advance Six Months Three Months ... Binglc Copies ... AnVKHTISKMKNTS: T)i»play advertisement at reasonable rates. Price* on application. Changes made as per contract. Liners Sc per line each insertion. Legal notices 11.00 per inch first insertion, .SO cents each subsequent insertion. COVINA, Feb. 100H. Judge ( '- 1 f - Pfl'ker »( ( Jlondalo. and formerly 'if thin city, is mentioned HH si prominent, candidate for the office of Supervisor of tho Fifth Su- pervisorial District, t.n succeed Mr, Patterson, tho present incumbent, whoso term expires this your. For twelve years Mr. Parker was prominent in the business circles of this city, Hiioeess oharact.cri'/ing all '''« undertakings. A man of Hound judgment, mid HtcrliriK integrity, ho WIIH constantly in demand and (hiring his residence in Covina never know vvliat, it, meant, l.o have an idl« moment. Every plaeo he liaH occupied )ian been a place for duty and endeavor anr! when he has not, been engaged in tho public service ho iilwayH labored with equal earnestness and singleness of purpose for «ndH which ho believed to ho of moment. With l.ho many demands upon his l.imo ho yol found lime 1.0 sorve eight, consoeiiti vo years aH .JtisUco of l,ho Peace ot Rowland Towimhip, resigning the office when he moved t.o (ilondale. In polities Mr. Parker has always been an ai'dent, Republican, being a well known figure in both county and st,af,o conventions. Fn (surly youth ho Ht.ndied law and ono of his st.rongCHl, obarae- t«sriHti«H in that, ho atUI remains a student, alwa.VH delving f<ir thn basic prlnclploa underlying now situations atid now ideas, and a^ a public man he IIIIB always kept in touch with the best thought of tho .country. Should Mr. Parker become the choice of the electors of the Fifth District liiw influence on the board will be felt throughout the entire county. Kick. """""" burlrftf I»K> p^t few weeks mnny complaints havo been recorded nt the ollice of \tho Argus by prominent citizens at tho overcrowding ot tho combination baggage and passongi'r car which loitvos this city for LOH Angolos at, 4 :f)0, Wo find that tho complaint is well founded and that, on an average GO to 70 passengers neck to (.ravel on a car that has only Keating capacity for !!(>. This is an hour at which thoso who havo been spending tho day in Covina on business or with friends seek t.o return to their city homes in time 1'ur dinner. An additional car, or a .standard car, should bo run at this time. Wo havo found the officials of tho Pacific Electric ready at, all times to accommodate as far as possible, the traveling public and tho Argus boliovos that If a I'oprosontatlvo oommittoo of our okiz'mn wore to bring this matter to tho attention of tho ollloials tho trouble would he rectified. BROOKS Rf-VIVAL. Mass Meeting on Sunday In Interest of Good Citizenship. Covina is being stirred by the two Brooks brothers, who are conducting the revival at the Christian Church, These men are not fiormationaHsts. but as their record in other places they are nlain, practical, men, who believe strongly in their doctrines and preach and sitsg them with wonderful effect, but in doing so do not, "fight" churches which teach contrary doctrine.fl. Among tho many things the evangelist has said, he stated, "I do not care whether people way I arn pretty, f do not worry about, whether you think i arn a great preacher, but I do want you to say, 'I do believe in that man Brooks.' " One of the rnos!, interesting services of the entire series, according to the announcements, is to be held Sunday afternoon at three o'clock at the Christian Church. It is to bo a mass especially for men, in the interest of good cit.ix.enship, anrl is called a "Patriotic Service." All the lodges and fraternal orders are invited t.o attend in a body anr] wearing their full regalia. At Riverside the Luring Theater was secured for this service find was packed from pit, to dome" with 1000 men. There were over UOO Oddfellows in tho line of march. The Daily Press in speaking of the service declared that "Kvangolist, W. T. Brooks delivered the address at the occasion, liis subject being, 'The New Citi/cn.' The people of Riverside should congratulate themselves on having tho honor of tho presence of such an orator as Rov. BrookH. His wonderful addrosB was of real ht-ooflt, t.o l.ho groat, throng of men present ti::d will bo long remembered as a great, speech " The mixer] revival chorus will bo on tho platform to lead in singing the national nirs anr] special music will 1)0 rendered by Evangelist A. K. Brooks and others. Tho entire building will be reserved for men. Every man and boy in and around Covina is invited. Ladioa may apply for admission to tho chorus arid as far as scats go they will bo permitted to sit oil tho platform. Tho Brooks brothers creator! quite a stir on tho struct last Saturday night when they, with tbe pastor, Rev. W. (J. Con ley, and the big revival choruses, were hauled down on n train of o range wagons coupled, irlilch were drawn- by flight -horses ami mules." Following the wagons there was a procession of autos with other members of tho Christian Church. Tho choruses load the crowd in singing Homo of tho revival songs. Rov. A. K. Brooks sang a solo, "Shall 1 Moot My Sainted Mother?" Kcv. W. C«. Con ley load tho whole as thoy repealed in cono'jrt Lord's Prayer," and Rev. Brooks made u short speech. DELINQUENT TAX LIST for the City of Covina. California, for the fiscal year 1906-190". to Lot Blk. 20 17 23 24 13 21, 20 and 22 9 12 20 J 1 ft 2 6 CHARTER OAK. Mr. and MrH. (<oo. Sl.mvidl and son (Jlcnn and MrH. O'Hurii, nil of Lou An^olcH, worn KunstH Hnvcral daj'H thin w«<nk nf Mr. and Mrs. K. A. Stmvttll. Mrs. Win. Howr'nitf iMitortaini'il it iiuinlirr of (iiilcif -tiiwu friends at, an (lutduiir picnic luncheon ti> ci'!(>l;rutc tli« hirthiluy uf her little daiiKlitur Winnitrod, wli'oli oaintj a fisw dayH For Salo No. 1 Burbank mied potatoes. .Minor Miller, lloinn Phone ,T.i7t;. '-!--'-> The collection of photographs and photogravures of finimun paintings now on exhibition in tho High School is cnhHidorod tin- finest ever present td in St. Louis. St. L'Uiis Post Dis 1 -atoli. See this exhibit at thcCovina High School, Feb. Ill -J'^. F. I'.. TouiiM-nd of Chicago, who bah bet u viniting Dr. and Mrs. t). P. Shoemaker, in much impressed with ('ovina and lieiybboi hood UM a I'e-i deuce .-i-i-t ii.ii. Hi- vays I hat in bi.s opinion i.t all tbe ci a->l town-, lie has \ jailed, ( 'o\ ma is I la- im-l bean! ilul anil deMi abb- t> >l a b n.e, 1 be In an! i Jill \ Jew ot t lii IIP .iinta ins I < n le; mi Mil 1 aspt-d an\ \\ In i e. lie t \ | i ct s to l.ili M ii w inlci )• me in l alii, i h ia. ;;!Jll Wllh il :- lli'l'c^Ml illt> to I,..-' All geles. ('o 1 , ilia will |.|ol;ili|y Ii Ills *'ii< >K't_-. Tract Hrunjcs R. JI ........................ Sherwood Baker, Calvin ....................... Sherwood Casey, KImer K ...................... Hhcrw >od CJailoway, Sam'! ................ Covina City Hoafeldt, H. A ............ ........ Palm Place Miller, J. 1, ....................... Palm Place Miller, J. L. ...................... Sherwood Mc.Bridc, J. W ..................... Richmond Wolson ............................... Wells Croii«e. David ...................... Richmond Notice is hereby given that the above named persona and the above described property and all owners thereof, known and unknown, are delinquent for city taxen assessed against said persons and owners and upon said property for the fiscal year of 1'JOfi and 1W7, and the amount of taxes and costs due thereon is placed opposite each name and description; and all such persons anr) owners, and all claimants of any interest in said property are hereby notified that unless said taxes, with cost and percentage are sooner paid, I will on Monday, March 2, 1'XJH, between the hours of 10 o'clock a.m. and 3 o'clock p.m., in front of the City Tax Collector's office, in the City of Covina, County of Los Angeles, State of California, sell at public auction, the real estate and improvements for the taxes, percentage and costs on personal property added thereto, <:nd for accruing costs; and that such sales will be continued from day to day until March 10, l'X>8, unless said property is sooner disposed of. I. C. FAIRLY, Tax Collector of the City of Covina. Covina, -California, Fcb 8, 1'JOH. It is said: "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." and a delicious crowd "Tho W. T. There woru from liiUU to IfiOU people who heard this short service. There havo boon about thirty additions to l.ho church thus far in tho revival. The house has been ciowdod at every Horvico, and as somo have said, "It's the talk of the town." Tho revival will contituio at loaat over Sunday, the -lird. The Brooks brothers are booUcul for Spukuno, Washington, directly following their campaign here. There will bo no service Ihis evening. A call has boon sounded out for .'100 in attendance at tho Hiblo-Nchool Sunday morning at !):-lf). Special efforts will bo mado to increase tho work of tho Christian Kndoavor, which will meet, at, (J :!!0. All I hi- young people are ur^ed to be present as il, will lie in their Intor- o«ts. Tho leaders in tho revival aro very enthusiastic uver tho outlook for a roally great awakening. Rov. Brooks says ho has seldom seen a place whom more people are thinking about join ing the oliuroh. Stuck Reduction Sale. Tho II. F. Taylor Cash Store, at (tlendora in making a .slook reduction nale, from Feb. 15 to iMaruh 1st, mi his eumidele line of dry goods and IIICII'H furnishings. 1'rions on dry goods will be made without regard In co.-it. We cut tint whole line from notion thread m nilk goods. \\ewill not attempt to enumerate or make comparative prices. Instead will ask niir eiistomtus In c.otue to the store and g:<t our prices. You will not bn disappointed. \Ve need I be money, us niir bills beooine due Mar. 1, hence We make prices to meet the ''emergency, lie-sides nur great saeri i lice prices on dry goods, we will t-ell Barn Phone 240 un> and all . men 's t ni h ! count of '-Mi Men's s\ in k tbe ab \e l 111 r I'' '.v bold ^ I f mil' complete line a! u straight > ill in,Ml Mar. nut included prji-e-i on I ii-s . Siit:nr, milk, sjiii-i-', l|,-nr. lard, diird liuits, bai'"ii, Im us, .nut many '.iin-i arliclti Hi cusl. li. 1 . l'n\ bir C:tsti Mm i', Res. Phone 198 CITY LIVERY STABLES C. F. SMITH, Prop. Feed and Sale Yards in Connection Fast and Gentle Horses, Careful Drivers Stylish Rigs W. Badillo St., on the new electric line. COVINA, Cup of Coffee is the opening wedge. We make a specialty of FINE COFFEES On account of an unusually large sale, our coffees are always fresh as we buy direct from the roasters. If you are not using our coffees, give them a trial, Brown & Bohri GROCERS FOR SALE Good Orange Land Unimproved, near Covina, also orange groves, 3, 5 and 10 acres, close in, on electric road, suitable for subdivision. J.H. MATTHEWS CO. Sole Agents, Covina SOMETHING NEW! Are you interested in Saving Fuel and Labor In your home? If so, come and see demonstration of a DETACHABLE RETORT OIL BURNER PATRICK'S fllRDSOM Glendora Furniture Store ATTENTION PLEASE! If you are planning to furnish your home it will pay you to investigate our stock. We have everything in the household line of furniture from the cheapest up to the best. Phone to us about window shades and get prices on quality; it will pay you to do so. We put the goods in your house and hang your shades at no additional cost. We can save you money for several reasons. We pay no rent and buy direct from factories and save the middleman's profit. See us before buying. Special attention given to Undertaking and Embalming if _-:-a P. SBIMBARS 1 1 1 1'ROl'RIBTOR Phone 166 l\\

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