Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 1, 1903 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 1, 1903
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ThoM Who Read th« REqUTBR crt tta« Vtew^ 'ihe Day It Rappeof TH08B tVKO DONT FIND ITOUT THE DAY AFTER VOL. YI NO 214. WHOLE NDMBEK 18f4. lOLA, KANSAS, JULY 1903—WEDNESDAY. SIX PAGES PRICE FIVE CENTS 235 MINERS SMOTHERED IN THE HANNA, WYOMING, HORROR, BLACK DAMP IGNITED; ENTOMB||NG ALL THE MINERS AT WORK; FEBftiyEOTflMTi SW OF 282 MEN WHO WENT INTO THE MINE ONLY 4/CAME OUT ALIVE. SURVIVORS jRIVEN' INSANE SOME OF THEM FOUGHT THE RESCUERS LIKE FIENDS. Scene Was Pitiable—Women and Children Huddled Together, Wringing Their Hands. Associated Vt^caa Dispatch. Hanna, Wyo.. July I—Of 2.S2 men. who went into I he Union Pacific eoal conii»any'.s Ko. 1 inino ye.slerday morn inp 2'i5 were liiliod liy the explosion of l)Iaek (lamp thai ornirred at lOr.'SO a. m. yesterday. of the dead are Kinlanders and nefirocy. i Members of Ihc rescuing partiks tell of ipilifiil' scene.s aliout the seventeenth level, as deep as it has been i)ossiblc io penetrate. Some of the survivors were* driven insane and fought like, liends a.u;ainsi the reseuers. , Dazed. listless survivors were found sitting on cars or lying on the floor, careless of whether they lived or died. Near.the seventeenth level twenty bodies wero found strewn over a i»ilc of deliris which they had striven to mount l.-c- Idre being overcome . the deadly fumes. Some were .«earcd and blackened by the flames, but all had died crawl ng toward fresli ; air. Eleven rescuers, who iienetriited this fur, - were too weak to bring out a single body. For hours the scene at the nunuh qi the level was hca\-nioving with clothes and hair awry, niothers, Wives, sweethearts and children huddled together, weeping and wringing their hands. Many sat on shattered limbers blown from the mine'.s mouth, insensible to their surroundiugs. The most frantic i>ushcd to the e.lge <>f (lie gap nnd tried to force tlieir w.l- into (ho slope. An expei/ who WIMH almost to the seventeenth level.-say;; tli(! mine eannoi jiossibly be cleared for months. It is feand ll|ii the men in the lower levels were torn to pi<'ces l)y the explo.^ion which liurled great timbers high over I lie town and 1.700 feet beyond the month of tho slope. Among tho dead is Alfred Hapgood. who turned the first shovel of dirt in starting the sioite. The fire bosses who had reported all safe before working time yesterday, met death while jnaking a second inspection. THE WEATHER Associated Press Dispatch. Chicago, July 1.—Mi.ssonri—Partly cloudy tonight and Thursday wit probably local thunderstorms in ex treme north portion, continued warm fresh southerly w inds.—Generally fair tonight and Thursday with lobal thunder-storms in northeast portion; brisk southerly winds. THOMAS RYAN WASN'T DEAD, Flag Over Interior Department Was at Half Mast and Washington Thought He Was. Associated Press Dispatch. | Washington. .luly 1.—People who passed tho Interior department yes lerday were surprisc.l Ur sen the flag over the department hanging at half mast. They wondered what high official of Uio depart mont had died Then many of them rememl)ereii rea<l ing in tho newspapers ^hat .Iudg< Thomas Ryan, of .s, assistant .secretary, had been taken ill last week and they concluded that liis ill nes8 had ended fatall.v. This mental BiiggeKlion .soon lead to a report that Judge Il.van had breathed his last ,although some of those who conimuni rated the sorrowful Informallon were not certain as to the lime. Tho .se who tord< the trouble to confirm the report by telephoning tho Ryan residence and the interior department learned that not only had the judge not died but flial he was very much, holier and that he would bo at his desk at the department today, if the weather was good. The flag had been lowered as a tribute of respect to Dr. A. R. Richardson, superintendent of the govern ment asylum for the insane at St. Elizabeths. THEy ENJOINED THE JOINTS ACTION INSTITUTED AGAINST IL1 LICIT ARMOURDALE SALOONS. Proceedings Under a Recent Act Legislature—May Mean a General Campaign. of As.soclatcd Press Dispatch. Kansas City July 1. —Injunction proceedings were resorted to in Kansas City, Kansas, today to close six joints, or illicit saloons at Armourdalc. Suits were filed by \V. L. Wood, an attorney, who acted upon his own responsibility. The i)roceeding is authorized by a law passed at the last regular session of the Kansas legislature prohibiting fiich places and giving any citizen a right fo enjoin them where proof can be shown that liquor is being sold. Today's proceedings are tho first taken under the new law and it is believed it is the forerunner of a gcMieral campaign against tho joints of the,state. LOUBET'S ITINTRARY. What the Preslent of France Will Do When He Visits England a Week From Now. Associated Press Di .spatch. Omaiia, Neb., July 1.—ReiVorts have be<n received at Union Pacific head- fpiariers this morning froiii Manna, •Wyo.. of I he progress of. the rescue party in the Hanna mines up to -1 a. m. They state that the rescuers had penetrated quite a distance into the mine biit had recovered no more brniies. j Difficulty of securing entrance to the tnino wa.s increased by the smoke and gas. and it is now thou.ght that the matter of getting air into! the mine is Ihc only hoi>e of n''scuiiig any of the entombed men alive. An orUor was received in Omaha for 1of> coflins whic^i are being shijnied to Hanna. It was stated, however, that this largo number of caskets was being Khipi )ed to b<^ nsed iij case of necessity and that no demand has yei arisen for so. ^arge an ord^-r. Brief Bils of News. Women ar»! working in Hie harvest fields at Conconiia. Senator William A. Clark, the Mon' tana millionaire, was kejd out of his - magnificent new Fifth avi-nue residence l)y a watchman, who .rulu"i know'the senator, iio had to l#>ave - without being able to sliow a party of friends through the house. George Meredith. the novelist, who.":e condition was announced on Monday to be critical, was better yesterday. King Peter yesterday visited tho scene of the assassination of king Alexander aiid Queen Drag? in -Jie old palace. .The postmaster of New York has ' been authorized to make 80G promotions in his offlcie, involving |8|i,600, " and to appoint 100 additional clerks '• 1600 a year, all to take effect July 1. , IB addition, $15,000 has been anthoriz- ^ ed for emergency clerk hire. , / A«!fnclntril Pre .-J.q Vlnpiitrh. Londf)n. July I. —The ofRcial program of President Loiibefs visit 'o England a week henci- is as follliws: TIR . French pr.-si'denl will arrive July t; at l >ovor. wh<Te the Duke af Connaiight will be present to receive him. On his arrival at Victoria station. London, ho will be met by King Edward and will drive to York house, which he will occupy during his stay in London. Visits to the king and queen, to the Prince and Princess of Wales, tho Duke and Duchess of Connaught and the French and a dinner in the evening at Ruckin^ham palace will occui)y the remainder of the day. The morning of .July 7 the president will visit the Institute for French Governesses and the French hospital. Later ho will rec (Mve various delegations at York house. M. Loubet will be entertained by the ccir- IK >ration of Lon.lon at a lunch at the Guild hall ami will be present in the evening at a dinner given at tin* French embassy in honor of the king. Afterward he will attend a gala j)er- formance at the opera. In the morning of July S M. T.oubct will make a private visit to Windsor castle. On returning to Lonon he will lunch at the French embassy rfnd will then accompany Queen Alexandra to Aldershoi for the review of the trocj^s. In the evening he will be enieriained at a banquet by the foreign secretary. Lord Lansdowne, ami will later attend a state ball at Ruckingham pal- ai-e. President Loubet will leave for Paris Julj-9^ SMITH FOR RECEIVER. Ex-Senator Will Wind up Affairs of the United States Ship Building Company. A .<«.socl .ited Prtss Dlst >aich. Newark, .\. J., July ].—Ex-Senator Smith, of New Jersey, was tr>day appointed recoivet for tho United State.-; Ship Building Company, STOLE A CHILD. EH FINE ITALIAN HAND OF SENATOR ALLISON VISIBLE IN REVISED VERSION. STEERS H CORTELYOU'S DEPARTMENT. BETWEEN REFORMERS ON THE ONE HAND AND STAND-PATTERS ON THE OTHER. Utmost Harmony Prevailed in Republican Convention at Des Moines —Full Ticket NomirwrrJ. Associated Press Dispatch, Des Moines, July 1.—The utmost harnnmy prevailed in Hit! Repiiidican state convention which convened here at II o'clock today with Geor^je I). Perkins us temjiorary cJiairmaii. In the district conventions bi>lil lnfon? lhe'conventi<ui met, tin' stand-pailfrs who were favorable to the larifl" plaiik drawn up by Senator Alli.son succeeded in naming" a majority of the e.iu- mittec; on resolutions. A full ticket will bp nominated with A. R. Cummins for govviior. John Ilerriott for lieutenant go>*rnor: Charles A. Risliop for judge of the supreme court, and D, J. Palmer for railroad commissioner. All 'are present incunibenis. SenatJir Allison's tariif trust ])lank is as follows: We reiterate our faith in the historic policy of protection, lender its inlluencf our country foremost in the bounties of nature, has become foremost in production, li has enabled the laborer to siiccessfuUy insist U |«>n good wages and has iiKliicerl capital o in production with a re;i- sonable hope of lair reward. Its viu- licatiou is found in Hie history of its success and the rapidity with which our national resciiirces hav/- been developed and our ind\tsirial iiidepen- dence secured, and we heartily renew our pledge 'o maintain it. Tlie tariff rates enacted to carry this policy into effect should be, fair and impartial, equally opposed to I Ceremony of Transfe^^ing Various Bureaus Which Are to Operate Under it Occurred Today. As.toclated Press .Dispatch. Washington. July The transfer of the v.arious bureaus which are to iie assembleci under the act creating tho department of ccmimirce and labor If the new department, took place today. The Iraniifer was attended by a pleas- any ceremony in the offiil?Y f\ Secretary Cortielyou. A number of I'Vslin- gui.shed pcoiilc were present, including Secrlfiary Moody, Secretary Cd- telyou made a brief address concerning the objects and aii ^s of the do- partment'and there were several responses. ! POISONED THE BEER. Cincinnati Woman Dead Result of a Call From a Man Who Previously Boarded With Her. AssiK'IatPd I' Dispatch. Cincinnati, July I. —.Mrs. Lena Ciailey. acc (U 'ding to the coroner's verdict, dii'd today from poisoning. She had just ret united to her husband with their two chililn n afjer a temporary separation. Ii is charged that a man who had previously boar<led with Hi.' Galleys pill poison in ln-er svlieii calling (Ml Mis, Gailey yesterday. PLACE FOR BARRETT. 'SNN RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT TELLS ASSOCIATED PJRESS WHAT- . SHE THINKS OF US. MEDDLINO WITH! HER AFFAIRS- THIS IN SUBSTANCE IS THE WAY CZAR'S GOVERNMENT SIZES US UP. In Plain Language We Are Told That Russia Would Not Receive Petition of the B'Nai B'Rith. Commissioner General of World's Fair Appointed U. S. Minister to Argentine. A.s.«;i>!latPd Press Di.spatch. \\^^shington, July 1.-^John Rarrelt. coiuniissi^iner general of the St. Louis exposiiitui to Asia and Au'3tralia. has been appointed United States minister to .Ar.gentiite, vice W. P. Lord. mum MORE IN SALARIES ADDITIONAL CLERKS AND PROMOTIONS IN THE POSTAL SERVICE. I Associated Press Dlsiwteh. Washington, July 1.—The Associated Press is authoriz,ed to state tlia' the Russian government most Hvel>' ami absolutely denies the re port that It has o (Tel -ed any explana- lion to the Amerli|an government • itlier through the Russian embassy at Washington or llu' American embassy at- St. Petersburg regarding the Klslilneff incident, and declares that It has never been addressed by the American government upon the subject. The Russian government must categorically refuse to receive from any power, any jielilions. representations or communications Vclative to its internal affairs. Associated Press Disnatph. 2,000 New Postoffce Clerks Appointed Today—Mostly in First and Second Class Offices. AR.<:oclnted Press Di.spatch. Washington, July 1.—^^Additinnal clerks and promoticms became cffec- , , I live today in iiracticallv all of the first foroigh control and domestic monop-, ;^,.pVmd class postoirices in the oly, to sectional discriminalion and in-{ ,.„„„, p^. .,„, dividual favoritism, and must from. Hazel Avery, of Chicago, Held to Criminal Court, Charged With Kidnapping. Chicago., July I.—Hazel Avery was today held to the criminal court on a charge of kidnapping Alice Furlong. Her. bond was fixed at ?3,000. time to time be changed to meet varying conditions incident to the progress of our industries and their changing relations ip our foreign and iloniesiic ccmimerce. Duties tliat are too low hould be increased, and duties llivH are too high should be reduced. We endorse the policy of reciprocity and natural complement of protection. Reciprocity betwi-en nations is trade for mutual advantage and boih sides must give and take. J'rolection builds up domestic industry and trader and secures our own markets f<u- ourselves: reciprocity builds uj) foreign Trade and finds an outlet for o\r surplus. We approve the treaty with ("uba '•(•••ii'ly raiificd as roiiferriug sub- lantial Ijeiieliis iipr)n boili couniries and urge thai the remaining sl <'(is necessary to make it effeciive be promiitly taken. "W«> bi'iievc ibat the t.irg'' <-orpora- lions (•oinnionly called "irusis" should bo so reguhtied aii<l sur>ervi.:<ed both in their organization and operation that their evil leudeiicies may be checked iiid their evil practices pn-venled. lii many instances they are eHici<nt iii- lu.sfrial insirnmf>nls and Iht^ naluiall oiitcoiiK^ of an iiievilable proces.s cf coiiomic evolution. We do not desit-c their desiriiction. bul insist that they shall be so ri'giiliiled and com rolled as to preveui monojioly and iTi'oinc;<> coin- peiiiioii and in the fiillesl lueasiire subserve and advance the public good. "The patriotic and rt.solute course of ['resident Roosev <di in his recoiu- nieudalions to congress upon Ibis .-:ub- ject and upmi the related siibj«>ct (-f the further regulation of interstati' commerce commands our confidence and admiration and Hn^ ncent legisl.i- lion of congress in harmony with his recc 'iniuendaiions' meets <nir hearty api)roval." $100,000 ILLINOIS MRE". Village Near Bloomington Practically Wiped Out by Disastrous Blaze.. country, and the two highest (IT ihe. three i)residential grades. Tho ad- dititmal clerks allowed aggregate approximately 2.000 and the promotions of clerks omployoii make an aggrc;- gate increase of over one million dollars in the salary rolls. movenuiif was the organiza- ::1 emigrant aid a meeting at )w apriciiltiiral LIEUT. M'CUE DETAINED. Soldier Whosfc Matrimonial Exploits Have Attracted Considerable Attention, in Friiii Trouble. As.'sociatid I'rcss DIsp.itch. Chicago. July 1.--Wil1iam K. Me-1 last fifteen years anion Chica.go. July 1.—A started last night fo Hon of an iiileniaiion colonization s'lciety a y's. Tli(> purI )O !^0 of tho movement is to assist the persecuted Jews of Russia and the famine-stri(dien people of Sweden by oprjnins opportuni ties for them to foil pursuiis. Professor G. Charles Griflith. prin- ciiml of the Austin high school, was the chairman of the gathering, and in stating tho purpose f[f the meeting .said that the central idea was to join together existing charitable and emigrant societies all ovcri the world into a central' international association. With this object in view he offered the following resolution, which was adopted: .1 '•Resolved. That we approve, the lilan to secure Ihe co-r; existing organizations v grants to settle upon the land and fa vor the plan to organizje a lecture hu- reaii. which wilT send s ional ropuiation throii.^ try to arouse the peopl sity of building up aiji international emigrant aid society. The Rev. A. R. Levy, carrying im a plan of il peration of all ihich help emi- |)fakers of nai Ihout the coiin- lo the necos- Ciie. of Hie First infantry. U. S. A., whose iiiairiinotiial <'Xploils have been followed by all'-gaiioiis of bigamy, is deiaiind at l-'ori SIn'ridaii, having. b<( n taken there last night by dire*-,- tion of GeiuMal Hates. Vi (da Sirnions. who was married lo Hie lieiileiiaiit ai* .San Francisco .liiiie 12, has iec<-ived .a telegram from a priest at Ciiudiinati in wliicli he slates ihal he married .McCue and Ida Westcoit in June, ISltJL When his new briile (vi-fronted him with the telegram McCue tore il up, exclaiinin.g: •"li is false; i swear il." Itefore leaving for F (Ui Sheridan. .McCiie signed over his pay chevk to his wife. KILLED HIS WIFE. Oklahoma Man Shot Her Because He Was Jealous and Then Turned the Weapon on Himself. Associated Pros .s IiLspatch. Hitchcock, Okla., July 1.—Givin Alica. an ingineer, jealous of his young wif(\ shot an<l killeii her ar.<l then shot himself, inniciing a fatal wound. The cfuiple were .sitting on the .side of the bed when .Mica reaching around shot the woman in the back of the head. the Ghello district, schenu". He explained pose was to pijomote agricultural pur suits among ,Itfws in g-iieral and "to assist ami encourage siiHi .lewish poor as iin* able and willing to esiablisb themselves as farnn rs in'the IJIiiited States or in the Dominion of Canada. who has been is kind for th«> g the Jews of outlined his that the pur- Real Estate Transfers. Car Lock Business Prospering. Associated Pre.<!.s Dl.spaleh. nioomingion. III.. July 1.—Fire ai^; Ocoya, a villagi> thirty miles uorlb.. caused a loss of .$1 II(I.(HHI . The ini- «'leviaior of the Kirkpairick ^• Lairkland Compajiy and H-.c companion elevator owned by the saim.' firm were des/royed. togeilicr with ih<' rail- mail depot, general store of i 'ish Ilr.i- ihers and many small buildings and residences. TWO DAYS FOR IT. Coachman's Son Who Married a Countess While Posing as Nobleman Given Light Sentence. Associated Prfs» Dispatch. Ix)ndon. July i. —William Brown, a coachman's son, who married Mabel, the Countess of Riis.<cll, last December, when he piised as* a Ravariou nobleman, pleaded guilty of misdo- nieahor and was sentenced to tVo days' Imprisonment. As he hail be-.'U In custody since the time of his arrest, he was Inimedialely released. Mr. Van Ness, who is the acliv( manager of the Edgar Car Lock and, .Seal Works, arrived last night from ilie east. He says the plant has had some bad luck with its nioulds, but that a preity gooil run of work has been turned 'out. The railroads are urging tho filling of (uiTers nnd tlnr business ser-nis to be on the verge oi tiiUing oil a big boom. One eastirn roail just HTently discovered that it .stood a million dollar loss through its s< al systc'iii last year and it Is anxious to find-out all about the Edgar .seal which cannot bo broken without (l<;iection. Th(f Santa Fo ha.s^ a rush order in. for a lot of the seals and many roads are watching tho expori- nx-n; being niade by Hie Santa Fe. The i.rosjiect certainly .<j<;chis fine ihaJ the lii He plant may grow to huge proportions btfore the town is much older. The man who knows how to select the psychological moment for'bestow­ ing a tip so that il will got the most benefit from it is wise enough to take his place in the diplomatic corps,— Baltimore American. J. lii IlufTerd fo J. L. Adamson, $700 one acre in sh se '•'-•2'l\-\[). ,1. II. Ilendersfui to Amanda Curtis, §I .SOO, wh lot and Jo' feet off e siU'> lot :;•» Rhodes' add. Geo. G. Fox to Harry Mitchell, ?M00. lots 10 and II, block IJ, Fox's add. to LaHarp(>. Andrew Holt to W. W. Sprague. $::T 0. lots 1, n and G, block 3, Ed- wnrds' jidd IO lola. D. W. Hart man to Reuben Miller, ?i;:i.'>. traci in nw cor IO-L'I'.-I.S. E. D. liaij-d lo L. D. Wal.son, ?2.-.0. lot :i, block I, iJaird's sub-div lot "X Poiighton's add. J. E. Powfdl to O. L. Steinman. $170. lot C. block H.' &P. add. . U. W. Works to C. S. Whitham. $r..f;iO. nh nw V. 7 -:;iMS. Geo. W. Stevens to J. W. Slovens. $1. lot 4. sw VJ nw V4 lt)-'iiMS. • (}. R. Gard to Fannie ftfigers. JU'y. lois 4 and ">. block i;.S. Humboldt. C. E. Henlon to T. J. Ogg. $1.'., lot IC, block 4, Moore's 1st add. to IiMa. THE iRKETS Or TELEERAPH Associated Press Dispatch. • Kansas City. July 1.—Cattle— 5.000. steady to shade lower. Native steers, $n.f.n(715 .15; cows and heifers. il.90@ 4.fi5: stiSckers and feeders, $"3 .05 @4.40, bulls. $'2.40/ff:;.SO; calves, J.3.90@6.15; Hogs—12.000. weak to five lowen Heavy, $,'>.-"> ,">((?.'i .C7',2: pacjjers, $5,50 '?7r >.«0: medium. $5.r>5(f7'5.65: right, $.").(;o(r» ,^,7i); yorkors, $5.G5@5 .70; pigs, $ii.10 !jT5 ,r)0. Sheep—2,000. steady. • Muttons, $3.:;i)'f?,'..l.".: lambs. $4.15 ^6 .75. Wheal—July. Gf^Vr. Sept., GG%; cash. No. 2.^har(l. 70(f/72; No: ^. fiSSi) 69: No. 4, C3@Cfi: No. 2, .'ed, 7o@75; No. 3, 71 H'. Com—July, 47Vs(ftV.;; Sept.. 4r>%@ M: caslf. No. 2, mixed, 400 y^; No. 2, white. W'T/••>',. Oats—.White. 41. Rye—?Co. 2. 51. H.iy—Choice timothy. $12: _prair;e, $7 ..'.0T;. It. Rut ter['—Creamery, 17@1'J; dairy, fancy. 17. Eggs—Fresh, II'/.J, Receipts of wheat, 9 cars. Chicago. July j.—CntHti-20.000. .N'atlve sleers. $4.2.'i'?/'..50; stockors and feeders. $2 .7ri ({/)4 .70; cpws and heifers, $ I .CO'?; 4.7:'.. Hogs—^22 ,0(1(1. Top. $fi.O,>; >'iilk, $."..7n (fz5 ..S5. nutter—Creamery, lG(f?20; dairy, l.">(f/ l .s. Eggs, 12>i.fMl. Wheat—July, 7t'.Vv: obi,. 7('.'i:i:. SeiiL. I'lV^n'-U', old, 75" H ; Dec, 75'/i; old, 75'/^: May. 77',l.T/-7^. - Corn—ihily, tU '-H: Sept., 1,0%; Dec, 4S--?i'rj May, 4S-%fr;.V^. Oats-.lulv, :!9«<,; Sept., J.","/!,; Dec, .•54: Ma.v.;n.^.-y,. Pork—-July. $I .-..^2'.-^: Sept., $15.77'/^. ,l.ard—July. $8.10; Sept., $S.;>0; Oct., iS.2-l\i.. St.J.onis, July 1.—Caltle -^5,000. Roof'stei-rs $(f/5 .20; st^ickors and feeders. i''>''i 1.25; cows and heifers, |2.25Tf 4 ..-0. , . Hogs— ('.,000. Pigs, light, $."..r ,5 (fi) 5 .S5: packers, $5.tJ5i?7 5.75; butchers, ?5.70'?/5..SP. Wheat—No. 2. red, cash elpvator, 7t''''k: track, 79: July.' IG^ia; . Sept., 74'Vi: No.-2. hard, HWj. Corn—Cash 4S: track, 50^51; July. : 48: Sept..: 49lA. Oats—No. 2. cash, track, ni'(i42; Julv, 40; Sept.. ^>?,l^; No. 2, white, 43. : Pork—$15.92%. Lard-$7.80. Lead—Firm, $4,021^. Spelter- Steady, $*i,5o. JOOOllilNERSJENOWilOLE TEMPORARY SUSPENSION OP OPERATIONS IN BIRMINGHA -ivi, ALA., DISTR;CT. No Formal Strike Declared—Old , Wage ^cale Expired and a Temporary Suspension Results. A.osoolated Dispatch. Rirniingiliam, Ala., July 1.—Alj miners who are members of the'United Aline Workers of America, fo tho niiin- b'er-of abofit i:'..oon in this district, sits- ponded wonk today, the f)Id wage ori- tract Iiavit3g expired last night an* a contract not having been agreed upon. No formal strike has boon /icclared, the situation being referre«l lo. a.s a suspension. There is no immediate prosiiect for a renewal of efforts lo settle • • AUTHOR AND ACTRESS. Mariage of Anthony Hope Hawkins and Miss Elizabeth Sheldon in London This Morning. Valuable T^ime Saved. Sli|;ht injuries often disable" a man and cause several dtiys' loss of lime ami wlum blood jioison develops, .sometimes result in the of a hand oi- limb. ChamlK-rlain's I'aiii Malm is an antiseptic liuiiiieut. Wlun appliofl to cuts, bruises and burns it c'a\ses tlieni to heal quickly and without maturation, anil prevents any danger of blootl poison. For sale by al! drug gists, : j The Man for the! Place. "As for me." said tllo chance acquaintance, "it always rains when I haven't an umbrella and never when I have." Tho weather prophet—for the other individual was he—started almost violently. ! • '•.My friend," he said eagerly, "if it is really as ytiu say, come and sec me tomorrow mornliag. I can get you a steady job In my office |at a big sal- arj." Associated Pre.-..-! Dispatch. London, July 1.—Anthony Hope- Hawkins, the author, and Miss Eli/V beth Sheldon, of Now; York; a .s^istcr of Susantie Sheldon, the actress, were married at St. Bride's church loda.v in Ihe presence f)f many /listinguished literary and society people. MACHEN PLEADS NOT GUILTY. Former Postoffice Official Arrafgncd in Washington Court for Accepting Bribe. As.''oeiated Press Disoatch, Wasliiiigifin, July L—August W. .M.ichen. agiiihst wliom three indict- ^-nienis have: been found for accepting a iirifie in connection with government contracts for leitc-r box fastcn,crs, was airaigneil today before Jirsiice Vu<- ch.ard in criminal court- No. 1. in pleaded not guilty and was given until-July 20th: to file a demurrer should hii wish to An so. - "i . ' • THIS IS THE FIRST 0,NE. ' Arj Eight Year Old Boy Danijerously Injured byi an Explosion o /rFirc- works at Glen Falls, N. -Y, Associated Press Dispatch. Glen FallsJ N. Y., July 1.—By an CiX- plosi(m of flj-cworks at Lake George. H..W. Sissoii's store was wrecked and Frederick Allston, S years old. was djfngorously burned. Son—Papa, what is politics? Papa—I don't know. I thought;. I did, but I didn't.-Baltimore American, First. Mate—The cook has been swfcpt overboard, sir. j ' Captain—^Haa^ her! I knew sh'd leiave without ;warning.Judge.

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