Covina Argus from Covina, California on February 15, 1908 · Page 3
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 3

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 15, 1908
Page 3
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MANUFACTURING PLANT IN OPERATION IN OUR CITY. II' j Patented Irrigation Appliances for Use over the Southwest are Being- Made in Foundry Just Erected by Kellar & Thomason. Right in Covina, Bt the corner of Secoud aud Front streets, has been erected by the firm of Kellar. A-Tbom- dsou a commodious building to house •one of the most important enterprises •ever inaugurated in the Sun CSnbriel valley, a plant for the manufacture of irrigation devices and fordoing general iron and brass foundry work. For years far-sighted men have been looking for irrigation appliances that would prove themselves practical and economical—something that would prevent the waste of water incident to the old methods. Ultimate success along these lines bas been secured by Kellar & Thom- asou, who after years of experiment have patented a gate that will not leak, will stand several feet of pressure, is simple in coustructuiu and easy to operate. This firm makes a specialty of manufacturing "irrigation appliances," in other words, "everything for the irrigator." The "KT" valve and the "KT" •gate manufactured by this firm are becoming famous throughout the irrigated districts of the southwest. This firm was for a number of years prominent in this valley as contractors for irrigating pipe aud were the builders of many miles of pipe now in use about Covina and Azusa. While engaged in this business these gentlemen originated a number of important improvements in methods of irrigating, one among which i.s the "valve nystein." Discontinuing the business of cement contractors in 1904, this firm began to make a specialty of the manufacture of "irrigation appliances," which has so outgrown the old shop in which it was first conducted as to necessitate the erection of the new building and the installation o( a number of flue new machines. Nine men are kept busily employed to fill the orders for their products. They are also equipped to do a general machine and brass foundry business. Parties interested should write for 'their pamphlet on irrigation. Instead of Cutting Corks. After withdrawing a cork from a liottle the former rapidly expands, and •when one wishes to replace It one frequently finds that It lias become too large for the purpose. The usual remedy In such cases Is to pare pieces off the side. This, however, Is seldom satisfactory, for the cork, as a rule, is far from airtight, and In some cases will not even keep the liquid in. A better way Is to place It on the floor and roll It backward'and forward with one's foot, putting a certain amount of pressure on It. After a few minutes of this persuasive treatment It will have be•come fairly soft aud can be Inserted In the bottle without difllculty. A Rare Complaint. "Isn't it strange," asks the first man, "that so many men, after years of ruthless commercial practices, piracies ono might almost say, after they have climbed to the very pinnacle, of success, should have softening of thr> brain?" "It would bo stronger yet, infinitely stranger," replied the man with the corrugated brow, ''if j;ny of them ever had softening of the heart."— Puck. Sex and Beauty. Why arc men better looking than women? It is n problem which must perplex and pique modern women, for taking them iu the aggregate men nowadays leave women behind In point of personal beauty. — London Gentlewoman. Never Before. First Lecturer—I've a great story to tell yon-one you never heard me tell before. Second Lecturer—Is it a really good storyV First Lecturer—It cer- i tainly is- one of the best. Second Lee- ! tnrer- Then I'm sure yon never told it before.-- Lyeeuniiie and Talent. One Way to Be Happy. The only way to be happy is to take ' every loaf of bread at its face vain and every pound of butter for HMCIMI ounces, for the sun- road !•» dNcontciit ' Is to Impiire more closely into si-.... ! 6cvnlt matters. St. I'aul Dispatch. ' Why Marriage Failed. "Have the Timbei lines separated:" "Yes, I uii'lcrMatid she lias left him." j "Why:" "She married l;i.-> job and he lost the Jol>."—St. L»uis I'ost 1 >!-•( ,'iti-h Tln»e v ho are cunii-':.i-d by us hdffe us as if .1,•-[,.,:•;.•.! ,.f ~<.:.;er:,iu;-' whi.(. those whu a/i- i ••:•••>.ai if! by i;.s Ifi'.'i; ij.s is if tbcv !,a.i ve: --il a fi.TOr.— j Cured by • Typewriter. Constant companionship witli a type• writing uinchlno has n soothing ntul elevating Influence on n man. No hard drinker, for Instance, cnn use a typewriter. His nerves must be In gooj order or he will strike the wrong lot- tors mid mangle up .his ropy. There is a case of this kind which led to the reformat Ion of a man. lie was a typo- writer and stenographer for a law llrm. Ho was a good all around man, hut he would go on the spree occasionally. This the head of the lirtu did not like, so he thought lie would teach him ft lesson. The stenographer was a methodical man, and he went on the "skate" at stated times In the year. When he returned on one occasion his employer had the machine all tlxed for him. lie had hod the letters chansre.l i»i> that wh.'ii you struck "h," for instance, it would print "x," ninl so on. 'il'he stenographer came back fooling rather shaky, anyhow, and when lie wrole oft' his first letter the result was appalling. lie began to tremble. The bos.-: kindly sent him to the Adlron- (iacks to brace up. The euro was com plete. lie never touched liquor again as Ionir as ho lived. Brooklyn Citizen. KELLAR & THOMASON'S FOUNDRY INTERIOR VIEW OF FOUNDRY "KT"VALVE 0 HOtJKS OCTI'lIT OK 10 INCH IMf'K WITH 4 MKN Norway Superstitions. So drenched Is Norway with old legends mid fairy titles and n pervasive lutitiiiie.v with the supernatural that It Is impossible to understand Norwegian character, (•specially us expressed In Norwegian art, without some comprehension til' the spirit world, for the world of (he sailors and listers of (ho while nortliland. the world of the pens- nuts and simple country folk, Is Inhabited by savage, wicked elves and spirits. Kvory thing Is controlled by Us own demon, who must be propitiated ii' life Is to go smoothly. Kvcn the wen I her is controlled by various demons, and the canny Huns, with tholr pretensions of magical [lower, have iva.'ed u rich harvest from the super- sthinis Norwegians, many of whom still buy fair weather from the Onn- Finn by the sackful. Whoever has known a Norwegian fisherman has heard of the nranir, (lint demon of (Ins Kea who rides In half u-lxmt. and who Is a \\ -amlng of swift and awful death. —Jonas Lie in Craftsman. Woman's Hour of Distress. "One. of the most distressing experiences for ns women," announced Bctti- na, with a toss of her pretty head, "Is to be brought face to faco with the same kind of gowns or hats as those we happen to be wearing. Heully, I cnu't think of anything more exasperating. All togged out in my new finery I boarded a Broadway car the other day. Can you bellove It? When I sat down I saw opposite me a woman whose dress was of the same material and made up in much the same way as mlue, and her hat was modeled on mine or mine on hers 1 — hot that It made much difference. The horror in her eyes reflected In my own, I suppose, arid the smiles of everybody else—wall, I Just knew how people looked. AH soon as I recovered from my first feeling of weakness I started to leave tho car, but, to m a life matters worse, my vis-a-vis, having the same Intentions, got: up at the name moment. Then 6UiHc» became laughter, mid wo both fled."—New York Press. A Conservative Speech. There were some doubts In the community as to Homer Kloyd's Illness for ! a position on the school board, owing : to certain lapses In his early education. I but his first speech In his official ca- i paclty silenced the tongues of all crlt- ; Ics. He listened to several recital limit | with a grave and Interested air, and i lit the end of the last one lie arimo to address the school "by request." "Home things lire In my province UH member of the school hoard and som« arc not," lie said, with ii Denial smile. "H':< within my province to say thai. 1 never heard scholars answer up more promptly than yon children of district No. .'!. A-f to whether your iinswern were or were not correct it Is not my place to siiy. Your teacher known, and in her hands 1 leave tin; mailer."— Yonl II'H l 'ompa.'ilon. j A Very Dirt/ Collar. i f-'nf Moon, n ('liinaman, was brought before llji- .Melbourne maj'i.iirnlcH Hie oilier day charged with having worlc- t-d after 'J o'clock on a .^at unlay afler- MOO'I, coiil I'a ry 'o ih" |ir", |-.|nns of I ho local I'aHoiicH act. lie pleaded that lie bad wished only one collar lifter ti." - lut in or;.- closliiui time "\\'bal! Only one collnr from 'i to H 0 < locli ';" exi-lalined Ihe < iialrmim. i "Him welly dirty collar," rejoliutd Sue Moon. I This defiMiHt! was ileenierl loo thin, and Sue was fined .^L'.f.O After paying hu n-inarlied, "l-'acUy acl inal:i! ('lil/iu me i: welly lazy fellow." The; True Bohf:rnt, r>. Th" ma in charsiciei i- ll>- «.i tin- \<<> h' Is ll pel'l 'ec| | s (i,i, i lc-!i! c;i|-(. I" i- I,.-; .- I'lill Ma;, '.. ;; ,i I rue I;, p<. 01 liie bolic:iil;i n , tn '-'..; Hie Kliiller. •i/ '.'.;!.; i) ; : hea : \V':. '.. i • '•!.; ' •''. alwo. lint ii<<l. jierbap V'.'illi i i.i. I... brilllai'i' I I'oi !.i-,-. 'I lie bdli"iiiian .'.ojlis uii,'i-:-..i In: fci-l.-i In Hie nio'id Money l.-i not lij i IncciiUvc. Kaiiii; b" ia'i^lin (it - .Mammon Northside Meat Market CHAS. A. SIMMONS, Prop. Wo carry nothhiy hut the host. I'ricos Reasonable. All Meats Government Inspected. ORDKKS SOlMCITKD AND DIOMVKKKD. Shop just south of S. I'. Depot. Home Phone 1144 Cement Blocks HACK TO THK OLD STAND: I have moved back to my former place of business on It.ilia street, I he library. I can make blocks a:iy size or shape, Kithor side tamp or face down machine. Mv motto, "A SOUARK D1CAL." 1 solicit your work at reusotiiihle prices, Y.mrs. for business D. E. STITES BLOCKS FOR SALE AT PANIC PRICES COVINA MEAT MARKET J. P. KENDALL, Prop. Orders taken and deliveries made daily. Orders in town will receive prompt attention. Fresh and Tender Beef, Mutton, Pork, Etc. Home Phone ,Vi FOR SALE Good Orange Land Unimproved, near Covin;i, nlso or'nii^e orovos, 3, 5 and 10 acres, close in, on • electric road, suitable for subdivision. J. H. MATTHEWS CO. Sole Agents, Covina KERCKHOFFX3UZNER • . '—.-— «.. Mill and Lumber Co, Phones: Home 148; Sunset 253 COVINA, CAtv. Shopping in llos Angeles? TAKE LUNCHEON AT COULTER'S CAEE You will find it very conveniently located, ftrsl-cliiHH in every respect, with a Iu c.iirtc service: at modest prices. Coulter Dry Goods Company Broadway, Second-and Third, I,os Angeles W. I/. (JrillltliH A. Warner J. C. ThompMori warn, WARRER & THOMPSON Orange Groves, Walnut Orchards, Afalfa and Walnut Lands. Covina and Baldwin Park Lots Selling Agents E. J. (Lucky) Baldwin's Lands Home I'lldlie Branch olbi.c, Baldwin I'.irk COVINA, "It i.-; n pltv tbai il."re an- -n many pi-.|i!(- v. ho li-il la; I-!,M-,I| "Ve.-.," itii'iv. i-rt-d Mi . < a-.'-ufi", "but. (hi), . tc. /. moel, v. o; e ll •/. <.i; i| f,i- If v c ii); 11 to ;r ' e.,I a '.', I In- :.' ;;> '.'• '• tu-iir Hi I<IA M 1 , e; ', Hue Vv ,i (nli;'t;/li h I n 1 . 'I .id N fi'ii Iu K. E. i 'ro jn n t 01 of Ib COVINA LIVERY STABLES If ,n, ,- I'ii.,...- '.It. /V 1 '«'V/VS<V>At'NAAA/^*^/\A/'ysA/v'VA/V»i '-• A/vxr-y

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