Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 14, 1889 · Page 1
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 14, 1889
Page 1
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agy HigycMy it, 11 ij..-y' - I $$•:>» *J'w-ito I r^^S^\, •*„••> ".^ C'* *i* 1' - ' ' YOLUME 8. STERLING, ILLINOIS, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 14 1889. NUMBER 181. DILLON SELT.,3 Coal, Lnmhe.r and Salt Ghean and pays t/ie hi-ahcst. market price for NO HOUSEHOLD snoiiij) BS TOPHPU? SA. PHILADELPHIA Price,-OH E Dollar WARNER LEADING The majority of the Ills of the hanutn body arlae from a dliicasod I*lver. Simmons Liver Regulator has been the means of restoring more peoplo to health and by giving them a health; Liver than any other agency on earth. • «EK THAT YOU GET THE 1 ;WHYl YOUK LIVES IS OUT OF ORDER Ton trill hare BTCK nEAPACmS, PAINS IN THE BIDE, DTHPEPSIA, POOR APPETITE, fool llBilens and unable to get through yonr AsMjr work or social enjoyment*. UTo trill bo abnrden to yon. euro yon, drive the POISON out p* »our system, and make you stronc ana well. They cost only aSccntao box and may save your life. Can bo luwl at any Drug Btoxe. mrxrta mod* In St. Louis.-® 1 PERFUMES THE BREATH. ASK FOR IT. FLEMING BROS.j - Pittsburgh, P& He Looks Like the Coming Pension Commissioner. SOME DOUBT ABOUT THE MATTES, Becattio tho Mnjor VTIIl ITnVK to Pncrl- flcs SIS,OOO a. Yanr for Sri.OOO—A Civil Tor tho Noble-Tanner CorronponoVnp.o and a Promise Thnt It Will Itn Worth RAndlnff—Golhum'j* Publlmn A*»nrnnro —Book Pnr and llonnfy Clitlmq. WASHINOTON CITY, S^pt. 14.—The arrival ,n this city yesterday nfternron of ^laj. Warner, o£ Missouri, pnst commnmlcr-in- chief of tho G. A. R., in response to n request from Secretary NoMo. is^gonerally be- levod to mean his appointment to tho position of commissioner of pensions. Other prominent G. A. U. men are mentioned for ;ho posilion, among thorn Past Grand Com- inandora Fairchild and Ren.but Warner stock sooms to be above all others. Ilnd n Cnnfor«iiro tvlth Kobln. Mnj. Wnrnnr had a long conference with Secretary Noble yesterday aftornoon, presumably about tho position that most people think Lns been oiTenvl to him, )"'.t whioli somo think ho will not accept, unless at n i^roat sacrifice of business income and pros- pocta. Will Trobnbly Accept. An intimate friend of tho president .said last night that Maj. Warner had been tendered tho position, but that tho president hnd no positive information that it would b) accepted, and that there wero some doubts whether JInj. Warner would accept, as it would necessitate his abandoning tho lucrative position ho now noids as solicitor for the Missouri Pacific railway, worth $10,000 to $16,000 a year,-for the commissionership worth a salary of but $5,000. Congressman William Wado r of Missouri, who was associated with MaJ. -"Warner during his two- terms in congress, «ald last night that ho had no doubt that Maj. Warner would accept the position. ^^ THE TANNER CORRESPONDENCE. mailo npocial. To ilo RO would work grent hardship to a largo and worthy class of clnlmnnts. Conncqui-ntly, li'renftor, except in cases where tti-?ro is tho boss of reasons for making special, thftT must await their regular turn. - Worlt or tlm IJfo-PnTcrn. "WASHINGTON CITY, &^>t 14.—Tho lifo- Bavlng sorvicj of tho treasury department has received a dispatch from the keeper at Rehobolh H 'nt.'h, N. J., date I yesterday, as follows: "Tnenly-four vi\=?oli stvnnded between Rehnb..t.ii nnd Liwo.-* stations E-iti- niattxl nuditi-jr on bunrd, 200; all saved. Onnr Hourly nil used up." Tho keeper of Cnpo Henry lifi^-fiax'ing station reports that tho British srhnoner Godrevy, from Cuba, bound for l):iltimoro, is nshoro tho station. Tuo onlli'o crow of twenty-threo men was Bnved bv the i-xertions of tho life-savers. DEYHLE'S CRIME. Bloody End of Litigation Over a Patent. A- MILLIONAIEE SHOT TO DEATH. Fntnl Wreck Near the Capital. WASIIISOTON CITY, Sopt. 14.—An incoming pnssen^pr mi 1 ! outgoing freight train collided about 9 o'clock last night noar tbo tunnel just ontsi In of tho city on tho Pennsylvania railroad. James Jnmicson, of Philadelphia, the engineer of the passenger Iraiu engine, was hisltuuly killod, and several prisseii^ers injured, ona of thorn, Lewis S. Slernin'T, of Rullimoro, quito seriously. Reniitoc Spooner WoH-Aijnln. WABHINOTOM, CITY, Sept. M —Senator Spooner, who was reported by telegraph to bo ill nt his homo iu Wisconsin, sonds a dis- palch to n friend in this city that ho has boon sick, t-ul is now oul doing a full day's work and eating a lull day's ralions. Srimtw Vonrllnr* Hii-i II Chill. WASHINGTON CITY, Sopt, 14.—Sonater Voorhccs, who hn<l a bilious chill Thursday, was much hotter last night. No alarm whatever is felt about his condition, and ho hopes to bo out In a few days. Took Clmrco of liln linrnnil. WASHINGTON CITY, Sept. 14.—William 8. Harrip, tho new commissioner of education, ixrrivod in Washington Thursday, and yestorrtiiy~took~chRrgOT)f thcrburac cation. FOUL IS A GOOD WORD -SPECIALTIES.- The Finest, Most Durable, and holds Its shape Uie best of any whip In the market. The Easiest Dumped, Easiest Running and Latest Improved Sweeper made. Fancy Patent, per sack, $l.M. T*o sacks »2.EO Hall Patent. " i.«. " " 2.CO Borne of the oldest residents of this city claim tills to be tho best Hour they ever used In the State ot Iilln'ols.1 Oream of-JPatent, , I>aisy and IVIinn. JRoiler in stock. A Good Stock of Tin Tomato' Cans, Very Cheap. Also a few dozen of j MASON'S GLASS FRUIT JARS AND JELL TOMBLERS LEFT AT I* I* JOHNSON'S. A CHANGE. ISUCCESSORS TO O. A. Oliver. BOOKS, STATIONERY Paper. A. Call for Ita I'ubllcntlnn and Itn I'robn- ble Substance. WASHINGTON CITY, Sept. 14.—Considerable pressure is Iwlng brought to bear upon the administration to mako public tho cor- rospondouco which took placo between 8<;c' rolary Noble and Commissioner of I'onsions Tanner respecting tho latl<ir's managomont b( his bureau. Tho correspondence is very exhaustive Friends of Commissioner Tanner decline to bo satisfied until they know all the facts in the case, and as tho publication of tho correspondence is the only way to convince them that they have all tho facts, It is thought to bo only a question of timo when tho budget will be made public. Sabatanco of the Document*. Tho correspondonco IB docidodly crisp, and will mnko interesting reading. It shows among other things that Commissioner Tanner was inclined to ignore Secretary Noblo's directions, and, indeed, his claim in at least ono instance was that the power boliiml him (the commissioner) wan greater than that which was behind tho secretary. A gentleman who is famillnf with tho contents of tho budget of correspoudenco received by the president from Secretary Noblo, while declining to repeat any portion of it, said to n representative of the United Press yesterday that, when made public, tho correspondonco would show very conclusively that there was but ono alternative for tho administration in the Into unpleasantness, and that was tho one which has resulted In tho retirement of tbo commissioner. It is learned that the correspondence was sent to the executive, and, after reading it, tho pres- dent almost Immediately determined upon his course of nclion. It liar lie Publlnliml. Secretary Noble said yesterday that ho had no intention at present of making this correspondence public, hut,lf it was doomed necessary, and there was any public demand for it, he might do so in tho near future. Commissioner Tanner was not at his office yesterday. He has taken n temporary leave pf absence until his successor is appointed.— GOTHAM'S GREAT " GALL" It Receive* a Cooler from District of Co- Inrabin Authorities. WASHINGTON CITY, Sept. 14.—The commissioners of tho District of Columbia Thursday receive! a communication from Mayor Grant, of Now York city, which, to say the leTst, was a surprise to thorn. It was nothing more nor less than a' letter from Mayor Grant nddrcsied, singularly enough, to "His Honor, the Mayor of Washington," request- Ing his aid and co-operation, and that of the city authorities and commercial bodies, to insure the holding of tho International exposition in 18il2 iu Now York city. There being no such functionary as mayor In existence here, the letter naturally fell into the hands of tho District commissioners, who yesterday returned the following response: DBA n Sin:—Tho commissioners of the District of Columbia have the honor to acknowledge tho receipt of your letterof tho llth lust., requesting tho aid and co-operation of the city of WashlnKtim, its authorities, commercial bo:lies. Industries and citizens lu insuring tho holding of the international exposition In 16Ki In New York city, for tho commemoration of tho 400th anniversary of the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus. In reply we boi? to say that we believe It to be the almost universal desire of tho people of the Unitid States that tho.proposed exposition, bolnu of an International character, should bo hold at tho capital city of tho nation, which has many lulvantaffcs for such a pur pose. As our cltl/.ons and local authorities havo been for several yran earnestly engaged in endeavoring to secure the local on of this exposition lu Wnshluuton, and as those efforts linvo our earnest sympathies and support, we aro not at liberty to comply with your request. Shou.d tho exposition bo hoi I in tho city of New York it will uivo tho authorities and citizens of Washington pluiisuro to do all In their power to aid in making it worthy of tho United Htates aud tho industrial progress of tho world. _______ A Suronuile to SiMiutor Shormru. WASHINGTON CITV, Sept. 14.—The Ohio Htato Republican association serenaded Senator Sherman at. bis ri-siJonoa hero last night. A largu ond enthusiastic crowd of Ohioaus anil eiti_vn», numb.'ring perhaps 2,fiOO, gathuixil i" front of tho senator's house. After an Introduction by Gurrosa- mnn Orjsvi'nor, wb", in bfhaif of his friunds, toiigrntultitot! tho senator on bis safe ruturn from Euru|*», Senator Uhermaii, Hamlir.g mi his front door 6t»'p-<, iiimla ft stirriug njioorh. Among other things ho toil! hla hearer» t!mt lu> would U'tivo \Vii»liii))jton won for Ohio to mako ajwch.-s «u<l h.ilii reelect Uovoruor K'lraktfi 1 . C1»»J»>» Mdit Wail roM CITY \Vlion n Competitor la Itcntnn—Gnutluur Itauts T<>«mior llndty. PiTTsnuuo, Sept. 14.—John Teenier and Jake Uaudnur rowed their race for $1,000 a side over tho McKeosport course from Port Perry to McKeesport, a distance of four miles, yesterday afternoon, Gaudaur winning In 2;i minutes. Ho was not awarded tho raco, however, owing to Teenier putting in a. claim -Of foul.™.IIa_claims-ihat_Hamrii,~ Gaudaur's trainer, fouled him at tho critical stage of tho raco by rowing in front of him and in his water. Hnmin claims that ho was 50 foot in front of Tcomor and did not foul him. H-foreo Prlnglo took Teomor's claim of foul under consideration and will render a decision as to who won tho raco. •Teomor's claim of foul'will not likely bo sustained. Description oT the Strncfflo. About 30.00J people witnessed tho race, which was started at 5:40 p. m. Tho mon both took the water together, Toemor pulling 83 strok 'S and Oaudaur 31. At tho y 3 of n mile Teenier increased his stroke to 30 and Gaudaur to 34. Tccmor kept up at the rate of 3(1 strokes for two miles, whon ho gave out, rowing tbo balance of tho way homo at tho rate of 30 strokes, while Gaudaur still kept pulling steadily at tho rate of 34, and crosso.i tho lino )£ of a milo ahead of Tcemer, In S3 minutes. No olllcial time was taken at any stage of the race, it not being an odlcinl course. Htul u Scrap About the Race. Teemcr's brother assaulted Hamiu after the race, and, Hnmm had to bo escorted to tho railway station under police protection. The bolting was 3 to 1 on Toemor, and McKeesport people have $3.>,030 on tho result J. A. 8k John, Gnudaur's backer, says Toemor sot the pace, but could not keep It up. ' THE GREENBACK PLATFORM. Declaration of Prluolplen Adopted by tho National Convention. CINCINNATI, Sept. 14.—Tho national Greenback convention resumed work yestor- - day at 12 oMock. The. platform _wbich_was Dpsporntn Over tho Failure o? an In- frtncRmont Salt, tho I^wer Apponla tt» tbn Winner to Give Him *r»00, ami Ilo- l_ng Reimlied Kills Him—.V Siul Stury of Alloffpd Wrong and Tfrrlblu K«trl button—The Tragic DetnlU. NEwYop.K, Sept 14.—K. W. GeKswein, a millionaire mnunfncturor of jewelers' tools, nt 3'J John stroot, wns shot through the licnrt yesterday m irning by Christian D.>yhle, of SI13 Sergeant street, Philadelphia, and died almost instantly. Tha ' murder was tho result of a litigation over somo patent rights which recently wont agniust Dnyhlo in tho courts and which left him.practically a bug- gar. Deyhle refused to talk after his arrest, but the story leading up to tho tragedy was told by Charlos F. ICoostcr, G,:sswoin'.s bookkeeper. Deyhle, somo years ago, patented a refractor for throwing light on engravers' tables while tho ongravora wero at work. Subsequently Gesswoin secured a patent for a similar apparatus. Deyhlo wns not successful in his venture, and claimed it was duo to tho fact that his patent rights had boen infringed upon by Gi'sswoin. He brought suit against the latter and a lengthy liligatlon ensued. Doyhle spent a small for- tuno in pressing his case, and whon tho court decided in favor of tho defendant ho was loft without a cent Money or Mur<lor. Deyhlo called at tho store at 9 o'clock yesterday morning, and when Gosswein entered the latter greeted his visitor cordially, and Invited him to the ofllco on tho third floor. Doyhlo explained that tho object of his call -was to nsk Gt'*)Weiu for J500j-wbIuh---»DUhl enable him to ontor the Old Man's Homo iu Philadelphia. He said ho thought ho hadn't boon treated fairly in tho matter of tho patent, mid the tono of his voice became sharp and bilter as ho proceeded. Gasswoin took a different view of tho matter, and jwr- emptorily.declined, to give Doyhlo tho money, and told him that, though he might havo dono something tor him, tho spirit in which tho demand was mndo robbed him of all cle.- siro to do so. Doyhlo altered his tono to ono of supplication, but GMswoin hold to his fusal, and nn instant later n pistol shot was heard and Go.iswtilu foil aiul dbJ'Iu'u mJ- llU'llt ~ T LAID TO HIS LONG REST. I The Ilody of S. f>. Cox Itortln to the Tomb NEW YORK, S»j)t. 11.—Long Iwforo tho hour set for tho funornl services over the body of Hon. S. S. Cox tun First Preshftn- : rian church was BO crowded with people that it was necessary to clo«o tho door, although a Btondy rain wns falling outside. The peopl» thus shut out wero not in tho Irnat daunted, hut stood thero ii! the rain, nwniting tho coming of the cortogn tlmt they might pay a last tribute of r^spo ct lo tho lead. ; . i Ilpnutlfnl Floral Tributes. Inside tho c inreh tho floral offjrliign wero unique and beautiful, the most noticeable belli;; from tho letter carriers nnd life-saving service. Tho New York letter curriers sont j a largo envelope of flowers, with tho post-! mark in immortelles, Iwnring tho in:-crip- | tio.-i, "Now York, O-IO-'S'-I. S;:W p. m. 1'. U.," ami superscribed "Our Champion." Across of fl nvcrs » : x foot high, inscribed "Our Friend," camp from tho carriers of Boston; llio Philadelphia curriers sont a beautiful nnd fragrant pillow.-while the life-savors wero represents! by a wreath. Tim Funrral Cortrjje. The hearse li'iiring Ih^) distinguisnod Now Yorkor'i remains urrived at tilt- church door at H):"^0 a. m., -rind WHS. nc.compaiii'-vl by the wi-low nnd :i dumber of eminent citizen?', among them—acting as honorary pall-hear- or.s—iK'ing Grover Cleveland and Vico President Morton, O-n. U". T. nnd Juilgo Daley, M. II. North n o and John T. Ague"', Ccm-go Homily nnd D.inu'liis N. T.ivlor, S. J. Kiinbiill nnd U.-org-! Francis Train. -Iniini'diulolv behind came thecisket, b-irno by John 1). O'Connor. Mr. Hirshllelil, M. U. Wlmlan. John Henry MuCarthr, J. J. Morris, J. II. Bossliiv, N. J. Keiirney, nnd Henry Bischofr. SwrviceH In tlie Church. Tho mournful proces>ion filed up tho aislo of Iho, church, Mrs. Cox, loaning on tho arm of hor lirother-in-lnw, walking immediately behind tho cimk»it, which was placed directly-ill fr< ices wero roinliii-tiil by Hev. W. H. Milburn (chaplain of the national houso of represent nil ves), Dr. D imis and Hov. T. Do- Witt Tnlnmgp. The i-hoir is My Slieplierd;" "How Firm a 'Foundation," and "Oileslo K.ili;!es," during tho ceremonies. U"Vs. Milt'Urn and Talnmgo pronounced bnef eulogies on tlio lilo nnd .services of thu ileaii. Dr. Deems ivml tho burial service und Hev. .Milburii prononncod tho bon-'dietiiiii, nud tho soloinn coroinuny was :it mi en'l. Thi< friends then pns^'d out f nftor tho i-uhkijt U,l l»cii bon lu ~'i. K i;m l,,i' ' C.'iiirAi":'"!, R-pi. M.— Il'iin n^.iiii proventcd most ot the schedule I I ;>.-e h:ill game? of the L"?!^!!« nnd Association t'-rum. Tin games pl'iyed result'."! as follow^: At Boston— (first gnm-) Cleveland I!, I'.ostonO; (^ncond pnnp) H'Hton 4, Cliwplinifl -t—calif.I, ilark- n^-s-;. American n^^o-iafion: At F'Jiila'lel- phin—Athletic 11, St. lyuiisO—eight inning?, Western le.igue: At St. Tnul—St, Paul 8, Dea Molnrs 4—t.'u inning; nt Minneapolis— Minnenpolia 1^1, Mil" nuUi"'3—right innings, dai kness; at Oinnltn—Onmlm 7, Donver if. Obis^-'SViirHci-s I>irtrtro n StrtUn, PlTTsnt'HO. Sept. 14.—A conference of tho GlasswnrKiTji' Association and fio IL'inufac- tiirors' iis-^ocvation was hoi I lost night Tho ailvauco over last year's sc.alo was not grnnled tho glns-iworkers, And as B rosult a ptriko was declared. A Fouph Iloiil for AVatnrloo. WILMINGTON, Dul., Sopt. 14.—A Lewon dispatch rcporls that Waterloo, n summer resort on Delaware bay, is entirely sub* m-Tgrd, and onl of twenty cottnges In . tho phicelhn onobolongins to Dr. Hearn,of Ph !• adolphia, is thconly oho remaining. Tho WpBther \Vo May Kip«ct« WARIIINOTO.N CITV, Sept. 14.—The following aro tho weather indications for the. Ihlrly- six hours from H p. m. yesterday: For Indiana—Kulr weather, stationary temperature: easterly wiivtlH. For Michigan -Ll^hl rnin=, preceded In Lir.ver Michigan by fair weather; Ktat!onar}%<4emperatiiro: oaRtcriy winds. For Wlsro.isln —Lluhl rain, preceded In I'nutorn portion by fair weather; slightly warmer, easterly winds. For Iowa— Haiti; slightly cooler weather; variable winds. For Illinois— Lii^ht rain; no change in tcnipera- turu; easterly winilH. adopted reasserts tho third aud fourth planks of the Democratic platform of 18li8, that all laws changing the time or manner of paying public debts after iHKi are expost facto laws and Bhould be repealed; that all legal tender notes (greenbacks) now outstanding should be immediately exchanged for others of like denomination to bo issued with Iho word's "promise to pay" btrlcken from their face, and an aditiomil amount isauod to reclaim our arid lands, to sutmdlzi an American merchant marine, build an American navy, to erect public buildings, and for such other purposes as will promote tho general welfare until their volume in circulation shall amount to at least $50 per capita of the entire population; that nearly hll known signs now point to a greater financial panic in tho near future than this country or tho world over before saw; that tho time has come whon all sectional prejudice between tho-people of tho north and south should end. The convention appointed n national committee, of whom tho western members are: Illinois, J. S. Whitcomb; Indiana, T. J. Sharp; Iowa, E. M. Furuswortb; Michigan, Bon Calvin. Goorgo O. Jones was elected president of the committee and T. J. Sharp and William Richards secretaries. • Feasibly I-ost In the Storm. CINCINNATI, O., Sopt 14.—There arogravo fears for the safety of William, H. Simpson, toller of tho Lafayette bonk, of this city, who loft here BOIIH days ago for tho oast His father stated that the last heard of his son was by a postal card, written last Sunday In Philadelphia, in which bo said hi thought of taking a trip on Delaware bay and going to Atlantic City. Nothing has boon heard from him since then. Ix>t No Guilty Mun Enoapn. NEW ORLEANS, Sept 14.—The Picayune's Laftlto (La.) special Bays: Two men Implicated in the murder of old man Cormier, hist Monday uight, have been arrested, one ot them btiing Deputy Sheriff Landrey, the other Eriste Patten. Other arrests will be made. The sheriff states that ho has evidence sufllclont to convict the two prisoners. IIml the Cow In tlia Parlor. CAMDKN, N. J., Sept. 14.—The storm at Atlanllu City bus subsided. Charles Smith ami his family woro found safe at the Po- tura Beach hotol, a short distance from Atlantic City, by a rescuing party sont out in search of him. They wero fouutl huddled to^ottior In a parlor with a cow, and wer» ahort of jirovi.ticnH, i'hica:» Will l-IUo Till.. SEW YnhK, ti, |>t, 11. —M«y..r Grant y**- osnumnU'atiun to i u( U ' Uuton r» 1 Tho IVIurdorer Dumfouiulftd. AA'hon KoesUT enterod the murderer was standing in front of thu chair in which hu had boen seated. A revolver was claspod firmly in his right hand, aud ho ga/.3 1 lit tho work ho hnd wrought liko one dumfotindod. Ho made . no resistance whuu Koo.stor approached him and took tho pistol from his hand, and neither did ..ho mako tho slightest objection when a momont later Patrolman While entered nnd put a pair of handcuffs on him. Ho did not. utter a word, but went out quietly with tho ollicor and walked to tho station with his head hanging down as though strichon speechless by tho appreciation of his awful crime. Ho was locked up pending tho action of tho coroner. Tho wealthy jjweler's home was at 8'J.j Murcy street, Brooklyn, whither his body was taken. His wife aud children woro •prostrated. Gesswein wns worth $5,000,001), while Deyhlo has no family and recently has bad scarcely enough to eat Think Doyhlo Wi« Wronged. Inquiries among jewelers show that thoro is a general belief that Gesswoin had wronged Deyblo, and had practically robbod him of his invention. Gesswein at first bought largo quantities of Deyhlo'a refractor; but finally ceased to patronize him. Doyhlo made inquiries, and became satisfied that Gesswein was making tho refractors himself. An infringement suit failed on technical grounds, and Dayhlo had no money to carry tho proceedings further. Gesswein was a very energetic man, who bad built up a largo business In manufacturing jewelers' tools. Ho employed 200 mon. He was noted for rougli manners, and allowed no sentiment to interfere with what he considered his business interests. CnicAOO, Sept.'13. Qnotatlons on Iho board of trade to-day •wfro of fo'lows: Wheat—N». S Sopt'mbor, opened 7TJ<ic, closirl ^T'-jc; October, oponeil 78o. cbneil • TTf.fc; 'Deeember, oiK-ne-il 7i\ do cd '• K^fi-;l.iLV tlorn—'No. 2 September, oponod 3l,4c, . close 1 3tc; October, opened ISHKi-'.ac, closed iS^-Slc; May, oi>enc.d cloHi-d Itt^c. Oals—No. - Soplimiljer, opened it of.thoplatloriii.__Tho. a LT.v..-__V'«^ 1c > 0 . Md -} 11 - 1 ^: October rTp,me<I 11)^ ' - • cioHfd ll'M.^ 1 ; May, oiMiiiexI 2 »>ftc, closuu J^c. 1'ork— Soptomher, openoil , ckMed $10.S"i; October, opcneil $Hi.70. closed $"i.N> January, opened SU.().>, cl'-so:l JIU5. Lan Fang "Tho Lord , —.Seplemhor. opened S.VOU, closed f-MI-Hi. • Produce: liutler-Fancy El^in creamery,! ff.ll'c per Hi: lino dairy. 14441. l io: pnrklni; Block 7K6(iHc. K(tB»—Strictly fresh, .U^y^l'ia poi dnz. Poultry—Live hens, 1\Ki>i per Ib; roo« ters, .V; turkeys, ll^lllc; duckn 80. Potatoes— Wk-(i(.51.(«) porbbl. Apples—fl.Uki5l'.'i~ipjr bhl bliifkhurries—50cQi$l.UO per lu-qt. caso. New York. NEW YORK, Sept. 13. •Whpnt—No. 3 rprl.wintor.raRh,. KifiJHTo; it "t:|.i r i-.iu!iiTr, l ; i;.iicj «u- Uuiobirr, •-•••— : "anil, tal(iiig~ uii'r'inni-s." fuilowud to Uroeli- r^ovrmhrr. tfrjfr-.— Corn—No^--!!-i wood cemetery, whero tlu» rumriins posited in n Viilllr, Tlin FORT M'HENRY BOMBARDED Ki'-lCn- Absolutely Pure Tnls [owiler never varied. A marvel of purly troHgtii and wholeHomeness. More economical nsn the ordinary klndn, anil can not bu sold In nmpfltttlon with the multitude of low test, short ei^lil, a m 01 I'iiosj'li.tto powdnra. Inolrtoiiiv |.i cans. I.OYAI, nAKiNu POWUKB Co ,4oa Wollrit...'.i-w Vork. i* __ Junsid-wly THE CHICAGO RAILWAY. OVER 7,000 MILES Of steel track in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Dakota and Wyoming, pematrates the Agricultural, Mining and Commercial Centres of the WEST AND NORTHWEST. The Unrivaled Equipment of the Line embraces—Sumptuous Dining Cars, New Wagner and Pulliiii Sleepers, Superb day Coaches and FAST VESTIBULED TRAINS Running direct between Chicap-o. St. Paul and Minneapolis, Council Bluffs and Omaha, connecting for Portland, Denver, San Francisco and all Pacific Coast Points. ONLY LINE TO THE BUCK HSllS For TIchptH, Ufttos, Mnp«, Time Tnbles and fa 1 infurnmtlun, npnly lo Hiiy Ticket A^cnt or aii* Un-H tlic lifti'l rutiHi-ni*(*r A^c-ut, Chicago, III. j. K; wniTKAU, n. c. TOKEH. u. p, General lufiaigcf. TriiCc Ii_cieci. G,i, f i ^ A CHRISTIAN SCIENCE FAILURE. Illustration of tho Fact That the Lord lit Not Practicing Medicine. BROOKLYN, N. Y., Sept 14. —Martha Olson, a Norwegian agod 2J years, died Thura- day night o£ typhoid {over under such circumstances that tho attending physician would not grant a cortiflcntp of death, and an investigation of tha case has resulted in tho arrest of Carl Olson — not a relative—with whose family the girl was stopping at the time of hor death. Miss Olson, who camo to this country throe years ago, was a believer in Christian Science, and through tho meetings of follower* of that faith became acquainted with Carl Olson and his family, who woro also strong believers. The Girl's Vain Fulth. Tuesday last she became ill, but maintained that the Lord would cure her. Neighbors, however, insisted on the attendance of a physician, and Dr. A. W. Ford was summoned Ho loft a proscription to suit tho case, and was astounded whon ho called again Thursday night to find that it had not boon filled. The girl was dead, as the doctor claims, from neglect iu not having the prescription filled. Tho man Olson puts forth his belief in tho faith curb as an excuse for hlmsolf, aud the girl's strong fooling in that direction. __ _ Sweoopln; Cut lu Freight Riitel. CHICAGO, Sept. 14.— The Chicago, Burlington aud Northern yesterday aftornoon announced . a sweeping reduction in both through nnd local rates from Chicago nnd points oast thereof to St. Paul and common points, to take effect Sept. 18. The reduction from Chicago, locally, to 8t. Paul is from 00 to 40 cents first-class, nnd on Business originating at ibe seaboard the reduclionta from $1.10 to 85 cants. An Old Hero Piuses Away. AubUSTA, Go., Sept 14.— Judge Vf. Milo Oliu diod yesterday, aged 70 years.. He was a nativo of Now York, but had resided here fifty year*. Ho voluntarily acted as nurso for the sick during tho yellow fever epidemics at Norfolk, Wilmington, Savannah, Memphis and Jacksonville, and refused to accopt uny compensation for his servic-is. Chlcugn Cotifcrautor* lu Trouble. CHICAGO, Sopt. 14. — Williams & Co., contractors, assigned yesterday; liubiliti i s, (>\'J,000. .They claim tlmt th* assignment was forctnl on them by a rival linn, us tluty buvn as»U nmiiunliii ; to over $tU,(MO in guoU accounts mid nmU>rifiL Ilppnlso ill Iho llrltUll Fli ot acted lu (iriMkt Sluvpn. BALTISIOUIC, Sept. 14.—Last night wns tho s«v«Mity-liilh anniversary of th' bonibard- ment nf Furl McIIunry by tho Ilritisli, and tho repnlso of the latter. The event was celebrated by a roimterloit ro-ennftnient of tho enga^oment itself. For this purpose thrcj United States war-vessels wero sent nn hero —the IVnsacoln, the O sipeo and tho Ynnlit*. Tho Patapsm river oil' Fort McIIenry pro- rented a bi/nutifiil piciun 1 . Tlio water wns covered with hundreds of bunt', froih tho little tu£ to tho bi< excursion steaiiiar, and tho twinkling glinimor of thoir lights us they wended tiioir way in -procossion down tho harbor to tho fort, together with tho more positive nn<l tirilliaut iiliiininatiou of fky-rocki'ts ami other pyrotechnics,made a scone of rare aniniatioti. Tho Kngam-moiit IJcuun. Tho thno war .vessels stoixl out nbout thrno-minrters of a milo from cho fort. Tho Punsncola was tho flagship of tint llo>t, and from )ior camo tho first shot iu tlio attack,nt 8:31). Tho forl quii kly respond^! with n roar from ono nf lib flftrun-incli guns Ihat was simply deafoning Tho firing continued for an hour. Tho firing" from tho man-of-war wns rather tamp, but that from tho forl was immense. Col. Livingston, who commandeed, hnd in operation on. tho parapets live flflnon- inch guns, fight nine-inch and three gat- lings.. With each discharge of tho fifteen ~Tnch~gTms~couRl~"bo heard" (lioTiliirtshl ng or window glass in the buildings within tho walls. Tho naval display of pyrotechnic bombs immediately Iwlow tho fort was very pretly, and they added much to the din. The affair was nt an end at !':-n p. m. CREMATED BY ELECTRICITY. Horrible I>**uth of u Man \Vlin Grasped It M L.ivb" Elrnlric AVIr*. ffsw YOHK, Sopt. 14. — Joseph Malz, an Italian fruit vendor, at the corn r of East Houston nnd Christie streets, was killed yesterday by raining in contact with a "live" electric light wire of the United States II- luminatim; coni| any. Tlio manner of Mntz' dealh was horrible and peculiar. Tho awning over his stund bad become clogged with mud drippings from tho roof of tho corner building, and Miitz, while attomping to remove this ncciimulalion, lost his footing, and lo stay his fall, grnspod a wire near tho edge of Hie awning. Tho recent hoavy rains had soaked tho insulation of tho wires, nnd ho was literally burned to a horrible ma^s. Another Muu Given a Shock. A spectator attempted to bring Matz to tho street, nnd received a severe shock the moment ho touched the body. After a delay of ten minute's two linemen appeared, and after cutting tho wires removed thp body. Tho hand which clutched tho wire was burned to the bone, and other parts of tho body which had come n contact with the network of live wires presented a sickening appearance.' An ambulance surgeon, who was HUimuoned, said that'death was utmost instantaneous. ...r; do Septeinber, ^c; tlo October, do November, 4l*M«. OiitH—Dull; No. mixed rahh, L1ii.-i(t/.:.'UV(,c; do September, 2G9& do Oi toher, i-UvS''; ( 1° November. ^'V^c:. Hy —Dull. Harlcy—Nominal. Pork—Dull: m*iB8 $l::.ri()<i?,l.'.m for mspectoil. Lanl—Dull: September, Jil.MI; Oclober, fil.' 8; Novembor, S0.17. Live Btoek: C'lttlo—Prices a trifle stronger; nativo Htocrs, £!J/><vr!'l.7;» |) KM B>s; Texas and Colorado do, S;i.iVj^4.lX(. Shoep and lambs— .Firm for n'hoep barely steady for la'iiha sheep, 4ft>">Mc V ">; lamb?. 4W®"c. Uogs— Steady; live hot's, g4.:iYT~r,I.7A Tl Ml It's. -AT I3L.TJE L.IIVE;. R UNNING THRKE WAGON3. All goiMls proini'lly delivered to any part of I lie city. Specially of removing household KiMHlfl and pliiiHM. |inlir.'yl| E, H. WII.DA8IN By overyono that comes lo our etc ro that we have the Lwt that can be found in the city. We keep on han'd from ten to fifteen 'Bedroom Suits •which enables . all to make a Selec- •'*! : tion, and we are offering them from , - Also a large stock of l?avlox- Ooods, Carpets, "Winclo-w Sliades, Ir*ict vires, Ir»ictmre JML's, and litxxre in gfeneral. t T pliol- .steringf a Specialty. Reynolds Bros., "ft I» Feared H« Will Hi) Lynched." SPARTA, III*, Sopt. H.—Juhn McCully, disfoldts character, shot and killed Constable William Cressiu at a picnic yesterday afternoon. M.'Cully had drawn a revolver on a companion when Givstin intortcro.! anl u-ai fatally shot McCully was arrested, and last night tho dead cnnstable'H friends wero gathering in iar^o numb >ra, an I it U feared the murderer will bo lynched. The Ixinituik Strike. LONDON, S->;>t, 14. — It is believed bore now thtit th« elTurts of Cardinal Mmming to Bottle the creat '•Iriko will i« suecfssful, the All fu? nuwhor of "i U. l>) the strikci-s a^ tii-,' ii I.MKU —Tin' morning, nii'l ll' tu nrc.*pt Iho mmpromiso tcrt'.tio of w.ito* lo Nov. 4. s'riki WRSSi'ttled oarly thU ti men tjn tt» \vnrk Monday. HOUB, K< CrUpi was by » mun one of h s i aeriou* injii i:.v. -i'!. >r n l'i lai,» .Mtii -U'lilj Pi i M» ; vi'-iVl-il iv a s'o '! I ' I-L i^l lo Si I' ( !l rli'i; ;i p iii l.liit .1 n4 ipd* 1 ^ i^^-9|,«*i Mlniitur o'it) thi-owu Lck him Ii ! ui but tii i v. SS .1,, FAIR DEALING, LOW PRICES AND GOOD GOODS. WKBTKRIO WEST 3d HTKBI.INC1. 8TOBB, We are handling and selling more flour than ever. Look at those brands, from $2.40 to $3.1O per hundred: MAGNOLIA, GOLDEN CROWN, PEE.RL.ESS, BLUE RIBBON, CAPITAL. CREAM PATENT KANSAS WINTER, SUN. DAISY. to All guaranteed to prove up as represented or return. We mean save the people of this vicinity money, ami will do it REMEMBER THE MIKADO MARKET, We are selling nothing but A*<>. 1 Mt<ii* Jfo I*riees Low (is the

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