Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 11, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 11, 1912
Page 4
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Tsi TOLA DAILY REGISTER, FRIDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 11,1912^ ' The loia Daily Itogistcr Th« tela Daily Record anil the tola Dally - , ' Index. I THE REGISTER PUBLISHING CO. ! CHAS. F, SCOTT. Pre*, and Editor F. W. BREWSTER i..Maiu«er ! : . ( Entered'at the loUi Post if rice aa Second- 1 Class Matter. . I AdverUsIhr Rates Made Enown on AppU- • cation. i ! OfiHGlal Paper City of tola. Official Paper City of Baautt. Official Paper of Allen. County.- SUBSCRIPTION RATES.^ By Carrier In lola, Gai City, Lanyon- vllle, Conerefo, LaHarpe and BaMett: One Week -10 enta One Month cenj^ one year .^-^^-^^i:^ ^-^-^ One Teay. In«lde jjunty..... ••••!?-2S One Year, ouUlde county i...W.OO TELEPHONES: Bunlness Office 18 Society Reporter •< i.'jf Job and Bindery Dept HI WHO WCKEJTHE THIEVES. Roo8evcU and all Who are trying to rto8tro!rtlu> Ue|iulitlcun variy ur<> rour- Inp. abcv* RoiiiooiH* " SIIMIHIIK ili-lt- Rjii«>ji" at llio Chicago ronvont|on. Wlmt nr«« tho facts? Frank Miniscy. Mh ••nihuslasllc Hooscvoltlan who KaV(> $!iO,i)nii to linanci> tlio Hull M<H)SI' )>rlmarlf« "who i>lol«> th«« patoB," (From MnnscyV Waslilntston Tlnu-s. .Inn.' !«, l'»121: Tills wuH bi'foro Ihi- Uopuhllcan coi> vontlon. '•\Vh«'n rimlrmnn Dixon took charm' of llu' tUooscv.'lt printjiryl oiiinpaitMi ov«'r one hundri'd dpl«'^all's had ht'i'n pU>cH*d. • • • A »howinir of deliiral*'? •would hiiw liK'ki'd Kom'loR.slv ont'-sid- ed. A number of Soul hern Sl:iles hail conventions. Thcrf w;is no rhanco to dfvolon 1loosi?volt 8tr>'«Blh In the grfat Norihcrn slJ>t«>s " "For INyrhoIofflcal Effect—As a move of uraclirul oolUlcB—.It wns nec. ••"snrr f!l' for Kooscvcll poonli- io vfort Vonloils on these '••arly Tsiff sp- h^ctlons. In onlcr thai a tahnln'lon of •'clPfRite Hlreni^th put out wonld show RoiiscveJI h'lMIn^ n trnod hnnd.'' "In Ihp (•anie rnot<» t»»rm he n<?p^> a tabl"" .showins Taft Lift; Kooscvi-'it 19: contosU'd 1: would not Insidrc confidence." "Whero.-ip. cnoj rhowlns: Tafi 2:i: Roosevftt. 19: conti'.stod 127: looked vcri dlffewiil." ; • Then iht- Munfef^y Times adds; "This K the whole story of the larpe nnmlicr of Southern contests ^started early In the O.IXE."; "It was never expected." » continues, "to be'taken very seriously" That confession of Munsey's Timei was the bc.sis for the attempted strni bv the third party. U was the political highwayman's assault on truth and honesty, and thr^ Bnll Aloose lo:id- PT!^ in Kansas have been keenlni; It •;in since. It was the Stubbs. Brlptiiw- Pill WMte "game of practical wHtlcs" to try IO steal the Kansas electors and 'they keut is up until the Secretary of State decln-ed he would not be a party -to such r. steal. BwauRe of such exposures, t^nnv ' '^•ho started to follow RooFeveli to the destruction of represeptative pox'ern- m'-nt are dropping out, anrl entbus'r asm for the d'.'sinicilonlst" has fiii'e<| Napoleon was a cre;'t commander, be* anibltlop crazed Jilm and he did whi'i Hoos .'Velt is dolng:T-Independente Tri Imne i 3«iT AS WOPUff^" JOEWiDlLSFSOMIWISIlS PLLlIED AMATEUH BALL AT XESS CITY BEFORE lOOC Hi4 Brother at K. U. Praised llira to Jlaongcr of Hatchlnxoii Team, and He Started I'p. It' se(>mB urettv reasnpRbly esti\b llsbed that Theodore Uoosevoli i'o< I onl,v accented (InanMal aid from lb! "interests" In his last camnalgn in blocks of $100,000. but that he urced the necessity of their contrlhutluc mpro money and that they did. The allegation that K. H.-Harriman w.ts asked to raise $250,000 has been affirmed bv four or five men of Iptesri- tv, of Intimate acquaintance with Harriman and from whom knowledge of such action would not be concealed They have no interest in the matter now. They have not gossiped for eight years abont It. But when placed under oath on the witness stand and asked _j.bout if. they reply that .it ie true. Against this accumulation of affirmative .statements, there is the Colonel 's denial. In the same breath he indignantly denies taking Standard OH monev (though It was taken and snent In his behalfi and asks coolly whv anvnne should c-iticlse him for taking $100,000 from Morgan and en- I 'al sums from oth^r magnates In the Moi -sTTi-Rockcfeltr -r ci3<!<» "I promised Morgan] nolhinr and ho asb'-d j nothing;"- soitl the Colonel on the wit- j pes.", stand, y[n it is a matter of record that MorgMu 's most ardent' desire, to eliminate the T'-'nnesseo Pnel *: Imn Companv from the.Ste«>l Trust's ).:itli. was accotfipllshed with the aid aiul consent of the President to' whose eWtirm Morenn cnnlribi'ted $100 000. Tn that one deal thef. S. Steel Cnr- iwratlon is srld to have profited $fi.=>.- OttO,000. Why neevisbly beg for favors from .s man who feolr so friendly that he will f">ee down th" country 's a»ie.-<- tlons while you gobble a competitor and pocket $05,000,000? And now that the Colonel in the iiresent campaign has declared himself determined to lower the tariff, regulate big business, 'ncrease wages to the factory employe .<>nd orush monopoly. Mr. Morgan Is net disturbed, but has declared himself in favor of electing Roosevfli. Morgan, interested in "1 coriwratlons. whose con.bincd.. c:!pital Is $17,775.- i>00,(MMi. wants the man elected to office who w;III rldille thoEc swollen for- tuties by tAXing their incomes and raising :li^!r o|»erating costs and bol- stciing tin iheir conj|>ctltloii, is cer- i.ilnl.N a star'illnp figure. And the only S'Tloufi view any disinterested bystander can lake of the faree is'lhat Morcan is morally certain that Roose. v|>lt. If elected, will be it "uractlcal roan" a<- in the past - and listen to -"reaBon.** And blazing in electric "ights over th«» front of the show are . the wf>rds. "l»t the People Rule." Whure, by ihe way. are the Fiji Isles. ' and how niucli does it cost to move there I • . \' The Ft. Scott Tribune is sh/twlog . uomiatakable aiges of distiesB orer its prophetic vi.sion tliat is not going to s<iid Slubbs to ilie I'nil- ed States Senate. Tile Tribun- is a Democratic paper, or as near that as: it is anything. I; is in that 1i:>piiv class of being "agin tlie governmi'ni." not In a Socialistic wav. but a bilious, querulous way. "Wliaiever i?. i,; wrong," is its slogan. It d'^elan's I'ust \V«11 Street, the "interesis,""tlie l>>-vll. Tim Walker.- the Rum I'ow.r. the Ulalck Hand, the I'nspeakable Turk, the Democratic i)arty,' the st:ini!<;:it- ters and al the multitudes of iimbo of Satiin here below are in 1< agm- to nn-- veut the saintly Siulibs from getting to Washington. The* way tln'se •"interests" are spending money tn change Kansas from her heart's di-sire is shameful. Freight trains an- b -ini, chartered lo haul Ihe gold into tlie state to seduce the sturdy voter from what he knows Is right and piTsnade him not to vote for Smhhs. For. as everyone knows, it is iin|iossibl<- in jolt the halo off Uoscoe's bead, If defeated. Utile children will eontinue to go hungry, people will die. iln- crops may fall and other <'vi!s .(,•). Ilnue to allllcl the earth. With Stubbs In the Senate. ili)> 'l"rlbun<' fi'fis r <'ns- onably rerinin that there will b.- no want nor sirknesa nor 111.—;ii 1 >:ist not anywhere near th.- Tribum- oillc!'. And yet voters will probably do as they bloomin' please In the matter. Free lYe '-.F, wliicli Is a Moosir, with -i lin:i'..l> Ibat sus;i >'8ts that there i're aboitt 170 papi'fs in Ihe -slale. Wb< re Ihe figures weri- obtaimd is not ke.ov.n. 'tut a reliable nev.-s|)aper annual fays i;ii"-e nri' 7:t;! newspaiKTF in the siate. And 'h^ way the geiniini' lli-|iiiblii-an editors have squared off in the rresenf fight ag.iinst the K. C. Siar an*I 'h" bicaer stale daiU>''s wlics"' ow:''-r.-^ ar" generally in a Wiiv to profit politi"atiy by a Moose vietory is i r.t<r'.*y sight to sev. In a Kansas speeeli Uryan remarked '•f Covi-rnor Wilson that he "has mad- Xe»' .I>-rsi-y as Progressive as Kap s:\« " Without disputing this the Km sas Moosers papers twist It Into gt^-ni endorsement lor Stubbs. Wh rot "uo into hieh" and inquire, wh:- ilii-n is J-he terrlbl" emorjieney eallln fur 'teosevi'lt in lue Whlf- House t rif.iriii the nation, if Wilson eoul work as innumerable ' reforms whi' (Jiivernor of .New .Ierji<-y as llvya' elalnis and Slubbs coi'bl briiir s n<tu'b of blessing to Kansas wlii; (iov.rnor as the Mooser papers el:iiir What can T. H. do for Kansas and .!<•• sevites".' There :ir«v ullogelber loo ni:' ny 'gods demandinc worship In world wliere voters have but on.- I'j'f of knees. Wbi u llezekiah IVanut lets it b "Of the ncwsjajv^rs in =aK I'le linown that he is for T. II. the Moose are Progressive," ns8< rts th. i'ii!o :iv ; |,r.'s.> usi >s a eohimn of siwce tellinf Why is the soda cracker to-day such a universal food? People ate soda crackers in the old days, it is true —but they bought them from a barrel or box and took them home in a paper bag, their ci;isp- ness and flavor all gone. Uneeda Biscuit—soda .crackers better than any ever made before—made in the greatest bakeries in the world—baked to perfejction—packed to perfection—kept to per^ i]ection until you take them, oven-fresh and crisp, from their protecting package. Five cents. .NATIONAL BISCUIT. COMPANY what a power Her. is in his communi ty and how "significant" his declaration for the Colonel is. When Governor lladb'v. after careful analysis of the situation, decided that It was for the b" St Interests of ihi- country that Taft and not Roosevelt should be eleetfd. Ilcnry Allen carefully polishes off an editorial about the "I'nlni porlaiit Mr. Hadley ' From the beginning, when the Colonel contested ov.'r l(t» already elected delegates to the Chicago convention for psyCbolog leal eir.< t in tlif claims department down to Ihe present campaign t( steal idaces on tli.- Republican ticket in niMiy sta 'i -s. ' IK - "Reform" movement h:is b< en conducted by prncl'c:,' loliticians who have not overlook<*j' • single shaily. sliek. tricky move K •ilvanee their c .-msi-, while imtplc in he face roaring that the "O'd Ofrlei 'hang''th." as Kansas's Ross Hill ikes to put it. Till. STAIt \ I'HOOK. Yen n-nien'bi r In the ".Merchant ot 'en.ei" wh 'Mi I'ortia. acting us Judge 'eelari'd Sh.vbwk entitled lo iMHinil of ticsh." how Shylock wrung lis hands in " and ••Nclaim.d: "O no.'it rli-i 'f (VIS jii .lg-' A Daniel conn o judgment;•' .•\nd wli-n !ie W!? -.loiipetl troin shedding -t dron of blooc' ind so lost Ills case, how furious hf vas"* The Kansas Cllv Star favored dis 'lanthlslng Taft Rer-ubllcans In Kansas and vle\vc<l eomplarPntly the do 'nc of Ibis thing in California, 'lu' when Missouri Taft men submit'ed tc he courts that the Roosevelt tickc' 'as illegal and a«ked that tb^ Mbos» ••lectors be barred if the court so held, he. Star shrieks under the headline "Absurd and Insolent." as follows: "Voe !.->t the Taft machine do<^s no' want Rooscve't and N'ortonI to get to 'le peoi'le of Miss.)!iri! It will re:or* to any clesnerr.le trick to kee; •he I'rogressives from wiping It off 'he iK )liiieal map of Missouri. Thf fnfl croM-d of (loliticians Is used tr trying to cheat the people. Tbis'ef- ••ort now to trv to disfranchise all the Progressive voters of Missouri Is or ill fours, as tr> motive, with the ac•ion of the Rej,i:bIIcan National Committee." '•Old IU>c" Wiley, wi- • has come out for Wilson for Presid <it. is now as- -ailed in :< two columr -irtiele. written by one of Roosevelt's high brow. bi«:h iriep'l novelists, wid after ro.iding It von find thai Wiley t" ver did amount *o mii'-h and that Rf sevelt invented •md conducted the i- re food reform •••gill over Wiley's doddering old head As tline {lasses the fact be<-ome3 more and more evident that the one unpardonable sin in this day and .ige is to refuse Teddy what he wants. The Re- oiiMican convention did,that and the Uepiibllca:; •party immedlntciv became I "b.iss-rldden. rotten husk." And no individual ii:3> hope to escfoe a curs- big If he dares defy the pods. Roo .S"Vel( 's new scheme to col 'eci motley from the crowds where he talks s<'eins to be a "practical politician's" brinht plan tn epcni^ the caniorign .lublicitv law. With the Clapp commit 'ee ninkini; troiiWe for him over the 11>«H campaign. It seemed goo<I to col- leet from "crowds where ^he sum 'inkrowti s .1 ^e to Ihe manac" Someone 'n New York has thouxlit t ask ubniit the requirei}ient that name| of donors and the rfmounis be madi known. IJke Walter Johnson, Joe Wood tlie iipectacular Boston pitcher, hailed f rdiu Kansas, and the story of bis baptism in professional ball is interest- lug. Dr. Jay Andrews, ifew of Chicago, but in ISOti manager of the Hutchinson, Kansas, team In the Western As- soeiatlon. gave Joe his first Job and he relates the story thus wise In the Chicago World: "In the winter of 1906-7 1 signed to manage the Hutchinson. Kns., club, a iiiember of the Western ssoc.iation comiKiaed of such cities as Topeka. Wichita. Oklahoina City. etc. "1 was wintering in Topeka and hearing of a good pitcher who was attending s'cht)ol at the University of Kansas, coiicluded lo go down ami .see hlin. It was 'Lefiy* Holmes, formerly of Pltlsburg, by Ihe way. "I found my man at his room and signed hini without any trouble. Incidentally meeting his room-mate, a youth named Wood. 'I'he latter, when he found I WHS a !uln«ir league base ball manager, took me to one sldi* ah<l couinienced lo »'nunierale tlie great qualities of his young kid br«>tlier. Joi;. as a pitcher. "He made It so strong lliat I wah impressed enoiigli to till out a contract and have lilin semi It to Joi- win. lived at Ness City. Kanstis. !") inileK from Hulclunson, with ills pareiitB. Iiii' lather being an attorney for the Santa Fe railroad at that place. '•The contract came back duly sign-" ed a few days later abmg wiiii a cordial letter from Joe tbunking iiie for the chance to play professional bas» ball, indorsed by his father. Jiie being only 17 years old. bis father's consent was necessary. "Well, spring came aruiind and re porting lime. too. i bad a part of llu team' report early tlial year in ordei lo play the White .Sox a game on llieii way back from the coast. 1 did not Iicliide yoiMi); Wood in the early .squad >iil he heard I IK - club was reporliiic lud came in i.u his own. book in ? .-oiiple of days. He reported at the grounds the aft'-riioo!i of his arrival for practice. "A little .-Jleniier i;eIlow just out ol ihort pants who looked as though tiia; Kansas wind would blow him away le sat around for awhile-on tlie bench :ind finally asked nie if be couldn't get out on short and practice a bit. '•Well he went out there witlioni warming up at all and the first bal' 'hat was bit down lo him bi- picketi ip and cut loose at the first sucker •1 big Swede. He came near upsetting he Swede. A wonderful arm. you could j<ee that. "I ida.vj-d him at short right alonj after that until one day my plti hliig staff weakened. 1 put Joe in. He lii '.he first man up in the Inning smack In the ear.' Thre<- days in llu hospital for the player. "Joe struck out seventeen men ibat day and w«m his game. 2 to (i. Hi> wm a tl.\ture in tho box after thai am! that fall 1 sold hliii to Kunsus City lUeorge Tebenni. for Jl.niiii, "I told him when he left If he eve» can.e back to Hutchinson wiilmui ; big league tag en I'd brain him. He laughed, but I told him he had tin go<ids and I some ilay cxpecii -i| tft s .-e '.llm a world beater. "I was not misiaken. To say i::at I ini proud of him is iinnecess:iry because 1 am. "Anil further." he is going lo trim \ew York in two gailies for iiiv bank roll this fall." .SEITE.MHEK WEATHER ODD. Ilroke Record for Hot and for fold Days in Kansas. Somehtiw the Jiort-or of a war In the Balkans did not strike home until the f.ict was nublisbed^that It will, mean a famine In atUr of roses, the fashionable perfume of the 4W. War $are is bell, as General ShecaaBjonce September. 1!»I2. was remarkable for the abnormally hot wpafher tha' •>revalled the first ten days and tl;e ilmost unprecedented cool weather A 'ith which the month ended. The records of the Kansas Section of the ir. S. Wciither Bureau show that with the single exception of September. 18'J.''. no other September In twenty-six years has experlenefd such prolonged hot weather. .-Xt .some «fation.s the flr.^t ten days of t'lls month average<l the v.arii.e.=t ten daU on record for Sepbpmlier. The last ten cHiys of Cie mnn;'' averaged at some stations the cooli-t ten day period on record in September, and the lowest tempcrarure of the month- which was 22 degre.-s a* Repuldic and Harrison. In the north central |»art of the state, came within i degrees of being the low( st See- tember temiierature on record in Kansas. Killing frosts were genera! in tt'e western part of the gtate cn the 2.->th which is a week earlier than the average date, of the first killing. In t'-e eastern part they occurred at near'v all atattons on the 2Cth or ?.Oth. wt<' •'» is from 2 to 4 weeks earlier than usual. At Independence, in the smith eastern part of the State, the killing frosf of the 26th Is the firsti September frost on a record that covers t'.ie past 33 years. The temperature of the month averaged below normal at all station'! •{ But four Septembers In the past 2r. years liave bad a lower average tenl- pcrature. Nearly all the rainfall occurred between the !ith and 20th and It w.ts fairly well distributed over the state, comparatively few stations reporting less, than 1 Inch and still fewer more that) i> Inches. It was generally from 1 to 2 inches below the normal ln:tlie north central and southeastern portions and from I to 2 Inches above normal In the extreme western, south central and northeatitem portiot». The averttee rainfall for the stat" i was 2.60 inrnes. which is 0.31 an Inch below normal. Three widely iKattered stations re- portfjd flurries ot snow the last week of thie moQth. Thje sunsltine. received vas some- wbct le«rU >»B 't]w normal UBODOL' ' Wood bivesUnent Company William Ti-ihe, Mgr. Full line of MOTOIU'YCLES, BICYCLKS AND ALL SMALL MUSICAL LNSTRUMENTS .Supplies and Repairs for Same. BICYCLI-: Si:!M»LIi:S AND REPAIRS * 112 West JVLitiison lola, Kansas Above All Venn's Bread lOLA STATE BANK Capital Stock $25,000.00. Surplus J .. $12,5OO.O0( ' WE PAY INTEREST ON TIME DEPt)SlTH L. E. HOKVILLR, Pres. W. S. K.^LFST.A.N, ^nd tjlce Vm, J. H. C-VMPBELL, Cashier, i. W. BECK, Vlce.PrcJt. I'. O. BESSOX, Asstl CasUtf 81FETT DEPOSIT BOXES FOB HEAT. J. D. .\K>K'rT. President JOE HcKI.M.KV, Fishier J. F. M«;il, VIce-PresidcuL E. V. McCL.AIX, Asst. fash. t,OLOXKI- L.V.M'OV, 2ud Vice-President. State Saviiig §i Bank CAPITIF, m,tm SI'IJPIJ'S i?2w«0 lOLA, KANSAS We Pay Interest on Time Deposits and' Savings Ac- coiinLs.i Safety J)epo.sit Boxes Free to our Customers. THOS. H. BOWLCS, Prasldeni i. V. SCOTT, CasUer Alien County State Bank lOLA, KANSAS ESTABLISHED A tJUAKTEB OK A CE.NTDKI. Capital $30,«00.00 Si^lus ...$40,000.00 Deposits $550,000.00 L>TEKE.ST PAID O.V TIME DEPOSITS SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOB KEKT 1 CaloottbecWecavpeibwilktirsal&ertof cotueeatiTa .datai. UHI PTMCSI fHwm aC tUk office «(HI> tha e^peaM ixuias amanst t crsua setoppenla uy stjb. ef DictSooarr sclKted (which coirvn t!:a itcisi of Ike cc*t ef PKUBV. rsprau froK tbd facial?, cbecidnc. cleric hire anJ OUMT aecciuarr 'EXPENSE itant). •ad ncvho ycur daoioa of t &csa 'Jena Lookit Xbe $4^00 (T-'te illu^tratiins in tlir annonm-emrat.': from day today.) New ^'"^ dutiunary i-! Nor {.ublisked oy the original p-ob- WEBsrrCRlAN •' Wcbatr.-'s «!ict!.j:iary or by their succcsst '>rs. 1019 Itistiieo.NLYCK'.lroIv.Krw compilation by the world's 'JLVXM Rrc.-iu-it aiitlmritics IV.'-11 leading rnivcrsjiic*; is bound in UlCnONAitYiuU t.inip l.catUci. i\ ^-'.jle, st3inp«^ in g.jlA on back and Ulwtratcil fide. print«rJ«>n Iti'.d.- (Ci -'r, willi red idscS>aiid cornrrs toonded; Ix^^iutiiul, stroinr. jiur ibi.-. the gent-r:;! c .mtcnK there are maps at «J over 600 stibj«»,i» c.--'::tie;!'y ;ilu!tr..inl l»y three- k _ , Color plj*>i. m:m.r .ii :J si ;'i!tet.< !>y ir..'n.ilv>a.-i, 16 jm--- 3 ti \o^^'^ eJucttior .-i' I hurt-i r:>.l the L:r t •-'•ii'<-l St ;tcs •.Vasn:. I'rcsrnt • at this tr:::t; 5!^ Coaiecr'.'.f* Dr-'.'jncry Coii->3Ss &r2. tha ' oC , TMe $3.00 u is Mirti WESSTECIAri 2*.E2?7^?^ 0,1. »c witit sqtnr: comrr*. SIX » IK- sirioj'Tl!-.! 5?.Cl) Is iu ptaio cloth "» b. I. '\nn^ "S. »umped in w s'.jle «-"VVi:8«»nXl;t» tiark: has tind- •n uiue •liaOfe »'i'^r, same ilbutfj. _ I »r(t th»T»» sr- cm-ttcd. -SIX » i Coaoaodiva Caa^wis A)irBeakln'&Ui:'23cC*lra(orPad^ / i ^. .--• *

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