Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 30, 1903 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 30, 1903
Page 8
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S * ' ' JUNE 30.190B NORTIIRUPd CLOdE THEIR DOORd IN -——DAYS—— Prices No Cob^ideration to Clear i Come Get the Good^. the Stock. GAMPBaHUSIIERMIIN James H. Campbell and Miss Kate Ausherman Were Married at Kansas City Last Night. Mr. James H. Campbell and Miss Kate Ausherman were united in marriage at 7 o'clock last evening at the home of the bride's cousin, Mrs..Harry Nowby, in Kansas City, Mo. They will remain in the city for a few days possibly going on a short wedding trij), after; which they will return to loJa and niake their home at 111 West Broiidway- Miss Ausherman went to Kansas City Saturday morning accompanied by her .sisler-in-lnw. Mrs. C. C. Ausherman "to visit Mrs. Newby." Mr Campbell loft for (he city yeslcniay on the early morning train. All of which precautions were taken to, throw off the' increasing number of people who hatl "heard something" and were getting too curious. In order more fully to keep their plans secret neither the mother of the bride nor of the groom attended the ceremony. i The reason the pviblic was so deeply interested is because there are not two finer, good-looking people in lola than they, nor two to whom the good things of life will be liberally measured ! out by a kind Providence if the wishes of their friepds avail aught. The bride is a daughter of Mrs. M. C. Ausherman, of 216' South Kentucky street. Since away back in the early days the Ausherman family has taken an active and impor|tant part in the county life, Isetiling first in JMarmaton township. Miss Ausherman graduated from the lola High school some years ago, since which time she has been one of the most popular and most sviccessful primary teachers in the city. In social circles she has held an enviable place, her graces of person and winsome personality endearing her to old and young. And Jim Campbell, He has been a I hero to the writer of these Jfa'adequate lines for years. Left fatherless at a tenlder age he began work on the thin- soiled, farm in ^Carlyle township, Allen county. He would dp any kind of work and when he grew older and fouiid: that effort brought slow results In bis community, he came to lola. Chance led him finally Into the drug store of tlie father of the editor of the Register. He washed bottles, cleaned the store out, made show cases, painted ; wood-work, studied pharmacy. When about 16 years old be broke a Tecord by being admitted as a licensed pbarmaclst. 'The opportunity came to buy the drug .stock. Still but a boy ii was decided lliat the little family fortune might be safely trusted in his hands and the store was piirchascd. Then Jim Campbell quit all his foolish ways and settled down to work. He remade the interior of the store. 11c worked and planned and succeeded and made hundreds of friends. The business grew, the stock was increa.s- ed and several years ago the store was moved to a new building on the west side of the square. Mr. S. R. BurrcU, another young man with a future, was taken into partnership. Today Campbell & Burrell own one of the handsomest and most complole drug stores In Kansas, their credit is good from Maine to California and they own the building which they occupy. Surely a kind Providence intends to !)less such a young cotipio as Mr. and Mrs. Campbell, and surely their winning each other is a proof that Providence is going to be kind. Devlin-Woodin Marriage. This evening at the homo ot tlir bride in Lawrence, Kansas. Miss May Woodin will be united in marriage 'o Mr. John L. Devlin. Rev. Father .McInerney. of the lola Catholic church, officiating.^The bride is a daughter of the late John L. Woodin, and was born and grew to young womanhood in lola. She graduated from the lola school and then taught school to obtain money to attend the university. Mr Devlin is a young man of many ster ling qualities who holds a position as chemist for the Lanyon Zinc Comi)any The young people will make their home in lola and will have the cordial good wishes of all their many friends Unfamiliar Facts. Comets are made of substance 150,000,000 times lighter than our air. It is estimated that half the vine crop of France was destroyed by the frosts of April. For the past 160 years the royal family of Britain has been idcniifled with Free Masonry. Accoring to the state factory Inspector, there are somewhat over 17,000 girls in the Pennsylvania mills between the ages of 13 and 16. Of this number approximately 4,000 work at night. Nature seems to' have provided that no poison which acts externally shall have any effect internally, and vice versa. Thus the most deadly snake venom can be swallowed with impunity, the juice of the stomach ably decomposng it and rendering it harmless.—Philadelphia Telegraph. THANKS FOR FLOOD DOillONS Acknowledgment is Received From Kansas City and Topeka of the $216.50 Sent Each. Readers of'the Register will doubtless bo intore.-^to.l in learning thai tho funds subscribed voluinarily l>y lula l)ooi)lo lo help ri'Iievo (he di .sirL 'ss at Topeka and Kansas City by the tiuod parly this month have boon sonl in. Tho money was collcctoil by the local banks and duly seat in and the following acknuwlodgcnieii is liavc bs-'Cn received: Kansas Cily, Ks... Juno -3. NoriUrup National Bank, lola. Ci -ntlfnien:—Your kind lottir of ilu- lITlh inf.l. I 'nflosiuic dnifi for $21(;.r .ii sauic lii 'in« aniouiii collccltMl by ym for ilii- relief finul for the lloud .stif- ft'Cdrs. rt'c (.•ivo<l. This nionoy h.-ui ?)ooii ttuucd ovor to the relief coniinittoi.'. an orgauii^a- lion cornpcisod of the leading brsinnss mcji of this oily, and will be used in aiding the sufferers of the nceni groat caLauiity. I desire to especially thank you for your great, kindness in this particular and assure you that your very limoly and appropriate donation i^s approfiat- ed by every citizen of this commuiiiiy. I note what you .say about sending draft for same amount lo Hrui. Win. Sims. Topeka. and fool thai the unfortunate people of Topoka will join with mo in iondiug thoir sincoio tluuik^;. ! \'orv Truly Yours. T. B. GILBERT. Mayor. Topeka. K.s.. Juno 29. Rfcoivcd of citi/.ons of lola, Kansas. .")ii.contribuiod \<J Kansas Hood sufferor.s' relief fund. W.M. SIMS. Prc-s. First National Bank. Attest: C. E. HAWLEY, Cashior. i Recovering From the Flood. N(jirth Topoka notes in the Topoka Capital give a good idea of the progress being made in the rohibiliiation of the city: Tl e homo of J. M. Baird of I>25 Kau­ .sas ivonue. i.s being repaired. M^. and Mrs. F. L. Cor)por are again at their old homo. '.(04 Monroe .street. Cotitley's dry good .s store has boe-ii cloaijod out and the building is being ropuirod. M.i T. Canipl)ell and family will return: tomorrow to their (J1;1 Iiunio a; S21 Quincy street. Tho .south wall of the rf.^idenco nf J^ S.iMorso, on Gordon street, i.s boin;^ repaired. A new floor, is being built in the Moody building in which the postofruo was located. • Thfc work of repairing the damaged walks] of the Sheet/, grocery has bo^n commenced. | ' The gas company has men at v.-ork pumping water out of the mains on Gordon street. ICast (ionlon slreei. repaired. New roiindatluns arc; being built. Th(! now slock of Jame.-; Compbell lias arrivoil at their teniporury lo.;ai:oii. ^\7t Kansas avenue. Tiio river reni.iiiiod stationary all day yesiofday. It i.s thougliL that it will eoiiinieiioe falling soon. The nioinber.s of Marshall 's band viiil .^iioii^! today ropairJng iho fences and l)',;il..iii!.L;.s in Garfield park. In i!ie biiildin.;; at S.'iO Kansas avo- niie. the mud h.Ts not bo';n take oui .vol, aiid the floor is ronimoncing to .siig anil sink in several places. The hole in East Curtis street has been filled up. The washout in East Gordon and tho sink hole in Ivast Laii- leiii h-iv(; boon partially filiod and ilio men of the street force will have theiii coin plot oil within a short time. The Inior-Ocoan and Mid-C;onlinent luiHo .-'.nil the Western Woolen mills are all riitiiiing now, and tho Billajd mill will start Inmorrow mofiiing. ft .sr-i ni .s ti'.rii tho lloiiil di.l ntit seriously dainji .i;;e the inaiiiifacitiring iutcres's •ii North Topeka. ' The Citi/.eii.s' State Bank will bo opined m .soI Kansas avonuo at 'J o'eioc-k tomorrow morning. The walls have been repnpored and the wood v.ork rifinishod. Now furniture has iieeii j)i:t in and iho interior f)f tho building presents a much better aji- l)e:iranco (ha nit did prior to the Hood. Si .;j :ns have boon posted in conspicu; oils places around North Topeka warning the iieopie of the treacherous condition of tiie streets and alleys and Slating that the city will not be liable for any accidi-nts which occ:ir from people fallini; in holes in any jiiiidic Th (;roiighfnrp. Tho i)lacard' is si .:,-ncd by Mayor Tho work of toarin .g down the two Imildin.irs at 1002 and; lOOi Kansas avc- imc has boon ooninionco<l. The wall l>eiw<>en two buildings was wasli- od out and I lie roof fell in. The grocery stoio of C. W. Thonij ).son was located on the lower lloor at 1002 and h'.To all of iho stock-and ovorytliing pf value was niinod. Mr. Thomp- .s (m will reopen his grocery at lOuO Kansas avonuo, in llio building formerly occupied by the Barrett drug store, on or before July 13. S. MAPLE 6B0VE & CEN. AVE. June 29.—O. alives in Osaw Ina Maxwell homo folks. S Monday lo take Lena Blum e no.'^ilay for Bri Tho Sunday Grovo was 'quit( Will Gera 11 c; 1. Lash is visiting rcl- itomio. spout Sunday With 10 went back to^ loia the exaiuinatron.' [cpccls to Icavu ^Ve7^ tgciiortj Okla. chool rally at Maple a success. mo up from Chanute Salnrday to visit relatives. Maggie Butts sjient Sunday homo folks. .Mr. Thorpe an] Kiel en wore tho Sunday. Tho wedding our vioiniiy this Tiio Success ng a ri'.; to J. (1 and exiieot to begin days. Henry Gcrken is shelling corn 40- day. with 1 Mr. ami Mrs. Oricar guests of Will Winks bolls are ringing in week. )il coniiian.v is haiil- i. Hotleiisiein'.^ place, work in a iow Throe English ning between Djiingu first motor car Free State. motor cars are i."iin- aiid Lado.. ihe i^crvicc in tho Kongo FRliT 01 THE LOOM Men and women CONCERT TOMORROW NIGHT. The lola Concert Band Will Give Their Regular Weekly Concert in the Park. Dr. Ryder is haviog his office on The re.v>;nlar weekly concert l)y tho I >;infJ! will lake (ilaco tomorrow evening.! There are so\cral new numbers on I lie program aird iho oTd on<;s are faviiriie.-;. Concorti will coramoiicc l>rornptiy at S o'clock. Tho following i.s the program: March. Belle of Philadelphia. .Fulton Waltz, The First Violin Witt Selection. Wang Morse Ole Nappel-'s Hickory Nut Dance Beil Polka. I Am Here ...Brooks Overture. Hunter and Hermit. .Dalbj: Request ntjmber. The Tromlione Sneeze Chamber?^ 99 of taste and judgment go into ecstacies oj/er the wonderful patterns, textures and colors which are "the fruit of the loom!." But there is one fruit of the loomi they rarely con-| sider, and that is the frail and faded woman, old before ber time, because necessity compels ber to work under conditions, which send her more favored sister to bed and the doctor's care. The diseases which weaken and torment women, may in almost all cases be cured by the use of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. 11 establishes r e g u- i larity, dries weak- j ening drains, heals i inflammation and ulceration, and cures female weakness. I had fem.nlc trouble for eight years." writes Mr .H. I.. J. Dennis^, of 8i.S East College Street. J.aclc.siinville. Ills. " Words cannot express wl!at I suffered. / sought ttlief ammig the medical jfiti/f.-sston fvund none. Friends urged ine'to try Dr. ricrce's Favorite Prescription. Whejl I coninienctd tnkin;; this medicine. I weighed ninttv-fivc xxjunds. Now I weigh one hundred and fifty-six pound.s—more than I ex-er wcijfhtd btfore. I was so bad I would lie from dayito d.-iv and long for death to come and relieve ciy sullferiufr. I haduntemal inflammation, a dis- osireeable drain, brearjng-down pain, and such di.stress every month, but now 1 never have a pain—do all my own wjork and am a strong and nealthy woman." | "Favorite Prescription" makes weak women strong, sick .women well. Accept no substitute for the medicine which works wonders for I weak women. Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets should lie nsed ^Tith « Favorite] Prescription « wheji- ever ahizative is reqxured. The old reliable. Lowest prices, best quality. Telephone 159. THE LEADER, H. W.5T|YEli. Has Put in a Stock of.;. \ . NEW CARPET^ Priws the Lofpst. dheap Chftrley^ New Brick, North St. Sr LET YOUR BE KNOWN T ftHE RECaS The Finest Liiie in tlisCity:

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