The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 13, 1892 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 13, 1892
Page 2
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|4i // a. HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 13, 1892. \ LOSING TRADE, The Status of European Countries With South America. THIS COUNTRY CRITICISED. JtgnrM Quoted Ity .Milxluilllitno Ilmnes to Show How Kriinri', Knfjrliiriit tinil (Irrinnny Am Interested lu the Failure of the American I'ol- l.iy. BHIMKBMS April 18.—The Independent ilelgo publishes u second article by M six in i i I lu lit) Ibanez on the United States, South American ropub- HCH and Kurope. lie contends that while, the Monroe doi-u-iiic in no way justifies tin? United Stales to interfere in Mouth Aniericiin ult 'uirs the American government is construing tile Monroe doctrine, in a new shape to bring South America. under its thumb. lliuni:/. uihnit-s tliat the fttutcMiicn o{ the American union arc fur too clever to tliinlt of annexing, any Sontli American territory, as the in- eorpornlion of uny of tiie Latin republics would bring about a wnr of raced that would shutter the union Use]/. Blaine, however, sees with equal clearness that with theirenormouHindustrial productions the United States is threatened with imiiieiu.e dungcrK unless they And n fresh outlet for the products. Therein lies the secret policy of encroachment toward South America, llmmv contends that tho Washington enhinet will never bring South Americiin republics to ita reciprocity views bv mere force, or persuasion, as the American Latin uutionR would have to pay the [lulled States !)0 per cent, dearer for produce than they pay by purchasing 1 the Mime in Kurope. The writer openly accuses Maine with attempting somethine; stronger than persuasions to compel compliance by South America. He insinuates thut tho reciprocity treaty with lirazil was wrested from l'"onscca by illegitimate unmans; that tile United Suites openly supiiorted lhi 1 maceilaagainst the national rising in order to obtain from Chili a commercial treaty wholly in its favor; that the republican parly will renew it with taesh vijfnv if the democrats do not ow-l it from power: that it will likewise attempt to coerce Argentine unless the latter combines with tlruzil and Chili to resist Vanlcee encroachments. Lastly. Ibune'/ quotes figures of English, l-'rench and (ierman trade with fcioulh America to show how deeply these European countries are interested in the. failure of tin 1 American policy, lie concludes by appealing 1 to the governments of I'Yunee. KugUmd and Germany to combine with Itruzil, Chili nnd Argentine to thwart the designs of the government which rules under stars and stripes. The Hood came so suddenly that none were prepared. Sixteen small streams in Northern Mississippi lweamc niging torrents within a frW hours and swelled Die bunks of the Coosa and Totul rivers into inland seas. All sortsof craft are being improvised to go to tlic rescue of the survivors, who aro perched on the highest ground without food or shelter. The loss of property is incalculable at present. There Is no exaggeration, however, in the statement tliat It will be over tl ,(JU0,UU0.. You won't havo to have thorn, aslyou do with the ordinary pi It clears the hmd Tyben you clear tho stomach mid bowels. You enu't think, with your system all choked up and stagnant. That 's Just tho timo to contract disease, too. l*ut yoursolf In good condition with Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pollots. with You struggle »ry pOl KAV> WKATHKK IJi MKMPniS. Which interfered With tho Opiating Day of the New Mcmplil* .Jockey Club's HprlOfC tfoetlliK. M EMPHIS. Tenn., April 13.— The opening day of the spring meeting of a new Memphis jockey club was held yesterday. Weather was cold and attendance only fair. llitrring a bad start in the first race, the. event* were all good ones, and considering the condition of the track, which was ankle deep in mud, the sport was good. The event of the day, the Tennessee derby, was won by -I. \V. Brown's bay colt. Tom KUiott, by l-niko Illuckburn, in 'J'.O'.lJi. which was good for the day. Bolivar lluekner. a 10 to 1 shot, surprised the crowd by winning the fourth about as he pleased. Ilellcr Skelter galloped in easily in the first. Twentysix bookies did a rushing business, and broke about even with the crowd. won't notice them. Mildly and msntly, but thoroughly and effectively, they cleanse and rcgulato ties whole* system. Sick or Bilious Heartaches, Constlontlon, Indigestion, Bilious Attacks, nnd all derungonients ot tho liver, stomach, and bowels are prevented, relieved, and cured. They're tho best liver pill known, purely vegetable, jicrfectly harmless, the smallest, easiest end Gcst to take. Thoy're tho cheap- sst pills you can buy, too, for they're guaranteed to give satisfaction, or your money is returned. " Value received or no pay "— it 'B a plan peculiar to Dr. Korea's medicine* At HOTEL BRUNSWICK Kooui 34. Hutchinson, Kansas. Consultation Free. MlftHoilrl Hcpillillcali Conventions. C AUTHAOK. M O., April 1:).— The republican congressional committee mot here yesterday for the purpose of calling a convention to choose two delegates to tlie. national convention at Minneapolis. Representation was tlxed as follows: Harry county, ti: liarton, 6; Jasper. 15: Lawrence. 8: .Newton, 0; McDonald, Vernon. S. Kvery county was represented hero yesterday. The convention was set for May 2 at Carthage. The county convention toselect delegates to the state convention for the nomination of state oflleers will be held here April UII. Millers Meet at KIIIIMII City, Mo. K ANSAS C ITY. .Mo., April Hi.—-Another meeting of millers has been held at the Coates house toconfer regarding milling in transit rates. There were present representatives of five leading mills of the Missouri valley, including J. C. Lysle, of Ki 'lley & Lyslc. Leavenworth; W. C. Spi-sigue. of Rush & Sprague, Leavenworth; K. T. havis, of St. Joseph, and local representatives. The millers refuse to divulge what, if any, conclusion was arrived at. Another Chance fur a Home, It is expected the Sisseton and Wahpeton reservation of lands that are near Watertown, South Dakota, and that join Minnesota at Lake Traverse, will by President Harrison's proclamation be opened for settlers under the homestead act, about April lf>, 1892 The great Rock Island and Albert Lea are the only lines giving- cho'ue of routes to Watertown. You can go via the twin cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis, and see the great wheat center of the northwest. The other route is via Davenport, Cedar Rapids, Spirit Lake, Iowa, and Pipestone, Minnesota, to Watortown, •South Dakota. The land otliee is located at Watertown, and this is your chance to secure a quarter section of good land. Address for full information as to rates, etc.. J OHN S EBASTIAN. •I-:; ti. T. & P. A., Chicago. l>r, Gmin'n Onion Syrup. This remedy is a sure cure for all diseases of the Throat and Lungs, caused by taking cold. It will stop a cough in one night, no matter how severe. It is just what its name implies: an onion syrup, compound in suen manner as to do away with the unpleasant taste and odor of the vegetable. When in need of a cure for a cough or cold, try it. Price SO cents. Sold by 0. B. Winslow, druggist. ii-31 WHAT CI.KVKI.ANL> .SAYS. Test of u Letter Written Ity lllm ton Citizen of CImllitm»o(;a, Tonu. CnATTANOOCIA. Tenn.. April IS.—The I following letter from (i rover Cleveland has been received by a prominent democrat in this city: Jauiea illlle, Ctuittiun.nim, Tinn. LAKEWOoli, N. .!.. AprlW. My VleiirStr; 1 _4cslre to lliunti yi.u 'or tlie n-jiorl ul llio meeting &t Cliallilliooi'il, wlih-li you Ho ttliillly BOnt me, ami tov the (rii-noly wovts you ppotui ot mo on Html otH-iiiliin. 1 um cxuecdln^Iy anxious to huvo our jinny tlo cxuialy tlio rlylit thing ut the Cbti:a;.'ti cunveiittun, im.11 hnpo the delegates will be Kiiliicil liy jiiilioneiit unit imnmlcil by irile ilcliiiici-ulii' .-JpJvIl unit tlic single deslro to fiuiicccil on pi'liiiililc. I Hhimlil nol lie Iriuilt If 1 UUl not say to you Unit I often h'.ir I do not deserve ttm Ulnd tbiutrrt such tiiciids ns you say of me unit I hove In qucnt uilnirlviiiKs us to the vvtsilom of iciitln iiiittha; me in iioininalloii. I therefore inn anxious thin setiilment and un- mruimrcil pei-^ ilevulton sliould bt; chtxkeil when tlie dele Kitten to tlci conveiitton rcucti the vertod of deUbenvtloii. tu any event tbetc will bo no itlHUiiivjintnieiu for me ta tbo result YOUTH very truly, tlaovi'.K C'LllVELANR. On it Criminal Charge. K ANSAS C ITY, M O.. April 13. —Attorney C. W. Clark, who brought suit for Dr. Horine, received advices from Chicago late this aftevnonn tliat criminal proceedings on a charge of adultery will be instituted against Harili for his action with Mis, Horine at tlic Hotel Austria in St. Louis. It is doubtful, however, if Harili will be apprehended, us he announced that lie would the city. IJall ntiil l-'itrsliiniiotiN to Fltrlit. .N KW Y OUK, April —Jim Hull and Bob Fit/simmons have agreed to meet in the pri/.c: ring and light to a finish for a purse of not less than $12,001) and a side bet. of S ',.000 each. The light will occur at the Olympic club of New Orleans. 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Mailed postage . _ _ . price. Contains a careful compilation from the American Newspaper SAVKII FltOM LVNttHING. Tllft I>ooi* of Hie .lull Was (luttererl llnwo, Hut the HIob Was Finally tllH|irmod. CoLUMHUfi, O., April IU.—About 100 excited citizens of Newark, 0., gathered about the county jail shortly before midnight to lynch Ucorge Stoltsberry, arrested in the afternoon for attempted brutal assault on a school girl of 8 years. The mob luitle.-cd down the door of the jail and in spite of the efforts of the officers passed into the corridors and reached .Stoltslierry's cell. At this moment Mayor Hell, with a fresh squad of policemen, weut to the deputy slieriiT's relief nnd succeeded in clearing the building of the mob. Stoltsberi-y's victim was the daughter of A. '1'. Alward mid the attempted outrage took place in an outhouse ntNorth school at -l o'clock, lie tore the child's clothes and bruised and injured her, •put was defeated lu his object by the timely arrival of the teachers. • luilgo Fontor on the lleiieh. TorKKA. Kan.. April lit.—Judge Cassius (i. Foster appeared in the United States district court for the lirst time in eighteen months, and attenipled to instruct the grand jury. His voice wits weak and lie was wrapped in a heavy blanket. Before he could complete the charge his voice broke down and District Attorney Ady was compelled to finish. Col. A. L. (longer, republican national committeeman from Ohio, who has been looked upon as a stalwart Blaine, man, has imiumiieed himself in an interview as fur Harrison, lie suitl he was convinced that Mclviulcy would not allow his inime to be used. Rheumatism can be Cured, And is no longer a mystery, from two to eight weeks being snllieie'.it to remove this dread disease. Thomas (J. ltrooks. 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CIIICAOO , April III.— William Smith, accused of holding his 111 tie daughter Kittle against a red hot stove aud burning both her amis so that amputation was necessary, was acquitted. Tho armless child was put on tho stand but resolutely refused to inerluiiuato tho father. Ills defense was that HIIO was mibjeet to fits. IN XOKTIIKKM MISSIHSIITI. Tno A]ij]!i!!)i!jr<:lmrncloro! Ihe Flootli* >!uat ilftilK Kenllzcii— lleuvy l.ortH of Property. N AflUVllXK, Tenn., April IS.—The appalling character of the Hoods in northern Mississippi ts just beginning to be realiKcd. Hundreds of lives have been lost. , Last night one man rowed several 11 * I«>1» n« n rwfl Wltjl tWO^y AKOENl'INA AND t'ENlsZUELA. Volttleal Oll'emlorn ltnulnlioil From tlie Former und tlio Kcvolt In the l.ittter Country .Not Ended, B IJKNOS A YIIEB, April 13.—A decree has been issued by tlie government banishing from the country several of the political prisoners in custody for the purt they took ill the recent radical plot to overthrow the government. Dr. Alem, the lender of the radical party, and a number of others prominently identified with the revolutionary movement, will be detained for trial. The exiles will be sent to Montevideo. C AHACAH, Venezuela, April m.—Ocn. Crcspo has reappeared at the head of a strong force of enthusiastic followers. His headquarters are at Valencia and he is said to be strongly entrenehed. There are 1,500 men under his command. It is rumored tliat another engagement lias taken place between the government forces and the revolutionists hut the result is unknown. 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It. encampment, which will be held in Washington. 1). C. resolutions were adopted instructing Nebraska congressmen not to vote, for tho bill. Keporls show that ucurly 1)0,000,000 bushels of wheat are iu northwestern A dvice to W omen If you would protect yourself from Painful, Profuse, Scanty, Suppressed or Irregular Menstruation you must use BRA.DFl ELD'S FEMALE REGULATOR CARTEIISVII.1 .B. April 20, ISM. ThlB will certify that two members ot my lmmedlatfl family, aftor huvlutt auttored tor yearfl from menstrual IrrcBUlarlly, Wng tr^tedwithout;.fefl^ ^yMe!au»j ~" " IU NQK, Book to " WOMAN " mnllt'd KRKE, which coritiilua valuable information on all female dlsuucii. BRADFIELD BEGUUATOR CO.. ATLANTA, GA. von a A r.B n Y * <• r. nnvatusxa. tang treated without hcnetlt by paywvir were ut length completely cured by ono bo 6&"t to truly wonderful. J. Xv". StBANO. IIDLAND HOTEL. Most coutrally located hotel in the city. NEW MANAGEMENT ENTIRELY. FOIl SAH! OK THAlli:. rpo TRADE—100 acres of good land, clear, _L for city property, clear or lightly encumbered, tf L. P. CAIN. F FOK KKNT. IOR RENT—Furnished and unfurnished rooms in the Woodard block. 153 T710H SALE—Large steam Singer Sewing JJ machine. Enquire at this oftlce. tf F OR RENT—One suction of land in south part of county; good fence and run- No. 3 carries through Pullman and tourist sleeping cars to San Diego, Los Angeles, Ham Francisco and City of Mexico. No. s carries through Pullman sleepers and chair cars to Pueblo. Coloradao Springs and Denver, making connections at Piiehl* and Colorado Springs with through sleepers for San Francisco and Portland, via. Salt Lake. No. 7 carries through Pullman sleeper to Dodge Citv and through coacheo to PueblB and Denver. No. 4 carries through Pullman and tourist sleepers, also chair cars to Kansas City and Chicago, also Pullman sleeper to St Louis. No. ti carries through Pullman sleepers and chair cars to Kansas City and Chicago No. 8 carries Pullman sleepers and chair cars to KansasClty and St. Joseph, Mo. OB GEO. T. NICHOLSON, Q. T. & P. A., Topcka, Kan. 3. W. TBorottD, Agent Santa Fe Route. Hutchinson. " hlng water. Will rent cheap for cash, dress L, N EWS oftlce. Ad- tf PROFESSIONAL CARDS. PHYSICIANS. g H. SniLINGER,' Physician ami Surgeon. Onicc over Sidllnrjer's drug store, telephone, 10; residence, 0U. D US, STEWART, DR. J. E. STEWART, Practice limited to Surgery and Diseases of Women. :127 North Main. DR. R. A. STEWART. Eye, Ear, Throat and Nose. Glasses properly adjusted. J. Patronage of traveling men solicted. Treats Kye, Eur, Nose and Throat Diseases Carefully. Office. No. 110 North Main. Residence, 008 North Main. Rates, SI.00, $1.25, $1.50 a Day. J G. MALCOLM, Physician and Burgeon (Homeopathic) Ofllce 112 1st avenue east. Kendkick & Burk, have juet reoeived a Nobby fe of Sprint Goods, FtflST-CLISS WORK. EVERYTHflie SUARANTEED. chinson. Kansas 200 North Main, Midland Block. tuturill«h«d'lti<. I80S.WATER 6T. cmoAGd, xxiXi., COMMISSION MERCHANTS •— .IN -7— SJHTTLt&CO .,f CHICAGO COMMISSION M .IN BROOM CORN , jTopo A drain turn JW, A. An**JkV*„ ••• " ^^arrtovs^^M^-,^;, 0ZMANLIS ORIENTAL SEXUAL PILLS Ban, Prompt, Foiltlrs Oun for ImpoUnc: Ltn$ of sfoHliooil, Semlnat Cmlulont. Spttmatorrhn, Mttuouinm, StlfOlitntt. Lou of Uimoru, Ac. will mass you a 8TMN0, Vigor- ou$ Man. frlM9hoi,6 Sons, •» 00. | Sonlal Olrtctlont MalM with tach Box. AHnu BsllulSlow tuUo<»t QQ.| salt) LUOASAVC. _ ST. LOUIS. • Ma W. MAGUIRE, M. D., ATTOBNEY8. |"NO, W. ROBERTS. Attorney at f ,»w. Rooms 2, a and 4, Mo. 3 South Main. L ESLIE & CRAWFORD. Attorneys nt law. Successors to Stvigart & Crawford. Penney Building, opposlteiCourt House. •|71DWARD A. HARRIMAN, Attorney »£ Law. Office in HutchinsonNatlonal Bank building (SUCCESSOR TO WM. MOKRISO*?) Corner of Main and Fourth. The place to buy your beef, pork, veal and all kinds of sausage, oysters, fish and game. John Uartman, enttcr.. Telephone 33. t and Treatment for the Cure of -y^T-M. WHITELAW, Attorney at Law, Oftlce over First National Bank. Entrance on Sherman street. LIQDORandOPHJMHABITSl Call on or address the Keeley Institute of Indian Territur| OKLAHOMA CITY, 0. T: w HITES1DE & QLEASON Office, 1, Attorneys at law, , 3, 4, over No. B4 South Main St. VIGOR OF MEN jMlhAQufcKU', Permanently •ntorM. Weakness. Nervousness, Pcblllty. and all Uiuftmtn of evils from early ertutsortotor o^co*" 0 "! tho result* of overwork, slcktioss, worry, etc Full stteriBth, doveloptttDnt, sua touo glvon to ovorr orgiin nod portion of tho hody. Simple, jnturnl utethods. lnittiedtswi tmpravooaent seeo. Ijallure luniwulble. fSXO refsrenoco. Book, oiohmiitions fJlAYLOU & TAYLOR, AttorauyB nt t»w, Office, up-stalra, Masonic Temple. M' OD13RN WOODMEN OF AMERICA Meet in the hall of McClurg's store, at No. SO South Main street, every Monday evening. Visiting neighbors always welcome. W. R. MAllsaAJX, OlerU. • A. M, HoTOinssoN, V. C, "curb r YC»yWSELF! FUttoublrrtuitli tiouorrliaia\ fmect,',VliJ**"t.' ; '.'nnatorrhosBM fOraoy ULirai: v.z:,\ alscLargeajk" p /yotir drn^'iit. i,.r r. bottle ot IfJIg O. H cities ;u a fcwduva •without tho r.idur imiilidty or,* Idoctor. N Ipiuiini .teflC \ Ths Vnivcr.-a ^^annfuotuvciJ by k Tbd Evans Chemical Co.I CINCINNATI, O. u. *. A. aor.Sdtir Publicity of a hon -;i :;i (UjuouE ana , PI 1 , iiu to ftrlcturpA - -nuii . American Cunf^^^'^

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