Covina Argus from Covina, California on February 15, 1908 · Page 2
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 2

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 15, 1908
Page 2
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COVINAA City Among tlrie Orange Groves THE COVINA VILLA TRACT is absolutely the most beautiful suburban tract on the market today. Kvcry lot a bargain. TIIIC COVINA VfLLA TRACT Is in tlie heart of Covina. Fronts on the electric line. Only 35 minutes from Los Angeles. THE COVINA VILLA TRACT Will be supplied with the purest mountain water, piped to every lot. Electric lights. Streets graded and oiled. Cement walks. THE COVINA VILLA TRACT .£ Combines every essential city convenience and coveted country cora- tort. High and Grammar Schools. THE COVINA VILLA TRACT Prices range from $200 to $600 and can be bought on small payments. THE COVINA VILLA TRACT Lots are the best investment on the"market today. They possess every element to insure profitable returns. We COVINA VILLA TRACT J. L, /Vl/YTTHEWS ASG ° ELNET J. B. COULSTON CHAS. N1CHOLI Lots arid up Every jVTodern Improvement .'M \ vuncn r TORJEGISTER Required to Report Before April 15 to Vote at Primaries. iiH tiro not wanting to nhow Unit, urn hcKirmhiK to tnko intercut, in tlm matter of ro^iHtration. Ita^iH- trar Urown at tho ooiinty oonrlhotiHo v/t\H knpt fairly biiny yoHl.nrday hy DpplicantB, \v)io deBire.d to unroll thoir iiHnutN upon tlm n^'intor, and thin vvaH ropoatufl today, mi id t.ho LUH Augeli-H lO.xprcHH of Thnrndny nl'tor- iioun. "Thin IH t.ho year wlinn ovory voter in r('.<|iim<.d to ro^inUM 1 , no mailer wliollior ho lias ronlHtcrcd li'ifnro, " Hitid Mr. lirown. "Ot cutirHo hii in ontiUcd to voto at any primary or clootion hofnro ncncnil (doutimi in Novdinlinr, if ho is ri'Kintorod, and Htill a ro.sidont in (ho precinct and ward from which ho roniwlorod, luil, in ordor In voto at tho noxt n<nu>ral oloction in November, an aliHolutoly now rt'Kinlru! iun IH required. Naturally, tho bnnimiHH of tho rc^ r ititrar JH tr really t'aciliiiled and fnrthor worry upon t.ho part, of tho votor JH romovcd if ho doos not, put oil' ro^in- torinK to tho last moment." According to a oalondar in the poHNOHNion of Mr. lirown it nppuarH that a primary tdeotion to choose. doloKatou to tho Hlato convent JOHN, which in linn will idect dolo^alos to tho national convention, wilt he hold May 5. Kt^iHtration for this nice tion will clone April l, r i. Tho last day for voloiH In remove from iino precinct In another will lie April ti, the hint day to Ille petitions wilh the secretary of Htaie, it, March •Ji), and tho last day t» Mle petit inns with the icn'iMnir in April 1. Another |irimaiy ejection uill |H< Isold AUK- 11 In olecl delej,'llten tiillie Mate itlid district i on\ C'lil h inn, which will iiiiniinate president ial elector.*, int'lnhers i.l the legislature and Ml pei'toi ciairl jndnc-v lu^l'-t i al i<m for tlio olecl inn cln.-,r-, ,lnly •_'•_', laM day tor vntei> tu niovi< fitiin uiie pieeincl to allot her, ,luly l!i, lail day I" till petitions with the Mcrclaiy >it Mulr. .Illly 'J, and lii.-l da> In tile |Hll|..|r. i> it h the I i-f^iM i'ir. .Inly II. For the (Jem i al rlr.-tion to I e held No\ . .'i 1 1 -^ i.-l i a I ion will >• I list' Se j t . •_''i. Tiiih'-tei liiiii! one |[icinct to iiliuther eh'M'fi *Jel. h. Au(.'. fi IN the iii':l (Ja\ In nalmali/e, Sonato^ Flint has introduced H bill for the coiiHtruotion of a launch, or outtor, for uso at San Pedro hy tho Ciititorim Service. ThiH cauHo.s one to rot'lnc.l, that tho bnuiuoHH <if the oustom.s diHtricit, with hoadquartera at, LOH AnKoloH, han Incroaaed vory Kicatly in tho pant low voare. Col- lootor ConioliuH \V. Pondlolon, who was formorly Hpoakor of I ho California AHHonihly and well known an an aide mouther of the LOH An^cloH bar, wan in Washington a fow wookb a^" and slated that tho hn.sincwi of hin oltlco doubled in tho past fourteen yoai'H yet there had beou practically no reorganization in tho .stair or any inorcaHo in Ha In ri us in all that time. Last October when lie appointed four additional iiiHpoc.turH, to IJH paid when tlioy were employed, thoio was Home (irilioism in certain qnartorH, but the Troanury Dopartmont merely inquired ri'KardliiK tho nocoHHity of the in the force. Mi. 1'ondloton made a satisfactory .showing ami when ho came on in pcrnon lie was allowed, (topondont on tho paNHa^o by con^roHH of tho deficiency appropriation of.soino #K»U,UUO HHked for by Secretary Cor- tolyuti, tho additional men, another dork and an inoroaHo in the pay of practically all Ills tried and trusted Htalf. AHHiutuiit Secretary lioynolds, who liaH direct jiirisdicl ion over tho ouHtouiH, nives C'olleotor 1'ondloton warm coinmondal ion an an able olllcial who doo.s things. HIH administration of his oflhui i.s reported to he \'i<ry ttatisfaclory. Assessment Notice. Everybodyis welcome when' we feel pood; and we feel that Wtiy only when our digestive organs are wording properly. Dr. Kings'* New Life Pills regulate the action of the stomach, liver and bowls so perfectly one can't help feeling good when he uses these pills. 2Sc at Clapp's drug store. Lively Cheese. "Tho taste in cheese (IMS grown more delicate on th'* continent," Haid a Parlfl cltof. "A cream cheese raw Is now our favorite, whereas In tho past we demanded cooked cheeses of the greatest harshness and strength. Why"— The chef laughed. "Why," he said, "when I was at tlie 1'eflt Klche many years ago a remarkable thing happened, a thing that Indira tos the sort of cheeses that In th's past were eaten. A patron seated at a corner table* In the I'el. It Kiche called suddenly to thu waiter: "'Raptlste, lake away this cheese! 1 "Baptlste ajiproached. " 'Pardon me, sir,' ho said In his polite way, 'but can I fetch yon something else? "The patron made a gesture of Impatience. " 'Take this away first, hang It!' he exclaimed. " 'Yes, sir; very good, sir,' said Rap- tlste. 'We have some tine (lot'gon/.ola or perhaps the (Jrnyere 1 - "'(Jreat Scott!' the other Interrupted. 'If yon don't take this stuff away at imce I'll send for the police." " 'I am vey sorry, sir,' said Ilaptlste. 'Is there anything wrong with It?' " 'Wrong!' shouted the guest. 'Why, It's eating all my bread!'"—Cincinnati Kmiulrer. Home Telephone i'oinpnnv of Covina, location of principal place of tuisi-I ness, I'ovina, l,o.s Angeles Bounty, California. i Notice is hereby given thai at a i ec, - j ular meeting of the board ot director.-, ; ot the llinite Telephone Company of j C ivina, held on January 15th, P'os, an I assessment of 5'H> cents per share was levied on the capital slock of the company, payable immediately in lawful I money ot (lie rnitei.lSt.itcs ot Anu'r-i ii'a to the .sec ret a r v ot the company a; his ottice in I'ovina, l.o-, An^elc.-, count y, Ca li tornia. Any stoi-1; njion u'nich this assc.-s- ment -hall remain im'.iaul mi (lie 17lli day ol I'YInuais, l"i>s. will be delin- • jiu nt anil advertised lor sale at public auction, ami unless payment i» made beloi i'. \\ ill be s ,KI on the ''til da v of Mai i h. l''U \ .it J p. m., to pa \ the cost ,,| ail \ i'i 11-i 11;' alhl expense ,,t -.ile I . i ). Hi II 'SKK, Se. i e!.n s . intii'e >•! ihe company, I'.. l'i,i.:i'i.', ^1 . i',,vin.i, I'aliloi'nia. Fair Play. There Is In most men that instinct which Is one of tho host heritages from boyhood tills Instinct for fair play ami for ghlm; everybody "a chance'."— Manchester tKnglandi (inardian. The Fault. "Old your case gu by default. Sam'.'" "Vasslr lie fault ob do Jury. yasHlr." Clevolaiid I'luln Dealer. Forsake not an olil frli-ud, fur the new r« not comparable unto him --Solomon. * * * * * ^ * * * # * # * # * # # # # * * # * * * * * * * # ** * * * * # * * «• * # * # * •* # Vcur Checking Bccount IN THE Covina National Bank AND YOl.'R SAVINGS ACCOUNT IN TIIIC # # * # * * * * * * * # # # # # * # * * # * * *l *! *! # ! *! *! * EVERYTHING IN HARDWARE •••••••••••* Fine Builders' Hardware of all kinds, Tools, Paints, Oils, Glass, Stoves, Heaters and Ranges, Gas and Gasoline Stoves, Tinware, Graniteware, Rubber Hose, Cutlery, Gloves, House- Furnishing Goods. Potter's Hardware United States * Savings Bank * Will give you entire satisfaction. Why not open one now? Sliilih] ,-alad. ice.-, and e\i-r\ didl 'aev i ! Ilii' TiiMi'li M-iNi-d \sllii >-iili aj dinner i.l the \'i'iidome. M:TI:RINARY SURGEON DR. R. J. RAMACH: Honor liraiiua'iC. Toronto College TKKATS Al.I, ANIM A l.S -'1 S... l.o.-, .». nuelo St.. i:e\'. i,, A!v\a ndria Si.i bli-> . 1... >S AN'iiKI.KS t 'H:, e I'h.-lie H-mc i'. '---!. Ke-. 1'ii i:r Mail. 'ib.J. C.ills i>\ te'.i-phonc or ; t t- ter il.i) , 'i n 11; ti t cat et I li.uves moderate. * **• »• * * «r * »r * *- * * i il-'l-'li'lvh'S J. H. Col'USTOX, I'rcs. I>K. -I. 1>. KKF.l), Vice-l>res. \'. l >. KNlit.lSH, Cashier li|K l-X TdKS J. H. Coolman Samuel Fesler J. I.. Mat the us i >s..\ir Mii'.er .1. X. Man i IT li. H. U'hitc * * * * •* # * * * * * •* # * *- * * * * •*• * LOW RATES EAST Choice of Three Routes Through the Rocky Mountains TWO DAILY TRAINS Los Angeles Limited Electrically Lighted THROUGH TO CHICAGO Any a»;cnt anywhere can trll you all about it or write to KKNMKTH C. KKRK, rommervial Agent KIVKRSIDK Subscribe for the Brps.

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