Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 14, 1938 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, December 14, 1938
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John T. Ffynn Says: Sees F'-^-co Hsti">r) of Roosevelt Turning to Reason in Manufacturers' Resolutions By JOHN T. FLYNN NEA Service Stnff Correspondent From the National Manufacturers' Association which ended its labors in ^I±rV!lr±, C ^.!^ f !': Sl . brCnth <? «"»y which h W emanated hatred of Bailey Hears of Tax Proposals as Legislature Nears Some Propose 3% Sales Tax, Others a Tax of 7c on Gasoline LEGISLATURE JAN. 9 Governor in Conference With Aides on Legislative Program UTTLK ROCK - </l>> - Governor Cr-rl E. Bailey s.-vd Wedncs..J.-.y that his budget conferences had brought 'or'li r, new sugijostior. for increased taxation in the form of a levy on chain .store ojH'ralions. He said another proposal laid before him was thai Ihe suite take over "breakage" on horse and dog racing. N't-w Tux Suggestions _ LITTLE ROCK - (/!') — Governor Carl K. Bailey said Tuesday his office had received a number of .suggestions- (hat the 52nd general assembly levy additional taxes or increase existing nne.s. The legislature convenes Ji.nuary fl. The .sugnc.stii.ins included a pro- ' posal that the retail sales tax be hiked from two to three per cent. Answering a question at a press conference, Bailey said he had formed n:> conclusion about the suggestions. ruined ,,.The maniifaclurer.s issued to the -OAmcrican people a document noted for its calm, sane, informed projxisal.s fur business. You do not have to agree with this document, but you do have to respect it. U will do more for business than all the furious denunciation of Ihe last four years] One of the strangest episodes in public relations and business statesmanship in the last half century has been the attitude of business toward the Roosevelt admini.stralion. When the President ca'mf into power business was flat on its hack and business men-bankers, utility executives, investment bankers, promoters— were in a .slate of disgrace. The public naturally supposed that Roosevelt would turn upon them wilh unexampled vigor and enmity. Hooscvelt Called Husiness Kirsl Thc President, of course, in .speeches and addresses , did attack business abuses. Who would not have done so'.' Bill the moment ho was inaugurated he invited the business men of Die nation tn Washington and literally lurn- ecl things- over to them. Few will recall this out of the mists of the la.sl six years. There has been so much confusion. But it is true. A prominent big business executive | was named secretary of the treasury. A vice president, later president, of tlie ! A'mbriean Bankers' Association was '• made assistant .secretary, and a mem- '.—Fair Wednesday night and Thursday,- rmnij temperature in northwest HOPE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 14. 1933 Goodfellow'sFund Pases to $170.45; Canvass Underway First Reports From City Drive Tabulated at Noon NEW THEATER SHOW Benefit Performance to Be Staged Saturday Morninu' / ., her of one of the biggest business law f, firms was made under-socrctarv. The N. R. A. was headed by a group consisting of the chairman of the board of the Union Pacific Railroad, and head of one of the greatest Wall Street 'I hi! tJoodfi-l!ow'rf Christmas md i/jye Wednesday lo $17().<ir> Various Proposals He said they included: A proposed increase in the severance tax on oil production. A nex lax on livestock auctioneers to provide funds to match federal moneys available for combatting Bang's disease among cattle. An increase from G 1 /. to 7 cents on each gallon of gasoline sold. A new ad valorem tax on oil royal- tiofs. The governor said the sales tax increase had been proposed with the common schools, university, state supported colleges and the 'public welfare department to share the added revenues. ... The proposal for the half ccni w in- crca.se in the gasoline lax contemplated the placing of the additional revenue in a fund to be used solely for construction of hard-surfaced roads, Bailey said. Thc governor Tuesday night was only aboul half way through a scries of conferences with heads of slate institutions and departments on biennial budgets to be submitted to the legislature for appropriations. The conferences will continue Wednesday. Bailey said thnt some of the requests were "definitely in line with the previous appropriations." He said that if any trend had been developed, it was slightly upward. Legislative Strategy Some saw the suggestion of an increase in the gasoline tax as a buffer designed to offset demands for a rc- duclion and thus eventually result in a compi-omi.se with the levy remaining at its present level. Hep. John P. Vesey of Hope announced here recently that he would attempt to obtain passage of a bill cutting the lax two cents a gallon. Boih houses in 11IIJ7 passed his bill calling fur a one-cent reduction but it was veined by Bailey, who said a reduction would constitute a violation ol the bond refunding act of 1934. Bailey said he was "delighled" with an announcement of Congressman E. C. B;.thinys of West Memphis that he would introduce a bill in congress to adjust freight rates. Among provisions of Ihe proposal is on calling for application of the lowest rule on a long haul. ".Such a bill would be distasteful to Hit- Kastorn industrial group and might drive (hem to support ;i reorganization of Ihe interstate commerce commission," Bailey said. (He recently suggested decreasing Ihe commission's membership to five. Bailey repeatedly has charged a "small industrial group in Ihe East" with causing the retention of "freight rates discriminalory to Ihe South). Presbyterian Men Will Meet Thursday The monthly meeting of the Men of Ihe Church. Presbyterian, will be held at. 7 o'clock Thursday night at the church. Dinner will be served at (hat time. cheer as re- l-i:r(s were tahulateil at noon from tho first day's drive in the city. The movement, sponsored this year hy the YMIIIK Business Men's a.sso- - --• - ciation with the i id of other urgnn- bankmf! houses and by the reprcsenta- I i/.ations and private eiti/.ens. is to prc- tives of the tobacco interests, one of I vent needy uhildrcn and families from the bi'Kfjesl business interests in the facinj; a Chns'ma.s empty of joy and country. | lilUd whh :-iH:i:vs. Representatives from {-real Wall Street financial and reporting and ae counting houses were put at the heads of the departments and the economist of a huge Wall Street financial firm was made economist of Ihe administration. Biggest Men Asked (11 Advise The secretary of commerce, with presidential approval, invited about 20 | of the biggest business 'jv.'en lo Wash- | ington as the administration'.s Indus-' trial Advisory Council "to chart the future course of American economic life." Thc council included the president of the Chamber of Commerce, chairman of the board of U. S. Steel, and so on. In those days men like Donald Richberg were looked upon as the left wing loxpiire. I would me thi.s year. I lf-but Ihe chil- Santa Claus and cf Ih? 1 o-rroc* '?X' t>ir;...,Tnisti?r,s were Raymond Moicy, General Johnson, George Peek, Atlolph ]3crle Hater a governor of the New York Stock Exchange). The only dangerous group was the group investigating Wall Street, but that had been organized before Roosevelt was elected. And when the S.E.C. was formed, the President put a well- known conservative Wall Street figure, right out of a brokerage office, in as chairman and a WallSlrcet broker as assistant to the chairman. There was plenty more of this. I.s it nol strange that with all this powerful inside grip on the machinery of the First New Deal business let Ihe President slip out of their band;.'.' Why'.' Because they permitted the hatreds and fury of a few men who had a quarrel with the President lo poison their whole relationship with him. He was theirs. He was in their hands. And they threw him away. Since then (hey have done more' by their attacks to build him into a great popular figure than all Ihe propaganda of the so-called New Deal publicity agents put together. Al last Ihey seem to have recovered their reason. •1)1 Die ;iK-.:.u!i,-:,L appeals for aid were rcachin(.! officials. Mere is a letter typical of several which have been recevied: -Dear Mr. Goodfellov.-- If you hav, enouj.-.!, like for you I,, hell won't ask for iii.ysi dicn ;.u- iookini', for I don't know win-re it is coming from. "iVfy hu-band lias been sick and only had work for a few days this month. Wo will munay-.- somehow for clothes or keep the children by the fire—but they do so much look for Santa. "1 can do without anything myself— but it would hurt the children to know there i.s no Santa Clans." Reports from the various committees will be tabulated daily. General Director Hoy Anderson urges all • committees to-complete their-, assign- menUthis week—as, ncjxl week Will he required in.purchasing, wrapping and distribution. 1 . \ A special committee is cheeking each appeal for aid—in order that there will he no duplication of yifts. R. V. MeCiinnis, manauer of the New theater, announced a special benefit .show he held al II) a. m. Saturday for the Christmas fund. A toy or doll will be required for admission. This will be turned over to Ihe dislribntii'ii commiltt.e. The labiilal.on al noon: Previously reported § 07.50 Union Thanksyiviii)' Service 2'.i,20 Senator Eligible for Commission Attorney General Rules in Favor of J.Paul Ward, Batesville II. O. Kvli-r l..'.-!e M:»irt- K. K. Franklin Fred Hunt S. Callit-ott Dale Hunt Il'u.Hh Smith Mrs. Hu H h Smit Hoy Anr(vr:--on Mary Sin- LITTLE ROCK—i,]'i-Atlorn'-.\ Gcn- enal Jack Holt held Wednesday lha! a state .senator elected to a fnur-.v ar learin al Ihe November, lll.'JI. HCIII-lal election was eligible for appointment or election to another stale office al any time after the election of In., MIC- eesstir at the I!i:i8 election. The opinion upheld the right of J Paul Wu-d, of Batcsville. to receive iiljii-y u.s a member of the .Stale Industrial Board from the time of his appointment by Governor Bailey December 1. Hhc cuylilli;, a wild shrub of Mexico and Ihe southwest, cause.-, permanent paralysis when eaten by liv-shn k. The Goodfellow's Club Hope, Arkansas Director of Club: _ Please enter my name as a member of the (JomliVI- luw s club as I wish to help some needy child or family al Christmas time. (Street Address) (Please Print) (•Please Print; U you have been missed in the canvass for GooiUVl- lo\v lumls you may fill out the above and mail your contribution to Hope Star. Your donation will be turned over to the club treasurer. •I'tine,, H. Pilkinlnn Mr-. Lnther Garr.c »»e 15. Greene Mr. and Mr.,. rJ. G. Aitl.nr 'l.v.lor I'ar.-oj) &: J.a-iv.-.on L. A. Keith l-"lk Sintdcton Jim llei-d !•"• W. Ci, Alli.,on n. /!. Uarr F. 11. Jones Coop tin:, Hen, Wai, Guy !•' 'l, W. I- .lohn I'. C. Fianl Oscar G, I'-'Imer :\ Ca.-.h Total n.oo i.no i.oo i.oo 1.00 1.00 1.00 l.UU 1.00 I.OO 1.00 .1.00 .1.00 1.1)0 l.fll) 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.01) 1.00 1.00 1.00 .1.00 7.00 1.011 1.00 1.00 s.oo 1.00 I.OO l.(IO 1.00 1.00 .,")() .so .50 Cotton NKVV OKUJAK'S. ,..p, - Ui'rcmber I'Ulnn iipcnuil Vvoilncmliiv ill 8.33 and hisi-cl al d.f,U bid. 8 :il nskod. Sjii.t i-uliiin t-lu.!! iKtcudy liuht points up, middling K.43. . v.v •;• s>v ^s* S-i'i '"• of U.e t'ulluwim; statements aie n u,-. Some are false. Which are wlm-h',' J. Miciop'ni.ni-., \\eiv lust used with radio.-. i. Uainhnv.-.s sonielnne.s appear ... Cats siiar) en iheir claws on ! Hers. •!. Fni;l.-li walnuts arc sometime called Persian nuts. .'>. Fri.sih! may actually rai.se the hair. An- <u r., en I",,..,. Tw.i Christmas Window Contest Winners —Photos by Hope Star ,., . —--ORST PRIZE-$15-The Gco. W. Robison Co.-store-window, - ' * i V . . , V i ' -j- | ( ^ 1, , BICOND • in the , C. Penney Co. v lo ± t, Mi,e s D a,e Russcll , Vl r fi i,ii a IIONORABI.F. MENTION. T.,,« for Third Place-. L.^'T: Dakar's window; KIGIIT I,«llcs S^iaHy Sho, W i»,l,w, Threat Upon Tunis to Bring British to Aid of French Mussolini Bluntly Warned • by Chamberlain in House of Commons NEW GERMAN TIFF Berlin's Diplomatic Staff ' Resents Chamberlain's Hard Rap By the Associated Press Any Italian aggression ' toward French Tunisia will be a "matter of grave concern" to Great Britain, Prime Minister Chamberlain warned Wednesday in the House of Commons, where anger mounted over a Nazi rebuff to the prime minister. Chamberlain's blunt notice came in response to a question in parliament inspired by recent Italian clamor for iunis and other Fench possessions. Schacht Arrives In the midst of ruffled Anglo-British fee mgs Hjalmar Schacht, president of the Reichsbank, arrived on an unofficial visit, reportedly to discuss tinancing Jewish emigration. The prime minister's rebuke of the German press Tuesday night, and the consequent absence of all German representatives from the dinner where he spoke, raised speculation as to whether a barrier had arisen against any v tull peace understanding between the *! two powers. A German foreign pffice spokesman «u ' Yf? TS franW y astonished," and ' then added that the incident should be considered one of .the "ups and downs of politics . . . not to be taken too seriously.";, ,* J ^ ^ . t *?f~s ••• frenchmen-"aeclared" thai'Chamber- *' lams statement that Anglo-French relations 'pass beyond mere legal obligations gave added strength to Pre- ™r^° ala f? r 'v hand> Particularly in of Italian clamor for French Italy Hopeful In Rome, stress was laid on Chamberlain s assertion that he would continue appeasement. This was inter- \ preted to mean that Italy would get something when Chamberlain confers with II Duce.next month. At the same time Italy announced an increase of 5129,770,000 in appropriations for armed forces for the 193940 fiscal year. th B ! rl r 1 r d i pl0matic sources expressed the belief that the annexation of Metti- el, under normal Lithuanian control, Avould be a matter of weeks now that the Memel Nazis have tightened the control on their legislature. Denmark arrested four Danish Nazis then released them after investigation of a suspected plot to kidnap Socialist Premier T, H. Stauning. Walter L. Goodwin Is Named El Dorado Mayor EL DORADO, Ark.l(/P)-Walter L Goodwill Was elected mayor of El Dorado Tuesday, polling 71 more votes than the combined totals of his two opponents. He received 1046 votes Frank Lawton 714, and Alderman Lew ktcphan 261. s mayor here <. K. P. Garison was elected city treas- A'i? r ',, de , feating the incumbent, Mrs. W. Hammond, 1204 to 802. A Thought •If Ihou suffer injustice, console theyself; the true unhappiness is in doing it— Democritus Shopping Days Till Christmas SO// I KETCH 5.US9IA NVAS CHC\'=rTA\AS LOOKING BACK TO CHRISTMAS NINE YEARS AGO— Admiral Byrd widely acclaimed for hop to South Pole. Dancer Harold Kreutzbc-rg electrifying lovers of tcrpsichore. . . . Group of Catholics, Jews, Protestants met at Harvard to war on religious intolerance. . . . Hollywood "pepping up" Shakespeare, with "Petruchio" Fairbanks and "Katherina" Pickford in "The Taming of the Shrew." . . . Russia was ban. ning Christmas observanre.

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