Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 31, 1952 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
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Saturday, May 31, 1952
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PAGBTWO ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH John Sheehan Dies at Age 60 Funeral mien Set for inform her of the death of her father. Albert Edwards. Mr. and Mrs. Cross recently had W. Shpehan, 60, operator of' moved to the Fosterbnrg area, and fh« Illinois Terminal Bluff Line i police were able to get in touch New Arrival T .orated, Told of Father's Death Acting at the request of Mrs. Goldle Edwards of Ironton, Mo.. Alton polire department early Thursday evening located her sister, Mrs. Jessie Cross, wife of Earl i Cross, of FoslerburR rommunity to ! Three • Pronged Attack UN Patrol Hits'South Dakota Contest Tuesday Reds' Fronts LtutjSattle for Taft 9 Ike Noams Terrilorv fiEOV!., Korea. May 31. f,T> — A three-pronged United Nations • died of a heart attack with them lo deliver the message . lank-infantry patrol smashed into — jt his home 1321 "flcr learning they are employes of i Communi.s. lines today on the cen- "enlral avenue. I Western Cartridge Co. plant and 1 t 4:30 p. m. were at work there. AnaPaukerOut As Romania's TopCommunist Reds Say UN To Extend War inl By TttR ASSOCIATED I'ttfXS The political weather today:; Squalls in the Taft-Eisenhower , region, especially South Dakota, with Increasing excitement as the I general nears home and 22 more j Republican convention delegates! are chosen. I Three states—New Mexico, Vir- [ ginia and Georgia — hold GOP meetings to name presidential- nominating delegates. New Mex- ClaimAllie^Provokel'OW Incidents JVciu 'Kdti'ftrds 9 Addition Joins Alton 9 9 Area Thursday. He collapsed in I. h e bathroom, .vhere he w a s ' o u n d by his ,v I d o w , Grace, >vho called police. Band-Choir to Give Combined Concert WASHINGTON, May 31 df) snjrilers battled the Reds with hand Political lightning always lurking ico selects M, Virginia four and grenades. at the summit, of Communist high Georgia four. A U. S. Eighth army staff officer command has struck in Romania, Ohio Sen. Robert Taft's backers said the Alli<vl force struck in the toppling Ana Pauker, ruthless seemed to have the upper hand predawn darkness and roamed friend of Joseph Stalin, from her at the Roanoke, V'a., convention. Red-held territory west of the , party jobs. \ The four at-large delegates will Pukhan river for nine hours before i The news that she and other key he named to 23-vtrte slate leaving Communists had fallen was re- two more to be chosen, Sheehan was tak- j w _ R L(wjs principal of Cen returning lo its base. The tank force was split Into three croups. One was assigned lo hit Red positions from I he r«*ar. layed from the U. S. legation in i The Georgia gathering at Allan-, Bucharest. It may he the bet-in- ta will complete a 17-member pinning of the end for one of the I Eisenhower delegation. A rival _ , , »t , I J, l.t\. »T I.TI i'jiii\.i|'i>i -•• *•"-•• i 1 i J 11 M j\ » 11 I n ini i n /l l .T i i » ' M i i i i' i-tii. . . . i-i , , i ?n fo St. Josephs (ra , ]unjor U[ ^ h Sphoo |. announced | The second made a diversionary ™°^ fc ^e d^and^pnvverri '^w^en ! R roup already has been named by arrival. , of the school at 8:30 p.m. • l Mrs. Sheehan had just returned Thp chnir umier thf> direction i artillery. om a dentist's office, when she f ,., L McG11Ii has had a SU( .. i Commumss " ' j raid The latter was covered hy ' Mrs.'Pauker was a leading mem- from found her husband. She was nearly j prostrated and slill was ill today. Sheehan was born July 2fl. 1891, at Brookfield, Mo., I ho son of Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Sheehan. He married Grace Howery, July 23. 1916, and they have resided 25 years in Alton. Sheehan, who had been a railroad man all of his working life, started his career as a boy for Chicago, Burlington and Quincy in Whitfield, Mo., where his father was a roundhouse foreman. Later he became a fireman for the C.B.&Q. and since 192!) had been employed by Illinois Terminal Railroad as operator of the "dinky" motorcar, between Alton and Grafton. Sheehan had a "waving" acquaintance with people all along the line from Grafton to Alton and was well known to The Principle College students who were his patrons. He was a, member of St. Mary's Church, and of the Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen. He is survived, in addition to his widow, by a daughter, Mrs. John Bartlett of Springfield; a brother, Tom, who resides in Missouri ;a sister, Mrs, Ann McKerman of Los Angeles. He was preceded in death by a son, John, in 1937. He also leaves three grandsons and four great-grandchildren, His body is at Staten funeral home where friends may call after 7 p.m. today. The rosary will be recited at the funeral home at 7:30 p.m. Sunday. Funeral services are set for 10:30 a.m. Monday at St. Mary's. ber of the Politburo fpolitical cabi Carolina nominates for and RtAernor. and Minnesota Democrats of/en a two-day con. ,. . . •" ' "• • "•- * ...., ,y... .. . (,,.,,, ,,. (, i v o,/, - i .n'li im I n I s <I|M.:II rt I « I;-HM > i < 'i I 01 r.. i. ivu-vjin. o«> nan -. .-.....- .. . . . . )|p|r ' n " nrs I"" l 'l' " net 1 of the Romanian Communist ; vention which will complete that cessful year. It sang concerts in-''«VS,"^ considered , state's 26-vnlo K roup by selecting; St. Louis, Kirkwood and SI. Charles, Mo. Central's band attended Ihe district and state contests and played for many community programs. The program: Band Boy's Chenetle Central School Band infantrymen drove tnern Romania's lendinc communist. i three at large members, from their positions with hand Official Information thus far in- I Political storm warnings were Krenades. Then the tank force . dicates Mrs. Paukor still has her ! hoisted yesterday after Eisenhow- systemalically destroyed Cornmun- government jobs as vice premier, er-for-pr'esidnnt."headquarters riis- ist emplacements in the area. and minister of foreign affairs. Re-'closed that every GOP convention FLUTK SOLO: "Forest Echo" generally light today. The staff officer said al least 22 ; po| .. s , n Vienna newspapers said ! delegate had been invited to call Reds were killed. j s he already has been swept from fm the general. A headquarters Patrol action across Ih^ rest of, government as well parly office. Ihe loo-mile front was reported as; Kndrescn I ' Leon Johnson Ma.xine Crabbe, Accompanist CHOIR "As Torrents in Summer" — Greenfield Church Services Listed GREENFIELD — The sermon topic at the morning worship service at the Baptist Church Sunday will be, "The Christian's Secret of an Untroubled Heart". The Rev. and Mrs. George F. McCowan will give a report on the American Baptist Convention, which they attended in Chicago last week, at the 7:30 p. m. service. The Rev. McCowan will also speak on the international churchman's exposition which was also held in Chicago last week. The Rev. George Mayo will speak on the subject, "Part Time Christians" at the 10:40 a. m. service of the Methodist Church. The Rev. Mayo will also conduct services al 9:30 a. m. at Rockbridge and at 7:30 p. m. at the Rubicon Community Church. The Rev. William Meeker of Jacksonville who has been on vacation, will conduct services at the Presbyterian Church Sunday morning. "Hospodi Pomilui" .. Elgar Lvovskv "Tenderly" Gross CORNET "TRIO: "The Crackerjacks Vandercook Green. Dorsey, Miller Lillian Kirk, Accompanist BAND "Tea for Two" (Popular! Rev. Wm. Bradv .' To Tour Europe "Mandalay" (Overture) Ypumans Duchlel CLARINET DUET: "Promenade" Endresen Doris Wyatl — James Bailey Lillian Kirk, Accompanist CHOIR "Balm In Gilead" "I Got A Light" .Spirtual (Arr. Dettl Spiritual (Arr. Dett) "Climbing Up The Mountain" ,, ........ Spiritual (Arr. McGill) CORNET SOLO: "The Executant" ......... . . .......... Vandercook Frank Dorsey Jo Ann Zerkowsky, Accompanist Band: "Simplicity" ..... Loos "America the Beautiful" ...... ....................... S. Ward Joseph A, Brewer, Band Director Earl I. McGill, Choir Director Miss Ruby Costello, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Costello, and Carl Cope, son of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Cope, of the Carlinville vicinity, will be married at '1 o'clock Sunday aflernon in the Presbyterian Church. Mrs. E. Sausone Files Action for Divorce EDWARDSVILLE-Mrs. E. Sansone of Alton has filed suit for divorce from August J. Sansone. alleging cruelly. She .also asks custody of their minor child, August J., 3, and residence property at 3305 Oakwood avenue, Alton. Her bill also 1 asks for an "injunction to restt'ain Sansone "from coming around the plaintiff." Wooflbiirii WOODBURN—The Parent-Teacher Association met Tuesday evening at the school and installed Ihe following officers: Wilbur Pullen, president; Mrs. James PenninRlon, vice president; Mrs. Eddie Cordum, secretary and Millard Lawrence, treasurer. Air force reported that American Sabre jet pilots shot down two Communists .fets over northwest Korea today. The Fifth air force announcement of the Red .jet shol flown said Ihe Sabre jets were flying prolec- I —— live cover for Hunter-bombers ( R o \-. William Hampton Brady, hitting Red rail lines In extreme ; r0( .t O r of SI Paul's Episcopal ""Trnnh^ '•"- "> "«<«•'« -M planes were lost In air combat in^'errecl trip to Europe, provided | bribery." His statement asked ;iaid ses to Paris earlier spokesman said visitors could pay their own way or their expenses would be borne by local—but not i national — Eisenhower organizations. Pay for Trips | Before I fie Eisenhower committee denied the national unit would pay for the Trips—there will he > 1206 GOP delegates — protests broke from two quarters. David Ingalls. national Tafl.-for- p| . osidpnl ,. na jrman. llcnplaneswerciosiiiinircomnaii -...,.., ...... ...v...,.,,,.,*,.,. ..,., .,, t ..,...,. ., ^ v. last week a sharp reversal from for financially by a good friend j whether former Oov. Geor-g the wepk before when the Red lets of his. j Mickelson of South Dakota "pal. i,oM =, r,.a nrlvnntaw. Thn nnsl i- :..: , ,u_ ...:n _r hls " wn expenses to Paris earhe held a :VI advantage. The past Under provision of the will of week six Russian-made MIG 15s, |ho g Or | molnor o[ K ROod frien(1 were downed. DuHng the seven,,ay period | « "^hool days, Rev Richard ended Friday mldniphi. the a ir | Kllnkcl - thp Kodmolher friend had force said, three B-2K bombers enough money which at that failed to return from night attacks lime would pay the expenses of the Rev. Brady and Kev. Kunkel in making a European trip. was a condition imposed, and one Mosquito control plane w-fs shot, down hy Red guns. 'Six Communist tanks were repulsed after they ventured near j V'"' e wa!1 " cu """ lori Jmil0bea ' UN lines In the vicinity of Pan-| winch was that they must make munjom, site of the truce talks. ! the trip within JO years. The Allied artillery damaged one of j limit is close a I. hand and the two Episcopal clergymen must start on their tour in Europe this summer or the bequest will be void. the vehicles. Red Delegates Leave Speech By Harriman HYDE PARK, N. Y., May 31. W) —Six Communist delegates to the United Nations walked out on a Memorial Dny service for Franklin D. Roosevelt when speaker W. Averell Harriman said the Soviets turned traitor lo the cause of this- month."' Gael Sullivan, political manager for Democratic &en. Esles Kefauver of Tennessee, said: "Gross bribery." He said the Justice Department should investigate to determine "Ihe extent, of violation of the corrupt practices act." Wes Roberts, executive director of the Eisenhower headquarlprs termed Ingalls' statement, false and vicious. He said having local committees foot the cost of such visits is "in accordance with usual custom." Mickelson said the national El..... .......... .,„,., ...... _ ....... senhowor group paid his transpor- So together they are to embark ! li ?'![ > " "'.' ens r s ln Pa !'j s wh r, n ! 1P .i 7i u i A • T • i visited Eisenhower. He sa d he on the Holland American Line did nol knnw hmv much |he h|| j steamer, Ryndam. , was and had spent $300 of his own It is planned by Rev. Brady 1o money. leave Alton June 15 and he will slop over at Aquasco, Md., to visit his mother. From there he will go to New York and will sail from there June 26. In Holland Rev. Mr. Brady will spend three weeks and ho will go another three weeks to touring the British Isles. His plnns for continental touring are uncertain but may take in. besides Mickelson read a slate of delegates running for Eisenhower against a ticket hacking Tafl in South Dakota's primary Tuesday. The states name 14 Republican and eight Democratic delegates. The South Dakota contest is developing into a pitched battle. II is the last c'learcut joust between Tafl and Eisenhower before the OOP's July 7 convention. Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg,! Dnlepnto selections during the peace. The six delegates two each from Russia, Poland and C/echo- sl<yvakia—arc members of HIP UN economic and social council. They were part of some 50 members of the council invited to attend the annuot grave site services yesterday for the late president. When the six arrived. Harriman, mutual security administrator, was speaking. 'It has not been easy to keep France, Switzerland and western Germany. Members of his congregation, realizing that, since the boquesl was made, much has happened through inflation to make the original bequest inadequate to cover a trip such as they believe their rector should make, so a purse is being made up among members of his parish to inflate the bright th'c principles o? PrankM '""«' «lou R h lo make. i. happy Roosevelt since he died," Harriman said, adding: comfortable care free trip for their beloved rector. past, week tightened both the Democratic and Republican races. Russell edged past Harriman on i Ihe Democratic track lo second position behind Kefauver. Eisenhower closed the gap somewhat between himself and Tafl among the Republicans. Florida's Tuesday primary gave Russell a 10-vote push. Kefauver got the state's other five, plus Tennessee's 28 Democrat ie votes pledged tu him at a convention Thursday. Vice President Alben Barkley I announced Thursday he would ac"In the international field, a| They expect to arrive home | cepl the Democratic presidential former ally which we had helped : / \ l |[T US | save from destruction, in order 1 that: it might join in destroying Nazi tyranny, turned traitor to the cause of peace and interna- Bunker Hill Bunker Hill, showed films of the White House at Washington, D. C. Those from here who vnv'dim'ed from the eigh:h grade Wednesday evi-ninn at the Meissner School were Dorothy Bucker, Paul C. Davis, Dolores Hand, Russell C. Day, Charles D. Fanning. Dolores Or ban. Elaine Orban, David Lee Raymond and Na'ini Sanner. Woodhurn school teachers. Mrs. Millard Pullen of Room 1. and Asbury Walk of Room 2. have been rehired for the coming year. GREENFIELD--Dr. and Mrs. 0. j James Ray, son of Mr. and Mrs. | J. Bolt and Kenyon attended d John Ray sr., has been inducted i family dinner at Marquctte state into the army air corps and is now j Paul Wisch of Meisner school, i tonal Rood faith, and promoted an i Bl'.N'KER HILL — Mr. and Mrs. even more terrible tyranny of Its; William Boeltefrer of this city, Oscar Boetteger. Ventura, Colif., nnd Mrs. Joe Anderson, Gillespic, attended Ihe graduation exercises this week of their son, Lloyd at Kansas City College of Osteopathy and surgery. After a months vacation in California, Iloyd will serve his internship at the Kansas park Memorial Day. i stationed at Lackland Air Base, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Cravens j near San Antonio, Tex. and son. Jim, Ronnoke, visited wiihi - — their mothers, Mrs. J. A. Cravens! and Mrs. George Greene, Wednes-! day and Thursday and attended: WEST ALTON — Mr. and Mrs. the alumni banquet. Lawrence Dwiggins and family are Mr. and Mrs. Manning Owens. ! spending a two-week vacation with Lafayette, Ind., are visiting with; bis parents in Sihley, Iowa. They relatives here during the holiday I »' so wil1 visit in Minnesota and Eugene Taylor, Shlpman, Graduates at Rolla SH1PMAN- Eugene Taylor, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Taylor, graduated from the Rolla School of Mines with a bachelor of science degree in civil engineering Monday. He was among the upper one third of the class and was a member of the deans list. Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Taylor and attended baccalaureate ser- evcning and the reception given by the faculty. They also attended commencement exercises Monday. Mr. and Mrs. City Hospital. BUNKER HILL — Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Ciirnahan, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Oldenettel, .Mr. and Mrs. Don Marsh, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Behrens, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Fahrenkrog, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Morrison, jr., Mr. nnd Mrs. H. F. Wise, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Baker, and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Darin, all members of Ihe Red Bird Class weekend. 'Canada. Mr. and Mrs. John Under, Wood '• «nd Mrs. John M. Dwiggms Mrs. J. T. Linder Friday. . . . River, and Mr. and Mrs. W. C. j llavfl started construction of then- Buchanan and Linda anil Dick'"™' " onlp on hifhway 9-t. Buchanan, Alton, were guests of Mr and Mrs - Flo >' (1 Dorian and family, Mr. and Mrs. Buster Browne and family, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Leppert. and Mr. and Mrs. Ihe Bible were distributed in Japan -Harold Rogers and son, are spcnd- during the occupation, says the ing the weekend with relatives and American Bible Society. More than 13 million texts from 1 friends in Dorena and East Prairie evening at I lie reservoir. Louis Burgoyne, Alton, and Leo of the Cong&regational Church, Travers, Shipman. also attended j enjoyed a wiener roast Wednesday the commencement exercises. School I'lcnlcs SHIPMAN-Forty-two pupils of Ihe first and second grades and their tclaehers. Mrs. Beulah Schuct/;, and Miss Betty Walker, j enjoyed a picnic dinner Tuesday at the East Side Park. Mrs. Fullington and her third and fourth grade pupils held their picnic at Beaver Dam Lake, near Ciirlinville Tuesday. Mrs. Gladys Wright and the fifth and sixth nomination although "nol a candidate in the regular sense." This came after Barkley's home-stale Kentucky pledged him its 26 voles. Thursday also, Russell named Sen. Edwin C. Johnson of Colorado as his campaign manager, em- phasixing his bid for nationwide support. Tatt picked up 12 delegates lo Eisenhower's 27. These included: For Tafl, five conceded him in Texas and seven in Alabama; for Eisenhower, 20 of Connecticut's 22, four conceded in Texas and three in Alabama. At week's end. the top of the Associated Presst adulation of nationwide delegate strength -based on concessions, pledges, instructions and avowed preferences- stood : Republican -Taft -111. Eisenhower 386. It takes 604 to be nominated. Democral Kefauver 150, Russell SB 1 ;,. Harriman ' requires 616. nomination Friends Are Invited ,y !Mr. and Mrs. George H. Paul To Celebrate Golden Wedding Mr. and Mrs. George H. Paul, born and reared in Alton, has-e graders spent Wednesday in ] ( . ome ,,. u , k , 0 lhei ,. o , d homo Springfield visiting the capitol and centennial building. of June 3, between the hours of 7 and 10 p. m. The couple were married in for an informal celebration of Alton June 3. 1902. Mr. Paul was their golden wedding anniversary, a son of Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Paul. [They live in Dallas, Tex. Over- His father was for many years a i whelmed by a wave of senlimen- prominent druggist in Alton. His i tal yearning tor the place where brother was the late Edgar F. The junior high pupils and principal, Mrs. Violet Howerton. enjoyed a picnic supper at the high school Tuesday pv , p » m K, j thpy nwUe r , |PI| . slarl in ma rriod | Paul and his sisters are Guests were Robert Drew. Eluood, ,. oncluded ,-, would be Florence Richardson and the Hughes Mrs. hnolH Hall, and Muss nmng ^ thpm (o makc thc t ,. jp | ^^ Lam . p , ta A , ay a ,, d Pcar] loueriL urn . ^^ |Q A |, ()|1 as |hoy had been j Paul. to ilo by Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Paul is a member of the By SAM SI'MMKRt.tN Mt'NSAN. Korea. May .11. '.'ft — Communist, truce neRotlalors today accused the L'nited Notions command of provoking prisoner of war incidents lo delay a Korea armistice and "to prepare the ground for an extension of the war." The UN delegation replied thai except for Communist stubbornness the exchange of prisoners could he under way no-w. North Korean Oen. Nam II made formal protests over POVV riots Thursday and Friday which cast nine pilsoners their lives. Then he added: "These are obviously deliberate provocations designed lo obstruct the outcome of the rpirstion of prisoner of war and to delay armistice proceedings, lo create new- fears and tensions and to prepare the ground for extension of Ihe Korean war." Maj. rinn. William K. Harrison, jr.. told Ihe Red general the two sides could he exchanging war- captives right now "except for your stubborn refusal lo acknowledge (hat the prisoners themselves have already made their voluntary derisions in the matter of repatriation." There was no progress towards decisions on what to do about 10.0.000 captured Red soldiers and civilians who say they would rather die than return to Red rule. The Communists want the soldiers back regardless. The UN says only 70.000 r/f ifin.- 000 prisoners agreed to repatriation. Nam II refused an Allied suggestion of an indefinite recess nnd another meeting was scheduled for 11 a. m. tomorrow (0 p. m. Saturday, Alton time.* fit mid Out of Service With Men of Area Popularity of the name "Edwards" for Alton subdivisions was intensified when the city council Wednesday night accepted, with city plan commission approval, a plat for a fourth subdivision bearing the Edwards name. The newest of the Edwards additions will be located east of Worden somewhat opposite the present easterly end of Edwards street. A news reporter on checking at Ihe office of City Assessor Gorman today found that there is a Ninian Edwards subdivision of Godfrey * Gilman's addition in the downtown westend area: another Ninian Edward" addition in Upper Alton; and a B. F. Edwards addition In upner Middle!own. Ninian Edwards was the territorial governor arrrt later stale governor of Illinois for whom Ed- wnrdsville was named before Illinois became a state. Dr. B. F. Edwards, a physician, was a brother of Ninian Edwards. He lived and practiced both in Edwardsville and Alton, aided in bringing Shurtleff College to Alton, and was postmaster here in 1R-I.'!. The Ninian Edwards addition in Upper Alton, assessor Gorman says, was laid out according to his records by heirs of Ninian Edwards. To keep the Iwo Ninian Edwards additions from becoming confused in his office indexes, he lists Ihe Upper Alton one as "N. Edwards." The new Edwards addition will he just plain "Edwards." SATURDAY, MAY 31, 1952 |avMWMMHHNHM | M liMfeHMidMliMUMitoMrtritoriHWfHlfiMNHnMHWM4IH§ Monticello to Graduate 106 Commencement Events Start June 8 Monlicello College will award ft total of lOfi diplomas, including 22 to graduates of <he preparatory department, at Its H4th commencement exercises on June 8 at in a. m. The Rev. Roland E. Turnhull, pastor of First Baptist Church. Alton, will speak. Commencement weekend festivities will begin with a concert by the Montleello Glee club, directed by Stephen B. Williams, on June 6 at 8:30 p.m. Program for class day, June 7, includes alumnae reunion luncheon at. 12:30 p.m., followed hy preparatory school class day exercises on the fronl steps of Caldwell residence at. 2:30. College class day exercises are scheduled for 3:30 p.m. on north campus. Other events on the program include the president's reception on east campus at. 7:1? p.m., singing of class soups at 7:-l5 p.m. and presentation of commencement tiueen and court n1 S:30 p.m. nnd commencement, dance at 9 p.m. Shurdeff Choir, Glee Club Concert Is Graduate Pvt. Victor E. Yaggi of 2811 North street, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Yaggi. was among eight: soldiers to graduate from a medical field service school at the U.S. Army Hospital al Camp Chaffee. Ark., recently. He had completed an eight-week theory phase of the medical technician course at Ft. Sam Houston, Tex., before transfer to the Arkansas station for eight weeks of practical work at the hospital. He is on leave at the home of his parents, and will leave June 10, for Ft. Lawton, Wash., for assignment. Gent In Air Force Thomas H. Gent, 20, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray T, Gent. 231-1 Fernwood avenue, enlisted in the air force on Tuesday, May 27, and has reported to Barlow Air Base, Fla., for entrance into Class 53-D of Ihe U.S. Air Force Aviation Cadet training program. Gent, a member of the riflo team and a football defensive end at Alton High before his graduation from there in 1949, attended Shurtleff College from 1949 to 1952, where he was an outfielder on the baseball team. He is H member of Alpha Phi Omega fraternity. His father, Ray T. Gent, is a pipe-fitter for the Wood River refinery of Shell Oil. M./Sgl. Edward L. Buxick, NCO- in-Chargc of Ihe Army and Air Force recruiting office in the City Hall here, announced Gent's enlistment and pointed,put that there are vacancies for early entrance into Aviation Cadet training for qualified persons. Joins Brothers JERSEYVILLE. — S./A. Elmer Lee Graf ford of the U.S. Navy, received his assignment to the crew of the USS "H. W. Gilmore" and arrived there in lime to help his two brothers celebrate their first year's anniversary as members of the crew of the Gilmore. The other two men are Francis A. Graf ford and Roy L. Grafford, both of whom have Ihe rating of SKSW in the Navy. All throe are sons of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Grafford of Jerseyviile. Elmer Lee's assignment to the ship resulted from requests marie by his two brothers, his parents, and the ship's officer, in order to bring the brothers together. Two delays in Elmer Lee's arrival at his destination brought him to the Gilmore just in time for the anniversary event, according to word received by his parents. He had been on leave in Jer- seyviile and his train was 15 hours late, arriving back at his base, so he missed his assignment at that time. He flew to Norfolk ,Va., and missed the ship on that trip. Jersey Parochial Graduation June 2 JKRSEYV1LLK. - Sixteen boys and girls of St. Francis Xavicr's Parochial School will he graduated from the eighth grade at the all- school *p |1 °B t 'a. m to he given Monday in the school hall. the graduates are Evelyn Beiermann, Robert Drainer, Arbedella Kallftl, Paul Jones, Jo Ann Pow- rierly, Gerald Dean. John Groppel. William Kallal, Martha Killion. James Stcckel, Thomas Waters, James Dolan, Marjoric Imming, Joanne Killion, ,lohn Kucbrich and Sandra Thatcher. A play b> Father Lord. S. J.. entitled: "Round the Clock With Ciaire," will be presented by the following cast: Mary Ann Bertman, Pat Dougherty, Jerry Roach, Joanne Killion, Delores Imming, JoAnn Powderly, Dorothy Burns, Arbedella Kallal, Betty Bick, Evelyn Beiermann, Martha Killion, Sandra Thatcher, Marjoric Imming. Sharon Malloy, Mary E. Koster, Anita Herder, and Doris Imming. Other numbers on the program will include: Rhythm band, first grade; chorus, syncopated clock, fourth, fifth and sixth grades; clock songs, second grade; Easter parade, Mary E. Koster, Anota Herder. Terry Roach, Jerry Lahey, John Blaeser, Penny Heitzig, and Linda Heitzig; waltz number, Billy Kallal, and Dorothy Burns, James Dolan and Marjoric Imming, Ronnie Ferguson and Doris Imming, and Tommy Allen and Arbedella Kallal; Alice Blue Gown, Marjorio Imming, Doris Imming, Dorothy- Burns, Mary E. Koster, Karen Busch, Ruth Beiermann, Jerry Roach, and Arbedella Kallal; baseball, game, John Groppel, John Kucbrich. Paul Jones, James Steckel, Phillip Munsterman, Tom-, my Waters, Billy Sinclair, Billy Kallal, Ronnie Ferguson and Gerald Dean; song, Jerry Schlcper, Richard Murray and Ronnie Ferguson, and piano duet by Riith Beiermann and Jerry Roach. Shurtleff College's Chapel Choir and 1lie Men's Glee club, assisted by vocal and Instrumental soloists, will present their annual commencement concert at Upper Alum Baptist Church at 4 p.m. Sunday. The Chapel Choir is directed hy Max. E. Hodge; I hf Men's Glee Club by Ore n L. Brown. Instrumental soloists will Vie Lynn Meeden, oboe; Forrest Tay- In'r. clarinet; and Phyllis Farrell, bassoon; with Paul Mitchell, Robert Proessel, and Wilma Linton as pi mm accompanists. Vocal soloists will be James Kes.singer and Kenneth Wikowsky tenors; Wilma Linton, soprano; and Albert Buckner, bass. Included in the program Is an Easier anthem, "Early in the Morning." by an Alton composer Mrs. Helen Jim Marlh, dedicated to the Shurtleff Chnpel Choir. Rev. Arthur Ulricli To Olney Church Main Strert Baptist Pulpit Vacant Greenfield Alumni Group Feted at Annual Banquet GREENFIELD George p. En- lion anniversary. They were mar-] SHIP.MAN Miss Lu//etta Fleni-, , .,,,,. j trekin was elected president oftrV. ricd in 19tM. I j,, K entertained members of the j K<1 « iU ' "wfert. to celebrate here Sherwood family which had Jived High School Alumni Association at Artie Bushkill and his orchestra v .| 10 ir of St. Denis Church Tuesday i uilh SLU ' h of lh(lil ' ol(1 fi'iends here since early days of Alton, the Annual meeting and banquet of Springfield played for danciruv evening as a farewell for Betty jas - sli " remained, the golden an-'One of her sisters is Mrs. Edgar Thursday night. Robert Garnci wrs-which followed the banquet and j and Mary Schoeberle who are mov-1 niversary of their maniage. j Hoefert who is to be hostess for elected vice-president; Mrs. Bv r. m i program. ling to Brighton. Other guests] They came on one condition that : the golden wedding couple. Olh- Hill jr., secretary; and Mi>. i Announce Birth • were the Rev. Father Francis;'he celebration would he wholly - ers are Mrs. Louise Sherwood Richard Wilhite, treasurer. i GREENFIELD Mr. and Mrs. O'Hara, Nellie Howard. Margaret i informal, there would be no in-; Head and Miss Helen Sherwood The gymnasium was decorated in William Kirgan are parents of a Hopper, Mrs. Scott Hopper and ; vilatkms. no announcement except ; of Webster Groves. Mo. blue and silver and carried out the son. first child, horn Thursday at Mrs. J. J. Hansen. th«t which would be published in 1 One couple of their old friends theme of the 25th anniversary of Boyd Memorial Hospital, Carroll- Mr. and Mrs. H. R. French and Hie Telegraph, their old family (who will celebrate with the Pauls H. R. Girhard as superintendent of ion. Mrs. Kirgan is the former H. .1. Wise attended luneial rites newspaper, and which had carried at the golden wedding am Mr. and the local schools. The Alumni Av Mvs. Virginia Thaxlon Cunnim;-. lor Newton Haiberl at Kane Wed- the original announcement of their (Mrs. H. W Lnhnow of Sun Fran- sociution presented Mr. and Mrs. ham. nesday. marriage ;ci<i-o. Calif., who are mak'nsr the Girhard with a silver coffee so- Mn.Buuprllo.stew i Miss Olive and Elsie Hucker and With them will he their son. trip from S'in Francisco for the vice and teachers of the unit di,- GREENFIELD: - Mrs. Virgil .Mr. and Mrs. Robert Moxey of Sherwood Paul, his wife and reason of felicitating; vvith their trict, high school students, bus dn IWmer entertained members of her Hillsboro and Mrs. Floyd Stutsman i son, Phil, who will join Mr. and old friends whom thev had known ver$, and other employe* gave the bridge dub and one guest. Miss of Springfield visited Mr. and Mrs. i Mrs. Paul here. in Dallas as neighbors years aco. Girhflrds gifts of luggage. .Ann Bauer, Thursday night. Mrs. G. W. Miller Wednesday. j During their stay in Alton they Mr. Paul worked here in his Mr. tnd Mrs. Charles W. Mengjc. B Guy, Miss Elizabeth Bolls Mrs. Nellie Christopher and Milo i will be at the home of Mr. and father's drug store, later takinsi wert also honored. Both were I and Mrs. O. J. Bott received, prizes .'of Alton visited her parents. Mr. i Mrs. Edgar Hoefert '.'I'll Mills Ian important position in the S H. members ot the 1902 class and The next meeting will be at the and Mrs. R. B. Candler, Wednes- 1 avenue and there ihp informal re- K'ress chain store system, and re- wert pb*erving their 50th gradua- home of Miss Bell. ' day. Iceplion will he held the evening I tiring therefrom in 1929. Medora MF.DORA — Mr. and Mrs. John Jouelt and family, Superior. Wis., are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charfes Sanders. Mrs. H. Y. Slaten and daughter, Janet, West Frankfort, Miss Alberta Nixon, and William Loveless, Chesterfield, were callers Wednesday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Nixon. Harold Brooks. Jerseyviile, was a guest Wednesday evening of Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Rhodes and attended the commencement exercises at the high school. Miss Dorothy Richey, who is in nurses' training at Our Saviour's Hospital. Jacksonville, was home to attend commencement exercises al the Medora High School. Her brother. Earl, graduated from high school and her sister, Loretta. from the grade school. Mrs. Margaret Erwin. who has spent the past 15 months in Menominee. Mich., at the home of her son. Leslie Erwin, is at her home here for a while. Mrs. Erwin accompanied her mother-in-law here, and then went to Jacksonville to Legion Atvards Presented to Godfrey Pupils The Rev. Arthur Ulrlch, pastor of Main Street Baptist Church, has been called to the pastorate of the First Baptist Church, Olney, and will leave with his wife and family, Tuesday. The Rev. Ulrich spent 3 ] i years at the Main street church and previously had been pastor of a church at Moweaqua. He fills a vacancy at Olney left by the departure last January of the Rev. David Breecher who now is at Homestead, 'Pa. The minister and his wife, both natives of Peoria, have three children, Donald, 19, Shirley, 17, and Norman, 12. The elder son will not move to Olney with the family but will remain employed in Alton, He expects to be called to the armed services soon. Wendall Jones, chairman of the pulpit: committee of the Main street church, said no recommendation had been made as yet, to fill the vacancy left by the Rev. Ulrich. The Rev. Ulrich, who will conduct his final services at the- church Sunday, said that he and his family regret leaving Alton because of the many friends they had made and the many kindnesses shown them by members of his church, business men and others with whom he came into contact. A farewell party was given b> the membership of the church after prayer meeting last Wednesda^ evening. A gift was presented tc the minister and his wife. GODFREY - - American Legion awards were presented to the winners at four of the Godfrey Township schools during the graduation exercises this week. Winners at Godfrey School were Gene Lohr, and Susan Chiles; at Clifton Hill, Leo Swift and Virginia Adams; Summerfield, Georgetta Patterson and Ralph Hebblethwaite; and at South Branch, Katherine Carlton and Delia Cope. An open house and hobby exhibit was held at Summerfield on graduation night. Among the hobbies displayed were dolls, tropical fish, coin and rock collections, and pets. Refreshments were served to the guests with Marilyn Bryant and Wanda Green at the tea table. Perfect attendance awards were presented to the following Summerfield pupils: Darlene North- cult, Donald Noble, Patricia Payne, Mark Cartwright and Kenneth Lohr. Another group who had missed only one or two days were recognized. They were Ralph Hebblethwaite, Charles Stocker, Richard Brecht, Charles Rowden, Carol Green, Sara Garret!, and Marilyln Bryant. Merit awards'were presented to Darlene Northcutt, Sara Garrett and Charles Rowden. visit her daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Wise and daughter, St. Louis, spent Decoration Day and the remainder of the week with relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. James Foster and j daughter, Granite City, were here Friday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Freat) Wise. Miss Ruth Cline came down from Chicago to spend the holiday vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Cline. Dr. and Mrs. F. J. Hunt went to Fail-field Friday to spend the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. George Freshwater. 19 Graduates at Shipman High SHIPMAN—A large crowd attended the high school commencement program Wednesday evening at the gymnasium. The following program was given: processional, Carol Jean Lahr; invocation, the Rev. Father F. J. O'Hara; class history, Leo Mills; salutatory, Betty Woolsey; class prophesy, Glenno Bunt; songs, eighth grade; valedictory, Charlotte. Straube; song, senior chorus; introduction o! 'speaker, John l^ggleston; presentation of senior diplomas by John Eggleston; eighth grade class presented by Mrs. Violet Howerton; benediction, the Rev. W. G. Wo dicker, and recessional, Caro' Jean Lahr. Earl Shellon, president of the board of education presented di plomas to the following seniors. Charlotte Straube, Betty Woolsey, Lois Ann Waggoner, Leo Mills Gailen Scott, Thelma Young, Gene Hailiday, June Lynch, Robert Challacombe, Robert Morgan, Don Reno, Eugene Eyers, Glenna Bunt, Eugene Brueggeman, Marvin Mat lack, Grace Drew, Helen Barnett, Richard Schruetz and Tom Sawyer. Eighth graders receiving diplomas were: Ronald Byrd. Earl Perrine, Robert B:yrs, Alvin Michael, Roland Hubhard. Marie Hoi- torf, Donald Dankenbring, Thoda Albert, Frances Howard, Jerry Kahl, Lora Lee I^hr, Billy Hudson. Paul Edwards, Robert Bosomworth, Shirley Emmons, Charles Hart, Shaaron Christopher, Dorothy Cameron, Dolores Zirges, Shirley Krause, Luzzetta Schwab, James Thomae, Kenneth Spurgeon, Dolores Jaynes. Clifford Talley, James Kirchner and Floyd Stoops.

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