Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 11, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 11, 1912
Page 3
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^' '•• THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, FRIDAY .EVENING, OCTOBER 11,1912. A splendid collection of stylish winter wear awaits your inspection at our store. By keepinjg: in' close toudh tiritk^ the leading manufacturers we are able to show the season's latest novelties as soon as they appear in the largest cities. Our prices are always moderate for Ihe Jiigh class of goods we show. " Beautiful Coats If yqu appreciate styles that are really "different,", you'll'see a lot of Coats here that will win your enthusiastic admiration. Our prices will please you, too. Will you drop in today? fteaiitUal Suits We have, a tremendous assortment of new Suits of beautiful fabrics and every wanted material. Our styles are exclusive and of the latest designs. We invite your inspection. Millinery That Will Appeal To You. You Must See -— Ms Handsomelin =——= fl3 E. Madison 'S 113 E. Madison Mrs. B. E. Hiatty of Welda, who l)as | . flteeii visiting her daughter, Mrs. E.' J). Lyman, returned home this after- j noon. i At the i fiRAND AduiU - iOc Children • 5c A Ftw Choice Stats at - 20c TONIGHT Two Reels Best Pictures and / the Play •fThe Sins of a father" . : Big Feature Matinee Sat. Afternoon 2:30 —"MV iittle Lioy liud a luarvckuis escape." writes P. .F ]instiaiiii> of Prince .Albt -Vt. Cap.- of Cood U DIC •"Jt occiirreii in tlie inidtilc of tli'- SigU. IK- got a viTv si.\vr(> atlack «jf crou|i. -As Iiifk wuhiii hav(' it. I bad a iar^e bottle of Cimniljcrlain's 0 >llgh Hemeily in tlif- hou.-.-. .\fter folltfwlni^ tlie . direi'tiotis for an hour ' and twenty niinuti.'s li*' was through a^l dangt -r." rfoIJ by all dtalt-rs. fj. B. Oosliorn was a vititor in I 'ar/sons today. [PERSONAL MEBITION.) Mrs. M. A Brocks, of Humboldt,, who lias, been .h<?re visiting friends.! rt -iurned lioiiie this afK-rnooii. Ilr. >liMil!in. IMioui -s uud 'I'ii. ' I). 1). Joiie .i; of Caiiey. was a business visitor licre this iiiorniiig. I - iMirni and City Loan.s. R. M. Cun- ; ningliaiu. | .Mrs. r. A. Sillnian. of Humboldt,; John Dewey, of Humboldt, who has who lia.s b "-i >n here visltiiiK friends re-j i>een here vi.qiting friends returned I turaed houM- this afternoon. 'home this afternoon. Ors.' Hull \ llnll. Os|eo|iiiths. i . Itr. li. I.. Ileudirlrl^s. Old Court Teli-|ihoiie«, ISO. Cfit. ; House. Culls answered day or nlijht. Wade Adams of Humboldt, was- a business visitor here this morning. —W. A. Itunden. phper hanger. PHoiie 5S7. The comiiosition class in the high scliool lias not started in "good earnr est" yet and it is a sorrowful bunch of students who face their teacher^ in the English, classes. j —J. H. Riley. .siiee< ssor to Cole Hardware Company, lias the Floral Ceni .stove, tiie be.U lieater on the market. —K.xtra low piiees on new and used Gas and Coal Stove.<. Ed Heniilnger. West Madison. H. Heiidrii ks, of Colony, was in I the city iliis afternoon on business. ' Ilr. O. I,. C«x. OculfsL /. V.iiKlei j;raft wlio has bi-«ii attend UiK the school here returned to his lioiue in Quincy this afternoon. — New Willi Paiier at IJiirrell's Orug Store. I Mrs. M. J. Ilarth. who has be«n visiting relatives in l.inroln. Neb., returned home this afternoon. , -Tlie Masric Heater, sold liy J. H. Riley. >ucoi !-ss()r to i:ole Hdw. Co.. ha.-, a .-iiitH -ial valve attachment by whiili the "blowing" is overcome. T I)isks(/n of Tul.<?a, Ok., who has been her4; on business returned lionu; 1 this afternoon. If you are lookinj.^ for the newest and best in Slioes, you will save time and money by coni- inif here first. Our as- .sortment is the best to be found and our prices are right. Ladies' Hhoes. priced at $1.51), .SI.75, $2, $2.50 to $4.50. School Shoes We are lieadtjua rters f<.r School IShoes. We' carry t h e celebrated "RED GOOSE" School, r Shoes for Itoys and girls in patent, gun met<U. tan and kid leather, in button or lace, extra hea\^ soles, priced at $1^5, $1.50, $2 and $2.25 Jockey Boots, priced f«)m.... .$1 .3r> to .$2.50 Finest & Best For Boys & G iris Wc Pay Carfare 110 b Madi nn^ -Uo to .1 H KiJey'K. siitee.-:s<>r to Cole llardwari- Co.. for ilie best values in stoves. .Mrs. D. C. West of Lincoln, .Veb., who has been here visiting friends, left this afternoon for Colliusville, Okla. —Mundia the i>lace for Drugs. .^tr and Mri!. Wilbur Shields return• (i home this afternoon from a vi.sit in Pueblo and other Colorado points. —.\ew Wall Paper at HurrelTs Prus .Store .Mr. and -Mrs. John Horfman, of Terre Haut">. Ind.. who have U'en here and in Yates Center visiting friends, left today for Pittsburg. Co! .1. n. Gofhorn left for Parsons last night where he will be in attendance in court for two days, expecting to return here Saturday night. — Thp vfry l.cfit. quality and the very lowest prices In the hardware I'ne ••• J H. HileyV. ^Mleces .'••or to Cole Hardv.are Co. I .'dwit> Judi!. w'••.<) e ;inn- h'*re some moMll:-.; -..Ki) from .Melvern, Kas , with Rev. and .Mrs. A. 1.. Sampson, and worke-l in tlie eit .v during ilie summer is nov/ nastor of the .Methodist chttreh at Fr^ntenac. Mr Judd is in the city tt;Jay r„r a visit with friends. OurHot Sofla Urn 'is nowteady. We serve everything in the HOT SODA line, and we're waiting for you, Morris ^ Rowiird Fr«>MTi{)liua l»ruirffl.vts West Side Sq. Free Heliv.-ry —<','-iii\uitn Viirse; •lie. Phone l .tfiS. fer/ns reasona- .Mr. and Mrs. M. Grifllih and son Karl ven' to Ch-jnufe this afternoon for a visit with friends. - On JiPi -fra lor dance work. Plione I'd W. H. Anderson who has been inOt- lawa and Prinreton on business returned home this afiern-.oii and reports over an ineh of ruinfalt in that distriel last nijiht. -S. -'a' r>:- Saturday: With eve-v puro'iase each iiers-'on will be entitled <» a (lound of Chovulate Drop.* at lOe per pound. Palace of Sweets .Ju^spe J H. Smith i»erform^l the marrh'se cnmony. yesterday that HAJESnC THEATRE TONIGHT!' • ^ PROGpAJtf -THE I -MMKJHASrS* VMII.1>'' " \ young llaUan girl Is lost, bill is traced by her wonderful ahnty ; K U violinist. Imp. "SALVATIOX SCE" iChampIotf) -THE STAFF OK AWK" A story of a [little boy who , I.efriends his Crippled grand- . fa'er. a peddler, m his dire ^ re.ds. Imp. S '.'^t;--'•3loou!lgtt fillde" MUSIC—PIANO AND OBUMS unii'd Miss .N'.llie M. .Matthew and James H. Martin, botli of Chanule. The marriafu- look place In the court room and tne bridal couple remained in lula la^t night and are visiting friends' here today. —.Magazines at Mnndis Drng Store. Til.' Kd Cleaver baby, wlio lias been ill f <ir some lime, wa.- imicii heiier tills morning. C. II. Jones, of Kan-a: Ciiy. who has been here on biisine.-s. reiurned home till..; afternoon Mrs C. C. Robins, of .Maiikato. Kas . wiic iias been i.eii visiting friends, went to Ijiwrence tiiis afternoon. Dr. Johnson, of Clianute. is I:ere visiting Dr. l,e .ivi II. .Mr. a..d .Mr>' CJi.-i .'e .f l -"iink Ii:iv. gone to Kansas i'ii> lo Hitead tli< i ;'ock .-;!io;v .-V^ler thei.- , IM' I there lhe> will vibitini; II'.ieie .l:- i.i .V.-illiern .Mi;;- ^ouri. .Mi K:i:iiii«- .^niill: !ia^ taken a p" yitioa a.'^ sIciiOKijri .lrei with the lola l .au <l ''oiiipan.v. T. <). Canalsey wa .i a ljiisin"ss visitor in ItronEo.-. indii..'. T ; • hey.-' Uilile . I.i ^ iield jis .see(.nil u:<eiing at I'.:- \^s^:l•ia;ilm building :iils evenlnjr at .".;r .i( i .\!c;k. r.-';.;y Walker vi.-:.'-! flie ^rade K !;<! .;s loilay ;iiui an e.\;e;!,.nt at- tt ndaiice was de .-lred. Iniil tlie class ileet:^ own .Mr. Walker HII ! Ji'Id Ilje (lo .-.ilJ.;.'! Jack Maloney returned from CoJIey- Vllle tbi» afternoon. RMSE iEXT WITH CMNOtt WAR CAUSES CERE.AL TO CLI-HB A FRACTIO.V TOtOlRIIIE mm E. M. Keed went to Carlyle this af- i ternoon on business. ; t>« Cattle Received and the .Market — i Is Slow and Sti^idy—-Hop! More I. E. Stout went to Carlyle this af- I >'Dnierons and AdTanee. . ijternoon on business. Mrs. P. L. Woods of Dewey, Ok., is vlQiting her parents, Dr. and Mrs. J. R. Pepper. Dr. Christian was n visitor in Carlyle this afternoon. C. L. Whitaker. who has been visiting his son Fred in Waldron, Ark., returned home this afternoon. Mrs. Dr. Wilson of Humboldt was a visitor here this afternoon. J. Vaughn of Kansas City, was here on business this :ift«.rnoon. J. C. Hart went to Carlyle this afternoon on business. F. W. School went to Carfylo this afternoon. JBCRE.U4ED VOLUME (iF %XABLES .MERCH.4ATS TO SELL OX CLOSER BASIS. (By the Asaoclatea Prew'' Chicago. Oct. 11.—Firm cal)les and war rumors boosted wheat. The opening was from % to |i to higher. December started at 92% to n^'4^. at H to ^ up. and rose to 9.1 1093%. WHEAT—Closet July Dec. y?V.^S:!'S.: May •tT-'ji'SST'li. COR.X—Close: Oct. 64Vj; Dec. '.3-4; May r,2Ti. OATS—tict. :'2%: Dec. 32"^'&34%: Mav ZtMO FOR VOIR SKI.V. Fezinia. Pimples, Rash and AH .Skin Ainiciiuus Quickly Healed. No matter what the trouble, eeze- chafing piinjiles. .salt rheum— li.Zvn '0 Instantly stops Irritation. The cure eoiiieu (jjick. t?'nks right in and iJeitves no trace. Zeiiio is a vanishing liquid. Vour skin fairly revels Iji'ith delight the niomenl Zeino Is applied. The greatest thing on earth for •rtanilruiT. t Zenio is prepared -by E. W'. Rose Aledicine (^>.. St. I.,ouis. Mo., and i.=! {Isold by all druggists at $1 a liottle. 'Dut to prove to you its wonderful valee it is now put up in liberal size 'rial bottles ai only 2."> cents, and is K'larauieed to do lie- worl; or your i;oi:ey i.aek. Sold at llii: .Morris \- How.ird Drii;^ .Store. Kansas City (.rain. K«nsas City. Oct. ifv-Casli Wlieat. market. unchanf;''d to Ic tiigher. .\o. 2 hard. .SH'S ;i2- .\o. 2. 8s<ft»iu,: S<i. 2 red. *1 .i '2ftl .(tri«/.: No. 2. ytiifi l.uS. I Close—Dec. SS'%fr8S«/i: -Mav &2'4ig COR.V- Market unchanged to Ic lil^her. No. 2 mixed. r,2: So. 2. rtO; .Vo 2 white. li7'/4; .No. .1. r,4Ti'finr, Clo..-e-Julv 4!>',iTt4!>%: Dec 4;^V^; May 4 :i '-V OATS—.Market unchanged. No 2 while. 3:!',i.'&:!4; .\o. 2 mf.\ed. 32'-4fj I I Y K— 74c ))'er bushel, lleoeijits of wheat. 161 cars. «.\K tHANCi: FOR PKACK. I.el r. H. Run the Earlli and Then We'll Have II. I^njamin Kay .Mills, a noted Chau- tautr-ia speaker, aildres.seil an audience of about Ii'ii ledple in the ..\iidi- torium Tuesday al 'IiMn -um. It was a slrc:i;i siieeeh fruui the viewpoint of the third ternn-rs lie reached the rlin'ti;; wlien he preiliclcd nniver.sal pea<e with all llie nat'on.-. united in ;)ne areni emi ire. with Theodore Tie. ^veh as >!:e h -ad.. .Mr. .Mills is 111 eloquent, forceful sj-eaker. but his • ini -lusi'-ns did not seem t <i come out iif I'is premisis.—Yates C<nier .Vdvi.- tate r Kansas Cftj Livestock. Kan.-Jas City. O.-t. 11.—CAT! I .E. receipts 1.000. Market was steady. Native steers fCOli.-fj lO.S"; cows and 1 heifers J.1.40ff/Tir.O; stockers and feed hulls $2.T.'.fi.'..r.i»; ers $4 .."U '&7 .."l calves $5.00T!!>. IKifiS—Receipts 2.:,ul). .'. to ]0c Iiigiieh Heavy liackers and ibutchers light ti;'<><fi-2:\ Cliicaito l.lteslock. CI ica^'o. tJ.-t M -CATTLE, n.eipts r."..(ieii;- luarket .-low; steady. Heeves f't'i^'ir n.lili- .•••('.eke;.'- ant) S '.Ji f; 7..'iti; (ow." r.nd ln-ifers |.S.!iO. IlOfiS -Reeeipls. 1 l.iilKi; strong to .'(• h!sf!i'-r. IJ.glit >iiiv(.d 7i;if> !i : heavy $S .".o 7 'i; pi^.^ $4 7.-.^/7.7.". .Vlarkei was $S.Su(fi H.iHI; $!s.(;il'fi'.»lid; feeil -:»rs $2.I !U'a ntarket 'it w: Kansas City Preduve. Kansas City. Oet. 11. -rtl'TTER— Creatn.rv 2Sc: firsts 2t>: seconds 24; •;tock 22'.i paeking r -i-.m -i KfJC.S— Extra.' 2i;:-; l .rnds ISc. • HAY—Market steady, oihy $12. -'1^1 12 tm; choice prairie. firsts 24Vi"; stc- Choice tiin- llien '1 L •llfli Siavt yai l;ik< dt:n* •>:^e. man bv a Chronic llyspepshi. The iidlowing unsoUcit..d t. uti'u: >:hoiil-! ;•• rJainJy !«• siiffi.j-ril :\e -luipe and coarace to per>oiis •te 'l Willi .('iironic dyspepsia: ""I been n clirimlc dyspeptic for • and (if all till- itteili -.-ine I have n. Chumheiiain's Tablet.- have • me iiiore gor)d than anvthinf.' • s:iys W. O. MaHioa. n..\ 7 Slier St.. Hornen.-vllle. N. Y. For sale •I dealers. itliOO .Vi CORN - Cnchanged. Lead and Speller. SI !.OII,.S . Oct. 11 -Lead, market v.e:,i. ...t $1'.cji-4 !<.".; spelter, market •liil! :i: $7.42'.j''<i7.4r.. That Cook Stove which is not giving satisfaction can be nidnced to splendid advantage out of our big deiieiid- a'.ile line of f.ARLAXDS SEE AUDIT THIS TODAY! by I I • ^I k> Si i.nrni Marfcet-V (Produce (|iiolatioi>« furnished daily Coghlll ('(>iiimission Company). iifTTKl: 2''<- i .er pound. EC «;S -L'oc per dozen. POJ ,"!,rRV— Hens 9c; cocks 4c: Tings 3c: (Iu<-ks ;ie; geese 5e: tur- •ys 9c: guineas 2Uc each. HORSE HIDES—$2 .(10 to $2.7-">. HKEP HIDES—10c. (Grain qmitations furnished daily by uiith D. Ray.) COR.N—7-"iC to .SOc per bushel. KAFFIR Ct^R.N—S.".c per bushel. WHEAT—sue to .*."ic per bu.shel O .JiTS —40c pi'r bushel. HAir-$fi to $7 per ton. TP THE PAPER BOT FAILS TO dellTcr your paper, call 18 and we wUI send you a paper by a special carrier the name o »pnIna' PRICE en OQiiitRO Our H«ioks Show Tkat Our.^tiiess Is 40 Per Cent Better Than It' Was for the Same Week Last Year. Our salps for the past thirty de.yn have been 4i> iwr cent l>etter than they wero. for the same period <>* time last year. With this Increase in business it enables us to buy in larger quantities. thereby getting belter prices. * We can do a large volume ness on.nearly the sanw e.vpeuh; that it requires lo do a small one. \Vlth our increased purchasing power and. lower cost of selling. It enables es to offer a lower scale of prices than v. .• have ever offered before. i Cunipure This List nith What Vwli P JIJ at Free Delivery Credit Stores. Highest Patent Flour, every sack Is warranted, per sack . ^t.'M Corn .Meal sack -. _i»>c (Jraham Flour, sack . 1» ibs. Yellow Sweet Potatoe.s. tie Fancy Holland Cabliage. llj.-' _.n4c 1 cans Kelly Corn %c 4 pkgs. Seeded Raisins ^_ j iioc I'l bo.xes .Matches 2ae Ut Ibs. Lard Compound iJI.W Fine .Northern Potatoes, bit,, j 9<K' 8 bars Leiidx Soap . i'tVj IS bars' Silk Soap J ; 2ic 7 bars White Soap 25« 7 bars White .Naptha Soaa ...L—-25«! J cans Lye 1_ ;..--20c lOO blothes Pins J .J Ute .-. lbs. Bulk Starch : ..ifte 4 lbs. Soda . - iie :{ pkgs. .Macaroni . -,---S.>C,. 3 dz. Sweet or Sour Pickles. .j.-Sif., 8 lbs. .New Kraut _-2ie 3 lbs. Uuge Raisins 25* :{ lbs Prunes i : - -23e . :{ lbs. Cravkers 2ic 25c . 2tti" 2ic . .-2ie - .2ac 25.: I. I. Pir.ce Wi,. 1 i'v till- atterti'.uii \isi "iir in t ;a.'- Cnint Colby, who IIMS lieeii in Oklahoma un business re 'urued home this al ternoon. Rev. U. M. Powi -ll. ulio h.i.s been at,- teiiUing the granit lodge meeting of the I. O. O. F at Independence re­ turned'home iiiis afiernoon. .Miss Marie Smith, wlio has be.-n a(I tending high school li> r. w. ni to (Si- iivYu this afternoon fur a visit with h«r parents. Mrs. H C. Worster. of Carlyle. who has l;"en visiting her faih.-r, J. Esh- b.tugh. returied hoiii'- this afternoon Mr. r.n'! .Mrs. A. Ker'r, of SUrlkng. Kas., who have been here visiting Mrs. .M. E. Ueatn left this afternoon (or Gnrnett. Mrs. H. E. Wilson of LaCygne arrived here this afternoon for a visit wtlh Mrs. George C. I.ederer. C. G. Carter of Kansas Ciiy was a visitor here yesterday. O. E. Burns of Gamut, was a visitor here this atternooo. .{ lbs. Oyster Crackers .... 2 packages Oats ... . Large package Oat-s .. .j 2 pkgs. Grape-.Vuts _ 2 pkgs. Shredded Wheat 2 pkgs. Post Toasiies ... •J cans Kidney Beans 3 cans Pork and Beans . 25<: 2 cans Van Camp Ueans . . 2if 3 cans Pumpkin 25« 3 cans Hominy .- . 25c 2 cans Gooseberries 25i; 2 cans Raspberries 25e Blackberries, |ier can -.. . Hte Tall cans Pink Salmon l«c Oil Sardines. S cans 25c 3 large cans .Milk - 25c ti aiuali cans .Milk 25e 1 lb. Calumet Baking Powder 20* 25 02. Punch or K. Bak. Powd ._-20e 3 cans Red Rose Bak. Powa 25c Quantity Prices for Qaantity Buyers Bay Year Winter Sappljr Xow. doz. cans Sugar Corn.- — 75e doz. cans Pork aiid Beans..- 9Qc dozen pkgs. Seeded Raisins. .i.T5c dozen Gas .Mantles .'. 85c doz. cans Pink S:ilmon <1J*,. :)o bars Silk or Lenox Soap iiSH 1IM> bars White Soap $S.S5 10 Ibs. Bulk Starch . »5c _ dozen cans Oil Sardines SSc 100 Ibs. fancy Holland Cabbage. .$li25 Wolf Premium. Old Glory or Turkey Patent Flour In 6ve sack lots, a .sack . ... - iUi SPECIAL] j .Saturday and. .VII Xcst Week, foar lUr Inirs Wild Rose A<l ;rprbM> Svap i»r -- SSt 2 U .S. Bulk Coffee 45« ArbuckleS Coffee, pound -25c Punch Package Coffee. i>ound 25c lm |K >rial Tea. pound . Vlf Jai«in Tea |>ound . , -iSc Gunpowder Tea. iKJUnd . i.-i -5fl|c 4 sacks Salt . : -K* 3 Gas Mantles . .-2Se 6 rolls Toilet Paper . 85e Good. Brooms. . - -25e, !Wc, S5c Brass Wash Boards, each... ._-.8fe Galvanized Tubs, each.-50c, C'Jr, 7te Cider Vinegar, gallon ... -.45c Pure Country Sorghum, paU..._..*»c; .North Pole Syrup, paU .-.4$e White Syrup, pail 50c , Oleomargarine pound :....._20c, 25r •Oleomargarine, 2 lbs ...-..-SSc Fresh Oysters, quart l :..--4iic 3 Fresh .Mackerel-., :..-.25c 13 bricks Cg|d Fish .". SSc 5 lbs. Eresikf.u5t Bacon fl^ • •••• C • 5 -i .V <-.(.•• ' V . your -Ordef j^eUT«r«|l pa li pvHi

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