Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 13, 1889 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, September 13, 1889
Page 4
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CTilrrtRO, of Cnnrio, Wln« (lie C^rltl Time. Ten Mlmitr* — Tlio A<lTmiturtn of B -\Vlmly Oily !Wnn In Sonroh nt « \Vlfn— Trirrn Tlmpa Mnrrlpil, Twlco DUnrcflil ami %Vifo No. 3 Four Ynir* l» llrlilo— A Curious Kxporienrn. CHICAGO, Sopt 13.—Tlio most rermrknWc divorco cnso In irmtiy respects ever tric*l in the courts of Cook county, wlirro n-mnrknlik divorce cases are not by any means ram, rnro, wns put through In Jui'go TuthlH's court yesterday morning in sovon mlnuN-s. Roumrlmblo in tho circumstance of tin- story behind it tho caso is not less extraordinary ns twing ono which boats tho record of all previous cases as to time. Tho suit was that ot Edward D. Tucker agnlnst L. Jospphino Tucker. As tho clock in the clerk's office of the circuit court showed 10-..V) yostordny morninp Attorney Ktifus King appeared in groat haste and filo-1 tho bill in tho caso. It required Clerk Bradley lew than two minutes to place tbe cnso on (Ho. In loss than tho same lapse of timo Mr. King wns on tho next floor nbovo in Judge Tuthill's court. Hero a middle-agod man, on old lady and n second lady of about 40 yonra wore nwnitmg him. Tho throo persons wont on the stand. one after another, nnd five minutes after 11 n deer o divorcing E.iward D. Tucker from L. Josephine Tuckor was n matter of record. It took just ton minutes. For two years the casa of ex-County Commissioner Coburu, which took twenty minutes, has stood tin test of all comjiotitors, but it must take set'. ond place now nftcr tho performance in tin Tucker caso. Tnrkor's Wife Nrtrabor One. Edward D. Tuckor is the only son of Dr. S. Mills Tuckor, an old settlor, in Chicaji llibhard'sKhcnmatlp and These Tills are scientifically compounded, uniform in action. No griping pain so commonly following the use of Pills. They are adapted to both adults and children with perfect safety. 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His information camo in i. newspaper notice that Mrs. Tuckor had ap piled for a divorco from him in some out-of- the-way town In Kansas. He took pains to ascertain that tho divorco was granted ann thon married a second wifo. IVife No. 3 Not a SUCCORS. Tucker nnd wifo No. 2 lived together iu Chicago for several yours. They had one child, but it died. They quarreled, Tucker accusing Mrs. Tucker No. 3 of fondness for other men. She retorted in kind, churning Unit ho wosrtou much given -to.inflection.for other women. The. inovitablo supnrnVuii- followed. Tucker deserted wife No. 2 1111- wontwest. He brought up in Utah, Bit. thereabout 1SHO, ho procured a Utah dlvorc.- from wife No. 2. Ho could not stay nwnj from Chicago, and in a yonr ho was bad. hero again. Two- marital experiences wcr. not enough for him. '.Vtfo No. 1 had got n divorco in Kansus, and had married again Her second husband was a mau named Morris, nnd they were living happily together in Kansas. Wife No. 2 had not followed hn example. She was living quietly in Chicago, with no knowledge, so it is said, that Turk'-i 1 hod a Utah divorco. Tuckor, on tho other band, feeling safe Iu tho fact that N->. 1 hn-i divorced him iu Kansas and that ho had di vorced No. 2 iu Utah, took to himself a thin' wife. _. __. .' .:. In Trouble About Wife No. 3. After visiting his, father iu Chicago hi went to Kanknkt'O, where lie embarked on his third matrimonial venture. Wifo No. i followed him there, caused his arrest foi bigamy in marrying wifo No. 8, nnd n lengthy trial followed. . Tucker's defense was that ho was divorced in Utah, but tho Utah divorco was attacked ns void because the statutory timo of publication was not observed by ono week. Tucker was found guilty and • appealed to the appellato court, which reversed tho Kan kakoe court and remanded tho caso. Tucker took a change of vonuo to Llvingsttm county. Tho second trial occurred at Pontiac, and resulted in his being found guilty the second timo and sentenced to three years in tha penitentiary and to pay J350. A Startling Development. While ho was incarcerated wifo No. 3 procured a legal divorce from him and married again. Tho two trials resulted in a probing of Tucker's career back to bis ruarriago t«i wifo No. 1, Josephine Putorson, in Wayland, Ills.—It-^was-discoverod "that her divorce, like Tucker's Utah divorco from wifo No. 2, was void. The notary who certified to the publication of tho suit did not make a jurat, and wife No. 1's marriage to Morris in Kan sas was no marriage at ail, and her five chil dren were illegitimate. . . Tho Tangle Untangled. Tockor has just served his term and is s free man. In his three years' imprisonmeiil the fact of the illegality of his first wife's di voree, as brought out on his trials, was constantly before him. He no sooner gol to Chicago than he sought lo< gal advice His third wife was nl his father's waiting for hi m, but If he went back to her he could be prosecuted, owing tc tho informality in his first wife's divorce, so the lawyer told him. The only thing to b done was to got wifejNo. 1 here and"procur« a valid divorce. Mrs, Morris was com mnnicated with and the facts laid befor* her. She had never heard of tho trial ami sentence of her husband of twenty years ago, and the information was the first she had received. It was a great shock to her. Bhi was so prostrated by tho revelation that slit was a wife in name only that aho oouldn'l travel for several days. After her testimony had been given yesterday, Judge Tuthill said the evidence was sufficient, and signed the decree divorcing a couple whose twenty years of separation have been fraught with vicissitudes unexampled before. Puttie* of the Cue. It was a small matter to Judge Tuthill. It was a small matter to his gray-bearded clerk, but what a big thing to the shrinking woman iu black who sat with her head buried in her' handkerchief, sobbing hysterically, while tho motherly face of Mrs. Dr. Tucker bent over her and tho gentle hand ol tha mother of tbe husband the shrinking form desurted two decades ago pressed back the hair tinged with gray and bathed the fevered temples with ice-water. The divorced husband spoke a few kind, tender words to the misery-stricken woman and gently helped her out into the ball, away from the curious gaze of the score of courtroom habitues. Tucker went to his father's house yesterday to rejoin his third wife, who, though married for nearly four year*, is yet a brldo. c=n> cm -i-it. -i re inning hiq c-31 e nivl n^uniui^ IIH prnfr--non of jourrmlkra. Tho W™ C'l.'imtv Nati.mal br.nk, of D>> cntnr, Tex., cnpiMvi' fivt.iKrt), at)'!, thn Livingston National bnnlc, of Montana, cupitn! $*>(>,000, have born anthori/v/d to conim^nco bnsi- ncf?=t Collom, thoallrsod Mittnt»np.ills forgs. 1 , * In bankruptcy, but claims to be ablo to pny out. His creditors doubt it. Private Secretary Hnlfurd is slightly under tho weather, nnd hi* physician has ordered him to lot work alono for a timo. Cholera 1ms ma<l» its appearance at Con- ltnntinoplt>, ami is causing consii!»rnb'« alarm among tlio rollouts of tho capital. Gen. AlRi-r denies tho report that ho to!o graphiMl Commissioner Tannnr to stick this place ami forco tlio president to roini ve him/' A Chicago dntoctivo.hasTwn at Winnipeg. Man., for several day*, and claims to have made imp rtanl discoveries bearing on the Cronin murtlor caso. Defects in tho architect's plnns for tlio • tat« house at Topt'ha, Krtii., will cost tho Btato JJ.H),lr.)0, son Iv.misviljo, .Ky., expir:. architect has ruporled. Tho agricultural population of Montane* gro is in a deplorable state of destitution. Many districts are famine-stricken, nnd Bor- via has offered to holp thoso who will emigrate to her soil. Bearle, tho Australian champion scullnr, has challenged Oandnur to row eithor on the Thames or on tho I'arnmntti (in Austalia). Gaudaur will not acci-pt a challenge to row anywhere but on a lalio course. To facilitate tho movomrmt of troops in oiso of war tho cxar han ordprod an iinrno- dlato incroaso of the rolling stock on Russian railways. Austria's railway systara is perfect from a military standpoint. Walter Rillinc;s, a wealthy!|farmor of Holland, Mich., lias just returned from a drive all over tha west, in tho course of which ho has tntvoi-s.'d 10,000 miloa in n buggy. Ho hu« boon tno years at tho business. A barge at Ellis Island, N. J., broke from its fastening Wednesday anil drifted toward Black Tom Island. It was loaded with dynamite, and it is feared that should tho barge strike tho rocks at Black Tom a terrible explosion will occur. William Boodurhnm, a rotirod distiller, ol Toronto, Out, dropped den-l at a prayer mooting in t; af, city Thursday night. Tl-e mooting was lit a linn- for tallcn women, which ho largely snpporto.l. Ho was noted for his pliilanthrophy. P. C. Cronkrit-, of Danville, HU, ono timo editor of The Sunday Le-lgor of tliat city, and later n government ofllcial nt tho national capital, win acci.lontnlly killed by bin own gun on his return to Marsh field, Ind.. from a hunting trip, Wednesday. The battle of North Point was fought over again at Pimlico, near Baltimore, Thursday afternoon. Hum fell steadily during the whole time, but tho soldiers went through their work, giving a realistic exhibition of tho fight, just as it occurred in September, 1814. thom-h ho w;'.-; )i"?\i^-t.. o;- ono tvilh a lui : --. voice rover hi--; in-iii'-i'rity viih a incrf bellmv. It's (ln> rinc: flint t:ill;s. If the laiifch !vi!< ixi rinc; in it you c:\n put tho fi'llou- down u-< :i half Ji< v <irt'.Ml cu^^, li 1 ") matter if !I!M l;ttt;-lt i* lonil i-in«i:.;lt to lift tho roof of tiir- Au«Htoriiini, Stand twenty turn up in n. row Iwforrj nio nnd do pomrtliing'to frr-t them nil Inuphinf;, nnd I'll sopnrnto tho ^ood fellows from tho Mi;'^3 Nnnrii'M n'x'Hit MS quirl\ly as you could p-t onlsido of :i lieffstcak after s\ 3'par's fuinini.'. See?" I Raid I paw, nnd made n successful dire for liberty.—Chicago Journal. Treatment of Irl»h 1'rlnoneri!. LONDON, Sept. 1".. —Chief Secretary Balfour, replying to Glrc<Istonu'» statement that tho prison iri-ntment of. t-'onybeare showed an absence of right ju-Jgiiinnt and human fueling, lU'rik-M tbal Lli*.- i-rfs'.MHjr_ v.'ui H'l'T"!'- ing from dinoaso to an xvnt justifying his rebas'j. The treatment o!' Irish prisoners, says BaJ-'our,-U-uioro-lu:iiot»t-thin-th»t-iie=- corded lo English pris'Miers. niul tli.Micim- victed mid'T tho crinu-s a-.'t MI--' m >r-» favored with r laxaions of prison dlselpll 11 than any other.prisoners are. Bat on tho Ground at a Huso Hull <Junir« NEW YORK, Sept. 13.—Samuel Iloluomb Molloson, a well-known paper merchant if this city, dioil at bin homo in Brooklyn nt 0:30 yi-slerilay morning of pneumonia, after 11 short illness. Ho left hij place of business, 1H Bookman street, On Saturday last, nnd attended a ball game. Not being able to got a seat in the grand stand, ho s-tt down on tho ground. On Sunday ho felt ill, and grew worse rapidly, until" yesterday''morning; when ho died. A Wife ItnlrliiT A.ljml-.:<vl Innuno. CHICAGO, S-i|><. HI.—J hn K. Johnson, of 8,2-11 Hanovoi- slre-t, tin H-.vj lo who murdered his xvii'o in brn'al fusliiou tho evening of Hopt 5, was ndjul;j;ol insani! by a jury before Judge Frohdergast yojt'jr.l ty morning and committed to J .-It UMO:I. Tha only witness is wcro bis oldo t am, Albert, and Dr. Todd. : Ilolnforcemoiit for ihu Stints* NEW YOUK, Sfpt. i:l—At Cnstlo Garden yesterday, there landed 3,0»'J immigrants, among thnm 1M Mormom, who proceeded at onro to Uiiih Abuui. lutlf of them wore women. Tho Wniitlier \V« M:iy Ksnnct. __.'WAHI'iKO-roN Cifv, Sept. K).—The follovvln : are the weather lnJlcutioii.s for tlio thirty- six hmim from 8 n - . m, yi'«tt:nliiy: For Indiana—Knir wi-iithiir, followed by lluhl rtlii; northerly winds slightly cooler. For Michigan an-l WlMC'innin -Li^ht rain, pro- ceded iiieiisti-rii~~pbTttnn ~~orLowor~M1chii?air by fair we.ith-.:!-;- ftntiunary tumuaraturn, ex- (ji-jit in eastern port on of Lowor Mlchlutin, cooler; northeasterly winds. For lown—Kniu: stationary temporatur ; easterly winds. Fot Illinois- Knln: stationary t -mruraturo; east er'ly win<l». THE MARKEfS. CIIICAOO, Sept I3. Quotations on tho lionrJ of tratlo to-day were of fo.lows: Wlinitt—No. 2 Beptumbor, opened "fa: closo-1 'i7J4n: October, opened ?79^o. cl'^e'l Tte; DeL-unVbor, opened 7Uc, closed • iOJd-lac. Corn—No. 2 September, opened W^i 1 , close-] 3',%?; Oct«!>or, opened ai%c, closed - ICi'-fcc; May, opened 3"»J4c, closed Site. Outs—No. - September, opened — closed IDJ-^c; Octolwr. opimftd and closed 19Hi' May, opened ^ ^6-Mc, p-loaed ^3^c. Pork— Septemtxir, opened , cloaed $10.70; October, opem-d £Ui.. L 0, closed Jl'.70; January opened Jtl.OTMJ, cl«.s«d $'.0>. Ijird—Septum- ber, opciunl — —, closixl tn.ys. Produce: Uutt-r—Fancy Elgin creamery, IS ©10c pel' lb: line dairy, HiilSo; packing stock 7H®8c. EK^S— Strictly fresh, H^ijjloo per doz. Poultry—Live hens, 7^4Jst) per Ibj roosters, 60; tnrkeyd, U®103-, ducks 8c. Potatoes— D0c®$1.00 per bbl. Apples—$1.0ttai.25 per bbL Blackberries—H)e@81.UO per lu-qt. case. —_- Ne-w Vorli IJTO Stock. ~ NKW YORK, SepLia. Live Stock: Cattle—No market for bo»ves dresso<l beef, extremely dull; Dative sides, 54 7e 1)) Tt>; Texas and Colorado do, 444*Wo. : 8hee and Lambs—Firm for sheep at full prices weak at Jic lower for Inmba; commoct to goo. sheep, iffrj.%c *$ ft; common to i^ood lambs A Toncli of >'ntnrn. Tlio difitrict messenger I.HIV conioa in for a vast amount of ridiculo for his slowness and nluisn for hisHhrewd observations and ways, Imt ho is a pretty froo<l lad, after all, if thn followinp; happening in New York ia any criterion: "Ono Jay on Broadway," my a an observer, "I heard a hoy's voice ring out nbovo tho noisy roar of tho vehicles, clear and distinct, saying, 'Hold on, blind man! stop still, blind maul wait till I get to you!' Looking for the owner of tho voice, 1 discovered a slender but agile messongiT boy of 15 or 10 years, threading his. way through n mass of vc- .hiclea to n spot just by the opposite curb, where a gray haired man was standing as if riveted, 'with :i look of mild despair on his face. It needed only a glance to BOO that the poor man had sightless eyes; that he had become bewildered anil was likely to bo run over: that the quick witted messenger boy alone of all the vast crowd had seen thn dilemma and had rushed in to tho a-ssistance of the unfortunate creature.- As tho lad brought tho blind man safely to tho sidewalk I could not help thinking that hero was an expression of that one touch of nature thnt makes tho wholo world kin."—Golden Days. . Tho Slyness of the Crawfish. A correspondent of Tho Forest and Stream writes that ho recently observed a very cunning and ingenious trick of n crawfish (or craylish) for catching flies. "Sitting on the bank of a muddy pond, or 'borrow pit,' over tho surface of which many small flies were swarming about, I observed that the crawfish camo to tho surface near the water's edge, nnd, turning over on the side, the tail probably touching bottom, with claws and legs 'sprudHng'-about-in- tho water, ho assumed the exact semblance of dead creatures floating on tho water. In n few seconds (lies would alight on tho apparently dead crawfish, and as soon as ono got into tho proper position there was a sudden and instantaneous flip, when fish and flies would disappear together under the water. In a few seconds more he would appear on the surface and go through the same maneuver, with the same 'result," There were, perhaps, two or thi-eo dozen of them in v,'..-vi!'.l F"-- ilia THl»hl anil fr-t this iU-m in tlm pnp-r. Mrs. Georijp W. Sohick. of MrarsbnH- town, Town, a Mister of Fernandas J^ cobs, was here About three weeks visiting relativfs antj friemls. Mrs. Schick stopped o(T on her way home from Chicago, where she had been under medical tronttnt'nt for several months, nnd ia pjreatly improved tn health. .She started homo this week, accompanied hy her sister-in-law, Mrs. .1. J. Burger, who will visit them for awhile and then go .'farther weat to visit other relatives. Mrs. S. N. Paige and Mrs. C F. Bennett are attending the fair at Hochelle this week and visiting friends there. H. F. Hoover intends going Into partnership with A. F. StauiTer in the bee business in a short time. We hope they may do a rushing business. Tho new town hall has received two coats df plaster and they will put the hard finish on neStt week. D. D. Zo!- lera and J H.Dunmoro are doing the work. Amos Hoover has made over 2000 gallons of cider already this fall and still great loads of apples come in overy day to be made into cider. Joseph 1'funstein Jr, seems to have had poor luck this time aa he stopped to see a couple of girls and left his horse without tlelng and it got tired before Joe did and went off home, spoiling Joe's calculation and fuu ns hn had to follow the horse; but he made sure to stay long enough to make the girls promise not to tell It. J.'H Fuller saya that burnt corn and concentrated lye has always brought hia hogs through without loosing any with cholera. He takes a spoonful of tho lye'to a barrel of Swill. Moses Deyo, Sr., has a felon on one of his lingers which lays him u|i for 11 time and is very painful. Several years ago a lady of this town who has several accomplished daughters, in' a joking way, told Tonifl Ijfh man that when her girls got old enough he might have one of them for his wife. Hut lately, since the girls have grown up, Yonle thought it would bo a good thing to be looking after Jhern, so he would go there and be hanging nround \* br-t',v! en Uic-t •.>!•;•.! 'r i i-i ! ; r er.'.'i, tarid qur-=ticn, tlf lu-hnnH ;>t a!s are no doubt in favor "t piotfdion. si<KKi'J<r>'-s >;H;HTS. ui-\dp mirr-r- ab'le-Vy tp.'it t"rri!'ic n>i::''i, Shiloh's Cure is t!v r< tiicflv ior >"H. For ^fUo by rorrv,LhKilrii:--::i:it..!>l"' •' NT 1 ' 1 " k- ford, i!»i;k Fails. As the bathing Benson n.t tht'Riinnner resoitn ne;vn'!!i a liii!:!.-tin-gay diuiii-el will n', into clothes quarters <^^r r fy^&ijfr'----^' TO HEAL ATA, CONTAGION. THE r.KPT ix Tun -won5.r>. I llilnl: (V.vlfl'n Rp-rliic I- !!"' Ix-st liloml rcnioily In thpworM. 1 liavi- litiown il IniiiiilinwimowolHlpr- fnl cnrrs of p^tlcnli v.-Iio wi re coiipiilnrcd InrnniMi'. J). II. CHAVsoy^Crinvvllli 1 ,!.-'- Trcatlso on Blood nnd Fl;!n Dl?oapcs nmllnl frttv Tna SWIFT Frarinc: Co., UmwrrS, Atlnnt.i, (:•>• W BESrVTOE SOAPHMJE IH-AMEHfA- \ rvAif. dAS-b- r\SRK CCoTc. lOUttB. -Quiet: live hogs, &Uiu@*.7J V "Strange how wet it In!" "Be stranger still it it were dry with auch heavy mlus." A XK-ST WftakuBrxl anil dernujtexi livers, ttoiu- ach» aiwi bowels «heu!d ae^er b« *ct«Hl ou by trritiwU liks common pills, brau, etc, " Mtl»»'i« rilia curtjo liv«t c ,-«tts«tipalUHi, jiiliftt, etc., by it •sAwitUw r»wi *t A It, \t J JiS ii^&fnt'l'ft ABBREVIATED TELEGRAMS. K;n- Thu HiiMiun rzarovit'-h Li via peror Willi.-ini o: Ofirni-my. Concord, N. H., col brntol tbo 2.MIU nntil- veiraiiry ot iu «eUioru!iit Thunklar. Tti« crui»ir Atlanta w.i»out In Ihd storm oil Cb« Alliia'.lc Ituii'l.iy, and Una not twon from jot Tlte U. A. 1L ««»«nij>ewnt «<»« Milwankw tho Ttka c»u»,li'. .il,, Two Sides of the Case., "That's a queer headline in the paper,' said Mrs. Schoeppenstedt, " 'Lost, a Fortune and u Wife.' I wonder which he missed the most." "The fovluuo, probably," said Mr. Schoeppeustedt, heartlessly. "If he hat the wife it would bo hartl for him to got another fortune, but if ho had a fortune, he coulil ciusily get another wife,"— Somervillo Journal. Thn I^HUKli Tlmt Hlr. K ». A- young man who is credited by hi friends with being u good duul of u phi] osophtr penned mo up in u corner tinla and barungut'tl inu uo fullows: "Did you uvor"»ituil.v tho human laug aa an index to Imiuun character? It i on infalliblo test, ino boy. Did you i<vi- know u man who siiiiiHircii ami KiiiK' 1 *' girl who wiusn't a i-m-uk in hi Ami, on thn irontrury, did yi> iv wh->tau.;hv>Uijiiai 1 H U ,. HUM uf (I, t 1 «ui» ously engaged in tho fly catching game." Ho Uurrfth'tl for tlio Twelfth Milan. "Hurrah 1 hurrah I" shouted a veteran, as tho orchestra nt tho saongerfest began to play a selection. "You must bo quiet." said one of the ushers, rushing up to him. "Not much I musn't," said tho veteran, "not when that IH played. I used to belong to that regiment, and I'll tthout for the boys as long an tho Almighty gives me breath." "Your regiment. What do you mean?" asked tho usher, as tho crowd ear tho result of tho disturbance. That's what I moan," said the veteran, utting his finger on tho programme. Thero it is. Twelfth Mass!- That's my egimentl The old Twelfth Massachusetts! Wo fought from Bull Eun to Five forks I" It was only when he was convinced hat it was a piece of church musio that 10 would consent to be quiet.—Detroit 'ournal. • Bovcnty-threo years ago Mrs. Sally B. Weoks Bucknam, then a blushing bride, went to housekeeping in a snug farm- louse on tho west slope of Mount Pros- tect, N. H. The other day in this same ouso, whero she has lived over since, he colobratod her ono hundredth birth- lay, and waa strong enough to receive lot only her children, grandchildren and rreat-grandcbildreu, but also a largo number of her friends and acquaintances.- I'enrosc ana HnbnrbH. One of the ponies Nick Wilger (ought out of the herd at Sterling died, mt Nick was plucky and bought au- ithar in place of it, so he still has a .earn that will make his milk wagon rattle one ot these days. Later: Nick today threw the pony that be bought in place of the one that died and it threw ita stifle joint out of place, and he says, "Blast the ponies: ;hey cost me 875' and I have already got 8100 worth of experience out of ihem." Albert S. Frick and a German each nought a pony from the herd last Sunday and, no doubt, there will be some fun before they get them broke to ride. Wm. Brown bought a pony for 821 at the pony sale at Milledgeville last Saturday and he bad barely got out of town when the pony ran against the fence and broke its neck. C. R Selover, who now lives in Henry Ulm'a house, will move to Gap Grove next week. Jos. Kratz writes that he attended a picnic in Bucks Co., Pa., where he saw President Harrison and wife and Postmaster General John Wannamaker. Joe just run right in on a streak of luck. Wm. H. Menscu and several others from this town are taking in tbe Freeport fair this week, where they expect to have s good time. Geo. D.and H. L. John, John B. Gilbert and wife, Z. E. Hess and several others attended the .Soldiers' lieunion at Amboy on Wednesday of this week, and report having a good old time Several of them were at Milwaukee and seem to think these reunions do not come around often enough. Last Thursday night aa B. 0. WU- llama waa returning from the Morrison fair on 3d tit in Sterling hia horse stopped all of a sudden anil chucked our esteemed supervisor out over tbe duahboard and peeled a slab of bark from his nose aud broke the daab. It IHX-;I u*, peupla would have said we iiubiixnl too stroug » 'Joats of "t*it," utst sUUlt Iw&a kiasl- of »us- UM» sap«Tfi*« irteU to sby ** t'-fl fit** 1(W /wben the lady told him that he needn't be spending his time there after ffei girla. And now, as the t.tory goes, Yonie says that he intends suing tin' old lady for breach of promise for refusing to 1ft him have one of the girls as promisea. -.Hopwood— Knox, did I ever tell you the story about tho Judge und his coon dog? Knox— I don t remember. Was •It— a -good — one? — Hop wood ^Yea. » mighty good story. Kuox— Then y.u never told it to me. %I0«*1 " ^ fl 'V/HITE^ § Kt Pr° UD ^ '" \VRAPPERS (UXOE 3IZE) E ani receive t § Ig HANDSOMER S3 ^K Ask Your Retailor for l.Jie An Ifnhnppy Home. "I wish my wife would got well or— .sometltiiiff," said a .husband who had been sorely tried with an invalid wife. It seems a heartless speech, but wlio con tell the discomforts of a home where the wife Is always sick. Pool- food, cry ing children! No wonder tlie man grows desperate. But if he would got Dr. Pierce's Kavorite Prescription for his wife he would (ind that the sunshine would return to his home. "Fav orite Prescription" is a positive cure for the most complicated and obstinate c«ses of leucorrhea, excessive '(lowing, painful manstruation, unnatural sup pregsiona, prolapsus or falling of the womb, weak back, "female weakness," anteverslun, retroversion, "bearing- down" sensations, chronic congestion, inflammation and ulceration of tin- womb, inflammation, pain and tender ness in ovaries, accompanied with "internal heat." According to Yonr Needs. ..TAMES M BANS 84 pTTOTl 7:8 llvlit and stylish. It iit« 1 1 ke » nml TUCOlIIltr.S , I>K perfectly cusy tlic flrr.t limp It .B worn. It will RntlsCv tho most k.fMllilloni!. .TAMKS MEANS SIIO15 Is nbBtilulcly tlm -ilv shoo of Its price >vjik-h lifts ever been plncctl extensively oil tho markrt 111 which durnljlllly red l>vforn mcro out- word J. MEANS Ac CO., WoBton. Pull UUCP) of tho nbovo Bltoos fur s!-l« by J. R. BELL & SON One way to propose: She—What do you think? I actually went to the postouice Bnd couldn't remember my own name. lie—You are quite welcome to the USB of minn, if your own is i o dlfllcult'.to keep in mind. WHY WILL YOU- cough when Shin, s Cure will give you immediate relief. Price 10 eta., 60 cts., and 81. Kur sale by 1'erry, the druggist, and J. M. Hick-ford, Hock Falls. • Ob! to bo a paradox: The young mmi who makes Hfavorablejimpresakm upon a fair maiden is in an anamalous position. That is to say, he has made a hit with a miss. CHOUl', WHOOPINU COUGI1 and Bronchitis immediately relieved, by Shiloti'B Cure. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Kock Falls. /, Healthy in our town'i 1 I should think sol We have had only one funeral in ten years, and that was the doctor who literally starved to death. JVepvouw IH> eases. There are more nervous than blood diseases.. Thus, a weakness of the nerves of tbe brain causes headache, (Its, dizziness, sleeplessness, etc.; a weak ness of the nerves of the stomach causes dyspepuia, pain, wind, etc.; of the lungs makes "weak lungs;" of the liver, produces biliousness, constipation, et-3.; of the womb induces irregularities, sterility, pains, etc.; of the sexual organs, impotency, etc. For all weaknesses Dr, Miles' Kestorti iye Ner- vine surpasses all other remedies. Trial bottle free at A. K. Hendrick's or J. M. Bickford's Drug Store. The owner first breaks the racehorse; then the race h.orse_j>roceedg to break tbe owner. STOPPED FREE JrorttttOK* SMffU. PorfKLINE'l NERVE RESTORER , _.* 00 BtAIX If NllTB DlfllABIS. Only «tf« 9cicr« fyr Nero* .4/fc'umf, /VM, £pHfpsy. elc. •—--AUJBM If Ul.o u ilrecMd?' J/a fin aftfr I day'l KM. TnatUe uid I? trial tMttU tn» B* •tl«Dt*.th»7 ptyhg fli|>rm«cluirreioa bos wbm 10 DB. KU'NB'.'KII VreS'st.'lffiSr '**"- IMetl of Heart Ulneaite. Many eminent men, among them Mr. Vanderbilt, Mr. Ilendricko, Gen. McClellan and Josh Billings died of heart disease last year. Authorities state that one person in four has it, though few- known it. The symptoms are shortness of breath, pain or tenderness In side, palpitation, choked or smothered feeling in the ohest, tendency to faint, swelling of feet, ankles, etc. If you have any of these symptoms do not fall to try Dr. Miles New Cure for the Heart. For sale at A.R. Ueudrick's or J. M. Uickford's Drug. "Love levels all things." 1'erhnps so; but it has a tendency not to make the head level. 10O l*aiUe« Wanted. And 100 men to call on any di ngglst for A free trial package of Lane's Family Medicine, the great root and herb reiiacdy, dlsoovumi by I)r. Stlas Lace while in the Hocky Mountains. For diaaaaes ot the blood, liver aud kidneys St la a po*ltlva cure. For eouatipaliuu and citiarUig up the-conipltixlott it doeti ' . t:htUr»a like it. " il all druggists'. i Is a monthly magazine devoted to the hygiene and care of Infants and young children, and all that pertains to the routine of the nursery. It b now In its fifth year. Tho Congregation alist recently said of it : "Burrnooo soemfl almoftt tndbpensnblo to tho bouaeboltl la which ttiero are young children. It iJ for the riarenU and th» none, and U packed full of Important suggestions of n practical character. From personal experience of ?ta Ufiufulneaa. vro commend It warmly." And the Chicago Advance : '• No mother but mint appreciate 1U wlu nnd helpful BUftgcBtlouB, andbo trratoful for theoolvlugof i>er|>lexlUot) and the helping- over hard^ places which every ono comes to who has the oaro of young children. W* commend It to overy mothur In the laud.'* Also the New York Oraphia : "Th. success of tills periodical has been enormoun. It mnkas yottUK inothcra foel that tho only subject worthy of attention 1* at last being recognised." Every intelligent father and mother should read It regularly. Their children will be healthier and happier. It -will reduce tho work of caring for them, nursing them, dressing them, amusing them. Letters from subscribers frequently contain such testimonies as these, lately received : •' I am grateful to BABYHOOD ; I have Been but two numbers, but have learned ao mucb from those that I foul 1 nhould be doing my children a wrong If I should f all of the opportunity to learn more." "Tho hdp It has been to us would have astonished me had IS boon predicted beforehand." •• Physician aa I am. your maKastue Is the tnosf wolcoma • periodical that cornea tomy table, and In the .- onu I rood first, '* -"I cannot spfafctoonlffhly of BiUiiiooD. During the Ihreo years that I have subscribed to It. I have felt repaid a hundred times for tho outlay by the relief aud coundeuce It has given mo til tho management of my children." You want a sample copy — Price 16 ocato. ' . Or to subscribe for a year-— - 11.60. On onr part wo -wish to know that you have seen this advertisement ; and in order to induce you to mention thia paper when •writing us, We have arranged to ha™ manufactured tot us a largo quantity of Sudnut'a celebrated Sachet Powder, and will give a packet, free (either "Violet" or "White Liluc," aa preferred), (quantity snmelent to ek«antly ftfrfums Baby's clothing for months) to every i>,T*m who tends us cither $1.60 for ay»';ir*»#ub- . aorlptluu or 16 coiils fur a mentions thli fay,,. (Kolt Th«J»»di>rUf!iu t >i«n»i>« iri auluof oura mentions thli Th«J»»di>rU. Uorf.-roil siirivly IIII-.MIU In traclMijihor,.- y»' cofy nu,i ,,»'itl.,n. pr«iutiim."lmt . ,- auluof ouradviirtliliitf lnvnrl.iu.-i IM.U »( the cuuntrv. lu roUJl toluo Li nUmt la ' (X'DU.) BABYHOOD PUBLISHING CO,, fur tho Beokmtm St., Naw York, not confctind BACTB.WD wtlh ,i«f (•/ -

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