Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 30, 1903 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 30, 1903
Page 7
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^ TOE lOLA DAILY KE6I8TEB/TDESDAJF, JPNfe : 1 AHl0CEAir.PATR0C. ^ I '. • 4«^;jPr «tTldle » VBfvve'' Sea ;', Serrice. if ,! 'Oaifl English ship builder is fnr> Ihfring a prbject which, it carried tifr^ugh, 'will be the meaas of much BaTlftg of life and property in mid- oicean. He calls it the International Bliii)' Cross Ocean Life and Salvage service. It is meant to take the place oii.the Jed Cross in the army, says tl«5 New. Yorlc Herald. If will consist of a fleet of fen Hfe- bi^aifc and one storeboat to patrol the north Atlantic along the line of ttiftTel of the great ocean steamers. The aim is that' of saving vessels and crews in distress. They will have a regular schedule of time, which will be sent to all captains of yetajels, so that in case of wreck or fire or disablement the officers will what exact date and point a Blue Cross boat may be cxprcted, and much may be done to save both life and money. The salvage is to go to the respective governments which fitted the? fleet out in proportion to their shipping tonnage, lie expects the various nations who have much traffic ion the high seas to appropriate sums necessary to the complete outfitting of the boats and crews. The project seems to have met with approval in high places, and ere long we may expect-the IJliie, as wz-ll a.s the Ked, Cross to the rescue of human lives in danger. WHERE FLAG FIRST WAVED. BIciliorlal to Be Erijctpd on Fnmons RcToIatlonnrjr Hill In Somer- vllle, Mann. Work will soon begin on the erection of * memorial observatory on tlietop of hjstbric I'rospeet ^liill, Stimerville, a sum of money having alriiuly been set aside hy Major (jlines for flic carrying out of snch^a pnr))ose, s«y»the Boston Poi^t of recent riate. Pmspcet liill is noted 'for tlie |)rnininenl i)nrt it took in the revolutionary war and il was from the top of this hill that the first American flag was tlirowu to the bree/.e. Ti>e observatory is to-take the form •f a tower and will eliis<>Iy resemble an. ol«l- English castle. Situated ujjon the now iinoeriii>ieil mound..wliieh has been allowed to remain on the Miinroc 'street .side of the jxirkwny. it. will greatly, add to th* artistic beautj- of the spot. The tower will bo 4."; feet high. The t«p will be flat and i)r(itceled to a heii^ht of four feel by a parapet, with iron gratiiigs in the enihrasnres. and will afford; a view that cannot be equaled in Boston. The walls of the tower will' be of roiigh granite and will be 30 feet in diameter. Two rooms will be set apart for the exhibition of historic relics and sonvenir.=. The structure from the second floor will be hexagonal in »;hape. resting on six columns. The cost of the tower is estimated to be about SC.OOO. CAUSE OF FLAT WHEELS. Bralcemen Pat on tlie Brakca Too Suddenly and Start the Tronble, "Flat wheels," growled the old railroad brakemen, as the trolley car in which he sat went tlminping along at 12 miles an hour, .^jliaking the passengers uncomfortably at every revolution of the wheels, relateij the New York Times. "What makes flat wheels?" askf^d the man sitting next the old brakeman. "Darn fools," .«;aid the brakenian. "It's this wiy: If a man doesn't know how to stop his car he makes a flat wheel. On the steam roads some braKcmen flatten a wlui'l evi-ry time they jjut on the brakes. \Vlicn the M-heel suddenly stops revolving and the momentum of tlie (rain e:ir- ries it on, the whc/'l slides along the track anft a is started. Next atop, perhaps, makes it worse, and BO the thing goes until the wheel is no good. If a brakeman knows his btisine.";? he need never male.' n flat wheel unle.^s he has to stop sndilenly to avoid <in accident. If he keeps his wheels turning! slowly they don't flottcn. Now, these fellows on the trolleys take no care at all, and every other car in some jjlaces has a flat wheel." ! ' Floatlaior Academy. An indication of a n^W tendency in Bcientific studj- is furnished by the plan of the Geographical society of Baltimore to send this summer to the Bahama, islands a ship carrying a staff of 50 persons, who will study the-geology, geography, botany, zoology, climajtology! and hygienic pltysics and medical [jonditions of those islands. The siiip, specially chartered for the purpose, will be fitted arid equipped a«|the home and labor- .at-ory of the partv during the entire trip. A Sizable finlt. At Stamford. England, recently a suit of clothes which belonged to Daniel . Lambert, the Leicestershire gpiant, was offered by auction. Lam- hjert was the most corpulent man of his generation and weighed upward of /TOO pounds.' Gen. . Tom Thumb oncte walked through the arm of his coat The bidding reached $375, at MrMch figure the Ipt'was |withdrawn. nairylasr la Ireliad. _ Ireland is determined to be in tffe front ;in dialiying. It is devising new method* lor interesting those engaged in It. One of the best agen- cfeaC to' be employed xg, that of sur­ prise'butteir co^i >etitioDS. The object is to encourage the'making of ffC»A:-butter end careful packing. 1v tilt Mlictwt -••^ 1_ • Dr. ]V«trebe do«s not publish teatimonials from lady patients' in nennp- papers, thelrerore this advertisement is niade wholly from tcstimonlahi written by men who were cured by him, although he cures as many women as men. He publishes the names of a few of his former patients who live in this vicinity. Mm. Warren Craodall, Crandall, Kan, Mm. L. Cuwea. Crandall, Kaa. Jl^ra. Walter Uowell. Crandall. Kan. Mra. Mar Caflln, Colorado SprlaB «i Colo. Mm. Lafayette Miller, Xeoabo Falla, Kan. Mra. Artbnr Hall, I^eRoy, Kan. Mm, Lncy Scranton, Yatea Center, Knn. Mm. Martha WInplKler, l.eRo7, Kan. Mra. J. II. MontETomery, Denver, Col. Mrs. Frank Neff, nurllnRtnn,' Kan. Mm. Kdwnvd McPadden, Nevada, Mo. Mm. n. L. McRlhlney. Itrd Oak, In^ Mm. J. W. I.ecbler, Sprlaicfleld, Mo. Mm. Anna Goddard. Tnlequah, I. T. Mrs. Jobn A. Murrj-, L.iDroln. N. D. Mra. Percy Wyly, Tahlnyiah, i. T. Mm. Llzxlc Grovra Guinn, Gardaer, KA. Mm. Minnie Ilnngrer, I.nmar, Mo. Mm. J. W. Srutt, Rolla. Mo. ^ Mm. A. E. Cathera, Topckn, Kan. Mm. J. II. Milllkan, Kanaaa City. Mo. Mra. J. M. Iluchra, Kanaan City. Mo. Mm. Martha Uurk, Kanaaa City, Mo. Mm. B. I.. MrElhlnry. Red Oak, la. Mm. Joaeph Donilly, CofTeyvllle, Kaa. Mr. Edward Watemon, Le Roy, Kan. Mr. Robert DrIIca, Crandall, Kan. Mr. Ralph Drown, Kanaaa City, Mo. Mr. W. H. Whitrlaw. Fayettevllle, Ark. A. C. Dramlitt, M. D., Drrator. Tex. Mr. J. L. Ileckenllvely, SprinsrHelri, Mo. Mr. W. F. Surber. ColleKe View, N>b. Mr. K .11. Kinaworthy. Little Kock, Ark. .Mr. J. II. Mllliken, Kanaaa Clly. Mo. .Mr. W. .M. Uunatvay, Illalratoivn. Mo. .Mr. EdiTln E. W llaon. Kaaaaa Clly. Mo. K. G. Simon, hi. D., Kanaaa City. Ho. Mr. nan Goff, Ilonnerllle, Miaa. Mr. t;. IIlBdmnn, lalnnd t:ily. Mo. Mr. Win. R. Wrlfcbt. I'corla, III. _ Mr. M. W. .Tohaaon, Lebanon. Mo. .Mm. G. .\. Smith. .Sprlnefleld, Mo. Mm. A, M. Ilueklcy, Springfield, Mo. Mm. Geo. Raniaey, SpriuKQcId, Mo. Mra. G. A. ThompaoD, SprinRfleld, .Mo. .Mlaa Barbary Boll. SprinKfleld. Mo. Mlaa Jennie Wrlln, SprlnRfield. .Mo. Mra. MrClelland, >prIuKfirld, Mo. Mm. Eaton. SprlnKfirld. Mo. .Mra. Gerlock, SprlnKfleld, Mo. Maud JohnHoo, SprlnKfleld, Mo. Mm. J. W. Lerhler, SprinKfield, Mo. Mr. J. L. Ileckenllvely, Sprlnsfield, •Mo. rrof. Hotter, Springfield, Mo. Mr. Harry Jewell, Sprinicflrld, Mo. Mr. Ed. Bell, SpriniTfleld, Mo. .Mr. J. W. Bell, SprinKi-ld. Mo. Mr. J. W. Brown, SprineBelii, Mo. 9lr. Jobn Torant, Sprini^flcld, Mo. Mr. Strunk. Sprincfield. Mo. Mr. Sam South. SpriuKfield^ Mo. Mr. W. R. IXTilte. SprinKfield, Mo. Mr. M. W. Johnaon, SprlnKtlcId, Mo. Mra. JnmeM t'app, SprioKfield, .Mo. Miaa Emma IJoty, SprluKHeid, Mo. Mr. Uavia, SprlnRfleld. Mo. Mm. Jaqnea, Sprlneficld, Mo. .Mra. I'otter, SprinRlIrld, Mo. Mr. Calvin Bnckley, SprlnRfield. .Mn. .Mr. Rufuell SlyrU-k, Sprtosflrld. Mt,. Mm. W. .\. Myrlek. SprinKfield, Mo. TESTIWOWiUS. Suffered" for Yeara from Bad Caar of Fllea and Other llerlnl Dlaenarx— noctored with Many of the ileal I'liysleinna In the Ctjuntry—L'nnlilr to Obtain Relief—.\dvlard hy Kriendx. AVbom Uoctor ' bad -Trealrd ivlib Wonderful Suereaa. to KO to lliiii— Completely Cured after Tlixee Wrrka I'aloleHa Treatmeat—Will <;lndly Anawer Lettem from Anyone Afflicted Who Oealrea I'artlculara. Kansas City. Mo., Dec. 8. 1902. Dr. E. 1'. Notrebe. 216-L'1H AV. Twrlfth fjt., Kans.-is City. Mo. My Pear I'octnr—I am K\:\.I[ to nild my tostlnionlal letter t<i your jilr<M<ly ]:irKC list, as I know I ow<> niy lio.illii unci that of my family t" yo'ir WHIK I IT- lul care and skill. I had suJIerttI with to'read this advertisement, also to iirr^f^e by in^ quirin;! ]|iersdii^Ily or by wi^iliigtd tlie parties w^dse haibes are given as references. You well Know that neither the business references nor the former patients would be untruthful with you. iii The testimonial [letters were written to ioflneoce otbers who are afflicted, to be Cared, and oot'fo on sufferinj:. -n: HOtRESl'S \ -REFEREMCES. AND AH Diseases of the Rectum Cured Under GUARANTEE. Barry Jewell. Springfield, Mo. judge Appelby, Spring. field, Alo. The First National BanK, Sprin^ileld, Ko. the First National BanK, : Kansas City, Ho. The Union National BanR, -' Kansas City, Mo. the New England Nation- i al BanK, Kaas98 C ty. Mo. Ti b 4f Hissoiort Savings BanK. Kansas City; W the Aslerican National BanK, Kansas City, Mo. E. P. NOTREBE, M. plies for ye.nrs and pot no relief from constant doctoring with many of the best physlri.ins In the country. Finally I wa.s advised by a friend whom you had cured to go to you for troatment. which I did. And to my entire sat- i.«!factlon i you cured me within tliree weeks. : Your methods of treating rectal diseases are certainly wonderful, being almost entirely painless and not requiring tlic use of that dangerous drug, chloroform, whiek Is so commonly used by other doctors. It is some ye.nrs since you cured me of a. bad case of piles and otlier rectal trouble, and I am now perfectly sound and well. I will lake pleasure in answering letters from anyone who is afllic^ed and may wish to know more particulars about my ease. Any person suffering with rectal diseases of any kind should take your treat- nifnl and no other. With best wishes for your success. I nm. Yours very truly. J. il. CORKF..=!. 1021 Pas«o. r. S.—I wish to say that Hoctor Notrebe treated s«veral members of my family, and many among my friends anil arciuaintanees—all with the same wondi-rful suc-i-oss with whicli In> did me. I havi- known • him f<ir many ye.-irs and can assun' Ihi- af- lll« ted that fh<-y ran alisoluti-ly do pend upon what the doctor says. Old .Soldier of (be 3.'>th lllloala nrgl- nirnt—CoDtrnrlrd Ileetni Trouble DurInK the f'lvil War—t'onniilled I'romi.nent rhyaielnna in ISA.'. Ad- viacd by nil that He Could Not Live Over Ten Yeara—Kxnruined by the I'enaton Doard of Kanana City. Knn-. ana. who I'ronouneed (he Caae a very Had One—C«nupelled to Live on Carefully .Selected ' Diet—Treated and Cured by Ur. \olrebe vtilboul Cou- flnenient or V MC of Chloroform— AJoTV In the Beat of Health—Caauut .S|ienl£ too Strongly of the Oorlor'n Wooderful Knoivledge and .Ability— Does not llelleve there ia Ilia I-iqual In the t'nited Mtatea in Handling Uiaeaaes of the Keetuni. Kdnsas Cilv. JUi. P -c. 9, 1902. Dr. U. V. Xotr.bc. 21C -21S \\. Twelfth St.. Kansas City. Mo. M.v Hoar Kriend—II affords me gre.Tt pleasure to give .vou this testimonial i'ttcr. and I only liopi> that it will servi- tlie niission for which I intcuih-il it. Tliat is. to iiinijeiue other uiifurtu.- nat.- sufferers to go (oyou to hn eur.-il. As far back as 1805 a promiiiunt fihy- sici ;in in St. I.oui.s. whp give me Iim- por;try relief, said that I <'<)uld not live Miiir'- tlian ten years under any ilr- cuinstan<-<-s. This tlic tinariimous vc-rdict of tifti»en orl\Ventv doctors liy wlioni 1 was from lime to time iruat.-il 1 was'alsn examiiieil by tlie rciisini. r.'iard at Kansas Cit.v. Kan., just Iie- f">r<- going to you. , They said my ra^v W.IS a very bad one ami insisted upon inv living on a very carefully S'-I<-ci .• tli't. practically coiilining my fond to v.-.-itcr. el»>ar coffee and tea. fresli beer. . ggs. ii^d as little bread as possible. When T went to you two years ago T was so weak thit I coiilil scnrcelv get to your oftice. ;iiid had lie»'n almost >in- able to attend to my duti-s as siijier- iiiti-ndent of ihe factory for soni" tintip. Til'' physician who had me under bis charce at the time I went to you said tli.-it F was too we:ik to undergo an op- ••r.'ition. When I first went to sec you. you <li<l not agre<\ to cure me. but you thoroughly examined me and said you would advise me the following w. • 1' wh«-hter or not you would undertake my case I had little belief when I returned to you that you would take mv case and much les.=« that you could cure me. Wh<»n you siiid that piles and other troubles were th« cause of diabetes and the Other afflie- lions from which I had been suffering. I did not think it possible, because of the contrary advice that so many othwr l>hvsirian< had given me for years. Vou tri-ated mo on my second visit to your oftice and again In two weeks '>ne of the most remarkable fe.-itures about your method Is that you took me in my wretched condition and treated and cured me without the us-' of chloroform, or any anesthetic, an'.i without confining or taking me from my work a single day. I was. in fact able to resumti my entire dutiv^ after the nrst treatment. I ;eommehccd to gain at once, and am now enjoying better health than I have had for thirty- seven years. 1 am nble to carry on my work as superintendent of the factory with comfort and ease. My case was so extremely bad that I feel that in curing mc you almost performed a i"'>'i :?l«. I had long bo- fore given ui» j.i Miopc of being cured. I know tliat no one \yho is alHntei! .-.n. afford to put off going to you a sin-^l • moment. I do not believe that tli'i,- IS anoiiior physician in the I'mt-d States who is .so thori>ughly i-oii .i>e. tent to successfully handl.s si:ch a" extreme case as you handjed for ni- With best wishes for your coiitiri'i"i; success, I am, Vour friend. josKPir RrrKr:TT .'-r Supt. Millikan-JIullowney Siadbrv Banker and Capilaliat Writea of :ii • Wonderful and llnexpeeted t .'nri— Had Suffered Many Yeara from iwv- Inl diaenaea—Treated with y.:in\ I'rnmlncnt I'liyaleianu—T'nnlile d Obtain nellef—Loat rnlth In Din- ttira—Had Given up nil Hope <>l Kver lleInK t.'ured—Advlaea Ho f-^rirnd« that Doctor Koirelie WIV. do all He Promlaca-Cured Tu< Veara Ago. A Medical .Sluiient .SulTered vrlth Hem- orrliuidn or I'llcn for Voar.s—Neryoiia Syateiu a Complete Wreeli—lnve.'«tl- gnted .MelbodH and ;Treatment : for Itoetni Di.ieaaea—flaoed hiiuMclf under Ooetor .\otrebc—Cured rslth- otit C^c of Chloroform or Coiiiinc- niout. Kan.-sa.'; Citv.'.Mo.. Jan. S, 1903; VT. E I'. N«>trehe. 21G-21S W. Twelfth Pt., Kansas City. -Mo. Pear Poctor ar.d I'rii ml — r''>r tlie 111 iitiit of iliosi.' who ari' suireriii;; from veital ili .-fM.-ifS. i wish to write .T few lines ri-:;:ir(l:iig my e .ise. 1 .-iirfereil from heiuerrlKiid:; f"ir several ye:ir-~ •ind troni tlie .•iTei-t.: of this tr.r:ilil.- my nervous sysli-m beeatnu aliiinst a lolal v.-reelr. Afd-r tlioroiigh iiivisti- •nation of ni.-iny tu.-tlioil.s .ui.l so.i-;illeil <iiii-s of rectal (lise.ises. 1 was so .very iiirtiiiiate .IS to inert .Vou. and yUi.-i-iI iiivsi-ll iitiiSiT your care. In less iliaii three niiiiitlis 1 was i-nllrely ciirerl,- the .'.IS- :iseil tl^-•^lle le-llli: removed v.lliloUl ii;v h.iving to take ehloioforrii. or even le -niiT eiiiitineil to mv motii. tlius saviiii; Sisi ot tune and the expense of a h'-s- fi-e. - ' II has lieeti but a few months sliier- I was .i(n-ratei| 0:1 ami 1 leil lij^,- ri hlTeretit per:'iii .M v n-'rvi-.s hav i-' im• ergone a ctianjte r -ii -imri.-.^ly tii:[>ii::si • Me. ti> say Molhiii;; of the n-ller fro-ii Ihe loial eoinlilioii tliat la i-iitiVely • 11 ted. , liespecffull V voiirs. SIII-:M)().V 1;. iii -:wKTT. nussell. Kan.. Dec. 15. 1D02 Ur. E. P. Notrebe. 210-2IS W. Twelfth .St.. K.-insas City. Mo. My Pear Sir—After siirferinr; years with rectal trouble. I i:-'r suaded by friends to go to K.msas C'lx in October. 1901. to -consull with vi -u I had little faith in doctors, iiavia- been treated by many of thutn aii''. having ri-ceived no permanent benefit Ittit after consulting with you. and y.Mi j liad give.n me a thorough ex.-imiiiatuir. 1 was convinced that l bad met a d<.> tor who was honest and who uii<l.r stood his work. So T placed tiivs K under your care and you began tre.u- Ing me in Novmeber. 1901. I am pleased to stale that 1 hav.- improved constantly ever since. Rl-,rectal trouble is entirely cured am) ) am feeling better than I have i;.r years. I t;ike pleasure in recommendin:: v.':: to any who are suffering with re.-t.-i! trouble, believing that you i!i> :!!. that you say you e:in do for the :il flicted. Kosp«'ctfully yours. CHAS. P. CO PEL AND. V.ell Ivunivn (Isleopalli Studied nn;: Watebt-d Ite.sulta of Iloetor .\otreiif'x .'iSclhoda of TreatMirnl—Saya !..« [•"Hien: lilagnoxticinn Jind burpco.-i ] lu. the aiedleal I»r«l'cK«iIon. , VVben you nrite to tbe atrave references or to any of the parties whosccames appear in this circular, please enclose stamp for reply. 3IaJor.'Cbarlea Cnrplea, Sixty Yeara of Agerl—Suffered Slany I'ea'ra from' .Heeiiil Dl.oeaacs—Treated By Dpctoif' NotfcVe Several Years K€>—Per feet- Ij t.'ured in T ITO Weeka—Xovr .;Eii-' Joying Beat of Health—.Vdviaea Tli^dkie' SulTering F'rom Similar ; Dlaraaea ' to go ta the D«(«(or and be Cured. Kansas City, Mo.. Dec. 6. 1902. * Dr. E. P. N'otrebe, 21C-21S \V. Twelfth St., Kansas City. Mo. Mv; Pear Iloetor— 1 am greatly p!''ased to give you the following tes- tin.oninl letter: fur the bi-iietit of any-" lody who may bo afjlicted as I wa"s; l-e.-ailse 1 know if tliey will go to yoU li>r treatni' tli.'y will be cured. \0ur3 v<-r.v truly. CIIAP .LKS C.VRPLES. To Whom It May Concern: This IS to terlify I have Unowrl' Pr./l-j;. p. Nofri-be favoraldy anil we'll for niiiny yi-ars and know hini to'be a fT.-ntltMiian of honor and a surgeiin of uiiiisij-al skill .-iii'l liiKh attainments.' Son»e two years ago h-- opera t.-il upon me fctr .-i vi-ry severe case of protrudr ji:g jiifi-s. The operation was a_3-fatl' f yiliij suceess. since. wiileli I haVe \\oX tiotiil.a siir;le sviiiploiii of ri -liirnlnfc tumors. I '.efori; the operation ni.V llff» .liino.-;! iinl)i-aral)!i.- from pain and nil oil vjt-nlence. , I ant glad to make this statement 'u3 a i.iii.iU i.-tiirii lor his kindness. 'Very respectfully. CJIAS. <".\UPI.E3. Asst: <!iisto(lian Custom House, Kans;is City.'Mo. .M.I 101 C.uples I? upwards of sixty ye.-irs iilil anil had been .-ifllicted mhnjr years, "but ivas cured in two vvceks' time. J. T. Caldwell Cured Without Cae ot Chloroform or Detention from lltiv- inraa—Suffered Over Seven Years Vram IMIea and Fi.otula— Pronounced Incurable l»y Many Prominent Phyaleinna—Had Given up Hop.- of Recovery—Snrosiaed nnd IJellgb:- ed at Wonderful Cure—WIabe .i «(• Inflorare Otiiera Who Are AfHIelei!. Kansas City. Kan., Jan. 6. 190:: Dr. E. P. Notrebe. 2ir.-21S W. Twelfth St.-. Kansas City. Mo. Pear Sir—I wish to express my gr it- itude and satisfaction for the alile and professional manner In which you treated me in my Illness. Havin.g ber -n a sufferer for about seven years v.-ltli fistula and piles. I had almost givrn up- the hope of ever being myself again: my health generally was greatly impaired: hut much to my surprise and great delight you h.ive ai-eom- plisHed for me what so many physicians had pronounced impossible and together with the fact that during llie time of treatment I tv.-is .able to .-itti-iid to ,my business affairs, makes me doubl.v grateful to you and v<ry :ii>- preciativo of your ability as a physician and surgeon. I hope it will be the good fortune o! others who have suffered as I have, to beromo your patients. Wishing you unbounded .«!ucceps. 1 am. Yours trulv. J. T. CALPWELt/ nutler. y.o.. D*c. II, 1902. : 'r. I-: P N .itrelie. 21i;-21 ,S W. Twelfth St.. " Kansas City. AIo. I have known Pr. K. P Notrebe'fnv -••;.K- time and l:,i\2 w.itclieii "his W '-rk '<1 pro :;'^-ss vir.v clo.-'ily. I .iilui;:- jjre .-ii aldlit.v ir. .ini a:. ..<euate t'!-- s'.fill with whii-li iie ii-aled I hi.- ;:riat- nisnitier of i • I'l- .-. !io h.r.e c<;iue to iiuii for I K •;. ! :,-v;.iect h-ni as :i. ;:t -nt!eman of \.-(.r!i. s well afi a skillcil piivsician in U .-j !iM>-st Seilsr o! tin- v.-ord I have <itily v.-on; : ol [irais.^ I -ir -jiri 1: .1 his iloble v .-.jr'.:. and ani r '.'-.-n-i d will 11 tlio:.;e v.ho are idiysieaUy uiiroi- '.-Jiiate r'h 'e- t !i .-msi-l ves Uii <I-r Ilia ear;.-. Your? vt-ry inilv. UAWniET J-'REPERICK. D. O. .\ciT >1an after T -.TO Week.s Trentujen: —i ^iiJlcred Si.-s Year.-* friMU ISectirl and i.lbrr Tronblci -T -liope Aiiiiost l .ssxl.— ("«im!.:-.-lc!> Cured—Itestorrd to !>"or- iiinl —Again Able to Work— <)v .e -«i all lo tile Woiuierrut Mi-tl{o;I:-; and Skill of !3cctor .\otrebe. Kan-.:.- City. Mo.. Doc. 3. 1902. !>r. I-:. P. .\"i .i:. le-. 21i;-i;i-< \V. Twelfth St. Ka .i .^as rit.v. Mo. M.v Pear I lo. I'l;- —I certainly cannot s.<.v too niueti in favor of your treat- iiK -nt. I --or .t >ver S;.N year5 I cimsilnt- Iv suffered Ironi net;:! and other rrotible.'; life was a continued burden t<.i me. and I often thought tliat. suffering as 1 ili'I. it would be belter to be i;..-a<l than alive. Al times hope :a|most failed i:ie. but after 1. plaeed- mv- silf under your care, the (-|iair<a vou v.-rouu'iit in nn- was siiuidy aston-sii- iiig. In less tlmii two wee.k.s after.tjie operation. 1 was as well as i -ver ;in(l able to work as 1 had not done-for years. ' I am now feeling better tlnn I have for yars. for I li.ive coinpl'.-tejy i -i-. ( ()vei ;ei| iiiy normal vigor. Vou liiive made a new man of nn-. I sli.-\ll ntCv.-r Iiir '.;et what you have done for tiie and thai it is due to your klinlness .Tnd skill that I havir bi-eri rc3lori :a to a ilali; of jierfect l;r;.'.'.^. Vours very liirl.v. l>.\NlKr. W. MATTriAET. 91.1 Wist 17th street. ;'h;jtician—WateJicd Dr. Wolrebera .'tletli'oda for l-'jve Year.s—-Pr»nduo< er^ villa Trentiiicut of rtecliil Dla- eiiara 51:>sf Perfect Tliertr f»—rSenr ."djiny .Severe Casea to the, Doctoir for 'S'rcalmeiit. C.aE.^ Okla., Pec. 2S, 1902. Pr. E. 'I*. Notr.-he. :ii;-2is \v Twelfth St.. I-:.!n.-;ris City. D.'.ir; 1 )octi>r-—Per tin- last live years 'l h.i ve sluilieil at:<l wateli.-il .with the u ;i!ale.i"t .-idmira.tioij the results of your tr. atni -l ^iit of Vi -ctal cases. .All of-<lie ol>--ratioiis wliic .b ypii per- forraefl;) on t>al!eiits w-horh 1 iila>-ed un• •'•r yotir car-.-, many of ivlioii) Iiad run the lolig" t;aui;tlet of ex^leriInenlers. resiilteii in the most wonderfal suc- <-eS3. -•- -- , . 1 believe your methods of. trtjatment to l)e the most iierfect and the iiiost imil.irivily salistactory now in exist- cr^e.-. \'. i.slj a.v .•."11 continucii success In jiMir ;.;(• it aiel -:ood ivork. 1 ani. . i oil friend. _ (5. E. IRWIN. M. D. \"Vr;ics' <>r Ibr Doetor'a Wonderful Paiiiie .sN :tictbod—Snffcrcii , .Many \ ear{t from Itectai ' DIacaaea— 'IVe.-;t ?d iinil I'eriuanenlly Cured' WKImut tbe t:ae of Cblorofornit or lleferititin from liuaioe'aa — Will (iiadly y \:i .H \ver Inquirlea Ilc|;ardlns 3ielb4 >d .s, Treatmrnl, etc. Ivansas- City. Mo.. Dec. 18, 1902. • Dr. E. -P. Notrebe. 21C-2IS W. Twelfth St.. ^ Kansas City, Mo. • Dear' Poctor— 1 can certainly sa_y.' doctor., that the. operation you performed: on nil- i»rov(-d to be- most s'uc- cessfulr ••ind did not iIlconveni^^nce mo at .all. 1 keiit right on with ray work.. Every -ntlK^r pii.vsieiaii that I consulted advised me that they coul<i< not. treat tne for piles wjlliout cpnflnlng, nie to iny bed. I c.'i-ii :i.ssure anynno who ti^Kes. your treatment that there is no doubt of your being able to effect a compJtjte, a pernianeiit and a painless cure. Any-letters sent to me regarding your methods of treatment, will be cheerfully answered. Yours reapcctfully. • G W. TIAURIS. City Agt. of Wittman Autbmbbllo Co., 92-1 Main street. Dr. Notrebt will be at the FIFTH AVENUE HOUSE in GARNETT, WiOliESDAY aM THUriSDAY, JULY IStfi anil 16th, and will be at the PENNSYLVAillA HOll^E in lOLA, JULY m and ISth. Oont fail to call and siiflie Doctor at Gariiett or loia. It wiU pay any one who is afflicted. G. G. KESNER, H; W. NEOSHO >^ALLEY. June 2}.— y[rs. Ilanvey Loranco wont to CJklalioni.i cm Thursday of last week to vi:iit her i)arciits. At tiic annual.schooliiiocting at Neosho Valley C. U. Peck was olectod clerk, and eight nionih.s' lichool decided on. A tax of nine mills was levied. At Union X. M. Burton was reelected. A .seven month term of school agreed on and a six mill levy. It was voted to offer a reward of ton dollars for the conviction of any person breaking in the school house or destroying other school property. Miss Vide Feathergill has been employed as teacher. J. Arnold came down from Crbw- dall Monday to attend the funeral of his grandchild, a three year old son of Mr. and Mrs. James Clark, of East lola. ' Wlieat that was not destroyed hy the flposl is now being harvested, al- thougih it is a little thin on the ground the heads are well filled. An uncle of Mrs. S. F. Hanson, arrived here ^ast week on a short visit. His Last Hope Realized. (From the Sentinel, Gebo, Montana.) In the first opening of Oklahoma to settlers in 18899, the editor of this paper was among the many seekers after fortune who made the big raca one fine day in April. During his traveling about and afterwards his camping upon his., claim, he encountered much bad w^ater, wjhich, together with the severe heat, gave him a very ee- vere diarrhoea, which it seemed almost impossible to check, and along in June the case became so bad he expected to die. One day one of his neighbors" brought him one small bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy as a last hope. A big:dose was given him while he was rolling abotit on the ground Ih great iagony, and in a few minutes the dose was jepeated. The good effect of Ihe medicine was soon noticed and within an hour the patient was taking his first sound sleep for a fortnight. The one little bottle worked a'<:omplete cure, and be cannot help but feel grateful.; The season for bowel; disorders I being at hand suggeists Uiis item. For sale by all druggists. % Notice to Bidders. Scaled proposals will be received by the county commissioners of Allen county, Kansas, at the office of the county clerk, lola, Kansas, until twelve o'clock, noon, July 24th, 1003, for all the labor and material requir-3J| in the erection of a court house located at lola, Kansas, in said county, in accordance with theiplans, details and specifications furnished by J. C. Holland & Squires, architects, Topeka, Kansas, and now on file at the office of said county clerk. Parties bidding upon the work will be retjulred to furnish ; a certified check with their bid in the sum of two per cent (2) of the amount of said bid and payable to the county treasurer, to be held as a guarantee that the successful bidder will enter into contract and iurnish satisfactory bond within ten days after award of contract. Said check- tc. be jforfelted to the county in the event of said contractor failing to sign said contract and furnish satisfactory bond in accordance with said bid. Bidders will be required to make out their bids on a uniform blank, furnished by the county clerk. Same to he enclosed In envelope and addressed to county commissioners, lola, Kansas, and marked, pro ParJie.s bidding W the work will'find phuLs on flic at also at oflice of )osal for court house. county clerk's office, the architects.. Tlio • county commissioners reserve the right to rejct t any or all bids.- By order of the county commissioners, Allen count}-, Ktnsas. J. W. KELSO, County CJerk. The two girl4 mates, once and that your husband is making gowns for oi her women and may make one of them a htindsomer one than ho makes you! " At -thi.s the first girl is proi)erIy sympglhctic. ^ The Motor Car. . Conflict! ig Emotions. —they were stAool-: ate oiires from the same jar and rjiado fudge O V XT ' the same ga.s jet—U K ; two girls meet, after the lapse of year;. • "Oh, yon dear old thing," is of cour-se, the first e.xclamation of each of'them. The confesses with some embarrassment that she has not yet been married. "I am married, though." acknowledges the second. "How sweet! Whom did you marry?" "TuIIyrand Stitchera, the famous; la lies' tailor." "Isn't that grind? -Now you can have all j-onr frocks made for nothing!"' "Yes; but thlnlk what it is to know! . "Mr. RoboUiam says he wants yo' ter sen' 'roun right away dci outb- sclmail" "Aiito-selraa- Wliat's that Sambo?" "D4t machine whut runs hltself, 'doutri no hoss." . "Oh, the automobile." "Dai's hit; Ah knowed hit was onQ of (lebi Alabama towns." [ ..Largest Line.v Ice okim \t^m at

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