Covina Argus from Covina, California on February 8, 1908 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 8, 1908
Page 8
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#######*#### Social 1Hc\vs MrH. \V*. M. (irii-iwoM entertained with a dainlv little, luncheon and thimble. parly ye.M.Mday IIH a faie\,udl to Miss I'nrne.ioy. Other i/tiestn wero Mines. W. H. (,'ollinv, JJana Kin^ nil'] Mrs. I',. V. Uice <if A/nsa. Mrs. Leebrirk entc] tained n iiurn ber of yoniiK ladies, friends of her daughter, Mi«H Ruth. !il, dinner on Sunday last. The merry tfuest.H wore the Misses Margaret Kobb and Charlotte Lewis of Ontario, find M;iy Hull, Uessio Hhipway and Mabel Smith. A very plcfiHant Hocial evening WHH Hpent in Keed'n Hall on Thursday cjveniriK, when the yonn^ men of Kev. White's Hiblo clapH entertained tho yfiiirif/ ladies, Forty wero present and a rnoHt enjoyable time was spent with inMflir; aw] names. The JVIiHses iilackman and Messrs. Miller furnished orchestral rnusio. Refreshments of sandwiches, cako and coffee were; nerved and the party broke up reluctantly at a late hour. Last Haturday aftornoon MrH. If'irry White entertained twenty little foIkH at tho "J'arHona«o" on ColleKO street in honor of the birthday of their eldest Hon, Horace. The house was prettily decorated with pepper bou^ha und fantaHtic, little red bollH. The little people enjoyed themselves with all Hortn of'KnmoH, ending with a grand march tf) the dining room, whore deliciouH refreshments were served. Tho fuvojH were tiny bankets filled with buttered pH. ThoHO preHent, were the Misses Lucile Matthews,' Ruth VVhitHol, JJowifi Hniith, Kutli Mat- noy, Ha/el Potter, Vioiot Tucker, Mary (Jonley ; Messrs. William War ron, Knlpli Reynolds, Karl MarHhall, Ethan Hcofleld, Adna Noii, Donald Warner, Horace White and Reginald White. MiHH Ruth Leebriek assisted tbo hostess in serving. Notice. Having Hold my livery business, I am Hottling all my alf'airH, and parti ON Indebted to mo aro requested to call nt tho City Livory Barn and liquidate their account at onco without further notice. tf C. H. Stanton. Mexican Orange and Lemon Lands. Wo would call attention to the large display advertisement of Moats, .Fowler % &; Dibble, on another pu«o. .Mr. Dibble is a well known Covina rancher, and Mr. Prod PreHton, who IKIH gone to Mexico to plant orange groves on tho adjoining property, writes that it IH Home of tho finest orange and lemon land that ho ban ever seen and that it will develop into a great citniH producing section in the near' I'm,urn. J. H. Matthews Co. aro the local agontH, CHARTER OAK. Tho Hov. and Mrw. .7. K. Jolly of HnntiiiKtun Hciuih aro tho KU"HtH <>f Mr. and MrH. Tom .Johnnon and an> tho liruolf.s hrothoi'B MrH. fl. C! rn ha ui IH rwxivorinu from a Hovoro attack of la Mr. and Mrs. .Scott and t\vi> ohild- ron of ChkniKo aro mniHls at tho homo of Mr. and MrH. liny I and will cvontnally inaku thoir homo in California. MrH. H<!ot.t is MrH. Huyt.'H daiiKhtur and a Hintor (if MrH. 11. M. (.iivuii. Mrs, Knnynn \vnnt. tu tlio oily y«n- torday to uttond tho funeral of it friond, Mr. Clifford. H. A. Rlnwoll liaa rotiirnod with }\IH fuiul^aliiiK KauK from Ornvillo, wluiro ho IIIIH lioon oiiKi'Ki 1 '! in a four \vfMikn' uani)iaiKit a^aiiiHt tho whito ii y. IRWINDALC. Otin liriiwn and laiuily, vvhn havo limn N[ioii(ling nix \voolvh at the hnmo uf (!. 'P. Ui'nwn, loavo tii'\t 'I'ui'silay Inr tluiir humo in 1'i'ostnu, loua, it i,s ri'iKirti'd that tho Himtli rn.l uf the. llad^iT ostatr lias licoii duhl |.i Mi'ri. Luyan, formerly uf thin loral ity, is viiiitinu hor nii'cc, Mrs. I). litMrhard. Mrs. Ivl^ar lia.4 t>|icnl several days in tlio city this wouk niirsiii^ a ^ick sislcr. Mrs. (). .). Now Ian uf DuwiH'v i~, \i^iiiinn her .-.i.-iier in law, Mrs. (.'. !•;. N«-« la a. Mrs. N. I!. I ruin iriiurir,! tln.-- >\ei'k tliiiu a | |i-u day;.' \isil i n San I >\i'^- 1. M iis Annie 1 1. ,ci h i-, \ i-^i i i u_ IrieinK in \\ Ian n i . Card of Thanks. V The family of the late dairies fJarnetfd desire to express I heii thfinkH to their 1 friends and to the local lod^e of I.O.O.K. for their many ' \, jnds k iridneu'.eu Mini sincere sympathy dur ! pr-rfer ss ar.d t the time o f the Krjda ii beloved hiisbfiiifl and i },„•., ^ Plarif your sp«rf: fash in the- Oovina Valloy HH\in«i FJtink, a saf': invest- nif-nt at 1 P<T rent. inn the i death of father. Tnlarr: land raines orari(."'H, all cif fruits and vct/fftahles to l ion. (Jornf! up with HH on nrid <•< •", tliern. .). Ff. Mat Co\i,v:. 1'holie "jfJOH. Hntah A. Onrnerel Mr". <:. f). I. ••'•en Harry J,)ameie|. Business better than ever. (,'uvimi j Pharmacy. I Kresh floods received rlaily. Co vina Pharmacy. Shrimp Ha lad, iceH and every deli cacy of the reason nerved with Sunday dinner' at, the Vendornf. fief ore you disc your orehfird have your blades sharpened fit Wilnon's. the blacksmith, by his new disc 1 c.hai pence. A few dimes spent this : v>ny (guarantees a perfect job in your jorchard. F, E WOLFARTH , , Jeweler , , Large ami complete stock of everything in the line. Repairing of all kinds. Fine watch work a specialty. Citrus Avnnue Covina. Ca.1. (OVINA TRANSfER HUTCHISON BROS., Props. Broadwell's The Brocton Co-Op. Shoe Co., Brocton The south flhoro of Massachusetts bay is the most famous wen's shoe district in the world. Hero men's good shoes made by the wolt process achieve their very best. Nearly ten yearn ago Andrew SwanHon and Peter Larson, two sturdy Norsemen, came from the Old World to make their future. Shoemakers and workers in leather, they sought the South Shore district and opened a modest shop. Making bench made shoes of fine grade at first their product, a few pairs weekly, were sold direct to the consumer. Tho splendid quality of their work brought many orders, and finally a small factory was started. Thin has grown until their present output is '2000 pairs pier day. Kino shoes, every inch good leather, every pair a fitter, their goods today have that distinctive look which char- acterises tho bench made shoe, Sterling, rugged honesty has made a place for two men, who amid strenuous and dishonest competition of every kind have sturdily atood for good shoes. 84.00 85,00 1C. 00 We have GO pairs girls and little men'a patent colt, Goodyear welt shoes, laoe and button, Orthopedic common sonpe iast. These are tho highest grade children's shoes made. They sell at J3.50. We offer them at 82.45. The leather cost more. Quality and not price the true standard of values. Closing out ladies' and children's coats. (Set prices and see tho quality. Men's high top storm boots, double visualized Holes, strap and buckle. A grade sold everywhere at $!!. HO, at S'J.HfJ. Boys' 8;j.OO Russian calf shoes, tans, 81.80. Hoys' sal in calf school shoos, 8'2. TiO grade, 81. !>5. Droniiiiii &. White's 83.00 Orthopedic shooH, buttons, 11 to, 2, girl's, 82.00. These are custom made wolts and wo will not try any more of this grade of shoes. 11.00 hut sale, men's and boys', 81.00. See our new line of John 11. Slot- son hats. Men's outing pajamas, 81.20 and 811.00 suit. Special values. UINOHAMH - Our spring line comprises every pattern in tins best makes, 10o to Hf>o. KAMIK UNDKRWKAR-' Wo oflVr to our cuHtnmorri Sohlichtan'H ramie udnerwoar, suits and union suits, recommended by physicians. ('all and wo will gladly slmw 'you tho goods, Men's wool Iloociul shirts and drawers, have heavy wool tlm>c«, vory soft ami warm. Our siiucial price, f)0c. Wo aro ugiuitn for (.ilastonhury underwear, MaryHvillc, California, wool miili'iwimr und bbinki'ts, Mcrodo underwear, Harvard Mills underwear, Mousing underwear. HOVS' (M.OTHIN'O l.'i.Oii rri'for nvi'ivual.H, $:i.f>0. *f>. HO suits, .$ !i. Hfi. $2. nil all wool soi't-o pants, ?1.,">0. Men's #:U) rain r»«|.s at f2n. Clu.iiiig mil trunks uiul .suit cancri. Trade in your nwn i-ily. It will rcbiniini |» your own licnolit in larger ami heller .stiii es. No man »',in rob his own hen rmiM aiui pinnper. No ciiinmunity i 1111 ^u ahead where , lh«>UHaiiilsi nt' dollars are .ipeiit away 't'l'.iln home. S,..i|n-r i.r later evel V man ainl I'Very »', •mnoin 11 \ \\ill re;-;| A I,ui 1 lie v .-ow . BROADWELL'S All kinds of hauling' and | Furniture Moving-. If yon want a vineyard of hltfh class table grapes I can furnish you Ihe land, the water, set. out the j vines, care for them three yearn, pay Jail interest and taxes and give you ; Specially prepared to move pianos j half the crop the third year for three dollars an acre per month. No bet ler life income than a high cla u s vineyard. J. H. Matthews, Covina. Phone 5008. Cheap Land. Rich land; crops can be grown without irrigation; situated on lino of Santo Fo near the town of Corcoran, Kings county; price 800 per aero; easy terms. Solo auent, J. H. Matthews, Argus block, Covina. New Schedule For Electric. Leave Los Angeles 6:00 a. m. 7:05 8:10 9:20 10:30 11:40 12:50 p m. 2.00 3:00 3:45 4:30 5:15 f>:45 8:50 11:30 L/cave Covina 5:50 a. m. 7:10 8:20 9:30 10:40 11:50 1:00 p. m. 2:00 3:10 4:05 4.50 5:35 6:30 7:50 10:00 Kor your property, real estate and business chances, anything salable. Someone, somewhere wants it at your price. We have the buyer or can quickly find him. We also want to hear from inventors. We can help them market their valuable,practical Write ua today. LOS ANGELES INVENTION AND INVESTMENT CO. 451-2 Pacific Electric Bldg., Dept. C., Los Angeles Howell & Howell BREAD Light, Sweet and Wholesome FRESH EVERY DAY AT Brown's and Crenshaw's Cake and Confectionery Wagon through valley daily. PROMPT SKKVICE. PRICKS RIGHT. Office on Citrus Ave. Covlni, 01. Home Phone 108 J. C. NALK, Prop. GENERAL MILL WORK All kinds of jobbing carpentering and cabinet work. Store and Office Fixtures, ****************** * * * * * * * * * Say! . fRancbcr * * * ** # * * * * * * * * * # * * * * * *• * * v » * * Von are conducting a bis;- busiiu'ss more nioiu-v in- Vfsti'd titan many tuismcts nuti.ios do a yoovl ik-al uf curri'spundenco, clun't yoii.' Do you always liavo suitable papor handy when you \\inh to wi'itf? Do you know thul we can furnish you with the very of writing paper and en v elopes., neatly printed with your name ur the name of your ranch, pl.ic-? uf reai- deni'e and <Uit<.' line, cheaper tluin yuii v~an uecure>lets ami en velupe.i in >! ipian- titie^.' 't'liii u:!l u:,iKe V"iu' curu -.pui^U-n.-c ! ..i >ine>.-»!ike a till ii u >i (.• • v • n \ t r, i . • : . r . '('VINA AKi.T 1' K 1 X T !•: K: * * * * # # * * * * * * * * * * * •* * * * Harness, Saddlery and Supplies for Horse and Stable The right goods at the right price. COVINA HARNESS & SADDLERY CO. Phone Home 1170 REO PRICES Runabout 3675.00 Touring Car $1400.00 H. D. Blanchard, Agent 809 South Hill Street Lo» Angeles, C»l. Strong:, original, practical, SUCCESSFUL. "BKTTKKNKSS" its distinctive quality. Open entire year—begin when ready. POSITIONS SECURED. Write us to-dav. Johnson & INigg BLACKSMITHS Blacksmithing af all Kinds Our Specialty Shop on Citrus Ave James Corbett General Blaoksmlthlmg All kinds of general and heavy Blacksmithing. We manufacture Ridgers, Orange Racks iad Box Presses horseshoeing a Specialty Home Phone 65 Shop Wesc Badillo St, Csvina Celebrated Kentucky Jack "Samson" at the Chapman Heights Ranch A limited number of horses and stock received for nasture. IF YOU WANT ANY PAINTING KALSOMINING OR PAPER HANGING done, see me before you let your job. All work guaranteed and prices reasonable. IMione M. Electric Motors . cur-, ;o Among- the thing's Covina is fortunate in is a cheap electrical current. Cheap in price—not quality. The new nine cent rate makes it possible for the housewife to cut the labor bill in half. Covina £Uctric Company Office hours, 8-9 a. m. Telephones 121 and 3121 fVS/^fs/s/vs/s/s Good Groceries We carry a fresh stock of staple and fancy groceries. Our vegetables are the best to be had. Our teas and coffees are excellent. A large stock of canned goods, pickles, olives, hams, bacon and bakery goods. Try our butter. The Depot Grocery ROBT. CRENSHAW, Prop. BEN F. THORPE Succewor to J. R. ELLIOTT CEMENT CONTRACTOR Manufacturer of CEMENT IRRIGATING PIPE All sizes of well cured pipe always in stock. EXCAVATING AND HEAVY GRADING Building Blocks, Cement Fence Posts, Cisterns Branch Yard in Glen dor a. Home Telephone 4037 Agent American Disappearing Beds Barn Phoue 240 Res. Phone 198 CITY LIVERY STABLES C. F. SMITH, Prop. Feed and Sale Yards in Connection Fast and Gentle Horses, Careful Drivers Stylish Rig-s W. Badillo St., on the new electric line. COVINA, PER THOUSAND FEET GAS $1.5O Once a consumer of gas, always a gas enthusiast. Order now. / Co\/ina Valley Gas Company BRASS FOMT and MACHINE SHOP NANUFAdURCftS Of GENERAL MANUFACTURING Thoroughly Equipped for All Classes of Machine Work K at i mates F urniahed. C. H. Kistler KELLAR & THOMASON >::• p -uui i)i::c,; I,IMJ, a :u- S. 1'. Iii-iut H....::u- l'i;.ji:e 2-'J Coviua, Lai

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