Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on March 19, 1998 · Page 10
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 10

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 19, 1998
Page 10
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10—THURSDAY, MARCH 19, 1998 THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL Time out She's distraught her son is gay Dear Ann Landers: My hus- hand and I are beside ourselves. Our 24-year-old son. a fine young man who always did well in' school and is now successful in the business world, has dropped a bombshell on us. Last week. "Calvin" told us that he is a homosexual. Calvin has dated a few lovely young women from time to time hut never had any long-term relationships. He seemed to prefer the company of his male "pals." They all appeared to be decent and respectable, and we never thought a thing about it. C'alvin took a roommate two years ago. and they recently decided to buy a condo. They both act perfectly normal, not effeminate or anything like that. Can you tell us what made our son take this unexpected turn in ihe road? There are no homosexuals in my family or my husband's that we know of. We arc devastated at the thought that he will never many and have a family like his two brothers. Please tell us what you can about this shattering blow. We need your help in getting through this. -Accepting But Sad in a Southern State Dear Accepting: It's good to know that you're accepting, but your son did not take a sudden 'turn in the road." His sexual orientation has been present from the beginning. In other words, he didn't GET that way. He was BORN that way. You need to learn more about ANN LANDERS your son's sexual orientation in order to deal with it intelligently. Please write to PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays). The address is: HOI 14th St. N.W.. Suite 1030. Washington, D.C. 20005 ( Dear Ann Landers: I would like to comment on the letter from "A Desperate Woman," whose husband's ex-wife was demanding that their daughter, "Mandy," age 11, report everything that goes on in the house. Your response — "It is obvious that his daughter is trying to divide and conquer" -- w;is off the mark. It is clear that this poor child is being used by her biological mother to spy on her father's household, and the girl probably can't say no without feeling that she is betraying her mother. "Desperate" should insist that her husband tell his ex-wife to stop using Mandy as a spy because she is suffering irrepara- ble harm by being made to choose sides. She has probably been told that her father and stepmother are "no good." The natural mother is the problem. Ann, not Mandy. As the child of divorced parents, I know what I'm talking about. If my stepmother had turned on me the way you suggested Desperate should, I think my already fragile world would have collapsed. Please reconsider your advice. — A.W. in Durham, N.C. Dear A.W.: A zillion readers have asked me to "reconsider" my advice. Consider it reconsidered. I'm taking 40 lashes with a wet noodle. Mandy's father should tell his ex-wife to knock it off. Dear Ann Landers: A close friend of mine introduced my widowed sister to a man she thought would be a perfect fit. I have learned through another source that this gentleman, who is a widower, had an affair while his wife was ill with breast cancer four years ago. The person who told me this insists that the affair does not reflect on his character. Was my friend obligated to inform me of this, or does one affair not a villain make? -- Puzzled in Kookamonga Dear Kook: In my opinion, it was an act of friendship to put the two unmarrieds together. That person who carried the tale makes me wonder what motivated him or her to pass on that information. ''ASTROLOGY: Eugenia Last CELEBRITIES BORN ON THIS. DAY:. Car), Reiner, Mr. Rogers, William Hurt, Holly Hunter .,,. i . MARCH 20,1998 Happy Birthday: It's time to take action and do your own thing. You've got the energy and fortitude to push your ideas into the forefront. You can convince others to support you. This is not ihe year to sit back and daydream, but instead to move quickly into a position of power and leadership. Don't hold back or you'll only have yourself to blame Tor not achieving your dreams. Your numbers: 6, 11, 20, 29,31,47 ARIES (March 21-April 19): You can expect to have difficulties with female family members. You will need patience in order to avoid outbursts of temper. It is best not to confront emotional situations. 2 stars TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Travel will promote romance and adventure. You will be interested in the cultural background of those you meet. You can acquire knowledge if you are willing to try new things. 4 stars GEMINI' (May 21-June 20): You may get bogged down if you allow others to push their responsibilities on you. Confusion regarding the personal papers of someone close to you may be unnerving. 3 stars CANCER (June 2!-Inly 22): You should take, a long hard look at your emotional commitments. You will not be toe happy if your mate is overindulgent. Don't do things to encourage escapism. 3 stars LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): You will be able to inspire confidence in others and get them to help you accomplish your goals. Your charming manner will entice your mate and help stabilize your relationship. 5 stars VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Romance will be most alluring. Travel and philosophic pursuits will be exciting and rewarding. Don't overspend on entertainment or personal purchases. 4 stars LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Make changes with regard to your living arrangements today. Be careful not to overspend or take on a project that is beyond your capability. Try to get others to help but don't be pushy. 3 stars SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): You will have trouble pleasing friends and relatives. It is best to please yourself rather than bang your head against a wall. You need to relax and get in touch with your own feelings. 3 stars SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22- Dec. 21): You will be, able to make progress in your business deals today. Use discrimination when choosing partners. Some individuals may want to ride on your coattails. 4 stars CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): You'll have problems understanding your partner's actions. Go over the events that lead to the dilemma facing you. You must look at all the facts if you wish to eliminate confusion. 3 stars AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Someone you trust may not have your best interest in mind. Avoid getting involved in secret affairs or triangles that could ruin your reputation. Don't believe everything you hear. 2 stars PISCES (Feb.. 19-March 20): You can get into a position of leadership if you are willing to voice your opinions at group meetings. Your strength and determination will surely win you points as well as allies. 4 stars Birthday Baby: You've got strong ethics and although you will face many obstacles throughout life, your determination and willpower to accomplish your life goals will lead you to victory. You have what it lakes to rise above those who ridicule or have less faith. You will teach others a lesson. "HOBBIES Debate still rages over wildlife photos By RICK SAMMON For AP Special Features j Manipulating wildlife phonographs is not new. Photogra- ptjers have been doing it for years, and it is continuing. ! Perhaps the first change in "photo reality" came with the development of the telephoto lejis, which brought the photographer, and the viewer, closer to the aijimal. Sometimes it seemed to btpmpossibly close. • Then came special effect and correction filters, which enhanced tlie. color of an animal's skin, fur oj leathers, as well as the sur- nJiinding area. -Another form of manipulation developed when some photographers began to create seemingly impossible pictures by sandwiching two images together - for example, a picture of a hawk and a 'picture of a brilliant setting sun lor; a dramatic wildlife sunset picture. Some critics called this "cheating" while others called it "creating." Sure, the scene could have happened. But did it? -'Image creation and manipula- tion have also been going on in the darkroom for a long time. Different filters and papers are used for different effects; so is the technique of dodging and burning areas of a scene with the goal of fixing or creating one-of-a-kind images. A more recent form of changing animal reality has come with the development of wildlife parks and reserves. In these protected areas, captive animals can be photographed much more easily than in the wild. At some centers, animals are baited or enticed to pose in a certain position or move in a certain pattern. Again, the question is asked: Are these photographs realistic'? All these different techniques of changing an image began to stir the emotions of serious wildlife photographers several years ago. Photographers begat) to ask: Is it fair to compare an all-natural pic- lure to a picture that was set up or manipulated? And is it acceptable - to the public - to pass along a created image as a real picture? Today, computers and comput- Newsday Crossword DOCTOR OF LETTERS by Jon Deffin Edited by Stanley Newman ACROSS 1 Neutralize 6 Aware of 10 Rice wine 14 Tea cake 15 German industrial valley 16 51 qvadrvpled? 17 THE DOCTOR 20 Chemical ending 21 Brazil-bom soccer star 22 Down source 23 Canadian prov. 25 Lincoln and Fortas 27 THE DOCTORS SPECIALTY 31 Ocean ccoirence 35 Bio 101 study 36 Singer Campbell 38 New Deal agcy. 39 Sloppy, as a racetrack 40 Notice 41 G sharp's equivalent 43 Language endng 44 Qualified 46 Predicament 47 Most folks with August birthdays 49 THE DOCTORS FAMOUS PATIENT 51 Bloke 53 Symbol for 47 Across 54 Impolite look 57 Moss material 59 Chinese philosophical ideal 62 WHERE THE DOCTOR WAS LAST SEEN 66 Hankering 67 "Rule Britannia" composer 68 Size of type 69 "__ giomo!" 70 Turned blue, perhaps 71 High-IQ club DOWN 1 Cleopatra's undoing 2 Basketball- toum. sponsor 3 "Fish" or "fowl" 4 Gas-pump selection 5 Was winning 6 Tough time 7 Empty, as a set 8 Has Landed (77 film) 9 Jazzman Kid 10 Crystalline rock 11 Corrosive chemical 12 Beach flier 13 Eternally 18 point (somewhat) 19 Teeny 24 Tripoli's country 26 Parting word 27 Road to Morocco talker 28 Elicit chuckles from 29 Cowboy carnival 30 Double curves 32 One of the spouse's folks 33 Hang (over) 34 Refriger-raider? 37 Acapulco appetizer 40 Hard to handle 42 Land abutting the ocean 45 Costar of Betty and Rue 46 Mean moods 48 Home-movie equipment 50 Overjoyed 52 _ Haw 54 Checkbook record 55 Done, for short 56 Golden Fleece ship 58 Feminizing suffix 60To_ (unanimously) 61 Picks, with "for" 63 Rogue 64 McTavish's cap 65 Where the buoys are 11 12 13 Answer to previous puzzl* nans rjonarj aarja Hinnnrjnaiaa BOG) ararj SHHa ana nnEaQDO QHPJ HiaHa nan DHB anmaaaaaa caann CREATORS SYNDICATE O 1998 STANLEY NEWMAN nanna anna oaaina sncQH QrjQHS DHHB Tradition and 'Titanic' are foremost By LYNN ELBER AP Television Writer LOS ANGELES - Oscar, marking his 70th year Monday, has barely changed a lick since his 1953 network television debut. And that's a problem. Hidebound by history, custom and, to be fair, a worthy dedication to the movie industry it celebrates, the Academy Awards broadcast lacks the punch and gleeful spontaneity of other award shows. Think Golden Globes and the image is Jack Nicholson giving a modified mooning during this year's broadcast. Think Oscars and it's dignified producer Saul Zaentz accepting the top award last year for "The English Patient." The difference is largely the setting and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' adherence to its awards protocol, industry members and observers say. And, let's face it, a touch of deserved self-importance. As an honor, the Oscar statuette towers above all, and the ceremony remains the No. 1 awards show on television. The 9 p.m. EST Monday ceremony on ABC is likely to draw 75 million or more U.S. viewers for at least part of its three-plus hours. As a production, the Academy Awards suffer by comparison with those freer to respond to the changing role of such ceremonies. "Awards shows, of which there are now some 35 in prime time, have become the variety show of the "90s," said Thomas O'Neil, author of award show books for the trade publication Variety and an Oscar host for E! Entertainment and Fox. "Ed Sullivan's gone, 'Sonny and Cher' are gone. Awards shows have to be entertaining. It's more than just giving away trophies," O'Neil said. For the Grammys, that means having an equal number of awards and musical performances. For the Golden Globes, given by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association at a t Beverly Hills hotel; it means relaxed fun; "People there have a good time. They're in table settings, not theater seating. They've had a glass of wine with their friends and they're surrounded by people they've known or have worked with or admired," said Gene Weed, the show's director-producer. "It's a party we'd all like to attend." The Oscars take place in an auditorium, with the cavernous Shrine Auditorium this year's site. That tends to make for a more formal atmosphere. "As long as it's a theater setting, it will always be thus at the Academy Awards," said Robert Osborne, an Oscar historian and host of Turner Classics Movies. His book, "70 Years of the Oscar," is soon to be released. That's not to say it always was, Osborne says. The Academy Awards ceremony was first held at the Roosevelt Hotel in the Hollywood area and remained an intimate affair until the 1940s. "The only reason they moved it into a theater was because of World War II," Osborne said. "They felt that having a party, where everybody dressed up and was drinking and having a good time, would send a message that Hollywood was being glib" about wartime suffering. It's unlikely the Oscars will forsake an auditorium, given the musical numbers staged for nominated songs. It's also doubtful that the awards categories will be tailored to suit public tastes. At the Golden Globes, most awards are star-oriented. The motion picture academy gives just four such awards out of two dozen: best actor and actress and best supporting actor and actress. That means much time is devoted to technical and behind- the-camera categories. "They're all extremely important to the production of motion pictures and they deserve the limelight," said academy spokesman John Pavlik. O'Neil suggests watching all the awards this year, including lighting and sound effects, because of the record-tying 14 nominations that "Titanic" received. "If it hits 12 (wins), it beats 'Ben Hur' as the biggest Oscar winner of all time." he said. The academy is negotiating a move from its traditional Monday night berth to Sunday, increasing viewers and ad revenue, and to an ; earlier hour, so that the show ^ could wrap up before midnight on * the East Coast. ; "We have every intention of* making it (the switch) happen," Pavlik said. THURSDAY EVENING 6:00 I 6:30 I 7:00 I 7:30 I 8:00 I 8:30 I 9:00 I 9:30 110:00110:30111:00 BROADCAST CHANNELS CD er imaging programs have brought image manipulation to a new level. The controversy over genuine and manipulated images has reached a new high. Why? Because even an amateur, with a fairly basic computer and imaging program, can manipulate a picture so expertly that many viewers, including some professional photographers, might think the picture is "for real." So what's an honest photographer to do? And how is the public to know whether or not a photograph is real, manipulated, enhanced or almost totally created on a computer screen? There is an answer. The North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA), founded five years ago by wildlife photographer Frans Lanting and several other concerned photographers, says disclosure is the key. Currently, NANPA is developing a list of symbols and credits to accompany published photographs so there will be no mistake about how a photograph was taken - or made. toe Imp. [Home Imp. Seinfeld A Mad-You 3D News SI CD ED News OS CD SJ BD §3 60 m Frasier A 700 Club News-Lehrer Single Martin SI People's Court A Entertain Busted on the Job! (R) Friends A [Just Shoot College Basketball: NCAAToum. -• Teams TBA New York Undercover NewsE] Seinfeld A Caroline Jeopardyl [Fortune [Prey "Veil" A Movie: *** "Santa Fe Trail" [Paid Prog~ Coast [Benny Hinn [Children [Paid Prog, Business [Great Performances: Frank Sinatra Game Day News Cheers A Seinfeld A|Frasier(R) News SI Late Show Movie: **!i"Waterworld"(1995) News H NBA Basketball: Warriors at Mavericks Home Imp. IMad-You Home Imp. Star Trek Next Gener. Frasier A (Entertain Simpsons News Seinfeld A Simpsons Home Imp. Race Week M'A'S'H, Tootsie and God Hercules-Jmys. IXena: Warrior Princess Movie: "The Great American Sex Scandal" Busted on the Job! (R) New York Undercover Deep Space 9 Deep Space 9 Movie: * * "White Fang" (1991, Adventure) Real TV AlCopsSl Mama News Mama Deep Space 9 News CABLE CHANNELS Nichols LAPD DiffWorid Roseanne Vibe Hollywood AMC COM DISC DISN ESPN FAM FSB LIFE NICK SCIFI TBS TNN TNT USA WGN 15:00) Movie: "The FBI Story" SI One Night Wings "The MiG Story" [Laugh MiGSti Daily Show [Ben Stein lowing [Brotherly ***"Thunderhead:Sonof Biography "John Wayne" (R) Movie: ** "Delirious" Gimme Shelter (R) Wild Discovery: Coyole Movie: ** "Pin Up Girl" (1944) 1991) John Candy. One Night Laugh [Daily Show Strange [Movie Movie: "Plppl Longstockjng" 'G' | (:20) Movie: "The Secret Garden' igure Skating World Championships Exhibition. [Sportscenler I Carol Bnt. Carol Bnt. Last Word Supermkt Figure-Out Baseball Debt Tiny Toon Roots (R) (Part 5 of 6) SI Boxing Ireland vs. United Stales. (Ta| Intimate Portrait [Unsolved Mysteries A Doug El iRugrats A (:01) Movie: * * "Dr. Strange" (1978) (5:05) Thunder Bl Prime Time Country A "Flowers In the Attic" Baywatch(R) ABB Dawson's Creek SI Alex Mack [Bewitched Masters Awards Strongman [Basketball RootsjR) (Part 6 of 6) Movie: "No Way Out Wings Over the Gulf (R) Growing [Growing Disney Justice jus : ight Motorcycle Racing: AMA Supercross Boxing Fight Night at the Great Western Forum. Movie: * * "Awake to Danger" (1995) WonderYr [WonderYr IHappyDay |LoveLucy M.T. Moore COS) Movie: *** 'Total Recall" (1990), RachelTicotin |(:25) Thunder (R) SI Today's Country A [Dallas "John Ewing IF Movie: *** "Something About Amelia" Highlander The SerieFTWalker, Texas Ranger 700 Club NBA Action Attitudes (:01) Sightings (R) [tfl |( ; Q1) Movie: * * "Dr. Strany Dukes of Hazzard A [Prime Time Country (R) Movie: * X "Flower; In the Attic" (1987) Country Movie: ** "The Maddening" (1995) A "Twin Stalkings PREMIUM CHANNELS MAX Movie: * * * "La Bamoa" (1987) A 'PG-13 1 Egrcgjfflgnamnar i: "Top of the World" (1998) Peter Weller. |TaxlcabT Movie: * * * * "Glgl" (1958, Musical) A 'G 1 [Movie: *'* "The Pratt" (1996) ' SHOW (:16) Movie: **X"Houte»ltter"(1992)'PG' Movie: * * "High School High" |Movle: * "Hellralser; Bloodline 5 IStargate

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