Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 30, 1903 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 30, 1903
Page 6
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/ THE iOI^ DAILY BBlfajfiTfig, TUESPAYrJUM, 30 1903 ' AN UNEQUALED HOME SITE Within a; fpw minutes' ride of lola, LaHarpe or Gas City, and about three blocks to new Plaiitl Fresh air, healthful surroundings, rapid transit and gas make it the most desirable location f^r homes in Allen county. vsg- TERMS:—Prices are from $70 to $100 per lot. Lots are 50x100. $5.00 down And $5^00 a month. Location:—Electric line on the south, lola public road on the north and just half way between Qas City and LaHarpe. Write or call on Office at Terminus Electric Line R. R. HAMILTON, LaHarpe A Daughter ^ Sioux Bjr GEN. CHARLES KING. iff CopTTlfflii, IMS, bj The BobuliComruir. "You don't, think him (lnni,'L*rously wouTiued, <lo you?" ho askeiL "Not dangerously, general," was ihe reply. "It's—well, Lc seems to hiave something on liia mind." And more than this the doctor would not t>ay. It was not for him to tell the chief -what Webb had confided ere he left the post—that most of the currency for which Field was accountable was so much waste paper. Field lay muttering and tossing in restless misery, unconscious most of the time, and sleeping only when under the influence of a strong narc(jtlc. Dade, with sadness and constraint apparent in bis manner, hung back and did not enter tiie bare hospital room iwLere, with only a stewaWl in attundancc, the young soldier lay. The doctor had gone with the general to the bedside, but the captain ro- maiued out'of ear.---liof at tlie do<»r. First call for reveille wa>4 just sounding on the infantry iiugle.s as the trio came forth. "1 have sent for Hay already, f-encral." Dade saying, as they sfmxl <iu thi; wooden veranda overlooking the valhy of the murmuring river; "but will you not como. now and liave coffee? He can join us over ut my «juart<Ts." Already, however, the orderly was hurrying back. They met him when not half way oyer th6 line of ofiieers' quarters. The few men fiu- dut.v in the two eomjuinies of infautvy. left to guard the post, were gathering iu little groups in front t>f their barracks, awaiting the sounding of the aFseai- hly. TJiey knew the chief at a glance, and were cnrii>usl3- watching him as he went thoughtfully' jjacing across the parade by th<> side of the temporary commander. Tlsoy saw the orderly coming almost at a run from the direction of the guard hi>use, saw him halt and salute, evidently making some report, but th-^y could not guess Vfhat made him so suddenly start and run at speed toward the southward bluff, the direction of the trader's corral and stables, "^vhilc Cajjt. Dade •whirled about and signaled Sergt. Crahb, of the cavalry, left behind in ^ charge of the few custodians of the "troop barracks. Crabl^, too, threw dignity to the winds, and ran at the beck of his superior oflioer. "llave you two men who caA ride bard a dozen miles or so—aud carry out their onlersV" was llu; captaiu'.s sharp demand. "Certainly, sir," answenvl Crabb. profeKsioually: rcKcntful tiiat such a; question should be asked of men of the ——tl« caiulry. "Send two to ri port to ujr at once, mounted, .\e\er mind bre.iivfasl." And by this time, ai)i>areullv. the i "7 ,i i". • —j—1,...• . , .,• • '•. , without his consent or ken. >o one him since tlienV deihandofl the bearded general, after a nionient's talk. Dade and tf'.e tioctor looked into each other's eyes, and the latter turned awaj-. It was not his affair. "W—ell, something has happened, general." was D.nde's slov.-. constrained reply. "If you will step this ^vay—I'll see you later, gentlemen—" this to his subalterns—"I'll explain as far as I can." And while Dr. Waller fell back and walked beside the aide-de-camp, gladly leaving to the ]iost commander the liurden of a trying explanation, the general, slowly jKseing by the caj)- tain's side, gave car to his story. "Hay cleaned up cpiite a lot of money." began the veteran, "and had intended starting it to Cheyenne when this Indian trouble broke out. The courii'r reaeiied us during the night, as yim know, and the major (.rdered Kay to start at dawn and Field to go witji" "Why, I fhougliJ. Field was post adjutant:" iulerposed the general. "He was, but—well—I beg you to let Maj. Webb give you his own reasons, general," faltered Dade, sorely emba.rrassed. "He decided that Field should go " "He asked to go, I suppose—it runs in the blood," said the general, quickly, with a keen look from his blue- gray eyes. "I think not. sir, but you will see Webb within a few days and he will tell you hll about it. AVhat 1 know is this, that Field A\as <irdered to gfo and that he gave the major an order on Iluy for two packages containing the money for v/hieh he was accountable. Field anil Wilkius had had a falling out, and instead of putting the cash in the quartermaster's safe. Field kept it at Hay's. At guanl ! mounting Hay brought the package to the major, who opened both in the presence of the ofiieers of the day. Kaeh package was sup])osed to contain t^HOO or ?400. Neither conUiined i S^-'O. Seme ]>aj>er slips inserted between S5 bills made tip the packages. Field was then far to the north and past ciuiferring with. Hay was amazed aud distreicsed—said that some one must have duplicate keys of Ids >afe as well a.s of his stiibles." "Why the stables'?" asUed t!ie chief, pausiug at the gate aiul studying the troubled face of the hoilored soldier lie so well knew and so fully trusteti. He was thinking, too. hi»w this was not the Jirsit occasion that the loss of public- jnon.'y had been hidden for llie time iu just that way—slips inserted between good cMirreney. j "llee.-iuse it transpires that some of j his horses were out that very night j Iiji!sei:oiri. too. nas ix'cn mer<>ase(i as perhaj)s you did not know. ^Irs. Hay's niece—a very brilliant young wo^nan—is visiting them, and she aud Field rode together freciuently,". The general's face was a study. The keen eyes were reading Dade as a skilled ])h3sielan would interpret the symptouis of a eompUcatcd case. "How old—{iiid what is she like, Dade?" he asked. "The woman can answer that better than I, sir. They say- she must be 24—Mrs. Hay says 1!)—she is very dark and very—haiulsome at times. Most of our yoimg men seem to think BO, at least. She certainly' rides and dances admirably, and Mr. Field was constantly her partner." The general began to sec light. strips the slower mental process of tlte other sex. Hie mother who has to see a b&lovcd daughter's silent KUfEering, well-knowing another glri cJiief, the post commander Jiud j.o.s- bibly c\eu Ihe ai(le-<ie-eaiii]( had forgotten about the waiting eolTee. Tliey still stood there where they had halted in the center of the jiarade. The doctor, coming from the hospital, was sigualcjl to and speeilily joined them. The bugle siumded. the me ;i mecharucally formed ranks and ansrwered to their names, all tlie-while \ watching from the corner of; their eyes the grouj) of oJlicers, niSw increased by t<vo infantry' sul)alterns, Lieuts. Bruce.and Duncan.who raised their caps U) the preoccupied general, &ueh salutation being then a fashion, not a regulation of the service, and stood silently awaiting instrtiction.s. for something of eonseqiienee was surely at hand. Then the onlerly agaii) api)eared, returning from his mission, out of breath, and sijeaking with difDculty. "Craps— 1 mean the Frenchman, sir, says it was after four, perhaps half past when they started. Pete drivin'. He didn't see who was in it. 'Twas the covered buekboard he took, sir—the best one." ' And.then, httle by little, It transpired that Hay, the post trader whom the general had need to see, had tdken his departure by way of the Eawlin's road, and without so much as a whisiJ'er of his purpose to anj-- one. "I know he had thought of going. He told Maj. Webb so," said Dade, presently. "Ihit that was before the outbreak assumed j)roportions. He liad given up all idea of it yesterday, ')and'toId me so." lor u inoujciil. to njy Itii'iwledge, haa cuuueebd Field witii the lo^s <d tlio mojuy. Hay thought, however, it threw; Mispiiioii on him, anil was mightily ujj.-et." "Then his sudden departhre at this tiuie, without a word t <i auybo<ly loi>ks—odd," said the geiu-ral, thou«^httullv. "Hut he. had no need of \ money. He's one of the wealthiest ] men in Wyoming. And she—his wife • —ueed.-s nothing. He gives her all ihe can jiossibiy want." I'.y this time! tluy were at the iKior. A lamp still' burned dimly in the hallway, and! Dade blew it out. as he uslier< d the general into the cozily-ligiited dinr ing-r .iom. "You'll e.\euse Mrs. Dade and Esther, I hope. sir. They are not up yet j —quite overcome by anxiety and excitement—there's been a lot about Frayne the last two da\s—take this chair, general. Colfee will be served j at once. No. sir. as yon say. the Hays have no need of money—he and his wife, that is." * "But you suspect—whom?" asked j the general, the blue-gray eyes intent; on the troubled face before him, for ' Dade's Very hesitancy told of some untold theory. The doctor and the aide had taken seats at the other end of the table^ and dutifully engaged in low-toncd conversation. ! "That is a hard question for me to answer, general," wa.s the answer, j. "I have no right to suspect anybody.. We had no time to complete the investigation. There are many hangers-on, you know, about Hay 's store, uud, iuooed, his house. Tbffl Ifitj "Field was constantly with her, was he? l^iding just by themselves or with'oiherii when the-y went fmt?" he asked. "By themsolve.s. sir. I doubt if any other of our equestriennes would cure to ride at her j pace. .She rather outstrips them allJ The major told me they seemed To go—well, every time he savy them, at least—up to Stabbcr's village, and that was sorac- tliing he «lisaj)proved of, though 1 dare say she was simply curious to see an Indian village, as an eastern girl might be." "Poasibly," said the general. "Aud what did you tell me—she is :\Irs. Hay's niece? I ihui't renuMuber his having any niece when they wert* at T.aramie in '00. though 1 kr.ev/ something of Mrs. Hay, who was'tin u but a short time, marrit d. She. sp(d;<: Ktbux and patois Kronch ln-ttor than English in those days. What is the yotjng lady's name?" "Miss Flower, sir. ^"anet(c Flower." The chief dropped his head on his hand and relU-eteil. "It's a good 'JO yeats. and I've been kiuiekiug about all over tiie west siiU-e (hen. but I'd like t<i see Mrs. liay aud that young woman. D;ule, whether we overiiaul Hill or not. I must go to Beecher at once." "You will wait for the cavalry from Laranne. will ymi not, sir?" asked the captain, anxiously. "I can't. I'll get a b.ntli and breakfast and 41) winks later; then see Mrs. Hay and liilK if he is \y.irk. They ought to catch liiiu liefore Iu- rciche.-. Sage Creek. There are your couriers now," he addvd. at the SOUIKI of t .piirred lu'ids on the front ii!;i ::.'.a. 'J'he captain stepped forth into the hallway. .\ trooper stood at the frfint door. Iris hand lifteil iu s :ilute. Another, in saddle, .-uid holding the leins of his eo'Ufude's horse, was at the gate. A rustle of fi luinine drap- try sw«'pt d<iwnwar(l from the upi)er , fU»or. and Dade glanced up, half dreading to .sie Ksther's f:iee. But it was bis wife who j)eered over 'the balustrade. "I .'-hall be <lo »\n in ten minutes," shi- ^;:id. iu low tone. "Ksthi-r is slei '.pi'.ig at last, llmv did —he—sr-em tl'i. morntug".'" "Mecjiing. too. but ouiy fitfully. Dr. Waller is Iwre," ami then Dade, would have end< d the talk. He did not wish to .spiak further of I'ield er his eontllllon. i'.ut she called again, lovv--tonei|. yet domiuaiit. us is ujuuy .-I wife in and cut of the army. ".Surely you are not lettim,' the general start with only two men:" "No, he goes by and by." And a?ain Dade woidd have escaped to the piazza, but ouee again she held him. "Then where arc vou sending these?" ".\ftcr Mr. Hay. He—made an early start—not knowing jierhaps, tin; general was coming." ".Start I" she cried. ;ill exi 'ltenielit now. "v'^tart:—.<tart f..r where'.'" aud the dressing sacijue iu aspeu-liko agitations came in full view at tht.- head of the stairs. ••BawliurJ, I suppo .se. T don't know what it means." "ISut I do!" exelaimid his better half, in emotion uneouirollable. "I do*. It means that she has iiia (ie him —that she has gone, too—I mean Nanette Flower:" ..see uis FOR:.. TUnv .SAW THIO OKmCULY COMING ALMOST AT A XiVN KUOM THK DI- lUiCTlUN OF THE GUAUD 1100813. to be, however indirectly, the cause of it, sees all manner of (Hher iniquities in that other girl. Kind, •••huri- table and gentle was Airs. Daile, a wise iijotlier, too, as well as most h)viug, but .she eiuild look with neither kindness nor charily on Miss Flower. She had held lu-r peace; allowed no word of censure or criticism to escape her when the women were discussing that young lady; but all the more vehement was her distrust, because thus pent up and re- Fine 5urry and Driving Harness,' Whips, Fly Net^. Dusters and Summer Goods. . t No. 17, West Madison Ave. . Next to City Qas Office. ^•^v<••^•^•:•v•^•x•v•^v•^•^vvv•x•v•:••:••: v^ivvvv li mure fascinating now than ever before. Your V'.'ication is wasted .without one. We keep a 1 eomijletu line of everythingfor amaturcs and profcs- bionuhs. 1'rices always right. R. B. LONGLEY, manager. Write at once for CtitaJogue. D. C. reUDEN l>iloto Dept. loi.H Walnut St., Kan5as City, Mo. ^ c« t&f f f s «< f & e f f f t & t & c;, tV Ik w lb PFiOFESSIOflAL CARDS CHAl'TKi: XV. Woman's intuitir.n often'far out- Wbea You Want a First-Class t Job of TIN OR CORNICE WORK See Joe, The Tinner at iiiue thought, for no man had yet suspected, she fatlunned the secret of the trader's sudden going; and, carried away by tlic excitement of the moment and the belief that none but I'.er husband could hear, she made tiiat startling announcement. And her intuition was unerring. Nanette Flower was indeed gone. pressed. With the swiftness of femi- i *^ \it Of }U an ti> if/ tb (To He Continued.) | ^' <»« f. •3 * Ml •1* n\ 1 1* hut! 3; X BUSH & LEFFLER, Watchmakers and ORtlelana. Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Mnaloal Spectaclei 2&0 Ottawa Chautauqua Assembly. 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