Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 13, 1938 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 13, 1938
Page 3
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•^JFueaday'i Dfecefflbei'J18. .1938" HOPE STAR,' The 'Lightning of ilic C!ii-ls<mns Trees " Since the lightning of the benuti- ful traos suiTounding the city hall -some few yciir? back, it never seems quite like the Christmns season in our city, until these trees are lighted. On Monday evening, these gleaming out door symbols proclaimed their message once more. Since the establishment of this ebnu- tiful Christmas gesture, Miss Louise Knohel has been chairman,, and with Ihc assistance of the City of Hope, the 'j, different civic and literary orgnhiza- tioiis, public spirited boys and girls, these symbols have blazed out in all (heir glory. One viewing these beautifully light- her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. P Singleton, resuming her studies a' Baylor University in March for the spring term. The Y. W. A. of the First Baptist church held their special Lottie Moon Christmas program on Mondny evening at the home of Mrs. Hugh Jones on South Main street. The house wnf, decoarted in the Christmas motif, including a brilliantly lighted tree, evergreens and bright tinsels. On the din- litg table, n. little village was formed With Santa and his reindeer approaching. Miss Katie McDanicl, had charge of the program, with six taking part After the program, Mrs. Jones, told the life story of Miss Lottie Moon, a missionary to China for 40 years. An ---«_•• — -, — .,».,..,.., ,j jig,» v • • < iiuiui icii jr iv/ v^l J| Mil IUJ HU YUill S *\n cd trees dedicated to Christendom's offering of ?18 was taken. A surprise Nativity, and thinking of the thousands of them sprinkled through all the la, cities and towns from Maine to Cali- shower was then given to Miss Katie McDnnlcl who will be married on January 1st to Chelsea Leggett of Jack••- ..«.n '.mini. iu win i- u»»i y ut lu wimiKuu • I ~»"EB" 11 Ol JllCK- forma and from Oregon to Florida, we \ son, Miss., Many recipes were written am t help but think how short a time and given to the bride-to-be, after has passed since the lighting by clec tricily of the first community tree set which the presents were opened. Mrs. W. R. Hamilton and Mrs. J. H. „ _ - ....,_ „„ ui.i*^ n'-t a^t. ii» .iv. iimiiiiiuJi JJMU IVlrS, J i 1 IVIC" up in Madison Square Garden, New I Daniel were guest. There were thirty York in 1912. Ever since 1912 there has present. been a great tree lighted up in Madison | _£>_ Square. And every Christmas slrtce | It is with deepest regret (hat we note there have been hundreds of such illuminated Christmas trees throiighou the land. This Christmas, Miss Knobe was assisted by the above organization: and Miss Hattie Anne Feild and tin Home EC girls. The Ogburn School of Dancing wil present the following pupils In a Charity Review, Thursday evening December 15, at 8 o'clock at the city hall auditorium: Charlotte Ann Hobbs Jerry Johnson, Helen Marie Hall Edna Earl Wright, Nancy Shults,. Carolyn Cox, Barbara Sue Stephenson Peggy Cook, Jim Ogburn, Betty Willis Northern, Catherine Cox, Martha Marilyn McGinnis, Alice Lile, David Dempsey, Jessie Clarice Brown, Johnnie Jin-vis, Ramona Putman, Betty Jo Jones, Marian Stewart, Carolyn Hamilton, Pollyanna Williams, Eunice Dale Baker, Phanao Fuller, Charles Bundy, Mary Kate Tedford, Mary Jane Hcarne, and Mary Ann Lile. In addition there will Marionette show. be n clever little Mrs. W. G. Allison has returned from :i week-end visit with friends in Tex- nrkann. Mrs. W. G. Allison has returned from a week-end visit with friends in Texcrkajin. Miss Martha Ann Singleton arrived Monday night to spend the Christmas holidays and winter vacation with ID DOUBLE FEATURES Tues-Wed-Thur. "GIRLS ON PROBATION' —and— "THE LADY OBJECTS" ENDSTUES. SHIRLEY TEMPLE "Just Around the Corner' A • WEDNESDAY f TREAT Tommy Kelly (The "Tom Sawyer" Kid)—In "Peck's Bad Boy With The Circus" us nlnl<e y° ur G ' fts n '°re attractive with our special wrap! ping Service, Ah the passing of our old friend, Mrs. A. L. Johnson, who passed on Monday evening at the home of her daughter, Mrs. L. L. Campbell and Mr. Campbell in Ashcville, N. C. "Miss Mollie" as the writer know her, came to Hope with her mother and brother, Dr. Louis Barton of Oklahoma City, among Hope's first settlers, and just as far back as memory will carry us, we were taught to revere "Miss Mollie" as, in the words of an old colored servant, "A Christian Lady," for her Christianity has been a lasting influence with us, and she was certainly a true Southern Lady of the old school. After the passing of Mr. Johnson several years ago, she went to live with Mr. and Mrs. Campbell, but has spent a part of each year in the old home town, and her .loyalty to Hope and Hope people was something deep and lasting. Tliis late summer, when she prepared to return to Ashville, after a summer's visit in her old home, she called the writer and asked her to announce in her column, that she was going back to Ashville, and would not be buck for her annual visit as hereto-fore, in other words, she was saying 'good bye." Funeral services will be held from the First Methodist church in this city at 2:30 Wednesday afternoon, with burial at Rose Hill cemetery. The American Legion Auxiliary uncheon which was to have been held on Wednesday has been postponed. The Clara Lowthorp chapter C of C will meet at 7:15 Thursday evening at he home of Miss Roslyn Hall on South Wain street with Misses Mary Ross McFaddin, Carolyn Trimble'and Linda -obb as associate hostess for the •hristwas parly. Supreme Court to Set UpBar Code Will Study Suggestions Offered by Public, Court Announces LITTLE ROCK-M')-The Arkansas Supreme Court Mondny asked lawyers and laymen to help draft rules regu- \ating the stale bar as required by the constitutional amendment adopted at the November general election. Taking the first official cognizance of the amendment, the court extended the invitation fur a period of 30 days. Interested persons are asked to sub- mil suggestions in writing to the clerk of the court. , Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Harry Briant lave issued invitations for an nt home on the Fiftieth Anniversary of their wedding, Monday January 2, from i until 10 o'clock, p. m. 216 North Hervey street. On account of the funeral services or Mrs. A. L. Johnson, the meeting- of the Spiritual Life group of the Methodist church has been postponed until later date. Will Play All-Star High School Game North and South Arkansas Graduates to Clash at Hot Springs HOT SPRINGS, Ark .-A one-week school for high .school coaches, featured by an all-star football game between north Arkansas and south Arkansas high school graduate teams, will be sponsored at Rix Stadium here August 14-19 by the Arkansas Athletic Conference, Coach Wayne fRed) Swain of Hot Springs High School announced Monday. Plans for the school and game wore drawn tentatively at a meeting of the conference in Little Rock Saturday. A committee to plan details of the school was appointed, consisting of Coaches Allen Dunaway, Pino Bluff- Wallace Bailey, Russellvillc and Bob Cowan, North Little Rock, and Earl F, Quigley director of athletics at Little Rock High School. Players to Train One Week The all-star teams of 20 men each will bo chosen by the school staff from amoifg the 1939-graduates of Arkansas high schools. The players will receive a week's training here under the conches before the game on 1 Friday. The Arkansas river will be the dividing lino in forming the north Arkansas and South Arkansas districts. Members of the coaching staffs of the various colleges of the state and the university will'compose the faculty of tin- school. Conch Swaim said ail of tho college and university officials h,r;d agreed to serve. . Free to Arkansas Coaches Tuition will be free to Arkansas high school coaches, but those from other states will be charged n tuition fee Hot Springs obtained the school by agreeing to furnish the playing field and training equipment. Hotels hero will be asked to house the 12 college coaches on [he (caching staff. No donations will bo asked, Coach Swaim said. Is That Sally's Fan He's Wearing?, Sally Rand, right, is certainly wowing Big Chief Pun Gin Gano who got lost in San Francisco on his way to a pow wow. Fan dancers and their friends meet a lot of interesting people. No Room in Jail For This Thief • "AKRON; •• Ohio.—(^"-Police- Officers kicked a thief out of Akron's city jail. Officer Fred Casdorph caught a youthful transient who had been given a night's lodging raiding the pantry of its bologna supply. "Get out of this jail." Casdrph bellowed. "We don't want thieves around here." U. S. toAid South (Continued from. Page One) knowledge of his commercial studies and approves them. Not since the first few years after tho World war has congress permitted Treasury money to be lent to a foreign government. All those loans were made in Europe and all are in default except the email one to Finland. Those countries cannot even borrow from private investors in this country because of the Johnson Act. None of the Latin-American countries owes the-- Treasury any money, although several have borrowed extensively from private investors in this country. When the depression sent a largo part of the Latin-American securities into default, private loans from this country largely dried up and only Argentina has borrowed here in the last few years. In the first 10 months of this year,sales of American goods to Latin- America amounted to about $520,000,000, compared with ?2,711,067,000 to the worl das a whole. In the same period, the United States bought $622,000,000 from Latin-America and 52,651,745,000 from the world. Morgenthau said that one of the chief obstacles to increasing sales in Latin-America was the difficulty ._„ TVIIU nn; UIHIUUI \>y Latin-American businessmen experienced in getting dollars tqjpay for our goods. Except for" increased United States purchases from Latin-America, the chief means of increasing the amount of dollar exchange available to those countries is lending it to them. More than 75 per cent of the Canadian province of Mnnitabo is wooded. Spring Hill Plays Saratoga Tuesday Spring Hill Boys and Girl; Win Over Fulton Teams, Earlier Spring Hill basketball teams are ready to meet Saratoga December 13 Because of a good training season anc a winning record they feel confiden of victory. The Spring Hill senior boys have a good winning record, having lost only two games in the county and lost to other good teams by only one or two points. The girls and juniors have lost only one game in the county. In a hard fought game the Spring Hill girls won over Fulton girls Friday by a score of 11-17 with Davis oi Spring Hill and Wilson of Fulton being high-point girls. The senior boys played a slog game which resulted in a score of 7-15 in Spring Hill's favor. Yocom was highpoint man fro'm! Spring Hill and Crawford of Fulton. Spring Hill also expects to defeat Washington on the Spring Hill court Friday afternoon, December 16, although Washington is said to have a strong team this year. QneSNAPSHOT CULL CHRISTMAS GIFTS Cat Fools Convicts FOLSOM, Calif.-MV-After convict workers had bricked up a hole in the 'oundation of the dentists's shop, they icard from within the meows of Rusty he prison cat. Tearing out their work o rescue him, they were just in time o see the cat walk calmly out of another hole many feet awny. FAMILY GIFTS Dining Room Suites Radios Refrigerators Florence Ranges Rugs Tables Toys-Wagons Tricycles Hope Hardware COMPANY TUES. & WED. DOUBLE FEATURE Mystery Without [The picture Hint makes it easy lei laugh a lot— Janu Withers —in— 'Checkers' A Clue: "FLIGHT TO FAME" with Charles Farrell Jiicquelin Wells COMING NEXT SUNDAY In Person—On the Stage "The Sunshine Boys" Your Favorite KWKH Program. SALE WINTER COATS Sport Coats for All Around Daytime Wear. $10.95 LADIES Specialty Shop A portrait attachment—speaking of inexpensive Christmas gifts—is often essential for taking a close-up such as this. American Radiator Floor Furnaces Installed Easy Terms Harry W, Shiver PLUMBING-ELECTRICAL HRISTMAS is the gift season. Al* ready, wise givers are making up lists, in order to do their shopping early. And I imagine most i Snapshot Guild members, knowing )iow much the camera hobby has meant to them, will choose gifts that help others enjoy the fun of picture-making. There are many such gifts, but they should be selected wisely: The gift must, by all means, be usel'ul— and suited to the person who receives it. Thus, it would he unwise to give an advanced type of camera to a beginner. Rather, give him—if a young child—a simple box camera or if around high school ape—a folding camera. A book on how to make good pictures can well accompany each camera gift; there is a popular one for but fifty cents. Theu later ou, after he learns the elements o£ picture-taking, he can better use a superior camera with fast lens and wider picture-making range. For your fellow hobbyist's, camera accessories are ideal gifts. For example, few hobbyists have enough color filters. A choice of several fil- ters is desirable, if special picture •effecfs are to be obtained. Your friend may have a K-l or K-2 filter for everyday use, yet need a light green X-l filter for obtaining superior tone quality in outdoor scenes and informal portraits. He may also need a G or A filter for dramatic sky effects, or for clear-cut pictures of; distant scenes. A needed filter would be an appropriate gift to him. Many hobbyists go ou excursions carrying camera and film in their pockets. A camera case would be- convenient for them, and an appropriate gift. Some camera fans use old, uone-too-steady tripods. New, firm tripods would delight them Christmas morning. Such small gadgets as a lens-shade, a self-timer attachment, or a portrait attachment for close-up pictures are inexpensive gifts—yet much appreciated. And while we're on the subject— there may be gadgets or equipment you need for your own use. If so, now is the time to begin hinting for them. A word dropped here and there will often work wonders along about December 25. It's certainly worth trying! Jolm van Guilder Farm Program Praised by Farm Bureau Head NEW ORLEANS— Iff)— Edward A. O'Neal, president of the American Farm Federation, said in his annual address Tuesday that the agricultural adjustment act of 1938, "coupled with tho soil conservation act, the market- in gagreement act, and allied legislation, gives us the best all-around farm program we have ever had." Default in Lafayettte Bond Issue Remedied LITTLE ROCK -(/P)— Comptroller J. O. Goff said Monday he had been informed that a default in bond requirements of Lafayette county last year had been remedied and that the county now had a surplus of more than 52000 in its bond and interest account. The default was shown by an audit of the county's affairs last year. Maybe He Didn't Want to Pay Dues ARKANSAS CITY, Kans.—(£>)_The American Legion may have to search for another Elmer. Elmer is the skunk the Legion gives its members to induce the into pay back dues. When the member pays up, he has the privilege of handing Elmer down to some other delinquent dues payer. But Bob Cox was so taken by Elmer he has decided to keep bin;' permanently. "The Legion will have to find another skunk," he said. Skylarks have been introduced into America on several occasions, but each time they soon died out. The Library Read books of greater interest from the sehlves of the City Library: "The Feathered 'Serpent," by Edgar Wallace. "Alice Adams,' by Booth Tarkington. "Mary's Neck," by Booth Tarkington'. "A Woman Like Me," by Marjorie Wilson. "Pre-War Lady!" by Margaret Wid- "The Lamp of Father," by Margaret Pedler. See Our Gift Line SHEAFFER PENS YARDLEY TOILET SETS CARA NOME GIFT SETS BILLFOLDS-BIBLES LEATHER GOODS MONOGRAMMED STATIONERY GALES CANDY MEN'S TOILET SETS JOHN S. GIBSON DRUG CO. ^^^—*"* - ** " ' * Cnristmas comes but once a year! lothes are worn every day / Tfe Wisest of Santas GIVE THINGS TO WEAR! ROBES By RABHOR You can be sure of pleasing a man with a smartly tailored robe. They come in all wool flannel, iri fancy Jacquards, and in pure silks. $5.95 to $13.50 PAJAMAS By WILSON BROS. They're beauties! They satisfy a man's preference. Our complete selection of pajamas assures you of getting just what he wants. In personalized gift boxes. $1.95 to $5.00 SHIRT and TIE COMBINATIONS A shirt and a tie perfectly blended as to pattern, color and designs, and packed in a personalized gift box with his initial on it. $1.50 and $2.95 LEATHER SPORTSWEAR A Man's Gift! Leather jackets in suede, cape, or horse hade newly styled for comfort and service. $4.95 to $11,00 'Kerchief & Ties Matched Neckwear and 'Kerchiefs in most pleasing patterns. Smartly blended patterns in two price groups. Hosiery & Ties The Hosiery by Wilson Bros, and the Ties by Phoenix in blending patterns and shades in a gift box. 75c and $1.25 $1.00 In Personalized Initialed Gift Boxes MEN! Santa has told us what she wants! HOUSE COATS Mpires! Satins! GlaVnlour house coats . . most exciting gift you could give any woman! These are tiny- waisted, full - skirted. and their rich fabrics and colors add to their luxury.-lookl* Newest styles, zip or button closings 12-20 . . . and only— GOLD STRIPE HOSIERY B e autifully sheer, clear, stockings. Smartest gift for all the ladies on your list. 98c Another Gold Stripe quality in full range of the sparkling, new colors. To $7.50 79c LUXURY UNDIES Adorably feminine, personal gifts. A glam'- orous collection of slips, gowns, panties, dancet- tes—an enchanting group of 1 o unging lovelies! Sift Luggage By BELBER Smartly styled, sturdy, luggage in every wanted size. Delight for chic travelers. Fitted cases in black or brown with moire linings. $10.50 to $20JO Unfitted cases in all sizes. Black or brown attractively lined with moire. $4.95 to $7.00 HAYNES BROS. I •* "There Is No Profitable Substitute for Quality"

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