Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 11, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 11, 1912
Page 2
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. FRIDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 11.1912. Heart 0' My Heart. ' H«art 6* my heart as the. day is done MomewardT turn to thee. KnowiOig full well at the setting sun Love waits to welcome me. Weary my feet, but I haste 'away ^After the toil is through. Kager t^jsee, and eager to be. Heart-o" my heart, witli you. Heart b* my Heart, we take our wa.y On tjirough the fleeting years: Snows of winter and rains of May, Never with doubts 9r fears. Smother thp path to my tired feet,- Brlghter the sl<ies bf blue; Sweeter the rest in the snug home nest Heart o' my Heart, with you. Heart p' roy Heart come good, come ill Stormy ihi weather, or briglit. Gleaming of love your dear eyes fill. Shining by day or night. Onward I go, your hand in mine. Strong in your love so true; Pair as the rose upw the old world grows, i Heart o" my Heart, with you. Heart o' my Heart, we side by sid<-, "Wander on love's highway; Hand in hand wliatever b*'tide. Trusting, lot come what may. Slowly the sun dips in the West, Still I my way pursue Oh to the goal of the weary soul, Heart o* m.v He.nrl, with you. , -^The Commoner. This evening at the Y. M. C. A. building (here will be a reccution for the teachers of the ,city school." Or course it would HP! be' fair to tell what there will lie in the way of entertainment but the fact that Secretary Walker l-as planned sonioMiiJU' lie*-' insures i'k-:;i«uit «H<^i'iii;, f<ir the t«.':icl(ers aul tl>. ir friend':. K.ieh liUK )>e,'i: .isK""?} to bring one frienrl. This is I I M- iirsi of a s.ri'-- of entfrttiinments that will: be given . throughout the winter. .NV.\t Friduv evening'tlie reception >vill be si«en for tli>' whwjl studer .iK of tu- eity and the grade school reception will be held on the following afternoon, when the building will be oi»'ned for nlmrjst '.h<> boys and girls of the loan A • -Siiecial for Saturda: : With every 10c purchase each persi n will be entitled to a pound of Cli jcolate Drop? at lOp iier iiound. Palak« of Sweets. •J- * 4- Miss Winifred Walker has returned from Topeka where she' has been at- tendine the sessions of the Kansas State Nurses Association. The meet- ines Iqs'.ed I'vo days and a reception and banquet wer-j given in the evenings. Two nurses frnni St. John'.= hospital were also in attendance from loir' The proposed bill requiring ajl trained liurses pass a state examination was acc^led by the association and will be presented to the legislature tliis winter. The next meeting will be held at Hutchinson nes^ October. * • >nss Lillie Geery. of Ulchards, Mo., is in the city visiting her brother, K. W. Geerv and family. • • •? —Oet your candy at Mundis .Drug Store •> • •:• An exchange will be conducted tomorrow Ml the Hobart building on the south side of tlie square by Circle No. 10 of the .Methodist Ladies' Aid society and the Epworth I.*ague. + • -> The members of St. John's AltUr society ore making great preparations for a fair which will be given early in November. + —New Wall Paper at Uurrell's Drug Store. • C> <• Mrs. George Slack «iiiertaiued at dinner yesterday for Mrs. l.on}: antl Mr«. Steri'V of Poiitiac. Ill am! .Mr and Mrs. T. M. Slack of this city. • <• •:.Mr. and .Mrs. Charles Kunk left yesterday for Bates IMty. .Mo., wliere they will visit relatives for some time. •> « —Miller's Champion is the very bent combination e(M)k stove. Hums coal, gas or wood .1. II. Kiley. successor to Cole Hardwaie Company. . • • • ,Mr. and Mrs. A H. Campbell atld MV . and Mrs. J. H. Campbell have Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Flnsion. of Kansas Citv as their guests this week. • •:• •:• VeBtL-rday afternoon llie members of the Thursday Whist club spent a very LMONDSLII Our magnificent display of Diamonds consists oi a large investment of both loose and mounted stone|;. which-offer the purchaser an excelljiut jopponun- Ity of selecting any size jstpne he may most desire at the lowest' price. For SnD-Dowo People There'are.'ya^louscanBes'for a fuo-down 'poixSttion.* It tii'ay be from nerve tftHibles. Indlges- tion loBs^ of appetite, or worry ai)d oveir-work. Our Wine Cod Liver Oii will«.<^ects of.any one of them.. (t Is:Jr^ce from thV disagreeable^uutef and odor of cod liver oil whHe having all the oil's valuable properties, It hs pleasant to take and will not disturb the most delicate stomach. Makes solid flesh and rich blood and will restore yoiir vitality quickl.v. Price $1.00; BURRELL'S ^K&D The BexaU Store' ^ . M'EST SIDE OFt .SQUAKE. pleasant afternoon with their favorite game at the home of Mrs. H. M. Palmer on East Jackson. <• • • .Mrs. J. A. Malone was called to Coffeyville yesterday by the illness of relatives. • * •:• Mrs. J. S. Sutcliffe has returned from Kansas City where she went to be with Miss Gertrude Sutcliffe who is ill with apiHjndicitis. Miss Sutcliffe is rapidly recovering and is expected home some time next week to spend several weeks. • • • Mrs. Lulu Thomas, of Price, ITtah, and Mrs. Gertrude Calhoun of Keosa- qua, la., are visiting their mother Mrs. Jane Christian, of Carlyle. • * * • Chicken supper will he served by the ladies of Circle 12 of the Aid society of the Metrfbdist church tomorrow evening in the farmers' room o' the cour| house. They will beg !i serving at five o'clock and will chart;* twentv cents a plate. • <• •> Tomorrow tlie teachers of .Mlei' C9unly will have nnH'tings in the high school and in the Y. M.. C. Many of the theachei's will visit friends anc* relatives while they are in the city A ^ <• IHv .'Oi -k pie w?ilch figured at II K Kliziihethian batiquet held to cele- 'ir 'ate niid-^i'.mmer tj'iy. is not a idellM- cy likely to tempt all epicures. Still some of us would 'rather eat lieacock than some of th-* other birds consumed b.v our forefathers. In the 13tl' century the heron, the crane, the crow, the stork, the cormorant ant' the bittern wore considered excellen* for the table. Yet the hare and th pr.rtrMge wr? desji'sed as food. anH neither was ever served in the house- of the wealthy.—LondoJi Chronicle. •> -i' •:Mrs. Claude Stewart entertaine'.i her Sunday school class yesterday af- terntKjn. The class organized an*" made plans for church and charity work to be done this winter, and th- followiiig members were chosen as olT cers. Mary Redmond, president: Emma Cross, vice-president: E;;nlcf Coflleld. secretary; Nellie Shockey treasurer. After the business meet ing Mrs. Stewart served luncheon. • •> • Miss Mable Vezie will be at home next week to spend her two weeks' vacation with relatives in lola. -> A very urgent called meeting of th< Music dull will be held tomorrow at the residence of the president. Mrs P. E. Waugh. All active members arc asked to be present promptly :>* four o'clock with dues and to he ubia to report on the sale of tickets. Fina' arrangements will be made for the re- cltal to be given by, Miss Esther May Plumb. ."• >r* . 'Miss Nellie McKeever of Indiana who has been visiting her aunt. .Mrs. Frank Robinson, for the past ten days left this morning for U:icklln, Kas. for a visit with relatives there. . •> • <• Till r- a govd «rowd at the Birthday Social at the iSantis; charrh last night. Aftier the musical pro- Kniin whli li was greatly enjoyed by everyone tliere was a general social hour during which refreshment.^) wer. served. Thei members of the Ijuliet ••Vid Society who ijave the social ar«' mu'h pleased with the fii:ancial results. A lisl'ing • t>:irty siiat wriir to Rock Cre«'k near Electric iir.rk last Wednesday afternoon hnd iho usual fisher- TTian's lyck until rath'T late when Mrs Bruce Mcllhauey covered hers-If with glory by drawing out a fiv«- pound buss and.the best of it is that the fish dii not get away. The'Fiall Festival at Trinity church vHI close tonight vixh a musical entertainment and lecture by Rev. C. S. Nusbaum of Parsons, asaisted by'the-j Booster Quartette I.Ast. night's lec^ ture wa8,*Br' younr pcopl.e cspeclaUy and the meeting was the most successful ottthe week. ' Next Sunday will be Tally day at the church. / •> • ' ' ' There wir X, \ family reunion tomorrow — lUe T. M. Slack home on North First V'^^^t. ;The honor, guests will be .Mrs. IJilack's mother and sister. Mrs. Sterry and Mrs. Dr.; Long, of Pontiac. III., who have been visiting In.lh* city for some time. Mrs. Long and Mrs J Sterry will ^return to their home next Tuesday. A roRRESPO.xDExrE sriioou !%nperin(endent Frown Introdures Another InnovaHnn. For the past number of- years it has been a practice In the cily schools to teach the punils of the third and fourth and also hiirher prados. letter writing, in all its forms. The pupils learn the essentials of the business, and social letters, their various forms* of Introduction and Conclusion. Superintendent Brown has Introduced n new ,system that gives both the letter writing and somethitig else at the same time. The letters that the pupils write are mailed to |Pupils of the same grade in some other school outside of the state. This has already been done in Miss Heigele's classes at Washington school. The pupils write letters describing Tola and its inilustries and sent the scliol- ars of the fourth grade'ln the .schools of Lenzburg, III. Alrendy the lola grade has received some fifteen letters telling of the mines, industries and resources of I.«nzbure. In a short tiflif all the grades of the city which arr Instructed in letter writing, will b"?- corresponding with some other out- of-the-state class, thereby teaching them In both letter writing and geography at the same time. . HKV. m 'KDKTTE IllSFKAXClllSKn Store This store's definition of a bargain is not what you paj.Jittt what you get Jor.what you pjay! Our prices are^ always the vei7 lowest that reliable goods can be sold for.' ^Reduce the,high cost of living by buying your Shoe^ ^t tl)e Sample Shoe Store. 'ijadies II! Button Boots in tan, patents and gun J metal. Ifgli and low heels. $4 sho«-s $L4>i l«idie!;" \'ei\et Button Boots, black and brown. • S'l .'51ibes. otir price -.1-- .-J.'.^iS' Lndies' Sho<-s in patents, kid gitn metal, button £ and lace, high and low heel, $3 Shoes. -.$1 .98 Kitl Sh. Ladles' VIci . our price regular $2..'.il values, _ flJM Misses' lligii Top -li ck.y Boots In patents. vIci kid and gun n.ital. button and lace, sies 12 to :i. our iirii:e_ Sizes S'^ to ll '-i. price »I.«'» Sizes .'. to X iiur price.-.. .-!pi.rtO Children's Jockey Boots, red and black tops. $2 values, otir price ^Lriii .JIiHssesj --Scho<* Shoes in patents, gun metal, button or lace. $2..")0 shoes -...$I..V»- .Misses' and t'iiildren's Solid Leather. School • Shoes, button or lace, sizes up to 2. regular ll .aO .shoes, our price a >M* Cliildrens Slioes button or late, $1 Shoes .Vic ^en's Shoes in tan. patents and gun metal, in button or lace, |4 shoes . ... !fi.-lS -Men's Shoes In patents anj :i metal, button d>- l ^ce:; $2 sh6e.< . .Men's Medium Weirht \Vurk,.S; •i.? jivsi) atroes: our tirice - ..$ljj0 \ i;«jyji' .Slioes. good si .iiil S 'i iir .o! sizes U|» 'o '••'J, $-..>">.slioe.-< IJoys' Sillies in slio>-.>;. our price iiH-lai :.ii<i boN >:ill" $•> #l .e.-, Liltle ('.-nls" Shoe :,I1 $l .r )U ^U'n-.:. our >iliii Is -atli'Ts - r.-}ii .l ;ir 'JHC We Pay Car Fare Sample iShoe Store no EaistlMiitlison ":ilil'orniiin ' >"•» ^«M»xled. However He Declares. ChicnRO. Oct. li).- tv bert .1 Bnr- tlette. fttrmerJy c! ilc IJiirlinutcu Hawkeye. and now a .esiileh: of Pasadena. Calif., sail! toiiay: "I liave just landed from a sunituer vacathin Ir Kurupe and am a.^ iJesiitate as llie man who In-" "t a i.oHtic to his bacV But my ix>li ire not my ;.;arment; —they have' ^.own jii ,me. like my bones .and cover ir.e like my skin. "1 cast my first vote for Presiilen' Lincoln and 1 have voted fcr Repiili- Ican candidates all down ;;-e line- fo' nearly fifty years .And noiv I core* •-pme to learn that because I am P "^••f; man .r^irir in California. 1 an- I'-franchifed- llou =hnll 1 vote? 1 •n't vole fcr th.^ nirrttes. who dis- francJ.isffl nie- and if 1 vote the Uem- •ri''c ti;-V:e: if will about kill me. "Wfll. •hks.-rd are t|-.e dead wh< I'c iJl the l .ori! • I think 1 will iie at •\rmagP'JJon myself, and will see. on the tJtli of .N'oveinber. on whose slUf •^e Lord wa.s battling. 1 am goint ''ome tonight, anil if I can't vote for T!!ft in Califorijia. 1 can talk for liini. 't ea.sier to ill -!franchise a man than ' it it to mu7zle him." WOOD WIN!) PIN, 3 T01 (Continued from page 1) Doyle. No runs; one hit; no errors. LAST HALF—.Merkle was out Warner to Stub]. Wttguer took the butter's grounder just over second baVe and made a lightning throw to tirsi. Herzog singled to rlght.^Stabl being oniy able to knock down the ball. -Meyers funned on three pitclied bulls. Fletcher was out -wh'-ji \J'agner look lift over second and ihiew him <mt t lirs! !jy an cyeiash. .\o runs; otic hit; no errors. Sixth luuinur. FlltSTHALP—Lewis was a strike-1 nit victim. Gardner sent up a liigli foul to Her/og. Stabl struck out. This • .was the first liming that Boston did not make a hit off Tesreau. No runs; no hits; no eirors. i.u-\ST HALF—Tesreau singled to left. Devore got an infiVId hit. Doyle sent tip a liigli fly to Yerkes. Devore f was forced at second wh*-n Yerkes. took SnodgrasKS grounder and threw fo Wagner. Tesreau going to third on Uio play. Snodgrass was out on .Mur- .- TLv 's- smash to Yerkes who threw to | AVagner. No runs; two hits; r.o error.s liAS MAY COST .MORE. Kansas Niitural Ke-elvei^ Can the Bate. i MUST I lALF -T Wagner si ruck out. I C:uly also fanned. Wo. d flew otit to i J.Murray. No niiis: no hits: no error.^. | >^ , • ,' LAST IL\LF—.Merkie struck otit; ' Kanstis Cit.v. Oct. mice, , ^ _^ .atural >ias. for u=ie for cooking and ^ Sp.aker. Herzog scored igbtinp OTiy. IS imi cated today as a „„ Kletchers. double to right. Mc- .T,CKII^.'^"XIU?L^^^^^^^ ^^-nt for Tesreau. ;.f he Kansa...\ Company. ^^,,1 ^ , , terdav^^^ j Yerkes took McCormicks grot.nder I. • „ .!!.,„ „f .1 „ 1,:, "'"J threw to Cady who touched thie °L ^''^./"f'-'^'? ' New York shortstop as ho slid toward purpose and the ga.s situation. .ludge Pollock of the Kaii.'ia.s Federal Court.; said this morning the receivers would h^'. ordered fo Investigate and determine the available supply of gas. Next :)rtstoi> • tie plate. The smash by .McCormIck counted as a bit as It advanced Fletcher to third, Fletcher being out trying to steal home. Ames went into the •^ey are to report fully at what Pri-| Iju^'l frrors'""""- fPF company can deliver gas at a|""^' "° t""^-''- •ircfit. if these inve. tigations show that . KIglith InniuL'. tt e present rate is too low. the court: FlUST II \LF—Hoo;.er sent a \igh will not permi: the company to sell,f'-^' 'o Fletcher. Fleuiier threw out ;;is at ti-at price. Yerkes at first. Sp< r ;;ot a dou: b'e to left Lcwi.s wa.s oal. l-'letci:er Stncil Uy lUs Wife. i-Merkie. .\o rllu^: one liil; no —She's a wise woman v.ho knows | «-*! rors. list wlial to do wh-n \nv biist.aiid's • L.\S'!' HALF—Devore went out. iflV- i .-i in danger. Ui.t .Mrs R. J. Fl i! | Wagner to Stahl. Wa.utier making a 1! aintne. Vt.. is of that kind. "She | wonderful slop anu th -.iv.. Doyle ilew •nsi .^ted on niy using Dr. King's New 'li-coverv.' writes .\lr. F. "for a • j frl cough, wl-eni I was so Weak my I «t»er>if> Will .Slion Pictures Here' for Thai .Snni. i I'd ti<e people of lola wis!: to have !i Tilly r'lousand dollar art to:lection jroi!g:it to lola for two weeks? .\re O.I to Hooper. Wai'jni r made an er ror <iii ^iiuxigrass' siii:'..-.'i and the run- was sate at Murray singled friends all thoug^it I had onlv a shoiij*" '•'<•' Snodgrass taking second. It tlme^o live, and it completely cured | i« a hii-aml-rui! play. M .rkle then n-e" ' A qiili k e.iie for cougils and f: ;!':eil. .\'o runs; cn«- hit: no error.-. coIHs. it's the most safe and reliable; medicine for n.any ihmat and liinp; Mnth Inning. . troubles—grip bronchitis. cronp FIRST HALF—tJardner singled to wiiooping c .)Mg !i. quinsy, tonsllitis j center. Slalil sacrificed. Ames to .Mer- hei^iorrhjces. A trial will eonvinti-j kh. C.ardner taking se.-ond. Ames was vc'i .V> ^•<'i -".il $l.on. G'laranteed I unsteady and walk>-d Wagner who I si-.s I'niverriity. The art crsllection is by all druggists. was foreed at second when Fletcher i cuiupcsed gf hundreds of oil and water color painting.s, vases. eTc. not AI^AYS THE ftEST! Four Great Fealuro.-', by the world's bt-st makers, Biograph, Se- jlig, Edison and Lubin. See the Biograph, the Spirit Awakened You will want to get flip in your seats and holler! I hr. and 15 Min. Show V Any Seat 5c TTAFTCET&WARMWELCOME - , QN AUTO TRIP THROUGHNEWENGLANSk took Cady's grounder and tossed it to Doyle. CardneV went to third on \»e play and scored on Wood's single to right. Cady took third. Hooper then flow out to Snodgrass. One run; ;w<. hits; no error's. I«\.ST HAIJ^—llei-,::;: fh-v '^ui i<i Speaker. .Meyers fou !'-d oii ;o I'ady. l-ictcher popped up to : tali! Kit^: iio iMis; i!o errors. prudent Tart tn.Naw England. President Taft Hi meeting wit:: a iwarm welcoma on hia antomobUa trip tbroui^ Mew England. He la campaisnlng this week in Maagachnaecta. Vermont and New Hampshire. He will return to Beverler on October U, where be wlU board the Mayflower for Woods Hole, ilma. to vWt "W. Cantr eron Forbes, governor general of the Philippines. He la BTTirmiwlt^l oo the trip bj; Mrs. Taft and MIsa Mabel BoardmaiL . " " - y : I will sell at rdhlfr auclliik sitmr f.trnu i]i miles, west of [otii,.and: liilles Vast of pfqda, <iu Tuesday, October 15. 1^12^ Ki-ginulm; at 10 o'clock, a. ni., the fi.lion iuir described pr«.p«'rjj: ; IIEAU IIOK.SE.S AM) .UILK.S. I bay mare. 12 years old. weight ll.'.n lbs., in foal hy jack, service paid; I bay mare, l years old. weight ! Hm lbs . in foal by jack. lerviee iiaid; 1 liay enough art-loving people in thej:,,:,re years old. weighi MMI lbs.- 1 city to pay the nicc^sary price? This j sorrel ye.^rling mule. 1 black yearling mule; 1 pair of suck'ing io!t::. is a .jueslion thai has recently been a.-:ked of Superintendent C. C. Brown liy the Kxtension .Department of Kan- IF YbU WISH TO JOIN THE 'VN-ALLFOVRS CLUB* CET YOUR I DRESS MAKER TO FIX YO U UP WITH SOMETHING UKE THIS Blnct Dr. L«on Meunler, a MM Paria food Mpteiatit, gave out a itatenimt that etwUng on atl tour§ after WaoU WM a» aia to ilgeHlon, t^Monablo French dreitmdkere <m- aiedteMy got up a cottum^ io »« icof» for thia form of exereUe, .A. cttfb wu fomed catted the "On- An-Fottr« OluV otid the ladlet wore theoe goient. The coetume adopted it tn tlaek and vhite tatliw* eic one of which in a ;-opy but all origin|a!s. The colle'ti-n belongs to the • r!ii\ r. :ti. .-nd ciiry .-..» often lakes a tri;: ihrous'i i"' s-tate. and is shown . Ui 'rii.,r the "J e.TiiIe d.'sire it. Some I oI the piici-.s arc for sale, but not nn-' jiil the eniire collection has traveled |;l- p'Oposed circuit. It costs $20t' to j SI iiire the '.:ol!ectioa for two wcfks. I the funds beins raised hy tjie sale of iiitkeis. If the collection is desired I in tlii? t:ty . Superintendent Brown j will Inforiii ihc I'ttiversity and it will I Ue sent here. IL C. Wills .of Kansas Ci;y. who been here and in Yates Ctnter on Iiiisinest. returned home this afternoon. 8 HEAI> OF I'AI'TI.K. 4 milch cows, all giving rnilk; I f :i! cow; 1 short yearling heirer; siu -k- llng calves. u»«s. ' i :; th.iiouglii.reil Hig Uerg Uiars. (^an pi\e papers with these hogs. KAK.HI.MPLEMENTS. ETC. I v.aj;on. gt.ttd shape; 1 hay derrick. I'lTiiphi- : I set doulile driving bar- nit-;; ' .so'id IH: inc'; work har- II..--. all 111 K 'jod shape; and many o!i, -;• ariiel"'; to niiii;er«>ils--to mention. TEK .MS »H' .SALE—All sum;: iif »lo">' au .l uiMlrr. i in hand. All suiuti over $lo('(!, a *r.>di! .if IJ 'n'lit!!:: wil! f n • ii. r< liaser i ?i*in^ note wilri approvt-d teiuiiiy. Iiearin;; C. ini.-r. .! liimi dale if paid when due. If not paid when due to drnw'lte. from ilate oi ;-•;:!••.. 4, discownt T.or cash on credit sah-s. No property to bo r -iuo-, .d lioiil seitled lor. (01- C. S. ISISIiOr. Aurtionccr. JOH .N II. UILLIE. ( lerk. P. J. SOUTHARD Srfl R. C. McKINNaY 115 WEST STREET sells WHOLESi^:E AND RETAIL Deliveries for \mm must be in bv 10 a. m. • • ^ Deliveries for evenim^ must be iri^by 4..p. m.

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