Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 30, 1903 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 30, 1903
Page 5
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3 Grand Lots 250 New walking and Dress Skirts go on sale today and Wednesday at half price and lesa. tot 1, $2.98 I Lot 2, m i'z' I Lot 3, $4.85 ^"-thK^yCent ' Fine Summer Goods For almost nottilng. The entire surplus stock bought for almost a song gbes on sale toda}' and Wednesday for 5C, 8 I-3C, IOC, I2I-2C Worth Sic, iL'^c, 15c and 250.' Tuesday and Wednesday A (iioriou» Finish to Our White Mot JUNE rESTIVAL SALE! TWO MORE DAYS- 33S Day* T]iH The Next One •:•vv•:•^•:••:•vv•:••x••:•v^ v<-v-.">v:---^ Extra Size Waists Special attention to the ladies that jwear extra sizes 15 per cent off. on all large size Fine White Waists. Sizes 42, 44,-Ki. 4.s. I 250 New Walking and Dtess Skitis go on Sale Today t and Wednesday at Half Price and Less. Pai^asols All Fancy Parasol p Tak^ your pick f^om One-Fourt|h Off from our regular pnc(>s must be sold. (!»ur entire stock. White Shirt Waist Sale Rattling bargains, latest patterns oil the Special Bargains for best styles and market. See the 25c, 39c, 98c, $1.19;, $1.50, $1.98, $2.48 $3 Shoes; Oxford^, Sandals For Ladies, Missijs, Boys and Children..A Saving of Frpni 50 cts to $f .0^ ,48. on evefy pair you buy .^^<•vv•^•^w•^v•^•^••^•^4ite•^v•^vvvvvvv•^v•^^^ ^ I The B\fr Store With Little ! Prices Z More for your money than you o Ij* can get elsewhere all the time. < of us. STORES: ? lola, Pittsburg, Weir City 1 Buy your Grooerlcs of us liurinfr" July. We wiil make it I'loiitable for you. We cohsiunt'y endpiivijr to pive our fusiomers the vpry host service possible. A satislied ok.s- -toiner is the best kind of an ad- vcrlisemont. Kno'.vinjT this we make your interests ours. WE OFFER TO-DAY: 2 pkgs Cero-Fruto 2 pkgs Etin-<^•J pktjs Korn ivrisp 7 bars 1). C. Soaj) 10 pz pkg Our Navy Soda 20 07. pkfj Our Niivy Soda i lb, J lb. and 1 l|i cans V. I'.ros. nakinj: Towdcr ">, lu and 2."c •20c' o :>c loc Fryer Bros. o mis m TuiK s! J John Dean. Who Burtjiarizcd t!;c Farm House of John Smith. Sentenced Under New Law. Pb6ne 308 2 Wcft Jackion Agency For the OUVER TYPEWRITERS At Si\ y-.^ars in ilu- pojii'i Hilary h: ih-' jviialiy wliich c-()nfri)!i<s Julni D.-an f'-r It'.akins: iiiio \ho farm lioi!.-i' of .Idlin H. Piriih n* st of ilio rivtr soiu-.' v.1'1 ajro and tnidng isi iiii'iioy aiiil a rovoivor. iio was t-ci'u iii.ii th',' iiiacf. Sniiiii cn; hi< ^ am! iiiir.'^nt (i and Dean was ca|)tM:".''.! and l)n)ii,::h' to inwn. lie '"<iiH\'.s.-oil liis i;;iiU. La.-^i i-vening Judge Foust jia?.~«.'d sontcat-o on him. iho fir>i ^cn- uucc nnucr ihe mw iaw. I'ndor ihij oid law a jiid.^-^ .= i:'.od .ii) I ho itrisiiiKT and ih." rriini' and fixed ;ho p-.nahy as in !iij judgment sfi>in-. Oil riuli;. If a crimo rallo.l for a Fon- tonof .-^omowlioro heiwoon a niaximnni of fnc vi-ars and a minimum of niv-; A.-ir !lit> (1)1.ri \ioidd mak'.' it ! vvo ycirs. l 'r,'i< r tl!'> now law iho it..-fair iif.-.i .-I iiioncod liotii Iho maximn.!: and niininui'M terms and th-' prison of- ih iais and iho Governor keep w.ilrh on him and il lu' l> a mni,] prisor.iT h'- u'.Ay IH- !I i oiT wiih iIh' i!ii:!imnni si.i- i.iioi' or h«.' niav.l'.ave to .-crx'' or i\:> ir.axinnim. I'l litis v.ay 1). ati .uo; ii';. y.-irs for hiiiL -iary ;it;d one >oar fi'r lareony. His cottdiir: in p:i.~i>ii xvi;i d'lermine lio.v ioni; li<. must rem;:;!; in ;h-.> iHiiiteiiiiary. Foreclosed Chattel Mortgage. /^OJfTH SID£ HAftDtyARe Other Makes Cleaned . and Repaired A cliaiiil mor:;:ap;i' f-^i \v'.A iy •!ie .V<irihriip X.iiionai I'a:!!-: •.•li i;;e liuar and tidiaooo stand form- r^y .ih tied Ity K. (?. I'inla-non on Ka.-- Ma.ii- .-^ III aviiuio was fori-<;osi-d to.lay and the idaoe was lak-.ti adiar^e of I.y ili- now owners. Mr. l'inlvirt"n pi.ic-'d lite niort^aiie wh<'n he b.iiij:hi a haif interest in the I>a.-«- iiaii I'-am. s;;;'-!.' which time he has traveli .1 wi/li td..I Wiley Potter "Has moved from the stone barn ou Kabt Ma'li- •> • • \ % son avenue to % I The Star Barn I ; I • on West street, "wliere lie will continue to buy ^ "'^ X your horses and mules paying at all times thtj • -V.J Mghest market price. | I.I • . ! .if '!.. ; 1:,. •\ ' • \i ! 11 • • -• 1 \ .• \ - • . ••. • \ .• I. : r , u\ 'tip Mr V'-v • : . to l>:'.'>::i. <.j- .-.r.i • p. .;: u .Ti. --.r '.VJ: i.i- 't;::'\ \.-;r'i i: I li.r i h >• !• .!! ii '.va : ::.••.•'.:'.> I. :•: lie \i.ii>;M iike I- l;;m. :••;•!:• 1 ;i I I • no V,or . r-: !.i V.r. . ' .1 :-.::d ;i in . :dM!o\vit • '. .". o'.-'|.i.-!. a' tlie enr- ; ; in n'i! s' r.-.-i s. I iiad of Ii'liiler. As he ^ •. .1 1- 'il er.i.a wl-o'-l " 1; 1 s i .1 -11 u'li V( ry - - • : • ; .'u-i e.i:! • v.-ry near . I.lit iie till lUy yj)i tiier.t '•v'i: Mt'or.' ;uiv iitrlher dain- C at-'.-.-oT-itiin':; F.:(;niach and Liver Tai ie:s are jitst vhat you need when .M.-i; o no appetite, feel dull after onti'!:: ar.d wnlio i:n v.ith a bad taste • '• • ' - •• ;:i y...:r m'-i-vh. They will improve y;;ur appetite-; cleanse and, invigorate yo'tr fiL-mafh and liivc yon a relish for y(,;:r f;'-d. For E.ale hy all drusgists. .=;p<--i;-.;i;u of ..Samrday's l)all -same n: •' ;:s .t-eyr ij! Fi"ort SeotI tilC Forf r.eiiuMii:an says: There lias not i i •'!! at: 'Vinini: this s-fson when the ri-^ei; a uarite oasi stich :i ^doom -.. •• : ' ''.•:!• a^ !.-isi evi-.-iin:: and ;t V ., • : '--ei"- -'ill.- i-i lip a cot;- :|;e !• !. |iiM :i! i::.- i: •:. .1 ^v- . ' ;.;.:y iiavi- 11 a iir. •.•\; tnr rj^;:;-;.: .;w..y fr-Mi. ''-AI <••:'-•) a-i-i tiMV:: a :.M::. ii.'l.:- rs ••f i!:or;>'.i-.' -n; si-; .-es iii^-e!;r' ai;d i.xi:.-- ii;e au- 'i 'tiary ai-; i -n taK--n. PERHAPS IT IS HERE. Jii.!::e ;'. 1' Kad!- y aiu! wife of (V.- rar.l. are -.isi;':!:-- (••.•!•;' W. i-:'r.>i! aii'I lamiiy. Mr-. F.. F. r.i^rj--.: : , ;.t i.oi::-: ... ,; il:- f-i;- n-fain l;r.ili^)li. S!..- \\ ; - ciii,' i.i-r.' |:>-| t. .\: li,.- :.-:..jcri at all. er.- ilif sieivii'-s.-: of h. r ;,r'i: !]•:•. .) i.!.,--'j • : 1], till' !:':-al nail) was ii:C .T .I. j • :• , 1: r •-•1 llljll elt '.-r -ls 111" Tl:. riii... :t:? wiil hav.- io :h ; ;.a.> i', y;']:' ^--i-"-'' '"'i 'i-^vn- tluy wtitu lo L'l- si'tiii- lu" the ' ,,. . 1 . • • '• 'i'--'.' ' '.I Ills, li.ivn In i-'.iKl.iiid, now s.i.ji.:; ;it tile O.i.-^il!'; o'll price.-' , •, ,, , i , I la:.-.'. i.'ii.-e\••'1. laiu'.h 1 iitr. ai .\. rthrnps'. I ., ,, ,, ... pj., ,.„„,<; ol iii--' , • • ,..,1:1; I' .vrte- 1; i: i:!o.-t reeentiv frolii rer.-i'ns desirin.:^ .'••;and ri:;!il.s f"r' ^ . . , . !t!i if .;:iiy si..i:i;.l tipply I'l W. .Mor'y.j i'l'-;. T-'J. I..1.1. or ••' i i.iii; ;;:n..-s -J >'ree:. I "i , 1 I'o y,.;i I.. . d a refri.-eratnr. If !.;iy tho Wiii'e rdo'ttittt.n olSii;,.; ^ •• H.iir.i. Yoti ;.re suit' 'f ::-K:\\-' > :• ' UfJI!'-^. ".• W'".'!!l. ( ' 'I I •.••Il Il'' ov.-ii.-i a fitrtn I : i: V. in il oiii' of : !i,' runs . ^ • i .i.i'-l; r. inn:-; Iiiiii • »• ;• I • •/ 11' r-.' w.i.i at! iii- r- • ;-.-tl o!" Itil.'S .•;in :;..' !.oy--. Cairns w.i-^ • I (..- . I • il :r • .1 yIt:.:':'!',;'i\ in the - -.vl:"- ::.i; i;;.' li. a.ily liiseas ' • '.:-i'.i'-; ati 1 i-i d to i!i''. .1 i. lei'-.l iiy ii italiv" Cheap money on city property.! t..: ^f-'-j.^-'l^^- • f'^ t ^.^H^ny ^Z- 3211.-; ci-i'lo ai once if title is perfect. .: i •.••'•; •• .-' a^- wtio -lidt.'t Lo Snii-h & Travi-, room Northr.;i:| . Xational D:!i;k .building. Ml- <;. n-;:a Vh:- • . •. -I 111 la S;.-:i.u::. . l:: • iias - vn i. : ;.'r .! 1.. i.'r :: w \. •. The jtrioes at Nonhntii.:' qtii* leisi- nes.-, ;ale are finnir tiic ^lo.l.s !as:.!:il'- o-'iy a niiP:'i'in of a lew Jay.=. wi,'.-ii il Will a;: '."J over. Seal i i:Lad a;i e •.:' ma ^.f tiie :-cm'.>| The Agriculti'ral Lady. .-^ i-;:ii:ai.— •Yoii i-;!io\v. tna"am. you ; :i !ia\.- : > pliint yo;ir poiatoo-S \\i.:i,,. yon (at! citr ihi.rn up in small 4 Nowtaarl^ot—"Yes. I know: do very well if v,-.> aiway.s v,-' , i !o rai-^e potaiot'S for Lyon" • liii' i "I I >.• tifisinn::. hut we should —\'ry si.\ir..- .: ::: lii;. ^. h'.i; . i a:: : . , . pru;'.'...-;'- d''o ii.iVi i otalooH sorv- . . , ' .1 '• ! •••;!".'•. ti- . ii.,•!!."• p. r:i:::.. :;: .u . • r..-;.-i. .\: ai.y i ... . . , . , !..'•-• . .'li!' ;;.e . .-; oi gcoc-J .. ji) : :K:..t:;<'S. luit tliis llu:i ::'e < . rart C.'-iper —"'I'litK f'.'llow Smith r;iri:ii?s !ii.-; paiiioiic love for Iho Sttir.--; and .r^tiip.'s to ;i nidical o.xicitl." .hisper—"III wliiii way?" (';isi)(-r-—•• Wliy, ho is aiway.s Iiciijif; arre-i-'d t.iid ^:eiii lo the penitent iary." .Mtttiy oatididtito.s (d'ton niisfake 'a keitk of soil!) for a political pot. Mike—"Stiro. I'at. an". i)Iiat diil yez thanks wliifi yi'/. was can.:;ht in thot pov.iier iividosion?" I rai—'•l'.e.u;orra. Moike. I jhoUghl it was all lip Avid me." Yoti cattnnt aiway.s tell a 1 appy faiji- ily. for the performance th^y give \n pt'l'ltc i.s heticr than tlic roiicarsal at home. - ' Jono.s—"Who do yoji think is tljc greaiost livin.t:: actor?" Crcen—"The one whp talks lo vac." ' , . • • 'i Attention. ' .Ttily 1. 1!>0:;. there will l)o an open mi'i'tin.i; of amclteriricn's union, at the ha.ii over Sj)en(tc-r's drug .store.. Sim'd- leitiien. carptviiterri, iiainters.. teain- si'is. l)ri<-k layor.s, .stone ma.son.s aiid i'.'i frati rnal orders and evo'ry'hofly Jn- iori-:ited in making the 'llii of Jiiiy ei-l'liraiioii a general succes.s, come.— l^imniii.too. <:._:.:.-. i:;:: !—• Willi V is F^tiiie going to 1 :i:-.' ^nii;:-!'.'" (iiatiys—"In the s- i> eari-vt v.],.; h 'r.. •• v-.;-. e •.. ret do An !.\ Krii..i>. "i ;.• cup.! . . I, . -. . lor the II. 'vv hal. -<><: ti.». t a'| «••-•• » -'v* I imagine, jmiging .liiii: .Il ! :a tt..- : .I'.hi'ig -u.: she has made." Mr. t.tti-; \V;g;-i:;;.»n •: Sh.-"-.- - .! ' ()!:.. till'! M..-S iliu 1, /I./.j I'l- ):-v k- ('•;<%.•.• ],••):-_' i.^trcl.ained .M".. wi :< Tttii!' ,i 1-i i tii.^u ri,\-:'- '.i-li:." L .'l). X.^A- I.iu-i.'r siioj) at I'll' F. m.'.-t'.iH^ :.'.• It-.n,"' oi ''i-*- "r;..' .M i. ii.-:on tind iak» !i chari;.'of ; if same. siMor. Mr^. F'-rcv Graen. at Lallan^ It will he condiicie 1 in a Tliey left today lur tUeir iiii'.ire iioai'-'j n-anner and ttn.'y ask a share of the al Sliuwucv. .. You may feel out of sorts, all run down^, cross, irritable, . headache,baclc i| ache, ncrvousV fji'V discouraged, 6/ue —but yoii need not. Eat what you wanj;, keep regular hours, get plenty of sleep and take a small dose of Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsiii after each meal. If constipate^ take a tablespoonful befot^ going to bed. ' Jyfrs. Ptfrsh A. Mccracken, of Cornlnz. Oh5<?, •K^ritrs as foilows: "While visiting in Taylor- V I!!., r came across your Dr. CaldwellSl Svnip i'i-;> I tiive used two _and one-ha:r boiUC'S. ^Qj it h-as'dune me mnre^ood th&n a|l t!ic mi-.lIciiV! I have used Tor two yeao. Please let nie know if you will send'me tbrda orfour bottles and what it will "cost to send i\ to Coming. Perry Coimly. Ohio, and obliKt" Your druggist sells this remedy if he is a good druggist;. 50c and $1.00 bottles. • Your Hoiiay Baek If It Oont Baaefit You PEPSIM SYRUP CO., MoMlcillo, IB. Supplied to the Trade ' Direct at the f actoify wagons., our name on or from our delivery AljT delivery wagons have them. loh Ice s Cold Storage Co. FRANK RIDI LB, Mgr. Phone 116. Pad ory oo Wett Street. We Want to Figure That PLUMBING JOB I For You. Satisfaction Guaranteed. r^OffTH SIDE HAffDW^f/£ •:~^•:•?^^•:••^vv•^•^v•^•^•^•^^••^•x••^•^•^<.^• I Ji n. DAVIES f I I Undertaker •j; and Licensed Embalmer X Twenty 3-ears experience in the •:• -business. First class work ;:* : guaranteed. ;> East Side of Square, Ida X Phone 306. •:• . • •• V *-*%*v*.**.**.**.**.»*.**.'*.**.*****.*'***.**.*****.***^.*w***w 5* We Are Not the Watch Plumber <• •> But We Can Do Your % I GAS FITTING I Or Put L'li Any Stove to Suit the Wife X IE.aEAKINI %\- l§2S.Kefltacky,Phone453 % vv% . • • • • . * • vv • • • •*VV%^«*V%*V*»*V TREMONT LUrrCH ROOM Anyjhins; in the Eatlns Line . Steak^, ilhops-. OtiUets. Sandwltches. CUlU Etc. CiguiK". Tobacco, Fruit, Cakes, Etc.- i; OiVBUSACAU.. 5...

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