The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 15, 1998 · Page 19
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 19

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 15, 1998
Page 19
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THE SALINA JOURNAL SPORTS FRIDAY, MAY 15, 1998 CSl AREA TRACK AND FIELD HONOR ROLL Boys 100-METER DASH Appelhans, Hill City (2A) 10.44 Newman, Salina Central (5A) 10.61 Esslinger, Conoordia (4A) 10.70 Felver,, Goodland (4A) 10.70 Wilson, Oakley (3A) 10.79 Dickspn, Southeast-Saline (3A) 10.80 Mo'ore, Hays (5A) 10.80 Pfeifer, Colby (4A) 10.87 Pruden, Smith Center (3A) 10.92 Carson, Clay Center (4A) 10.94 200-METER DASH Appelhans, Hill City (2A) 21.24 Newman, Salina Central (5A) 21.51 Felyer, Goodland (4A) 21.77 Pfeifen Colby (4A) 21.92 Esslinger, Concordia (4A) 22.05 Moore, Hays (5A) 22.10 Diokson, Southeast-Saline (3A) 22.25 Sheets, Colby (4A) 22.31 Carson, Clay Center (4A) 22.50 Young', Salina South (5A) 22.59 ! ::". 400-METER DASH Carter, Oakley (3A) 49.31 Newman, Salina Central (5A) 50.01 Dioksoh, Southeast-Saline (3A) 50.56 Weintz;. Clifton-Clyde (2A) 50.62 Felver, Goodland (4A) 50.63 Chance, Bennington (1A) 50.65 Bossert, Colby (4A) 50.93 Whitney, Russell (4A) 51.04 Carlson, Atwood (2A) 51.15 Gibbs, Washington (2A) 51.19 I; 800-METER RUN Bishop, Smoky Valley (4A) 1:54.65 Sanders, Smoky Valley (4A) 1:56.78 CaiSmith, Ellsworth (4A) 1:58.26 BohriJ, TMP-Marian (4A) 1:59.97 Bossert, Colby (4A) 2:00.06 Heller, Chapman (4A) 2:01.19 Scfiom, Salina Central (5A).....' 2:01.50 Porter, Quinter (2A) 2:01.60 Chance, Bennington (1A) 2:01.63 Ebert, Salina South (5A) 2:01.65 : .: 1,600-METER RUN Bishop, Smoky Valley (4A) 4:22.31 Ca,Smith, Ellsworth (4A) 4:29.71 Porter;; Quinter (2A) 4:35.72 Mpos;;Salina Central (5A) 4:36.00 Bossert, Colby (4A) 4:37.90 Cole,-Russell (4A) 4:39.30 Orbzco, Ellsworth (4A) 4:39.43 Te'dford, Goodland (4A) 4:39.80 M.Baker, North Central (1A) 4:39.81 3,200-METER RUN Orozco, Ellsworth (4A) 9:58.26 Tedford, Goodland (4A) 10:00.95 Co.Smith, Ellsworth (4A) 10:07.56 Craig, Southeast-Saline (3A) 10:14.05 Mods,-Salina Central (5A) 10:16.96 Chatfield, Belleville (3A) 10:17.81 Engelbert, Beloit (4A) 10:19.63 Porteri Quinter (2A) 10:20.42 Kendall, Phillipsburg (3A) 10:21.06 Hoops, Belleville (3A) 10:27.33 110-METER HURDLES Carter, Oakley (3A) 14.23 •aul, Chapman (4A) 14.30 'enn, McPherson (5A) 14.60 Carlson, Atwood (2A) 14.62 Reitz, Goodland (4A) 14.78 Miens, Sharon Springs (1A) 15.01 Worcester, Hill City (2A) 15.02 Getting, Tescott (1A) 15.22 Hein, TMP-Marian (4A) 15.38 Kruse, Washington (2A) 15.51 300-METER HURDLES Carter, Oakley (3A) 38.31 Paul, Chapman (4A) 38.80 Riley, Hill City (2A) 39.58 McGinnis, Beloit (4A) 40.50 Bieker, TMP-Marian (4A) 40.94 Stites, McPherson (5A) 41.00 Belts, Southeast-Saline (3A) 41.05 Young, Salina Central (5A) 41.11 Kolman, Hillcrest (1A) 41.26 Uglow, Mankato (2A) 41.27 400-METER RELAY Hill City (2A) 43.21 Salina South (5A) 43.56 Salina Central (5A) '. 43.68 Goodland (4A) 43.71 Oakley (3A) 43.82 Concordia (4A) 43.83 Colby (4A) 43.88 Hays(5A) 44.32 McPherson (5A) 44.72 Atwood (2A) 44.75 1,600-METER RELAY Colby (4A) 3:25.74 Hays(5A) : 3:28.72 Salina Central (5A) 3:28.83 Oakley (3A) 3:29.41 Salina South (5A) 3:30.09 Goodland (4A) 3:32.10 Smoky Valley (4A) 3:32.25 Minneapolis (3A) 3:33.56 Ellsworth (4A) 3:35.09 Concordia (2A) 3:35.10 3,200-METER RELAY Salina Central (5A) 8:13.06 North Central (1A) 8:25.91 Ellsworth (4A) 8:28.91 Herington (3A) 8:30.90 Chapman (4A) 8:31.70 Salina South (5A) 8:32.29 Concordia (4A) 8:33.89 TMP-Marian (4A) 8:38.60 Smith Center (3A) 8:40.25 Phillipsburg (3A) 8:41.26 DISCUS Thompson, Beloit (4A) 188-0 Jones, Logan (1A) 182-6 Philpot, Norton (3A) 161-3 Letoumeau, Concordia (4A) 159-2 Butler, Salina South (5A) 158-3 Joy, Hillcrest (1A) 157-6 Fell, Lucas-Luray (1A) 156-5 Zimmerman, Concordia (4A) 155-2 Danielson, Lenora (1A) 154-9 Johnson, Colby (4A) 152-6 HIGH JUMP Kruse, Washington (2A) 6-7'/a Dolton, Lucas-Luray (1A) 6-6'/2 Hale, McPherson (5A) 6-6 filler, Tescott (1A) 6-6 Baalman, Oakley (3A) 6-4 Barta, Smith Center (3A) 6-4 Eilert, Beloit (4A) 6-4 Honas, Ellis (2A) : 6-4 Kanitz, McPherson (5A) 6-4 Klein, Clay Center (4A) 6-4 Koster, Hoxie (2A) 6-4 Moore, Chapman (4A) 6-4 slund, Beloit (4A) 6-4 Zotti, Herington (3A) 6-4 JAVELIN G.File, Beloit (4A) 202-10 Joy, Hillcrest (1A) 202-5 Letoumeau, Concordia (4A) 200-0 Herl, Victoria (2A) 195-6 Rohr, Hanover (1 A) 190-4 Riedy, Hope (1A) 186-2 Smith, Osbome (2A) 182-7 Born, Morland (1A) 177-3 Schwarz, Southeast-Saline (3A) 177-3 Condray, Minneapolis (3A) 173-5 LONG JUMP Newman, Salina Central (5A) 23-4 Ziegler, Trego (3A) 22-2% Moore, Hays (5A) 22-2 O'Hara, Hill City (2A) 22-1 '/z Gray, Beloit (4A) 21-10% Barta, Smith Center (3A) 21-4 'A Jackson, Salina South (5A) 21-4'A McGinnis, Beloit (4A) 21-3'A Riley, Hill City (2A) 21-1 Schmidt, Phillipsburg (3A) 20-11 Vt Honas, Ellis (2A) 20-11 Vt POLE VAULT Young, St. Francis (2A) 14-3 Milhon, Russell (4A) 14-0 Breault, Concordia (4A) 13-8 Kindel, Concordia (4A) 13-8 Klima, Belleville (3A) 13-7 Baker, Washington (2A) 13-6 Lewis, Concordia (4A) 13-6 Stites, McPherson (5A) 13-6 Welsh, Sharon Springs (1A) 13-6 Werth, Quinter (2A) 13-6 SHOT PUT Thompson, Beloit (4A) 64-6'A Letourneau, Concordia (4A) 56-9 Butler, Salina South (5A) 55-11 Shaver, Hays (5A) 55-2 Herl, Hays (5A) 52-6 % Philpot, Norton (3A) 52-1% Joy, Hillcrest (1A) 52-0 G.File, Beloit (4A) 51-10 Zimmerman, Concordia (4A) 51 -9 Vt Burns, Clay Center (4A) 51-8% TRIPLE JUMP Gray, Beloit (4A) 45-1V4 Cullens, Sharon Springs (1A) 45-0 Vi Huntsinger, Mankato (2A) 44-1 '/a O'Hara, Hill City (2A) 43-10 Vogel, Hillsboro (3A) 43-2'A Long, Quinter (2A) 43-1 V 2 Barta, Smith Center (3A) 43-0'A Randolph, Hoxie (2A) 42-1114 Getting, Tescott (1A) 42-10% Ziegler, Trego (3A) 42-10'A Jirls 100-METER DASH Kuhn, Smith Center (3A) 12.05 Milum, Minneapolis (3A) 12.45 Starns, TMP-Marian (4A) 12.67 eeter, Grinnell (1A) 12.67 Degenhardt, Russell (4A) 12.70 Bradley, Downs (1A) 12.80 Courtney, Oakley (3A) 12.80 Eck, St. John's Beloit (1A) 12.88 Stephenson, Colby (4A) 12.88 Chartier, McPherson (5A) 12.90 200-METER DASH Degenhardt, Russell (4A) 25.27 Kuhn, Smith Center (3A) 25.90 Anderson, Concordia (4A) 26.00 Eck, St. John's Beloit (1A) 26.10 Brockman, Clay Center (4A) 26.12 Frost, Salina Central (5A) 26.27 Milum, Minneapolis (3A) 26.39 Cook, Oberlin (3A) 26.45 Roadhouse, Osborne (2A) 26.75 Courtney, Oakley (3A) 26.80 400-METER DASH Eck, St. John's Beloit (1 A) Teeter, Grinnell (1A) Anderson, Concordia (4A) J.Williams, Salina Central (5A) Grace, Beloit (4A) Strecker, Hays (5A) Milum, Minneapolis (3A) Block, Clay Center (4A) Crayton, Morland (1A) Roadhouse, Osborne (2A) .59.64 .59.67 lOO.OO :00.24 :00.47 -.00.78 :00.83 :00.91 :01.28 :01,36 800-METER RUN Pederson, McPherson (5A) 2:24.10 Dubois, Russell (4A) 2:24.91 J.Williams, Salina Central (5A) 2:26.39 Rome, TMP-Marian (4A) 2:26.56 Pratt, Salina South (5A) 2:26.70 Ferguson, Clay Center (4A) 2:27.93 Hodgson, Washington (2A) 2:28.18 Block, Clay Center (4A) 2:29.28 Stephens, Colby (4A) 2:30.18 Gasper, Tipton (1A) 2:30.27 1,600-METER RUN Ferguson, Clay Center (4A) 5:29.46 Nelson, Solomon (1A) 5:32.00 Dubois, Russell (4A) 5:34.50 Hodgson, Washington (2A) 5:38.88 Cott, Clay Center (4A) 5:40.02 Duerksen, Hillsboro (3A) 5:40.59 Ross, Salina South (5A) 5:43.60 Smith, McPherson (5A) 5:43.90 Williams, Salina Central (5A) 5:44.00 Stover, Quinter (2A) 5:44.36 3,200-METER RUN Cott, Clay Center (4A) 12:08.35 Taylor, Marion (3A) 12:22.71 Dietz, Osborne (2A) 12:27.52 Ross, Golden Plains (1A) 12:32.27 Smith, McPherson (5A) 12:37.20 Walter, Norton (3A) 12:37.87 Catlin, Clay Center (4A) 12:38.54 Brady, SE-Saline (3A) 12:42.76 Stephens, Colby (4A) 12:46.65 Rush, Smith Center (3A) 12:48.84 100-METER HURDLES Eck, St. John's Beloit (1 A) 14.66 Ruggiero, Smoky Valley (4A) 15.40 Baldwin, McPherson (5A) 15.63 Cox, Norton (3A) 15.71 Charbonneau, Phillipsburg (3A) 15.82 Beydler, Trego (3A) 15.84 ihaffee, Clay Center (4A) 15.89 Ferris, Abilene (4A) 15.97 Latham, Triplains (1A) 16.08 Sowers, St. Francis (2A) 16.10 300-METER HURDLES Eck, St. John's Beloit (1A) 45.19 Baldwin, McPherson (5A) 47.23 Latham, Triplains (1A) 47.26 Ruggiero, Smoky Valley (4A) 47.64 Ferris, Abilene (4A) 47.78 Ohlde, Clay Center (4A) 47.80 Sowers, St. Francis (2A) 48.07 Heinrich, Grinnell (1A) 48.16 Friesen, Hillsboro (3A) 48.42 Wiley, TMP-Marian (4A) 48.74 400-METER RELAY Clay Center (4A) 50.56 Salina Central (5A) 50.81 TMP-Marian (4A) 51.05 Beloit (4A) 51.20 McPherson (5A) 51.40 Concordia (4A) 51.93 Salina South (5A) 52.06 Hillsboro (3A) 52.07 Russell (4A) 52.07 Marion (3A) 52.08 800-METER RELAY Clifton-Clyde (2A) 1:48.99 Pike Valley (1 A) 1:50.49 Hillsboro (3A) 1:51.02 Plainville (2A) 1:51.02 St. Francis (2A) 1:51.21 Washington (2A) 1:51.57 Downs (1A) 1:52.26 Oakley (3A) 1:52.40 Smith Center (3A) 1:52.52 Hoxie(2A) 1:52.72 1,600-METER RELAY Beloit (4A) 4:08.20 Clay Center (4A) 4:11.17 Concordia (4A) 4:11.98 McPherson (5A) 4:12.40 Salina Central (5A) 4:13.40 Russell (4A) 4:13.59 Goodland (4A) 4:16.10 Hilfeboro (3A) 4:16.50 Oakley (3A) 4:17.11 Colby (4A) 4:17.20 3,200-METER RELAY TMP-Marian (4A) 10:16.45 Salina South (5A) 10:31.17 Goodland (4A) 10:34.86 Clay Center (4A) 10:36.83 Beloit (4A) 10:37.44 Oakley (3A) 10:41.35 McPherson (5A) 10:45.20 Russell (4A) 10:45.46 Smith Center (3A) 10:45.47 Marion (3A) 10:49.51 DISCUS Holloway, Russell (4A) 149-9 Brosius, Concordia (4A) 133-9. ; C.Triplett, Logan (1A) ; 128-9' Patterson, Smoky Valley (4A) 125-9,; Ade, SE-Saline (3A) 123-6. Dutt, Abilene (4A) 121-9 . Mears, Cheylin (1A) 121-4' Comeau, Plainville (2A) 119-3 Hallack, Hillcrest (1A) 117-5 • Powell, Salina Central (5A) 116-11' HIGH JUMP Manning, White Rock (1A) , 5-7 Robinson, Weskan (1A) 5-7 Robinson, Hays (5A) 5-6 Barrett, Jewell (1 A) 5-4' Ohlde, Clay Center (4A) 5-4 Abrams, Tescott (1A) 5-3' • Nelson, Lenora (1A) 5-3 Bennett, Marion (3A) 5-2 Cox, Norton (3A) 5-2 Schieke, St. Francis (2A) 5-2, JAVELIN St.Clair, Ellsworth (4A) : 134-4 Parks, Morland (1A) 134-2 ' Oetinger, Clay Center (4A) 132-10 Corwin, Osborne (2A) 131-11 Barrow, McPherson (5A) 131-6 Ade, Southeast of Saline (3A) 131-3 Hagedom, Hanover (1A) 128-2 Johnson, Colby (4A) 128-0 Kruse, Hanover (1A) 127-1, Otte, Phillipsburg (3A) 126-7 LONG JUMP Tetter, Grinnell (1A) 18-4 Eck, St. John's Beloit (1A) 18-1 Vi Chartier, McPherson (5A) 17-9 Frost, Salina Central (5A) 17-9 T.Williams, Salina Central (5A) 17-3 Adam, Tiplon (1A) 16-11 Hein, Hillsboro (3A) 16-9 1 /< Hoffman, Hays (5A) 16-9 Roskens, Chapman (4A) 16-7V4' Bird, White Rock (1A) 16-6'/a SHOT PUT C.Triplett, Logan (1A) 48-5 1 /i. -. Holloway, Russell (4A) 45-10% Raney, Pike Valley (1A) : 41-4 3 /4' • S.Triplett, Logan (1A) 40-10 Stadel, Salina South (5A) 39-6'/4 : -. Comeau, Plainville (2A) 38-7 Vi Brosius, Concordia (4A) 38-3 1 /i C.File, Beloit (4A) 37-4 '/z Dutt, Abilene (4A) 37-4'A.' McCarren, Clifton-Clyde (2A) 37-1 TRIPLE JUMP ' Teeter, Grinnell (1 A) 37-0 1 / 2 Ferris, Abilene (4A) 36-114' • VanScoyoc, Clay Center (4A) 35-7%' Adam, Tipton (1A) 35-7%' • Anderson, Phillipsburg (3A) 35-5'/2 T.Williams, Salina Central (5A) 35-2% Bennett, Marion (3A) 34-11 Vf Lichty, Quinter (2A) 34-10% . Eck, St. John's Beloit (1A) 34-10 . Brenner, Chapman (4A) 34-6, Honor roll marks can be called In from 4-9 p.m. to The Journal office (1-800-827-6363). Area track meets with six or more teams will be published. Either mall (333 S. 4th, Salina, Kan. 67401) or fax (913-827-6060) the results to The Journal. T NBA PLAYOFFS Lakers, Jazz conduct verbal war Malone set to rumble after Harris complains of flagrant fouling By GREG BEACHAM The Associated Press SALT LAKE CITY — Karl Malone says comments from Los Angeles Lakers coach Del Harris remind him of another of his favorite sports. ' "It's like WCW Wrestling," Mal- dhe said. "That's what you say to try to get the other guy riled up." The Utah Jazz will entertain the Lakers in the first game of the , Western Conference finals Satur- 'day. The Jazz returned to practice with an intense two-hour workout Thursday after eliminating the San Antonio Spurs earlier in the week. * The Jazz and Lakers will be meeting in the playoffs for the second straight year. Utah ousted Los Angeles in the conference semifinals last season. The Lakers accused Malone, Jeff Hornacek and other Jazz players of dirty play. : On Wednesday, Harris fired the first shot in the Lakers' latest verbal battle when he accused Malone of committing flagrant fouls WESTERN CONFERENCE FINALS (Best-of-7) Gamel, Saturday LA Lakers at Utah, 2 p.m. (NBC) and endangering other players with his kicking technique on drives and jump shots. "I'm more concerned about the potential injury factor regarding Malone's kicking techniques," Harris said. "It used to be the knee he threw into you. Now, it's the foot. It's developed over the season." Malone brushed off the accusations as another in a long line of verbal tactics intended to take his mind off the task of winning games. "It wouldn't be a series unless somebody had something negative to say," Malone said. "I've been playing like this for 13 years. I'm not going to change just because somebody said something." Harris claimed that the kick is a The Associated Press Shaquille O'Neal of the Lakers (34) and Karl Malone of the Jazz lead their teams into the Western finals Saturday. new addition to Malone's game designed to intimidate his opponents. "It's something that he's developed as a habit," Harris said. "Somebody's going to get hurt. It's a dangerous play, both for him and the opponent. He doesn't need it; he's a great player." When Utah coach Jerry Sloan was asked about Malone's kicks, he stifled a laugh. "Tell Del we'll line them up here at half court, and let's play football," he said. "I'll kick off, and then he can kick. ... That's where the kicks are." Malone sees Harris' remarks as a precursor to another physical series for the Jazz. The Jazz are still looking for ways to minimize the inside presence of Shaquille O'Neal, who has averaged 29.9 points in the playoffs and generally looked unstoppable. "All you can do is try to slow down a guy like that," Greg Foster said. "Right now he's playing better than any guy in the league. It's absurd to say I'm going to stop this guy. It's not going to happen." The Jazz will try and double- or triple-teams O'Neal, Foster said. Malone even suggested that he might try and match up against O'Neal to minimize the impact of the Los Angeles center's quickness. Still, Sloan isn't optimistic about his chances of finding a solution to the Shaq problem. "It's well-established that nobody can stop him," Sloan said. Pacers hope third time's the charm Indiana fell short of NBA Finals in its last two Eastern finals trips By HANK LOWENKRON The Associated Press • INDIANAPOLIS — Returning to the Eastern Conference finals for the third time in five years, the Indiana Pacers want to get it right this time. The previous two trips ended with defeats in the seventh game of the series — in 1994 to the New York Knicks and in 1995 to the Orlando Magic. This time, Michael Jordan and the defending champion Chicago Bulls stand in the way. The best- of-7 series begins Sunday at Chicago. "They're the best team in the world," coach Larry Bird said. "For us to beat them four games is going to be tough." Bird gave his players off Thursday, telling them to rest before focusing in on the task ahead. "We have a lot of respect for the CHICAGO EASTERN CONFERENCE FINALS (Best-of-7) Gamel, Sunday Indiana at Chicago, 2:30 p.m. (NBC) Bulls," Bird said. "I played against some of the guys on their team, and I know that Michael Jordan is the best player to have ever played, and still is." The Bulls (60-22) were the only team in the Eastern Conference to finish with a better record than Indiana (58-24). The teams split their four regular-season games, with each winning once at home and once on the road. "I've got a group of guys that believe in themselves," Bird said. "They're looking forward to the challenge." There was no celebration or wild jubilation Wednesday night The Associated Press Reggie Miller will try to lead the Pacers past the defending champion Bulls. as the largest home playoff crowd (16,767) in franchise history saw the Pacers defeat New York 99-88 to win their Eastern semifinal series 4-1. "We're a veteran team. This is not what we wanted to do," said Mark Jackson, who had the first triple-double in the franchise's playoff history with 22 points, 14 rebounds and 13 assists. "The ultimate goal is to win the whole thing. If, and when we do that, then you'll see 12-15 guys, along with the coaches, acting like fools. Until then, I don't think it's necessary because we haven't accomplished what we wanted." "Not making the playoffs last year stuck in our minds and we have come back strong," said Antonio Davis, who along with Dale Davis, will be facing a big challenge under the boards from league rebounding champion Dennis Rodman. "We will not celebrate too much because we still have a lot to do." Center Rik Smits, who had 22 points Wednesday, agreed. "At the beginning of the season we set our goals high," he said. "Anything less than a championship is unacceptable. We must continue to work because we're not there yet." Friend's 63 leads Nelson Classic By The Associated Press IRVING, Texas — Bob Friend, who needed a 63 in the final round of Qualifying School to earn his PGA Tour card for this year by a single stroke, shot another 63 on Thursday to take the first-round lead at the GTE Byron Nelson Classic. Playing the more difficult TPC course at the Four Seasons Club and Resort, Friend made seven birdies, to take a one-stroke lead over Tom Watson and Harrison Frazar. Tiger Woods, who is trying to win for the second consecutive week, was two strokes back at 65, along with Elaine McCallister, Frank Lickliter, Scott Gump and Ben Bates. Woods and Watson played the easier Cottonwood Valley course. Playing before a smaller gallery, fewer media and much lighter security than last year when the Byron Nelson was his first tournament af- ter winning the Masters, Woods could have been a lot lower except for a balky putter. "I left a lot of shots out there today," Woods, who is the defending champion, said after missing four birdie putts inside 10 feet. "It could have been a low one today." Woods' round included an eagle on No. 11 when he hit a 4-iron from 227 yards to 15 feet and rolled in the putt. His only bogey came on No. 6 when he buried a wedge from 123 yards in the back bunker and couldn't get up-and-down to save par, missing from 20 feet. Phil Mickelson, Fred Couples and Jim Furyk were in a large knot of players at 4-under-par 66. Friend, the 34-year-old son of former league pitcher Bob Friend, quit trying to make it as a competitive player in 1996 and taught golf for 'a season. But a seventh at the Honda Classic in March and his round on Thursday make it look like he just might be a late bloomer. American-Made, American-Owned By MTD Since 1981 13 HP Kohler Command OHV Engine Model 2135 2599 1 Full-Length Steel Frame Shaft-Driven Hydrostatic Transmission with Cruise Control ' Standard 38" High-Vacuum, Quick Attach Deck with Mulch Baffle 1500 S.Broadway 1-800-WIL-RENT 827-0847 Store Hours Dally 7:30 AM-6:00 PM Sunday 12:30-5:30 BULK,

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