Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 30, 1903 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 30, 1903
Page 4
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EVERYTHING QUIET ON THE POTOMAC.-LIVES LOST, NONE.-ALL IS SERENE.-PEACE | BE UNTO ALL.—QUIETUDE AND CONTENTMENT REIGN SUPREME.-WE JSLEEP THE H SLEEP OF THE JUST.—Hence Q«ote You tie Following Special Prices fo» This Week Only. LADIES .50 Chatlatoe Watch...... $ 5.50 " ' " " il.OO " 15.00 00 Gold Watch 12.50 ,00 ! " 15.00 .00 " 37.50 .00 " 70.00 LADIES' CHAINS $2.50 JOyear chains. "3.00 " 3.75 " 6.50 " " « $2.00 . 2.50 . 3.25 . 5.50 GENTLEMEN $8.50 G0n Metal Fancy Dial $ 7.50 10.00 " " " 8.00 15.00GoM Watch..... 12.50 20.00 " 15.00 50.00 Solid Gold Watch .. 47.50 85.00 " ....80.00 120.00 " ..100.00 GENTLEMEN'S CHAINS $3.00 JO year chain $2.50 3.50 4.50 9.00 It .3.25 4.00 8.00 STERLING SILVER $15.00 Toilet Set, 6 pieces^ ....: $12.50 8.00 Tea Spoons...... . 4.50 4.50 Umbrella 7.50 10.00 12.50 15.00 It 11 gold....;......:....; 4.00 6 ./y 9.00 11.50 14.00 FINE SILVER TEA SETS $35.00 6 piece tea set, ebony hitniiles.!........ $32.50 16.50 4 piece tea stt, Btrtler fini^ 15.00 12.50 4piece tea set, sati4finish- li.OO < 10.00 4 piece tea set, satia finish. 9.00 Yours Sincerely, STEPHEN HARRIS, The Jeweler lOLA, K/^NdA» Justice Court.the Scene of a Trial To- Day Over Two SJIk Garments. | I Mrs.' Margaret FInley, wife of James B. FInley, of 502 South street, yesterday eveaiagr swore out a complaint find; had .Mrs. Lutie Keithley. a areas- maker employed by Mrs. Landis, arrested. The charge -was that silk Eoods valued at $14 had beon given to Mrs. Keithley to make Into a dress for the plaintiff but that other silk was used. . MfSj ..Keithley gave JlOO bbfad andthe'ca*B was <ried at 1 o'clock this Efternoon in Judge Potter's court. : A jury comiiosed of W. B. Beid, Sam Brown, Doc Bowlus, J. C. Lee, Geo, ;Welkle and Chaa. Price was drawn to Several clerks from the New oYrk store, Nortfirup's and from the millinery were subpoenaed as witnesses and the case was fought . stzenuously. Mrs. Keithley ^e^^fej tne: charge and asserts that she did Jiiftt as! bidden. Owing to the promi- n^ce ot the parties the case attract edj more than the usual interest In Justice" cases. tIsBj H^Ivin, the girl wifao'guarded b^bopks and her garden with a gun, ia|li«| latest-Kind friend to donate rea'ding m^tter.^ to the orphanage. .lit Is said that the mercury yester- daj^.roistered 98 degrees In the shade aq^f'that is so It must have been up lo'rod today. Only the stiff south Vni^e kept tbJDgs from sizzling. / Ybur Linen Will Wear much longer If we iaiiniler 4t Be i j aides doing the best work, we pay , ii «r^t de^ Mm^tn ^oA io^ the ^ life of the linen. Our soaps, our I machinery, our methods are de I • ^Igned to- do the very finest work with, the least possible wear to :tt>e garment. If you are not a cus- l^mer, call us up and let us call ;for a trial package. We'll surely II fieateyou. f , New Oil Company at Work. The Gas City Oil & Gas Company is now erecting a derrick on its 620 acres of leased land situated in the Thayer Ncodesha oil district and in a few days the drill will start on its journey Into the earth. These lands are lo cated in the neighborhood of the oil wells which the Standard Oil Company has been pumping for about nine years and the Gas City company feels sure it will be a winner. Its officer.'' and directors are showing^elr confl dence by furnishing the money to drill. No effort has been made as yet to sell stock, although a small amount has been disposed of on application of parties. desiring to take a "flyer" In what Is believed to be as safe a proposition as can be found anywhere in the oil fields. Of course the money received for stock goes into the treas ury of the company to be used for development purposes only. Hot air propositions are numerous but the names of the officers and directors of this company are a sufficient guarantee that its business will be conducted In a safe and conservative manner and that all stockholders, no matter how smalt their holdings, will receive absolutely fair treatment. , Fred J. Horton, who knows nearly all there Is to know about oil and gais, is president; Geo. A.'»BowIus, vice president; A. H. Campbell, secretary; F. A. Northrup. treasurer, and In addition to the above, C. E. Hair, E. K. Taylor and C. E. Benton are directors. The prospects of this company arc very bright and the chances are that the stock will more than double In value as soon as the first well Is drilled. .... ' •f otto Risman's Advancement. Mr. C. E. Stebbins, who says he but speaks the sentiments of the several hundred men who have been workin.E; under Mr. Otto RIsman during the past three years that he has been general miaqager of* the Cherokee-Lanyon smelters at Gas City, called at the Register office today and asked to say something about what manner of man Mr. RIsman is. "No finer gentleman ,ever walked in a factory." said Mr. Stebbins, "and he didn't have'ta en emy on the works." As noted' yesterday the men I presented him^ith a handsome gold watch afK -an ^^tcSnntary testimonial of their .^j^iff^ jcegard it is the understanding out there that Mr. Risman goes to the Prime -Weat- era as general maoaser, a position of great reapoiuibiUtr and aecompaiiled by a corrospondinK monetary remuneration. While the Chcrokcc-Liinyon workmen were very sorry to lose him thpy feel gratifcd that others appreciate their general manager as they have done and follow him with their cordial good wishes. And this regard must certainly be a most gratifying po.sscssion which Mr. Ri.sman will never recall without a kindly reciprocal feeling. STONY PQINT. June 28.—Miss Mona McQueen spent Sunday with Miss Nellie Broughton. Mi|. and Mrs. Cook and son, Joe, drove out to lola Friday to meet Mr. Cook's sister and hn.sband from Chicago. Misses Myrtle and Ivy Brandenburg and Mr. Roy Moore spent Saturday evening atj Mr. GeorRO Willis'. Everybody is btisy keeping the weeds down In their corn. Meivin Brandcntiurg cut John Harclerode's wheat Friday afternoon and Saturday. Mrs. Clay Hincr of Bronson, was In our neighborhood visiting Sunday. W. T. HaJl came down from Bron son Saturday and spent the Jay with his son. Wallace. Mr. J. Orberson returned from Wichita Sunday where be has been doctoring. Woman wanted to work in store. Inquire Tola Furniture Company, East Madison. DEER CREEK AtiD VICINITY. June 2!>.—Several in the neighbor hood are harvp.stiuK their wheat. Little Earl Wllber has the chicken pox. Fourth of July picnic at Dunlap's grove. Whore arc you goTng to celebrate? Dr. Martin and wife of Elm called at T. H. Wilber's Friday. The farmers are rejoicing over the much needed rain. Mr. Davis of Gas City, bought three tons of hay of Fred I/ingstreth. Mri?. J. C. Cofflleld of lola. is visiting with Mrs. S. E. Gaailt. Mr. T. H. Wllber and family Sun- dayed at Mr. Geo. Rux ton's. Mr. S. E. Gault and family Sunday- ed at Net Strickland's, of Wise. Mel Myler, who has been homo for a few days' visit, has gone to Lamed for a visit. Ho is nov living at Fort Wayne, Ind. Hundreds of lives eai.'ed every year by having Dr. Thoma^' Eclectrlc Oil in the house just when it is needed. Cures croup, heals bura* \, cuts, wounds of every sort. • "It's an eight hour day for about everybody now. isp't ltj?"j "Oh. no. not fori the employers." "i^why not f^r thlem?" "Because If they ha id been content with an eight-hour da.r they wouldn't have saqoeeded in be coming employ- era.*'—fhfcago Evenin.f Post, lola 6, Pittsburg 4. Pittsburg. June 29—Partiality /.n umpiring and costly errors won the gamt- for lola today against tjio locals, with a score of G to 4. Both teams played ^good ball, however, and' with an even break In . decisions, would bo well matched. Relllhan was a sick man when he entered the box, but did good worif, allowing only si.x hit.s to the credit of lola. The features of the game were McDonald's ^worlc bel/'«!j the plate an.l two threclbaso hits by East. The visitons did good playing, but fiainod the laurels on unfair decisions and orror.^!. The score: lola 2200 10 100—C 7 fi Pitt.sburg 100 100 10 1—4 8 C IJattories—Morgan and Armstrong; Rellihan and McDonald. Fort Scott Takes Two. Fort Scott, June 29.—Two :gflme.s were taken by the locals tod^, batting out run.'; in each instance." There were no brilliant plays In cither game. Plapers ofllciatod as umpires in the absence of a stall umpire. "Pop" Thompson will be here as a regular tomorrow. The score: Morning game: Fort Scott ...100 00 204 *—7 9 2 Leavenworth .1 1 10 00 0 0 0—3 7 3 Batteries—Bcvis, Woodbury and Cheek; Zellers and Erwin. Afternoon game: Fort Scott ...4 0020 0 00'-fi 9 4 Leavenworth .01010000 0^2 4 3 ; Woodbury.and Cheek; Slzcmore and Erwin. Joplln 15, Springfield 11. Joplin. June 29.—The Midgetii bo- icame dissatisfied with the umpire's decisions today and played a careless game. The "Mighty Kane" was a letdown, and Fenncy finished the game, without support. The game was a farce, and was ono continual round of wrangling. The Miners played snappy ball arid the team will be reinforced tpmorrow by two - crack pitchers. Attendanc*. 2,500. Score: ^ Springfield . .0 fi 1 0 0 0 4 0 0—II'12 12 Joplin .. 2 2 00140C*—15 11 7 Batteries—Kane, Fenney and Schmidt; Morton and Stoner. Sedalia 21. Nevada 5. Ne%'ada. June 29.—^Nevada lost a very slow game to the Gold Bugs here today on account of the team being crippled as Manager Bankhead Is in Kansas City trying to get some new players.. Score: :' Nevada 02 2 0O100 0— 5 13 li) Sedalia .....146211114 —81' 21 6 Batteriesi-Price, White and Rapps^ Lawson and Schrant. tola 27. Fort Scott 2.S Sedalia -'0 Nevada 19 I'ilt.slinrg IS Leavenworth 11 19 ' 20- 2"r. . 27 !M 3b' .'•.,S7 .'•.S3 413 37.-, 231 Base Bali Averages in IVtay. This morning's Kansas City Timers prints the batting' and nolding averages of Mis.qonri Vallry League plny- ors. It is interesting reading for tho fans. In l)atting only .six players are hitting over .300. Kane, of Pitt.sburg. leads, hitting .3fi.S. Armstrong of lola, is fourth with 2G hits out of 81 times at h&t. a percentage of .321. Scroij- gin is next of the locals with. ,279; Shaumyor has the same, Ri.seley has .2G7, Milsap .2G2. Henley .2.-.3, Frick. .219, Wilson .197. It is bolievod scorers are 'responsible for the lovf average through errors. In fielding Schrant of Sedalia is the "best catcher." He has MM with but two errors charged. Armstrong i.> third wi.h .979. First base: Milsap, of lola, is ia'-.t. with 957. Second base: Ilenlcy. of Tola, first with 929; third,- Frick is third with 907; Riseicy is next to Fillman of Joplin as shortstop, his average being .900; Wil.son ,is tlie tenth fielder with .923; Scroggin, fifteenth with .8SG. The above averages arc for the month of May, 1903. June will show a decided change in the columns,.and hero's predicting that Milsap will have cJiml)od close to the top. As it is tlio lola team shows up well in tlie whole bunch, ranking well over the avera;,'o. A blessing alike to young and old; Dr. Fowler's Extract of Wild Strawberry; nature's specific for dysentery, diarrhoea and summer complaint. D. A. Expert Machinest Repairs Your Vypewritcir, Sewing nachine5, Bicycles, Lawn riowers,; Gas Engines, Door Locks, Etc. at . NORTH S/0£ HAffOt¥Aff£ Cuts, Bruises, and Burns Quickly Healed.; ^ Chamberlain's Pain Bilm Is an antl- iiiDptlc liniment, and when applied lo ciuts, bruises. and burns causes them to heal without maturation and much inore quickly than by tho usual treat- ioient. For sale by aU druggists. National Holiday, July 4, 1903. Tho Santa Fo .scll.s excursion tickets >ruly 3 an«i 4 good returning until July 7th. 1903, for on«; faro plus fifty cents., <>xcc'pt .where rate of: faro and one-, .third will make Irss, to all points within 200 mile.s, with niiuinium selling Vatc of fifty contrt for pdults.. • ^ W. E / RALSTON. Agent; Missouri iValley League Standing. Sprlngfled 34 12 739 JopUa ... !• 3«--17 638 NOW FOR con PORT i Dress Goods that are good and beau- tlful, yet cool and breezy. That is what you are looking for, the kind we are showing. Prices the lowest. , I Do Not Forget Our GROCERY DEPARTHENT. \ * No Ooe Und^nells Us. Dry Gooc^, Sho^, Gfoeetk^ I

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