Covina Argus from Covina, California on February 8, 1908 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 8, 1908
Page 4
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The Covina Argus COVINA, CAUFORNIA. Kntered at the Post office Covina, Gal., as second-class matter. Published every Saturday by the Govina Argus Publishing Company, Inc. SUBSCRIPTIONS: One Year in advance Six Months Three Months Single Copies $1.50 .75 .50 .O.S ADVHKTISKMI'.NTS: T)isp)ay adverliHcmcnt at reasonable rates. Prices on application. Changes made as per contract. Liners 5c per line <>ach insertion. Legal notices Sl.fK) per inch first inaertion, 50 cents each subsequent insertion. COVINA. Feb. 8, 1WH. Horror and I'ity. The aHMiHHlnfit.ion of thn kin« HIK! crown prince of Portiign!, iui'1 t.hc, rnirrnw cw:npe of tho qunon find r son from .'i Hirnilar fate, tho of a conspiracy t.o wipo out tho cntiro dyiianty, produced 11 (nul- ing of horror and pit.y over the civilized world, us however much Hooiel.y lit Itirgo rriuy deplnro doHpotimn, they tire not, ycl. prepared t.o ondorHo oold- Idonded rntmlor of unarmed rulcnj MH (i remedy. It, is tho old story: tyranny hreed in« discontent, d incut! lord, morning with .stern rep reason, a po/jplo rendered desperate hy reprosHiuri HMMWor- irig \vitli the rillr;, the hornh and l.ho hiirric.fide. Lot IIH hope that the yuiirig king may profit from thn falo of lii.H fal her, ami by granting a liberal count it,u- tion to II'IH peojilf:, yol, make Portugal a free arid oonlonlod nation. And may all rulcrH roali/c tJiat tho prnHpority of their roaliriH and I ho best Hiil'i.'gitard of thoir persuriH lion in the affection of a freo pouplo. (ilorious Weather. Magnificent summer weather IIHH Biieccodod tho copiouH downpour of Monday and Tuowlay, and tho hilln mid roadsides aro orio inantlu of green, with a profusion of wild flowers btirHting into bloom. Tho ranchers aro jubilant and tho prospects for tho former were nevor brighter. Kvory man in working harvesting tho nrangoH arid riiNbiug in tho late down grain, and tho financial panio IH already a thing ouly of mem- Below will bo found the rainfall of tho season : Before Deo. D«o. 7 1 '2.515 . 118 Jan. Feb. 11 '28 H '24 '2f> '27 '28 ;! •I .2!> .20 .05 .10 . (if) .(ifj .-10 Tho Womans Foreign. Missiiniiiry Society will hold HH annual thank offering mooting at Rood's Hall, Sun day, Fob. '.), at, the hour for evening service. Mrs. H. M. Sherman, a Korean missionary, will bo tho spoakor. At tho Kpwnrth League hour MrH. Sherman will addronu tho young pcuplo and recruit and ruor- gani/o tho Standard lloarom. A full nt tendance IH requested. Services in tho ('hiiroh of tho Holy Trinity, llflh Sunday after lOplphany: Holy (.'nmmuniun 7 ;!)U a.m. Hun- day-nchoiil !):4, r ) a.m. Morning lirayi-r 11 a.m.; subject, "Tho Finality of tho Christian Koliglon. 11 KvoiiHong 7 :.'!() p.m.; mihjoot, "What a Christian is t<> Uulk-vo. " UMorlory solo by Mr. ,1n}inHoii. Worship at tho Baptist Churtih: liiblo-Hchiiol !):•!!) a. in. 1'roaohing at ll a.m. ami 7:110 p.m. hy tlie pastor. Morning Hiibjeol, "( Morying in tLe CruHs of (Mirist. " subject, "lluvv to that Jfhii:-i ih tind, Savior. " li. \,l'. ('. l w ). I'usloi- Ieadi-i. All iU'V c(.rdiall\ Know Positively mil 1 Croator (',: If. p. m. SI ran^eiH. ' ' Junior at II invitod to At thU services; lit (he Methodist riuirc.h held in Heed's Hall, the pas lor, Ixev. 11. W. White. M.A., will 1 reach at 11 a. in. on "An I )|d Time Victory." In the I'U'iiing Mi-, S. M. Shi-riiiiin, a leturiicd missioning linin K"iea, will gi\e an,! of the lil'e "t I hi- people in I hat int. i i.-tliig eoiinli>. Siinda.s :i I,. .hininr Kpwurlh League at !i. Siin.i • illd lilt el tiled liile Leagues U( ''• iil 1 . 'l i ii an c. .| 11 la I i \ l n \ lied t' at I < in i iill these •-< I \ icei. \'i'e Ililii \.< • I^aki- I Lit- a ti'.iiK'liki chinch. A Crisis and a Craze. Th«re ere two forcwi whk-h modern Knglnrxl to move a f-rin!s and n fra/w;. It Is far IOP.S necessary to do something thnt If) Iffcnt new in thin- country than If IH to do KomefbhtK that will .attract the ri Mention of ;i greM ninny. Th<vHp<"miiHi:tn<-eK might have had n "iirlonH effect on the celebrated of the p!i»t could (hey have delayed existing until now. For Instance, Hhake- Hpfiare t'xlay would probably have had to attempt to Hwlm the channel to RUH- tflln the attention of plnygoerft. Crorn- wcjll might have found It advisable to take trips in a "navigable balloon" to keep himself before the general public, Onrrlck rn<ght. have elected to d*nccnd from the Hklen In a parachute to advertise himself HHtlxfiiciorlly, and It might hnve heon nr-ceHHiir.y for I ho beautiful ItnchoHH of Iievoiisblre, to ma In tain !;er Ko'-lal reputation, to flgurw occa- Klr0ial1.v In the divorce court. Motor accidents, thefts of jewelry and of other properly. (IrcH jiud civil and criminal aclloiiH are, of CMUW, more Important elementH In the building up and maintaining of a "reputation 11 among u« now Mum IH men- excellence. London Truth. Explosion by Music. One of tho most dangerous of all explosives Is a black powder called Iodide of nltroiron. When It. Is dry the slightest touch will often en tine It. to explode with great violence. There appears to be a certain rate of vibration which thin compound cannot resist;. In experiments to determine the cause of II.H extreme exploslveness some dnrnp Iodide of nitrogen w;is rubbed on the strings of :i buss viol. It Is known that the strings of such an Instrument will vilinil" when those of a similar Instrument having an oi|unl tension are played upon. In this case, ff'ter the explosive had become thoroughly dry upon the strings, another buss viol was brought near and the strings sounded. At ft certain riolo the Iodide of nitrogen on the prepared Instrument exploded. It was found that the explosion occurred only when a rate of vibration of sixty a second was eoni- immiealed to tin; prepared strings. Vibration of flit; (I string caused an explosion, while that of the K string hud no effect.--Chicago Kocord-i'IoraKl. Everything In Proportion. For many weeks the Irritable merchant had been riveted to his bed by typhoid fever. Now he was convalescing. Hi,- clamored for something to eat, declaring that he was starving. "Tomorrow you may have something to eat," promised tho doctor. The merchant realized that there would be a restraint to his appetite. yr»t he BUW In vision a modest steaming meal placed at hla bedside. "Here Iff your dinner," said the nurse next day as she gave tho glowering patient a spoonful of tapioca pudding, "and tlie doctor emphasises •'that everything else- you do must be in the same proportion." Two hours later the nurse heard a frantic call from the bedchamber. "Nurse," breathed the man heavily, "I want to do some rending, firing me a postage stamp."—Harper's Weekly, DELINQUENT TAX LIST ^-rr-r^fcir-^tJiii-.City 1 oj.Covina,.California, for the fiscal year 1906-190". * Assessed to . Tract Lot KIk. ' * Amt. ,tj. H..... i Sherwood 15 * 1.42 Baker, ($ilvin '.' Sherwood 20 1.43 Casey, Klmcr E Sherw.od 29 1.43 Galloway. Ham'l Covina City 17 20 2.72 Hosfcldt, H. A Palm Place 23 1 1.43 Miller, .1.1. Palm Place 24 1 Miller, J. L Sherwood 13 2.85 Mcfiride, J. W Richmond 21, 20 and 22 6 17.81 Wolson Wells 9 2 1.67 Crouse. David Richmond 12 6 1.78 Notice is hereby given that the above named persons and the above described property and all owners thereof, known and unknown, are delinquent for city taxes assessed against said persons and owner? and upon aaid property for the fiscal year of 1906 and 1907, and the amount of taxes and costs due thereon is placed opposite each name and description; and all such persons arirl owners, and all claimants of any interest in said property are hereby notified that unless said taxes, with cost and percentage are sooner paid, I will on Monday, March 2, 1908, between the hours of 10 o'clock a.m. and 3 o'clock p.m., in front of the City Tax Collector's office, in the City of Covina, County of Lo« Angck"-, State of California, public auction, the real estate and improvetnen ts for the taxes, percentage and costs on personal property added thereto, and for accruing costs; and that such sales will be continued from dav today until March 10, 1908, unless said property is sooner disposed of. I. C. FAIRLY, Tax Collector of the City of Covina. Covina, California, Feb 8, 1908. Force of a Cyclone. Careful estimate of the force of a cyclone and the energy required tc keep a hurricane In active operation reveals tho presence of a power that makes the mightiest efforts of man appear an nothing In comparison. A force equal to more than 'KiO.OOO.OOG horsepower was estimated as develop ed In a West Indian cyclone. This greatly exceeds tho power that could no developed by all the moans within tho range of man's capabilities. Wore steam, water, windmills and the strength of all men and imhimM combined they could not even approach tho tremendous force of this mighty power.—Chicago Journal. Word Derivations. Disaster" Is an astrological term meaning "unfavorable star," one of the many words that astrology has bequeathed to the KngllKh language. "Predominant," "111 starred," "In the ascendant," are other instances, not to speak of the expression "My stars!" Kven "Inllucnce" Is really astrological, signifying the Mowing In upon human affairs of the pow«r of some heavenly body. "IVtrol" and "petrol" both do- scond from "petra." a rock, "ivtrol" comes directly enough through "petroleum." rock nil, but "pelrel" through St. I'eter, after whom tho bird was named because It appeared to walk upon the waves. The Wheelbarrow. The farmer's son looked up from the sporting page. "I!y heck," he said, "I wish we had one o' them (here (lossless carriages." "\Ve haxc," returned the farmer, "and now that you mention it. you ml^ht Jest as well git it and fetch up a load o' turnips from (he lln\v acre lot."- New (J pled us Times 1 lemoerat. Courage. "Henry Is a brave man. The other night his wife thought she heard « burglar." "And lie went down?" "No. lie had the courage to tell her he w as afraid " < 'hvle The Turning of the Worm. Mollle 1 \\ l>h y»u \\ere more like Mr. Slinj.son. r..ddle My dear. 1? I ui'iv l:iiiiv !il\c Mr. Simpson. 1 shoitKI ha\e in.srricd a mniv !ik< Mr*. Silllp^u'.l. St. l.olliS I'.ist lli.-|i;ltell An Index. Kni'UiT U'luil i- their si.clal stand- !..g? !:.•. Kcr D.I th.y . all It a burn, "I' t; • r. • '.<•: Xew V; .U Sun FOR Good Orange Land Unimproved, near Covina, also orange groves, 3, 5 and 10 acres, close in, on electric road, suitable for subdivision. J. H. MATTHEWS CO. Sole Agents, Covina The Bathroom as an Investment. Have you ever considered that the money spent on a modern bathroom is a wise investment ? No doubt you have given the maticr more or less thought and have arrived at a conclusion. We would like to express our views on tht subject, and on that account cordially invite you to call on us if interested. We handle the celebrated "^twrnftwd" Ware, the best material made. Let us quote you prices. j.S. SI DBS, Plxxniber Pancake Season IS UPON US Our stock is replete with good things in this line, Pure Buckwheat Flour (in bulk) H. O. Presto Flour Selfrising pancake flours, such asr B. B. Buckwheat Peacock California Flapjack Syrups, Sorghum and Honey? Pure Maple Syrups (in all sized cans) Sugar Syrups Corn Syrups Genuine Old Fashioned Sorg-hum Fancy White Honey—strained and in comb Brown & Bohri GROCERS SOMETHING NEW! Are you interested in Saving Fuel and Labor In your home? If so, come and see demonstration of a DETACHABLE RETORT OIL BURNER FABRICK'S HARDWARE STORE Glendora Furniture Store ATTENTION PLEASE! If you arc planning to furnish your home it will pay you to investigate our stock. We have everything in the household line of furniture from the cheapest up to the best. Phone to us about window shades and get prices on quality; it will pay you to do so. We put the goods in your house and hang your shades at no additional cost. We can save you money for several reasons. We pay no rent and buy direct from factories and save the middleman's profit. See us before buying. Special attention given to Undertaking and Embalming . SKIMEARS PROPRIETOR Phone 166 "i Bo<l>^^^O^6^^^^^O^^^^^O^^6^6€k^©^^^^^^OO^^^ €»®€M&6<§$$4HHH^

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