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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, September 13, 1889
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8 B A, YOLUME 8. STERLING, ILLINOIS, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 13 1889. NUMBER 180. SSXLS Coal, Lumber and Salt Gheaa _#y3 the market price for grain?* HO-OUSEHOLD SHOULD BE WTTHP-JJ THE COLD FACTS RegardingTanner's Retirement to Private Life. HIS LETTER KESIGNING HIS OrFIOE The majority of the Ills of the human body arise from » dUeaied Liver. Simmons Liver Regulator hoa been the meani of restoring more people to health and happiness by giving tneni a healthy IJver than any other agency on earth. * «EB THAT YOU GET THE IT CONFORMS TO SHAPE OF FOOT. If 3-on want perfection In fit, with rrrodom from ai tlie mart eom/ortoMr, tlio bat <"""> gentlemen's «hoa made In the worm, Jon't spoil your feet by wearing cheap shoes. W» ,..„,« .mllyour "cr, to Hurt A P«Mr* Packard & Field, irockton, wia«». B^W* .T. 1?. Overliolner, iSterllne, 11I«. —SPECIALTIES.- The Fincst.'MoEt Durable, and holds its shape the best of any whip In the market. Tho Easiest Dumped,'.Easiest Kun- nlng and Jjitcst Improved Sweeper made. Two sacks »2.fiO Fancy Patent, per sack, *l.W>. Half Patent. - " l.«. " " aofl Some of the oldest resldents.oJ this city claim this to be tho '•'•" best flour they ever used In tho State of Illinois. Oream of I*atent 5 . , X>aisy and. IMinn . & oiler in stoclc. And the Prnlflcnt'fi Iteply—An ^rrpprcn^l- M« Conflict IJi-twi-pn tlin CommUHlonor nn<l the Interior Rpcrotary—Tho Cor- Ilorttl'» Intrcrlty All Klfjllt, nnrt.'Nolh- Inj; AB.ilnst It In tho Ileport of tit* In- VflMI'Krttor*—History of thA CAHO mnd Denlttl nf Certain Uoportft. WASIIINOTON CrtY, Sept. 13.—Tho correspondence conveying the resignation of the eommissionership of pensions by "Corporal" Tanner, and the reply of tho president, has boon made public. Mr. Tanner's letter Is dated Sept. 12, 1SS9, and is ns follows: To THE PIIESIDEST:.The differences which exist between the neeretary of tho Interior and myself as lo the policy to he pursued In the administration of tho penplon bureau have reached a sta^e which threatens to embarrass you to an extent which 1 fe •! I should not rail upon you to suffer, and as tho Investigation Into-thoaffiilrs nf the bureau has been completed, anil 1 am assured, Inith by yourself and by the secretary of tho Interior, contains no rcllertlnn on my InteRrlty us an Individual or as nn ollieer, 1 herewith jiiii'-o my resignation In your hands, to take effect at your pleas ure, tolhn end that you may he relieved of any further embarrassment In the matter. Very rcspeetfully yours, JAMES TANNKR, Commissioner. To this the president sent tho following reply addressed to "Hon. Jtimes Tanner, commissioner of pensions:" DBAII Sill: Yonr letter tenilerlnp; yonr reslij- oatlon of the oftiro of commlHsloncr of pen- Blons Ins been received and your resignation Ls accepted, to take effect on tho appoint moni and quallfleationof your nuccosRor. I do not think It nouuBii try, In this corresrondonce, to discuss the eauses which have led to tho present attitude of affairs In tho pension omco You have been kindly mid fully advised o; yi»v vl(HV9 Upon mont of. thi'MO-inat.le-rs,.r H given mo pie "r-ure lu 7ulu""VliiTt7'f.u tai"«a"IV»t» ltd vised your hnucsty has not at any timn het^n called In question and I beg to renew the expression of my personal good-will. Very truly yours. BENJAMIN HAKHISON. A Itl-lof StAtomuiit from Tanner, — Mr. Tanner was reluctant yesterday morn' ing to talk about hU resignation. His dis'- posltion, however, appears to bo not to show any resentment, but to maintain cordial relations with tho administration. Ho said: "Tbo president dil not ask for my resignation, nor did'ho advisa that I resign. Ho assured mo, however, that tho Investigation Into the affairs of tho pension office had developed nothing that reflected upon my honesty or my good Intentions, and said that It I remained in office Secretary Noble would resign. Tho dismemberment of the cabinet Is a very serious thing, and 1 decided that It was better that I should resign, since tho unreasonable prejudice of Mr. Noble could not bo overcome." Secretary Nohlo Interviewed. When Secretary Noble returned from tho White Houso yesterday afternoon he said: "The president has written Mr. Tanner a very cordial letter nnd I am glad that he has done so." Reference wns made to the published statsmenb of an unfriendly fooling between the secretary and tho commissioner. Gen. Noblo said that there had boon no break In his personal relations with Mr. Tanner, and that there wns nothing personal In the onuses which led to tho severance of their official relations. Tho secretary said that it was entirely duo to a difference of opinion in regard to matters of oflklal administration. Gen. Noblo referred to a newspaper report that he and Secretary Tracy had oxcbangod aoino sharp words at tho White Houso Wednesday on Tanner's case, ami said it was a lie out of whole cloth. He added that tho same cordial relations existed between himself and Secretary Tracy as between tho other members of tho cabinet. Hunney Also Enters a Denial. Assistant Secretary Bussoy, In talking to a reporter about recent published statements alleging that ho (Gen. Bussoy) had worked up tho cose against Tanner, and had shown a hostile disposition toward the commissioner, sald^that. there was no truth in such statements. He had boon called upon to pass as a lawyer upon the commissioner's decisions, nnd had in all cases simply expressed his opinion as to their legality, and had gone no further. Ho denied that there was any unfriendly feeling between himself! and the commissioner. epcrtsof HIM confercnro berj Wednrslriy iver tho Tanner cas", anil of newspaper tatements b^arini; on tho attitude of .Secretary Noblo in thii matter, that have appeared rom timo to time, said: "You know the ^resident Is not a believer in much talk, anil '. don't like to Ray anything about the pension office matter, but th?ro aro ono or two misstatemonts that oughttobe correrto'L N«> ssuo was ever mudo by Secretary Noblo to the president as to whether ho or Mr. Tanner should gn. Next there wag never any formal cabinet consultation nbouv tho mnt- ;or nnd there wns no disagreement whatever among tho members, much less any exchange of incivilities. The president had several times during the summer mado suggestions to Mr. Tnnner which ho hoped would have good effect, as ho feels very kindly to him personally. The question wns not at all in tho president's mind whether onojof tho two persons should go." PERILOUS TIMES. Storm Experiences of Dwellers City. EXAGGERATED REPORTS SENT OUT, WE LEAD THEM ALL. Maj. \Vnrnor tbo Comllllj I>I«n. WASHINGTON CITY, Sept 13.—Tlw United Press dispatch from Kansas City 'received Wednesday night stating that ll'ij. William Warner has been summoned to Washington City is confirmed. Mnj. Warner has been offered tho post, of conimiisionor of pensions. A WIFE'S INFIDELIT /. It HIM Itn Sequel In tlio Snlclila of Hoi- ST. Louis, Mo., Sept. II).—Monroo Gray, a well-known school toachor nt East Caron- dolot, n village ooven miles down the river from this city, committed suicide early yes- torday morning by shooting 'himself with a revolver. Ho hnd b>en attempting lo shoot liimsolf almost every ni^ht forsovurnl weeks, but was unsuccessful until jcsterday morning. Ho left n letter to Ins children—n daughter, ogod 10, and a son of 10—describing his attempts. A Dishonored Homo tlie Cuime. Gray's reason 1 for desiring .death wns melancholy over n tragic breaking up of his domestic relations about two years ago. At. that timo, while living in Columbia, Monroo county, Illinois, ho shot and killed William -Ditsch, •B-wonUhy-farnioY, together witlThia _own_\vife,-tinv[!i"-Blirpris d tlmm in n compromising situation In hi&'ovrii'EbnU',"""(1 ray was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to the penitentiary for one year, but was pardoned by Governor OcU'sby after serving one month. ' Found tlio Stock Largely Water. NEW YORK, Sept. 1.1.—A special to The Sun from Providence, n. I, says thn creditors of the Ponomah and Wauregan mills wore treated to an unpleasant surprise Wednesday, when tjjo committoo appointed for the purpose revealed tho true inwardness of tlio company's affairs. ' It was found that tho stock was badly watered, and the creditors found that there was little to fasten upon after'the bubble had been pricked. Tho report by tho investigating committee was not very encouraging. The indebtedness of tho Wauregan - mills was found to lw $l,101,fi'J7, and tho total quick assets 1.141,12-t, leaving tho not debt of tho mills $7(«I,4S4. Tho debt of tbo Nottingham mills la f-lOS/JJd, reduced by quick assets to »354,285. Our Relations with Canada. BOSTON, Sept. 13.—The senate committee on tho relations between tho United States and Canada continued its session yeslorday, and board a number of witnesses, nearly all of whom wore in favor of reciprocity with Canada. J. L. liatchoider, a coal man, favored removal of tho duty on coal, and said it would largely increase.tho salo of our coal to Canada, and F. H. O'Diorno agreed with him. T. J. J. Coollidgo, cotton manufacturer, favored reciprocity, and opposed any interference with Canadian railways, as it would drive bis business to the wall owing to tho increased cost of transportation. Ho believed in a zr.llverein. Hon. Jonathan Lone favored commercial union. Hat the Ronllty SafUclcntl.v .^hrllllne— How Women anil Children Were Carried to Places of Safely—Wnillnic In Wntor Neck-High—The I,em of 1,1 fn Along tho Const Tot Unknown, but Very Grnnt—Tremendous r>c*triictlve- nrfts of tlio lllllowm. ATLANTIC CITY, N. J., Sept. 1.1.—Tho storm has at Isst abated after a continuance of five days,' and people here re-;! easily. Gladly, indeed, was tho first train that arrived hero from Philadelphia welcomed nt 11:30 yesterday. It brought meats and produce, as well as posseugqrs, and tho provon- dor was needed. Thn Sltimttoii Kxnggcratcd. . Exaggerated accounts have been published about the conditions here, which are not sustained by circumstances. There wns no famine and no loss of life. Now that everything is calm once more, a careful survey of tho situation indicates a loss of about J15U,- 000, principally to property along tho ocean front, although on tho northwestern side of tho city householders and boatmen sustained loss to personal property by Hood and dam- ago to yachts and tho small Bailing craft. Of courso tho railways suffered, ore being rapidly roported in order in a few days, Tlui Stampede During the Storm. But there wcro perilous times during the storm. When the high tide of Tuesday struck tho frail dwellings along Mediterranean, Baltic and Arctic avenues a stampede, took place. In one instance a woman was carried by her two stalwart brothers to a place of safety. In another, a mother and father deserted their babe, and, on return-' but they and will all bo Tim KITetn Despotlsm* Ciin Irf>tirri a Orent r>e»l (mm Amorlriu NEW YORK, Kept. 1H. — Tho fifty American workingmen sent abroad by the Scripts league to investigate tho condition of Ku- rnponn workHg people, arrived hero yesterday on II. o City of Home. Thny bring copious notes of Tvhit they have soon that is new or peculiar. C. T. Thompson, director nnd amnager of the party, says tlmt tho workmen on the other side aro not to be compare 1 to tMosn of America. Tho foreign machinery is cum- b^rs'ime nnd larks tin; completeness that is S'-en on this sid.\ His party, ho said, was treated every \vhnre with courtesy, nnd ample opportunity ofCored for a thorough invest!- gnti.Ki. Mr. H.mnn, of Cleveland, \vhn represented the Iron and sleel tru-it*, slid iiis visit to tho founderiiM of fVotland and o!h"r cuuntrim oonvinocd him th.'it the Iviropo in trade was not to lij compared to tint of Anvric.i. Th« wages u-eru \i.t pjr cent, beln'.v tluiso in this country. Working Wnmen hi ICuroim. II. N. O^kn, of Cineinniili, who investigated tlie printing trade, siiid that tho printers nn tho other side aro whero wo wero twenty years a,;n. . Mrs. L. M. Barry, of Philadelphia, speaking of. the working women of other countries, said that in every brunch of labor but that of clerlta tho women had to work IHII^IT tlrm Ih > Am M'ic'im and receive smaller \va^es. She visited several districts in K igland whor ; worn •!! worked as blacksmitns ut Ihe;;o. Hom« of th.- women working at tlin forces wore 0(.) years old. Siie also saw liric't-yurds where tho labor of WOIIUMI jire luminate 1. Joseph Tluirp", of Murfr.'cboro, Ills., looked into tlio o-.iginoering work of Europe. Ho s.iys tlio engineers' wages are M per c:nt. lower than in Ani' l ric:i, nn 1 tho reaso.i engineers did not uomo to this country is because they were unable to savo money enough to pay their pas-ing').' GrocnlmcUrifl' Nnllnniil Convention. — CINCINNATI, Hepir~ITr=Tho~l!rw'hback national convention \vas openix! (it 12:3.) yes* THE FOX AMD THE RABBIT. "I suenr." sntil a Tnx tn a luliblt one dny— •Tis n stnr)' they oft.MI rol.iio In Hie south— ••Yon sliull !»•. Mr. linMiii. i-n- uunset my proyl" And he ilireatenixl liini n.Teely with wiilo opon. IlKIUtll The Itahlill Bet ofTat the tup or hliB|xv«l, Resolving hy fliirlil tn net. out. nf tho scrape; But, hotly pursued, K<MHI'li^'Dvered tho need Of adopting n trick to clT.'et his eM-app So he ran to a well curb which chanced to be nltrh. . A whnlla-sT that tvvo snaelnuR hnclrotH ixi^sessed, Anfl leaping in one--hot'.i uero empty iintl dry- Very quick at the Ixittom fnund s-'ifetyand rest. /ffl ono of tlio liiiokcta tlm.s Htiddenly fell. The other nnd lighter rose ivjually fa.';t; A.iid when Iteynard arrived nt the top of the well He thought to himself. "I liavo Rot you at last!" "My frietul, why didn't you rake them l>oth with you?" Snld tlio Fin. OK ho bowed to the ono that now BWUI1R So hlRh and invKlnir; "this nonsense we'll end;" And luto tho bucket exulting ho sprung. You see hid mistake; for his heavier weight To tho surface tho Rabbit full Bjieedlly drew. Who Bald, while ascending, "Life's changes are great; Now up and now down 1 Mr. Reynard, adieu I" Then off hopped tho Rabbit, and lived, I suppose. Esteemed by his friends, to a Imppy old np;o; Whilo the Fox, when tho day came at last to a cluse, Was caught by a Fanner and put In a cage. fltwv all of this proves u-hftt has often boon said Of tlm-sllps that occur 'twlxt the lip and tho - cup; So If up do not lx>OKfc, there aro hazards abend; If down, dou't lose courage, you soon may be .up. - - —riiilip Burroughs Strong In Wide Awake. Tin "V A Good Stock of Tomato" Cans, Very Cheap.. Also a few dozen of j M FRDIT JABS AND JELL TUMBLERS LEFT AT Iv. JOHNSON'S. A CHANGE. ISUCCESSORS TO O. A. Oliver. BOOKS, STATIONERY and'.Wall Paper. i|,U*. la rrtom w* uk teal Jwi 1» lha ntty c»U it Jwttr fca»«. »»d »ft«r • • b«J*»* ywtir i»«o Tl!» >«»» »«»"«« HISTORY OF THE DIFFICULTY. An Offlclnl Stnlemont of the Tronblo In ••.,. the Pension Office. The following statement of tho beginning and end of the Tanner difficulty is official and thoroughly verified in every rospect. Before his departure from Washington City for his vacation trip, Secretory Noblo on several occasions spoko to tho president about the courso of Commissioner Tanner and his clerks in tho matter- of re-rating pen^ a loners and also in relation to unguarded remarks which tho commissioner had made from time to time. The president was inclined to defend Mr. Tanner, and be did so several times. Efleot of Tanner's Speeches. Recently Mr. Tanner moda speeches at Elmira, Chautauqua and Milwaukee which called forth strong protests from prominent Republicans. Directly after the Milwaukee incident Secretary Noble returned to this City determined to bring tho Tanner matter to a climax. Ho put his views before the president in a very positive manner. Senator HlAoook'i Advice. On. Tuesday Senator Hiscock, of' New York, "''" h"' 1 hwn talking with tha presl- dent about the matter, and who had learned from him that it was likely to como to a olimax, wont to Commissioner Tunnor— without authority from tho president, however—and gold that the commissioner would better resign his ofiloe, as, if ho did not, he would be removed. Blanlial IlunsdoU Tulki to Tanner. Wednesday evening about 9 o'clock Dani el Ransdoll, marshal of tho District of Columbia, and a particular friend of the president, wont to Mr. Tanner's house, and in hia private capacity, as be explained to tho commissioner, suggested that Mr. Tanner would better relievo the president of tho .difficulty in which ho found himself placed hy resigning. Ho told tha commissioner that the. president had Iwun his consistent friend, ami that ha hud shown it when he gave him tbo ollluo to which ha was api>oint- od, ami «I UTward, when ho dofundtxl his fours* The ttoliltuLMtoner SucoiimlM. Tha oummigikiruir siilJ thnt- to ajiproclatod t!»i» fact, but lor a tlmo ho was <juit« flrui in his determination to furca tha prtaldunt to btitwi>v?n romovin^ him tuvl Itiaviug hiui In i.tlUv. HUiii'liy b«for» mUnlntbt, b»wu"v«r, lio guvo In, aail «gro»l to writs bU ' it tbua and Uwira ill tiu h<in.J.) v>f Mi The Latent' N«w» from Stanley. BRUSSELS, Sept. 13.— A cablegram from Zanzibar to tho officials of the government of the Congo Free State says that Stanley, on lenving Lake Albert Nyanza, endeavored to penetrate to tho southward by passing wost of the Victoria iNynnzo. Pulling in this, he traveled northward, nnd thus reached tho eastern shore of the hike, Kiniii Boy accompanied him up_to _th is point. After a long stay awaiting supplies, Stanley proceeded, leaving Emin, and marched in tho direction of Mombassa, whoro ho is oxpocted to arrive toward tho end L f October. Hiino Hull In Hunt I,nck. CiJiCAQO, Sept. 13.— The clerk of tho weather continued to frown on the national gamo yesterday, nnd only tho following League and Association games wero played: At llyston— (first game) lioston 3, Cleveland 2; (second game) Boston 5, Cleveland 0. American association: At Columbus — Col- umlms 12, Cincinnati 1— seven Innings, darkness. Western league: _At St Paul— St. PaulS, Milwniiftoo a; at'Sioui City— Sioux City 0, Omaha 3; flt Minneapolis— Minneapolis 2, Des Moines 0. '• > . Suinu Impudent Ciiiniblurs. WASHINGTON CITT, Sept. 13.— The secretary of tho treasury has been informed that a party of gamblers is occupying a public building near the fair grounds nt Sacramento, CaL, mid selling pools on tho premises, and he has been requested to take tho necessary stops for their removal. Tho sec- rotary has requested tho attorney general to direct the United Suites attorney for that district to comply with tlio request and to prosecute these persons. Ono Possible Juror In the Cronln Cnfle. CHICAGO, Sept 13.— Thirty-four venire- men woro examined in tho Cronin trial yesterday. Mostfof them were business men who hod formed opinions or. had consclen- tlous scruples agaihst~~tho liittictidn~"br ttiff death penalty. Four jurors were hold overnight, among them being Farmer James Pearson, who hns been paused repeatedly by both sides, and who now looks like ft possible Juror. Hud to Kill Somebody. BROOKLYN, N. Y., Sept. 13.— Oliver Sam- uelfion, a painter, aged 43 years, ilrod several shots at his married daughter, Ada Wholey, yesterday, and at a young man who was visiting the family, and then attempted to shoot hlmsolf. All tho shots having failed to take effect, Samuolson cut hu throat, inflicting injuries which will prove fatal. His doraestio relations had beon unhappy. Inillunu Mliien' Strike About Over. BUAZIL, Ind., Sopt 13.— Indications point to an early resumption of work at tha block coal mines here at the operators' otlsr. At Jumbo mine, Knightsvillo, fltty "blacklegs" am at. work; at tho Nickel Plato twelve ore at work; at No. H, iwoive, and at Crawford'i nix Thuy are -w*rklue;.umnol™tod. swam from thoir flooded houses, bearing in their arms their bnhu«, wives, mothers or sisters. Boats plied to and fro, carrying weeping women and torrilie'd children to high ground. No effort was made to savo personal property, so 'sudden and unexpected was tho terrible Hood. Horses weni drowned In their stables, and doz.'iis nf houses woro picked up bodily by tho waves nnd thrown 'across tho railroad tracks or carried squares away from thoir original locations. Wntcr Up to Thoir Nocks. Romy Fegol, of tho Thoroughfare hotel, tells of a daring rusfuo which occurred at fi o'clock Tuesday afternoon. It was found necessary to mnvo out, owin'4 to tho rising waters. The current was too strong to row a boat, so Mr. Fog"l and six strong men took n party of thirty people from tho Thoroughfare hotel to Atlantic City prop"!-. Tho ladies wero led several hundred yards through tho water, which was up to their necks. There wero twelve small children in tho party, several of whom belonged to Mr. Van Horn, of Philadelphia.. Destruction nt Soil Iile City. ... From Sea Islo City, N. J., tho following is received: Tho storm, which has demolished' buildings, washed away railroad bjds, 'destroyed buildings, and boat down telegraph wires in a way never baforo experienced hero, shows no signs of abatement Tho sen wall, from which so much was expected on occasions like the presont, has been washed away, oxcopta small portion in front of tho Continental hotel. Tho sand piles .which extended along tho beach like a series of bulwarks, aro leveled by tbo heavy waves, and tho board walks have been carried out to sea. Just south of tho Continental horo is a largo gap which marks the spot whero a number of. houses' stood before tho storm firoso on Monday. They woro carried away by tbo force of the waves. Tho cottages of a number of prominent people havo boon entirely destroyed. . Tho light-house was tilted, nnd the keeper and family woro taken from it by tho life saving corps. G;>orgo Sayors attempted to swim out nnd savo his yacht and was drowned. This is tho only fatality reported, Cottages Wiwlied Awny. The bridges over Townsend inlet woro swept away. At South Atlantic City tho •houses of Mr. C. Hugh, Mr. Sullivan nnd Guyers' cottage aro washed liway; McCullough's wharf is demolished, and several yachts aro seen bottom side up in tho waters. Provisions and necessaries of lifo wore taken to tho Aberdeen, at Longport, and residents thoro who wero cut off from all communication wero in need of eatables. LOSS OF LIFE AT SEA. Summary of the KoporU of Wrecks In Dttlnwnro May and Kliewhere. PHILADELPHIA, Sept 13.—It is impossible at this tlmo to give in detail tho number of lives lost by tho groat storm in Dolawaro bay. But Lowes reports twelve certainly, and the crows of the St Cloud and Cnsilda aro supposed to bo lost, which will bring the list up to twenty-two. Then tho pilot boat Tunnel hi m ssing with-four pilots nnd eight sailors. A report from Norfolk, Va,, says a vessel is ashore near Cape Henry and the life saving crow can not reach her, She is a steamer. Three schooners and a bargo wont down near the Brandy wine shoals and all on board were lost, and altogether tho reports from this part of the coast put tho lost at thirty- nine llvosi A three-masted schooner wont down on Pollock Ripshoal and the crow was probably lost Ueatruotlon of Froporty. Of v«s3ols_lost-tliere.Js no way of estimating their number, ovvlns to uncerEam£y~~or the fate of many, but there havo been scores. The whole coast is strewn with wrecks. As to loud property—cottages, hotels, etc. — they are. also numbered by score! Piers, breakwaters, etc., went to pieces as though they had been made of paper, and tho losses must mouut up into tho millions. Tbo sea mado great inroads on the land, washing away acres and carrying into general ruin tho beautiful cottages built at tlio summer resorts. At Long Branch three cottages went into thrt surf whoso valuo was at least $100,003, anvi for niilos up tho coast tho destruction is tovriblo. A humbor of dead bodies limiting in the surf aro indicative of marine disaster. The storm is slowly -abating now, and tho boleagured guests at the watering places are leaving by thousands. who rend an address in which tho hoyiiot: H of the party were touched nn, and the old demand mad" that the national debt lv> paid according to the U-rm-s oi' the "original" contracts. Oilier ' [loiiiis in tho Jones plnl form woro legal ti'jider paper currency kej.t at a viiliim.' that will insure good wn^es to labor and good prices for products, I imitation of tho debts of railways and all other corporations, and tlie ownership oC American laud by Americans, private ounorstiip to bo further limited to occiijiition and inn and corporate ownership to tho Mini:!. Mr. Jones called Mv. O. Thomas, of.K.enUicUy, to preside during tho business of perl'icting the organization, nnd Sir. Sharp, of Indiana, and Mr. Richards, of Now York, wero rnll'-d upon to act as secretaries., after which tho convention adjourned. Absolutely Puf® Tuls powder nerer varies. A marverofptrrty strength and wholesomttnesa. More economical than the orJinary kinds, &nd CAn not be sold la competition with the multitude of low teat, short weight, aiimin m phosphate 1 powders. naolu oolv 111 CI1I13. 1MJYAI£HAKIN<J POWDKH Co., 408 Wall St.. -><'W *ork.iaKZ3 JMOld-wly •THE CHICAGO * They Shot DixUon Nine Times. DAfifiKTT, Cat, Sept. Ki.— Oirlast. Monday -Parry Doclson knuclie I J. L. Patierson, su- IKirintenilent. of tho llnnover mine, olf his horso anil rolib.'d him nf .-f.'i.OOO lietweou this place and Calico. The rubber then nmdo his escape nn Pat: ors.m's hurt; •. P:itU?rsou and a" number of ntlier^men — then Kfrirh-tl- in pursuit, and 'the and John Aekornriii overtook nudson near Cavote Hole \Vednes- day night. When th'i party c.inio upo i hrm ho was lying behind smim brush, and he commenced shiKiiiiig at tliom at om-o. They returned Urn Ill", shouting Dixliim nine times, killing him instantly. Tho money was found on him. Strawberries oil Toast. An ex-ofiiccr of tho British army, who lias spent many years in India nnd Africa, came to New York and is striving hard to learn how peoplf^in thin city net. lioTimls a great deal to amuse him in the way food is served in the restaurants, ami. liin friends usuullv enjoy n hearty lnu£h wlinn hst:i!ffi iluiiifr with them IIM hi' Hi'Moiii fails to .see mimeUijii;,' nl'<nit whii'li-ti> iniiki! Home qnnint remark ii (•xiirnSHiii'j; liisiiHtonisliiii«ut. A few days ago thin loyal Britim was, ns usual, eating dinner, enlarging upon tho superiority of things English as compared with what ho had Been horo, when, the more Kubstantial viiiuds having been consumed, ono of the party ordered strawberry shortcake for dessert. The waiter filled the order ahout us promptly aa ia usual in down town restaurants, and tlio captain viewed tho dish with surprise, lie. seemed unable to comprehend it at first, but before, tho delicacy had been eaten ho Deemed to have solved the problem. Then ho surprised thoso around him by exclaiming: "By Jovel that must bo nice! Strawberries on toast is a queer dish, though."—New \'ork Tribune. RAILWAY. OVER 7,000 MILES Of steel track In Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Dakota and Wyoming, penetrates the Agricultural, Mining and Commercial Centres of the WEST AND NORTHWEST. The Unrivaled Equipment of the Line ^embrace s^ Sumptuous Dih7ng Cars, Wagner and Pullman Sleepers, Superb day Coaches and - ' '" FAST VEST!EUL£D TRAINS Running direct between Chicago. St. Paul " and Minneapolis, Council Bluffs and Omaha, connecting for Portland, Denver, San Francisco and all Pacific Coast Points. ONLY LINE TO THE BLACKtilllS For Tlp.ItPtn, Hatoi, Mftp§, TlmftTftliJpa indfall iDfnrmntlitn. npnly to uny Ticket Agr.nt or ftdr dress the Gt'n'l I'aBP(B]K*'r Al^f'ut, Ciil^Rpo, 1M. J..M. VEITMilT, H. C. WICIEB, Z. P.^nLCOlT, r. Osn'lPiei. Art. NV. A Acent STKKfclMO IL.INE;. R UNNINU THUEE WAGONS. All goods promptly delivered to any part of the city. Specialty of removing household KOiul* iui.1 piano*. (oihrJvI) K. II. W11.DA8LN Killed by the Sntiiliiy Cliinini; Ij»w. HUDSON, MIIRS., S^pt. i:i.—"Watitof nioili- cino, \vhic!i c-MiM not bj obtiiineil on account uf tint compulsory closing of dru-j stores by onlfir of I lie selectmen," Is a por. tion of the physician 1 ;! rcrtilii-iito of thncause of (loath in tho ras.> of .Mrs. Mary A. liainl, wife of Herbei't \V. Haird/uf this town, vvhc died 8umh\y, after .live days' illness, with typhoid fever. Urinnly wns prescrilml by Ur. J. 'L. Harrimnn, Iput it conlil not bo obtained, ns all the drug shops were closed Sunday. Tho matter is in tho hands of tho district attorney, and uu inquest may lie hold. Knee Conmo Kocor<l», NEW YOUK, Sept 13.—Tho track al Bheoiishcad Bay yestenl'iy was fotloek deeji ill mud and rain fell nearly all day. Tl.o winning horses were: Cartoon, % mile., l.:!EI; Oarsman, 1% miles, U:('l; Bailee, 1 mil.-, 1;.(>S; Ttmrniuii«nt, ')( mile, 1:17; Urogory, % mile, l::i:i; Bellwoixl, 1% miles on turf, 2:411. CHICAGO, Sept. 13.—At tho West Siilu course yesterday tho races wero won as follows: Tommy H., % mile, 1:111,'.;'; RpaMinp, 1 mile, 1:411^; Harry Ktthl, V4 furlongs, l:0!l'<; Sayi-e, 5i mil«, lil^'f; Bonnie King, % mile., I:lr>.';f. By everyone tlmt comes to our store that we have the Largest Stock, Lowest Prices aod . , • that can be found in the city. , ' We keep on hand from ten to fifteen Bedroom Suits which enables all to make a seleo- a •4 • tion, and we are offering them from I Also a large stock of J?m-loi- GJoods, Carpets, TVinclow I»ictores. r»ictu»-e IVIonldLings, and. I^nrnitxire in general. l T pliol- a Specialty. Held Up l>r ibo I.x.uo man hoi gwrs oo, R.i[>t IS.— Ou* up lUrilntfa CaHfurnn -.ta Nebruakii Fair » Orcat Suoons*. LINCOLN, Nub., H'pt. 13.— Tho attendance at tho Nebraska ntuto fair yesterday was •oineUiiui; over M.WH). Ijist nlghc tha lurgiwt trado pm-ndu over vritni-H.s*l in the stoto took p'nra nii-l Uiii grtial'.'lt eiithujiasni 11 envy Floods In Texan. DALLAS, Tex.,,. Kept i:i —Djipatchos Wednesday evening from all seel ions of north, northeast and northwestern Texas indicate general ilamagn to crops and pn>|«rty and delay of tniflle from Hoods occasioned by rains, which have fallen incessantly during tho last week. There is scarcely a railroad that is not obstructed by bridges being' washed away, and som i points have boon cut off from outer communication for forty- eight hours. Tho damage lo tho cotton crop will bo large. Tho rain sho ws no signs of abating. She Wouldn't I>o for n Cruiser. SAN FllANCISCO, Sept 1!!.—Tin United States niun-of-war Iroqnois, which has boon undergoing extensive, repairs at Mure, inland for tho past year, was given u trial trip in tho bay this week,"and developed, anavr- ago speed of seven and one-half knots per hour, with a favoralilo ti lo. Tlio_Irorpmjs wrs built tinny-two years ago, and al that lime was regarded as one of tlio ll'.io-it wooden ships afloat HHS IturMoUl Itcen "Kumovc*!. 1 * LONDON, Sept. 13.—The. disiu-p-'arauco of Iltv. Mr. Knrltuk!, n Congregaiioinl minis- tor from Wjillsall, is a subject o! iiinc'i S|xx> ulation. Mr. Birn.d.l is said to li-.vo incurred tho enmity of tlie IrU'.i liivmcibles by some utterances of his in a series i f Tory political speacliQ* in L>ndo:i. tin friends fear he bus been "removed." Tlio I.uml.m Strikp. IjONDON, Si'pt. l.v — Tho MniiFion house committee annoniux l n that Hie feotiug 01 both sides is ImMmiii.; innrn i.m eulde, nm that only extraneous <{uesUuns pr- vent ai imnuxliato on lint; cf tho stri!;e. Il is hup^ that the cau.-t-siif remove 1, niul roarhtxl t\«-m <i r iHHVivmv >»i.l !>. a entire/I; •It If moil prevailed (..,ii.u --Sine ,.u,i (.III. Mr liliso uuwu tli it NlSW YuIlK, Se -Over lii) letter* '.I at li.i' !-(t-» ('(Ml FAIR DEALINQ, LOW PRICES AND GOOD GOODS. Reynolds Bros., WKHT KNI> KUKNITUBK STOBB. WEST 34 ST., HTEBIiIMO. We are handling and selling more flour than ever. Look at these brands, from $2.40 to $3.10 MAGNOLIA, GOLDEN CROWN, PEEHLESS, . • . :! BLUE RIBBON, CAPITAL. CREAM PATENT KANSAS WINTER, SUN, BAISY. All guaranteed to prove up as represented or return. We mean save the people of thia vicinity money, and will do it to REMEMBER THE MIKADO MARKET. Wenre selling notki&g but jV#, 1 Meais, Priws Low rtjf the

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