Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 10, 1912 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 10, 1912
Page 8
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4' THE lots iDMiY REGISTEi^THURSDAY EVENINa OCTOBER 10,1912. iVEDERAL COURT BEAT STATE COUBTS TO SEIZURE. •rPtpellne to >-cw WelU Will, lie Laid ~ ind Price b( Giu not Raised by the Recelrern. ' - ; JUMBB Cll:^, Mo. Oct. 10.— The Kan i ^as Natural Gas Company which Turn Ishea the gas supply.for the two Kan«a« Gltya and' a score or more of Mli- V 'lonri and Kansas (owns, was placed ! In' the hands of receivers yesterday - • an«lfnoon by Federal Judge John O. : I>oltock vand Ralph K. Campbell slt- . flngin Kansas City. Kns. The re- ceivira who" will' take charge of (he eompany as soon a" bonds are ap- prov«d are Conway F. Holmes, presl: • ««it Qir tho Pioneer Trust Company. Kansas City, Mo.: aeorge H. Sharltt. of Topeka, former clerk of the I 'nited • -Btafes circuit court of Kansas, .ind Eugene Macksy, of Pennsylvania president of the company. John . McKlnney, of Pennsylvania; " holder of 112.000 of, the company's bonds made application for tho receivership last Monday. J.;J. Jones, of Chanute. gGncrnI attorney for the gas company wns present during the session, but offered no idbedllon to the prcceedlnpsr Objections were raised by J. W. Garner, as- alstant city counselor of Kansas City and :J. R. HIgglns, city attorney lot Kansas City, Kas.. who asked that the receivership he delayed until they ' had opportunity to determine whether they desired to protest. When Judge •Pollock assured the municipal representatives that their contract with the company Would not be injured they •withdrew theli^object ions. • - The price of gas will not be raised to 50 Cf>nts a thousand as requested by the petition. It being the ruling of the court that the present contracts be •fulfilled. Jujige PoUock stated that as soon of fhd bondaof J25.000 each of th«* 'receivers had been qualified theyj •will he Instructed to take complpfe charge of the company's holding and -10 build additional pipelines so as to fnsjire the largest possible supply of gas this winter. The Kansas Natural company in the enrlv part of September obtained con tract rights to ;a new supply of gas fr^ the Glenn Pool district near Tul- fsa. Ok. These wells which are producing heavily are thirty miles from the mains of tho company. To get at - this supply the company would have been forced to build thirty inilrs'of IS-inch pipe line.- which will cost about $480,000 Khlmlngs TnsnlYiclent. It had no funds to build th<» line in fact, the statement cont.*<incd In pelltlon is that the earningg of company have not been Fufflclent jiay Inferpst on the bonds or oreat^a • bond slaking fimd. Tf was to construct the now pipdino that the receivership was found necessary. The receivers -can either Jssuo receiver's certificates with ihe sanction of the court, or obtain subscriptions from bondholders to build this pipeline. The former course probabl.v, , will be followed. Tho gas officials say It Is doubtful if an adequate supplv -wH! be had for the Kansas and Missouri territory with the Gleen Poo! ' "tapped. An pfllclal of the company, i- conversant with all phases of the busi ; -.ness stated that with the Gleen Pool ; tapped It was probable that the sui»'•• ply for Kansas City this winter would • be only 90 per cent of the supply of last'winter. The supply of gas is di- I mitilshing and each new oil well drill- i ed In allows millions of cubic feet of 5 • gas %o escape. i . Other Actions Estopped. ~ The receivership ordered yesterday •will restrain state and municipal of;^ ficials from taking similar action. It V appears that the fear of such action i on the part of the states or muriiclfial- ' lUe* had much to do with the application yesterday. , The Kansas Natural Gas Cqmpany '': was organiezd April 9, i904 in Delaware, with a capitalization of $G ,000,- flOO.-whlch was increafsed May 4, 1904 . to $12,000,000. The company Was organized with the gas jand oil holdings f of JHL A. Long,. R. M. Snyder, R. M. Snyder jr., Theo. N. Barnsdell and M. ,^ M. Sweetman. These men owned 165,; OOQ acres of gas and oil lands in Kan- -•^sasiand Oklahoma and transferred -their holdings for stock in the company, which began the construction of pipielines north from the field into : Kansas and Missouri towns and the ^ company now pipes gas to the Kansjis J Gltya. St. Joseph, Joplln. Webb City. Carthage and other cities In Western ' Missouri, and to I.awfence. Topeka, Atchison. Ottawa, Oswego, Pittsburg, : Galena, Olathe and other cities In Kastern Kansas. The company, has >. Block In some of the local institutions but Is engaged only In bringing the gas to the distributing agencies. The company In the eight years of Its ejc- l«t!?hr« has paid eighteen dividends of •- W-ot't per cent. - .• Operating Espenites Onvat. (The; necessity of annually lengthening Us pli>ellneB to reach new fields , haf Increased yie otK >rating exi>en«e» ~ far beyond all estimates and the com- paajr Is now confronted with stale- .meiita by experts that the supply of • gaa'is rapidly diminishing and that in 'j five Jears the ehtire supply will be : exhausted. -AB the order appointing the roeeiv- . era now stands, they have no power to change the rates charged for gas In ; anj cities w-here contracts are held. : nor can they limit the supply to any I>aitlcular class or. business. Cities of Kansias pow have a suit pending In the state supreme court to prevent the ' gas companies from raising the price ' fiioin 25 to 27 cents per thousjand cu- j rble feet This suit is set for neixt Saturday.,: Iftaring -t-Mondis the iilace for Dru ^s. AV* J0 ytmta»»»»ilmt.Sihit.«l*tir«Bcll«hH SOIDWW«)GGISTSRBniW0lf You will be agreeably surprised at the Wonderful Low Prices we are making on JLiADIES and MISSES FALL SUITS. We want you to be the Judge of the Quality and Style of the Suits we are now selling at $8.95, $12.95, $15.95, $20!75 and $24.75. We positively make the assertion that we canTprove to you that never before have we been in the position to offer so many high grade Ladies and Misses Suits at Prices which are worth just double the value usually sold. Our Resident Buyer in New Yorkr who is always "Johnny on the Spot" with ready Cash, claims that the purchase of these Suits was the best value he ever obtained.. $8.95. $12.95 $20.75 $16.95 920.75 $24.95 $12.95 $8.95 $16.95 $8.95 Serge Suit, black and navy niaterial of mannish cloth— will wear splendidly, lined throughout with French satin such as is used in Men's Coats; also fancy novelty cloths. Sizes 14 to 18 and 34 to 40. Price $8.95 $12.95 Novelty Suits made of Mannish Serges, also Whip Cords and Knickerbocker Suitings. Some have wide braid trimmings, others man tailored with button trimmings. Black, navy, greys and beautiful Scotch Novel- tv Mixtures. Sizes 14 to 36. Price ,.. $12.95 |$16.95 Man Tailored Suits, madi of strictly Mannish Serge in navy and black, also beautiful novelty mixtures in grey and brown. New vostee effect, velvet collar and cuffs, guaranteed two season satin lining; all sizes; at. .T$16.95 $20.75 High grade Cheviot Serges, also novelty diagonal weaves in navy, brown, grey and black; new shape back, slightly cutaway coat, lined throughout with Skinner satin lining; bound all over with tailor, braid or straight tailored collar. All sizes- priced at $20.75 $24.95 Elegant high grade man- tailored SuU.s of imported Diagonal Sei-ges, Cheviots ] Whip Cords and Scotch Mix-' tures. ! No two alike. Brown, navy, black, grey and an exquisite assortment of novelty cloths. We have 'em "from 14 vears to ")2 bust. Priced at * $24.95 1- WILL NAME 8 TAFT ELECTORS ST.VTE COM-MITTEE TO FILL THE TICKET SAtrRDAY. Same Men M'hoRe Xames Were on the Primary Ballot Will Co On the Kepnbllcan Ticket. Topeka. Oct. 9.-3. /ttolley, 'chair- nfan of the Republican state committee, today issued, a call for a meeting of the l>ody in Topeka at 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon to fill the vacancies on the Kansas Renublican electoral .ticket caused by the resignation of eight Roosevelt electoral candidates The committee will put eight Taft electors on the ticket Dolley consulted labout tho matter •with Fred Stanley, of Wichita, Repabllcgn National Committeeman for Kansas. Mr. Stanley, for the Taft forces, suggested that the. eight Taft electoral candidates defeated at the August primaries be put on the ticket to fill tho vacancies. The committee It Is expected will follow the suggestion. Two Taft electoral candidates jvere nominated at the August primary. U. F. Blaker, of Pleasanton and John S. Gllmore, of Fredonla. They, of course remain on th^ ticket. The eight Roos evelt electors resigned last week and the Bull Moosers have by petition placed Jen new electors in the Inde- pendenF column. When the Republican state committee, places eight Taft electors suggested on the ballot the followers of President Taft will then have the following electoral ticket to vote for in November in the Republican column: B. F. Blaker, PleaSanton. J. E. Bocock, Cottonwood Falls. Cliarles H, Browne, Horton. Joihn Dellinger, Gamett. A. O. Miller, Bellfiville. C. W.'Miller. Hayes City. Paul'Rich, Syracuse. L. H. Thompson, Norton. John S. Gllmore, Fredonia. W. A. Thompson, Junction City. The litigation over the Kansas electoral controversy, now pending in the Unlt^ State^upreme Court will be dismissed noxt woek. O. Tl. Hllc. one of tho attorneys for the Tuft fore- ' es has asked Congressman Olmstead,' of I'ennsylvnnln, who wns associated with him R8 an attorney In the suits. ] to make a motion before the I'nited States" Supreme, Court when it mwts Monday to dismiss both actions. . One of the suits Is an appeal from I the Kansas Supreme court ruling on the action brought in the Harvey; county court, to enjoin county clerks from printing the names of the ten i electoral candidates who hnd declared I if elected they would vote for Roose- i velt on the primary ballot. The other' suit is an appeal from the federal cir- j cult "court of appeals ruling on the j case brought in the United States dls-; trict court by the Taft forces to en- i join the secretary of state and can-; vassing board from certifying the; ei^ht Roosevelt electors on the Repub ' lican ballot at the November electioHjJ WILBIU WRHJilT LKFT $2;.%000. ,1 CIIAXCK FOR AIR BATTLKS. J. D. Wilson, of Topeka, who has.: ! been here on business, went to Cha-' nute this afternoon. —New Wall Paper at Burrell's Drug ! Store. . . . . „ . I The ATlafer's Brolher Recehed Most of the I'roperty In a Will. Dayton. O., Oct. 9.— Although the greater part of his life was a struggle against poverty, Wilbur AVrlght, noted Inventor of aeroplanes and aviator, real property valued; at more than i real property vllued at more thani $275,000. according to an account filed in the prpbate court by his brother, Orville Wright, executor of the will. No previous publicity had been glv* 1 en to the will, which was probated I Foon after the aviator's death four' months ago. The account shows thst Reuchlin Wright. Lorin, and Katherine. brothers and sisters of the deceased, received $50.000. each. Bishop 3fiUon Wright, the aviator's father >«- celved $1,000. Orville Wright as residuary legatee received the balance ofi the estate, S12ii,S75.7.'>. The fortune, representing as it d.->es about half of the profits of the Wright brother^ from their aviation work In the pait few years, after a struggle against great financial obstacles is considered a notable achievement. Tnrkoj and Hnlkan Slates K<jni |>|iea i With Aernplnnei. j Paris. Oct. 0.—A battle hetneenf aeroplanes long considered a fanry of _ the Inventive writer, probablv will h '-l made a real story in the Balkan war. Monoplanes, bi-planes and even hydroplanes may figure in the fisliting, for all the countries concerned have fly- i ing departments of their armies. [ Expert aviators, educated at French schools of fiyiuK, have been enlisted in ; the ai'mies of the peninsula countries. The practicability of the air craft in' war probably will have its first test in this conflict, a test fvhich probably wlH settle the question. Turkey is fixed best for an air engagement. The Ottoman government recently boupht eight monoolanes In; France, two in England and - t«y in , Germany. The Italian scare caused; the preparation and when the Balkan! scare became more heated recently.' other machines were ordered* from Germany i^nd England, x Greece possesses six French biplanes and one hydro-aeroplane. Bul- Karia owns one nionoplanc and three biplanes and the war depai^ment at Sofia has ordered additional machines from Germany. Servia and Montenegro ar(( not as well fixed for air craft, liowever, nntny of ihelr army officers' have learned aviation and the acquir-- ing of more machines, would not take long- j >EW RATES WOILO MEAX LOS.S. Expres .<i and Railroad Companies Pro. test to rommerce Commission. Washington,-Oct. 9. —A net loss of 33 million dollars a year in the revenue of the express eon:panies an the railroads will result from putting.In­ to effect the express rates proposed by < the Interstate Commerce Commission, accoring to figures submltte by the companies to the'commission today at a public-hearing. Representatives of both classes of transportation and express companies protested vigorously against the enforcement .of the proposed rates.. It was asserted by coudsel for the eJt- press companies that the ebforcementi _ of the propose! fjtes would practical-" ly put, their clients odt of business.

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