Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 30, 1903 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 30, 1903
Page 3
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Copjrlsbl 1903 bJ Hut G:faftSnv * HMS l^mmer Coats and Pants for Men Light and idark colors in Woolen crash, homespun & Serges, regiilar price $8.85 and 19.85 d* — ^ . Special price. ^/•S5 Summer Coats and Pants' for Men Light and dark colors in stripes , and plaids, coats hand tailored. Stiff fronts guaranteed to fi^ hold shape. Made by Rosenwald &jTeil S^y Seperate Pants for Summer Rosenwald & Weil make made with belt straps and cuff bottoms. $2.85, $3.35,13.85. Best Fitting Pants on Earth Summer Coats a«id Pants for^Men. In plaids and stripes light and dark colors, well Regular price $8.85 O — !, ^^^^ made.. Special price summer Coats anil Pants Rosinwald ct Weil make niade of imported Scotch ^ tweeds and cheviots and homespuns hand tailored &A will hold their shape. ^ i ' $12.35 and $14,85 MEN'S 5UITS NEW SPRING AND SUMMER ONES $4.85 to $20.00 a 5uit SPECIAL ^ALE ON SllinWER UNDERWEAR 1« StUI Qolng on Will Continue Throughout This month. Sorosis 5hoe Store' mm stores at lola; Pittsburg and Weir City Largest Clothing and Shoe Store for ] 100 MILES AROUND;- ,.x«;«:..K~.~:«<~:..:.<..:":.<.<..:.<..:..;..:..;.<~:..:..x..:..:..:..%.:..>^^^ LOCAL NEWS. Dr. Porter. Dentist. J. E. Chastain, Dentist. Dr. O. R. Bushfielil, Dentist. Kodaks and supplies at Miller's. Business men's lunch at the "Our Way." F. V. Crouch returned home this afternoon. Charles Guy went to Humboldt on business. Coolest place in town for soda Is the "Our-Way." E. C. Manfield went to Neosho Falls on business. Joe Arneit and wife returned home this afternoon. i ,Northrup's quit business.: A dollar for fifty cents. , Remember the "Our-Way" when hui^gry or thirsty. ' No. 11 East Madison, up-stairs. Henderson & Powell's ofSce. A. F. Edwanls. of LaHarpe, went to Chanute on business. Money to loan on farms or city property. I; H. Kasl)eer. | Money to loan on farms or city property. • L H. Kasbeer. For! tin work go to Ira E. Patterson, 715 East Btr2et Tel. 53. Have you seen the latest reduction at Northrup'a quit business sale. a The latent perfume—Locust Blossoms—at Campbell & Burrell's. Mr. and Mr.'^. .TudRe Thompson loft this afternoon for Frestone, Cal. Private money to loan on city property. Frank Wood, Northrup Bidg. A. W. Howland went nut to his farm today to look over lii.s slock and crojis. Mr.s. RaliJton ioft for Chanute thi.s afternoon for a vi.'^it with her .«istor. Miss Mable Ralston. • Ida Sullivan l«>ft. this .ifternonn for .Sprlnsdalo. Arkansas, wlicro she will visit for two or three weeks. ' George Morgan, who has been here for a. few days on business, returneil to his liome in Blackwell. Okla. Clara McDonald who has been here visiting Mrs. John Nott .returned to her home in Pittsburg this afternoon. •H. P. Britten left this afternoon for Garnett on business, ' Curt Hurd and Henry Styers ^weai to Coloiiy on business. W. S. Crouch. returned to his home in Kansas City this afternoon. J. V. Hall went to Welda today and from there he will go to Lawrence, The Baptist ladies have decided to serve a public dinner in lola on July 4th. Mies Fern McClain went to Chanute to visit Miss Cora Shinn for a few days. Fred Horton came in today-from Independence where tie has been on business. Mrs. May Laymon came in this afternoon for a visit with her brother. Will Riley. Business men and their clerks will find it to their advantage to lunch at the "Our-Way." ' Mrs. Dave Williamson who b^en visiting her sister-in-law at LaHarpe, returned home; today. S. A. Akins of Chanute, who has been here for the last few days on business, returned home tovlay. . The White Mountain refrigerator is the best on the market for the money. Buy it of Schell & Baird. Miss Clara Hull, who has been here visiting Miss Ida Swain, relumed to hor home in Pittsburg this afternoon. Dr. J. T. Reid left today for Lebo, Kanpa.=!, where hd will: visit with frieiiiis and relatives for a few days. We can make you low figurea on furnace' heating. Ira E. Pattel^on, 715 East street. Tel. 53. Roofing and spouting. All kinds of sheet metal work, Ira E, Patte[-Bon, 713 East street. Tel. 53. i Only a few more days and the greatest quit business sale at North^ups' will be a thing of the pasL If you want to get your money's worth in a refrigerator buy the White Mountain of Schell & Baird. Too bad Northrups' are quitting business. lYou can always depend on what you bought at Northrups,' Schell & Baird handle the celebrated White Mountain refrigerator, the best one on the market for the money. Fine Clothing Our line of Suits for Meu is comprised of the latest up-to-date styles and cuts, and the newest fabrics we can buy. We have the regular cut sack coat, the new Crown Prince, the Arvon, Jacket Coat and Stouts and Slims. They are all made with hair cloth fronts and hand padded shoulders, Prices $M to $25 For young men, age 14 to 20 years we have a linei of suits that has^ th*g^snap and style that' all young men are looking for, |8 to $18. Oie Price Ciul Ctotkiaf Mrs, Lewis returned to her homo in Colony this afternoon, C, G, Rogers went to'Emporifi to spend the Fourth of July with his mother. Mrs. C. V. Petraeus was taken ill last evening but it Is hoped her illne.^s is not serious. "* Miss Dallie Adams left this afternoon for Emporia where she will finish her school work. Mls6 Ella Stover, who Tjas been vlslf- Ing with her brother, Capt. Stover, all winter, returned to her home In Maine There will be a business meeting <lf .the North Side Tennis club this evening on the grounds after playing is over. All members are requested to be present. Dr. A. J. Fulton and family will leave tomorrow for Colorado Springs^ where they will spend the summer in the hope of benefiting Mrs. Pulton's health. Energy all gone? Headache? Stomach out of order? Simply a case of torpid liver. Burdock Blood Bitters will make a new man or woman of you. Remember that you can get Commercial club lithographed envelopes at the Register office in any quantity desired. They are a splendid advertisement for lola and every business man pught to use them. The Frisco railroad appealed to the Federal court for a new trial in the suit of Mrs. Mao' Chapman against it in which she was given judgment for $7 ,noo and Judg6 Hook has granted the request. The city as.sessor of Fort Scott has Just finished his year's work and reports a population of 13.707. This is an increase of nearly 1,000 during the year. There are 1,225 negroes included in the total population. I wish to take this opporttmity of expressing my sincere thanks to the many kind friends who have helped to make my sojourn in lola pleasant and with best wishes for you all I bid yon good-bye. Yours very sincerely, W. W. Hodgins, Rector of Episcopal church. In Denmark there are companies which insure women who have a fear of becoming old maids. They pay stated sums every year, and should they marry before they are 40 what they have paid in goes to the less fortunate. After they are 40 they receive p^enslons for lite. The renting of the Stevenson build' ing to Mr. Frishman for a dry goods store will probably result in the removal of Mrs. Landis' millinery sfore into the Hendricks building now occupied by Ramsay Bros. That firm retains a lease on this room until next February and while expecting to vacate this fall when the Northrup stoie and stock cotnes into his possession Mr. Palmer expects to retain the store room he now occupies until the lease does expire. Dick Bushkins, who lives on South State street, went to bed last nif^t the owner of fourteen promising yellow-legged frys. This morning he got up chlckehless. During the night some thief visited his hen house and stole the whole flock. Mrs. Bushkins heard the rumpus, she being awake during the night, but she Jid aot arouse her husband for fear he might go out and get hurt. It Is a penitentiary offense to steal chickens, and a dirty Irish trick to steal all the chicks a man owns. Olathe TTibune: No town win become a business center so long as the business men rely upon a few merchants to bring trade to town. Too often the me|i in the clothing and dry goods trade are the only ones to reach out after custom^ Other merchants wait until these enterprising business men induce the people to come to town and content themselves with the i trade that naturaUy drlfta to their place^. I A public spirited man should ask himself If he la doing his part to attract the people to come to his town. Chris. S. Ritter has moved |his law office ft-om over the ,'Stevenson building to the rooms over the Bon Ton bakery. Stairway next to lola State bank. . _ Sheriff Richardson came home from Topeka last night, had the papers corrected, and left for Iowa to get John T. Page, the prisoner wanted for embezzling money from the cement company. A letter from Sheriff Roodhouse, of Boiirbon county, asks that the authorities notify him when they intend to turn Dave Bradshaw loose. Bradshaw finishes a 30-day s_entence for stealing rabbits tomorrow, but $8 costs still hang over him. The Bourbon county sheriff wants to take him over there for some crime. A small boy whose bare feet have been testing the walks about town, informs the Register that of all makes of walk the brick Is coolest to bare feet, board walks the hottest and cement walks about medium. This may not Interest you now, but doesn't it take you back to the stone-bruise, hedge-thorn period of your life? Who says lola police have no ginger? Last evening, after a quiet day, two of them played a joke on all the loafers by starting at the square and running all the way to the Missouri Pacific depot. About 100 men - and boys joined in the chase and ran, perspiring, to the depot. There was ctm- siderable chagrin when It was learned that the police just ran to see how large a following they would have. A. E. Timpayne, one of .Clianute's most entferprising men, was in town today advertising a racing meet to bo held there July 7, 8, a and 10. The Sth and 9th will bo the big days. Three hundred dollar purses are up and there will be a 2:40 trot. 2:28 trot. 2:22 trot, 2:35 pace and 2:24 pace. Also a 2.22 and a free-for-all pace. The entries show a lot of fast horses and a string of 100 from Joplin wants to break in. A running race for ai$100 purse will be added to the program of each day. The meet promises to bt one of the best held in southeastern Kansas this year. This morning the suit of J. H. Ar mel, of Humboldt, to have the gas and oil lease on his 211 acres of land in sections 20 and 29-26-18 annulled. The lease was given in 1902 to the Kansas & Texas Oil Company and was extended b&lt dozen times by; the pay;- ment of money and the maxing of new agreements. Last October the last extension was made and the company has drilled but two wells, both dry holes. Now the company wants to perpetuate the lease and Armel sues to liave It annulled on the claim that the terms have not been complied with. S. W. Brewster is here representing the oil company and Hugh Farrelly represeiltlng other defendants. The Pay Wc Is Near at Hand. You'll need thirirr3 wei sell. A Jvew Ribbon or IJow will freshen up a cosiurao. i Then there's Gloves and Mitts, Shirt Wai&t Sets, Hosiery, Ha'adkerchlefs, Wrist Bags »nd Puises. The new shirt waists are very pretty and prices are .-7) little, ff it should rain we have fine silk pai^asols for !iSc. v .ilJ Serve you if the sun shines just the same. Fans from lo up. Fire Crackers, and Torpedoes, Flags and ]Juniiu>(. j '. i THE PEOPIE'S STORE . Wanictl—CIrl- jrciicral work ni 2\U S. V.'.iin;!!. house- (pompotent steiui.cjrapher wishes position to Icrin work July 1st. Addresp "B" this oairo. . For S:ile— cost. In'iiiin- qujck. iTifc'e niiim house at III X. Third. Coaie housckcipiti:;. "•!! h >u\.-{. .for light Xi) i::ii!'i:"i>n. Fiirni:-i!i ton St reel. i<l rn.,;-!--. y. Wasfiing- CLERGYMEN CLASH. Bishop Potter Has Directed That Rev. O. C. Fillingham Be Thrown Into the! Street. New York, June 30.—Bishop Potter has directed the rector of the Church of St. Mary the Virgin to call in the police to throw Rev. O. C. Firiinghaiv, of Hexton, Hertfordshire, Engla,id, into the street if that zealous antl-ritual- 1st ventures to interrupt or interfere with the services, which Rev. Mr. Fillingham describes as Idolatrous and contrary to the worship of the Church of England. Rev. Mr. Pillinghani has had some stormy times in England, but his corresppndence never has been enlivened with! such i a letter as that which he received from Bishop Potter; -which read: . | "You call yourself a clergynVji of the Church of England, but I doubt It, for a clergyman usually Is a gentleman, and aware thatlhe may not print a prljvate letter until Its receipt has been acknowledged. The rector of St. Mary' the Virgin possesses my sesf^ct and confidence. I have advised him^, therefore, to apply for a detail of police, and. have Instructed him in ci|;e you or your followers venture to : interfere with his services to direct the police to throw you and your associates into the "Street." "I am in receipt of your extremely For .Sal<'- \. w.;,.!;. r in in.iian Territory. Town (.1" I.'.I'll, jiinoiioii. and ilivi.«ion ji >iin en i.-, line of railroad. Will .sell i-hi'i:) p.r c.'ish or trade for prfir>erty in l(.:.i. c-.^i rjry or LaHarp© A(l(l^o.s.^ ]J<':;;«;i(r oflice. L(>>t —Si ;;!:i<' I iii' [-in. Ri •turn to 309 S. Col inii «•(>;)( - ICcv,:ir.L R. B. S;cvi I .•!'!.- for rtnit rooms 5 and G in ti;.' ?'I'i ,-i:.v ::i i uihling just at the hi:\] c. uihling just Lawn in.v.t. !>. rha:-;..i. cleaned and H '!)air', •!. L".\;)-,>i-i wo rk .srilaran- teed; v.-(;rk -i- •f a; .••o:ir-h (; leave your siroi'i ,•• I.; nuniUer. at Hamilion'.s i-u n-:. X... 4 > Woshing- ton avenno i Woshing- Parffct Wall epatlnf Combines Cle«nllnea« and Durability Any one cari tiruah ft on No one can rub it off Plsstico is a pure, permaa^t and porous vrall coating, «nd , does not reqiure taking oS to y^l renewaado^kalsoiainef; Itfa . a dry powder, ready for nae by *' adding cold 'water and cad be easily brushed on brany^one. Made in white and foorteea fashionable tints. ANTI -KlUoillll C0« GRAND fUPIOS.MlCif./' For futi partiealart and s«m|il« c«t4 uk EVANS BROS. violeiu .Tiwi ii '-j; Ki-.i-r of yestcr-. .iay'.-j ilau'. I ).-'•• .-••> tjx 'raonHnary a pr<)(h;crl.;ii !,( v. r I'l'.nri.- was penned i)y a i)nift~s'lil.v Chriritian minister. I note I'.ihi y->u ("o!>. '.^i '.i.' ;>nil arc privy ro the IH.-,'alii;);it i'h.Iatry practiced Uy the r .fu." (;f S I . Mnry (ho Virgin.- I a!?o n(i'<- y .iur I'-.r.-u f/i" physical vio­ lence—"Lha! a r:ii'iis-, r oi the .gospel anoth.-r i;;::!;'"-r to throw me into the Hir*;.'!.. i'.ui i can assure you that no ihrcai vviii ;:!;'(c-i "who are preparttl nor oiuy lu at-t. but to suffer, in tr.o caii.Jc of rVntcstanrism.'' Rev.- Mr. FilliriL-hini will .=ail for Enf^I.-itiil July 1. Hf v.ill nothing funht-r ill tlu- i-.;!uro\• ifv no-.- but h'e promises to rvr ii< :^^)^i ^.!r .and actively! C(;i !:iiai rl'iiiiiiria. Notice. The harLt r :-!;>.;..-; (•( li>!a-an<l Gas City will (.lo.i.' (Ill ih,' tiiir.l of Julyand not open any nin-- iiatil ihc following Monday. AW sh'i[i.-; wili 1,l,> open until 12 o'clock on '.h..: vA-zlv of the third.— By order 01' c-ononiitec. See Our Baggies and Surreys Before Buying THE LUCdOeK Stcirac* and TniMferUa*. . : Union line; Does Contnet «Wock^.G«nefa Transfer work, Honse. Sftfe anCPlaaQ Mtrrtac , ^ OfBee sad Store jAveau -PfaoB* M Ma. •• Annbal Meeting Natjonali Educational Association, Boston, Mass., July 6th to 10th, 1903. The Santa Fe makes rate of one fare pltis $2.00 to Bos^': and return. Tickets' on sale June 30 to July 4th, inclusive. depositing: ticket and paying a fee of 50 cents ticket can bo extended for return limit-^tuUil: Sept; 1, 1903. Please see na lor particulars. w: EJ. B4L8T6N, iAgent, Another Lot of ImportiecKWoolens GOOD THE YEAR J R OUND Northrtii) JBuildlnCk m

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