Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 16, 1974 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, August 16, 1974
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ffield/far soys: Under deficits opdjnWctf/on; Go vernme/i f doesn 'f go broke—but private citimns do, Our Daily Bread Sliced Thirl by The Editor- Alex. H, Washburn Soaring Arrests Show 55mph Speed Limit Is Enforced I think the headline over Thursday's news report about speeding on the highways missed the point. The headline emphasized that many drivers disregard the legal speed limit—which occurs regardless what the limit is. The real news is that arrests for exceeding the current 55- miles-an-hour limit have taken an astronomical jump. As the newsstory reported: State-wide arrests in the first seven months of last year were 28,717, and for the same period this year 45,926—an increase of 60 per cent. While the local district report of the state police did not give figures for a year ago the district head, Milton (Scrub) Mosier, did say that arrests in June were 746, compared to 575 for May—a 29 per cent increase. The score was 124 trucks and 451 cars in May, and 161 trucks and 585 cars in June. These are the figures that I felt should have been in our headline—and not the fact that people do break the speed laws, which is scarcely news in this or any other day. The purpose of this piece is to reiterate our stand behind enforcement of the 55 mph speed limit, and applaud the state police for a job well done considering the limited number of officers that are on patrol. When the 55mph limit was made a national regulation I advised our staff that all company cars must strictly observe it. I took time out to double-check personally the gasoline-saving claims that were coming out of Washington—distrusting .Almost everything with a Washington origin. However, the federal claim that reduction of the speed limit from 75mph to 55 makes a material saving in gas consumption turned out to be correct, by my personal measurement. With a 390cc engine in a station wagon that averaged 14.2 miles per gallon at 75mph, Pod Rogers and I made a test run to Little Rock and return at 55, and averaged 16.3 miles per gallon—a saving of 14.8 per cent. You may recall that our report was filed in this column' several months ago. So the 55-mile speed limit makes sense—not only for economy but also for a lower accident rate, with the prospect of lower insurance premiums. Miss your paper? City Subscribers: If you fail to receive your Star please phone 777-3431 between 6 and 6:30 p.m.—Saturday before or by 5 p.m. and a carrier will deliver your paper. Herhpsteod Cbunty of (ho Bowie Knife Member of the Associated Press VOL. 75—No. 260 —10 Pages Newspaper Enterprise! Ass'n. Features HOPE, ARKANSAS; FRIDAY, AUGUST 16, 1074 Star Av. iiel fiaid circulation 3 months ending March 31,1974—4,080 As filed with Audit Bureau of Circulations, subject to audit. PRICE IOC Ford meeting today Government of Cyprus flees Nicosia with labor chieftain ByFRANCESLEWINE Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - President Ford meets with another top labor leader today while continuing to focus on economics and transition. He planned to give his attention to a wide variety of matters, including the transition team that is advising him on the new format for his administration. A briefing team from the Office of Management and Budget, headed by Roy Ash, was to give the President a roundup of the latest budget proposals. Ford also was to meet with economic advisers to chart what a spokesman said would be a distinct economic policy bearing the Ford imprint. The President scheduled a meeting with Teamsters leader Frank Fitzsimmons, who was one of President Richard M. Nixon's chief labor supporters. Ford already has extended an olive branch to AFL-CIO President George Meany, who had been on the outs with Nixon. King Hussein of Jordan holds a midmorning summit talk with the President and will be guest of honor at a White House state dinner tonight. Ford's work days were becoming longer and longer as he neared the end of his first week in office. On Thursday he vetoed a bill that would have authorized $47 million more each yeaf for health research to combat animal diseases. He said he did so because the measure "would add further to the federal taxpayers' burdens without significantly meeting national needs and would only add to inflationary pressures within the economy ..." In other developments: —Ford named his former college roommate and law partner, Philip A. Buchen, as his White House counsel. —The President said his decision on a vice president will come "no earlier than the weekend." Sources said the announcement probably won't come until next week. The Detroit Free Press said today that Nelson A. Rockefeller, former New York governor, has the inside track for the position. —Ford told a meeting of county officials on Thursday that he will veto mass transit legislation now being debated in the House if it calls for spending $20 billion. He urged a less-expensive compromise. —And the President announced that Dr. William M. Lukash will serve as his personal physician.Lukash said he is delighted with the health of the new President. Longtime friends By BILL SIMMONS Associated Press Writer LITTLE ROCK (AP) - WU-. Bur D. Mills of.Arkansas, who seldom lacks for influence, finds in Gerald Ford a friend in the White House. Mills, 65, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, and Ford, 61, who became president last week, have been friends for a quarter of a century. Ford spent 25 years in the House. Mills, running for his 19th term, has been in the House since 1938. Arkansans have had several glimpses of the Ford-Mills ties in the last year, but perhaps the most telling came this week when the new president called Mills and said, "This is Jerry." Mills answered, "It's awfully hard for me to say, but protocol requires that I call you Mr. President." That same sort of chumminess has been evident in many Mills statements during the months of controversy over whether President Nixon was involved in a cover-up of White House involvement in the Watergate break-in. Many times Mills has spoken of Ford as "my good friend," and on Jan. 19,197,4, Mills said, "Under existing circumstances, we would be better off with Jerry Ford as president." Ford then was vice president. A week earlier, while dedicating the $34 million Baptist Medical Center at Little Rock, Mills said Ford brought to the vice presidency "a degree of integrity that has never been surpassed in the history of the United States." Ford, whose arm was linked by Mills when the then-vice president arrived at Little Rock Air Force Base, told the dedication audience that Mills had been a longtime friend. Nixon had asked Ford, the ten-vice president said, to convey thanks to Mills for five years of support and to wish Mills complete recovery from a then-ailing back. Ford then added, "But there's never been anything wrong with Wilbur Mills' backbone." Mills this week described the relationship he has with Ford as a "mutual admiration society." By The Associated Press The Cyprus government fled Nicosia today as Turkish troops were within hours of slicing off the top third of the island. Turkish Premier Bulent Ecevit said his forces would cease fire at 6 p.m. — noon EDT — and use conquered the land to impose a federated state with separate Turkish and Greek administrations. Turkish forces have already taken Famagusta, 35 miles east of the capital of Nicosia. They were completing the conquest of MorphoU, -20 miles west of Nicosia, and were driving toward Lefka, 10 miles further west. At the same time, Turkish air and artillery-attacks forced the Cyprus government to abandon the capital and flee to the south coast port of Limassol. Cyprus President Glafcos Cle- rides and his ministers fled so hurriedly that the doors of the deserted presidential offices were left banging in the wind. There was no evidence that any attempt had been made to remove files or other papers. The building was completely deserted. Ecevit said the Turkish troops were expected to reach their "military objectives no later than the cease-fire hour." He said the military objec- tives did not exceed the political ones Turkey asked for at the Geneva conference table. The objectives apparently involve carving out a Turkish sector in the northern third of the island which would be cut off from the south by a line bisecting Cyprus from Lefka in the west to Famagusta in the east. The Turkish troops already have taken Famagusta. Three in Morrilton Housewife is linked family found slain to assassination try MORRILTON, Ark. (AP) — The bodies of three members of a Conway County family were found early today in the living room of their mobile home. Sheriff Marlin Hawkins said Sue Keith, 28; James Randall Keith, 6, and Carolyn Sue Keith, 3, had been beaten with a blunt instrument and that their throats had been cut. He said the family lived 20 miles north of here in the Sunnyside community. Hawkins called the slaying, "One of the most brutal, if the not the most brutal...that has occurred in Conway County in my 24 years in the sheriff's office." Hawkins said his office would offer a $1,000 reward to anyone supplying information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons involved. Hawkins said the bodies were discovered by Harold Keith when he returned home from work early today The:, sheriff said a 16-month-old child asleep-'; in a baby crib in an adjoining* room was unharmed. Roadblocks were set up throughout the county and officers were ordered to check all traffic. "We don't have any leads," Hawkins said. "We're going to check everybody in the commu- nity about vehicles passing through." Hawkins said the victims had apparently been beaten with a . telephone that had been ripped from the wall. He said most of the telephone was missing. The sheriff said the slayings occurred between 9 p.m. and 12:30 a.m. He said Keith's father, J. W. Keith, lived nearby and had checked on the family at 8:30 p.m. He said Mrs. Keith completed her nightly call to her sister, Mrs. Bill Tanner, at 9 p.m. Each of the bodies were found within three or four feet of each other, Hawkins said. The sheriff said each victim had been stabbed once in the throat. : "He knew what he was doing using that '-knife," Hawkins said. jpre claims lives of six BROOKHAVEN, Miss. (AP) — Six persons were reported killed and 11 others injured today in a fire at a rest home near here. A funera} home said it had the bodies of five elderly persons and a man about 22. Youth church rally tonight OSAKA, Japan (AP) — Osaka police today arrested a Japanese housewife on charges of helping the Korean who tried to assassinate South Korean President Chung Hee Park but killed Park's wife instead. Police said the woman, 23- year-old Kimiko Yoshii, gave the birth certificate of her husband, Yukio, to Moon Se- kwang, the 23-year-old assassin, so he could get a Japanese passport in the husband's name. Moon is a Korean who lias been living in Osaka. Mrs. Yoshii was charged with violating emigration and passport laws. Police said she admitted giving Moon her husband's birth certificate to help him get the passport. Officials said Moon and the woman met while classmates at an Osaka high school and made a trip to Hong Kong together last fall. Seoul's chief prosecutor, Kim Il-too, said the .38 caliber revolver Moon used in the attack was taken from the Osaka police, and the police said it was one of two pistols stolen from their armory on July 18 with ammunition belts and handcuffs. Kim said Moon smuggled the pistol into Korea inside a radio. The prosecutor's office questioned Moon today and said he insisted he was acting alone in the unsuccessful attempt Thursday to assassinate Park. A spokesman said, however, that a search for accomplices was on since there were indications he had been associated with leftist movements. The investigation centered on other Korean residents of Japan and Japanese who came to Seoul for Thursday's Independence Day observances. The government ordered that persons in those categories remain in Korea during the investigation, except for persons carrying official passports or other firm identification papers. Except for the reference to leftist contacts, the goverment gave no indication of why Moon wanted to kill the president. Mrs. Park, 48, and a 16-year- old girl choir singer were wounded fatally when Moon started shooting as the president was making an Independence Day address in the Seoul National Theater. There were about 1,800 persons in the-theater, and the program was "being televised." Park dropped behind the lectern and was unhurt. Moon was wounded in the thigh as security guards opened fire on him, and witnesses said the teen-age girl was hit by police bullets. But the government said Moon's bullets hit the girl and the gunman himself as well as Mrs. Park. Mrs. Park is to be buried Monday. Approximately 50 teenagers from the First Assembly of God Church in Memphis will appear in a special service at 7 p.m. Friday at the First Assembly of God Church in Hope, according to the Rev. A. A. Galloway, pastor. Singing will be the Sonimage, youth choir of the church, directed by Youth Minister Ray Talley. The choir will sing contemporary and sacred songs for all ages but especially youth. A smajl ensemble of collegians will sing lively music with a message of purpose for today. A cast of twelve known as "The First Assembly Players" will present "Christ in the Concrete City" a contemporary portrayal of the death of Jesus Christ. The entire group is making stops in Arkansas and Texas. They represent the First Assembly of God in Memphis. The church, with over 2,000 members, was called by Billy Graham's Decision Magazine, "one of America's great churches." Grudge fight set tonight Hope wrestling fans are all keyed up for tonight's big event. Scandar Akbar will meet Johnny Eagles at 8:30 p.m. at Fair Park Coliseum. This will, of course, be a hard and heavy grudge match, since Akbar burned young Johnny several weeks ago during a bout on TV's championship wrestling. The agile Argentina Zuma will also be here tonight. The local fights have been drawing from 800 to 900 persons every weekend. Last Sunday, Arman Hussein, who has won a large following of local fans, lost for the first time this season to Scandar Akbar who beat him on a technicality. Boy saved from lion SAN v JOSE, Calif. (AP) — A 3-year-old child was pulled from the mouth of a lion by a woman who pummeled the beast with her shoe, zoo officials say. Brandon Gates was rushed to San Jose Hospital for knee surgery after the attack on Thursday. Hospital officials said he was in good condition. Brandon was with his brother and students from Toyon Elementary School here when he climbed over a protective fence and walked to the lion's cage, said John Waltes, keeper of San Jose Baby Zoo at Kelley Park. Waites said the other children screamed and the 80-pound African yearling reached out for Brandon through the bars. Myra Woolverton, 24, of San Jose, said: "I thought, "That lion isn't going to let go of that baby,' so I jumped over the fence, took my shoe off and started pounding the lion on the head through the bars until she let go," Mrs. Woolyerton said. Waites said the young lioness "was just playing with the child." "It's just that they play too rough for humans," he said. "It wasn't any sort of vicious attack. The child had no business inside the protective cage area. 'Snake man' will be going to Nashville Doc Walls, who is exhibiting his collection of serpents at Hervey Square today, will be moving on to Nashville Saturday, then on to Arkadelphia Monday and Tuesday, and from there, to Pine Bluff. Later on, Doc says, he'll be going to Houston, Tex., for the shooting of a horror film in which he and his pet cobra, Satan, will appear. Doc will play the part of an old derelict who carried around with him a mysterious box. The box, of course, contains Satan, but the audience doesn't know this until the end. He will also have to supply the film company with at least 100 snakes to work with. Doc, who is widely-traveled and who has appeared in a number of TV talk shows, will do impersonations in the movie, which will begin shooting within 60 days. CLOUDY New Holiday Inn, 1-30 and Hy. 4, to hold Open House from 2 to 5 p. m. this Sunday, Aug. 18 ***n » -|. , «#UNl —Hope (Ark.) Star wide-angle

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