Covina Argus from Covina, California on February 8, 1908 · Page 1
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 1

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 8, 1908
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RtwMnf R. H. —SELLS— Hardware, Tinware, Stoves, Ideal Gas Stoves, Paints, Oils and Glass, Sherwin-Williams Paints, Guns and Ammunition, Peters' Shells. GOVINA Overland Keen Kutter Roadsters The Finest Boys' Wagons at RABRICKL'S HARDWARE AR.GUS VOL. COVINA, CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY. FEB. 8, 1908. PROFESSIONAL CARDS f^OBT. P. UPDYKE, D. M. D. DENTISTRY Over Argus Office Covina, Cal. Phone 284 . v p. J. CLINE, —DENTIST— .Office hours: 8:30 to 12, 1 to 4. Home Phone 47 "Office: Bank Blk., - Covina, Cal. J)R. R. E. BATES Special attention given to diseases of women and children. ••Office and residence 4 doors west of Episcopal Church on car line. Office hours: 8 to 10 a. m. 2 to 4 p. m. "Phone 288 Covina, Cal. j£)R. WILLIAM CAPPS OFFICE PRACTITIONER Chronic Diseases ^Specialties—Cancer, stomach and intestines, genitourinary, ear, nose and ;throat, diseases of the nervous system. Hours, 9 to 12 a.m., 1 to 4 p.m. Office over First Nat'l Bank, Covina. Phone 75 ,J£EED & JENNINGS, PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS 3. D. REED G. D. JSNNINGS 8-10 a m 10-12 m 2-4 p m, 7-8 p m 4-6 p m Offices in Reed blk., Phone 40. Residence of Dr. Reed E. Badillo at. Phone '48; Residence of Dr. Jennings on /Reynold* addition, E. Badillo St. IPhonc 53. COVINA, CAL. QR. J. C. GOODELL OSTEOPATH Phones: Office 17S; Rea. 23 Hours 9-4 IFirat Nat. Bank Bldg. Covina, Cal. M. HYATT PROFESSIONAL NURSE •Graduate of County hospital. Eour .years' experience. References: H. D. Briggs of Azusa; C. M. Fraaier and D. F. Hendrickson of Glendora; and Drs. Reed & Jennings of Covina. Home phone 40. Reed block, Covina .QEO. L. SANDERS, ATTORNEY FOR CITY OF COVINA Offices 325-333-335 Wilcox Building, Telephone, Home 425 LOS ANGELES, CAL. B. BIDWELL ATTORNEY AT LAW Home phone 3164. Glendora, Cal. ANDREW M. PENCE ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Notary Public Phone 1039 Reed Block Covina, Cal. £)R. O. T. AMYRAULD VETERINARY SURGEON AND DENTIST Graduate McGill University, Montreal Office at Hotel Vendome. COVINA Shoe Repair Shop Adjoining- the Owl Barber Shop. We do the best repairing 1 in town and use the best material in the market j at the most reasonable prices. Hali.s- ! faction ia guaranteed in every respect. If you give us a fair trial you will uot j regret it. , We also carry in stock every kind of ' rubber goods. What Is It? Watch This Space TWENTY ACRE GROVE SOLD Sells for $35,000.00. Five Acres Brings $9,000.00. Firnt class bearing Covina orange groves are being sought after by investors and handsome prices have been paid during the past week. As high as 92200 an acre was paid for 1 2-3 acres owned by H, M. Houser. Next to this sale ranks the Ger>. W. Griffiths, Jr., 20 acre grove on Rowland avenue, for which 135000 was paid by Walter W. Bennett, of Los Angeles. The grove is in the pink of condition and consists of 13 acres of full bearing navels and 7 acres of Valencia buds. There is an artistic 91000 cement block residence on the property. Mr. Griffiths took in part payment $12,000 worth of property in Altadena and Los Angeles. The Altadena property consists of three lots and an eieht room residence. Mr. Griffiths and family will continue to make Covina their home. This sale v/as negotiated by Fairly & Pollaj-d. C. E. Crawford, manager of the Covina Orange Growers Asaociation, baa also disposed of bis five acre grove on W. Workman street to Henderson & Heath, of Pomona. 89000 was paid for the property. The grove is in full bearing and la planted half to navel* and half to Valenoiaa. ^bj^BJi^a aix room-rMldenee >Y*!P«d at 12500 on the property. Mr. Henderson and bis family will move onto the property. The sale was made by J. M. Stanton. School News. Semi-annual examinations hare been held this week in all grades from the fifth through the high school. These examinations correspond to the business man's stock-taking or inventory season. The student Suds out whether his balance ia on the side of growth in the acquisition of knowledge and givey him an opportunity to compare bhiiHelf and his work with his fellow schoolmates, people who are in the warne business as be. The teacher also Suds out whether his work had counted for advancement and whether ho has done all he could for the education of the boys and girls. Examinations of this character, when teacher and student note failures or weaknesses to overcome and strengthen them, are of value to the cause of education in any community. The high school (.enchers have spent many hours this week in arranging the new Nohedule of recitations for the second Herrienter. New HturlioH taken up for He cor id half of the year necessitated changes to avoid conflicts. The schools have arranged for tho Turner Art Exhibit of famous pictures from the 19th to tho '22nd of this month. It in hoped that several flue pictures can by the proceedH of this exhibit he placed in tho schools. Athletics are assuming activity in the high nchool in tenriiH, girlH* baseball and regular baseball. ' T l ie high school boys' team will meet '.heir old aiitagoniMtH, Lordaburg College, in a buHeball game on tho high school grounda thi« afternoon at 2::iO. An arhnisHion of 10 cuntu will lid charged to cover exponw-.s. The high school boy«' line-up will! be ab follows: Kred ('hemberlen, c. ; Lloyd Taylor, p.; Kay C'oltrin, X.H. ; Roy (ioodell, 1 b. ; Tom Finch, 2b. ; Walter Hepner, :in. ; Hay Kistler, l.f. ; Marion Adeit, c.f. ; Sam Allison, r.f. New Arrivals. Mr. and Alrh. S. Ulurn, who re ri-nil\ purchaser! the J. J. Aschen breuner orange grove on CJypreaB avenuf-, expect to take up their rehi di-in-H in (,'oviua within 11 few days. The.-.e; f-i-'-l le come hen: tr'.iii Highland i'ark, when- their kindly aiid ^'••ilinj/ v,.,rl.h ha.e inade fl.t-in inaii'. liii-ndi. Mr. Jjliijn i- an l.-Uti.lnl.:.".: It: Ma-:-,n. Dies at Ripe Age. Mr. Charles Dnmerol, one of the oldest and most respected settlers of this community, after a prolonged illness of over a year's duration, passed &wny at his home on Sunday morning, Feb. 2. His funeral took place from Holy Trinity Church on Monday at 2 p. m., Rev. Alfred Fletcher officiating, being attended by the local lodge of I.O. O.'F. in a body, of which order the deceased had been a member for sixty-five years. After the completion of the Episcopal service, tho order of ritual of 1.0.0. F. WH8 rend at the grave. Mr. Datnercl came of a rugged and long-lived stock, three of his maternal uncles having attained tho advanced age, respectively, of 105, 106 and 107. He himself, notwithstanding many revereee, reached the age of 86. Born in Exeter, Devonshire, England, Jan. 14, 1822, be emigrated to New York state in 1844 and located at Rochester, where ho engaged in the glass and crockery business. In this industry he was eminently successful, building up au extensive business; until the great fire, which visited Rochester in 1859, totally destroying his property. Removing to Hastings, Minn., he started anew in the hotel .and livery business, where, again achieving success after twenty-one years of strenuous life in that country, he met with another disaster by fire, which a second time wholly destroyed bis property. Moving farther west in 1880 to Wabteton, North Dakota, be engaged in the hardware business until 1891, during whleb time b« held the office of county commissioner and chairman of public schools. Spending tbe winter of 1890 in California, be became so enamored of its climate and possibilities that be sold bin business and removed to Covina in 1892, since which time he has been a resident of this community. Mr. Damerel became a member of I.O.O.F. at, Now Borry, Berkshire, England, November, 1843, and han boon a consistent member of that order Niiioo, having passed through all tho chairs. Ho WUH a faithful and honored member of tho Episcopal Chuich all his life and filled tho office of senior warden for the past 38 years, being an occupant of that office in Holy Trinity Church at the time of IUH death. He wan tho youngest son of a family of twenty-two, of which four win tern are still living. Married throe times, ho loaves a widow, ono daughter, Mrn. C. 1). Leech of Covina, and three HODH, Charles Damerel, of the CasH-Hmurr-Damerel Hardware Co. r.f JLos Angolen, Harry Darnontl of this place, und George Damerel of Los ArigelcH. Library Conference. The board of library triiHteeH IIHH granted Mm II. M. Faultier, local public librarian, leave of ubHcnco to attend tho annual conference of the California Library AHHociation, to be held at Kan .J»Ho beginning Kchrn ary 17. To meet tbe needtj of the Htnaller librarian, the two duj'H preceding the regular conference will bu devoted to the HiihjectB of book repairing, cataloguing, olu/wifying for a email library, under direction of Misu Bertha Kiimli and MJHH Mabel l J rentiHH, who are now library organ i/.era for the Htato Library and Hpend moHt of their time traveling over the Htate in the interest of the organi/a lion of new public lihrarieH in ""in mii/iiti'-H desiring the name and in a«nibting in charge of libraries, already Htarted. The member of the (,'ovina library board, with Ihe aBMbtance of their able librarian, an- determined that the prenent high standard of the Covina library Khali be maintained, and to thin end they believe it ia money well expended in familiari/.ing ther/ihelven with the methodb purhufed if other lihiar i(:H. Covina Steam Laundry. There in 'a limited amount of -,!.'.>'k not Hubictibtd tor. Anyone '.vi.-.hi/Ji/ to hut,-.('I ine. t',1 i-.(ork i'l tl.ll culi [ [.tint; may do ->-. at. tin: < '>,', in-> .N'jit i'.i.'ii I IJank .; at. if. v •.!!!' •<• V-M/..I (.i-.'-n. A ..!. 1-1.NCI.. MARRIED AT MIDNIGHT Love at First Sight Followed by Runaway Marriage. Tho sensation of tho week has boon tho marriage of John Upham Wallace to Miss Edith Rollofson, a charming tuuaio teacher of Los Angeles, which occurred in Sim Diego on Saturday night. it was a case of love at first sight, the young people meeting only throe weeks ago, whrtn Miss Kollcfaon en mo to Coviua to start a imitdo class. Mr. Wallace, however, proved himself a discrete as \\oll as an ardent lovor, for the first intimation that the general public had was tho following announcement in the Los Angeles Times of Monday: San Diego, Fob. 2.—At 11:30 o'clock last night County Clork Francis was routed out of bod to issue a marriage license for John Upham Wollaco, aged 40, of Covina, and JVUss Edith Rollefson, agod 31, of Los Angelos. Tho couple arrived from the north on tho evening traiii, and a few hours later succeeded in locating Rev. J. W. French, pastor of the Methodist Church, South, whom they asked to marry them. It developed, -however, that in their haste to be wedded they had neglected to secui« tbe necessary legal papers. . This necessitated Smoked Meats Lower Hams (unbni tided) ................................. ... I4c Haras (Rex) Bacon (Winchester, light) . . ......................... 21c Bacon ( unbranded) ............................. . . . T . 19c All pood, sound stock PURITAN BUTTER CHASE & SANBORN'S COFFEE Warner, Whitsel & Co. FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF COVINA jr. C. Hutchiueow, Jr7, Aw't Caahler W. H. Holllday J. R. Elliott J. O. Houacr DIRECTORS ., A. P. Kcrckhoff H. M. Hcnmer Gco. If), Anderson Hours, 9 a. m, to 3 p. m. Marco H. Hcllman C. V. Clapp C. Mcnefec Clarence Allison Flans furnished for all kinds of buildings. COVINA. Building Contractor CAL. f^e *wtiJtlliiij tofk place at the Methodist parsonage at 12 o'clock, and the honeymoon is being passed at Hotel Robinson, They say they decided they would run away and fool their friends. The bride is a music teacher iu Los Ancles. Mr. Wallace has been a resident of this city for over fourteen yeam, being for the pant H!X yours in the etn- plov of Goo. W. Griffiths, Jr. Oddfellows Entertainment. The Covina OddfellovvH are arranging to give the oiti/ens of Covina a rare treat on Wednesday evening, Fob. 2(5, in the Heed hall. It will he a social evening of eduention and entertainment, at which tiine will appear one of the foremost impor- sonatora of tho day, Newton Uoers, long UHHooiatod with the leading lights of tho American st'ige, who will present the great fraternal drama, David and Jonathan. Mr. Hoers, early in hid dramatic, career, by his ability, soon grow to bo prominently UHHociated with the greatent actors of the paHt decade. From the thorough schooling received with these men and women of the highest dramatic attainment, Mr. iors himself soon developed into a slollar favorite, and as Hitch appeared for several years In "Lost in London," and other powerful plays. ills long list of distinct successes, Mr. Moors Is iniw duplicating on tho lyeeum platform as an individual interpreter of the master pieces of literature. Mr. lieers in his new sphere is demonstrating the highest form of tbe actor's art. Mr. Klwyn Jiarron, London playwright and special writer for tho American press, places Mr. lieers as "head and | ouldorri above many ranked with | hin> us great.. " j Tickets, !JO>, apiece, can now be ' eoured from nioinljeiB of I he corn ', iiiit.too, consisting of .1. O. lloiiscr, i<°i'auk Ohavcr, (/'. H. Kiht.lor, Jiemy l''iey, M. L. Alehnorl.. i $^,200 an Acre Paid for Covina Orange (irove. Thirty soven iuindreil dollars wan f/uid this week for one uiui two IhirdH acres of i-avel trees. The property belonged to H. M. (looser and in I'.cated o'i liollenbeck Direct, iinin'- diaiely no/ib .if t.he renidenc.e .,f yr>ur trees in a way that will jnit ora/it(t:s in the box and money I /(ink Ifouner. 'I lie Iree-i ai o 'JL'i . . , . . ,. .. , . . , .in tin: t/aiik. I<<--1 U , tell you inoii' about it. ,(;K~ '.Id iiud fid niii/iy >eai-. hijve i.i 't.i'l their '.'Aii.-i ^'j'JO j.ei annum. 'I i,- t,. .-, | urcl, i.-ei j.- .1 II. I ii ', • ,\ , Implements, Wagons, Buggies and Harness LAKGKST STOCK JN TIIK VAIJJCY Hoe», Rckes, Shovels, Porks, Paints, Oils and Varnish CKMCBKATKI), MOHT-KUNNING Birdsell Wagons Molinc Disc Marrows KKPAIK PARTS FOR AM, M AClilNKS - S|)(.-cial Hargainn in- — Sccond-Hond Buggies jj Implements You are invited to inspect our stock and get our prices. Telephone your wants. Home phone S2.SH. CHARLES H. MORRIS IJ, H M H YOU LOOK WI-LL HID How About Your Orchard? KKKTJLI/KK ( O.'S Sl'KCIAL KKUJTI.\(; will iced W. H. WIHTK, District A^enl

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