The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 12, 1892 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 12, 1892
Page 2
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2. HTJTCHiySOH DAILY NEWS, TFESDAY, APRIL 12, 189*. ONE AT A TIME. That Is the Way in Which Pre-emption Claims Must Be Made. BO HAYS THE l-AND OFFICE. That U ConimUniiiurr Carter Madtt » Statement an t<i llic rroimr Mode of tVorrdur*)— Old Moldlnr* to He 1'rolrnt.Ml In Seeking ifc Ilnxnp IQ Uuod I'ttltli. HVABiunn'rov, April 13.—The attention of Commissioner Carter c/f the general land office, was last night culled to the dispatch from t .nUirio relutive to the excitement occusftmod ot Kingfisher as n result of the instructions sent from Washington to tin* limd oilleers at that place and at Oltlahoniii City prescribing mips for tin- opening to settlement' of the Cheyenne and Arapahoe lands. The commissioner said that the telegram as sent to the newspapers from Washington was strictly correct. The commissioner further Nald: "For many years the rule has existed that declaratory statements could be filed only by the individual in person or through an ae/ent appearing 1 at the land oflice. Soldiers 1 declaratory statements never have been recognized when received by mail. Mnny years ngn Cora- ralftsioner Drummond ruled on this point. The ruling has been steadily adhered to, so that us to the use of the mails as a medium through which soldiers' declaratory statements might be presented no change lias been made. The instructions merely call attention to an ancient rule whieh has never been deviated from. "As to homestead tilings in general, the law provides that the paper when forwarded by mail must have been prepared before the proper ofiieer in the connty In whieh the land is located. As at the date laud in question will be thrown open to settlement, there will bo no officers In the counties in whieh the lands are situated. It follows that no papers ean lie legally prepared In •uch counties. Consequently without any rule on this subject whatever, the mails .cannot be made available as a. medium through which tilings eau ba presented at the time of the opening, Tho commissioner, being further Interrogated with reference to tho proposed rule limiting the number of declaratory statements U> be presented at one time by the agent, said: "Abundant evidence hits been furnished that the department agents have advertised extensively for powers of attorneys for soldiers authorizing them (the attorneys) to locate lands in tho Cheyenne and Arapahoe country. Some of these agents have received as high us 1,000 powers of attorneys to locate lauds under soldiers' declaratory statements. Many of these locations, it is alleged, will be. made, if made at all, for speculative purposes. The proposed rule was made for tin? purpose, of protecting the soldiers who might be personally present at the land olllce. His rights might lie seriously invaded by permitting one peraoii acting as agent to secure an advanced position in the lino and through him the tiling of 100 to 1,000 claims, covering a large portion of the desirable' land, while the old soldier Immediately In the rear of such agent would be compelled to talte what might be left or buy from the agent ut such price as his cupidity might dictate, u relinquishment of one of the claims which the agent had succeeded In capturing. In other words, it is the purpose of the department to prevent persons accomplishing more by their absence than they could accomplish by their presence. "It is the purpose of the department to giv«; to these old soldiers who have collected in large numbers and who are honestly seclting a home an opportunity to obtaiu a good truct of land on at least an equal basis with the agents •who have industriously advertised for powers ot attorney, and are now prepared to cover all the desirable land in the ceded country to the exclusion of those persons who have appeared in their own proper persons to exercise their rights." MR Hri'llk In Wl>«ul. CIIICAOO , April 12. —A whirl of excitement marked the close of the session of > the lwanl of trade, the break in the price of wheat from the high point of the day being over four and a linlf cents. Edward Pardridge, the noted plunger, who for the past three days was supposed to be nearly at the end of his rope, is credited with winning half li million dollars on the decline; Hhuotliijc Merape. KANSAS CITY. MO ., April Abraham Grayson, a member of one of the negro corps during the civil war was shot at l> o'clock this morning by Carroll Tolbert,n night porter at the Centropolia hotel, The shooting took place in a lodging house at 70S Wyandotte stroet. He was sent to the city hospital and will probably die. The limnoiinttla Wlirwuiu llvirun. CHICAGO , April la.—Tho lirst shovel­ ful of earth was turned in the work of erecting the democratic national convention wigwam on the lake front. According to contract the structure is to b* completed before June- B. FACTS AllllliT UKt'l(>ROi:lT¥. Senator Mui'Ktui WtHhri* HvtiiUs In KeKurd to llaytl iiml <i<>rumny~ oihur Mutter* la the Heimtc. WAHHINOTO.N , April 1'J.— In the senate Mr. Worgun offered a resolution requesting the president to communicate to the senate the items of taxation upon Imports from tho United States Imposed by the laws of lluyti, upon which the president has based his liml- ing uud proclamation that the tariff 'uws of llaytl arc reciprocally unjust to the United States; also requesting the president to send to Hit senate any agreement made bv lilm with (.lermany and the correspondence relating to the subject of such agreement ITI wblch it ispi-oooscd thutsuLrnroraiiv Other Herman production of export shall be admitted into the United Mates free of duty and that he Inform the sen ate what articles of Amcricad produe tlon he has proposed or demanded that Germany shall receive free of duty, or upon a schedule of reduced duties. It went over until lo-morrow. The two resolutions offered by Mr. McMillan last Friday in regard to the rejection of bids for the construction of warships ut lake ports niul In regard to the agreement ls'twcen the United HtnU's ami (ireat Itrltain, covering the naval force to be maintained on the great lakes, were agreed to. Mr. Palmer introduced a bill to remove tlio limitations to the payment of arrears of pensions. Mr. Stewart offered a resolution calling on the secretory of the treasury for the information connected with the purchase and coinage of silver and gave notice that lie would , occupy about' fifteen minutes to-morrow in calling attention tuthestalcmentof the secretary of the, trensury as to finance. The bill heretofore introduced by Mr. Oulllnger for a commission to select a site for a sanitarium for pulmonary patients was taken up and Mr. tlullinger addressed the senate. At the close ol his remarks the bill was referred to the committee, on epidemic discuses, anil then, on motion of Mr. Cameron, the senate proceeded to executive. Imsiuess. ^Cleveland nml flnij'. INDIANAPOLIS , hid., April !«.—Tho democratic convention of this, Marion, county was held Saturday. Although this is tin: home of ex-Oov. Oray, tho following resolution was adopted with but few of the TOO delegates voting in the negative: Resolved, Hv the i-L-prcwnUUlvosor tho demo- uratk' party t>! Marlon cnnniy in convention assembled, Ucat, UK uirltT reformHUOUUI be&uu will Do the paramount Issue tn thn next iircsidcuUol election, ft in the Judgment and iv 'Jsh ot Lais convention that Uruvur Cleveland should be tho nomine*' M the democratic party lor president and Gov. <.:ruy tor vlco-prcsUlent. Killed at li CroffKlllK- VAI.I.KV FALLS . Kan., April. 12. —John B. Addcrholl, an intelligent young man 18 years old, was hilled .Saturday afternoon on a railroad crossing near town by a Santa Fe train. lie .evidently failed to hoar the whistle, if there was one, and drove his team on the track. Both horses were also killed and the wagon knocked into kindling wood. A Clerk Held Up at Iteiilek, Mo. MOIIKICLY , Mo., April 12. —Burglars broke Into the store of T. IV. Oenola & Co., at Reniek. and compelled the clerk, at the muzzle of a revolver, to open the safe, from which they took Jlin. They also broke into tile drug store of Dr. Forrest and tried to open the safe, but foiled. Clerk or Olny County J Mo., Head. huiKiirv, Mo.. April J-J. —Col. L. W. Bums, county clerk of I ijfts. Clay county, died at his home lust evening. He hurt been ill for several weeks. Col. Burris was a prominent man in state as well as local polities. He had been clerk of the county court for twenty-two years. 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Is GomethiuK else, that inay pay the dealer better, llltely to ba " jtttt as good," tor you• Allium-,- Men ludoric II. I'. I'. Wilson. ST. JOHISI'H , Mo., April 12.—Saturday afternoon the Huchanan county Farmers' Alliance sprang a surprise on the democracy by indorsing Congressman R. V. C. Wilson. TKI,l-:tillArlllC IIIIKVITIKS. The wages of all the iron f nrmiee men of New Custle. I>n., have been reduced. The New Kngland Southern M. E. conference lias voted against admitting women to the general conference. Incendiary tires continue to cause uneasiness in Vicuna. At Lioufelden, in tipper Austria, there have been several iires of tills hind within the past few days. .lohn K. Porter, senior counsel for the people in the trial of Garlield's assassin, fiuitean, and for the defense in the lleecber trial, died at Waterford, N. Y., yesterday. The supreme court, of Kansas in a lengthy decision has reversed the district court in the suit of the eity'of Atchison against the Chicago & Atchison Bridge Co. The regular quarterly meeting of the KauBiis City Presbytery, which has just closed, adopted a resolution approving the action of the last general assembly in the Brlggs case. William Brown, foreman of a switch crew on the Belt line nt Kansas City, Mo., while engaged in his work, was run over Sunday and received Injuries from which he died. Vreaident Harrison and party, including Lieut. Parker and George YV. Boyd of the Pennsylvania road, litis returned to Washington aitcr a brief trip to New Church, whither they had gone to shoot Buglish golden plover, which abound along the peninsula. The trotting meeting of the St. Louis Fair association and jockey club this year will Ue held during the regular fair week, October S to H, inclusive. The programme provides for three stake raves, one for f 1,300 for three-yunr-olds eligible to the 2:!I0 class, one for 93,000 for trotters eligible to the 2:110 elus3 and the third for 15,000 for pacers eligible to the class. Snow fell to the depth of two inches over the greater portion of southwest Texas on Thursday, beginning nbout 200 miles west and reaching into the northwestern border of Mexico. Advices received from Samoa show that the feud between King Malietoa and Chief Mutoafu grows more bitter daily and that an outbreak is probable. Mutaafu has started avival government. New post oiilees have been established in Oklahoma as follows: Arapahoe, Q eouuty, John B. Nichols postmaster; Taloga, V> county, Harvey M. Cleaver postmaster! Wittonga, C county, John 11. Dillon postmaster; Cloud Chief, H tounly, J. A. Williams postmaster. Dr. M. F. Horine, of Chicago, filed suit in the circuit court in Kansas City, Mo., against Alfredo Burlli for alienating the affections of his wife. Or. 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No. 7 carries through Pullman sleeper io Dodge City and through coachen to Pueblo and Denver. No. 4 carries through Pullman anC tourist sleepers, also chair cars to Kansas City and Chicago, also Pullman sleeper to St. Louis. No. tf carries through Pullman (deeper^ and chair earn to Kaiusaa City and Chicago No. 8 carries Pullman sleepers ajid chalt cars to Kansas City and St Joseph, Mo. DUO GEO. T. NICHOLSON, G. T. & p. A., Topeka, Kan. J. W. TBDFOaD, Agent Santa Fe Boute. Hntchinson. PROFESSIONAL CARDS. S. l'HVSICIANS. H. SIDLINGERT l'hysli'liiu and 8nrgeon. Olllce over Sidllnger's drug store. Office telephone, 10; residence, GB. J-JRS. STEWART, 337 North Main. BR. j. B. STEWART, | DR. K. A. STEWART, Practice limited to Bye, Ear, Throat Surgery aud Dls- and Nose. Glasses eases of Women. 1 properly adjusted. J. W. MAQUIRE, M. D„ Treats Eye, JKur, Nose nnd Throat Diseases ' Carefully. Office, No. 110 North Main. Residence, 80S North Main. J G. MALCOLM, Physician autl Burgeon (Homeopathic) Office 1121st avenue east. ATTOKNKVS. JNO. W. ROBWriT Attorney ut Law. Kooms 2, 3 and 4, Mo. 3 South Mala. T ESL1E & CRAWFORD. . JLJ .Attorneys sttaw. Successors to Swlgart A Crawford. Penney Building, opposite Court House. JglDWARD A. IIA1UUMAN, Attorney at Law, Ofllce in HutchinaonNatlonal Bank building Hires'^ ! W e V uremen': 0ZMANLIS, ORIENTAL SEXUAL PILLS 8 «f , rwmpt, VofttSt* Out* for ImpctMc; ton of Manhood, Stmlnal EmfMlMi, Spsrmoterrasa, Ntiixmlntil, Stl/Olltrutt lou of Htmoiv, An. Will out Van. Prlet tl.00, « Bom, *» 00. , J aatelal Dlnettartt Hallid with inoli Bo». Minn BtU »l4CM »lWaKt Ot.. 8010 LUOAl AVJ. 6T.LOUI3. . MO. Marriage,&ecretfcilus, Losses, Evil l-oreliodlnot DMrcaaaiicy.Htuateil Orowthi.oto. «Xe«lu«ii«< <r«>Aaii> Blvu uss a.iouolv o/surc.M.' — i • tnalUM frt'.t for Hniltrit OUR NEW BOOH b^skSS"^ I 'huuaaliiln ut tlusranteed Toatlmoulsls tU»t "MEW STAY CURED." Attorney ut Litw, Ofllce over First National Bank. Entrance on Sherman street. •^yHITESIDB & GTREASON • Attorneys at Ijaw, Office, 1, 2 t a, 4, over No. G4 SoutU Main St. rjtAYLOn & TAYLOR, Attonioys at I>H\r, OfQce, upstairs, Masonic Temple. M" ODERN WOODMEN OV AMERICA Meet in the hall of McClurg's store, at No. 20 South Main street, every Monday evening-. Visiting neighbors always welcome. W. B. MAUHUAI.L , Clerk. ' A. M. IJUTCIIJSSON , V. C (SUCCESSOR TO WM. MOBEISON.) Corner of Main and Fourth. The place to buy your beef, pork., 1 veal and all kinds of sausage, oysters, fish and game. John Hartman, cutter. Tolepnone 32. Remedies ssd Treatment for tie Cure i Call on or address the Keeley Institute of Indian Territory, OKLAHOMA CITY, 0. T: CURE v 'VGORSELFf _ rillroiili|c,!M-lt!uionofrUc«\ roi«!t,Whii..i-: ;.,<rrnstorrbi»l Joriiuy v.n:ir < i.'.>l/;isdHW»a(V Jyour Uni.!jj!,i. lur a bottlo of JUte «. U nircs iu u few dan SwHIunuthonit; orpumicily of a lilooior. Json-po/sououa and 1 fruaraiitecd not Ui t'trfcture. Tha XMiversnl A<nr.rlczn Cure. Manufactured l>? k .Tte Evsas Chtmici 0o,| OINOINNATI , o. .».

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