Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 12, 1889 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 12, 1889
Page 3
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THE ETEIsmG GAZETTE: TIIUKrrDAY, HEPTEMKEIl IS, YW ate tc. Etc. STcxt I>oor lo Unit Ilnnm* Don't Look at!;Me but Evening Gazette, THB Bvnrnro GAZBTTB oun 1>e hud »t all the newi stands. PrlooTwo UBHTS, OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY. J.K.Chester Has* just opened his Tonight. GSpeclal'meeting of Sterling Com- mandery, No 57, K. T. Work. Jr GOODS "Wliicli is more complete than, ever lore. "His assortment of Kobe Patterns, Side Bands, Stripes and Plaids AR£ I^RTICULUILY ATIRiCTlVE. Serges, , Henriettas, IMoliairs, I3roa,d.elothes, Flannels, &c., In all the Netsr Shades at Lowest Prices! fa Wool Dress Flannels only 21 cts.- Best stock of Black Dress Goods in Whiteside County. He is?also showing many bargains in other departments of his mamoth stock. CALL AND SEE. —The Knights of Pythias meet this evening. —The total receipts of the MorriBon fair were 35,050. —B. L. Kimbro and son Walter are in Chicago today. —Miss. Ada E. Ward has returned from Normal, 111. —Mrs. Btebbins, of Chicago, is visiting Mrs. B. Champion. ~— Elmer E Sturtz has gone to Knox college tQ.retumeJiIttBtadlfia —Mrs. Charles E. Grove has arrived here from Chambersburg, Pa. —Mr. and Mrs. Elmer E. Crawford have returned from Lohrville, Iowa. —Mrs. A. Thummel, of Prairieville, a reported to be growing more 111 raj- dly. —Henry King gave a dancing party to a small number of friends in G. A. R. hall last evening. —Wm. Cavert went to Chicago today to consult an eminent physician in regard to his Illness. —The Deestrick Skule will hold a public session in the Academy of Music on Tuesday evening, Sept. 24.' —The Northwestern yard is now being changed about, the tracks being laid and mauy new rails being placed., —Col. Moses Dillon's canteen smelling flask was called into 'use several times yesterday to relieve cases of headache and fainting. —Mr. M. R. Butt went to Chicago this morning to remain several months. He sent his driving horse Ned, and his buggy in so as to be able to enjoy the many boulevards of Chicago. •The census will be taken next June, and for this reason Sterling should make as good a showing as possible. Let manufactories enough be started here to swell the population to several thousand more than it is now. —J. C. Rundlett's team scared this forenoon as he was driving north over the railroad.tracks on 1st Avenue and the horses ran away, and in front of Wahl's implement store, the buggy was overturned and he was thrown to the ground. He received bad bruises on the right Bide of tha head, and about the right shoulder. Dr. Frank Anthony bound up hia wounds. —Mr H. A. Aument la advertialng the Sterling Business and Phonographic College this year more extensively than ever before. Over 100,000 large circulars are being sent out for distribution at the principal fairs of Illinoia, Iowa and Wisconsin. A large number of elegant and tasteful pamphlet circulars are also being sent out. Such liberal advertising should meet with large returns. —Contractor Carter is about through with the mason work on the new C. & N. W. depot here, and will leave soon for Applston, Wisconsin, where he has aecured the contract for another depot for the Northwestern. The carpenter work, which ia in charge of Foreman Black, will be pushed to completion as rapidly aa possible. There la a good deal to do In this locality and it will take until enow fall to complete It. —Yesterday Mr. Frank W. Bunn, son of Dr. M. A. Bunn, of this city, was married to Miss Carrie Glenn,of New Vienna, Ohio, at that place. Mr. and Mra. Bunn will reside at Champaign, thia State, where he IB employed In the draughting department of a large manufactory. Frank baa scores of jicquaintancea and friends here, and allot them will be pleased to hear of his happiness. With all the others, we extend congratulations. —The Wednesday club held its election laat evening. The following officers wore elected: Prof. B. B. Hutch, president; John Haberer, ; vice president; Mrs. E. II. Clark, treasurer; Mlsa May Zigler, librarian; assistant librarians, Clair Fitch aud John llaberer. The plans for the coming ye» r have not completed as yet, but the club will give atleftst three entertainments. The club i» «t<»«i? «^ ra &> k W U P * meet ia music Uxau *ay TIIK AlinOV KKI M0.\. The soldier's reunion at Amboy thip year was a bis success if a largo crowd, rattling speeches nnd general pood feeling make it so. .There seemed to be nn outpouring of most of tho veterans of the two counties, W hiteside and Lee, and seven U. A. K. posts were represented . The town was gnily decorated, and the people were very hospitable. At tho beautiful park, where the reunion was held, were numerous teutu for headquarters, for eating houses,and for those who remained during the entire reunion. : Ou Tuesday evening there was a rousing camp fire, largely attended, and at which Gen. Henderson delivered one of his inspiring yet sensible speeches. Remarks were made by others and there was plenty ofmusic. On Wednesday, in the morning, the boys talked over war stories, told yarns and cracked jokes. Large numbers arrived on the excursion trains from Sterling, Dixon and the east, and at noon the town was packed, the crowd being one of the largest ever in the town. A good dinner was served on the grounds, and at one o'clock a procession of all the G. A. B. posts, military companies and Keystone and Dixon bands, marched from the parktoescoit Governor Fif er from the town. At the meeting which followed Col. Byan, of Amboy, presided. There was a prayer, followed by singing by Prof. Bichard's quartette, and music by the Henderson band of Dixon. Gov. Fifer delivered a patriotic address and paid an eloquent tribute to the old soldiers., He closed his speech amid rounds of applause. The appearance of Congressman Henderson was greeted with ringing cheers. His excellent judge- ment and ability as a statesman and his efforts to represent all classes of citizens, have made him more and more popular in this district, and the old soldiers, of whom he is the especial friend, were particularly pleased to sae him. - HiH Bpeoch was received with great enthusiasm. In it he spoke highly of the record of General Logan, whom he called the greatest volunteer general of the world. A meeting of the executive committee .of the lleunlon Association was held Wednesday, and the following officers-elected:_Dr. C.-A-Griswold, of Fulton, president, and Mr. Sumnor, of Fulton, secretary. The next reunion will be held at Fulton next year. The new {executive committee composed of appointed members'from each G. A. B- post in this Senatorial district, will have a meeting soon and decide upon the date, and upon other matters. The 75th 111. Begiment held its annual reunion Wednesday afternoon. There were 78 comrades present. The following officers were reelected: Capt. Wm. Parker, of Bock Falls, president; Thomas Diller, Sterling, secretary; FA. Cuughey, Sterling, treasurer; Bev v Bartram, Morrison, chaplain. A committee of live, consisting of Dr. Corbus, of Mendota, James Thompson, of Dixon, Col. Byan, o£ Amboy, Capt. Parker, of Bock Falls, and J. W. Shealler, of Sterling, were appointed to get up a history of the regiment, upon which a report shall be made at the next reun ion. Wednesday was the first time Col. Byan and Dr. Corbus had met with the regiment since the war. The new oflicers, Dr. Griswold and Mr. Sumner, are just the men for tho places and will make the reunion next year at Fulton a gala time for the-veterans. . • The reunion closed Thursday with a prize military drill. -~ '" —The Board of Supervisors decided yesterday that the prisoners In the county jail have been enjoying too much high living. It may. be that they thought the bill of fare so good that some parties would . commit petty orl lies so as to be Jailed, and able to enjoy the luxuries of the jail cuisine. At any rate, tho Board decided that 45 cents a day for each prisoner's board was too much, and voted that 30 cents a day be paid hereafter. The cost of board for the last fiscal year was about $1,400. The Supervisors adopted the military bill of fare, which is ample for the preservation of good health, but excluded coffee aud sugar. The prisoners will no doubt learn to love water so well, that they will all be preaching the virtues of prohibition when they are released. —Mrs. Electa E. Smith accompanied the G. A. B. boys to Amboy yesterday, and the old soldiers and the people generally greeted her on every hand most cordially and enthusiastically at the Q depot and on the train and gave her almost an ovation. Mrs. Smith was postmistress at Sterling for eight years and gave entire, and universal satisfaction while in that position, and the people remember her pleasant smile and the cheerfulness with which she attended to all the arduous duties of the office. There is scarcely a pa- ron of the office even to this day but ;hat speaks in praise of her adminls- .ration. And since that time and for ;he past eight years she has held im- sortant positions in the Oth auditor's >fllce at Washington and has just recently been promoted llrst assistant to the chief clerb, a position that no woman has ever before attained to. The GAZETTE aud the^ people of Sterling are glad of the esteem and confidence that our townswoman Is held ia by the authorities at Washington. We are jlad because Mrs. StiiitW la a deserving widow of a soldier and because she Is tfw faithful to the Interests of lllluoig in g*ueral, »au to Sterling in partk-u- J*r' ' Water has been allowed to rnn into the wheels of the electric light plaiit, nnd the wheels run as nicely M clock work. —A citizen complains that bystanders around places where workmen fire engaged; are often in the way, to tho annoyance of workmen. —The "full" force of GAZETTE poo- pie, from the proprietor to the olllce devil, are under obligations to Geo. M. Gerdes for a delicious 4.1 pound water melon. —M. J. Leahy, a bridge workman, who has been visiting here for some time, left this morning for Chicago to be married to Miss Kate Kerwin, of Clinton. —Tho Board of Supervisors certified to a tax levy of 830,000 for county expenses for next year. This is 82,000 more than last year, the extra amount being required to pay some old orders. —In a few weeks these will be a monster celebration in honor of the progress of this city. Let every store that need s it be painted up and made to look as neat as possible. There will be many visitors here then and the town should look as well as possible. —The new penstalks, from which water will be run into the engines on the Northwestern, were used for the first time today. An engine can be filled much quicker from one of them th; n from thfe water tanks formerly used. —Among the recent bookings at the Academy !of Music is Miss llattie Harvey's comedy company. This young lady will bo remembered as having been in this city about live years ago, when she gave an exhibition of roller skating. She has risen to favor in the theatrical world since that time. The Sporting Journal of this wrnk contains her picture an:l a two column account of her successes. Another fine compa- nyis Etlie Ellsler's company, which is a rare attraction. --Rev. K. Brown drove lust evening to Montmorency and performed the wedding ceremony of Mr. Herman Kaugli- man^of Stone Station, and Miss Alice M., daujhter of Mr. Charles SturU. The young lady is a sister of Elmer E! Sturtz, who is well known in this city- Mr. Kaughrnan is a rising young f.irm- er ot his town and his bride is a very highly esteemed young lady of her community. Health, wealth and happiness is what their hosts of friends wish them. They have gone to Chicago on their wedding journey. —Mayor Lawrence in another column issues a call to the citizens of Sterling and vicinity to meet in the city council chamber next Saturday evening to' arrange for the celebration of the opening of the city hall, completion of the street railway, electric lights, new depot, and inauguration o.f the building of a complete sewerage system, That celebration should be of such a character that it will draw hundreds from other towns to see our much improved city.and the whole town should be magnificently decorated for the occasion. —The Whiteside County Board of Supervisors yesterday passed a resolution in favor of Chicago as the site fur the World's fair in'1892. It was offered by V-S. Ferguson, Esq., of this city, and passed with a rush. It is as follows: Resolved, That inasmuch as the City of Chicago, as a great commercial metropolis, is nearest to the center of population of our nation, and from it may be seen to tlie best advantago, our preut agricultueal, manufacturing and commercial resources and development, and in it, as a, city, may be seen the most marvelous, exponent of human energy ever witnessed on this or any other continent, and within its borders the multitudes may be entertained with ease and comfort; We, the Board of Supervisors of Whiteside County unqualifiedly prefer it as the location for *" • Exposition In the year selection of liimily pews will , t . I PhMQ it the M. E. church this 1 -' 11 ' 13 evening alt'-r pniyer nu'< ting. •The Keystone trade is reaching over all tho civilized world, where agriculture ia followed. Wednesday they made another large shipment to the city of Mexico and one to Melbourne, Australia. The rapid increase of their business will no doubt necessiate an enlargement of their factory next year. for trunks and valises; also bargains in boots and shoes at Wallace House. 77-tO Sec Ik "Lady Minstrels" At the Academy Saturday night. Buy a reserved seat f jr there will be a big crowd at the door. • Why do i eople buy furniture at th. Rock Falls furniture store? Answer: Because it pays them big to do so. Dill & Co. 70-tf, The Ilnttlo «r«.i;nj'»lninr. We beg leave to advise our readers to be sure and not forget to see the Panorama of the Battle of Gettysburg, while In Chicago during the Exposition. Take advantage of the low rates_ and see Gettysburg. There IB no picture in the world like this of Gettysburg; no other picture presents such a scope of conntry or gives such n thrilling representation of a battle. It is no wonder ir, Is called "Chicago's Pride, aud Greatest Artistic Attraction." IIIEibard'M THROAT AMD LUNO BALSAM GIVES INSTANT RELIEK. BIIEUMATICSYRUP Co,, Jackson, Mich. Gents: 1 have used your Throat and Lung Ualsam in my family during the past winter and find it the best remedy that we have ever used. It gives instant relief. GEORGE CONNER, 211 South D Street, Oskaloosa, Ia. John F. Cochran, of Sigourney, Iowa, says his wife used llibbard's Bheuma- tic and Liver Pills for sick headache, and they entirely cured her, _ Hibbard'a KheuraiiticanILiver Pills are remedies of great merit. We take pleasure in recommending them. tths JOHN W. ELLIS, Druggist, Sigournoy, Iowa. -' E. W. ]!lo?siom has taken the agency of the "I. C." brand Spectacles anil eRlaBsea. Thcsn Rppctacles are different from ordinary glasr-e?, in that tho lenses are ground from a Frmv.h iiM Crystal that shuts nut the cl'.ern- ical and hunt rajs of li^ht,making them very soothing to the eycn. Jin Hure and try them, see that that lr;ui« mark "I. c." ia on every lens. 70-J&W Bargaii s in pianos, organs and sewing machines, also pianos and organs to rent lit ,l<w. Harden's, 7"> to w* Ht. .TOHpjih Fnlr ami Exiiimlt Ion. Hoiit. \\ to Ort. 5. 'Hi*. On Sept liltli and :;:)th Uie C. B. & Q. 11.1?. will sell excursion tickets for one lowest fare for the rou d trip; tickets limited going Supt. l.'Jth and OOtb, nnd returning, ten days from date of nalo. . dOOw35-tf See the new ad of N. Carpenter & Co. EVERY DEPARTMENT Well done with good materials for larper's, Century and all other maga- Ines and periodicals. Fine binding or works issued in parts. All kinds of blank books made to order and sat- sfaction guaranteed. Fine leaiher work a specially. WM. BOEIINER, . GAZETTE Office Ntw Arabian' Nights it the Academy Saturday night. (iiveu Away, FULL PEOPLE'S COLUMN Hf~We will Insert throe lines In this col-~KS mm one time lor 10 cents, or for 40 cents a wtwk. Snch additional lino will bo 6 conta ft slnglo lu- ertlon. or 15 cunts a week. WAKTKIK Only 10 cents for 3 lines under this Heading, W ANTED—A competent b'arksmltli to tiikc charge o( an established ImsltiHSS. lu- quire tills week of Oeo. W. Cliiimbertin. 784r W ANTED—(ilrl for limiscworit. None but good one need apply. Josti OettlnKer, lit Double Front CIotlilUK Store. < <-u W ANTED—A good show case, from six to elu'M feet 1 .iitf, suitable for clears. Knicc Kisse,, No 17 W. Third street. 75-UI W AN 1 ED—Agents on our popular book "Ko- eial Dynamite:" or the "Wickedness of Modern Hociiity," by.T. DeWitt Talmane. Kor terms and c.rculars address Globe Tublls lug Co., -107 Dearborn street, Chicago. 74-10 the World's 1802. —Freeport Journal: Detective Van Arnold arrived from St. Paul this afternoon, having in charge J. E. Gorham, the Lena forger, whom he placed in Sheriff Timms' charge. About tw.o years ago Gorham conducted a photograph gallery in Lena, and .while there he forged the name of Mrs. Taylor, his mother-in-law, to a note for several hundred dollars and presented it at General Waite's bank, where it was promptly cashed. Gorham then left for parts unknown. Sheriff Timms has baen on the fellows track ever since, and engaged Van Arnold to assist him. as it was impossible for the Sheriff to leave his duties here to follow the fugi tive. Van Arnold has traced Gorham through most every state in the union and not long ago he telegraphed to Sheriff Timms that Gorham was located in St. Paul. The grand jury was in session at the time, and that body indicted Gorham for forgery and Sheriff Timms at once telegraphed Van Arnold to bring Gorham to Freeport. He will no doubt be tried at this term of court. The Urst hundred persons buying a reserved seat (200) for "Fanchon" nex Monday evening will be presented with a ladies ticket, free. Call at the Cash Store quick, as the Standard Theatr Co. is the bent repretirire Co, on the road and I'very scat mill be sold. lllltioiH Ntute Fair, IVorict, 111., Wept. ZZ-X7. From September 22nd to !!7th, inclusive, tho C. B. & (J. 11. B., will sell round trip tickets from Sterling to Peoria for $4.20; tickets to be limited for going passage to date of sale and limited for return Sept. 2Sth.' 02tf New Traveler. My stock of cigars and tobacco is not to be beaten by any in this city. The entire stock is new and is worthy of inspection by the lovers of the weed. Give ran a call and I can show this to be a fact. BUUCK KISSEL, 75 to Opposite N. Carpenter's. Interstate KxpOHltlon, Chicago, III*. On September 12tb, 14th, 21st and 20th, and October 3d, 5th, 12th, 17th and 19th the C. B. & Q 11. 11. will sell excursion tickets to Chicago at one and one-third' fare for round trip, plus twenty-live "cents for "admission ticket, limited, going, to date of sale; return ing", to and including the following Monday. Auctioneer. The Dutch and English auctioneer still alive and ready to attend to city and country sales on short notice. Can leave orders at A. 11. Ilendrick's Drug Store or at my residence on 13th>ave- nue north of 4th st. Charges reasonable.' Give me a call. 78 mf D. II. MKYEHS, Auct. W ANTED—A pood girl for work. Good pay. ' street. Appi. icnenii lioufte- " ^t 721 1-oeust 7!)-tf )—Two^lrls—one rtMi-washer and one dining-room Klrl. Apply Uvo doors n'orlli ol Maynard's livery barn. . 71-lf LINE FOR NAI.R. Only 10 cents for j lines under this Heading. l/VHl SALE—(iooil Iowa, Nebraska Kansas Jt? liiiiil, stock of K'wds. KuslnesH i-lnces for sale and exchange. Frank W. \Valzer, Academy o( Music, Hoom-1 71i tf TjIDll SALE—Some choice 1'artridue Cochin Jj ehlckeim. Imiulre ol li. K. Sheet/., No. 10 K. Third Street. 75-U TTIOU HALE—A Jersey heller, 18 mouths old. -1J by reiiisterrd hull. KIIKCIIU Hcates. 7a-l.l OF IJIOK HAIjK—Olio lunch counter, show easo 1? and six stools. l£ui| ,lre of (ieo. W. Olimn- lierliu.orS. A. Hyde. 71-tf E U)H SALE—A bargain In three line residences In llh ward. Inquire o( 1.1. Bush. FOIl HAI.K OK TKAWK. • Only 10 cents for j) lines under this Heading. .. I.fU)ll SALK Oil TUAI)IC-An ImproviHl larm Jj._ot Mi ;icr.'s, near liny ward, Iowa.—Will lakit land herein payment. *. M. Dillon. u- LOHT. Only 10 Cents for j lilies under this Heading. I OHT—A black coverrd memorandum book JU eontaluiiiK list of Kalrs for llrst wei>k.i Mentfiiiberaud a few personal names, please leave at the UAZKTTE onice. Kinder 78-3 V1NANV1AU. Notlor. Having returned from my vacation, I am bettor prepared than ever to do all kinds of cleaning and dyeing at my old stand. Respectfully, 78-tO . A. MARKS. ' Choice potatoes 25c per bu. at L. L. Johnson's. 7510 Call at E. \V. ISlossom's and get an eye tester free of charge. 70*i&w Do you UHC spectacled V If BO it will pay you to examine the I C. brand of spectacles and eye glasses for sale only by E. W. Blossom, No. 15 E. Third St. Only lo cents for j lines under this Heading. F INANCIAL -Money to loiui-81,500 at 0 per cent., on farm wcurlty. I. 1. Hush. Itor.k - Beautiful stock of millinery goods at the Hock Falls millinery store. Call I audseuit. Dill & Co. 70-tf Attention! CitlrciiHl The citizens of Sterling and vicinity are invited to meet the City Council and the Library Board at the Council Chamber next Saturday, evening at . :30 o'clock, to arrange for the proper celebratioh of the opening of the City Juilding, and the completion of the Street Hallway, the Electric Light System, etc. A full attendance of our citizens is earnestly requested. J. II. LAWRENCE,Mayor. September 12,1880. Attention 1 «;He valient I! Y ou are requested to attend a meeting to be held on Friday evening September 13, at 7 :SO. Important business will COCQP before the meeting and all »re expected, to ba pregftat. ' K. J, Kwt*s, Ciwfe, O. and O. TEA Tha Choicest Tea Ever Offered. ABSOLUTELY PURE. A MOST DELICIOUS LEVERAGE. TRT IT. 7w will nov« uo tr.y other. To see a 50 cenf entertainment at the Academy next week. New plays. New songs. Everybody is going. |>'rce I A handsome crayon portrait free. For a short time we are going to booni and advertise our business by giving to every purchaser of Hf teen dollars worth of goods a line large crayon portrait, framed in a heavy Gilt and Bronze Frame. There is not a family but pos- se8st;8 some picture of Father, Mother, Brother or Sister, which th«y would like to have reproduced lu a life Hku and durable manner. Call at osice and attti sp«winw>ii at ourstore.- 1\t tii N. OA UP &NTKK Jt I'O, It li tba nmnnsT QnAKH I.IAY. picked from tha boat plantations mirt duamulcod abnolutcily pnro »nd fn^Q from nil »dulltration» or coloring matter. Tlie packftgcd are lierHujticaily BfAlod »nd -warranted lull \rclc.ut. It Is moro eoon ouilcal In u»a than Ibo lowor grudo*. Oriental & Occidental Tea Co., L't'di, Head OQ'tce, 36 Hurling Slip, tfnv For*.

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