Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 29, 1903 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 29, 1903
Page 6
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i^E »0£i DAILY kEftI8T1BRV |[ySPAY/ri^ 29.1903 And not Weather 5tuf f» ID the GREAT aiJIT -1 NO CO^T PRICED ^ON8IDEIiED The Stock is Getting Smaller Every Day Come EVERY D^Y for Bieiey GOODS FiffM COMING M. J. Frishman, of Kansas City, Leases Double Rooms on East Madison for Large Stock. M. J. Frishman, of Kansas City, Mo. who has been in this city for several weeks, succeeded last Saturday in closing a deal with Messrs. R. B. Stevenson and W. S. Hendriclvs for leases covering the elegant store rooms now "occupied by the Ramsay Bros, dry goods store and the Landis milinery after the expiration of the present leases. Mr. Frishman will have two fronts, side by side, making a hand some double store and in one of the best locations in the city. It^ Is his intention to open about August' 15th or September 1st with an exclusive dry gooilB stock, fresh and new", carefully sefoctcd, and of such proportions as a city,of.this size warrants. Mr Frishman has been in lola before, and holds tho city in high eHli>cm. as IH uvi <loHC('«l by vhlH lt>aHinK two of the licHt local Ions in the city nt high rpiiald. lit' rnnu' h«'ro n few months HKo to buy out the Norihnip «lry goods Mock at the lime II was offcmd, but the promptness with which Ramsay Bros, boughd up that desirable speculation cut out Mr. Frishman. Nothing daunted, he then betook himself to find other quarters and put in a new stock, as he liked lola and wanted to stay, with the result as above stated. r William Swartman't Death. I'he Register has Just learned of the death of Mr. William Swartman which occuiTed on Saturday, June 27, in Logan township. , It appc<irs that Mr. Swartma,n had gone, to one of his neighbors,' alx)ut two miles from his own home, on some business, and was talking w-ith him. In apparently good health, when he suddenly threw up his arms and cried, "Oh, help*" and sank to the .groui^l. His neighbor at once did everything for bis relief that he could think of. but within a few moments he ceased to breathe, his death no doubt being due to heart failure. Mr, Svrartman formerly lived in Blm I township and will be kindly remem- Ibered by: nearly all the p^iple of that township. He was an old'soldier and a good-farmer. The. sympathy of all her friends will be extended to his widow, who Is left very lonely as there iwere no children. A Staategic Tragedy at Chanute. John Hlarkness, ton Q £ Chas. Hark- nesSjOf Chanute, and a cousin of Mrs. C. G. Taylor, pf this city, attempted suicide by shootijig ; himself with a •(4-caliber. gun fat his home at 10:30 last xA^t. Yoahg Harkness is a pretty hard, niit for the old folks to nuuiage, fuid be'seeau tohave grown sorrjr for himself as a result of the punishment meted oiit to Mm. ' He lay about his home yesterday, full of booze and self- pity, toyed with the gun and worried the family. He prepared a sad, touching little note about bis life being ruined, his being an outcast and nobody caring for him. Then he carefully placed the pistol at his head and fired, the ball cutting a furrow across the top of his cranium. At this distance it looks very much as if the boy had tried to shoot that furrow Into his head and nothing more. Now he will be pitied and petted and none of the family will dare rebuke him for fear tie will kill himself for good. STREET PIVING IS COMINfi Large Crew of Men and Teams Began Work on West Madison Excavating This Afternoon. West Madison avenue is uniformly curbed from tho square to the Santn Fe depot and brick Is in j)Iaco for tho lower strata of tho Hirefi paving order od Komo weeks ago. This inornliiK a gang of men with toaniH, plows ami |*gorap<>rs began culling I ho earth from thi> Hirottt and fllling !» the parking Insldp the rurbing- They will Ihi-n c\»t Iho Htn 'ot down to grade and make It rrady for thc» laying nt brick. , Curbing IH now being done on West street, and it Is believod tliat with tho hustle that a large foc;cc. with proper tools to work with can get on I hem selves, the paving will be pushed rapidly when once started. Threw Slop from the Window. Last night three young men were sitting on the north side of the square beneath the windon's of a room,ing house, when they were surprised and angered by a shower of slop thrown from the upper window. The boys claim that they were not doing any harm, were not drunk; nor boisterous and that there was absolutely no reason for tho action. A. L. Allen, tkrho occupies rooms on the second floor of the building, told a policemth who was called that he threw the slop and that he also flred a shot from a revolver which followed the other disturbance and. was intended to drive the boys away. The police lielieve another member of the family, presum ably the quick-tempered mother-in-law, started the rumpus and tiiat Allen waj^ too gallant to allow her to figure in it. Fisher,Maiden Caught Herself. Pearl Gross, the ten-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. Gross, of 215 West street, had the misfortune to catch herself while out fishing yesterday. She had gone [ down toward the river on Coon creek; and in an attempt to throw.her hook out into the stream caught it in the [fore finger pf her right hand. The hbok point was buried in the flesh and, Dr. Coffraan was suminoned to cut li outi G. W. Freeman . returned to hi^ hpme in Gamett after a visit with his brother. George Freeman. iflRIS -KESSLER iPTimS. Well Known Young People Astonish ed Their Friends by Quietly Marrying Saturday Evening. At 8:30 Saturday evening Rev. Mr. Phillips, of the Christian church, ofTi elated at the marriage of Miss Grace Kcssler to Mr. Herbert L. Harris. The ceremony took place at the homo of the bride's parents,: Mr. and Mrs. S. H Kessler, 517 North Walnut street, only tho families of the contracting parties and Miss Edna Butler and Miss Eva McKee, close friends of the brido, being present. Miss 'Kessler has called lola her home for five year.-^, having come h'cre from Pilt.sburg In ISKS. She gradiuU- ed last year from the lolii High HCIKIDI and has spent ]iart of her liiiu! KIUCI then as sales lady In onti of Die locil dry giRids storfs. I'dHxt'ssod of Jicaltli, good looks and a fiinlovliig lcnii><>ru men I, shn has been popular wllh th* young propli! I'Vi-r slneu KIIC faiu" here. .Mr. Harris Is a turn of .Mr. mul Mrrf. John II. Harri« of I 'fis East Jackson. Aflnr a cfMirw' in I In? Inla BCIKMIIS he I niusfcrrcil his nrferlionrt to tho print lag bui>iue.s.H and fur ton years has been asso<-iatcd in one capacity or another with one of the local ncwspapons, ami for ihc past ten years has l>cen wilh the Register. Since 1S:)7 he has very ably filled tho position of business manager of the Dally Register. Mr. and 5!rs. I^arrls will occupy a suite of rooms iat the Harris home on East Jackson for the present. The union of their lives was not a painful shock jto the community, which has had its eyes open for -Bovoral years, and on the contrary tho young people will have the cordial good wishes of their host of friends. Fred Stewart Got a Thump. Fred Stewart, a well known local colored ;man, came to grief Saturday evening las the result of remarks he made while buojijed up by the booze he had consume^. He came to town from the west on the Katy train. Knowing nothing better to do he got out bis knife and cut the cushions of the seat with it{ The trainmen or­ dered'him fo stoiijand had a fight'with him. He again '$rew unmanageable and the men waited until lola was reached, then, summoned the police to put him under arrest. Stewart believed nobody could arrest him and started off. One of the trainmen then laid him out with a club, he was arfested and taken to jaiL Dr. ClirisUan was balled and took several stitches in JBtBwart's scalp, the club having laid it open. _ J . Do You Know Albert Crippin? County Clerk J. W. Kelso received a letter this morning from F. D. Garri- mm, proprietor of the Maple Grove hotel at L.eroy, which the Register publishes for the sake of the anxious old mother referred to. The letter reads: "Could you notify me If a man named Albert. Crippin lives In lola? lie has been traced nearly to lola and was going that way. This was last Osv tol)cr. He was a poor man and likely is working in some of tho smelters or cement plant. You ought to find him in the directory if one has been issued since then. His mother wants to know about him;" FOOGHT South Washington Avenue the Scene of a Hair-Pulling, Nose-Twisting, Scratching Set-to. JtiKt about the time tho sun WHH Hctting luht cvonliig troulilo nroHu In fniiii of ih<< Ui 'Mfniw IIUUHI> at lolfi South WaHliiiiglou avenue. Mrs. Renfrow IH a colored ludy of conHhh 'rlible Hlrengtli of mind ntid niiiKcte and con- >il.leralile f :lrtli. Klie wa« Ktiiiiding In (r<iui of h <T luiuie wlion uudllier lady of mind and iniiHcle and girth and rulor caino tripping by. Tlioy spdki' ^V'lily ht lirHi, conversing at some longih and lor some reason flnal'^ Hew at e .ich uthr 'r. For minutes they fought, pullin .g each other's hair, twist- iug noses, slapiiitig. kicking, biting, jawing. Neither tried to throw the other, there wa^ no kicking, but they circled out; another and would not give up. A privileged few happened to live near or bo passing and witnessed the one-ringed i)c'rformance. An end came to the Interesting melee when a man, large and black and angry Issued from the hou.scuind got between the iianting but unyieldng combatants. At this distance and from evidence at hand, it seems to be a hunrded to one shot that '•love" was the cause of the tri|ubte, I.KIVO In hot weather is an irrational elf. Mr. Rissman Resigns. Otto Rissman, general manager of the Cherokee-I^nyon Spelter Co., has resigned his position to accept a imsi- lion with tlio Prime Western as chief chemist. Upon his retirement today tho boys of the former company presented him with a fine |lflO watch, solid gold case and Waltham 23-jeweled set with- ruby and diamond Jewels which they purchased of Mr. Stephen Harris, the new jeweler In the new brick building oa the east side. . * Mr. Harris stated that this was. undoubtedly one of the finest, watches in the state and the finest made by the Waltham company. Keisey & Cleaver have purchased the L. D. Mize barber shop at 109 E. Madison and taken charge of the same. It will be conducted in a first -class mahher and they ask a share of the patrdoage of the public $1,800 FOH ERBL STOOT Jury Arrived at Verdict at Noon Today—Lawyers Pretty Well Satisfied With the Figures. . The jury In the. suit of Earl Stout against George E. Nicholson arrived at a verdict at noon toJajj, awarding the plaintiff $1>500 damages. The case was called for trial last Monday, lasted all week, and the jury was sent out Friday afternoon at 3 o 'clock. All' day Saturday the jury failed to agree • and It was dismissed until I) o 'clock! this morning. The majority of tlie jurors arc old men and"t^6 long session wore on them. Amos Dailcy and John Grimm were both sick 'Nvlieu they resumed the case this morning, which probably htipud in getting together, a verdict being reached a f< w niinule-i before 12 o'clock. Earl Stout WUH awnrdei 'l $l ,r)Ot) dam- nge»«, tho Jury finding that ho"could hnvo dono tho work wllho^il beluK hurl, but Hint llio jtlpri uvur wlili-h he Hluinblod wnH ilangerourt becauHe <|' tho dim light, and tlial he was under llio uvcrngo in Intelligence. It will* be remembered that the iKiy trippOl and fell into an ore crufiher, hl.s right arm being mashed up to the ^Ibow. Suit was brought for $8,500 damages. A lawyer for the iilai^tifT cxpresse. surprise that the verdict »Avas not la er, he, expecting about $3,000. An attorney for tho defense expressed himself as fairly well satisfied. See Our ies and Surreys Before Buying ;• The old reliable. Low• est prices, best quality. ^TelephouH 15y. |Hi ( D EADER, M. W. STEYER. Appropriation Killed. • Chanute Sun: The bill of SL -.iator Stcwar^L of Alien county, approi'riai- ing'$3,000 for the imrposc of employing a competent civil cn.ginecr. who in company with the connly surveyors are to go ovci the coarsp of the Neosho river and make A pr ;»rii 'o of it showing tho places wheic liio Pir 'jam could bo cu.'-Mh ordc- to ttraighten ihe^ channel, was''lost «n tho hjuse after passing M.e senate. Jim Nati -Jn threw, his support witn the oppcsii ?in. Considering the fact that a good part of the Netwho la a government stream, a- $50,000 appropriation might: have'beeb gotten from tlie government if the profile of the proposed cuts from a competent engineer could he had. Has Ptttina 1 Stock of... NEW CARPETS n Prfc^ Lowest. 0heap Charfey, ; Naw Brick, North St. 111111111 i n n 11 iMM u I n I J 111 n u! 11 i 1 11 1 1- m r> i 1 .M. Tta« rwt P"y will bar a iMtUr tbaa the mam ymm im rwtliv, Reaipaltate, LoanSs ind Ii^suraace^ Up stain la Tiii?ief! BuUdlnir t lola, Kansas £ tmij^smlkrf for Till Attac % U ^ A

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