Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 29, 1952 · Page 15
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 15

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 29, 1952
Page 15
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THURSDAY, MAY 29, 1952 ALTON EVBN1NO TfiLRORAPH PAOft FSVTilN Closing New York Stock Quotations Rtisiness Mirror M-iboif t Mlierl Them .. Mliorl Sirs ... Mlis dial .... Am C.nn Am far ft F , \m (las & l-'A \tn Loco .... Am Pw & I,i Am Had St S . Am Smell .... \m Snuff .... Am Tr! & Trl Am Tobiicc'O . • Am Xinc Anacon Cop 4. Armco Sll Armour & Co Alchison Avco MfR ... Brndix Av .., Belli Sll Borrlon Uorg Warn . BrlRgs Mfg .. f3urld Co Cnnad Pao .. C'usc (J I).... Cater T pt ... Ches & Oh *.. Chi & N\V ... Chi Rl ft Pao Chrysler Cities five .... L'omw Ktlis .. Cong Nairn .. Con Kdis .... Con N Gas ... Container ... Con I. Can .... Cont Sll Copper ftng . C-'orn Prod ... Crane Co ... Curliss Wr ... 1!)'* 3fi 7 51. 51 '4 HIT, HI DOUR A ire, .,,. 57 f)u Pont Sr» Knslm Kod ... wn Katon Mfg .... :WM Kl AIIIO Kile . <)«,•« ien Mlf'c fifi •« "inn Foods .... M'j ,ien Motor.*. ,. .ipj 'ien Time .... ,°,(i iiOOfll'Ifli 82** .'Jonrtricli .Ifl'^ ::t N 11-Ore .. If) '.it Nor Hy Pf . 51 'iieybolind .... V2 .lomeslake ..,, .'IT 1 * Itidson Mot. .. IIS :il Ceni 7ii-> inland Sll .... •):; inspir Cop .... ;>;;•% Ini llarv ;;;;'» int IlHrv Pf (7) 170 Int Nick -IJ'j nit Tel &. Tel . 1KV .lewcl Ten .... fiS''? Johns Man ... 71 Kcnnocol I 7.'! n i Krystone SAW . 20*4 Kimb Clark ,., 44«g f. O F Glass ... 3G'i Lib McN * L 7 s i Marsh Field ., 2.V 3 Monlg Ward ... BO S « Nash Kelv .... 1!)'n Nat Hist; .U'j N«l C.'oiil 1P, Nat Dairy .,. f>1 r 'g Pali Ani W Ai,I'm am 1'ict .,. Penney Pa H II Pepsi Coin .,,. f'hclp* I Ml .... Philip Mor .... Phillips Pet .. Pine Oil Hadio Cp Rro .Moiors ... Hepub Sll Schenley Ind .. Scott Pnp ,.... Sears Hoeb .. Shell Oil Sinclair Oil .. Socony Vac: .. South Pac .... Spiegel Sid Brands ... Sid Oil Ind .... Std Oil NJ .... Slarvplt .,...,, Storl Drug .... Sltldebaker .... Swift * Co. .. Texas Co Timk Del Ax . '2\ IS',1 :V)» -li) '« V.V* .|P,i oS'i 77 U 0 Changing Patterns Alter Businesses 80 Northsidc l-'rnm "\\hnt I* « freeway". City Kngi- nnrr Katrflf>ltl MlRgMtM llttl llie Irnn a* applied If) fhe Allon hfMt ronio ufls snmfulinl of a nil*- he Miillti nomcr bPcnuxP It ufl* modified 22*4 fiS 3-l'i 8'i Nat Sterl \YConlral .. Nia M Pw . No Am Avia . No Amer Co Vor Pan .... Ohio Oil ..., Owens 111 Gl Parkard .... 43 10*,, 27', ]6'i 21' a 7o'i Sti :1 * 72'.„ 5 'J()".« V.n Carbide ... (>L"» t'n Pnr ....... 1M-'i t'nit Air Lin .. L'fi'i I 'nil Aire ...... S0'.i I,' S Rubber .. IK-'* t: S Slpcl ..... 38 West Vn Tel .. 33 West Klpn .... M' i Woolworth .... 4-1 Zonilh Had .... Wi Zonile Pd ...... 4'i Ark Nat Gas A M : 'i Kl Bond & Sll IflU Hocla Min .... 5 Kingston Prod,. 3*g Neics of j Market Goes Into Pre-Holiday Act NEW YORK, May 29 /P — The slock market today pttt. on a typical pro-holiday performance of light sales and narrow price changes. Only in rare eases did leading shares vary more than ft few cents a share from previous levels. » Trading volume ran to around a million shores, compared with 1,130,000 Wednesday. Lowe's touched anolher new low, after yesterday's 2'Vpolnt drop in response to (he dividend cut from 37Vi cents to 20 cents. Paramount Pictures also reached a new ]ow and Twenlieth Century-Fox WHS another issue receding a bll. Other backward issues included Southern" Pacific, Santa Fe, International Paper, General Molors. •Goodyear, Boeing, Anaconda Copper, American Swelling and National Distillers. U. S. government bonds climbed sharply in over-the-counter activity. CHICAGO, May 29. -T — Grains advanced in moderately active dealings on the Board of Trade today. Much of the activity was centered in soybeans, where the July contract ran up to a new seasonal high during the morning, but the most sustained strength developed in distant corn crops. They gained around 2 cents at times. There was a good deal of short- covering prior to the long weekend, particularly in view of international uncertainties. July wheat held above the season Jow scored yesterday. Soybean oil gained an other U to .10* 8 cents a pound. ,- Receipts were: Wheat -i cars, corn 102, oats 4, rye 1, barley 13, and soybeans 43. Produce Prices At St. Louis ST. LOUIS, May 2B (.'Pi - Produce And live poultry: Eggs, unclassified 2ft'»- 30'i, pulled 22-2a, AA large 38, A Urge 34-35, A mediums 31-33. fowl, heavy breeds 20, commercial frver, roaster and broiler cronsei »nt whltei 28-29'/i. Other prlcc< unchanged. ' .let Crush KIM* 2 TOKYO, May 29. </P> — Brig. Gen. Aaron W. Tyer, vice commander of the Japan air defense force and a twice-wounded veteran of World War II, was killed yesterday in a jet crash. Killed with Tyer m his F-94 Starflre Jet was Cftpt. E. R. Crane of Wichita, Ka*., a veteran fighter pilot with 160 missions in World War II and in Korea. l, Commodity Markets Will Be Cloned NEW YORK. May 2fl. '/T''—All domestic financial and commodity exchanges throughout the United K.V SAM NK\V YORK, May nil. '/P» — Chan^iiiR pnlicnis nf American life nre cliallciiKiiiK hours of work "Open ynur store tin Stifirlny flft wholly At sfnt the rlfy would rorvpoffllp by rnact ffrcwfly. "\Ve <™* Strictly can't providing L m , „'„, of , hoh . mvn p mpp ,.t>." hr - ftv ,, n . r ,i. srnicos now Rivr-n men! of an ordinance to ban pRfkinR nn the route. The pnrking ban drew fire from old ideas about all spokesmen, but Ihe obje.-liorH p | n | n pd lhat IhP council hfld bflmi nnr) rtnyjM.f rest, mised to the belt ronie ran through] invitprt to ailend no nieriinjin on il broad Rnmui. Al Meyer HIM ||,e belt route mailer. "The council them hy the city \\ould certainly continue." Alderman J. Doolev nlso com- eriii'oiis. il vim uaul (K sell i:;;;;:^,^^^:;:,! 1 :!""^ 11 ;:,;;:; »-••"»"* •« -i.,e of „„„• (ear of property owners of VI i nil u i ri u I ^;t n ., f . , , . .-* . "You ,-mrt sell l"-"l'ofilrs. and orrcrcri ihmr obi huso i hind* during workers' lunch F''itons to the highway belnc hoins. 1 ' ed helwoen t\\o public school*, stores open at night lo hardly H bloek flpart and operated catch the giowing ntimher of htis- hiiud-and-u Ife euslorner teams," many iptailcrs nruund the country ad\ is "Money is nun ins west," many in Ihe slock and bond brokerngc I vvmllfl as A unit; to the fact that gasoline transports would use the rout?, crenllnfc an alleged I ward in residence districts: that some residents have no lnisiiie!-s sn>. "Keep Ihe exchanges phice lo park their cars or the cars open Inlei "in the dny to get In j of Riiests If they had fl pnrty. and sttcp with the Inter time /ones'thnt noise of trnffle would "leave i here." And Ihe New York Curb! no p^cc. night or dny." KxchaiiRe nntl exchange* In Chi- R( , in .,p p( -,. u . nr ) ns representative cago and Dei roll are going to try I of (|)c ho(m]s of , hc ,,,,„ S|ree , 11 ~ C&ircuMftm. chl " rl1 " I1tl ""Id his ohje ( ..iom Chansi.iK customs, as well as «"Hv to those seen by the church population shifts, arc behind these moves. With more wives working lender.*. lie stressed that a no parking Thei ihesc days, the traditional store j rule would interfere with funeral hours are not as convenient for j ,, nf j \vedditiR processions at the church, hamper those attending services Tlr community meetings iiis _ ^ there, make difficulty for elderly n'inn"'nre l the"r."der*" < a I go 1 "' g'roii'pi,! parishioners, and that the routing Great or percentage gains also show j of the hishway would create fl up in the lower income brackets j problem of safeguarding children, families as they once were. Incomes nrc shifting, too. younger age groups are Slates be closed Memorial Day, Friday, May 30 and Saturday, May 31. Various livestock rcporis will be Issued brrth Mfly 30 and 31. Livestock Prices At East St. NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. May 29 i/pi -iliSDAi — Hogs 10.000: opened active. Inter »Iow: mostly sleatly to weak wilh Wednesday's averaBe; some later sales as under best time: llttl* change on I7n Jbs down and sows: Hulk choir* No.e. 1. a and 3 IDO-SIU) Ibs 31,50-22.00; latter paid freely early moMl.v for choire No*. 1 and 2 under 220 Ibi>: later sale* 21.715 down: 240-270 Ibs full width of choice grade 20.50-21.40: 280-;ilO Ibs in.JS- 2(1.00. l. r )0-170 Ibs 20.23-21.SO: 120-140 Ibs. 1H.00-19.75: sows 4(1n Ihs down 1S.OO- 75. mostly 18.25 up: heavier «ows 17.0018.00: stat-s 14.0fl-lfl.00: boars In.SO-l.'i.ffO. Caltle BOO. calves GOO: generally about steady on small mipply of all rlassgi; nioslly Individual head and small lots commercial lo choice steers arjd heifers 2».00-.13.0(); utility And commercial COH-S 22.SO-25.aO: eannefs »n<l cutters 16.SO22.00: utiilly and commercial J)ull» 24.0026.73; eudter hulln 20.00-23.00: moM good and choice vealers 30.00-afl.OO; iiorttd prime to lifl.OO; utility and commercial vealers 22.00-29.00. Sheep 200: active, fully steady Irnde for all grades, and classes: few loK good and choice spring lamb* 20.00 to i mostly 2n.0(l: top 29.00: few small lol« i good and choice old crop shorn lamhs ! 2R.00-27.50: yearling wethers om At i lambs largely 2:1.75-24.00: including load I lightweight Texas clips at 23.75: yearling ' wethers 21.75 nnd sprinkling two-vear-j olds IK.00; scattered sales cull to good shorn ilaughler ewe» B.110-11.00. than in the higher, It is in these groups — the younger and the lower income brackets —where both husbnnds find wives nre most likely to he working. And these sroups — with the most new money In trfir pockets — arc most likely lo patronize stores that stay open nlfthts. At, the annual controller's congress here this week of the National Retail Pry Goods Association, a poll of -47B store executives show 75 percent favoring evening hours. Most flre open now at [east one night a week, and 10 percent are open more than one night. >'lKht Openings Im-rfM* Desire to perk up lagging sales volume lies behind most night openings, they agree. But not all at the meeting favor night openings. One—Jerome F. Bernourtly, of Scruggs-Vandervoort-Barney of St. Liouis — thinks it's the merchant who is prodding the euslorner into wanting night openings. "We're trying to force the public to change its buying habits, or buying psychology, In seeking lo spur slow retail business," he said. "i hope you will go slow on passage of any regulation taking away rights and liberties from the people of your city," he said. If. L. Meyer presented objections from the view point of properly owners apprehensive of the result of crowding a 4-lane route into completely built up residence areas, but as his major point, affirmed lhat an allernale route for the highway, somewhat to the north of the proposed location over t'JIm was available. lie sflid a Northside group was ready lo point out this alternate routing and averred 'the highway could be built more economically by adopting it. Mayor Llnkogle took the floor early in the discussion lo explain I Hat he had known nothing of the no parking or freeway angles of Ihe proposed highway, or other details, until they were presented when the district engineer came to call on him last Thursday afternoon. The call of the district engi- lu rilliw Itimi IJU.THH.O.T, i.i- .3^..v.. . ... . The added cost of staying open j ncer earners a aurpmMo him m nights, and "inferior and careless" '" "" - 1 - - ' -"—•-• •— -workers often hired for night work, frequently more than eat rofil frdfn added business, up any pro Bernnudly feels. But the move toward changing store hours continues to grow, all around the country. Legion Awards Presented to Eldred lhat the subject of the highway waf brought up, ho said, and pointed out that the meeting last night was his first Opportunity to present the matter to the council. Aldermen took an active part in Hie discussion, interrupting speakers at limes to ask questions, then going on to give their own views. Alderman Timmermiere pointed out that residents in the Salu «rea las been ignored." he 'yet it is Ihe body thai musl nd officially. Aldermen up lo now lase nexer been approached, consulted, or Informed on the pro- |Ccf." Abverring that "\ve do want n 'jell route", Alderman wet.Mein remarked: "However, we don't Aiint it just where it is now pro- nosed, but. certainly wo don't want lo lose il." He suggested Ihe city counsellor send a reply letter to the highway department summarizing what hfld been discussed. Hut Mayor Linkogle pointed out the district engineer's letter was addressed to him, and ho merely had referred it to the council because It contained the request for a no-parking ordinance. When Welstein's suggestion was pressed no further a motion lo received and file the district engineer's leller was adopted. Action on the Parker resolution to defer any aclion pending study, then was adopted. Most of the spectators then left, the audience section. PUIH.tCATtOV NOTICE __ tn tht circuit court of M*dl«*H I if midi A«* cfXAN — N*w <rl«»'ll Puillofi of WILJ.IAM THOMAS BUSHY- | , [f J?.' (.|(i|inrr. n *fitiek ™ Pu'lflt 8tOr«. W* HfiAD. ! r.. flrnndtvey N«tlr« l« hereby jlvCn (hut on July 7. eKr __...__. t __ t ___,__- J —.--.—,- 19M. Ihe firm ir.tiirtl dn.v In th* monlh r-OSTF.R-rt,ANNF,nY SttinlO-WllI M of July, 1R.«. of Mid Court, th* under- flft««d from May 23 (ft All*. IS Iftclu*- • IKneH will file « r«1ltli»n In ««lrl court ' lv». B2J E. 3fO. nskln* thKi h* M |lv*n th* lo ChunM >« wardivtllt Bort. _ bin tldmc THOMAS RtmHVHEAD to THOMAS Wlt.t.tAM BUSH dflrl fit dn.umlnie <»rld h«tn( knotvp by (nf Mifl l«m-nifniionfd n*m». ROSS ARMflRt'STKH All r» r "w>lt.LlAM IHOMA* B rTfTfTc t.~ THF.I.MA CHARI.LS Soulli Koxniin Grades Enjoy Outing Today mvonrp: CHANCERY NO B1« Notice l« hereby »lven of the pend- ency of a suit in the CITY COURT Of ALTON, M*fll»nn County. llllnol«, Wh«f«m THRt.MA BIMBR 1* Plaintiff •nrt CMAftLRS nif,SKH I* Defendant which suit i.« No. B74B in Chancery «fld U for Dtvorc*. Defendant CHARI.M BIESBR 11 tr) h» nerved hy publlcallOn Summons has heen iMued returnnbl* nn lh« 3rd Monday of June. Iftns. h«in« June It. and defauli may he taken on or after th* nrd Monday of June. ISM being Jitn« I*. In th« Cfltirl House In Alton, llllnoi*. rF.l.lX T. BOSCHEflT, CKfk City Cotifl. lNTBmj«NT«-9*« us fflf y«tf Sunday ,«lehool need*. Wt have CMIdrtn'H Day laft«, button", pronmrri honkji. chotti* hnnks, and many other helpful Itcmi. Slop in nnd I'I (i* help .von. Alton Bihie and flrtok Store. 20H Ldelede. 1 hlnoks emit of M«in. '•« hlork flff Broddwdy. s-rarmciNsi Auta. ChAuffeuri, Orlvtri. *(«. CHARLIE CLARK 903 E. Bro»d»*y LICINSI '& NOTARY^" SERVIC! BinTtl CKRTIFICATBI! Now—two Plicts fo S«rv« You '304 E flDWY - JMO STAtK EARL W. MANNS flTfJRBfl 'WANfED"""to"d"«wn i'own" Hi" t.ouls. ft to S. ,1-fjflfln after fi p. m ~'~~"" , Stf And Septift T*nk« pumptd tnt Dl«l 4-mi Ot ~ Trim Ta«i*~.f«K* Down (tnd ttmti •" — BItL'8 0PHOL«TI!flY An to undTurnttura . AfTKHJ i P.. M. from llllnoH end «th«r iMtM. Chlftle CUf^ TO B,, Bf8« And repaired, A. fltuppefieh, 9\09 Airly atreflt. 2-4268. cBN 7 ttjnY tunMttfc * PWIT ctmriloL ror in«p«ction «nd »«vtet phon* IK, Own«f A M*n»«f, frM Ooi»niown Belli it SERVICE ally. Mflndfl>, Werlncsday. Fndny Hummer nlnht classes. Call 2-lflHS after an oernon. ~ Dm |-«»4»_ -- . Altotncvt tnt Plaintiff. «24 Rant Third Street. Alton, lllinou. Mav JZ, 2fl • V 11 Nortcr, TO coNTnAfMiti Kor work to h» foiiMruclfri under 1h# Motor fu*l Tax L«w. TIMr ANO PKACK OF OPKN1NO BIDS: Sealed propoml' for th* Improvement (it lh« thorottghfBi-e rtescflherl herein will be rerelved «t Ihe office of the Clerk of the CM.v of Alton. M«rll.«on County. Illlnnlj until 4M o'plock P. M. iDSTi Monday, June fl. ISl'ii fltid «l lh«l time publicly opened arid rend. DESCRIPTION OF WOHK: i»> Th« proportd work l» officlallv known a* Section 43 C. S. h«(lru Kl SI*. O miniM 1.1, n polnl IS' East of the Weal lln* of StHte Street »nd extendu In < Westerly dlreotlon *lon«l Carroll St. 'Art. St. No 321 and In « Northerly dlrerllon aloiiR Briicon St. iArt. St. No. :i;|i to Sta 12 plus 08, » point In the South' westerly line of Stnte Street o total I dlnlunc* of 1J01 feet of which liirt feel anfru nr»v*\t» nn »• . i0.22Bfl mlleni are to he Improved. HUM II KOXANA—Ihe first, sec-! ih; The proposed imprpv«ment l» lo ond and third grades at the South Floxana School, (aught by Mrs. David Miller, Mrs. Dean Shine- mann and Mrs. C. D. Donham enjoyed an outing today at the Dads' Club Park. The mothers nnd room mothers prepared Ihe lunch and the teachers furnished Ihe drink. The children returned to school nt 1:30 p. m. The students will return to school Monday and remain until 10:30 a. m. Smith ItoxHnn >olrs SOUTH ROXANA-Mr. and Mrs. Jcsso Swallow and daughter, Joann, and Barbara Johnson have returned afier a few days spent on Benlon Lake in Benlon. III. While there they visited J. Vaughn. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Parton and daughters of Kankakce have returned to their home after visiting Parton's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Parlon and family of Ohio avenue and with Mrs. Parton's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Durcll of North Roxana, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Potter of Southard avenue had as dinner guests Sunday, Mrs. Potter's father and her aunt, S. K. Slroud and M •i>i, , WOOD nfvER sciioSITor ' Ihdfnietor. Miss Shirley tAmmtr. fltim- wer «U«MI*. lap. hatlet, to*. For Infot- rnatlon_c*ll 2-AABft. — BtllMMIM «nd »»•«- rnunt, aiBlTlril. M. C. OABRfKU 2-89S3. _ »T and voiee and baton IwlfllnR. Ooitlfl Music Co., 551 E. BvoadWRy, /lllon. RepHirs, carpenter work, bloek Mylng. brick laying, or pointing. DUI t'tSli lob Inn tmall or too lafg«. 3-1913. Mk ly. Del ...., __ co NT n Af5f~cFMT!MT wftSK - Of all _______ MAN WANTED" fn bundle ItiMlruhr* Hehlt In All»n *re» for old line Irgnl Tttftvf rnmpdny. Colled Inn (ind nell- IIIK life. hosp1tnll7ittloii flnri polio In- »urnnet. E\n«flem'« In not n«r«s«r.v nf \vf train you. ThU I* » pertnnnenl po' sllion with A Runrnnlrfrt nalsry at S27^ plli.« rommlMlAn and bonn« tiRid monlhl.v. Write Box «HO, cure Tele- kinds. LYNN Union work. rr«« «*tlm«t«l. WOOD, 3603 frUrlor. Pho«t REPAIRS - carpenter word, rwrfiflf, •«w«r worn and concrete wofk at ul kind*. Dial 4-B091. ^ Drcom/»Vii«A _ a>no42. MAN— "For""jan- llor. kitchen and rtlnlns room work. Apply in person, Mia* Annahelle «l«>Prnelpl» C, . , *f«)l«>jJPr|nelpl» College, ^Isfth Closing Chicago Grain Quotations CHICAGO. May 29, ,T? ~ WHEAT—None. CORN' — No. 3 yellow 1.84*i- 85*;: No. 4, 1.81U-83"i; No. 5. l.TfrVSOU; sample grade 1,59*4- 76U. OATS—None. BARLEY - Nominal: Malting, 1.2S-65; feed J.20-30. SOYBEANS—None. Chicago Orain Futures High Low Close WHEAT- KLDR'ED — Miss Phyllis Loenn. rlaughtor of Mr. ftrtd' Mrs. Roy Lognn, nnd Drmnld Martin, son of Postmaster and Mrs. William Martin, were presented Amerirfln Legion awards during the local eighth grade commencement ex- of Ppper Alton also were opposing j Mrs. Nellie Graham of Jerseyvijle. phases of the project than lhat he was Informed five petitions expressive of their views were being circulated. He sftld that the Salu area, was another closely built-up residence district, and said he would rather "see the highway sacrificed than to have A freeway within the city." Alderman James Dooley recalled a survey 10 years or more ago ercises Tuesday evening in the j which located the bell route to pass school gymnasium. j north of the city golf course and Miss Logan received her award | declared, "The route should he based on scholarship, companion- where first laid out, not within a ship, character, service, and cour- July Sop Doe 2.35 2.41 Ti Mnr 2.44 r 8 CORN— July .... 1.83»4 Sep.- Vti platM fit Ilkt n.w far w««ki wild ONI APPLICATION. Star tli»*ln«, lli*«». CK«w and .n|ay ill foao*!. (tllaa yaw plalat at Kama with DEN- TUR-Uf. Nat a paifa « •owa'ar but o ntw cuih/.n t'attic that laid for w««ki. Tkainaaa'i J«ll|W«d. tOt and $1.00 tubti. Al all «<»«• 4ru« c*«nt«n, TRY II—oik for nallaaally advtrlUatl DENTUI-fZE. MONfY-IACK OUAIANTel Dec. Mar. OATS— July .... Sep Dec Mar,'.... RYE— July .... Sep Dec 1.72'i 1.76 '.» 77'i . 79'i 2.33"a 2.35 s i 2.40'» 2.43'i 1.7914 1.7Q 3 4 1.75's 2.35-34T. 2.3714 2.4l»4-"s 2.44 i !4 1.76 77U-77 age, The award was made to Donald on the basis of scholarship, leadership, honor, service and courage. The presentation of these awards was made by Kilby Ivors, commander of the Legion post.. local American 2.02 !j 1.9S 2.04 SOYBEANS- July Sep. Nov. Jan. Mar. 3.10% 2.f)2' 1 4 2.84 s . 2.87 2.89 78'i, 82 84'i 2.00 1.96*4 2.01 3.07 2.90'i 2.80'i 2.8314 2.85U Next Teachers Exam Set June 13 at Edwardsville ED\\'ARDSV1LLE — Announcement was made today hy County Supt. of Schools George T. Wllkins of the next examination for provisional stale teaching certificates, to be conducted at his office June 13 at 9 a_. m. Applicants for elementary, high school, klndcrgnrten-primary and 82%-' z ! special teaching certificates under 85*i-' 2 ' provisional plan No. 1, must have completed HO or more semester"i hours of college work. Provisional 1.09 pinn No. 2 certificate is available 2.04 by examination for teachers" having at least ,'ij semester hours' college S.lO'i-H | credit, five hours of which wore 2.92 s *- 1 s j earned during the preceding 12 2.84',4-?4 2.87 2.89 St. Louis Cafth Grain ST. LOUIS, May 29, .T WHEAT — Receipts 1 car, No. 2 mixed 2.39',i, months, and they must also have held emergency leaching certiti- cates. Go Amir! BUFB'ALO, N. Y., May 29. yr>— Caretakers at St. Matthew's Church posted this sign for the Keep- off. the - grass season: "Go CORN — Receipt* 54 cars, sold 'way—I wanna bo a lawn!" 1, No. 2 yellow 1.87%. OATS — Receipts 4 cars, sold 1, No. 1 white for Long Lasting tieauty PITTSBURGH HOUSi PAINT New Sun-Proof HOUM Ptinc pro- due** film of unuiufl whitenew. Smok* or iaduiyitl i«wi will not ditcolor it. "* Clllon Fischer Lumber Co, E«»t Alton, 111. Dial 4-4371 30 Die In Htreeicar city residence district." He also objected lo keeping the oil truck traffic in town. With regard to the pnrking ban, he added: "We know there is no parking on any state highway, but shoulders are always left for emergency stops. With the belt route in town no room will be left for shoulders—the highway, will be almost on front porches of many homes." Alderman Parker, streets chairman, briefly referring lo the problems thrust on the city by the state plan, said the council should have been consulted In advance before plans were set up. "I now think the city should tell Ihe state engineers what we want. Then, if no compromise can be worked out, I would be willing, like Timmermiere, to sacrifice it." lie suggested Elm properly owners hacf paid for their present pavement, and now, about to lor>e rights in full usage of another pavement, should be reimbursed for what the first had cost them. Alderman Waide declaring the city needs a belt route, was inclined to blame the GAAC for puslv ing H project about which It knew no details, and about which the council had been given no definite information. "Why don't they (GAAC) come in and work out a matter like thi* with the council first. The GAAC should keep Us fingers out until I hey know what actually is proposed . . . The East End Associa- MADRID, Spain, May 29, .V-An 1 1 '°» wc »' e original proponents of the overcrowded streetcar plunged 85 feet off the historic Toledo bridge here last night and carried at least 30 persons to their (loath on the river bank below. Some SO persons were seriously injured. Of 418 films released last year in Austria, 31 were domestic productions. belt route. Now the GAAC hai called on slate engineers before any consultation with city officials on & project which should be one for cooperation. "They take the initiative, but when the pressure gets too great they toss the matter back into the council's lap." Alderman Warren Inquired, Air. and Mrs. Max Willis and daughter, Judy Kay, of Sinclair avenue had ns their guest Hie past few days, Mrs. Willis' mother. Norbert Carey of Vincennes, Ind., and Mrs. Marie Willis of Pana. I.F.GAL NOTICB NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS For work 10 h* eon»truct*d under Motor Fuel Tux Lew. TIME AND PLACK Of OPENING BIOS: Sealed propowls fftr the Improvement <if 1h« thoroughfare dc«crihed Concrete curl) nnd the necessflry 8pecln Excavation end Incldenlnl construction. INSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDERS, im Plan» end propose! form* m*.v be obtained from the City Engineer for * specific length of lime upon deposit of «13.00 which deposit will be refunded lo nclunl Wdder.i who return Ihe documents In KOod order within S days of bid opening. (hi All proposal* musl be nccom- punted by a bank cashier's check or HANOINO — Patch plastering, inside painting. Prompt service.JMI137. fJlnhe tiemn. ^ANTlin — P«p«r hanging,, good wbffc Oloue-Demo- ^ rMtonllMt £ r|ceil fhdne 3-5987 or 2BIB Vaegei' alreet. FLOOR SANDINQ * HftMNtSMINO — Interior painting neaaormble rate*, fot free estimates dial 3-4314 or 3-3230. bank draft for ten percent of 1h« amount of the bid. ** provided In the "Standard Specifications for Road »nd Bridge Construction," prepared by the Department o< Public Work* and Buildings of the StAI« of Illinois, adopted by said Department Jan. 2. 1952. REJECTION OP BIDS. Th« Council reserves th« right to reject any Or all proposals and to waive technicalities. By (ird«r of Repairing Slreetn Com- mll(«« of the City of Alton. WM. PARKK«, Chairman. E. WHETZEL. C. GROSS. PAUL PRICE, City Clerk. Ma.v III. Junf 3.JI ANNOUNCEMENTS IM MF.MOR1AM herein will be received at ih« afflc*. of the Clerk of th* City of Allon. Madison County. Illinois until 4:00 o'clock P. M. iDSTi Monday, June 9, 19H2 and at that time publicly opened and read. DESCRIPTION OP WORK: fa' The proposed work Is officially known an Section 44 C. S. begins at Sta. O plus 14, a point 4' Went of the East line of Henry Street *nd extends In an Easterly direction along 1 Union St. iArt. St. No. 1< to Sta. 18 plus 48.9, a point 13' West of Ihe West line of Central Avenue, » total distance of 18:i4.,1 feel, of which 10:12.7;i feet i0.ri47t mllem are lo be improved. ibi The proposed Improvement It to b* 10" Portland Camenl Concrete Pavement with pavement fabric, T.vp« 4 Concrete curb and the necessary Special Excnvatlon and Incident*! construction. INSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDERS, lai Plans and proposal forms mny be obtained from the City Knglneer for a specific length of lime upon <l«poilt of which deposit will be refunded to actual bidders who return the documents In good order within a day« of bid opening. ih> All proposal! must be accompanied by a bank cashier's check or bank draft for Ien MOi percent nf th* (mount of the bid. at provided In the "Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction," prepared b.v the Dtpartment of Public Workt and Bui Id- ln«s Of the' fllal* of Illinois, adopted by said Department Jan. 2. 1DA2. REJECTION Of BIDS. Th» Council reserve* the right to reject any or all proposals and to walv* technicalities. B.v order of Repalrlnii Stretu Commute* of the City of Alton. WM PARKER, Chairman K. WHETZEI-. C. CROSS PAUL PRICE, City Clerk. May 20. Jun* 3, « PAUL L. SMITH--In lovlnf memory of our dear Duel who left us 8 ycari *»o, M«y 30. 1B44: HI* helping hand was first To render us any aid he could: His voice was always raised in praise Ills words were kind and «ood. near Dad, ilnce you've <on« away, The. one* you loved BO true, Try hard (o carry On the way We know you'd want us to. Sadly missed by _FVMecn_ami __P*»J_ Jr. PAII L "TTsMlTiT^In loviiid hiflrSofy of my dear husband who departed 1his Hl'e ft ,\<-ars fl((o. Mrty .10. lfM-1: I never knew that a heart could ache Wilh such a bitter pain, Longln* for * vanished face, To hear hi« voice again. 1 never knew that nijtht could he So lonely, c/ld *nd dim. But oh. I'v* learned no m«n>' Ihlnll Because of losing him. Your ehair had long been vacant, Your voice has long been •(HI. Bui the hearts you taught to lov« you, Miss you now and alway* will. Sadly missed by ___________ Wlfe._Ann. IN'^b^INO MKMOfiY—Of WiTllnm Sfc- Klnley John*on, our dear husband and father who departed from u« May 20. 1991: God give us strength to bear II, Courage lo meet, tht hlow; Though how It hurli to lo«« you Only those who loved you know. H«a'rtbre«k lies behind our «mll«, Arid l«Ufh« Hide otir teara; •It «c«m* )!«« only yesterday, Instead of one long year. W« think of him In happy day«, When w* wtr« nil together; His loving «mil« and ch««rful way Will liv« in our hearts forever. Sadly missed by Wife., Winnie Anna Johnson, Bon« and Daughtari. NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE Nolle* li hereby «lven to all persons that Clnt Monday In July, 1992. ti th* Claim Oil* in th* tsiat* of Delhert E. Coal*, Deceased, pending in (he Probate Court of Madiion County. Illinois, and that claims may b* fll«d against th* said estat* on or tacfor* said date without issuance of summons. Dated this 5th day of May, 18.12. BESSIE C. COAUE, Administratrix. Attest.' DALE HILT, Prohat* CUrk. PAUL H. RKIS, Attorney. May 18,ja, 29 PUBLICATION NOfiCI In Ih* Circuit Court of Mtdlion Coutv ty, JlllnoU: DOROTHY M. HEBRON. Plaintiff, vi. HAROLD O, HEBRON. Di» ftndfnt, Complaint for Divorc*. Chancery No. 17794. Notlc* li hereby given HAROLD o. HERBON, Defendant h*re> In to b* s«rved by publication, that th* above suit 1* p*ndlng grid that default may be cntartd, against you therein on or after Monday, Jun* 18, 1982. ROSS ARMBHUSTtR Attorn*? Hi SIMON KELLMMAN. Jr. Cl*rk of th* Circuit Court of 24 aOTT LE... PACK IASY TO CARRY HOME MadisonjCounty, __^ __ TO CONTB"ACTOBS '['h» Vlllag* Board of Roxana, IllinoK will rcceiv* bids for rcpglrlng th* mason r\ work and tuckpoinllng the Rox|na Cpinmunity Building, plaas* submit on* bid to covsr Ih* rcpgir work only (nd on* covtring rcpali' work and luck- pointing. 8p«cl/Icatfons for this work may b* obtained from the Village Clerk at 111 West Second Street. Roxana. Bids to b* opened (nd r**d at th* regular Board meeting to be held June 4, 1 at 7:00 P M. ipWi. The Board reserves the right lo cept or reject any or all bldl. __ IRA KILLAM. VIHag* Clerk NOTICE TO CAR DEALERS The Village. Board Of Koxana. Illinois will receive bids on furnishing * new 18A2 modil y-door for Of lh« rl MO ***»•* _ ____ MAKE IT LAST— Glaxo water clear platic type linoleum coaling; prolccls and ends waxing. Buck's Paint Store, «5fl E. Broadway. __ __ WJtLCOME STRANGER — If "you ha" just moved lo Alton or know of a new family In Allon will you call 4-5171 so our hostess can contact them? Welcom* Stranger Service. ___ ____.. _ R RUM'MAGE'ANII I*Astmifji MJt_ RUMMAGE SALE — Cllven by Alton Little Theater. Saturday, darting at »:30 a. m., at 604 Belle._ _ SOCIETIES — 1.01) OF. 8 PIASA LODGE—NO. j7. A. r. * A. M Special meeting Thursday, May 2fl. ' p. m. Work In 3rd degree. Visiilng br«lhien welcome. Refreshments Clyde P. Belcher, W. M _ experience, for clly delivery. Must know Alton area. Steady Can _Upiftii (MMJIl itfler « p, m. SODA WATKff DitftSTffiftdir—"For litre's root beer and Mission Fl»»or«. Apply tain St. C'lalr, East St. Louts. Phono Upton ,10.109. SALESMAN Opening In large local organization fof eggressiv* young man. Writ* letter giving personal details. Including age education and experience. In <!«tall Your reply will be held confidential Box Hop, .carp Telegraph. man, 20-25, single, to learn cash reg- l»ter service work. Opportunity for advancement In sates. Men who have camp-feted full (raining receive above • vei-age enumeration. VaC«llon« with pay, ho4pltflll*ntlon, life Insurance and liberal anmtnlty program. Call W. M. McBride, Alton. 2-6440 or C. C. Insklp. Upton 4-3020. _ ^^ ____ l« HELP WANTED—FEMALE CASHIER WTNTED — Accounting and NCR No. 2000. Experience preferred. See Mr. Moore at Bledermans. _ WHITE LAO"V— To c»r« for child, tight housework. Stay. Phone 4-3902. WHITE oTnL or WOMAN — General housawork ; slay on place. 2-6(148 . MIDDLEACJED'~]LADY~:For rioiiliew'ofk'i no laundry. Phone. 4-rtilan, _ __ ___ WANTED— Office clerk"; good afflgureii and lyping: knowledge of shorthand desirable but not required. Apply In own handwriting. Write Box «SO. care Telegraph. _____ _____ ___ GIRL— For general O'fftce work, "shorthand necessary. Pleasing phone voice. interviewed between 8 and 8 p. m. CARTER BROS, Inc. __ _ .UPLJ?'"' Broadwa>^_ _ NO EXPehtBNCB 1 ~NBCBSfl"AHY— Age 1fl to ;i."i. or neat appearance. Day work or night work. Apply in person from il lo 700 p. m. Sunshine Coffee Shop. No^ 1 W L Ferguson. Wood River. ETTDERLY CATJY^To rare "foT'a'chTT- dren, more for horn* than wages. Call 2-D004 — Beginner or hour week, rto shorthand Ideal work- Ing conditions. Apply or write John S Swift Company. Inc . 2100 Locust St. Si Louis 3. Mo. II) IIKLP WANTED— MAtF._* FEMALB SALEs""PlfOMCTfr6N JOB OPEN~No outside solicitation bul direct mall con tact with selling and limited office work. Good opportunity for someone to learn retail business. See William Thompson. Schwartz Furniture Co, Wood River, til. Please do not tele. jjhone. _____ _ __ _ __ WANTED— Salesman for refrigeration appliance and air-condllionlng. Cnll WALLPAPER CLEANED—Walll W«ih- — Dtcoriitini, plastering, patch plastering, removing witllpaper. Fre* estlmatei. Dill 3-1172, 2-8(lfl4. INTBRIOR It fcXTERlOn PAINT1NO>- And decoraflng. 3-3141, / -, •A»io< , ROBERSON SADIO ATIUCVIIION SERVICE 2011 State Street. Alton, Phone 9-4213 guaranteed Service, ___ ________ RAOlCr& TELEVISION SlWltl SQUARE DEAL SHOP 720 E. BROADWAY*— 3-94! 1 SEVKN MBN TO SBRVB VOW RKPAIIII.VO—noormo WANTBD—Building repair work. Hoofs and chimneys repaired, outside palnt- Ing. 3-7009. H. A. NEVLIN MOVING STORAGE ACROSS TUG STREET OK ACROSS THE CONTINENt LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE t«2B WASHINGTON AVE: DIAL 9-346S SMITH BROS. MOVING LOCAL - LONG DISTANCE DIAL 4-6561 IB W Ferguson. Wood River USED FUnNITUBK BOUpHT^A SOLO McCQY TRANSFlR CO. FREIGHT LEASING MOVING CAU. .1.7791 FOR i'ME ANSWER TO YOUR TRUCKING PROBLBMi _ A FTE ft « P. M.: 3-74IHI— 2-184S OR QUICK Phone 3-7630 2-»240 2-74M PRES BELCHER MOVERS AGENTS FOB VON-DER-AHE Van LINES ANYWHERE IN 48 STATES Also quick moving of itoveu refrigerator*, pianos, trunks, box** or what have you? Also storage. """RENTALS 4i_ _ __ Mitt UK n moon* NICK ROOM— On but lln* for lady, Dial .l-flMSK. S28_E. 7(h.__ ____ _ _ E~XCEP¥tONAC^sl*epTng room In Upper Alton. Large and eool. Practically new house. No other roomer*. Garage. JZ-44B7. ___ __ ___ _ SLEEPING ROOM— First floor, On bus c i_ D "l 3-3490. B3Q East ROOM— Flnt floor, flMC JOlB WANTlfD— rbTaervlce man on off duly hours; experienced In auto repair and service. Call 2-8374. ^^ OLORED LADY— Wants steady work' FINANCIAL 1836 '.'» _ BJjSINIiSS^OI'POKTllNITIEII FnUlT A "PRODOCE MAHKBT -- _____ K. Broadway. Good business location. Priced for quick sale, will lell with or without merchandise. S I -IE LLi BE R V I C K~ST A 1 1 0 N — Fo r IcaVe". Bclhallo Modern facilities, going business. Purchn'-i! active ilock and cqulp- nipul. II. F Ellis. 4-3B04. _ FOR SALK — Al a rcasonnhifi price. Miinll thriving T. V. and appliance store, ncnr Alton and Wood River. Excellent franchises. Low ovcrhcnd Call 4-5(1118. on bus line. Special summer privileges. Ladies. 2-7li:ia. __ _ , __ SLEEPING ROOM— For man or woman. Phone night 4-42631 day», 4-B370. _ CTEAN— Comfortable roorn near downtown. Reasonable. 808 Alby. Phone ll'.'ii!. ^ r -_ 2 l?' !H i-_ ___ SLEEPfNO BOOM— For men. near West_ el ''2 15't South Pence. Phone 4-3308. FIRST CLASS SLEEPING ROOM— First or tecond floor. Bun to door. Home Ilk* atmo»ph*r», 4-8681. 4-flOia «ft«r 1 LARGE ~- Airy front room. 1000 Langdon^ 2_-3039.. _ __ __ ___ ___ LARGE — Nicely furnished room for Kentlemiin, adjoins bath; garage av»ll- nble. 2-">47n. 4gA WANTEO, ROOM a BOAUD WANTED —Place for girl to wprk for room and board while attending b*auty school. Call :i-8411. ask for Mrs. Cai*y 4 JUHJBEKEEI'INO ROOMS _ ^ I ROOM — Ail furnished. 1005 P«arl. 3-1)459. _ _ __ ___ KOR RENT— 2 housekeeping rooml on first floor, near Western Cartridge. 4-liUUY ' •. r 4' rx \' 1.1 SHARES— Of Ciii7e"n Conch'Co. pre- erred stock. 6 f 'i intereil, semt. ;i-.127:i. FRANKLIN LODGE—No. ZS. mtntlnff. Saturday, May 31, 1:30 p. m. Work in 2nd d«(r«*. viiitinf brethren wtlcom*. R. E. Mitchell. W. M. LODGE-NO. M special meeting Thursday. May 29, 7 p. m. Third degree will be conferred by Western Grand Lecturers Club. Vislt- ln| brethren welcome. R. E. Mitchell. W. M. I* I.OST—STBAVKO—ITOLiN I*OUND—A by Idcntl pig. Owner may hiv* «im» fylng and paying for ad. LOST— Brown billfold downtown. Saturday. Important papers. Name tn- graved on billfold, "Jack Strebtl." jL»«9: ___ _ _____ __ _____________ LOST -Nurie pin from DePaul Hotplttl. initial "M. T. a.'Maaa. '±>ytvi. __ ItfOtf II1UUVI *}"UUUt »CU«II IVI U» Wl ill* ,4 ... Police D*pt. A 1931 Fold 2-door 1| lo •" b ' u * be lr*ded in Bid to include transfer of sptclil equipment, heavy duty generator. *lreo, llghu, tic., from old to n«w c*r. Bids will Of op*r>ed at rtgular Board meeting June 4. 1952 *I 7:00 P. M 'DSTi EAT At Sadie'n Lunch Room KarnpbVllle. 111. Hoin«-Cooktd Mtall i Fhh Pally. __ Rl. 100 CALL t'OR""BTDS The Public Buildings C.'onumltee of th* City Council of Allon, ill., will r«- otlv* «*alid bid* for on* (li 00-Inch Cray Steel Standard Secretarial Ped- •ttfl Office Desk. Globe - Wernicke quility or equal Typewriter mechanism in left nedcstal Blji will bt rtceived until 5:00 P M. Friday. June 6. 193? at tht City Clerk s ofifcc The committee i'»»trve>, Ihe riiihl lo icject any and _ ; 0 _LOAN "BEING POOR IS NO CRIME" But nuffrring nerdlCMlv is. If you're in «i l ">:'< - ( fniJUicinl "fix", slop in (o t»c* ALTON LOAN SERVICE We lend money quick ly. easily and at legal interest-rales Come In TODAY 201 Wen :trd St Dial :i-:i396 PERSONAL SERVICE Lights, wxter nnd Kas. Apply at re»r, 1712 Bozia. HOUSEKEEPING ROOM —Lights water. gai, Krlgldalre. Dial 2-:!.iii8. 1426 Fourth _«trefl. _ 2 LIG"ii r f~HO"lTsEKEEPING HOOMS—430 Ferguson avenue, Wood River. Phone SLIP COVERS— And drapt.iei expertly made. Free estlmatei and lamplai. 4-S848. ___ _ _______ COVEHED BirrfONS — Befis and" hut- toriholei, 24-hour service Centra! Sewing Supply Co., 18 W Broadway. Dial 2-53 M. __ __ .1? _^.A|INpTilTNO WANTED - VvASjIlNGS Phona a-B8Ul. IRONINGS AUTOMATIC SAW FILING — Lawn mowtr sharpening. 23 Weil Penning, Wood __ __ _ WANTED— Pap«r hanging and painting. LAWN aliarpcneoTft repaired Expert workmanship. IS years experlance. Dalivvry service, Slanksr * Krc P« l - 739 Park Driva. 2j;377u. __ AUTHOBlZED-Pmcor service for pow^ tr mowers. Elmer Pint, 810 Roedal* .Dial. 2-jil>. r l8 _ ______ __ COMPL'ETE "~E'LEc~nucAi~"~" And small appliance repair EBBLER ELECTRIC II _ t:\l l.'R.VISIIKD BOOMS_ __ THRKJf-ItOOM" MoriERN^'APt.— Unfurnished. Private entrance. On bu§ line, 54SOO. H:IO Fei'suMiir. Wood_ Riv*r._ ~ ^ Btrce L ___ 4> APAKTHCNTt— rt,AT« ONE 4-ROOM- -UnfurnHhed apt; two 2-room unfurnished apartments, at 31 __ ____ 2 FUBNISHED ROOMS -in East Alton", SOU Drv slrecl, S7.50 per week. Adults only. piaj_2-3507 ; __ ____ 3 EXTRA NiCE"-- New unfurnlihed rooms: modern fixtures, prlvat* *nIrance: couple. 3:1011 Jackson. _ .•i-ROdM"ONFURNlSHED APT.— Private J^atl^i^j^ntraiice.^jidJ.iUs. 4j73Ji9 afttr 4 30. 3 ROOMS UNFURNISHED— Privat* *n- trancc, wired for stove. Adultl only. 2-aat):). ____ _____ UPPER "ALTON— New a-room apt. H«at, cooking gas and water furnished. Vary nice. $85 p*r..monlh. H- C. 1131 Logan St. WENZEL AGENCY Phone 3-3873 FOR RENT—Modern 3-roorn apartmtnt in Bunker Hill. Win. Acuncius. TWO"~17NFURNTSHED APTS. — Call 2.'>I2 Stale Phone 3-7riga IRA KILLAM, Villag* Clerk. oum Dinner 8(11. Pu»lic Buildings Commiitre t'it> Council. Allon, Uhnou JOSEPH WATSKEH, MIKC WAIDI WlfilAM HAND St "POWfcK LAWN "MOWERS Machine sharpened, repaired: taws tiled, grinding. 44!) E. _3ft|. Phone 2-5397 KOH RENT—Power toof» foiTeYinfshTng floors, woodwork, furniture, (to. Day and hourly rate* Handera and edxer. $4UO day. Car polishers, 1125 a day Call 2-9524. _ LAWN" WOWEHS—Sharpened "and repaired Schueli* r*ild«nce, 713 Lln- coln Pnom 2-a7.12 or 'i-fBog GUTTERING" •iijouiint,' nicial c'hnmicy covers f'r*« i —• 3-ROOM APT. — Private entrance and bath. '., block from bus. Heat and Water furnished. $UO per month. Adults. 2-1770 alter 4 p._ni. __. ONE - BEDRobM "APT — Un"furnl»h*d. Stove, refrigerator, heat, water, furnished. Apply Manager. Washington Apts.. 74t^Washington. Apt. U. 3-8363, FR~HENT—4~roomo and bath; heat and water furnished. 2-3286 between 0 tod 8 p. in 3-ROOM UNFURNISHED APT.—For rent :to:i Lorena, Wood River. IN ALTON'S FINEST ney apt. buU4mjf. :('j exti'u large rooms on (Ust floor svith tile bath & dressing room. 1100 per month. :J2U5 Brown. 2-043? tor *Ppoinlmcat: If no answer writ* Bo» lltiO. care Telegraph. , 'Unfuriiiiheij apt. 410 E. ^-.'lilii estimates Whitens Tin Shnp. 2-142j| Red & White Sanitary Service Cmpeoii, S*pua Tan In and OutiW* Vtulti CUgntd OtJ 01 Nlgbt. Ctil 4-8063 or «-3ifi9 LUXURY APARTMENT—6 large rooms. 2 tiled baths, large clo&eta, »ll-*l»euic kitchen ThU is a lovely new »Pgrt- meot, beautifully decor«U4. In e?cel- leat location. IMO per mo»th Writ* Box mo (or »poolaun*ttt. WUl hi completed June 1.

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