Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 10, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 10, 1912
Page 5
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We've Got The Style "We've Got The Variety Our Pirices. as Usual. Are Ri«ht We Originate and Lead . Others Copy and Follow Women 's New Autumn from' every authentic style soui-ce—in models that will most lavishly meet the discriminating demands. Choosing at the New York V) Store is a pleksure. as assortments are virtually unlimited. X& Plush Coats Genuine Caracul and Seal- ette Plush Coats, 54 inches; long, high stoi'm collars; large fancy frog fastenini-' turned cuffs, yarn dyed sa­ tin lining: special for Fri­ day ami Saturday, $15.00 Fancy Caracul Coats ^ for Juniors and Misses, god quality black lining, high storm collar, turn cuffs, decidedly double breasted; for Friday and Saturday tfi flfi priced at vO«7U Children's Fincy and Striped Caracul Coats, shawl roll collar fl*^ QO or military collar, double''breasted, special for Friday and Saturday. .^v'/O MORE NEW FALL WAISTS. Ask to see our celebrated "Excelsior" Waists—evei-y one of them guaranteed. Beautiful New Millinery FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY White Beaver Hats for Children— new models in veloui^and beaver Hats, beautifully trimmed. Priced from $5.00 to $20.00 The '-ITCHEKOO" HAT for tho school oirl. Prices J ?1 .2.-i to $:J.00 Sealette Coats For the Stout Woman We have them, sizes from 44 to 56 bust. These Coats are cut on stout.lines, therefore they are perfect fitting; storm or shawl roll collar, deep turn­ back cuffs, elaborate fastenings and guaranteed linings. Special for Friday and Saturday— $20 and $25 First Floor Bargains for Friday and Saturday " 4M iiKii rXMl.K.U'IlKl) Ml'SMN. fliu- quality )>prvanl . — .7ic KMMiii yai .ls STAMIAlMl CAMCOKS. wcirlh wholesale .'.'{.c— a imn -haM- «•«• iiiailo bi-forc ilic advaiivc on Calico— Cp special i;er .v;ii<l -i.- ,_. _ — New t;aiMitltti Diivinp ('.htv.s pair --S1 >rt«"' SI.50 Cbildr.»iiV f!aiim!.-n Cloves all sizes, pair iiOd PeninV Kid Clovis. ww .-lia<le<. pair SI "«>«' S1.5(> Pei'riij's ](; Hiitti,!] Wliile Kiil Oloves, pair— S«i>50 BARGAINS IN OUR DRESS jKOODS FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY 50 I'uro All Wool Storm and Frintii Series, in all tliu leading shades :'.S Uulies wide, .-pedal yard . . •H inch All Wool Storm' SerR.-, in black. fiVi-v. navy, brown, etc. $l.i>i>(qi!alit.v. yard 44 Inch All Wool Whip Cords in t:r.-y na\y. tan. ffl OC red and brown. $1.:.0 iinalily. special, yard ^9 • DQp ntt pifcps of Xii. .1'.'21 IIKAVY Ol Tl.\(;. price, p. !• y.iid '^ .\i:\V KAI.I. C.I.\t:ilA.\l.-^. r-!:Mlar l;.".:c vain.-. pri<e. i„r yard , -- Kvira Kood niiality -Kaiwi -ll" i:.'U CliMclied .Muslin, I'J'-j \aluo price, pi-r yard^ . v. KA.VCY Itll'.llO.NS hair U:t.\~i— price, n.r yaril - . ... _ - .\i ;W H|{«)A|iCl.HTll.<. alt Iirice pi-r yard _ , .... 10c 10c 10c 25c $1 THE NEW YARNS ARE ALL HERE! Wo have now in .'^to*!; a I 'nU lino of the cel .^bralfed "BErfVRv^^ | r.UA.VD" YAKNS— ol all kind.s and iiualities. in all cvilors an*all shades. , / ^r^jMl IJOCOCO VAU.VS. per skein " ' " THE NEW INSTRUCTION BOOK pictiircs and depcrtb-:i' iilTkind of fancy knitting and crochet';^ work. Infanis" wear chililren':? oaps a-d hoods, motor caps, p.irch wr.ips. .'sweaters, coiic.h covers, etc. It also -lows ORfk the stitches and tells liow to juake them. At— ^W*^. 1,000 IN NIGHT SHIRT MURdf ' the various nickle .'ihow.s. / The sidewalks on .Massachusetts .<;treet were lined with spectators lawn while he EPoke to them. As the official i)rophct of the Cnivcrsity and the leader of anythlni; and everyihlnK Bov: at K. r. Olehnile Fool Hall Virlory Willi Annual (Hiostlike IlenKinhtnttion. FEEL BMY TOOW? GASCIIRETS TONIGHT. _ 1^ _ . . ' . — i ' iiir.i ihe Wii;!" Ilnn^e trie of .nny I a-'-ociaMon decided r'.-ntly :n file aj num. •arv tc :iiiv individual". } test and the .lonrnul of Commerce I in :ere .-.i ..r .i.ri (.raiinn. On this j Mr. .\crris said in fi!in,' its petiMon • inr-is.*' lie add •' till STOP HAIR FALLING TODAY n 'olde. cheer leader, who led the yell- , cheers, inp procesEion. After leavins South Psrk- the parade started for tiie Chancellor's res idence gathering lanterns and re- jThe -.Nil;])! Shirt I'arade" of the iivs at liie Stale Cliiverslty in cele- biation of the fiiot ball team's op"'n- <fT _ — , frivolous. In truth it is merely a : f'O"" "'s front porch conpratulatinR ., ,• , , :ihe students uponj the enthusiasm time-honored ousto..,, express nj; ; complimentinB the foot- youthful enthusja .Mn and developinR , , brlUiani victory, loyal sujiport o! tiie .athletes, and is , harmless in Us expi^si-^ion. spectacu- "'"".f i'""-* and good for the ''-'«' " samea- he said, "and If The usual mad scramble for placs in the line followed the spen;h and the i>arade returned to theKldridse house corner. Here yells wer^ given around a blaze of red fire and Dolde ation Of the foot ball tean.'s open- j„" ,,,, ^ay. ----^^^^^^^^ g victory may s.rik,e „,any as fur.h- ' The Chancellor, owlnjr to the il'ne^f I ^S ^'rt "'^-^ft^r the parade di"• evidence that "hisher education" is , .1 J^i^^V^^"^ ""'ii banded a rush was tnade for the .var- \ri lleadnrhe. ICilliiii >Mess. SIncuisIi l.inr. ('»n >ti]iRteil ItowcU or Soui* Sloiuiii'li liy .Moriihti;. •| was prepared tci | Iii.s the sanction and c i-operation of ^ !ii,,ir, the association. "} bcjiei/'d ir.y hrf'r.rr wn- adiliir- iiMy eipiipprd i^r tin- insiii. n I W-' tit.\i»(I iu li'-" ^'^te";";i\. t'i- f*^arle-?- i.e...; and 1 no'..:i. c:.ii!d buU- ! Kev. I'ndj uf Colon.r Will Cutor fo flie Parisian Sas|! and 'f/o^'are no^^aat- ilu:".e .,!• u^e "I'ili. Tlie prim ipa! Small Town*, to be obvi:i:< .! v.:is tl..- iniiuen<e on! Colony. Kas.. Oct. .S—-Tile Rev. Wil- <»Ki;.\M/KS A (H.UTArqiA. —!t wf,nt cost you a ceni to proTa, i'hat you'"an sti'!> filling hair ; prevent iia Jness. for C. B. S L a Co. wl.' supply j.iu v.Itha bottle'of; i.r any luiin-'iary lll.SIKKSS. neckband proves mnw. The Pniver- Aftej giving several cheers for both slty Daily Kansan ;:ives- ti;,. followdifr the r/iahcellor and the Cniversliy the account of the rereiu demonstration march was resumed. Uy this time the at Lawrence: number in the crowd had grown to The annual niylit .^hirt parade Sat'-' about 1000 and the line extended for urday night was tin- mosi successful^ seven blocks. When .Massachusetts since; the event bei-anie a I'nlversity! street was reached after a march custom. A line of 1.1 in) night-shlrted down Quincy street the .snake dance siud«iuts si'ven blocks Ions marched wag started. Hark and forth across through the student distri-t. snake-, the entire width of the thoroughfare danced down .Massachusetts street. ' the leajting aight'sbfrts shuttled while and listened to. spe.yiie- liy Chancel- their owners, or borrowers as the lor Strong and "Cncle .liiiuuy" Green j case tiiight be sang "Crimson and Ihe at their resiiective . re-ideneos. The ; Blue." "Boola." afad other songs with paraders met at 7:4' o'clock In South n;w and then a •Hock Chalk" Intcr- t*ark and rii-^per.'i.d a; l'>:"0 to par- venins'. take of the refreshments offered bj' The celcbrators proceeded to I'n- Lawrence merc!::!i;is and to attend • cle Jimmy's house and sat on his front ious soda fountains and the thirsty throats were generously provldeil for. The nickel shows put on special shows for thenlghi-sKirted dan. who finally went home, tired .hap|iy and hoarse. lOLA ni{r <i(.isTS DESEKYK riMISK. 11 .\'r) iidd:- liow bad y;iu!- liver- slom- any" candiilate af-ii «v liowels: iiow miicli your head ler'st" ;r."l:e>. hew ini.^erable and uncmul'iiri- able you are from i-iin.-tii)ar!<'n. indigestion. bilioii.'^:ie.-..i anil slugirisii in- te.-tinr-.-—you ahviiys ge; the ilesired results will! C:iscar«;s and ipiiikly. too. I Don'f ii-t your slomai-h. livi r and j brwels make you miserable Take 'n:- ),i.!p Cascarets tonight: jint an end to the . N'esjiev't hurrying to tl.eir aid. headache, biliousness, ijizziness. neivl Means that urinary troubles may (msness. sick. sour, gassy stouiach. ! foiliiw. ia- i liam Cady. pa>tor here, lecturer and 'one-time candidate for governor 011 the Prohibition ticket iu Kansas, ha.s i 1 riranized the "Star Chautauqua <?ys- isfied with ;i result. Be, *!» re ••lie lull \n:'. ..-e price.J The nrae .raii-te appljfir: tfltdMi-| druff. .<pii;'-:ns hair, faded Uair^ or| scalp itch. • Harisiiiu Sage Is the most 'delig6f-| te:ii.'" and has secured so:iie good j ful- refre 'ng and In.igorftUbs halrl N >car a« Hand to llundredv of 1 iiautauqua talent. He will endeavor; ' 'ss.iic the wcrjd.. .It pres " ' Ketrijler |{eai!rr«. | to si\,- the smaller towns of Kansas a i nat :.; color of the'batr land Iml^f K'piiT ^uli. t an aiiiinir lia. k. i c'taiitauqua on a "guarantee smaller ^a-^is to it i glossy appearaikcfl "aikaeJie mien Is t!:- kidneys' cry j than has heretofore been given .' ill admire! ' '"" I His jdan i-' co-operative. af:rr the' l.arge Bottle ",0 c?onts .it dealer* 9Vt>^ i;uara»fiee has been paid, the hK-al o'- , erywhere. The ,'ri with tho-Auburi ganiaujon in each town is to recei • : hair on evi r: p ckage. fifty per cent of the receipts. backache and all other ilistress; Morris & Howard. Uruggists. de-; rle .tnse your in<ide organ.-^ of all the ELDERLY FOLKS! CALOMEL, SALTS AND CATHARTICS AREN'T FOR YOU Harmless, Gentle "Svnip of Figs" is Best to Cleanse Your Stomach, 1 jvcr and 30 Feet of Bowels of Sour Bile, Decaying: Food, Gases and Clogged-up Waste. iv-ularlv for vou. Vou who don't , into the blood, ^oa win neier get •dve as mueira -o vou need to; wiio feelin? right until this is corrected— tl'c ciisy c'lair. You. whose steps imt do It, gently. Don't have a bowel slow and tthose muscles are less washday: don't use a bowel irriunt. You old people. Syrup of Figs is | .tuvk this decaying waste and poisons paiticularly for you. Vou who don't, Into the blood. You will never get ex ere like are slow an.^ .... ^. . elastic. Vou uiu.-i ri-;ilize Dial your Fi.-r your sake, please use only gentle- liver a mV ten yards of bowels have . effective Syrup of Figs. Then you also become less active. 'rre not drugging yourself, for Syrup Don't regard Syrup of Fi^s as c.f Figs is composed of only luatious physic. It stiiuulates the liver and ^ figs, senna an daromutU-s which can bowels just as exert'-ise would do if' not injure. you-took enough of it. It is nut harsh , .\ teaspoonful tonight will gently, like salt* or cathartics. The Jielp '• l.;u thoroughly, move on and out of which Syrup of Figs gi^e.5 to a torpid your system by morning all the sour liver and weak, bowels, is i bile, poisonous fi'rmentlng food and harmless, natural and gentle. jclogged-up waste matter . without Wiien ejes grow .dim. you help: gripe, nausea or weakness. . Do the same with your liver; But get the genuine. Ask your tliem. ^- - 1 and bowels when age makes.them less active. There Is nothing more Important. Costive, clogged-up bowels mean that decaying, reriuenting food "is clogged tii«re and the \Mres or ' ducts in theae thirty feet of bowels druggist for the full name. "Syrup of Figs and EllKir of Senna." Refuse witb contempt, any other Pig Syrup unless it bears the name—prepared by the California Fig Syrup Oouupany. Read the label. serve praise from lola people for Introducing here the simple buckthorn bark and glycerine ntLxture. known as .'Vdlerri-ka. This*simple German remedy first became famous by curing nppendlcltts tind It Ifo.s now been discovered that A SI.XOLE DOSE removes sour stomach, gas on the stnui- ficb and constipation I.\STA.\'TI>Y. It is the only remedy which never fails WKST m' THE IMVKU. (Sarah Preston I. Oct. ».—We are having pleasant weather after .the frost. Frank Preston visited Karl Hicks Sunday. May Bliss entertained some of her girl friends from lola Sunday. We are glad to hear .Mrs. Welthley is getting along so well and hope to see her restored to perfect heafih. Wc understand Guy Beaty. ami fam-, ily are planning to take a trip overland to Missouri to look at the country. . 7 C. P. Clark and family visited at Mr, Pults" south of lola Sunday. Several of the young people went to the timber .Monday to hu»t paw l•.^W8 but don't think they found ma- nr. Mr. Jensen brought a man out from town Wednesday tg plaster their dining room. iCdgar Steele fs workinc a few nights at the ice plant In lola. Hlmer Perk and ICarl lllcks hauled coal from Piqua to .Veosho Valley school house Tuesday. C. R. Peck Is having quite a time getting things ready to bale the wat- ^r out of his gas well. Zelroa Hayes' sister, Nettie Alexander writes that they have moved from Mildred to Arkansas. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hicks visited Sunday at Mr. Cleavers. J. M. Preston writes that they had a very pleasant association over near Oseola, Uo. From there be goes^ to Appleton City to visit a cousin. Mr. lUicks has , a 'nice bunch of calves he wonta to sell. —Go to J. H. Riley's., successor to Cole Hardware Co.. for the best values in stoves. htlo. sa-=fa and constipated matter whicli is producing the misery. .V lit-cent Imx means health. ha)i|>i- ness and a clear head for months. .\"o more riays of slnoui and ilistress if you will take a Cascaret now :.nd then. All dnittgisis sell Cascaieis. Don't for^e; the ihib'.reii—their little insides need a good, gentle clean.siiisj. toe. TAF.rS liKOTIIKK WII.I.IM.'. iJiive Knu'ly sn President Would Be u Free .>l;iii. Washington. i>ct. "t—Charles P. Taft <if Cincinnati, today lold the >enafe ei)j;iml!:ee Investigating campaign funds tiiar he contributed i):'.>.'iZU.:>i) to aid in electing iils broth -r president In l!»i>S. and that he had •laid $213..''.&2.11 this year toward the •vpense.< of cbtaining tiii- president's •->nominaiion at thi- Chii•:•.^'l convention. Consulting a .Moroi-io covered mem- .-iramlum book, in w.'-icli he i/rtiiaHy i ta.'ie no nilur. liad all items he ever spent fur cam- liaign i)iirpf )Fes. .Mr. Taft was on the loint of telling the committee how tiiiich the nomination in U M'I S had cost iiim. when Chairman Clapp stated that the comi.uittee had no auiliorlty tji investigate the pre-conventiou cam tiaign of that year, or funds used in 'ho election now in progress. .Mr Taft said his object In going in- :Or rianu '-r of worse kidnev trouble. 1. .!••. IJ.)ij»l..'rger. 2ii .\. Highland .*^t • Chaniite, Kaiis . says: ".V mem- I 'Cr of ui'y family was troubled for abnlit threi- y.ars by pains in the back and dull, heavy ache a.-mss the loins. Tliis was caused by disor-, I 'ered kiiiiieys. Doan's Kii'.ney Pills j were finally priA -tired and their use effi fieil a cure I ha\e also taken DoiTi's Kidney Pills and have reieived reli'.f frnni a il'i'.'.. heavy vain across liie small i -f luy back. I know that i-ii.-i r.=iiieily liv..^ ii;i to re[>r.senta- lions and whenner I have had the opportunity. I have recommended it." I.'sl.tteiii 111 V. Dr Cady is known to lolans. havlnsr conil-.r-ted a revival service h-re a; the Presbyterian churc". some time ago. enr cfven in April. !;<i'.".) THi'ciRK I;ASTI-:D. On April I!'. 1»10. when .Mr. Rom!)• ri;..r v>as Interviewed, he-said: "1 aiaiily recommend Doan's Kidney Pil^s a^ain. fjuring the past several yeat-B there ha> been no further need of a kidney meilicine in our family." For sale by all dealers. Price •"•> c.-nts. Foster-.\fifiiurr Ci-. Jiiiffalo. .V. \ • sole agen's for the Vni'ted States. Heiii»"niber the name—Doan'.s—and A Martelous ICsrape. - "My little boy had a marveloti.s i . escape.' writes P. .F.Ca.stiams of K '-J."' Prince Albert. Capo of (Jood Hope, f''ei"'" "It ffccurred .in the middle of the nigiir. Me got a ver.v severe attack ' of croup. .\s iTi.-k wolnd have it. I • had a large bottle of Chamberla t.'ough Remedy in the house, following the directions for an hour; and tw.'nty minutes he was through all danger " Sold by all dealers. (ABBAGfi. —AVe have best cabbage on tfiii market fo- o • i .st t- kr^r.c malddsk| not th' fluffy stuff .nsnallr 1" fered. i suUd lici-.y hi ads fit. tpS use. It cort.s no more ti^an the otI(er| kind—from t lenfo per pound by !e hea-. to 2a per 100 ponadji^ Oood Hone f 'Ici'vered to, any r-yftof the citr. t.oou Hope. . C. li. pOW^AICr •Iain's After ff TKST PriU .ICITV LAW. Oswego CoHese for young wonien. ar Oswego. Kansas, has opened the Dev. vfar with a fine student body and jr' ;- v-ry strong force of teachers. fs : Collece is attracting wide arten n . bec.nuse of irs many jiractical feat-i ore' for the training of young women ; : :.: the high standards it has set for ' its departments. The n.'w an-• r.'uncen-.eii'.s include a jFaiiKms Ar-, tints' Concert Course" \nfh Mr. Rmil I ie'ilinir. the noted musical educator, rnd Maud Powell, thefamous American violinist, and Madam .lensen-Wy- the great Oernjan-.-Vmerican so- Knees Became Stiff Five Years of Severe Rheumatfam The cure of H^nry J. Goldstein, li Rartnn Street. Boston. Ma.Hs.. is another victory by tinod's Sar.«iapari:i.-i. This great niodicine has succeeded ii nii.ny where others havcKutterly f.iiled. .Mr. tjuldstcm says: *I suffered from rhfiiic.tiism live years, it kept me from business and caused cx- iruciatinK puiii. .My kiiee.s would Income UK stin' as .<^teel. I tried m&t'.r' Diedieine.i without relief.' then took H<MMi's SarfajKtrilla. sixm felt much better, and imw consIJer mycelf entirely cured. I recommend Hooirs.- iSel It today in usual liquid r«irin or; >hucolat«J tablets called SMTMtabS. Nc'.vspiiper- Sne Over Thiit Seml- Annuiil Sialement. .Vew York. 0:t. ft—?i'.it to test the.j.-ano. a? the leading artist.=. Such' ri:;ht of the governuteni to enforce the i p. enl.«t .serve to estiiblish the reputa- fed.'ral law of .\',igus: 21. 1!»12. re- tir of this Collepe as a musical cen- «Hi'rin.E: nev.-s;iaper> and pcrifidie.ils vr of the highest type. The school •o pub]i..<h their circulation figures ! ;is its own factilt*'artists, a fine glee ,) the campaign v;ne to see that.if his a year antl, imposing other pub-. cand many other features of ar! rrther was elected, he should "Walk ]\c\tv requirement".' was filed in the,t -!;c and practical merit. I'nl^ed .StBtej! d;.=tri-T court here today ^ by the .fournal of Commerce and Com- .—Mrs. T. A. Town, 107 6th St. Water- ii:erc:al Btilietin Ceaipa^y. iiubllsh- town, S. D.. writes: "My four chlld- ers of the .Touriwl of Commerce. 1 ren are subject to hard colds and 1 al- The suit is directed against Post- ways use Foley's Honey and Tar Corn- master OenPTal Hitchcock, .\ttorney' pound .with splendid results. Some flmeral Wickersham. fnited States ; tiiT>e ago I had a sycre attack of la l•>i^tri^t .Attorney Wi-e and Postmais-j erippe and the doctor prescribed ^o^ t..- Morgan of Xew York. The petl- f-'v's Honey and Tar Compound and timer char.ges that the law is uncon7 ' it soon overcame the la gripiie. I can fttutional ftnd prays fi>r a temporao"<i depend ui>on Foley's Honer injunction restraining its enfori-eraent and Tar Compound and am sure of until final adjudication. It also tW- good result.*." For sp.le at Burrell's quests that the defendants be required Drug Store. by subiKjena to answer. — , Back of the action according to! .Votive—.\nnual meeting of liola Roliert C. .Morris, counsel for the i Industrial'Buildin!: Comiany in Coiin- is the American Xexys-jcil room of Ci'y Hall at S n. m. \Ve^- I»ipor Publishers' Association. "Thelofsday ewning- Oi:tobi;r Dtii. Rfley Wee in a bet utiful gif? J*uok wlth;afi]i lustrat!rp.s by Ji |m W'oIoott'A' atus and. Hav/ard t'l. sty. is ver|>' ajttractlye; oti, it only .".Ot fori'this^< in : r .Mited cjrt 'S6n. We ala&S show a: -losi a! otiRlley Vbopj '^'i^ 11.2.-.; our , red L..iiMi See Ont RUej AVIiidoir.; Evans Brosi BOOKSTORE. Better lorametce Reading .tlie|; new booksi. Done l9~ es^ierleiieed .>»l Prlcea reasonable. Canfield &liM with the H. -Wlsba

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