Anderson Daily Bulletin from Anderson, Indiana on November 20, 1973 · Page 5
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Anderson Daily Bulletin from Anderson, Indiana · Page 5

Anderson, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 20, 1973
Page 5
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TUBOAY, NOVIMm ZQ. ANDERSON DAILY IULLETIN 'Mean Streets gets it's raves NEW. YORK (AP) - Thirty- year-old film director Martin Scorsese batted around his hole! suite, like a hyped-up moth, talking in funny rapid-fire bure':s, fram sheer joy and ner vous energy. He had a hit movie — "Mean Streets'." E got raves from some important critics at the 1Mb New York Film Festival recently, .and opened in New York soon after. Scorsese is one of those few, bright, young directors who are making it — for now. In today's film market, it's often either hit or miss. And for every Scor- sese, there are hundreds more, still scrambling tor financing, trying to put a big deal to'geth- . er and wondering it they'll spend the rest of (heir lives as anonymous hustlers. "It's an exciting time in film. The young have a chance. But it's a time for buccaneers, a period of hot air," says Andrew Sams, film critic. However, for Scorsese, the years of hustling were worth it. The scene at his St. Regis Hotel suite looked like a struggling film makers' fantasy: roses on the table, Italian pastries, a steak for lunch, choked down between appointments. New scripts are pouring in for his consideration, along with potential money offers and III Hollywood old acquaintances with good ideas. Scorsese paced, bit .bis nails, fidgeted, laughed and joked, sometimes cringing at ihat unmistakable sound of'Success -r- a constantly jangting\ telephone. "Before, people would say my films were great, but they wouldn't offer money. Suddenly people are asking me to do all the things I've wanted to do — snd right now!" says Scorsese, a tiny man, wii>h enormous, expressive eyes, right out of a Goya painting, and lips so pink he looks as if he just Jinished a raspberry ice stick. To get money for making his film, Scorsese went the route of independent financing. By chance, he met Jonathan Taplin, a 26-year-old independent priducer, who was able to get outside Morey. They shot "Mean Streets" u 27 days for $350,000, with $20<V »p in deferred costs. It's now bringing back muct} more in theaters. ' Scorsese grew up in New York's Little Italy, an asthmatic child from an Italian-American family. He couldn't play sports, so his father took him to the movies. His world was wrapped up in the Roman Catholic Chun*, a tough and exiting street life, pop music and 'jlia. in and asthmat- next, These autobiographical el nren'ts come together in h movie — violent, tunny, te lured with street ta'.k and lacet with a religious sense of guilt. It was 'in New York th Scorsese dropped bis long^ttm desire to become a Caihol priest, when he was bitten b the movie bug, ss an 18-yea old student at New York Um versity. When asked what the lo point of his career was, i deadpans his answer in a typ eai lightning kind of humor. "It was 1965 to 1972. N Really. I was never happy wi toe result of my films during th'at time," he says. His struggle brought forl award-winning shorts like "Th Big Shave." It meant gigs a film editor on films like "Med cine Ball Caravan," assistan directorship in "Woodstock and jobs making commerda in Icelandic , and Flemish, a though he didn't speak the Ian guage. Now, Scorsese's biggest pro tern is which offer to acce ;. At a recent party, Sco sese talked to well-wishers. On was critic, Sarris. "Be kind to all the people yo see here tonight You may se them on the way down," SB' Sara-is, spreading his friend, golden laughter across th room. Several Hollywood stars accept invitation of Shah By DOROTHY MANNERS HOLLYWOOD (KFS) - Quite a group from Hollywood! aocept; ing the hivifetro cf the Shah of Iran to attend the second In- ternsttonal Film Festival in Tehran. The Shah's invitations are always super-posh. (Why not, sitting oi» all that oil.) Among the contingent from Los Angeles are Kirk Dcugtas, Sidney Poitier, producers Marty RStt and Robert Radnitz, and Ann Miller. Free firewood offer sparks vandalism CHARLOTTE, N. C. .(AP; — The city has withdrawn an offer of free firewood after resi dents chopped down trees in several city parks to use in ease they run out of heating oil this winter. Hundreds of trees have been lost, saiys F. Marion Diehl, director of the parks and recre*- tion commission. He says the commission will prosecute anyone caught helping himself. "A couple cf weefe ago, we announced that the commission would give timber away when trees are cut down for park development," he said. "Apparently is 1st of peodle have misconstrued that to mean they can go out and chop trees in city parta, and the offer has been withdrawn." Metals course set The Muncie Chapter of the 'American Society for Metals is offering an introductory basic cokinse in metallurgy starting evenings Nov. 29 at Ball State University and running through March 14, 1974. Lowell Gold, materials engine sr for Deico- Remy Divider., will serve as instructor for 15-lesson course. Registration may be made immediately by contacting Dennis Taylor, 1217 Hickory Lame, New Castle. The course is open to the public. •ttttttttttmttfttrtHttM NOW SERVING . . . NOON LUNCH 11 A.M. to 5 P.M. Enjoy Your Fovoritl Drink And A Good Lunch In A NiM Pleaiont Atmosphtn EVENINGS ENJOY A FINE STEAK or Your Favorite SEAFOOD therefore decided to Into "reruns" for two week and should <Jhe strike contain. beyoid November 28, Blye an Beanie will put together "Hjgi lights of Sonny and Cher Com edy Hours" for ensuing weeks Speaking of unions, there ca be no protests about the local of filming "Sheila Levine Dead and Living in New York Despite that t*le, the Harr ,. • ,._,,., K'OKhak-91'diney Purie film sta Honored guest at the Festwa lBc g Jemlnie Betfin is is Frank Oapra "for all hi fine years of movie niaktoz,' and many df his greatest sue 'cesses viewed. one reais .. the Me One of the Capra hits to be just "Sfoeila Levine" from tt shown is "You Can't Take It original oil Gail Parent's no With You," in wMch Ann Mil el. ler appeared. "I was just 1 yeans old when I made that pic tee," Annie tefe me. "Can yo|i imagine how exalted I am about Mt in "T-ne Heartbreak Kid seeing it again under such glamorous circumstances? "I had 'been offered the star ring role in Moss Hart's ligh Up the'Sky' in Florida, but turned it down because th* re- Winning prizes doesn't alway dates conflicted with the aSair 'in Tehran," said Miss AnaSe, dashing off to select her most glamorous gowns aoc Jools to take to Iran. Whether or not the Stagehands Union strike is settfet with the networks by the time rou read this, the ."Sonny & 3her Comedy Hour" has been hit unusually hard. They're left with just one program taped and in the can, ias the saying las it. If the strike were settled this moment, Sonny and Cher pro- d^ucers Chris Beaide and Allan Jlye would be in a spot. At one time, Beanie admits, here were plans to move the how to another area (Washington, B.C. and Toronto were nder consideration). But the union advised CBS that they - -. vould be picketed no matter,!' 3 ' 5 a '" a ^ ws L'Amours, vhere the taping took place. | That's it for today. f*med in entirety in Los Ar geles at the Paramount Stud; Maybe that's they've shortened Can you believe this is Jea nie Berlin's first film assig ment since her debut and b For that film, she won tt "best suippomting actress award from the New Yor Critics and also from the N tionaJ Society of Mm Critics mean a flood of new offers. Robert Vaustin celebrates hi jirthday on November 22—but will cot be a happy occasion le is testing tfie 2-hpur "A.M New York" show, Which will b devoted wholly to the late Pres di>nt John F. Kennedy on th 10th anniversary of his deati MANNERISMS: British prc dulcer Euan Lloyd and his a rabfive wife, Pat, are here oc •cupying ttie pssSwuse apap ment of the Joe Cottens whil the hosts are out of town. Eua B in town putting together tw ilms to follow "Man Called foon," and Pat is wonderin whether she'll have time to ac ept a TV offer. A popular pair 'hey're beihg entertained ex endive ty by the He-hard Crcn Appearing Nightly THE MELO-DELITERS On* of America's Fintit Muiicaf Acfi No Cover or Minimum And.r.on'. Ntw«« Nljhttprt ,11 A.M. till 1 A.M. 1125 BROADWAY ANDERSON, INDIANA FREE BALLROOM DANCE LESSONS Iviry W»dn««*oy I P.M. te 9 P.M. U!n tilt Crtwil - Hn.t Fun Now Showing! Don't Mist Thii Great, Great Film STREISAND SUnPORD TOMTHIRI Agree on trial separation UPI Actor John Wayne and his wife of 19 years, Pilar, have agreed on a trial separation, a- spokesman disclosed yesterday., but there were no immediate plans for divorce. The couple is pictured at an Academy Awards ball. Yates nominated to head national group E. Eugene Yatos of Anderson, president, chief executive and director of 1he First, Savings and Lam Association of Centra] Indiana, has been nominated the 1974 president of the Savings institutions Marketing Society of America, Inc. A charter member of SIMSA, Yatcs has served on its board of directors and is (he current vice president. He also is a member of the Anderson Chamber of Commerce, county dircciar of Civil Defense, vice president and trustee of the Artierson Fine Arts Center and has 'been astiv« in lihe Savings and Loan League of Indiana. His election to the SIMSA presidency wiH he JieJd in co'.v iunelion with the society's ninth annual convention in Sar. Diego next Feb. 19. The society is (he marketing arm of the savings, hjieiness (sayings and loans and mutual savings banks) and a society of individuals professionally dedicated to the advancement ".nd improvement of miartetmg ir-acftes in the savings busi- less. The socidly has headquarters in Ohieago and a membership of 1,400 individuals. E. Eugene Tales COUPON FREE! : WITH THIS COUPON $4.95 RCA ALBUM "The Sound of Chriitmai" When you open a new .,. CHRISTMAS CLUB CHECKING, PASSBOOK SAVINGS OR PASSPORT ' TIME SAVINGS ACCOUNT; with $50 or mori of odd $50 or mori To your pr«mt Poilbook or Pauport Accl. At Any Office Of '• Anderson Banking Company CLASSIFIED ADS SELL EVEKYTHOTO For Emergency Dial 911 We need several full time sales people for the Christmas season. Please apply in person to ... 19 WEST 11TH STREET No Plume Calls, Fleasa Within 10 years he'll be graduated, looking for a job. If electric power Isn't available,, his job won't be. We are a nation built on electric energy. Our entire economy hums !o the iune of generators that run all industries. Wiihln 10 years we must build as much new generating capability as we've built In our entire history. We must have trillions of BTU's of heat available from some fuel to provide the power needed in the 1980's -and use the fuel in a way that causes a minimal impact on the environment. Obviously such a massive program creates the opportunity for differences of opinions and priorities. Our promise to you is simply this: We recognize the necessity to preserve the environment for future generations {our children will live here, too) and will take every responsible measure to do so. Wa also must recognize the need for electric power-and will taka every responsible action to make sure it's available. In fact, we are obligated by law to do so. In fulfillment of these two objectives-we'll do our best to strike an acceptable balance between environmental considerations and the need for ad* dltional electric power.

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