Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 29, 1903 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 29, 1903
Page 5
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We Just Recei^d some New SHIRT WAISTS the late^ Styles, the nov)elties,. They are perfect fitting, made especially for us. Ass:6od as you will find for $i 50. Our price is.' — [Mn. Hdleitcad yotimkeatspn; rio|iiK.<m to . Bell «9i1 «ine, lo^^ !^ 'other membera of ^e-fanally retornlnff' home on 'the excursion. Allan Ball left! this morning for Pueblo, C6I0., where he will take ^ sltlon with the Denver & Rio Grande railway. This is the fifth son; of T .^S. Ball. ^hQ.h43 sone ottt, there to yroHs hfor the road and Mr. Ball says he can- nor furnish any more. The bxcursion over here from-Fort Scott , yesterday brought about 200 Buy your Groceries of us during July. We will malio it profitable for you. We constantly endeavor to give our custotners the very best service possible. A satisOed cvs- tomer is the best kiud of aa ad- veriisemcnt. Ivaowing this make your interests ours. we WE OFFER TO-DAY: •2 pkgs Cero-Fruto 2 .")C 2 pkgs Etf{:-<->'See .• 20c 2 pkgs K.orn Krisp ...20c 7 bars D. C. Soap .2oc 10 oz pkg Our Na.vy Soda .O.k- 20 oz pkg Our Navv' Soda .05c i lb, i lb. and 1 lb cans F. Bros. ! Baking i'owdcr r>, 10 and l.'ic Fryer Bros. Phone 308 2 West Jackfon Plasfico y^A Perfect Wall Coating-^ Combines Cleanliness ""^ and Durability Any one .can brush It orv No one can rub It off PlsiSiiCo is a pure, permanent Snd porous wall coatiug, and does not require taking off to renewas doall kalsomines. It is a dry powder, ready for use by adding cold water and can be easily brushed on by any one. Made in white and fourteen fashionable tints. ANTi-KALSOMINE GO. GRAND RAPlbS. MICH. For full parUcDtaniutf cample cuiiwr-' EVANS BROS. Agency For the OLIVER TYPEIRITERS At Other Makes Cleaned and Repaired EX. Pinkerton FINE CIQARSahd^^ TOBACCOS. Leadins: Periodicals and 1!g wspapefs 119 BAST MADISON AVBNUB THE LUCCOCK -Stons* and Tr^sfar Liaic. Untbn line, D<)eB CoDtRvot Wortt, Oener* Transfer work, ^onR«. ^afo and Piiano MoTia« Tmnts andBaKsage Hauled, Household Good* Packed, Stored and shipped. Office and Store Koom 114. West liMUson Avenoe. Phone 85S laie.iCabws. A blessing alilie to young and old; Dr. Fowler's Extract of Wild Straw-\] berry; jiature's! specific for dysentery, diarrhoea and ,'suiinmer. complaint LOCAL, NEWS. Dr. Porter, Dentist. J. E. Chastaln.' Dentist. Dr. O. U. nusiincld, Dcnllst. C- E. Jones went to Parsons on busi ncHs. Business men's lunch at the "Our- Way." ; Coolest place in town for soda Is the "Our-Way." * Agnes . Phillips went to Humboldt on business. Northrup's qifit business. A dollar for fifty cents. • Remember the "Our-Way'| when hungry or thirs y. R. C. Brown, of Humboldt, returned home this aftefnoon. J. K. McMonay went to Piqua for a few days on business. No. 11 Eakt Madison, up-stairs. Henderson & Powell 's office. Ix)st—Sigma tic pin. Return to 309.J S. Cottonwood. Reward. Money to loan on farms or city property. I. H. Kasbeer. Money to' loan on farms or dt? property. L H. Kasbeer. For tin work go to Ira* EL Patterson, 715 East straet Tel. 53. H. Hobart left for Chanute to look after some oil well drilling. Mrs. S. G. Apt left for her homo in Buffalo, N. Y., this afternoon. Have you seen the latest reduction at Northrup'jS quit business sale. The latest perfume—Locust Blossoms—at Campbell & Burrell's. H. J. Ncighbargcrj was called to Piqua by the illness of his brother. Private money to loan on city property. Frank Wood, Northrup Bldg. Mr. Goff left this morning for Toronto for a few days on business. I. W. Fuller left this afternoon for Chicago for a few days on business. D. E. Bush wpnt to Humboldt to. look over the oil fields this aflernoon. The Baptist ladies have decided to- serve a public dinner in lola on July 4 th. Mrs. Elmer Normanley left this afternoon for Denver and other Colorado points. Business men and their clerks will find it to-their advantage to lunch at the "Our-Way." Mrs. Jesse Osborne, who has been \isiting Mrs. C. E. Hurd, returned to her home at Garnett. Mrs. B. L. Faddls left this afternoon for Chanute for a visit with her sister, Mrs. L. A| Adams. The White Mountain refrigerator Is the best on the market for the money. Buy it of Schell & Baird. We can make you low figures on furnace heating. Ira E. Patterson, 715 East street Tel. 53. Roofing and spouting. All kinds of sheet metal work. Ira E. Patterson, 715 East street Tel. 53. Only a fpw more days and the greatest quit business sale at Northrups' will be a thing of the past If you want to get your money 's worth in a refrigerator buy the White Mountain of Schell & Baird. • Hcrschel Christy and sister left this morning for. Hutchinson where they will make their future home. I Too bad Northrups* %re quitting business. You can always depend on what you bou^t at Northrups.' .J. H. Howland and wife left this afternoon for SL Louis, Michigan, where they will spend a fewjweeks. { Schell & Baird handle the celebrated White Mountain refrigerator, the best one on the marketi for the money. The condition of Judge Jacob' Gard was reported as unchanged today. He is stiM alive, but no hope is entertained of! his long surviving. All members of Banner camp R. N: A. arc requested to meet at M. W. A. hall [Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Biisiness of importance.—By order uf vice )^racIe;^ ' Rev. Phillips, of the Baptist church; ownsi an interest with his brother in a farm in Linn county, and this morning sent his son, Everett, up there 10 rustiaite for a month* Lawn mowers sharpened, cleaned and repaired. . All work guajanteed;, work done at your house; leave your street and house number at Hamil­ ton'*-«tor ©rN<»^^ Wk-Wa«hi «tt ««k r Anotheii Lot of IniportedWookns GOOD THE YEAR 'ROtJNi) Nortlurilp people.! The Fort Scott fans did not like the score on Saturday and so did not come to cheer. That's where they missed it, for they missed two rattling good games. Tlii ladies aid society of the M. E. church'will give a te^ at the hotne q( Mrs. Ed. B»kln, 522 N. Sycamore from 3 to 9 p. m. Tuesdiy, June '30. Mps- dames Bixler, Craig, HcKinney, Wood, Hanklns, Bradley and Heigle will en-, tertain. All are cordially Invited. Mrs. Caroline Scholes, who has been here visiting her daughter, Mrs. Mai colm Hughes, r for some weeks, left this morning for her homo in Chllllco- the, Mo. Mrs. Scholes is nearly SO years old, but: she is hale and hearty and declined attendance on her trip. One of the Ice plant .tyagons while coming out on the road after dinner came "pretty near being run over by the noon train on the Santa Fe, which^ was ^irty minutes la ^e. Someone aSi the dibpot called in time to warn the driver. Saturday evening Judge Smith united in marriage Mr. Earnctst Myers and Miss Beulah Dow, both of LaHarpe. The groom is a young farmer and is a brother of Mrs. Richard Ewing of lola. The young people are well known in Elm township and have tfie best wishes of all their friends. The over the Katy to Kansas, City yesterday morning waff well patronized.. About 250 people^] Went from here and the train had sev-; eral loaded coaches when it -reached' Kansas City. The long, hot ride was ended about 1 o'clock yesterday.after­ noon and on the return the train got to lola about 5 a. m. Some man whose horse did not act to suit him made a spectacle of himself on the east side of the square Saturday evening by getting out of the rig and beating the poor animal over the head with a club. A lot of people witnessed the cruelty and shouted at the man but he did not seem to care. "No man who will club a dumb brute will care for what the public thinks of him. \ Rev. J. W. Lowe, DD., of Kansas City, is here this week for the purpose of placing a Tabard Inn library in lola. This is an arrangement whereby.for a certain small annual subscription one may have the privilege of reading from a large number of popular books, incidentally Mr. Lowe is visiting his daughter, Mrs. L. C. Hamish. Here is a joke from the Chanute Tribune. It is such a iox\ the Tribune—which is a sad wag—t t!hat it is reprinted. Here Is the idiotic gem: lola Is 968 .3 feet above sea- level, according to a U. S. Geological survey man. The general impression Wa8 ,~judging from the depth of lola'^ mind, that she was several feet below. The little two-year-bid baby boy of Mrs. Oren Rickard, died this morning- at the home of George Wilhite, where Mrs. Rickard Is visiting her sister, Mrs. Wilhite. The cause of death w:as a stomach trouble which was hard to treat in one so young. The remains were taken to Emporia on the noon train for burial. Mr. and Mrs. Wilhite Accompanied the heart-broken mother home. Will Faust received the sad news of J the death of his father last Thursday back at the old home in Pennsylvania. After the death of Mrs. Faust, the old gentleman was persuaded to come West and for the past three years has made his home with his son here. About two weeks ago he went east, ac-. companied by Rev. L. B. Faust, another son, of Emporia, for a visit. He contracted a cold, pneumonia developed and he died last week and was burled beside his wife. The southbound San^^ Fe train that went through here last night was being run by the train crew without the-j help of a conductor. It was Mr. Vaa Bergen's train, but he suffered a stroke of paralysis on the train between Garnett and lola and when the train went through here was lying on the flat of his back In one of the coaches.. "Van," as the travisiing pub- lib knew hlm^ was one of the most popular men on the'Southern Kansas and his many lola acquaintances will hope that his trouble will prove of slight seriousness and - of sort duration. % If you can get youn work done as. well and as cheaply in. lola as anywhere else, and if by having it done here you, cani add' another family or two .to the population of Jola, isn't 't good business and good patriotism to have, it done here? ^ The Register bindery con do youtf^L book work as well. 'as promptly and as cheaply as Tour'can get it done .anywhere, and if It could get ail such work that lola has to do. It could afford, to employ at least one more man at: gbod wages, and that would mean another family for lola and several hundred dollars mora ^pent here every year. The Register regards , the scheme for the erection of an-opera house which is noW( being canvassed as promising the best oiiportunity for fi, first class biiilding oti^this kind that- has yet .been presented to Ipia. That we need an opera hOnse - goes without sayinfe. It is also generally retopnlz- ^ that snch an enteiinise eaiinot be made to-pa ^A reasoiikble-retarn unless it retfrfesents to its owners a very much .smaller investment than Its actual cost Takliig both of these prp- p66ition tofgeiKw they mean that If lola can get a thir^ tfottsanddblltf opera house putting something like five thousand dollars in the way of a bonus the money will be well in- tested.. ' ' '; • ; Qejurge.Z. Work, tbjf ol| itiafl^te bf HdmtKiIdt, iniivk thtf «ity Abb afternoon a bdit for eaUoc. . O.^ik. ijlehpls^iett thlfuUlteriLoon ft^ a Jboslnnu trip Kaniawt City. ,^ A. .'Byeriey,!of;HTO -the _0ty mltl-a^ ' Humboldt Union: The city council J188 let the contract for putting In some cement gutters and curbing to Charles Guy of lola. The curbing and guttecii fre made in five foot sections, feet wide, with six inch curbing, ^te c^biQS.and letters to be four, in- ^'es thick, of lola cement, which is said to be''harder than stone. Sheriff Richaridson went to Topeka to get requisition papers for J. T"Page, whose arrest in Iowa was report- /6d in Saturday's Register. Page is evidently seeking to get away for several telegrams have come from the Iowa, authorities asking about what the'<^arges are. Richardson found at iTopeka, that his papers were not cor- krect and wired here to have Clifford and Hough tqgether tonight to correct ihcm. Then he will go after Page. _ -, . Gen. Gordon's Stirring Dsscrlptlon of • Cavalry Charge at Gettysburg. A cavklry charge,' met by a countercharge of cavalry, is ajtUl, perhaps the" most terrible spectacle witnessed in war. if theToadcr hai^ never seen such a charge, he can form litllo con- iception of its awe-inspiring fury. Imagine yourself looking down from Getfysburg's Heights upon the open, i. wide-spreading Dlain below, where five thousand horses are marshalled In battle line. Standing beside them are five thousand riders armed, booted and spurred, and ready to mount. The bugles sound the "mount!" and instantly five thousand plumes rise above the horses as the riders spring into their saddles. In front of the representative squadrons the daring leaders take their places. The fiuttering pennants or str^anjing guidons, ten to each regiment, ^ mark the left of the companies. On the opposite slope of the s^me plain are fivp thousand hostile horsemen clad In different uniforms, ready to meet thesb In countercharge. Under those ten thousand horses are the hoofs, Ironshod and pitiless, beneath whose furious tread the plain is soon to quiver. Again ^on each slope of the opcnfield the bugles sound. Ton thousand sabres leap from scabbards and glisten in the sun. The .trained horees chafe their restraining bits, and as. the bugle notes sound the charge, their nostrils dilate and tlieir flanks swell in sympathetic Impulse with the dashing riders. "Forward!" shouts the commander. Down the lines and through the columns Jn quick succession ring the echoing commands, "Forward, forward!" As this order thrills through eager ears, sa­ bres flash, and spurs are planted. 5n palpitating flanks. The madly flying horses thynder across the trembBng field, filling the air w^th clouds of dust and whizzing pebbles. Their iron-rimmed-hoofs in remorseless tread, crush the stones to powder and crash through the flesh and bones of hapless riders, who chance to fall. As front [against front these furious riders plunge, their sweeping sabres slashing edge against edge, ' cutting a way through opposing i^ks, gashing faces, breaking.arms; and splitting heads, it is a scene of wildest war, a whirling tempest of battle, short-lived but terrible.—From "Gettysburg." by General' John B. Gordon, In the July Scribner'a Potency of Loose Change. When the crusaders anginst policy made the statement that the gross daiT$' receipts from the game in Chicago aggregated $30,000, the community was astounded. Thirty thousand dollars in pennies land dimes gambled away every day—imiwasiblq^ But such is the truth, says the Chicago Journal. Most persons never stop to think of the; power of loose change. They hold It so lightly that they fling it about recklessly—and that is the chief rea-i son for its power. , \ The pennies and dimes give chief, 8upp .ort to the churches of the nation The magnificent contribution of . the millionaire dwindles to the' proportions of the widow's mite when com- i)ai"cd with the great total. It. Is the loose change, carried up to the altar rail, which meets the mortgagcpays. the pastor's_ salary and sc^ds mission- much longer if we launder It Besides doing the best work, we pay a great deal of attention to the life of the lineri. Our soaps, otir liiachin^, our methods are 1de-, signed to do the very finest work with the least possible wear to the garment. If yidu are not a cus;; teiher, call us up aHd let us call for a trial package. We'll surely pleaaa o^oii. '• \ Our line of Suits ^ I Men is comjmsed^ ithe latest np-to-ds^ r styles and cuts, and ^te ^J n e west fabrics we ^^si" buy. We hav^ the reg;* r ular cut sack |joat, the ; Arvon, Jacket Coa^' and StOiiitajU^fi Slirns.; They airie aU mad e with hair cJBtti IrQiits and, handpaddedsioulders" For young mep, age 14. to 20 years we have a line of suits that has' the snap and style that? • all young men ar^' i looking for, $S to $iI8 .M Oae Price Cash Clothiers 1 Delight of Suinmer Are the beautiful "WaBhjGoods we are selling. 50 pieces just received, styles not equalled any- 'J* where and prices the lowest—li'ans, Trimmings, ^ Laces, .Embroideries arid Ribbons. ^; Our Grocery.Department 2nd to none in the- \ \ city, everything- at lowest prices. When buying! ^| your goods come and see us. THE GASH I flcCdrs ratierQS ,Drj Goods, Shoes; Groceries. Gross & Ejler '-k aries to' the four comers of tlic earth. Go through the books of i the big jcharilablc institutions and you will find how dc'isendent they are on the small givers—or loose change. ^ From Sunday school clas.scs. sowing circlns. church coHonlions, church entertainments, and the pcnnie boxes which stand in drug and grocery stores, comes the greater portion of the revenue: The milliocairc pliilanthroplsis of the nation wdiild bo appalled at their rcjponsiljility if the siipport of the.small givers was withdrawn'froni the charitable institutions. , Dividends on $-55,000,000 of National Biscuit stock arc paid in. dimes and nickles. ^ Close- to $l.-.OflO,CaO a year in nick­ les flows into ilic coffers of the local traction companies and creates a business to attract a Sforgan :or a Vanderbilt. ; In .the end it is the housewife's nieklcs wliich pays for the harvests of the millions of acres of golden grain. .; It is the loose change which keeps the Wheels going and the world moving. But how loosely do wo throw it about. , liANTE Vv'afited—A lady to travel and Interview representative people at their hoinvs.; no coMecling or delivering; .lioiinr 0 till 4; s{)ccial "snb.scription t expe.rience may be dispensed with if competent; wljl guarantee i.qood'pp.y. Address for three days, Hess :& Harris, 720 tJuI^ware street, •Kansdts City, Mo. ; ' Wanted—At once, a lady cook at Ih.o :Ioiti liuuse. • ' Rooms— 302 South Street, for light housekeeping. No children. Called Meeting. I There will l)e a called meeting of Jbia camp. No. ;{(J5, R. N. A. at the M. W. A. hall tomorrow afternoon. Jime iJO, at ;! o'clock, for the transaction of business of importance concerning the conwjlidatlon of- the two R. N. A. camps.—By order of the oracle. Ottawa Chautauqua Assembly. The Santa Fe sells excursion tickets to Ottawa and return for $2.05, July 4 to. 17, inclusive, good returning until July 20, 1003. Our trains leav§ for Ottawa at 3 a. m., 7 a. m. and 2:10 p. m. Please see us for particulars, ete. W. -E. RALSTON, Agent. For Sale—Newspaper in Indian Territory. Town of 1,500, junction an* :divislon point on main line of failrOad.; Will sell cheap for cash-or trade for' property in lola. Gas City- or La^afpi&. Address Register ofiicp. • Lost, strayed or Stolen—A small Jersey cow, cream colored, last seen ,goink north. Reward for return \o Pennsylvania hotel. Cuts, Quickly Bruises and Burns Healed. Chayiberlain's Pain Bahn is an anU- septlc liniment, and when applied to cuts, bniises and bums causes them to heal without maturation and much, more quicldy than by the: usual treatment , For sale by all druggists. • National Holiday, 4, 1903. "The Santa Fe sells excursion tickets "i^uly 3 and 4 good returning until July 7th, 1903, for one fare plus fifty cents, except where rate. of • fare and one- third will make less,] to all points within 200 miles, with, .minimum selling rate of fifty cents for adults. : W. E. RALSTON, Agent. Chemberlain's Coiic, Cholera and Di­ arrhoea Remedy. The uniform success df this rent- edy has made itl themost popalit preparation In use fbrj bowel cipns;' plaints. It Is everywhere, reco^polzed; 4s the one remedy that dan always, be depended npon' and. that Is ple^nt to ; take. It Is' especl^y ^Taluabii^ forlsiimmer diarrhoea is^'childrenjaiid (B iindOQbtedly the means of saving ihs lives of a great many clifldr«n year. For sale'tiy airdi^giktlu;;^^ i • i ^ WTihTOcr-^ v.-orlc-at 21 'i S. Walniit. 5^e- Conipetent stenographer wishes pd- siiionvto begin work July 1st. Addreais "B" this office. For Sale—New three r(jom house cost. Inquire at 411 N. 'I'hird. Cotm quick. Furnished rooms. 301 .S. Washington street. ' For Sale—6ne calf. See A. L. Harmon, 704 East Lincoln street. ''Are you the man who wrote the 'beautiful sonnet in the new'spaper?" asked the lady enthusiast. "No, madim," sadly replied the"grlzzled person, "I am merely thfe man v/ho coa- -veyed the idea. The proofreader. Vrote it." Kodaks and supplier at Miller's. Repairs Your T^ewriter, L^waTlowers, Gas Engines,

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