Covina Argus from Covina, California on February 1, 1908 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 1, 1908
Page 4
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(local Events, V>— A. Anderson of Los Angeles was the guest of his sister, Mrs. W. B. Eruadwell, on Sunday last. Mrs. P. S. Dotts, who spent Monday in town nnd got chilled in the rain, has been ill ail tbe week with la grippe. Mrs. Alfred Fletcher and Mias Dundas attended an organ recital at the Pro-Cathedral in Los Angeles on Wednesday evening. Mayor E. H. Lahee attended the Royal Legion banquet held last evening at the home of Gen. H. G. Otis, Los Angeles. Mrs. Will Griffiths has been ill for two weeks with a severe attack of la grippe. Mrs. R. W. Goodell of Fresno is paying an extended visit at the home of her children, Dr. and Mrs. Goodell. Miss Evelyn Fletcher was the guest in Los Angeles of Miss Margaret Middletou on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Duddernr were guests at a charming whist party given in Los Angeles Monday night by Dr. and Mrs. Lynn. Tbe Christian Church Sunday- school social was again postponed on account of the rain, this time until after the revival services. James Mulvery of Long Beach, lately from Iowa, is spending several days with his old friend, Geo. Coolman, whom he had not seen for thirty years. Guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Cool-nan on Sunday last were James Fulmer of Roanoke, Ind., brother-in-law of Mrs. Coolman, and Mr. and Mrs. E. K Youquet of San Bernardino, nephew and wife. A new time table far the Pacific Electric goes into effect today. It will be found elsewhere in this issue. The schedule has been reduced three cars a day, making fifteen cars each way daily. Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Dudderar were guests at a dinner party given in Los Angeles on Thursday night by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Reicbenbach in honor of the Worthy Grand Matron of tbe Eastern Star, Miss Emma Riebl. Tulare County Lands: t50' to" $90:pei r acre with water. Undeveloped laud in artesian district 820 to 840, any size 1 - you want, any kind of terms. J. H. Matthews, Coviua. Phone 500H. Permission has been granted by Mr. Riggins, owner of the Hollenbeck ranch, to all parties hiring tin t cans, rubbish and refuse, not of an offensive nature, to dump the same in tbe gulch where the Pomona road intersects Grand avenue. The Rev. W. E. Adams, lately from New York, who has accepted 'the call to the Christian Church at Red- lauds, spent a few days this week as the guest of Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Conley. The wife of C. S. Beardsley is seriously ill at the family home on Kast Badillo street. Her condition is causing grave alarm and a consultation of doctors was held on Thursday. This beloved lady has suffered indifferent health for many months. Miss Bess Mathilde Welch of Los Angeles, teache.r of voice, is in Co- viua Wednesday of each week, at the home of Mrs. Marshall Whitse.l. Those desiring to study please communicate with Mrs. Whitsel or Mrs. J. L. Matthews. Voices tested. Mrs. Mary Meirill is entertaining this week as her house guest, Mian Alice Miller ot Chicago, who is spending the winter in Southern California. Miss Miller has travelled much, but she states she has found no place quite as beautiful an the Upper Sun Gabriel valley. Covina was implemented in the person of Miss Bessie Loehrick in the class that graduated iruin thi> LOH Augeles Slate Normal lust evening. Miss Ltehrick, who is a daughter of Mrs. M. Li't-bricK, ami a bister nt Pint. Carl Lfcfl-rii k, principal of the Covina grammar schools, ranked with the brightest, graduates of the cluhb. On account of the lai'i many missed a great treat by not hearing Mis. Anna Murdock, secretary of ihe Women's Baptist Home Missionary Society, who spoke on U i-dnosda;, afternoon and evening in the chinch. Mr"i. Munh/.-k. having loot in death boih husband and chiidien, has dcdi- cated lie.' lite to thi.-j work and her jsddjess was .ej'l'jtf with and deep teeiing. Her irilk wa.i jilu-;lia( ed b> many i-uri-^, gatlit-it.-'J dm ing her wi.i'k tiUjoU)/ tie M-I.I' -, ai.'i Indians. Mr*. J. M. Smith is visiting her son Chester nt Prospect Park. Mrs. S. J. Wnllon is recovering jfrom an attack of pneumonia Mrs, James A. \Vhito is spending a | week with her son, the Rev. Harry i White. | i • Tonight, \Vo\nana Club House, | Vaudeville Show and free dance j afterwards. 15 and 25 cents. Miss Ethel Houser is the guest of her cousin, Miss Beatrice Wilkins of Highlands. Tho Covina Co. will sell you a lot in tbe Covina Villa tract and advance you twice as much money as you pay for tbe lot to build a house. Shrimp salad, ices and every delicacy of tbe season served with Sunday dinner at the Vendome. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Bemis and family attended tho performance of the "Holy City" in LOB Angeles on Saturday last. Mrs. R. O. Horsey of San Dimns, an old Cotnpton friend of Mrs. S. W. Gage, was tbe guest of the latter last Thursday. Dr. A. B. Hostettler is recovering from an attack of la grippe, which has confined him to his residence for the past two weeks. Miss Josephine Widney has been ill this week with a severe attack of tonsilitis. Her place in the grammar school has been filled by Mrs. Sherer. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Riggius are out from the f city to spend Sunday with their son and his family, Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Riggius of tbe Hollenbeck ranch. George R. Sturclevant has been seriously ill for tbe past two weeks with a complication of bronchitas and asthma. He is now much better and hopes to be around again in a tew days. Dr. Roxie E. .Bates has routed the Tanner house on E. College street, recently vacated by the Rev. and Mrs. Conley. The doctor will move in as soon sa a few repairs are made to the property. John E. Peterson, a traveling salesman for R. L. Craig Co., Los Angeles, whose death occurred on Monday at Rowland, from pneumonia, was buried Wednesday at Lauianda. Tbe obsequies were in charge of Undertaker Custer. On account of rain, there was no meeting of tbe .Monday Afternoon Clqb this week. Tbe meeting next Monday will be devoted to tbe consideration of the "Causes of Poverty and Philanthrophy of Today," under the direction of Miss Marie Widney. In spite of tho inclement weathdr, about fifty young people of the C. E. assembled in the social hall of the Presbyterian Chutch on Saturday night. Tho young ladies brought prettily-decorated, well-filled lunch boxes which were, eagerly bought by the young mou and a merry time was spent in games and music. A silver collection was taken, amounting to 813.00. The death occurred on Wednesday, the 2 2nd, at Sacramento, of H. A. Svniley, brother of C. K. Kmiloy of Workman avenue. Decrease.) had long boon a sufferer from rheumatism and was interred at Oakland. He was a native oi! New York state and carne to California from Rawlinn, j Wyoming,. Tbe widow in visiting ! bore at tho home of C. E. Smiley, as also are other relatives,Mr. and Mrs. Richard Savage of Halt Lake City. The Sunday-school portion of the new Methodist Church, will, it is j expected, be re.adv for use by tho first of March, and Sunday, March 1st, has been set as the opening day. S The Presiding Elder of the, district land other dignitaries of the church j will be present in the dedication services in the; morning, and in the | evening the first of H series at special ' evangelistic services will he held. ( Thc pastor has tho conditional promise of one of the very best singing evangelists among the youngei men for a Miiie.H of meetings to he held at. that time. More definite a'muj.incc- • meist will lie made, later. The f'uU-.i tainment to havo been given by the English Hand Hull Kinger.T, announced for two dates and on bulb occasions prevented from fulfilling the- announcement by the lain, has now been postponed until the middle, ot March. This ib in order that there, may h; no r,,n(lict wilh the n-vival service- i,o'A in pro. gresn ;it the ('hrisllHii <"huich, 01; tho^e n, be held in ll.ij Methodic). Church beginning M.iic/i -Jnd, when the Ije'.v chm.':h '.'.ill t i- o( em d tot Uol.-hlp. ThoM- di'-ililii.' lo jecejvf back I}.,- ;r H, i .lit-;. ; ; ';* V.;-'-. ii.u : , do M,. >.',!. lh- r|,,..-|. Ah-, hoH ihcjl- tickets 'AJll find lf,<-ii M-a'i n-iei 1 . i-d ;n <h- .iri .,11 the ticket.- ,,ii'l i-h'iH, Oli til ;!,'• i-nii-i tainn.i..-nt i.- ^.v'n. OUR AGENTS: Warner, Whitsei & (o. Brown & Bohri Pomona Sanitary Laundry Tbe finest oysters In bulk 25o a dozen nt tbe Depot Grocery. Brooder For Sale Good as now. Enquire of Clark & Douglas, Argus Bldg., Covina. Tonight, Womans Club House, Vaudeville Show and froo dance afterwards. 15 nnd 25 cents. Buy a lot in the Covina Villa trnot anp the Covina Co. will build you a house on it. Shrimp salad, ices and every delicacy of the season served with Sunday dinner at the Vendome. Win. Overholtzer returned hist Saturday from a business trip to Coachella. Mrs. Jerry Shank of Los Angeles spent Sunday in Covina, the guest of Mr. and Mrs. James Boots. Mrs. ,T. L. Berry of Los Angeles is spending the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. D. Mussey. The Covina Co. will sell you a lot in the Covina Villa tract and advance you twice as much money as you pay for the lot to build a house. Mr. and Mrs. Irn Jones, old time friends of the Feslers, arrived last week from Longmout, Colorado, and will spend the remainder of the win- tor in Covina. . A large number of Covina people attended the mid-year recital given by the graduates of elocution nt Lordsburg College on Thursday evening. ARSENIC EATERS. Effects of the Drug on the Styrlan*, Who Make It. "Bating of arsenic Is common In Styrla," said Alois E. Steln/.lorl ot Viennii, a muiutfncturor of choivtlcalH and drugs. "The Styrlnt\» stiy tbiit arsenic makes one plump and comely ami gives one strength for great exertions, Huen as running or mountain clirnhing. Styrla, which IB In Austria, gives the world vast quantities of .arsenic. The manufacture of this drug Is indeed the main Btyrlan Industry. They who make arsenic cat It, as a rule, for they say that only the arsenic eater can withstand the arsenic fumes. Those makers and ealorf, of the drug are comely. They have a clear color and look-much younger than they arc. "The foreman in a certain factory told mo that In his hoyhood, when he UrKt came to that plant, he was ad- vlsi'd to Ix'giu to cat arsenic lent his health suffer from the fumes. He did licgln, and his lirst two or throe small doses gave him a sharp pain, like a burn, In the stomach, and this pain was followed hy tremendous hunger and a violent dlsagrccahle excllement. But as his doses Increased In frequency and size their effect hccarno pleasant. There was no longer pain or excitement. On the contrary, there were a ravenous appotUc and a mood of Joyous acllvlty wherein the youth could do three men's work. "This chap l>y the time he go) lo be thirty was taking four grains of arsenic n day. He looked at thirty, with his clear pink and wldte color, no more than I vventy-three. He was as robust as a blacksmith. Hut lie said lie would die at forty-five or so, that being tin. age at which all the Styrlan arsenic eateru die."—Washington Herald. Ben Franklin who used to run H newspaper down oast years ago, also edited an almanic which contained HOIIH; wise Kuyings. Hero is ono of them. "Tho way to wealth, if you desire it, is as plain as tho way to market. It de-ponds chiefly on two words industry and fin gality. He; that gets all ho can honestly and saves all he. gets (noeosHary expenses e.\ccpted ; will certainly become rich." What Hen said was not only (rue at that I into but. it still holds good at the proHont day. I There is no bc.Uer way to HIIVO than to have a hank account you an. 1 not tempted to spend it. We 'AJH be, glad lo havo you stall, an account at thin bank. (oviMYilley Swings took A. I'. K.-r.-kho!! H. M. Hoi.-,- r . .!. < . !Ii;'- ;.iv,ii, . V,". M. (,r\-. .-. ol.l 'I. .- l'f.-.].]<-|:t . <'a.-.m.-r A -..->!.' .j ->tiii.-i LI i- i-.' 1 ox:-, .'•.. i'. K«-ci->.iiolt I. H. Klli'/ ii. M. Hor -'T •, II H.-iiiii.u W. H Hoi.i-Uy For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found Miscellaneous, For Sale-- Good work horse, $75. P. F. Fesler. tf For Sale --- Standard bred horse, harness and buggy. D. E. Huff. For Sale—A team. Telephone 3137. 2-Ip For Sale Jersey cows with calves. Riggins ranch, tf Gmither's sweets are pure and swoot. Clapp sells 'em. For Sale Second grade potatoes, $1.00 per sack. W. M. Warroti. Telephone Homo 3100. Buy a lot in tho Covina Villa tract and the Covina Co. will build you a house on it. For Sale Navel and Valencia nursery stock. W. L. Kollar. Phono 3055. tf For Sale—-20 cords of good walnut wood, 810 a cord. Archie Vincent. Phone 38 tf For Lease Four amin goutlo work mules with harness, at reasonable, figures. Apply to Douglas it Clark, Argus building. Matt Chilton. tf For Rent—Comfortably furnished room. See Mrs. Martha Hibsch, Cot- tngo Drive, tf Wo have several cash buyers for residence lots and ranch property. Also from 81000 to 85000 to loan on first mortgage. I. C. Fairly Co. For Sale Motorcycle in excellent, running- order. Will sell cheap if sold within next ton days. Address box 375. Up For Sale — Standard .bred horse. A splendid driver. Inquire of owner, W. M. Warren, Citrus avonuo. Tele- phono Homo 3100. Wanted—To buy 20 to -10 Hharoa Covina Irrigating Co, stock. Address J. B. Coulston, Pasadena, Cal. tf I can't soil your property unless you list it with mo, but if you do I will certainly try. Com« in and talk it over. I havo buyers for 5 and .10 acre groves that arc in a bur^y, and I am too. Phono 282. A. J. Reetz Realty Co. 2-1 For Sale—Eggs for hatching and clay old chicks from incubator from tho following standard bred fowls: White Rocks, White Minoroas and White Leghorns. Young pullets for sale. Henson Clcmwils, K. Uadillo street. tf 1008—-HI-MOD CATALOGUIO- 1008 —-If you have not yet, received our need catalogue write for it at onc.e and gel, your name on t.lm mailing lint. Writo il Spanish book in preferred. Johnson \- Mussel 1 Seed (Jo., 113 No. Main St., LOH AngoloH, Cal. Having securer! the agency for I,he Mitchell motor car for Covina and vicinity, I solicit tho patronage of all persons interested. Doinonsl.ra tioim freely and gladly given. Yours respectfully, Phono 182. Mr. H. A. Howland. Kggn For Hatching. l!ron/.o ' fur- keys, Tulrjiise gcMo, Pokiu ducks, Indian Runner and Koiieu ducks, Marred Plymouth Kocks, Hull Orping- tons, Light UrahiiiaM, Columbian U'yandottos, White Leghorn*! and Mlack MinorcinK. Tel. 1 12H. It. C. Casad, Covina. 2 2H Fit/Gorald .V Harry of Pasadena loan money on ranches and improved real estate at. lowest current rates, Thoy charge no commission. Write or telephone them nt Piif.adeini or call up J. W. PrentisH, Covina phono 2131, and ask to havo a represent!! • tivo of tho Hi in call on yon. It you want a vineyard of high class table grapes I can furnish you the land, the waler, net out tho vines, euro for them three, years, pay jail interest and taxes and give, yon { hall' tho crop the third year for three i dollars an acre per month. N'o but, ! fer life income than <i high cbr-s vine 1 yaid. .). II. Miitl.howH, Covina. Phono 500-1. ' l''OlC HA/.}-; 1 room house, v.'ll furnished, go.,d barn and .-.bed, lot ')(!:•: 17'j, fenced, «-\ei yt.hing in good condition, pi ice 11 1 00. Almost new 7 loom residence and barn, lot »',()••. 1 7 fj, close. In, pi ice < ','. ",00. •jo ;icie (/love: fi ac/c'i lemons, 1 Valencia-, il navel-.; <1000 c.iop on (lee-,. j.'o-,'l hi,lire and bain, aiepl<- v.aiei i ji/hl ; a hail/am a I. <-0,uOi'i, on ' a v tcj ii-i. .', acie 1 -,, all navel.-, Ajlh hoo.-e and bain; 'i/oia v.ater ji^'hl. V. II. h "/op, l.lice -;:>,'I'Ml. COVINA Ifh.M.'/'V <'»., Claik .\ l;'.nybi.-.. THE: I* * r* Covina Peoples Store ( (INCOKPOKATUP) OUTFITTERS TO THE WHOLE FAMILY Souvenir Post Cards Covina Views Valentine Post Cards And a thousand other kinds WATCH FOR OUR HOSIERY AD He Never Told His Love knew that he Mas bashful so quietly sent him a Valentine and found out that way, llclVC you looked over my Valentines? They are going fast which means that the last will not be as good as the first, Do it NOH?. I We Move All Kinds of Feed Qxt^sJ —' ~~ oeed — ROLLED BARLEY The si^ht of it will make your stock fat KICCLKANIC1) W1IKAT CKACKKD COK'N FKKIJ MICAfv MIXICI3 CJIICKKN KICK!) SKICI) 13AKMCY and WHKAT I'KATT'S K(J(l FOOD Kd(J MOKIO COUI.STON I^Od FOOD OIL CAKl'J HKKF SCKAI 1 (1RITS and SJ1ICM/S STOCK SALT UKAN SHORTS INTKKNAKIONAf, STOCK FOOD I'KATT'S ANIMAL KK(ilILATOK High Grade Fertilizer Lie-fort: l)iiyin^ call and gx;t prices SAN GABRIEL VALLEY | MILLING CO. : Sanders Real Estate Company have opened offices at corner of Citrus Avenue and crossing of electric car line, in the Workman building, where they will be fully equipped with such facilities ;is are calculated to carry to a sue- cessful issue any business entrusted with them. Call and List Your Property or phone 88-Home

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